Champion (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Champion versus Champion

[video player beeps]
[video crackles]
- ["21 Seconds" by So Solid Crew plays]
- [static hisses]
Turn up the bassline ♪
I got 21 seconds
To chat this rhyme in time ♪
First of all
I'm gonna big up da ladies ♪
[woman] Go on, Bosco.
Mm, mine
Don't gimme no deadline ♪
[girl] Gimme some more time
Gimme 29 seconds to chat this rhyme ♪
Other MCs wait in line
How old am I? 21 ♪
I got 21 seconds, den my vocals done
Two multiplied by 10 plus 1 ♪
[woman] Vita, please.
Romeo done ♪
[woman] Can you just let your brother
Hey, hey!
- [Vita crying]
- [woman] Beres, chat to your kids, please.
[Beres] She deserve what she get.
She ah provoke him.
[woman] She knows how she gets.
No fighting, please.
You're meant to look after each other.
Bosco Champion, put my camera down now.
- [static hisses]
- [song stops]
- Beres, can you help me out?
- [Beres] Mi cyaan right now.
Look, I'm raising these kids on my own.
[Beres] Yuh nuh raise
di pickney by yuhself.
[woman] Why is it Why do I
have to speak to you all the time?
- [argument continues in the background]
- ["21 Seconds" continues playing]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting] Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion!
[woman] Do we have eyes on Bosco Champion?
- We will in a second.
- [man] You seen Bosco?
[man rapping indistinctly]
Mem, where's Bos?
[Memet] Sayin', sayin'?
- Not here. Nah, for real, where is he?
- I ain't seen him for a minute, you know.
Not for a He's on in seven minutes.
He needs to get mic'd up.
I dunno. Uh, dressing room, maybe.
And a few more G's in the system
With no dad to teach them the wis ♪
[breathing heavily]
[man continues rapping in the background]
[tense music plays]
Vita, we need Bosco.
Everybody needs Bosco. Give me a second.
[breathing heavily]
[male voice 1] Bosco Champion is back.
- [female voice 1] Champion to the world.
- [male voice 2] Champion to the world.
[male voice 3]
I heard it's all about Bulla now.
[female voice 2] Bosco's over.
[knocking on door]
[Vita] Bosco?
Are you in there?
[man] Yep.
Long time in the building.
- Is it happening again?
- [man] Huh?
Bulla's onstage.
I should be out there shelling him.
[grunts, inhales]
Instead, I can't breathe.
Remember what we do, all right?
- [Vita] In through your nose.
- [inhales deeply]
Out through your mouth. [exhales deeply]
[inhales deeply]
[exhales deeply]
I can't I can't do this, Vita.
My time's passed.
- It's all about Bulla now.
- Bro, please.
Bulla doesn't have what you have.
You've got legacy behind you. Come on.
Look, let me in.
[door unlocks]
[door closes]
[Bosco sighs]
What's legacy
when I been out the game two years?
Bro, Bulla will come, and he'll go.
Being in prison don't mean people
have forgotten you. What's two years?
People don't want me anymore, man.
Listen, this scene is yours.
Go out there, show yourself.
Show Bulla. Show all of them.
Show them you're still the Bosco Champion
that people loved.
And a few more G's in the system ♪
Champion to the world, remember?
[Bulla rapping indistinctly]
Bulla, just relax, just sekkle ♪
Put this in your bag
So security don't detect this metal ♪
Know your role and level ♪
I don't wanna
Have to bun a man's skin like Dettol ♪
Big magazine we ah deal with ♪
The straps got a long bottom
Like Neville ♪
Good, yeah?
You good to go? This is Bulla's last song.
If I put my hand on my belt
There ain't no sand in these shells ♪
Brrr, when I get one down
Brrr, I hit his bredren as well ♪
Yeah, yeah. I'm ready.
So just cool, Fonzie. Yuh zeet? ♪
So keep it 1 hunna
Better still stay 100 ♪
Can't even show face at the function
I'm dumping ♪
Pow, pow, pow!
[crowd cheering]
- Yes.
- [MC] All right, all right.
He was talking the things.
Big Bulla, everybody!
[crowd cheering]
[man] Come on, my brudda.
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
[Bulla] Whoo.
What the fuck you doing, blud?
Oh shit, my bad, blud.
I thought you was the cleaner, you know.
Nah, I seen the cleaner outside.
You got your mum working real hard, innit?
All right, all right.
Bulla and crew. PA at Selfridges in 15.
[Bulla] It's all good, man.
We'll see who's talking about whose mum
when your likkle comeback flops.
