Chambers (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

2 for 1

1 There's been a miracle.
She's okay? I'm not going to lie to you.
She's in real bad shape.
Her heart.
She needs a transplant.
What? - Take mine.
- That's not how it works.
You said she needs a heart.
Just take mine, - goddammit.
- We already found her one.
One town over.
Same age, blood type, everything.
Whose is it? - She can have it? Is there a waiting list? - The donor's heart stopped.
Just briefly, and it's probably fine, but everyone on the list turned it down.
You sign this liability waiver and the heart can be Sasha's.
[shakily] Okay.
Please, take me to her.
All the women in the Maternity Ward are going into labor.
Running out of beds - in the NICU for preemies.
- Be right there.
- I need to see Sasha, please.
- You will.
Watch the elevator.
Claire, what would've happened f I wasn't here to sign that form? Just know someone up there is watching out for you guys.
[elevator dings] Sasha! Sasha! Sasha! Sasha! Sasha! I remember the '70s, when gold went through the roof.
[man] It's true.
Gold is a perfect investment for my son's future.
[woman] Now is the time to own gold again.
- Sasha.
- [woman] Savings accounts, gold investment accounts.
- Did you sleep out here? - [woman] Gold, IRA accounts, - US coins, international coins.
- Yeah.
Are you okay? Yup.
Go to sleep in your bed, kid.
This couch will break your back.
[Frank grunts] [announcer] Johnny's Bail Bonds.
We offer affordable and professional service to get you out as fast as you went in.
We're offering $1,500 cash advance.
So remember: no fine is too big, no charge is too small.
The Five-O's on your sack, Johnny B has got your back.
- What an idiot.
- [woman] Johnny's here to help.
Call 602-1 Shit.
[phone chimes] - You okay? - Yeah.
It's just Ruth canceling our girls' lunch.
That's great news.
That didn't come out right.
I just meant now you can drop Elliot off at his community service.
It's all the way in Cottonwood, I mean - Can't he take an Uber? - No, it's in Antelope Valley this week.
You think he'd show up if he had an Uber? I know It sounds kind of crazy, but I actually agree with Nancy.
If it's a trust issue, I can FaceTime you in my orange jumpsuit.
I can bring home all the trash I picked up so you know I suffered properly.
It's okay.
I'll take you.
You'll suffer enough.
- Just when I thought we were a team.
- We are.
Come on.
Be nice.
[phone vibrates] Oh, shit! Sasha! [Frank grunts] [high-pitched droning] [heart throbbing] [droning continues] - Sasha.
- [droning stops] - Where you at right now? - I'm here.
Stop apologizing, you're not in trouble.
Grab me that trash.
What the hell is this? I don't know.
It's Yvonne Might be a hair tie.
Yvonne was doing my hair at the sink.
I told you not to do that beauty stuff in the sink.
It clogs up the drain.
Sorry I mean, okay, won't happen again.
Are you taking those sample pills like the doctor told you? Yeah.
I mean, I think I feel fine.
- Let me take the trash out.
- No, I got.
I'll take it.
I need the fresh air anyway.
[trash can clatters] [sudden whooshing] [children laughing] [Sasha] What happens to people when they die? [chuckles] Where did that come from? Well, I mean, I have Becky's heart, right? But where did her soul go? Diné don't believe in the white man's afterlife.
Do we believe in ghosts? Sort of.
I mean, there's chindi.
It's like the dark parts of somebody that's left behind when they die.
How do you get rid of chindi? It's complicated.
But it takes four guys and they harness this energy in these cool backpacks, and they drive nice cars and live in a firehouse -This isn't funny, TJ.
Maybe you should be more positive.
You'll like this.
Finally made my decision.
It's Diné, all the way, baby.
What about your mom? What did you tell her about me? I told her you're a part of my life and she'd better get on board.
Or else get used to a Pima son.
- You really told her that? - Of course.
Wish I could've seen her face.
You know I always got you.
[phone dings] [woman] Sweetie, your water is ready.
It's hot, be careful.
