Chambers (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Murder on My Mind

1 [thunder rumbling.]
for those updates on the storm, Matthew.
This is Christina, reporting on a developing story from the county hospital.
As the storm continues to move through the area, local hospitals are inundated with newborns.
November 10th has just become the most popular birthday in the state of Arizona.
[emergency alert droning.]
This is an emergency alert system.
This is not a test.
Dangerous winds and lightning strikes have caused hazardous conditions.
The national weather service urges all civilians - in the cities of Mariposa - [high-pitched buzzing.]
Crystal Valley, Sedona and Cottonwood to please stay indoors.
- This is not a test.
- What is wrong with me? Dad [Elliot.]
It's Becky.
Did she say anything to the uncle? Frank? Not that I know of.
You did the right thing.
And quickly.
I'm proud of you, man.
Has your guy found anything yet? He's been looking.
Says there's nothing at the place.
Well, tell him to look somewhere else.
You think it was Ben? He did lie to Big Frank about finding me in the shower.
I'd lie too if I found a naked girl passed out in my house.
Wait, why would he kill Becky though? Notes.
Maybe he was a perv with her.
Maybe he had some shady business shit, and she found out about it.
- Okay.
- Or I don't know.
Maybe she just gets the psycho gene from him.
- It's a lot of maybes.
- I know.
I just gotta get closer to them to figure this out.
That's stupid.
You don't believe me? I do.
That's the problem.
You're gonna get closer to the murderer and start asking questions? Do you have a better idea? Yeah.
Don't do that.
I mean, isn't there someone else who knows something? Actually Yeah.
Your room is so pretty.
Why, did you expect something different? I'm sorry to bust in on you like this.
No, I'm just glad you're alive.
I saw Ben carrying you into the car the other day and you weren't in school.
I thought, maybe your heart I had a panic attack in one of their bathrooms.
Thank God he was there.
Afterward he covered up what really happened.
It gave me a weird feeling.
Did Did Becky trust him? Look.
I don't have a lot of love left for that family.
Elliot is a psychopath and I think Nancy might be on the spectrum, but Ben is one of the good guys.
What if that's just the face he shows the world? Trust me, it's not an act.
After Becky died, he hooked my dad up with a job.
Even in his grief, he was still grateful for - You know - For what? My dad's the one who found Becky.
He was getting home and he heard the smoke alarm going off.
Front door was unlocked, so he went in to make sure everyone was all right, which they weren't.
The smoke was from when Becky The electricity It set off the alarm in her room.
That's not how it happened.
That stupid thing was always going off, even with new batteries.
That's why I took it down.
What are you talking about? Your dad lied.
What? Are Are you having an attack or something? I don't know.
Let me get you some water.
If my mom were here, she'd kill me for not offering sooner.
"Manners, Penny, have some manners.
" - Hey! - [glass shattering.]
What the hell? [sighs.]
[bell chiming.]
How do you feel when you open a window? Describe in three words how you feel when you open a window, seriously.
That's how it felt for you, becoming a mother.
Now the window is closed.
What do you feel? Obstructed.
I want it to stop.
I understand.
The Annex helped us when we couldn't conceive, so I thought maybe you guys might have a solution for this hysterical bullshit.
I did too.
What? Do you remember the pilgrimage at Uluru? Yes.
We were supposed to go, but the twins were three and, well Twins.
Why? What happened? I got pregnant.
I thought it was a miracle.
Uluru and everything.
And then I miscarried.
I'm so sorry.
When I got back to the States, they told me I'd never carry another again.
Why didn't you tell me? I [sighs.]
I didn't know how to talk about it.
Our society expects women to keep in their pain, but the mind-body connection is so important, and especially during those times.
And when the mind is faced with a pain as enormous as the loss of a child Have you ever heard of a reborn doll? [woman.]
It temporarily offers an emotional replacement after the sudden loss of a child.
It's not the real thing, but it helps.
Looks like someone has a new friend.
About that How worried should I be? Look, nine times out of ten, taking an interest in a socially tragic girl at school is the noble thing to do.
But some people are just broken and unpredictable and should be avoided at all costs.