It's all right, though. I'll take care
of his, you know what I mean?
She might have to earn it, though,
you know what I mean?
[Bosco] Come here!
You gotta relax
with that likkle temper, blud.
- You know like that?
- Pussy!
I know you don't wanna go back to the pen.
- Let me go.
- All right, all right. Bulla, outside now.
Gonna need that life jacket.
- [Bosco] Joker, bruv.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, Bosco, man.
Think about what you're doing, hey?
Don't go losing what you've got here.
[Bosco sighs]
Good luck out there.
[MC] Now next up is the man
we've all been eager to see.
[Vita] Deep breaths, Bos.
You got this, I promise.
But first, make some noise
for my man, Marcello!
All right, if you're having a good time,
let me hear you say, "Yeah, yeah!"
- [crowd cheers]
- London, let me hear you make some noise.
[woman] Careful.
Shall we go and find Daddy?
- [girl] Yeah, I'm excited.
- [MC] I can't hear you!
- [woman] All right, V?
- [girl] Daddy!
Hey, you.
[Vita] Hey, Mum.
I missed you.
You ready to see Daddy go onstage?
- Yeah.
- [Bosco] Five, and another five.
- [MC] I love him, you love him.
- Big hug. You all right, Mummy?
- [MC] Are you ready?
- Do me proud, son.
- [MC] Are you ready?!
- You know I always do, Mum.
[MC] I don't believe you.
- Are you lot ready?
- [crowd roars]
All right. He's back. It's Bosco Champion!
[crowd cheering]
[crowd whooping]
- [Bosco] Mm, mm.
- [girl laughs]
[crowd chanting] Champion! Champion!
[chanting fades]
[muffled] Champion! Champion! Champion!
[heartbeat thuds]
["Champion to the World" plays]
[exhales deeply]
- Yo, yo, yo. Uh.
- [crowd cheering]
Hands up, hands up, hands up, hands up!
Champion to the world ♪
Winners only, that's why they say
That I'm champion to your girl ♪
Gucci holding my waist up
Every champion needs a belt ♪
Winners recognize winners
If you're a champion, I can tell ♪
I can tell ♪
[crowd cheering]
Hey, hey!
[Bosco laughs]
Ey yo, London!
[crowd cheering]
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
What you lot saying? You missed me, yeah?
One, two, three, let's go!
- [music stops]
- All right. Let me run one more.
- [whistling]
- I just gotta say suttin' quickly.
I know seh some man only love the women
in their life for what they can give dem.
- That's not me.
- [woman 1] Yes, Bosco!
I was taught from birth
that we owe it all to women.
And since a boy,
there's been one woman, one Champion,
I couldn't have done any of this without,
who's always got my back.
So, Mum, Aria Champion
[crowd cheers and whistles]
I just wanna thank you
for everything you've done for me, man.
So this one 'ere's for you.
But also, for all the Black women
out there.
[crowd cheering and applauding]
- Mum, I want you to come out here.
- Go on, Mum.
I beg you lot make some noise
for my mummy one time, please.
[crowd whistling and cheering]
[woman 2 yelling indistinctly]
["Nubian Queen" plays]
I got a Nubian queen ♪
I told her she can move in this week ♪
She moving as we speak ♪
Sound like a movie to me ♪
All dem bwoy they know is self-hatred ♪
They don't waan see
A Black gyal make it ♪
They don't waan see
A Black gyal naked ♪
And man are Black
But they're Black-gyal haters ♪
I'm gonna breed my Black gyal ♪
I'm gonna make Black babies ♪
I'm gonna marry my Black gyal
- [mouthing]
- And not in Las Vegas ♪
Share my son
Share my daughter ♪
- Proud of your daddy?
- Yeah.
And can you share my fun
Can you share my trauma? ♪
I was fresh back from Ghana, Christmas ♪
That's where I met my partner, listen ♪
Next time I'm meeting her father ♪
It's just me, him, her, and lasagna ♪
Surprise no mum in the picture ♪
Died a few years back ♪
Now it's just her and her dad
Older bro and one little sister ♪
Miss Mum and found Mum in a mister ♪
Uh, uh.
Peng ting from the hardest area ♪
Soft inside with a hard exterior ♪
We had a heart-to-heart
And I'm hearing her ♪
Most Black woman have all got a complex
That you can't class inferior ♪
It's like the whole world thinks
Any woman who's dark's inferior ♪
Yo, I'm out on the road
And the mandem are wild ♪
But when I'm with my gyal
I make the ancestors dem smile ♪
I had to ring my brudda and tell him
I think I found me the one ♪
Like you did it before me
So how is it done? ♪
Why he have Aria up on di stage fah?
