Chambers (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

In the Gloaming

1 [siren wailing] [man] This doesn't have to be the end.
[thunder rumbles in the distance] I don't understand.
You and Nancy need to sign this to donate Becky's heart.
How did this happen? It was an accident.
Did we do something wrong? What happened tonight was a miracle.
My daughter is dead.
But her heart is still beating because she is stronger than all of this.
Think of the good this heart could still bring to the world.
[sighs] [sniffles] Is this the right thing to do? This is the only thing to do.
[monitor beeping] [respirator hissing] We have a decision to make.
Looks like you've already made yours.
Becky's heart could save someone else's life.
I can't.
Baby The only thing keeping her alive is the heart.
The doctor says that with everything else inside of her destroyed, it'll stop beating within the hour.
You don't want my signature.
You want my blessing.
This doesn't have to be for nothing.
If you're so desperate to find meaning in this, then just write my name next to yours.
[sighs] But I can't pretend there's any silver lining.
[paper rustles] I'm here.
Beautiful girl.
In the gloaming When the wind blows [sighs] Ready for removal in OR3.
- Watch the IV stand.
- What are you doing? - Ma'am, if you could just - No, no.
Don't touch that.
- Watch the line there right? - Ma'am, please just step outside.
Where's my husband? Ben! Where are we going? - I'm sorry, you can't go any further.
- We can't go with her? Stop! [birds chirping] [Jones] Stop screaming! Just listen! [screams] Here.
This will help.
I'm gonna go to jail, aren't I? No.
He was drunk.
Wandered into the desert.
That's how it'll look when they find him.
Then why did you bleach my clothes? Just in case.
In case someone saw me leave with him? No one saw you.
You did.
Jones raped my daughter.
He was going to do the same to you.
You killed him in self-defense.
I didn't kill him.
Of course.
It was an accident.
It wasn't an accident.
Becky pushed him.
Becky is dead.
You told me you saw her inside of me.
- I don't know anymore.
- I do.
I could feel her.
She wanted to hurt him.
Becky wouldn't hurt anyone.
Then you don't know your daughter like you think you did.
Just okay.
We'll talk about this when Ben gets home.
In the gloaming Oh, my darling When the light is soft and low Don't leave me in the hole again.
I know you heard that.
That was Becky.
That lullaby.
I used to sing it to her and Elliot to put them to sleep.
What did she mean by the hole? Becky fell when she was little.
We went on a hike and we got to the top and I set her down.
She hopped around and and then she slipped.
And fell into a crevice.
This dark little hole.
Grab my hand! It was only six feet down, but I couldn't reach her.
And it was getting dark.
Mommy! - Cold.
So cold, I could see her breath.
- Mommy! I had to leave her to get help.
Mom, don't leave me! [Becky] I'm still down here.
Every step I ran, I could hear her screaming.
I'm still down there.
I'm sorry, I have to do this again.
No! [indistinct conversation] I thought you were past this.
You were finally starting to take responsibility.
I was lying.
Telling the truth is a whole lot easier.
You know? I was lying about Becky.
I never attacked her.
She came at me.
And I caught her cutting up mice and she put me here so you wouldn't find out.
You're not making any sense.
We'll talk about this later, okay? Fucking listen to me.
Something happened to Becky, Dad.
She hurt Penelope.
She hurt me and now she's gonna hurt Sasha.
[panting] We need to help her.
[door clicks open] Everything okay in here? Yeah.
He just needs some sleep.
We'll take care of him.
- [Elliott hesitates] - Thanks.
I'll be back later, okay? You need to help her.
[Becky] I'm sorry, but I have to do this again.
Becky? Sasha? In the gloaming Sasha.
What happened? What the hell? You tried to kill yourself.
Nancy, Nancy That wasn't me.
Becky wouldn't want to hurt you.
She wasn't like that.
She didn't want to be but she was.
That's why she Why she what? Tell me, please.
When she found out about what Jones did to her, and what it was making her do she stopped up the tub.
And she She killed herself.
Can I come out now? I can't let you hurt yourself again.
She's not in control anymore.
How does that even happen? When we trigger memories, I don't know, I just like, relive them.
She's never talked to anyone like that before.
But she spoke to me.
She is trying to tell me something.
Can we try it again? Bring her out so I can talk to her? After what happened last time? - No.
- You're safe in here.
Maybe I can talk her out of it.
I don't think she's in a talking mood.
There has to be some other way to help her move on.
I've already tried to help her.
I-I'm sorry you never got to experience it, Sasha, but there's a special bond between a daughter and her mother.
