Chambers (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

The Crystal Organ

1 [siren wailing.]
[man speaking indistinctly over TV.]
Adam and Eve, according to the creationist myth, were the first man and woman to roam Earth.
Central to the belief that humanity is, in essence, one family, that everyone descended from a single pair of original ancestors.
What most people don't know is that Adam had a first wife.
A dangerous demon of the night, a sexual wanton who refused to be subservient to Adam and demanded that during intercourse she would always be the one on top.
Choosing to become a demon rather than live under Adam's authority Shit, what the hell is wrong with him? I love when the girl's on top.
Less work, good view.
It's gnarly, huh? Doc said I could just crack it back into place, but my Uncle Jimmy did that.
Left him looking like Owen Wilson.
Any chance you think I could bum some change off of you? They got a soup machine down below, makes cappuccinos too.
I can grab you one.
- [phone buzzing.]
- Sweet.
[sirens wailing in distance.]
Excuse me.
If I show y'all a magic trick, think I can I get a quarter? [indistinct chanting.]
[chanting continues.]
What the fuck? That's some weird shit.
[heartbeat echoing.]
[cup drops, liquid bubbles.]
[machine whirring.]
- [gasp.]
- [cup clatters.]
[electricity buzzing.]
I know she's crazy right now, man, but do we have to keep her all tied up like that? [Yvonne.]
She tried to hurt Sasha, and Sasha tried to hurt me.
She's not just crazy.
Bitch might be a full-blown psychopath.
Think those culty freaks at the Annex - are gonna help? - I'm not saying I trust them, TJ.
I'm just saying Maybe their whack-ass equipment can help us.
You know, and They had this room called the chakra room.
It had all these different-colored crystals What if they are the people who did this in the first place? Do you have a better idea? Fuck! Oh, my God.
She's trying to kill herself.
- [tires screech.]
- [car horns honking.]
- [Becky screaming, muffled.]
- She's getting loose.
Pull over.
[thunder rumbling.]
Please just let me die! This is why I told you to tie her up.
All this crazy stuff in here There has to be something.
- [TJ.]
Relax! - [Becky.]
Please! Okay, AquaZen "Sedation of ornamental fish.
" [Becky.]
Let go! Hey! I'm here to save Sasha.
And if you die, she dies.
Look, I know it's after hours, but I actually work here and I left my phone at the Equinox.
In my cubby.
And my mom's sick, so Yeah.
With grace and gratitude.
Come on.
[atmospheric synth rock plays.]
[voices chanting.]
[chanting continuing.]
[alarm blares.]
[chanting, music stop.]
[door opening.]
We believe in you, Elliot.
We're here to introduce you to your best self.
Believe And I will receive.
I will receive.
Come on, Sash.
Stay with me.
What even is this thing? It's supposed to open up your chakras.
I don't know, but okay.
" "Ajna.
" Come on, Sash.
" "Anahata.
" That's the one.
That's the one that crazy lady kept saying over and over again.
- Anahata.
- What? Yes, yes, yes, that means heart chakra.
This fucking heart, man.
I don't know what to do.
If we can open it up, maybe we can get Sasha to come back out.
I think that's what she meant by the ritual.
I did it all.
Come on, come on.
Is something supposed to be happening? I don't know.
- Man.
- Sash.
- Sasha? - This is messed up.
We should get her to the doctor before it's too late.
What do you think a doctor's gonna do? I don't know, but these crystals aren't fucking working.
I mean, maybe I'll just Probably Maybe we were using the wrong ones.
Anahata! That old lady in the van gave me this.
Black tourmaline.
- Help me turn them off.
- Alright.
Sash, hold on, okay? Please work.
[whirring, beeping.]
[Yvonne panting.]
[machinery hums.]
- Sash! - What's happening? I think it's hurting her.
- No! - What should we do? [distorted audio.]
[audio distortion fades away.]
["I Wanna Be Adored" by The Stone Roses plays.]
I don't have to sell my soul He's already in me I don't need to sell my soul He's already in me [static squawks on radio.]
[music stops.]
Hello? What the fuck? Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday, dear Sasha Happy birthday to you Becky [handcuffs rattle closed.]
Hi, Sasha.
Let me go.
Can't, sorry.
What the fuck did you do to my house? I redecorated.
You like it? And besides it's not your house.
It's our heart.
Well, mine, technically speaking, until you took it from me.
You want a sip? Fine! You don't want to ease into the hard shit? Well, here it goes.
You need to die.
It is the only way to get rid of darkness inside of you.
Unfortunately I can't do it for you.
- So you're gonna have to kill yourself.
- I don't have to do anything.