Got that melanin ♪
Champions don't showboat like dis.
Where do you think
he learned how to showboat?
- [kisses teeth]
- Oh no, they don't know ♪
Bwoy sawf.
When the sun hits your skin
You go gold ♪
[crowd cheering]
[crowd whooping]
[crowd chanting] Champion!
Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion!
[Aria] Thanks a lot.
[girl] Bye, Daddy!
So, what did you think, Dad?
Did all right.
Next time,
yuh haffi give di crowd a likkle less.
Cyaan too eager fi please dem. Yuh si mi?
[melancholy music plays]
[kisses teeth]
[theme song plays]
[horn honking]
- [man] There you go. It's all in there.
- [woman] Thank you.
[Aria] Vita, don't forget
to put the plates out.
- Why would I forget?
- [Aria] And bring the coleslaw back in.
- [Vita groans, kisses teeth]
- It's too hot out there for that.
[guests chattering]
- [Vita] All right.
- Hey. Hey.
[woman] Hi.
["So Close Yet So Far"
plays over speakers]
Don't let her stress you, V.
She's always stressing me.
Come on. Gimme a smile.
Gimme one likkle smile. One likkle smile.
[both chuckling]
Sorry to break up the moment,
but can you help me organize the table?
How you getting on there, Lennox?
Relax yuhself now, Aria.
Mi have this ting unda control.
[Aria chuckling]
- Bosco will be happy.
- [Aria] Yeah.
Speaking of Bosco, maybe he can help.
It's his birthday, Vita.
He's 25. It's a big year.
What does that even mean?
- [Bosco] Yes. How are you, big man?
- [man chuckles]
[man] Hey, bro.
- [Memet] You all right? How you doing?
- Fuck, bro, big
Yeah, nice of you to join us.
- Since when were you my timekeeper?
- [Vita] Since always.
[chuckles] Sounds good.
Y'all right, Mummy?
You look good.
[music continues]
[door opens]
[door closes]
Why you sweating?
'Cause ever since Bosco came out,
I've been running around after him.
Mm-hm. Aria and Beres got you back there.
I knew they would.
If my parents could have got me into
that prison to look after him, they would.
- Well, make it work for you then.
- How you mean?
Look, you've been doing
this behind-the-scenes thing for years.
- It's too small for you, babe.
- Yeah, but
All I'm saying is,
if you don't ask, you don't get.
We need to be in a new season
of doing what we want
and getting what we want.
[man laughing in background]
[Vita] Oh.
Looks like Tayo just got here.
- [woman] I didn't realize she was invited.
- She didn't come alone either.
["My Girl" plays over speakers]
All right, come through
with the blue jumper and mad sunglasses.
If that's her new girl,
you're not allowed to talk to her.
Uh, when you two got together,
what did I say?
It was bad enough that your best friends
had got together, and that you were
Never getting involved, exactly.
Dark skin with the braids on
Got a beat to her own song ♪
Oh, girl, you're too cool
Tell me where your shine from ♪
'Cause I wanna get mine on ♪
- Remember this one?
- How could I forget? This was our riddim.
Looking like a 10
It's the way you walk in ♪
So confident ♪
It don't cost me
To pay you a compliment ♪
And I know you deserve it ♪
Sing, man. I can see your mouth twitching.
And I sound better when I sing with you.
[both] With you, I'm so comfortable ♪
It's like I'm by myself ♪
In silence we say it all ♪
This life
Can't do it without you ♪
We're dancing alone
It's our own party ♪
We don't need nobody else ♪
[both] Oh, that's my girl ♪
I can't believe you gave up
the music thing to be an assistant
to your dumb brother,
as well as write his bars.
When's he gonna write
his music by himself?
Being a Champion is work, innit?
From the top to the bottom.
Hm, you don't even know.
And I swear his manager, Dawn, Dusk,
whatever her name is,
I swear she doesn't even do anything.
Honey, she does nothing.
Oh, that's my girl ♪
Know she in it for a lifetime
Holding me down ♪
That's my girl ♪
Living the lifestyle
Yeah, this is our world ♪
That's my girl
Making that paper ♪
So if you don't know ♪
[both] That's my girl ♪
My girl, my girl ♪
[Honey] More than a friend ♪
[both] That's my genna
You're more like family ♪
[Honey] Only wanna see you win ♪
[girl] I can't wait.
[woman] Do you wanna ring the doorbell?
- [girl] This time.
- Yeah.
- [doorbell rings]
- Good girl. Come here.
- [girl] Hi!
- Hi!
