Champion (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

The Clash

[soulful groove plays]
[Bosco] When you were saying
you missed me, you really meant it, yeah?
[woman] Yeah.
- [knocking on door]
- [woman gasps]
- Who is that?
- [Bosco groans]
[Bosco kisses teeth]
Give me a minute.
[knocking on door]
[Bosco] I'm coming.
Bosco Champion?
No. Nah, you got
the wrong address. [grunts]
[man] We're from the KTS
debt-collecting agency,
acting on behalf of the HMRC.
[Bosco grunts]
Unless you've got 30 grand,
we're here to recoup what you owe.
[Bosco] You can't be serious, man.
[man] Unless you can pay us,
we're here to remove goods.
Yo, get out! Just go!
Don't make this any worse
than it already is.
- [woman laughs] Oh my gosh, this is mad.
- Are you filming me?
- [woman chuckles]
- Eh yo, delete that, man.
I said delete it!
[recording crackles]
We're from the KTS debt-collecting agency
- Unless you've got 30 grand
- [Bosco] Get out!
Eh yo, delete that, man.
You can't be serious. I said delete it!
[woman laughs] Oh my gosh.
[tense music plays]
[theme song plays]
[birds chirping]
[alarm beeping]
[yawns, sighs]
["Old Time Stylee"
by Wrongtom & Deemas J plays]
[alarm continues beeping]
Dis are di old time stylee
Ah my history ♪
Dis are di old time stylee, yeah ♪
Dis are di old time stylee ♪
Dis are di old time stylee ♪
Seh back inna di '90s
Wid Brother Errol ♪
Still handsome.
Him have di XR3 ♪
Seh back inna di '90s ♪
[woman 1] And two of those ones
over there.
Him have di XR3 ♪
- [man] All right, Beres?
- Yes, John.
- Wagwan?
- Yes, soldier. Weh yuh ah seh?
All right, baby?
[woman 2] Leave it.
Suh. [chuckles]
Down ah Club Labyrinth ♪
[Beres] Good afternoon, beautiful people.
You're tuned in to Champion Steady Radio.
It's Beres Champion,
spinning your favorite reggae tunes
every day from 12 until 2.
Come rock in my jungle
Let mi tell yuh dis, di line is humble ♪
Oh my God ♪
Coming live and direct wid pure vibes.
First up, one from di classic
riddim selection. Yuh know what it is.
["Jah Jah Why?"
by Floyd Lloyd Seivright plays]
Jah Jah, why? ♪
- [Aria] Ah, for fuck's sake.
- [clattering]
Lawd mi God, Aria,
tek yuh head outta di oven.
- Please.
- Things can't be that bad, surely?
Cooker's gone.
Let me take a look.
[groans] I swear if it's not one thing
with this place, it's another.
Well, aren't you lucky
that you've got me here
[singsong] to fix it all for you?
[both chuckling]
["Jah Jah Why?" plays on radio]
I'm gonna have to go and talk
to big boss about getting a new one.
You're forgetting I'm here, Aria.
Every time something happens
in this place,
it's, "Big boss dis, big boss dat."
He co-owns the place.
There's nuttin' we can do about it.
Not for now, anyhow.
[Vita] They're sending a car for me.
It's mad.
[Memet] Don't fuck it up then.
I'll see you and those dimples tonight.
Mm, maybe tomorrow,
'cause I'm about to be really busy.
A'ight, well, I'm sure you can fit me
in that busy, busy schedule of yours, huh?
- [Vita] Mm.
- Huh?
See you later.
And we'll tell Bos, yeah?
[Vita chuckles] Yeah, we'll see.
All right?
["Rasta Roots Man"
by Floyd Lloyd Seivright plays]
Can you come on?
I need you to help me out
[Vita] Sorry, Mum, I'm not staying.
I needed to check you was all right
Check if I'm all right?
You've got a shift to do.
This place is falling apart.
I said I was going to the studio.
- [Aria] What are you on about?
- I said that yesterday.
Mark booked it for me.