So, how's school? You sure you don't wanna talk about the weather first? I don't know, before we get into the deep stuff? Yeah.
[turn indicator ticking] - What are you doing? - Just grabbing something to eat.
[Elliot] From Hurricane's? You know Hurricane's is fast-food, right? Like, meat What happened to eating with a purpose bigger than oneself? Cravings.
[beeps] Welcome to Hurricane's.
Would you like to try our double-cheeseburger or one of our amazing milkshakes? Let's do two of both.
Um, large mint on the milkshakes and extra cheese on the cheeseburgers.
[man] That'll be 15.
75, we'll be out momentarily.
Will you hand me my purse? You're not hungry? Becky loved mint.
The rest of the world including myself thinks it tastes like brushing your teeth before dessert.
Forgive me for having a moment.
She was my daughter.
Don't you ever think about her? It's different for me.
What was the last thing you said to her? I told her that I loved her.
And I told her to go to hell.
I don't value you any less, you know.
Yeah, you have a great way of showing it, Mom.
I I I just have a hard time understanding your choices sometimes.
I mean, heroin? I told you it was laced.
I thought I was just doing coke.
Oh, just coke! Well, then! What about the next hundred times? Were those laced too? Oh, my God.
Of course I still think about her.
I don't know.
Sometimes I can even feel her.
I need you and I need your computer.
You're letting out the cold air.
Come in.
Sasha! Come get you a plate, baby.
Thanks, Tracy.
This is looking good.
Yvonne, can you cut up my fish? ["Giving Him Something He Can Feel" playing in background] - Yvonne.
- 'Sup? Your computer.
Ah, no, whatever you need can wait.
Just enjoy the food okay? - Mom, where you going? - I'm going to pick up Yvonne from daycare.
- I'll be right back.
- Wait, Mom.
I'm right here.
I'm not at daycare.
It's me, Yvonne.
These are your sons, remember? Yeah? - I'm sorry, baby.
- It's okay.
Hey Wait.
This is your favorite part.
Come on, you gotta belt it out with me.
Giving him something he can feel Yeah! To let him know My love is real Yeah! Okay, Momma.
[vocalizing] Uh, whoa.
You can't put that there.
I just wanted to stop by and say hello.
- Hi.
- I'm an old friend of Johnny's.
Johnny doesn't have any friends.
Just tell him Big Frank is in here, would you? Sir, there's a large man with some fish here to see you.
- He says his name is Big Frank - Big Frank Yazzie! [chuckles] - Hell is that? - That is a gift for your waiting room.
Don't let the name fool you.
Big Frank got his name because of his heart.
Come on, let's get caught up.
Is she okay? Yeah, just a little turned around.
Penelope sent me the footage.
I can't open the file.
Come on.
Why are you still even on this? - I thought it was anxiety.
- I thought so too.
But the ash, it's still on the ground from the aura photo.
- What? - I chopped the tail of the mouse.
TJ thinks this is some chindi ghost shit.
Chin What? Sash! I need to watch this.
What if something happened to her, and that's why her ghost's sticking around and it's making me do things? Like cut the tail off a mouse? Did I really hear you say that? This is getting weird, Sash.
I'm just saying If I can find out what's making her stay, maybe I can make her leave.
I'll help you open the files, on one condition.
If we watch this and you see that there was nothing crazy that happened that night, you have to promise me that you'll let this go.
- Yvonne.
- Promise me.
I promise.
- [Frank] Do you remember my niece? - Yeah, sure.
Cute kid.
What'd they bust her for? It's nothing like that.
She's a good kid.
But she's She's got a bad heart.
Or She had a bad heart.
She got a new one.
Transplant? That can't be cheap.
I saw your commercial for a $1,500 cash advance.
I don't think that's a good idea.
- Her pills are so damn expensive.
- So is the VIG.
Bail money is one thing.
The perp shows up to court on his own or with a broken nose, I get paid.
It's me.
You know I'm good for it.
If you were good for it, you wouldn't be here.
I guess you can't go wrong with fish.
Screw you, Johnny.
Okay, okay, big guy.
You want the money? It's yours.