- [woman laughs]
- [Aria] Oh! Come in!
Sorry we're late. Mummy's wig
wasn't doing what she wanted.
- Uh, you talk too much, Milan.
- [Aria chuckles]
Come here.
Why don't you go find your daddy
and go give him his presents, yeah?
- [Milan] Okay.
- Okay.
- Hello.
- Hey.
[woman] Mm.
- Where's your fiancé?
- Oh, parking. He'll be here in a sec.
[Milan] Nanny, help me find him.
["Breath Gone" plays over speakers]
- Who is my little princess looking for?
- [Milan] Dad!
- [laughs]
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you. You okay?
- [Milan] Yeah.
[Vita] Mum, where's the rest
of the napkins?
- Ooh.
- Excuse me.
Head to the garden when you're ready.
There's plenty of food, yeah?
- Wanna get food?
- [Milan] Yeah.
- Let's go!
- [woman chuckles]
[Bosco] Ah.
And, uh, how's my other princess?
I'm fine.
Congrats. You made it to 25 in one piece.
[Bosco chuckles]
Bosco. Happy birthday, brother.
Yeah. Thanks for getting the family down.
Yeah, well, you know,
it's my job to keep them safe, innit?
Yeah, baby. I'm gonna go and grab
some food, let you two talk shop.
Many happy returns, fella.
Aria. Nice to see you, darlin'.
Where's that famous curried goat of yours?
- I miss you.
- [scoffs]
Of course you do.
["Malanga Ja" by Swordman Kitala & K-Lone
plays over speakers]
[footsteps approaching]
[Honey clears throat]
Your mum said that we need more salad.
You're lucky I wasn't your bruvva.
- We're gonna tell him soon.
- Mm.
Just let him enjoy his birthday first.
[Honey] And how's that gonna go?
"Hi, Bos. I fucked your best friend."
[Tayo] How you doing, Mem?
- [Memet] Yes, good.
- You good?
- [Memet] I'm good, I'm good.
- All right, all right.
Hey, who's that you come with? Huh?
It's just a friend, just a friend.
Don't watch that, don't watch that.
Yo, I saw you headlining. Yeah?
- Yeah.
- [Tayo] Come on.
[both chuckling]
Man, when you used to spin
a little one-two tracks for Bosco,
we never knew you'd be making that money.
[Memet] Look at you though.
I see Dave and Simz in one of your suits.
[Vita] Hey, Bosco, this is your party.
Get out of the corner.
Let Mem do what he's doing.
[Tayo] Hey.
- [Vita] You all right? [chuckles]
- [Tayo] Mm. Mm-hm.
Yo, Vita.
[Vita and Tayo speaking indistinctly]
- Lookin' nice.
- Always.
- Yeah, I'm tryna look that cute.
- [Bosco] Yo. Come here.
Gimme one sec.
- [upbeat music plays over speakers]
- Where's Dad?
[Vita] Dunno.
He should have been here by now.
I'll give him a call.
[man] Oh!
[doorbell rings]
["So Special" plays over speakers]
You know it started three hours ago,
and Bosco's been looking for you.
[Beres] Since Bosco a bwoy,
him always ah look fi mi.
And still you're never there.
[guests laughing and chattering]
[man 1] Hey. Hey, kiss and make up.
- [laughing]
- Eediat bwoy.
- [Bosco] You man are jokers.
- ["Happy Birthday" plays over speakers]
[Bosco sighs]
[man 2] Hey!
- What?
- Come on, bro. 'Low it.
Nah, nah, nah. It's your day, my guy. Huh?
[guests cheering]
[man 3] Go on, Milan.
["Happy Birthday" continues playing]
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to Daddy ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
- [cheering]
- [man 4] Come on, Milan.
- Yeah.
- [Lennox] Hey!
Yes, Milan!
[man 5] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- What's going on, man?
- [officer] Are you Bosco Champion, sir?
- [Bosco sighs] You know it's me.
- [Vita] What's going on?
We've had noise complaints.
It's a breach of your terms of release.
- You licked off my mum's gate?
- This is your address.
Hey, shut up, man!
You lot have been on me since I come out.
- Get out my way.
- [Beres] Hey, that's my son.
[muffled arguing]
Which one of you
is gonna pay for my gate? Is it you?
You lot should be ashamed of yourself.
- Hey, you lot, don't touch my mum!
- [Lennox] Let go of her.
- [Bosco] Get off me!
- What are you doing? Get off my mum!
- Get off my mum!
- [muffled arguing]
[tense music plays]
[officer] I'm arresting you on suspicion
of assaulting a police officer.