Mum, this is so exciting
[Aria] Exciting?
So instead of supporting your family,
you're gonna go off and have fun?
[Vita] Fun? This is an opportunity.
[Aria] How can you help me
if you're mucking about in a studio?
My car's here. Thanks for your support.
How you mean, "My car's here"?
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[Vita] Whoa.
[driver] All set, Miss Champion?
[Vita] Uh-huh.
[Dawn] Yeah, I spoke
to your building manager earlier.
Let's just say, he's not interested
in taking promises as payment.
- It's not good, is it?
- No, Dawn, it's not good at all.
How's this happened?
This is gonna sound a lot worse
than it is, so please, bear with me,
but you are presently bankrupt.
So who's been watching my money
whilst I've been away?
Well, your dad's been keeping an eye
on your finances,
but you don't know the cost of everything
he had to pay for when you went into
- [sighs]
- Look, at least there's a way forward.
The label will get your single,
we'll get you out on tour,
and boom bam,
everything back to normal, Bos.
It's not as easy as that. I can't draw
a full new single outta nowhere.
You used to deliver hits in your sleep.
What's changed? Eh?
Listen, you better get working
on that single.
And make it a banger, yeah?
'Cause we're all counting on you.
'Cause there's a lot of people waiting
to get paid, Bosco, me included.
[muffled] Oh, and listen, yeah?
One more thing
[breathing heavily]
[heartbeat thuds]
[sinister music plays]
[music intensifies]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[Mark] This place is the business, V.
All the greats have recorded here.
Now it's your turn.
[Vita] This is insane.
[Mark] Beautiful, innit?
It's all for you.
You should see some of the studios
Bosco records in.
Yeah? Well, today's not about Bosco.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Let's jump straight in, shall we?
You know, uh, Laurent?
Best sound engineer
this side of the river.
- Laurent, you ready?
- [Laurent] Always.
Okay, great.
Let's get her set up in here, okay?
[Vita] Um, Mark, I've been thinking.
I just wanted to talk to you about
About the song.
Um, it's not It's not very me.
Um, and I'm not really, like,
one of those, uh, sexy kind of girls.
Don't overthink it, we're good. Okay?
- Okay.
- [Mark] Okay. Laurent, you ready?
["Dancing In My Underwear"
plays over speakers"]
Dancing in my underwear ♪
I just love it, I don't care ♪
When you're with me and you stare ♪
It feels like we're almost there ♪
Undress me with your eyes
But don't touch me ♪
I love when you watch me ♪
[Mark] She's standing there
with her hands in her pockets.
Let her warm up
and then she'll be calm, man.
Go the deepest
Just like your dreams when you sleep ♪
- Ooh, take me for a ride ♪
- [phone vibrates]
- [man] We're from the KTS debt-collecting
- Oh shit.
- [Laurent] Is that Bosco?
- It's Bosco. Bailiffs at his gaff.
Get out! Just go! Eh yo, delete that!
♪so alive ♪
Dancing in my underwear ♪
I just love it, I don't care ♪
When you're with me ♪
I'm sorry,
but these lyrics just aren't me.
I'll try again in a second, but I can't
[Mark] Hey, hey.
Don't worry, you're doing great.
All right?
All the ingredients are there, just
I don't know,
try and go with it a bit more.
- [Vita] But, Mark, the thing is
- Listen, V.
If we can get this out this week,
then we're eligible for New Music Friday.
Okay? Then we shoot the video.
By then,
everyone's gonna know who you are.
Yeah, but, Mark, this is fake.
Okay? And most artists, they blow
because what they're singing about,
or rapping about, feels real.
Listen, Vita,
we all have to put on a bit of a mask
in this industry, compromise a little.
You're just gonna have to trust me.
All right, let's let's have a break.
- She's just gotta try a bit more, man.
- [phone ringing]
All right. I've gotta take this. Yo.
- Nah, I'm at the studio.
- [man on phone] How's it going?
- [Mark] Not well.
- [sighs]
All right. Mm-mm. Body set good. Yo!