When I let her through, it hurts.
I don't want you to feel pain but I don't know how else to protect you.
You don't want her in you! I remember you.
You said a storm is coming in.
Did you know something was going to happen to her? Was it the LeFevres? I was protecting her.
You were protecting her from what? Anything? Mr.
Purple was Becky's favorite.
It's pink.
He's pink.
The original Mr.
Purple matched his name.
But Becky left him behind when we went on vacation to Florida, and then this was the only one we could find.
We told Becky he dyed his hair.
What is it? Nothing.
You're resisting it.
I'm sorry.
I don't think this is going to work.
We need something more powerful than just show and tell.
These crystals.
They were right over top of Sasha's bed.
Been telling you, I saw a crystal chart just like that at the Annex Foundation.
Those are healing stones.
The biggest one is for over her heart.
Yeah, unless those stones are what's been freaking her out.
It's fuckin' weird-ass LeFevre bullshit, is what it is.
Fucking hell.
Come on.
We won't let those Crystal Valley hippies mess with her anymore.
Shouldn't one of us be staying with her? I'm not leaving either one of you alone with her.
Cut her loose.
Let's go.
- [Ben] You ready for your first flight? - I wanna fly the plane.
[Ben] Okay.
What about you, Becky? Does everyone get a parachute - in case we need to jump? - Um Here, sweetie, you can take Momma's parachute.
[Ben] There's a good solution.
Why don't I get a parachute? [Ben] I have an idea.
How about - some wings, bud.
- Sure.
- We good? - Yeah.
Can you fly the plane if I get you some wings? Becky, where's Mr.
Purple? You coming, Purple? What does Mr.
Purple's hair look like? [Nancy] See? There's the real Mr.
We need to die.
Becky? Why did you do it? Evil.
You mean Jones? What he did to me - It made me bad.
- Becky, no.
You're not bad.
You were traumatized.
In pain.
Jones was the bad one.
- No! - I wish you'd come to me.
I would've understood.
- There's nothing to be ashamed of.
- Not rape.
He summoned an evil.
He put it inside of me.
I'm sure that's what it felt like, baby.
But there's no such thing as evil Yes, there is! I should have listened to her.
I should have listened! Maybe you should slow down a little.
[siren chirps] Oh, shit.
[grunts] You're kidding me? [Yvonne] What's going on? Don't even think about doing anything weird.
License and registration.
[panting, moaning] [gasping] She's gone, she's gone, she's gone, she's gone Sasha.
Are you okay? All that anger What was she talking about? I had hallucinations, but I wasn't sure if they were memories or the drugs.
What did you see? Jones was in a mask.
What did he do to her? - I don't know.
- We have to find out.
[Sasha panting] Do you see this? She kills me piece by piece when I let her through.
I want to go home.
If you leave here I won't be able to protect you.
I don't need your protection.
I need Cottonwood.
I need my family.
I'm sorry, Sasha.
But I have to know what happened to my daughter.
Just one more time.
I promise.
Come on.
Come on! Here we go.
Run, Frank, run! Sir, I'm gonna need you to step out of the car.
- What for? - Just do it, sir.
- Frank Yazzie, you're under arrest.
- For what? On suspicion of the murder of John Latakee.
Murder? What the fuck are you talking about? I'm so sorry, Sasha.
I hate this as much as you do.
The sooner I can get through to Becky, the sooner I can get you out of there.
I'm here, baby.
I don't want to die anymore.
I need to know about that night.
Please, tell me everything you remember.
It's fuzzy.
Maybe taking me there could help.
- Becky? - Take Sasha.
She can help me remember what you need to.
I'm sorry, Sasha.
This is not going to work.
It's not Sasha.
It's Becky.
Mom, you told me you could see me.
Where did you leave Mr.
Purple? Becky would know the answer.
Yes, but exactly where? Get me the fuck out of here.
I'm trying to help you.
You don't care about me.
How can you say that? When's my birthday, Nancy? What songs do I like to listen to when I'm depressed? What's my favorite topping on a pizza? The only thing you know about me is that I have your daughter's heart.
This was never about me, this is about you holding onto her as long as you could.
[over projector] Happy birthday to you Let's stop this right now.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Becky Happy birthday to you [Ben] What did you wish for? I wished for clear skin.
Can I please request a welfare check to the LeFevre residence? I can get you an address.
How about you worry about yourself? I don't care about myself.
The LeFevres have my niece.
Hey, man, go get Sasha and make sure she's safe, you hear me? I won't let anything happen to her.