Get off!
Get that phone out of my face!
How can you arrest someone
over a noise complaint?
All right, all right. Easy, bruv.
Why are you arresting him?
I told you already,
he hasn't done anything!
- [officer] That's it, son.
- [Aria] Why are you arresting him?
- Hey, yo! You lot do suttin', man.
- Mind your head.
No, I don't have to get back!
Don't press up on me!
Don't press up on me!
I swear to God. Why are you arresting him?
Why don't you arrest some real criminals?
He's not a criminal. Back away from me!
Don't press up on me!
I swear to God, don't press up on me!
Move back!
Move back!
Back up! Give me my space!
[Lennox] No reason. No justification.
- [Lennox] We've got you, Bosco!
- This is ridiculous.
Vita, Vita, I'm gonna try
and calm your mum down.
Can you see if you can
sort this out, yeah?
It's all right, babes.
We got this. We got this.
- Hm?
- [Aria] Mm-hm.
[car departs]
[woman] Calm down, Vita.
If he didn't do anything,
they'll let him go.
[Vita] Dawn, you're supposed to be
his manager. He needs to call a solicitor.
[chuckles] Um, you see, the thing is
[woman on video] And I'm just going to
Hello? Are you there?
Yeah, um
- [woman] to ensure it is moisturized
- [Dawn] Mm.
I don't think we need
to be calling anybody just yet.
What? He needs a solicitor down there now.
That's not that much.
[Dawn] Bosco will be fine. Please.
[Vita] You're not taking this
seriously enough.
[Dawn] And your problem, Vita, is that
you tek tings a likkle bit too seriously.
Just give it a few hours.
[indistinct yelling]
- They'll let him go.
- [Bosco yells]
They ain't got a case against him,
trust me.
[upbeat music plays]
He did not deserve
to be treated like that.
- Bosco back in the pen again?
- Heard that boom, boom, boom.
Feds came to the door. It's crazy.
[man 1] I can't believe it. My boy Bosco
[woman 1] They came to his mother's house,
locked him up.
[breathing heavily]
Free Bosco.
The system's just always out to get us.
- [man 2] It's a disgrace.
- [woman 2] It's outrageous.
How are the police
acting like this though?
Man, these feds
ain't got nuttin' better to do.
Free Bosco. Why am I hearing
he's been locked up? Long day.
So you get one whiff of freedom,
and now you're getting locked up again?
[yelling indistinctly]
[tense music plays]
[officer] No further action.
[Bosco] You know what?
As a Black man in this England
Easy on the bacon.
this world even,
I'll never be seen as innocent.
My name will always be up for question.
But guess what?
You can't hold a Champion down.
And the next time you wanna come
my mum's house to nick me,
make sure you have a warrant, blud.
Look at them. Idiots. NFA, man. NFA.
In a bit.
[Aria] Why haven't I heard anything?
- [drill whirring]
- I feel sick.
Don't worry about Bosco.
He'll be fine.
[scoffs] He'll be better off
than this gate was at the very least.
[Aria] Bastards,
barging in here. [kisses teeth]
Yuh see dat bwoy?
Him have a temper just like Aria.
Pure fire.
Vita though? She's like mi.
She still. She focused.
Don't mek her emotions run her.
But Bosco, just like him madda.
I might let my emotions run me, Beres,
but I ran this house, yeah?
I ran this house when you couldn't.
I was, uh [kisses teeth]
Ah suh yuh always ah come wid
[Beres singing indistinctly]
[bottles clinking]
[Vita] Stop, stop. He's coming.
- [Memet] Chill out.
- [Vita] He's coming.
[Memet whispering] All right.
[Bosco] Oi. It's going off.
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
All right.
You know, in all these years,
I've never seen you this hungry.
[Memet] I have, you know. I really have.
Um [clears throat]
Bos, I gotta ask you something.
Ask then.
I think I should be your manager.
Come on, Bos, man.
You know I do a good job.
- I been doing a good job.
- No, Vita, man.
Dawn is useless.
And I'm always, always by your side.
Where was she when you got arrested
this time and the last?
Where was she when the organizers decided
that Bulla should close the show
instead of you, and I had
All right, Vita, man.
[kisses teeth] Sekkle yourself.
[Bosco sighs]
Let me sleep on it, get my head straight,
and I will think about it.
- Okay.
- Jesus.
[gentle guitar music plays]
[Memet] What are we doing now?
[Aria] Vita?
- Is that you?
- [sighs] Yeah, Mum. I'm really tired.
It's all over the Internet.
I've been here losing my mind,
and you couldn't pick up the phone.