- Cheeks.
- Make sure you don't eat too much, though.
Please. You can't even afford
to look at me.
What you sayin', babe?
Hey. And how is my favorite barber?
- [man] Yo, Honey. What's going on?
- [woman] Y'all right, Honey?
["Work Like That" plays over speakers]
Do you know the work I put in
to get into that studio with Bulla?
And not only did she come in
and take my whole thing away from me,
she acted like
it was making her sad to do it.
[Honey scoffs]
Look, it's cool if you're not at a place
where you can be happy for her,
or whatever, but
you need to let go of this.
[Honey] I can't go back to Lorenzo's, Tay.
When I left, I told that man
to shove his mic up his mum.
[Tayo laughs]
Ah, he's forgiven you before, Honey.
He'll forgive you again.
You're the best singer
that place has ever seen.
You feeling good otherwise, though?
- You know what will make me feel better?
- Honey
Come on.
- You know I'm seeing someone.
- Hm.
Yeah, but is she as good with her hands
as I am, though?
[Tayo] Mm
- No comment.
- [both laugh]
Yo. You okay?
[Vita sighs]
So, what, like, [chuckles]
are you used to harder bars, yeah?
[Vita] Um, yes.
A'ight, sorry. I didn't know
I was talking to the female Giggs.
Listen, yeah
[Laurent] Mm-hm.
basically, not only
do I write my own stuff,
but I write most of Bosco's too.
- That don't leave this room.
- Wait, you being for real?
I know.
Meant to be some global superstar,
"Bosco Champion,"
and he needs his little sister
to write most of his songs for him.
I mean, he's a performer,
okay, sure, great,
but he ain't a lyricist.
What, you think he wrote a song about
the beauty and power within Black women?
He must have done something
to piss you off.
- [Vita scoffs]
- [Mark] Not sure I'm gonna make it.
[Vita] I'm not surprised
he's scared about his comeback.
- [man on phone] You can't duck out now.
- Hold on one second. Hold on one second.
[Vita] At least Bulla's
not a selfish prick
who relies on his little sister
to write his songs.
- [Mark] Yeah.
- [Vita] His sister.
Songs that she doesn't even get
thanks or credit for.
- Yeah.
- Ever since we were kids.
- Sorry.
- No, it's cool.
I just swear that guy knows how
to rile me up like no one else.
Look, all this talk about you being
your brother's bars man,
I ain't hearing anything from you.
Forget what Mark wants for a sec.
Why don't you
sing suttin' that's yours?
- Okay.
- [Laurent] Yeah?
[Vita] Yeah, let me get into it.
[Laurent] Let me just
clear the space for you.
- How's that?
- [Vita] Yeah, it's nice.
- [door closes]
- [Laurent] Come on, Giggs.
[Vita laughs]
[Vita] Ooh-ooh ♪
Dark skin with the braids on
She found a beat to her own song ♪
Ooh, girl, you're too cool
Tell me where your shine from ♪
'Cause I wanna get mine on ♪
Ooh-ooh, looking like a 10 ♪
- [beat starts]
- It's the way you walk in ♪
So confident ♪
It don't cost me
To pay you a compliment ♪
- And I know that you deserve it ♪
- [bass kicks in]
When I'm with you, I'm so comfortable ♪
It's like I'm by myself ♪
We sit in silence, that says it all ♪
This life, can't do it without you ♪
We're dancing alone
It's our own party ♪
We don't need nobody else ♪
- Oh, that's my girl ♪
- [backing track plays]
Know she in it for a lifetime
Holding me down ♪
That's my girl ♪
Loyal to the lifestyle
Yeah, this is our world ♪
That's my girl ♪
Making that paper ♪
So if you don't know
That's my girl ♪
My girl, my girl ♪
[Vita humming]
[Laurent] That's what I'm talking about.
[door opens]
[backing track continues playing]
Sorry, I was just playing about.
You ready?
- You write that?
- Uh, yeah.
I wrote it ages ago for me and Honey
to sing when we were 15.