I mean, Becky was always too nice to her and look what happened.
You think Penelope killed Becky? What? No.
I'm talking about how Penelope told everyone that Becky burned her.
So that's really the only creepy thing Penelope has ever done? Please.
Becky came home early from vacation once to find Penelope in her room trying on her clothes and all her makeup.
Even her bed was messed up, like Penelope had been sleeping in it the whole time.
We're talking "wear your skin like a suit"-level obsession.
I had an idea.
- Jesus, man, you must be exhausted.
- The Compound.
This weekend.
Teenage drinking, loud music, terrible decisions.
A painful nostalgia in our middle age for a night we can never recapture Who told you? Who told me what? I didn't want to keep it from you, but there's gonna be a lot of drugs and You're having a party without me? He's actually being a good friend by not inviting you.
I guess I don't have to wait till middle age for that painful nostalgia, huh, Ravi? Thanks, buddy.
Tonight is about us, so no inviting that girl either, okay? Never made it to Chile? It's on the bucket list.
Can I help you, Mr.
LeFevre? I need a ride.
There's an app for that.
I, um I need someone to make me get in the car.
Son of a bitch! Hey, don't do that shit, bro.
- I told you I was good for it.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- The credit check.
- Wasn't me.
I made my first installment, so back off.
- You don't get another 250 till next week.
- Wrong.
Next week I get 350, 500 the one after that, then a thousand.
That's like $10,000 in interest just to borrow 1,500? Tell me something, is that shit even legal? Were you under the impression you were getting a legal loan from me? - This is for my niece, man, come on.
- Right.
The sick niece with a brand-new Prius.
- How did you know about that? - I like to know who I'm loaning money to.
I didn't buy her that car, Johnny.
That's one less payment you have to worry about.
I'll be seeing you.
Frank? Frank! It was like this when I got here, I swear.
Sasha, I didn't kill Becky.
But I might know who did.
I found the wigs in your room.
You wanted to be Becky.
She rejected you and you went across the street and you murdered her.
Then your dad made up some bullshit story about a fire alarm to cover for you.
Well, you're half-right.
My dad's story was bullshit.
I guessed my dad's password and downloaded his cell phone bill.
This is the night Becky died.
Before he called 911, someone called him.
From the Annex Foundation, where Ben and Nancy LeFevre were receiving an award.
Why would your dad cover for him? Because it's Crystal Valley, and all my dad cares about is money.
I told you how generous Ben was to my family after Becky died.
But who was Ben covering for? Elliot.
Elliot wouldn't hurt his sister.
You didn't know him when he was using.
He was different.
[man 1.]
My name is Drew and I'm an addict.
[scattered applause.]
[man 2.]
Who's next? We had a deal.
I drive, you talk.
Good to have you back, kid.
I guess a therapist is required to inform the authorities if they think you're gonna hurt yourself or someone else.
So I guess that's why I'm talking to you guys instead.
The morning after my first fix, I I woke up with this angry little voice in my head.
Like a swarm of bees making me want to just break something.
Set my house on fire.
I don't know.
So I used again and that shut the voice right up.
And You know, I I kept using until eventually even that didn't work anymore.
After my sister died I was so numb that I thought the voice was gone for good until today.
My best friend since I was five years old didn't invite me to a party and I'm fully aware that sounds like an eighth-grade girl complaint but the voice was back.
And I wanted to kill him.
You know, I can picture it in my head.
Big surprise he doesn't want me coming to his party, right? [chuckles.]
Fuck him.
My name is Elliot and sometimes I wish everybody but me was dead.
That was stupid.
You'll be lucky if one of the people there doesn't call the cops after the shit you just said.
Or is that what you wanted? How concerned should I be? - I'm not going to use again.
- That's not what I'm talking about.
You're too much of a narcissist to hurt yourself - Thanks.
- but I just want to make sure you're not going to hurt anyone else.
You mean "again"? [rap song playing on radio.]
Becky? Sasha? It's me.
- Relax.
- TJ.
I thought you were someone else.
Oh, shit.
Your hand.
It's bleeding.
Sorry I freaked you out.