If you don't, you're putting your family and friends in danger.
You don't care about them? Makes sense.
Because they don't care about you.
Let's see Your uncle lied to you.
Your boyfriend hates you.
Your best friend abandoned you.
Let's not forget about your mom.
[child wailing.]
Turn it off.
Turn it off! Sasha be honest with yourself.
You've had a broken heart since you were two years old.
I keep trying to change the narrative to make it less depressing, but it's pretty clear what's going on here.
- Okay! - Okay, what? I'll do it.
I'll kill myself.
Just turn it off.
But Can I get a shot of tequila or something first? I don't believe you.
But fuck, I could use a drink, too.
I've been inside of you for a while now, Sasha.
And I know you pretty well.
Really? You were going to try to kill me with a nail file? Just give me the shot.
I'm sorry.
["Bad Girls" by Solange plays.]
All of our birthday cakes for every stupid year.
At least your cakes have real sugar in them.
Mine taste like Quest bars and made everyone at my parties have to run home and shit.
That's a weird color.
It was a weird age, wasn't it? Yeah.
I used to tuck my shirts into my training bras so people knew I was a girl.
I'm still waiting for mine to come in.
You wished for a real family this year.
Why? I was confused.
I didn't mean it.
Well, I wished for clear skin, but instead I got a demon put inside of me.
Hey, this might not mean shit to you, but Your dad he thought what they were doing was good.
They tied me to a rock and violated me.
I didn't have a choice.
Doesn't matter if they thought it was a good thing.
I had so many things I wanted to do.
I wanted to go on that trip to Paris with Mom.
I wanted to help Elliot get clean.
I was going to apply to Harvard.
I was gonna have three kids.
Joy, Ethel, and Louise.
You know, like old lady names.
I wasn't ready to die.
We're not friends, Becky.
Well, fuck you too, Sasha.
You're not strong enough to survive the darkness either.
I'm sorry, Sasha, but we both know it's true.
You'll be smarter tomorrow.
Sleep on it.
[static drones.]
[child wailing.]
[high-pitched whining.]
Sasha Sasha.
Come on, please, come back, Sasha.
Sash, I know you're in there, please.
I just I can't do life without you.
We know everything about each other.
Like, I know you're a little depressed and and I know you know I'm a little bit gay.
I remember I taught you how to put in a tampon, and you taught me how to slash those dudes' tires that were always hollering at me at the Circle K, remember? And my mom Remember my mom She got sick You were the only one who treated her like she was normal and didn't call her crazy, and you treated her like she was your own mom and I just Sasha, please don't leave me here.
You're my favorite person.
Sasha, please come back.
Did you see that? Talk to her.
Remember when you touched my leg in history class for the first time? It shot this weird feeling all the way up to my throat and I never felt anything like that in my life.
And I never told you this, but this was the day that my dad and my mom told me they were getting divorced.
I was confused because you were making me feel all this crazy love shit and the next day I came in and I was nervous to touch your leg back but I just said fuck it and I did it anyway because I love the way you drink your pop, and Your smile.
I love your boobs, man, I love them so much I don't even have words, I just know that I run faster when you're there.
Know that I run faster No! [Becky gasping.]
You're making a huge mistake.
I'm the only thing holding back the bad inside of you.
You are the bad inside.
Please, please.
Please [Becky panting.]
Sasha, please! I saved your life.
- [Frank.]
Sasha? - Hello? Sasha! Frank? Are you there? It's me.
Hello? That was weird, wasn't it? Frank, I can't kill her.
- I can't do it.
- You have any idea what strange series of events had to happen for you to get that heart? Why did I get to live and she didn't? It's unfair.
In four hours, the entire universe had to conspire together to save your life.
Frank, I'm scared.
I love you, Sasha, you know I do.
But I think that ship has sunk.
[radio clicks off.]
["Pink Maggit" by the Deftones plays.]
So forget about me 'Cause I'll stick you Sasha I'm scared.
[muffled screaming.]
All you are All you are All you are All you are Is me [Yvonne.]
Wake up.
- I think she's waking up.
- Come on, Sasha.
Sasha! Oh, my God.
I missed you.
She's gone.
She's gone.
She's gone.
She's gone.
She [Yvonne.]
Oh, my God.
Hey, what's up? Where's Frank? Where's Frank? [men yelling in distance.]
[overlapping yelling.]
["Liquid Lady" by Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions plays.]
I'll hush you Keep you warm It's taken care of.
 That lady with the baby paid for the both of you.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
Say less.
- I'm gonna get a pickle.
- Okay.
I can't believe you just got rid of that girl and the first thing you do is permanently attach her to your body again.