That's the single. It's perfect.
Huh? No No, I can sing something else.
- I've got other songs.
- Why would you? That track is golden.
- Laurent, reload that.
- I have to check with Honey.
Hey, V, it's perfect.
Same again. Yes!
[door closes]
[backing track continues playing]
[Bosco sighs]
- Gotta pack the rest of my stuff.
- You gotta leave this place as well?
Yo, I'd say you could come stay with me,
but it's just all a bit close right now.
My brother's wife has just moved in and
It's calm, bro.
[exhales] Don't worry about it. [sighs]
Gotta ask a question, though.
I need to make this new track.
Well, you better get on the phone
to V, then, innit?
Dead all that chat, man.
I gotta make this track
and go back out on tour.
All the old stuff, and I'mma need a DJ.
One sec, a tour?
You just got out of pen.
You should be going to see your daughter.
Bos, I wanna I wanna chat to you
about a couple of thing
I gotta get my money back up, man.
Don't you see this?
They took all my shit.
I I just I dunno, man.
Like, you know I would,
but I've got bookings and that now, bro
Yeah, yeah, man, mi know.
It'll be like the old days man, come on.
You're really telling me
you don't miss it, bro?
The freedom? The gyal?
Hm? Hm?
Bro, you're moving like a virgin.
What, you cuffed up or suttin' now?
Nah, man.
[Bosco chuckles]
- You gotta apologize to her, you know.
- To who?
- Who do you think? To Vita.
- Blud, what's it to you?
Who's gonna write the single you need?
She's already writing for herself, bro.
And that prick Bulla. What, you forgot?
I don't need her.
[Bosco kisses teeth]
[sighs] I'll do it myself, man.
[melancholy music plays]
- [Laurent] Oh, Giggs.
- [Vita chuckles]
Fam, all this talk about you
being nervous, but you're killing it.
I just I never knew
it could feel so good, innit?
Well, it sounds
as good as it feels for you.
Who messaged you
to change your mood like that?
You got a man keeping tabs
on you or suttin'?
Huh? Nah. Nah, it's nothing like that.
I'm gonna head back inside, yeah? Thanks.
["Everything I Own" by Ken Boothe plays]
You sheltered me from harm ♪
Kept me warm ♪
Kept me warm ♪
You gave my life to me ♪
Set me free ♪
Set me free ♪
The finest years I ever knew ♪
Is all the years I had with you ♪
That's the last one.
- Bwoy You sure you're sure?
- Hm.
I've never known a man
with a collection like yours, you know.
Yeah, well, Glen, betta tek it
before I change mi mind, yuh hear?
Mi hear dat.
Do I need to count it?
No. Yuh know weh mi live. [chuckles]
Look after them, yeah?
[Glen] My babies now, my don.
My babies now.
[car approaching]
["Mandem" plays on stereo]
- [music stops]
- [turns engine off]
- [Memet] You gonna be good?
- [engine starts]
[Bosco kisses teeth]
[Bosco sighs]
[car departs]
[tense tone plays]
Come on.
- Shout me, yeah?
- Drive safe, broski.
[Lennox] When you're ready, come down.
I've got something for you to eat.
[woman 1] He did not deserve
a thing like that.
[overlapping voices]
[woman 2] Crazy.
[overlapping voices]
[soulful groove plays]
[laughter and chattering]
[inhales then exhales]
[magician] Ladies and gents, if you just
See this gentlemen in the first row?
If you just check in your inside pocket.
- [man scoffs]
- [magician] Reach out for your wallet.
- [man] I knew you'd be back.
- There's nothing there.
[laughs] And that is magic.
- Hi, everyone.
- [feedback over mic]
My name's Honey, and this song is about
Get on with it.
[man 1] Yo, shh.