Your front door was open and you weren't answering my eggplant emoji text.
I'm sorry.
My bad.
It's okay.
Maybe the AC at the movies will help.
Movies? [sighs.]
I can't go, okay? I gotta talk to Elliot.
You're blowing me off for some Bilagaana? [Sasha.]
Hmm? White boy? It's not like that.
Then what is it like? It's a school thing.
School thing? Right.
Maybe I should just take Kara then.
She's been there for me.
Someone had to be, right? Wait.
Why, you comin'? [door closes.]
[Nancy humming.]
[knocking at door.]
Nancy? Evan and Ruth are going to be here soon.
I'm taking a bath.
Why is the door locked? I'll be right down.
Love you.
You sure you're okay? I'm using my salts.
Feels great.
[pants, sighs.]
[humming, sighing.]
We love this community.
We're all striving for a more enlightened environment - for our children to grow in.
- Children we wouldn't even have - They were definitely there that night.
- if it weren't for the Foundation.
Penelope was telling the truth.
About that, but But this call log, I don't know.
I mean, she coulda just been trying to throw you off.
I saw something, though.
Another vision.
Becky stabbed Elliot in self-defense, the night she was electrocuted.
Becky was trying to defend herself from Elliot? I think he killed her and Ben paid Penelope's dad to cover it up.
That's what I'm here to find out.
That's why you're where? I'm going to find out if I'm right.
Wait, Sasha, we talked about this.
If you go in there and you're right, you're committing suicide.
I'm not letting Becky ruin my life anymore.
Sasha, just [phone buzzing.]
[doorbell rings.]
Windshield wipers break again? I need to talk to Elliot.
It's a school thing.
Elliot'll be back in a couple of minutes.
Why don't you come in and join us all for dinner? [woman making buzzing sound.]
[buzzing continues.]
[buzzing continues.]
It works every time.
What exactly are you doing? Bumblebee breathing.
I teach it in all my mediation classes.
It helps to reduce stress, but especially anxiety.
The next time you feel a panic attack coming on, try five or ten of those.
Will you excuse me one second? You okay? [gasps.]
[clears throat.]
Where's Elliot? Out somewhere.
Elliot doesn't always check in with us, you'll be surprised to hear.
I thought you said he'd be back any minute.
Elliot's not somebody you should be associating with.
No offense to Ben and Nancy.
They've done everything they can for the kid.
With a special girl like Sasha you should - You should stay away.
- Elliot is not a bad kid.
Ben, why do you keep making excuses for him after what he did to Becky? What do you mean? He was high.
He didn't know what he was doing.
He attacked your daughter.
[beads clattering loudly.]
Sasha doesn't need to hear this.
He killed her.
- He killed her and you covered it up.
- What? Sasha! Wait! What's wrong with you people? What's wrong with us? What were you doing naked in the shower where our daughter died? Nancy.
I understand this has been difficult for you.
It hasn't been easy for Ben or I, either.
Frankly, I think it's making us all a little crazy.
Maybe it wasn't the best idea to be in each other's lives like this after all.
Come on now.
Time to go.
I'm sorry I made it bad.
[banging on car.]
What were you thinking, going in and accusing them like that? Were you watching us? I went to talk to Elliot.
He's not here? Then I know where he is.
[door thuds.]
Can you just let me in? Just tell me.
This place I gotta show you.
[phone ringing.]
- [man.]
Yeah? - Hey, it's Frank.
The Prius will be parked behind the ice machine outside behind the old gas haven, first thing in the morning.
This makes us even.
["Forever" by Iceage plays.]
I always had the sense That I was split in two Hey, man.
- It's good to see you.
- Unsubscribe.
Come on, let's go talk.
Stay away from me.
I mean it.
To shift between existence To long for the better one [sighs.]
I still don't understand why Elliot would want to hurt Becky.
Jealousy? Ben and Nancy treated him that differently? It wasn't just that.
Sometimes I think he wanted Becky all to himself.
She and I were so close, he was even jealous of me You've got really great hair, you know? Turn here.
So, what's your plan? [Sasha.]
I'm going to get him to confess.
How? [Sasha.]