Mum, he's fine. He's home. Can we talk
about this tomorrow? I'm tired.
Vita, I told you already, you need to be
telling me what's going on with him.
- I can't go through this again.
- Mum.
We need to make sure that he's okay.
This police business
- Night, Mum.
- It's not good for him, Vita.
- We need to be doing more.
- [Vita] I said night, Mum.
[door opens]
[Vita sighs]
I can't wait
till we don't have to hide anymore.
I can properly take you out, yeah?
- Hm?
- Mm-hm.
Show you off.
Mm? Mm?
And we can go on holidays.
Yeah. Let's just focus
on telling Bosco first.
[birds chirping]
[phone buzzing]
[Bosco] Yo, where you at?
Yo, um I'm at home, innit.
I'm at my home, in my bedroom.
- I I just woke up. What you sayin'?
- [Bosco] Yeah, whatever, man.
Meet me at the label office at 1,
and pick up Vita on the way. Come on.
All right.
Oh God, it's really happening.
What is?
Bosco's actually
gonna make me his manager.
I knew this day would come.
I've got plans. I've got plans.
Why do you even wanna do this, man?
Because I have been doing this.
- It's time I got recognized for doing it.
- I dunno, babe. I just think, like
Don't you wanna do suttin' for yourself?
You've got talent.
Why don't you use it?
[gentle piano music plays]
No, I'm better off behind the scenes, Mem.
[sighs] All right. If you say so.
[soulful groove plays]
[woman] Sorry for the wait. Team Champion?
- Yo.
- They're ready for you.
[Bosco sighs]
- [shutter clicks]
- Cool. It's for your pass.
Can I get a quick pic of your manager?
- Uh, here she is.
- Sorry, running late.
Oi, Memet, Vita. All right?
- All right, can I get your pic?
- Yes, let's do it.
I beg you get me a tea, please.
Make sure it's got oat milk in it, yeah?
Cow milk's dead.
You know it messes up my stomach, innit?
- [Memet] V.
- [Vita] This is bullshit.
Don't be like that, man.
They do make tea here, you know?
[kisses teeth]
- [Honey] Are you all right?
- [Vita] No, I'm not all right.
Bosco basically said
I can be his manager, yeah?
Next thing I know, Dawn's walking in,
and he's telling me shit about oat milk.
- Okay, shut up, shut up. I need you bad.
- Huh?
- I need you to come meet me now.
- Where are you?
Don't worry.
I'm gonna send you the address.
- Are you okay?
- Come now.
Bosco, good afternoon.
How goes it? Are you well?
Uh, I'm Philip. I'm going to be heading up
our newly created street music division.
I'll level with you.
Your streaming numbers have gone
through the roof since the arrest.
Honestly, money can't buy
this kind of exposure.
I've genuinely, genuinely never seen
our marketing team more galvanized.
Ooh, you hear that, Bosco?
You, Bosco Champion,
are gonna be a very busy man.
We're talking UK tour.
We're talking hot new track.
So to cash in on the whole arrest thing,
whatever, you bring that out now.
We're thinking, and this is brilliant,
we call it "Locked Up."
[Memet coughs]
And for the video, we can have you
in a makeshift prison cell
- Uh, yeah, anything prison
- I dunno about all that, bro.
UK tour sounds peak, but I dunno
about all that "locked up" stuff
Nah, he'll do it. Sounds great!
You're gonna be a busy man,
Bosco. [chuckles nervously]
[Vita] What's going on?
Are you all right?
Yes, I am gassed.
Uh, about what?
Honey, you said it was an emergency.
It is. Okay?
- Where are we?
- Come on.
[Vita] Mate, where are we?
Why are we even here?
[Honey] Hey, boys.
- Oi, Honey.
- [Honey] How you doing?
Yeah. All the glamour as normal.
- Good up.
- [Honey chuckles]
[Honey] You know me. This is Vita.
Glamour's not really her thing.
Where do I know your face from?
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[door opens]
One minute.
For sure, you know. [kisses teeth]
Where you going?
I'm about to do something
that's gonna change our lives.
I don't wanna change my life.
My life's just fine.
[Honey scoffs]
Look how your own brother
fucked you over. Again.
Don't you think it's time
you did something for yourself? Trust me.
We're good. It's all good.
[Bulla] All right, then.
- [man] Hey, you all right?
- Yeah.
There's nuttin' to be scared of, you know.
We're all harmless in here.
- Are you sure?
- [man] Yeah, I'm sure.
I'm Laurent, by the way.
Hi, Laurent.
Honestly, babe, just hear our voices.