["Drowning" plays]
- You still believe in love? ♪
- [feedback over mic]
Yes, I do ♪
Oh, even though it hurts? ♪
- Yes, I do ♪
- [people chattering]
- When it's tearing me apart ♪
- [feedback over mic]
- [woman 1 laughs]
- I do, oh ♪
- [backing track stops]
- Still believe in love ♪
Yes, I do ♪
I know the script
When a heart break, it don't break even ♪
[chattering stops]
But it's the rush that I love
Yeah, call it self-harming ♪
[backing track resumes]
It's a friend to me
It's my enemy ♪
Give me energy
It take a lot outta me ♪
It's my remedy
And my disease ♪
Oh, I don't know why they asking me ♪
You still believe in love? ♪
Yes, I do ♪
Oh, even though it hurts? ♪
Yes, I do, oh ♪
Even when it's tearing me apart
It's like a work of art ♪
Yes, I do, oh ♪
- I still believe in love ♪
- [feedback over mic]
Yes, I do ♪
[man 2] Are you done
with your warbling yet, love?
Bloody hell.
- Trying to have a drink in peace.
- [woman 2] Shut up.
Yes, I do ♪
- Still believe in love ♪
- [people chattering]
Yes, I do ♪
- [feedback over mic]
- [smattering of applause]
[Tayo] Hey. Still got it.
["Crash The Party" plays]
Well done. You were incredible.
[Honey] Why are you here?
Shouldn't you be
looking after your broke bruvva?
I'm here to support you. Wait, what?
Support me? Or watch me make
a prick out of myself?
Always finding the negative, innit?
Fuck off, Tayo.
Fuck off back to your new girl.
I don't need you to look after me anymore.
And take this little snake with you.
What does she mean? About Bosco?
You don't know?
Yikes. Yeah, we need to talk.
- [man] We're from the KTS debt-collecting
- [Bosco] Get out! Just go!
Eh yo, delete that, man.
[man] 30 grand,
we're here to recoup what you owe.
[Bosco] You can't be serious, man.
I said delete it. Get out! Just go!
[knocking on door]
[Vita] Bosco?
You all right?
Look, I came home as soon as I heard.
I I didn't know. I've been busy all day.
- It's gonna be fine, you know.
- Is it?
They want me to do a whole tour, man.
[sighs] Look, I know you wanna go,
but I think
you should tell them you can't.
I don't think you're ready right now.
I don't think that's an option.
All right, well, we'll figure it out.
But remember what I always tell you.
Remember who you are.
This is only temporary.
[scoffs] We've been through worse.
We'll get through this.
So why you doing all this to me, then?
- [kisses teeth] Forget it.
- [door opens]
- [door closes]
- [sighs]
[crowd cheering and applauding]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[Aria] Vita.
Get up, man.
[phone buzzes]
[Mark on voicemail]
Vita, you're gonna love me.
Bulla's got a very important show tonight,
and you are gonna jump onstage with him.
- It's all sorted. Hit me back.
- [sighs]
Yo, people, you know what time
it is tonight? The big Bulla show.
We've got a special guest as well.
We got Vita Champion on the show,
a certain man's likkle sister.
Man ain't gonna be too happy about that.
Bosco, if you're a bad boy,
come do suttin', get me?
Make sure you're there. Pow.
[food sizzling]
[Vita] Flip's sake, man. Come on.
- Dumb thing's not working. Come on.
- [rattling]
[Lennox] Mm, what we having, chef?
What's up?
- [sighs] Nothing.
- Well, that's not true, is it?
Talk to me.
I've been asked to perform tonight.
- That's great, isn't it?
- Is it?
I just feel like it's another way
for me to piss people off.
Honey's not gonna like it.
- Bosco's definitely not gonna like it.
- No, no, no, stop it.
Stop thinking about
whether or not other people will like it.
Do you like it?
[water running]
Well, obviously, I'm kind of nervous,
but it's kind of cool too.
[Lennox chuckles]
Well, there you go then. You want me
and your mum to come and see you?
Yeah, no thank you.
Are you sure?
Man's not really a singer and dat,
but, you know, man can drizzle one-two
backing vocals on there, you get me?
Yeah, no, thank you.
I believe in you, I ♪
Yuh see di finga deh?