Tell her I love her, man.
Tell her I'm sorry.
[Yvonne] There's no way Frank murdered somebody.
This isn't going to work.
Well, I gotta do something.
What is that? Black tourmaline.
Ritual stone.
You want me to conduct a ritual? Why are you trying to help us? Because nobody helped me when it was my turn.
- We're free to go.
- What? What about Big Frank? He wants us to get Sasha.
Let's do it.
Buckle up.
'Cause she said Where did she go? The crazy lady, where did she go? She was right here.
What do you remember, Becky? It's so cold on the stone.
What stone? Divinity Rock.
Where he tied me up.
He's burning something.
And the smoke, it's going in me.
I don't I don't want to remember anymore.
I know, baby, but you have to be strong.
We need to understand what he did to you, so we can figure out how to undo it.
There's only one way to stop this.
I will not let you hurt this girl.
After the smoke what did Jones do? He collapses.
But they catch him.
There was someone else there? There are a lot of people here.
They're all wearing robes and masks The people in charge they had a blood red circle on their chest.
When they came closer, I could see the pattern.
Show me, please.
Please, try.
The Annex.
[Ben] Hey.
You okay? What's going on? Ben We need to go get Elliot.
He's in danger.
What are you talking about? I just left him.
He's He's fine.
You don't understand.
It's the Annex.
They're the ones who hurt Becky.
You're right, I don't understand.
Ruth and Evan, they did something.
Some ritual.
Nance, the Annex is a spiritual wellness center, not a death cult.
I've got my problems with Ruth and Evan now, but they never would've done anything to hurt Becky.
What they did made her kill herself.
Becky's death was an accident.
It wasn't.
You know it wasn't.
Ben, she plugged up the shower.
How do you know this? Sasha showed me how to talk to Becky.
Show me.
[frontdoor closes] [Ben] What is she doing in there? [Nancy] She tried to kill herself again.
This time I stopped her.
[Becky] No, please, don't! [Ben grunting] Baby.
I'm gonna fix this.
I promise you.
Okay? You did this to me.
Mom! It's him! He's the one! - Ben? - It's gonna be okay.
You let them hurt her.
She was never supposed to be hurt.
It killed me! And I'll never forgive myself for that.
It was supposed to be a beautiful thing.
We needed someone special.
There was no one more special than you.
We were gonna heal the world.
What we put inside of you, we're gonna take out.
- But the important thing is - No! we get you to the Annex Foundation, so we can set you free, Becky.
- No! Don't let him hurt me! - Stop! [Ben] You're looking at this upside down.
Keeping her, it's selfish.
It will destroy our family.
[Sasha as Becky] Mom, don't let him hurt me! Mom! - Becky, stop! - Someone help me! [groaning] Stay away from my daughter! Nancy! [Ben gasping] [knife clatters to the ground] Sorry I made it bad.
[Nancy] Stay away from my daughter.
Dad? Dad! [Elliot pounding on door] Somebody, call 911! Help! Please, anybody! A man's hurt.
Sasha Elliot, Elliot, oh, Elliot.
Listen, we'd hoped some time alone to release the toxins would have helped.
We're gonna need to take a more holistic approach to your re-enlightenment, okay? They're gonna help you.
Right here.
- Come on.
We got you.
- Where What? Nancy! Nancy! - [Nancy] Oh, my God, you look beautiful.
- [Ben] You look gorgeous.
[Nancy] Madam.
There you go.
If you're not strong enough to kill yourself, just let me.
Let me.
Let me.
Let me.
Let me.
Let me.
Let me.
Let me.
Let me.
- I just wanna go home.
- Let me.
I just wanna go home.
- Let me.
- I just wanna go home.
Hey, Sasha! Sasha! - Hello? - Hey, Yvonne.
Do I know you? Hey, I'm Sasha's best friend in Crystal Valley.
I'm Penelope.
You're Penelope? Oh, no.
You can go.
Go! - No.
- Wait.
I know you.
It's that bitch that broke into Sasha's house, that's who she is.
She saved Sasha's life.
- What? - When she had a heart attack.
You? Look, Sasha needs your help again.
Do you know where she went? She never left.
They have her trapped in the wine closet.
Do you know how we can get in? The garage code is Becky's birthday.
It's 0321.
Let's go.
[sobbing] Sasha? Sasha.
Sash! - That's Sasha.
- Oh my God, a pumpkin! - It'd make the perfect jack-o'-lantern.
- They put a wig on her? Yo.
Who the fuck is that? Becky LeFevre.