We're exactly what you've been missing.
We'll see about that, innit.
Let me see what you're dealing with.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[Beres] Yuh need to fix up, bwoy.
It's my family yuh git di name Champion.
- Wah mi always ah tell yuh?
- Winners only.
Mi cyaan hear yuh.
Look pon mi when mi ah talk to yuh!
- Winners only.
- Dat's right. Champion.
- Winners only.
- I get it. You ain't gotta lecture me.
If yuh go back ah prison,
what dat mean for di family?
- I'm not gonna go back there.
- Awoah!
- The label want me to go on tour.
- Dem ah pay yuh fi dat?
Yeah, they're gonna front the money.
- Dunno if I wanna do it.
- How yuh mean?
- Dunno if I'm ready for dem kinda tings.
- Ready?
Ready? [laughs]
Yuh betta git ready.
Wah yuh wait for, bwoy?
Go find yuh sister
suh we can git to work pon a new track.
And while mi remember, di people
dem tell mi seh di rent ah late.
["Overload" plays]
- You ready?
- No.
I was on the road tryna get bands ♪
Used to put the trap phone
In the left hand ♪
Do the music
And now they wanna bred man ♪
Beg you don't phone me
Till the check lands ♪
I was OT in the Shetlands ♪
Ain't nuttin' that I won't do
For the bread, fam ♪
And that can mean
Two in your head, fam ♪
Get a man marked like a exam ♪
Gyal tryna warn me 'bout the ex-man ♪
But still likes the mystique
I'm a X-man ♪
Give it a week
And tell her it's dead, man
Straight face and delivery deadpan ♪
Can't finesse, man
I stay with a method like Redman ♪
As for dem man
Gang still put holes in headbands ♪
Yuh zeet? ♪
Dat one deh waan me, she a freak
But she nuh waan speak, she ah pree ♪
[man] Sounds hard.
I ain't got that time ♪
[Laurent] Same lyrics.
Jump on in the chorus, yeah? Go.
Better watch you don't catch no strays ♪
Train comes
I don't know its destination ♪
It's a one-way ticket
To a madman's situation ♪
- Life is a dream, time does come true ♪
- Time does come true ♪
And in my sleep I think of you ♪
Feather bed ♪
What is it? Ah, fuck. Just keep going.
By myself ♪
[Honey clears throat]
- Basically, probability ♪
- [Honey humming]
- Says that fate's come side with me ♪
- [Honey humming]
It's been so long on my shelf ♪
I'll come in here.
[both] Train comes
I don't know its destination ♪
It's a one-way ticket
To a madman's situation ♪
Situation ♪
Train comes
I don't know its destination ♪
I don't know where you're going, V ♪
But if you want
You can come roll with me ♪
It's a one-way ticket
To a madman's situation ♪
Wow. Okay, that was good.
That was good.
Let's get some playback on that.
- [vocal playback]
- [Laurent] Play that back.
- Run that, run that.
- [Laurent] Bulla.
Yo, I need to hear that now.
It's a one-way ticket
To a madman's situation ♪
- [man] It's the one.
- [Honey speaking indistinctly]
[Honey laughs]
Yeah, get rid of that one there still.
[playback continues]
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That one's definitely not needed.
Yeah, yeah. Get rid. Get rid.
- [Honey] What you doing?
- We're just seeing.
[Vita's vocal]
Life is a dream, time does come true ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's it.
That's it.
That's the sound. See you?
You got the voice. That's it.
[Honey] What'd you mean?
We come as a pair, you know?
Both of our voices.
That's the way this business works.
Let's get a bit more volume on that.
"Both of our voices."
[all laughing]
[Vita's vocal] ♪on my shelf ♪
V, come.
[Bulla speaking indistinctly]
[Bulla laughing]
[Bulla] Here we go.
- Why were you singing?
- What'd you mean?
- Why did you start whispering shit?
- I didn't.
Literally, trying to show me up,
and now you've done it. Are you happy now?
Why didn't you say anything
when they said they're gonna cut me out?
They're gonna cut me out
of the whole song! You said you
Oi. Oi, oi. Come on.
It's funny though.
- Hey, don't laugh.
- [Bulla kisses teeth]
She coming back in?
Hey, Vita. Hey, V.
This is why I don't work with females.
- V, hold up. Just a second.
- What?
Now, look, you're not You're not
gonna like what I'm about to say here,
but someone with talent like yours
ain't ever gonna have it easy.
Look, I know the whole
Bosco/Chantelle thing makes this tricky,
but I can make you a star.
I'm good doing what I'm doing. Thanks.