By playing a song that I know is really important to Becky.
An ocean, caressed by its water I'd lose myself forever What are you doing here? - You weren't invited.
- I'm here with Sasha.
That's who I'm talking to, psycho.
- Get out.
- I'm just here to talk to Elliot.
He's not supposed to be here either.
Tonight is supposed to be about me and Ravi! Becky LeFevre loves Ravi Jerome.
I'm just so sick of people trying to take what belongs to me.
I see the way you look at my boyfriend.
I've always seen.
And if you so much as talk to him I swear, I'll ruin you.
You're just drunk.
The surge is keeping me adrift Get outta my way.
I'm gonna kill Ravi.
I know what you did to Becky.
Who told you? Your parents and their friends.
I was high I don't remember.
You killed her.
They said you attacked her.
That was weeks before she died.
I snuck in from a bender and got into a fight.
She stabbed you.
Why? I told you, I don't remember! So you're telling me that this song means nothing to you? ["I Wanna Be Adored" plays.]
I don't believe you.
In my soul He's already in me Hey man, find another song.
- It's not me.
 Seriously, look.
- I said I don't wanna hear it! He's already in me I wanna be adored What? What's wrong? Just stay out here.
Turn that shit off.
Turn it You were there.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Did you do something to my sister? It's not like that, man.
Look, I wanted to tell you.
I wanted to tell you.
- What did you do? - You killed her, didn't you? - Didn't you, Vivi? - I would never hurt her.
I loved her.
That's why I was there.
We were just hanging out.
She went to take a shower and I followed her.
I went to open the door and ["I Wanna Be Adored" continues playing.]
Becky, please.
Becky! Becky, no, no! - Becky! - [Becky screams.]
I didn't kill her.
I didn't do anything.
No one killed her.
She killed herself.
I'm so sorry.
[Sasha screams.]
Elliot, Stop! - Stop! - You let her die! Get off of me.
I was too harsh with her.
I don't know.
The way she was accusing Elliot You did the right thing.
She needs help.
She's dealing with an impossible situation.
We all are.
Being so close to our daughter's heart, it's It's done strange things.
My body, it's reacting to her.
Your body? I want to move on.
This is my fault.
I forced the connection with Sasha.
It's okay.
I just didn't know what else to do.
I was feeling too much.
Sorry I made it bad.
Made it bad.
Made it bad.
Made it bad.
I'm sorry.
- I you know - I'm not blaming you.
Penelope made up this pretty convincing lie.
Like, Ben called her dad and It wasn't a lie.
Ben covered for me.
I called him that night.
Told him something had happened to Becky.
That he needed to go check on her.
How did you know? I could just feel it.
I was in rehab.
Just watching TV.
I started crying for no reason.
And the wound where she stabbed me just opened right up.
Like it was brand-new.
I know it seems like bullshit but it really happened.
I believe you.
He did too.
My dad.
After they found her Ben knew it was such a crazy story, no one would buy it.
So he paid Penelope's dad off.
So no one would think that I hurt her.
Are you ever gonna tell them what really happened to her? It would kill them.
What about you? Are you okay? Ask me in a hundred years.
You can at least call if you're not going to make it home.
I'm sorry, Dad.
It's okay.
It was just dinner.
Should I be worried? No.
No, I think you should be happy.
I just literally went crazy, convinced there was some big murder mystery.
Well, you were right about the mystery part.
Just not the murder.
Becky was just a disturbed girl who maybe didn't want to be.
Hopefully she's at peace now.
So you can be too.
Was I supposed to feel it when she left? Or does the fact that I don't feel anything mean that she's gone? I think you just need to settle some shit.
I'm still not convinced there was ever a ghost or anything.
Mom? Mom.
Mommy, home's back that way.
Home's back that way.
You stupid girl.
- Look at your hair.
- Stop! Your white skin.
She's never going to leave you alone.
Tracey! Tracey! Tracey! [knife clatters.]
[Sasha panting.]
[phone number pad beeping.]
[dial tone ringing.]
- Yes? - Evan, that thing you wanted I did it.
I found it.
You happy? Great job, kid.