I believe in your t ♪
- Yuh don't know dem tune deh?
- [both laugh]
Enjoy it, Vita.
Show them what you've got.
- [in gruff voice] Yuh si me? Yuh si me?
- Yes.
[chuckles] Bring it, come. [chuckles]
[Milan] And this is the kitchen.
[Bosco] Oh!
What does the wife like cooking?
They both cook. The wife and the husband.
Oh, wow.
So Mummy's been teaching you
about feminism?
[Chantelle chuckles]
I have no idea.
- Well, I have an idea, Milan.
- [Milan] Hm?
Why don't you go upstairs
and try your new uniform on
and show Daddy? Hm?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- [Milan] See ya.
- [Chantelle chuckles]
[Bosco] So when's her first day
at this new school then?
Not next Monday,
but the Monday after, Bos.
I told you last week.
You need to remember these things
without me reminding you.
- She needs you to show up.
- I know.
I know.
[Bosco sighs]
- If you need to borrow any money
- Nah, man. Don't worry.
I'm sorting it.
- Tour.
- You're joking?
- When?
- [Bosco sighs]
- End of next week.
- [scoffs]
Oh, it's always about you, Bos.
It's no wonder Vita's doing her own thing.
She can do her little music ting
if she wants.
Little music ting?
Performing with Bulla doesn't look
very little from where I'm standing.
Mark told me tonight's show
sold out in ten minutes.
- What show?
- [footsteps approaching]
Oh, what, you didn't know?
[kisses teeth]
[Bosco] No.
[Milan] Here.
Look at Daddy's big girl.
Daddy's gotta go, yeah?
See ya later, darling. Love you!
- [door opens]
- [Chantelle sighs]
["My Sweet Love" plays]
- Wah yuh know bout pies, bwoy?
- Work, work.
[Beres] Mi ah talk bout work.
Yuh waan work?
Buju, Beres, Bounty Killa.
When mi a bwoy, mi ah DJ fi di wul ah dem.
Suh why yuh come yah fah, Beres?
[Beres] Mi pupa seh mi ah bring mi sound,
come England, come mek mi mark.
Yuh bring face on England fi mek mark
and realize
yuh a small fish inna big pond.
Wah yuh chat seh
bout small fish in a big pond?
Guh weh wid dat, man.
- [man laughs]
- [Beres] Whappen?
Wah? Whappen?
Cyaan see ah domino mi ah play?
Mi soon come.
So, to what do I owe the pleasure?
Business or personal?
Business, Beres.
- Suh how mi restaurant doing?
- Our restaurant.
Now Bosco outta jail,
di till must be full.
I need money for a new cooker.
Ah weh mi go git dat from? [chuckles]
Yuh tink di radio station run free?
Ah bare bills mi ah meet every morning.
So between us, we've got what?
A restaurant we can't afford to run,
and your vanity radio station.
- So sell the station then, innit?
- Wah yuh mean?
Wollan deh.
Look, man, look, what we need fi do
is git dem kids back together.
Dem inna argument bad fi business.
Bad for business? It's our kids
you're talking about, you know.
Look, just leave Bosco to mi.
Vita a good girl, man.
She will fall in line.
["Reveal the Truth" by Natty Wailer plays]
Gaan wid mi spliff.
- [Bosco] What's this?
- [Beres] A contract.
- [Bosco] What am I looking at?
- [Beres] Our new enterprise, Bosco.
I've been moving sum money
dis way and dat, paying off yuh debts.
But also, mi ah mek sum movements
wid yuh record label towards our ting.
Champion Crown is mi and yuh, yuh know.
Fadda and son.
My fadda always say,
"We should be our own master.
Run we own tings."
And now, we can.
We own label. A family ting.
Look, man,
yuh give yuh label
di single dem waan, di tour dem waan.
Then afta dat, yuh let dem guh.
You're free.
It's yuh time fi record what you want,
and fi we time fi tek ova. Yuh si mi?
Equal partners, 50-50 weighting.
Our ting?
Champion ting. Yuh dun know.