The interest is 200 a week.
Loan sharks don't charge that much, man.
You know one? Call him.
If not [Elliot slurping on straw] I guess the world was wrong about mint.
I'll pick you up when you're done.
You You don't have to.
I want to.
[Nancy chuckles] Thanks.
Go even bigger on puffer.
I can make puffers big as a blimp, it's still not going to turn a two-for-one fish sale into Black Friday.
Well, I'm not paying Johnny Bail Bonds 200 bucks a week for the rest of my life.
So unless you got some spare cash laying around that you can loan me, that right there is all I got.
I knew you were gonna say that.
How about that? Yeah, it's too big now.
What'd I say? Store looks good.
What are you doing here? I heard you called the field office.
Trying to access the Cobell money from the family lands.
I'll let you two catch up.
If you need help, son I'll sign the papers.
Your pride blinds you.
I can see pretty clear.
That's why I left in the first place.
Sasha needs this.
- I don't need a lecture - She needs you.
on what Sasha needs.
I don't need your money, and Sasha doesn't need your cedar.
She needs medicine and she needs me.
That is it.
Her heart is just fine, so stop sending your goddamn packages.
Did you read the letters? - I didn't.
It went straight in the trash.
- She's in danger.
- Coyotes circling the hogan at night.
- Here we go.
They got into the barn, took two newborn lambs.
There's darkness here.
I feel it in my dreams.
This is the same stunt that you and Mom pulled with Lena.
What happened to your sister doesn't have anything to do with now.
She trusted you and you failed her.
I'm not gonna make the same mistake.
Just let us be.
[door closes] Hey.
It's up.
These dates are all over the place.
Looks like it only recorded when there was movement in the room.
Rookie shit if you ask me.
[Sasha] This is the day she died.
[song playing indistinctly on computer] That song.
Yeah, white girls love the worst music.
[Sasha] No.
That's the song I heard in Becky's car when the radio was off.
Damn it.
She's doing this on purpose.
- Who? - Penelope.
Wait, before you go all Mayweather and everything, there was a storm that night.
Weather messes with the live feed.
You got your answer, right? Come on.
She was on her way to the shower.
- She died the way everyone says she did.
- It doesn't mean anything.
I'm going to go check on Mom.
But when I come back, you're putting this away like you promised.
I don't remember this.
What are you doing? Look.
[Yvonne] What the hell? Why are you dressed like her and dancing around in her room the same way she did? Please explain this.
This looks like some Paranormal Activity shit.
What is it? I think she's trying to tell me something.
She's trying to tell me what happened the night she died.
Maybe if I get back into her house and recreate it, then she can show me what she wants me to see.
Are you with me or no? I can't pretend I believe this ghost shit.
But you know I believe in you.
Then help me get into Becky's house again.
I always wanted to jailbreak a Prius.
Rabbit come out of the hole, goes round back around the tree [continues murmuring indistinctly] Sasha.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I was just picking up stuff from school and the wipers started going and I didn't know where else to go.
You know you're always welcome here.
I was thinking maybe you could help me with this? Let me have a look.
Let's see.
- [horn honks] - Oh! - Can I use the bathroom? - Yeah, sure.
Of course.
You know what? I'm right behind you.
It's probably easier if I just call AAA.
It's okay.
I can just take it to Frank.
He's really good with cars.
Nonsense, it's one phone call.
That's what I pay the service for.
I know, but I can already hear Frank.
"You shouldn't drive a car unless you can fix it yourself.
" Hold on.
I got some time to get under the hood.
Let's see.
[Nancy] My mother When she was around my age, she was diagnosed.
[woman] That's wise, to be cautious.
Tell me more about the other symptoms.
You're also experiencing [Nancy] Vomiting, chest pains.
My breasts are tender, like they're growing or something.
[woman] Bend your knees a little.
Let your shoulder relax.
Good job.
Okay, you're going to feel a little pressure.
Don't move.
Don't breathe.
If it's okay with you, I'd like to run a couple other tests, rule out a few things.
See if they can explain any of this.