You're working in your mum's restaurant
when you're not working for your bruvva.
Bosco's the one whose name everyone knows.
He's the He's the golden boy.
[gentle music plays]
And Vita's just someone
who looks after him.
They're never gonna change.
But we
we can change your life.
- It could be amazing.
- Look.
You don't understand, Mark.
That kind of thing
doesn't run with my family,
let alone Bosco.
Besides, I ain't a star kinda girl,
so thank you.
Yes, you are.
Anyway, you just think about it, yeah?
[music builds]
[door closes]
[dishes clattering]
- [door opens]
- [Bosco] Yo, Mummy.
Hey, Bos.
- All right?
- Yeah.
[door closes]
- [Bosco sighs]
- ["My Reggae Girl" plays over speakers]
- [Vita kisses teeth]
- [Bosco laughs]
Why you acting up, man?
Don't be like that, man.
It's just business.
All right, just gimme
a likkle time with Dawn.
Lemme sort things out,
then it's all you. Yeah?
- That's cool. But actually, I was
- Yeah, man.
Dawn come through this time, innit?
But I see what you do for me. Trust me.
- I need to tell you something else.
- I kinda need you to
I kinda need you to help me
make the song that the label want.
Come on, man.
Do I have a choice?
You know you wanna help your big bro.
- Mm?
- [kisses teeth]
I might actually have something
that could work.
This one.
Went jail for a likkle possession
Intent or not, it's a weapon ♪
- Mm.
- Same time got a pending case ♪
- Looks like I'm gone for a second ♪
- Mm.
You know man's got expensive taste ♪
- I need them creps in size 7 ♪
- Size 7, yeah.
I told my girlfriend that she can leave
I came home, I knew she got that message ♪
Pssh. What?
- When did you start writing this?
- When you first got out.
That message ♪
I'm home now
We gotta address it ♪
Everyone waan know where man's head is ♪
Nah, man, I'm not even saying that.
Why you tryna get man emotional for?
There's nothing wrong with my head.
I didn't say that.
Sorry, Vita, this is the last of it.
You weren't hungry, were you?
- [Bosco] Thank you, Mummy.
- No. Let Bos eat.
I've got some news.
Who's gone and got you
fucking pregnant, bro?
- What? No one. What's wrong with you?
- [Bosco] Oh. Good.
No, it's about my career.
["Reveal the Truth" by Natty Wailer plays]
- I told you, your time's coming, man.
- No. No, Bos.
I'm gonna be doing suttin' else.
Suttin' kinda new.
"New"? What do you mean "new"?
I'm gonna be singing.
I mean, we both know I can write, so
Singing where?
Where you gonna find the time to do that
when you're working for me and here?
Stop being silly, man.
Well, you're not gonna like it,
but at first, I'm gonna be singing
on Bulla's new track.
Heard my voice.
He thinks I might have suttin'.
[tense music plays]
- You're joking, innit?
- Nah.
I spoke to Mark earlier.
He's gonna trial manage me for
- Mum! Are you hearing this?
- [Aria] Leave me out of it.
Vita! That's my rival you know?
This is about me
doing suttin' I think I can do.
How you mean?
You've been there with me since day one.
You know how much that guy mads me.
Yeah. Yeah, I've been in it with you
from day one, and I'm still in it now.
- Look at what I'm doing.
- You tryin' to fuck up my comeback, innit?
Who can I trust to write with me
if you go, huh? I'm fucked.
Write with you, or write for you?
Vita, please. Your brother's upset.
When isn't he upset, Mum?
When aren't I doing everything
to make sure he's okay?
If you'd let me be your manager,
I wouldn't have to do my own thing.
- Within your lane, man.
- Nah, nah, nah.
I've listened to you long enough, Bosco.
And I ain't staying in any lane.
I'm gonna swerve right into yours.
Look at the jealousy. I always knew
this was gonna happen. I knew it.
Jealous, Bosco?
I've been living, breathing, writing,
and lying for you
ever since I can remember.
Everything I do
is to make sure you're good.
But in your head, I was always gonna be
in your shadow, innit?
Well, it's Champion versus Champion now.
So get ready.
[dramatic music plays]
Champion to the world ♪
Winners only, that's why they say
That I'm champion to your girl ♪
Gucci holding my waist up
Every champion needs a belt ♪
Winners recognize winners
If you're a champion, I can tell ♪
I can tell ♪
Champion to the world ♪
Winners only, that's why they say
That I'm champion to your girl ♪
Gucci holding my waist up
Every champion needs a belt ♪
Winners recognize winners
If you're a champion, I can tell ♪
I can tell ♪
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