[both laugh]
[Memet] You haven't signed anything,
have you?
Hey, trust me,
we got suttin' big here, you know.
[Memet] Mm.
Hey, you know what?
Apart from my dad and Milan,
you're the only person I trust, man.
Man's brudda.
So you still coming tour with man, though?
Uh, Bos
I I I'mma be there, innit.
- [speaking indistinctly]
- But
Nah, only if you sort things out
with Vita first.
[kisses teeth] Bruv.
Life will be easier if you two chat, man.
Chat about what? Bulla? You know
she's performing with him tonight, innit?
A'ight, well, let's go
show our support, innit?
[upbeat music plays]
[whispering] Show 'em what you've got.
Show 'em what you've got.
Show 'em what you've got.
Show 'em what you've got. You can do this.
Right. Show 'em what you've got.
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
[Mark] Thanks for coming.
Nice to see you again.
Catch you after the show, yeah? All right.
Ready, V?
Are you sure I can do this?
[Mark sighs]
Vita, how many times can I tell you this?
You've got nothing to worry about.
Look at it this way,
after you've done this,
everything's gonna feel
like a breeze afterwards.
Nice one. There you go, V.
This is a massive opportunity, V.
Don't waste it.
- Switch ♪
- Jekyll and Hyde couldn't touch man ♪
- Switch ♪
- Best know when I shell down here ♪
Yo, it's a wrap for the whole night ♪
What you know about
The different switches? ♪
- [Memet] There she is.
- [Bosco] Yeah.
Devil in disguise
First on your wishlist ♪
Hey, look, don't be so aggy, G, yeah?
Chill. Like, you're here to apologize.
Nah, for real, just relax your shoulders
a bit. Smile. All right? Yeah, yeah.
- [Memet] Hey.
- [Vita] Hey.
You good, yeah?
I think so. Thanks for coming.
[Mark] Vita. Vita.
Sorry, but you're on in two.
We need to get you ready.
- How you doing?
- You all right?
[Mark] Yeah.
Into the plans of conquest
And I never said it was a contest ♪
Catch you after the show, yeah?
Chat after, sis.
All my information's your target ♪
Good luck, yeah.
[Mark] I'm gonna put you over by Bulla.
I want you to get in the zone.
Yeah? Take some deep breaths.
Someone's gonna bring you a microphone
- [phone chirps]
- and an earpiece, all right?
I'll be back in a second.
Switch ♪
So you ready, yeah?
I knew you couldn't resist,
you know. [chuckles]
Your brother's gonna be pissed.
Let's just do this, man.
[Bulla] You chosen a stage name, yet?
I like Vita, you know.
- I'm going by Vita Champion.
- [laughs]
I dunno why you lot are so pressed
about this "Champion name," you know.
It don't mean shit.
They say,
"Champion to the world." [laughs]
Yo, no one cares about all of that.
Your brother's a likkle broke bitch,
and you're singing on my tune.
- I dunno what world you think you've got.
- Who you talking to?
- I'm talking to you.
- [Mark] Okay, Vita.
You ready? Look at me.
Time to give the world
a new Champion, okay?
- Not with this guy running off his mouth.
- What have you said? Hey, hey.
- We don't have time for whatever this is.
- I'm not doing this. No way. Excuse me.
- Oi Hey, Vita.
- [Bulla] Champion to the world! [laughs]
Having the time of my life
And I'm cheeky ♪
So I might go take a wife ♪
I'm on the roadside grinding 24/7 ♪
You can't live my life
Hope I don't see no feds ♪
- [Vita] Excuse me.
- [Bosco] Ain't you going on?
And no one ain't catching me ♪
- What happened to your big break?
- [Vita] I'll tell you later.
- [air horn blares]
- [MC] It's Bulla!
- [Bulla] Yeah.
- [music starts]
Long time in the building. Bulla. Huh? Yo.
I felt like the chosen one ♪
Before any of the mandem
Were on the roadside holding guns ♪
In school terrorizing ♪
Hold on, hold on. Yo, cut the music.