Well, I mean, she still did save my life.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm just happy I got my girl back.
You ain't fooling nobody.
I know that you got a tattoo to impress Big Frank.
Oh, ha, ha, ha.
Don't fuck with my sexy cactus, I already told you that! - You know that shit is ugly, right? - No, it's not.
Shut up.
Anyway, how's Tracy doing? I was thinking I could come over tonight, I can cook.
What's up? Yo, I didn't want to stress you out more than you already were, but They put her in one of those government homes.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's like one of those experimental studies they're doing now.
Two months, she'll be fine.
I'm telling you.
Come on.
Come on, go! Hey.
You sure you don't want me to go with you? They say you killed him.
I punched Johnny Bail Bonds in the face and I told him I was gonna kill him.
It's a big difference.
Look, there's a lot of people after that guy.
No big surprise to me that they came after somebody who looks like me first.
You're not capable of murder, Frank.
It's not fair.
Yeah, I know.
Life's not fair, Sasha.
Don't hit me with that Afterschool Special shit.
Listen I'll get a trial date eventually, okay? I just got to get some evidence that proves somebody set me up.
In the meantime I need you to hang tight.
I'm gonna do everything I can - to help get you out of here.
- No, you're not.
You're gonna keep your grades up.
You're not going to let TJ get you pregnant.
And you're not gonna get any more shitty tattoos with Yvonne.
[both chuckle.]
- We can get matching ones.
- Yeah.
Listen I need you to look out for your grandad, okay? Watch out for him.
He needs you.
I'm counting on you, kid.
Love you.
You missed me, right? Woman, please.
I missed this.
No, you got me.
I missed you bad.
Are you Sasha? Thanks.
- How'd she know my name? - I don't know.
[both laugh.]
Rise and shine.
I'm Marnie.
You're being expanded today.
I'll be your transitional partner.
Whenever you're ready.
Hi, how are you? Everybody is super chill about everything here.
Feel free to come here if you ever feel stressed out, overwhelmed or, God forbid, triggered.
And this is our salt water pool, open 24 hours a day Where's Sasha? - Elliott, what's gotten into you? - Don't play stupid with me, Marnie.
Sasha's for us to worry about now.
The saltwater pool is open 24 hours a day.
Where's my dad? Forget about him.
He forgot about you.
Now that you're here, you get to see what a real family feels like.
Your mother's here to see you.
What? She's waiting for you in your chambers.
Nancy? Why are you wearing those clothes? Come on, let's get out of here.
Where's Dad? [nurse.]
Unfortunately, your father isn't with us anymore.
And your mother is a patient here, not a visitor.
She just wanted to say a quick hello.
Come on, Nancy.
It's time to go.
Everything good? Just some kids out there messing around.
Here you go.
Oh, thank you.
What's this? Oh, that's from your family.
As soon as we sell the house get a good lawyer and get Frank out we'll make sure you get to know everyone.
They found a gun with his fingerprints all over it.
But he didn't do it, right? Right.
Just believe.
Our last name is Yazzie.
Do you think they're really going to give him a fair trial? Oh, smart aleck.
Just like your mother.
[dogs barking.]
- What's going on? - [knocking on door.]
Please, Sasha.
What the fuck? Ruth, what are you doing here? - Join us.
- No! I know what you did to Becky.
So if you don't leave, - I'm going to call the cops.
- Okay.
Please do.
There are many among us who would cherish the chance to meet you.
I I tried to hold them back, but you have to understand how long some of us have been waiting - for this to happen.
- Becky is not inside of me anymore.
And we are so grateful for that.
Now that Becky is not interfering, Lilith can inhabit you completely.
Lilith? Becky was a vessel, an inhospitable one, but you have proven yourself worthy.
When the door is first opened, it can be overwhelming.
All the urges and emotions.
Becky resisted that power, and what came about was wrath and violence.
But that's not what Lilith is about.
Lilith is the divine feminine.
She has the ability to fix that which is unfairly broken, bring equilibrium to this fucked up world.
Sasha, you have the power to heal.
[crickets chirping.]
You have the power to heal the sick.
You could heal Yvonne's mother.
Imagine how relieved your friend will be.
You can get your uncle out of jail with a single word.
Come, join me.
I'll show you how.
She does not get a choice.
- Evan.
- You are just scared, Sasha.
You grew up on the poverty line with no mother, no real father.
It's impossible to believe in yourself - if you don't have a family.
- I have a family.
That's not a family.
An uncle who is in jail, a drug-addicted mother.
Have some respect for yourself, Sasha.
You are coming with us.
Let's go.
I said no.
[car alarm beeping.]
[high-pitched ringing.]