[humming pop song from video] [thunder rumbling] [pop song playing on radio] [thunder rumbles] [heartbeat echoing] [heartbeat intensifies] [high-pitched tone droning] [flatlining] [heart rate monitor beeping] Mom? [woman] It's okay, sweetheart.
You're safe.
[Ben] You gave us a real scare there.
[woman] Do you recall anything from what happened? Unless you're her guardian I'm going to need to examine her alone.
I'll be right out here if you need me, Sasha.
Is your scar bothering you? Okay.
This is going to be a little cold.
- What's wrong, sweetie? - My hair.
It's blond.
I wanted highlights like that, my daughter said I was too old.
I didn't do this.
Do you Do you remember what you were doing before you passed out? It's important you answer these questions as best and honest as possible.
I remember being in the bathroom My heart started beating really fast [heartbeat echoing] - Is she rejecting the heart? - Sasha's fine.
Heart's better than ever.
I promise.
She passed out on the driveway while I was fixing her car.
We ran blood tests, EKG, everything you can think of.
What we're dealing with is an anxiety attack.
- Damn.
- After we run a few more tests, you should be able to go home soon.
I'm sorry I didn't call you sooner.
- I just wanted to get her some help first.
- Then you call me, Ben.
- It's not a hard concept.
- You're right.
The important thing is that she's okay.
Are you hungry? I think they have like apple sauce or something.
I'm okay.
[Frank sighs] Yvonne is in the lobby and I I'll go get her for you, okay? At least she's okay.
Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can.
Ringer off.
It's alright.
And it's good news.
Your mammogram came back negative.
We didn't see any masses, nothing out of the ordinary.
But your urine test came back equivocal and as far as your symptoms are concerned, it looks like you might be pregnant.
So I want to run some blood work, - we'll do a quantitative beta HCG.
- That's impossible.
My husband and I, we haven't had sex in months.
Well, the tests will tell us definitively if you're pregnant or not.
I'm telling you, it's impossible.
So, assuming we ruled that out there could be other things that are causing these symptoms.
Including psychological trauma.
So, sometimes when your body thinks it's pregnant, it doesn't necessarily mean you are.
What about mood swings, swollen feet, any signs of lactation Mood swings, yes, but No.
Nancy, you may be exhibiting signs of pseudopregnancy.
You mean hysterical pregnancy? - We don't like to call it that.
- That's what you're saying.
You saying that I'm [sighs] - I'm crazy? - Nancy.
You experienced an enormous trauma this year.
You mean that my kid died? Or you don't like saying that? Let me tell you.
It's a lot harder for me to say than you.
[phone ringing] Hi, it's Nancy, please leave me a message.
Come on, Mom.
Hey, son, you need a ride somewhere? Oh, no.
It's okay.
Someone's coming for me.
Just be careful.
You don't wanna be alone on this highway at night.
They don't call it Route 666 for nothing.
I can read and it says It's route 491.
[howling in distance] [thunder rumbling] If you pinch between your thumb and your index finger, it helps rebalance your nervous system.
Hospitals suck, huh? Amen to that.
Last time I was in one of them The worst night of my life.
Yeah, me too.
Listen I just want to say thank you for helping Sasha with everything.
It means a lot to us.
I owe you the bigger thanks for letting her be a part of our life.
With Sasha around it's almost like having our daughter around again.
Hey, Johnny.
This is Frank.
My kid need her meds.
We need to talk.
[panting] And Ben must have found me in the shower.
Wait, like naked? - Ew, that means he saw your titties.
- Yvonne, it's Well Did you see anything? Did you find out what that bitch - was trying to show you? - I'm here to take your blood.
Something happened.
What? It was like she took over my body.
I could feel her emotions, her pain.
It was suffocating.
So what happened when she died? I didn't see that part.
I saw just right before.
Yvonne, someone else was in there that night.
- Who? - I just saw a shadow.
What are you saying? That she was murdered? Yvonne, don't move.
You okay? You don't see that? See what? What are you talking about? Hey.
I'm going to get you some Gatorade.
Okay? You're probably just dehydrated.
That's what this is.
I'll be right back.
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