- Is that thee Champion I see before me?
- [music stops]
Bosco himself?
Now I wonder why Bosco Champion
would come to my show.
Is it 'cause he's a fan?
Is it because I got my man's
likkle sister on the payroll?
Don't watch that. Trust me.
[Bulla] Maybe
Maybe it's cuh
this likkle yute 'ere wanna clash me.
- [crowd clamoring]
- Get up on stage, blud.
Come through, fam.
- Chill. Chill. Bro.
- [Bulla] Come on, let's fucking go.
Yeah? Yeah. All right, then.
- You ready, blud?
- You ready, blud?
Shut your mouth.
Yo, people, I've been feeling
kinda generous today.
I'm gonna play this brudda's tune,
and I'm gonna spin him on that as well.
- [air horn blares]
- ["Champion to the World" plays]
- [laughter]
- Huh?
Champion to the world. Huh?
Gucci holding my waist up.
You don't wear no Gucci, blud. Yo. Yo.
Look, Champion to the world
Shout out to my manager Mark ♪
My man's been up in your girl
My man's been up in your BMs ♪
This guy's not in my lane
I can't see him ♪
Now, tell me why when you got locked ♪
I didn't hear nobody screaming
"Free him" ♪
You don't get love
In these streets, boy ♪
You don't make no P's, boy ♪
You're not a bad boy
You ain't never held no heat, boy ♪
Come around me, boy
You'll see five man with three toys ♪
Can't let a pussio eat, boy
Me and bro bro tryna feast, boy ♪
So, what have you done?
Came onstage and got spun ♪
Better off with a line or deets, boy ♪
Shout man for the plug ♪
I can get food to your door
Like Uber Eats, boy ♪
- [crowd exclaims]
- Huh?
Champion to your girl
You're not a champion to yours ♪
I don't play about cheese, bro
Bring out the mac, bap bap ♪
Leave man on the floor
Whoosh ♪
[crowd cheering]
[Bulla] Let me spin this geezer properly.
Do you want this?
You're not bad
'cause you rapped on my beat.
You're not rough. You rapped on my ting.
Shut up
You're just a jailhouse kid ♪
How you still rocking
That jailhouse drip? ♪
Why you still rocking
That jailhouse trim? ♪
You look pussy
Is that what the jailhouse did? ♪
Come like the suspect tun victim ♪
You're never gonna be that guy
I'm so sorry ♪
You went jail for possession of a shank
But you ain't gonna dip down nobody ♪
But I will murder an opp ♪
Furthermore, go and have a word
With your pops ♪
If I hear
"Welcome to the Champion Radio Station" ♪
I'm turning it off ♪
That's dead
Champion to the world, that's dead ♪
The tune where you pander to girls
That's dead ♪
How are you swinging on man backstage? ♪
Next time
You're gonna get one in your head ♪
You say badder, I said badda
You say lagger, I say lagga ♪
Buck me in London or Brum, don't matter
When I see man, it's brrr bracka ♪
When I see man, it's brrr clacka
Spin this car then the windows shatter ♪
You're not a bad boy
You ain't been in no mazza ♪
You don't know about
Going home all para ♪
Mi just tun a champion to a chump
Bosco cyaan tek man for a punk ♪
I'm on crud like Donald Trump ♪
And I'll run a man down
Like Forrest Gump ♪
Yeah, I do it for the 0121 ♪
Send an MC
And I'mma go right through one ♪
Hold on, do one ♪
You ain't never gonna be this cold
It's proven ♪
[crowd chanting] Bulla! Bulla! Bulla!
Bulla! Bulla!
[Bulla] Long time in the building.
Bulla! Whose show is this?
Get on it.
About 0121, man are from London
Suck your mum, do one ♪
One bagga man with a crew gun
What you gon' do when it's you one? ♪
- Sekkle yourself.
- Yeah.
- Sekkle.
- Yes, bro.
Where the fuck do you come from, don? ♪
You don't sound like
You come from Brum ♪
Some reborn Londoner
I'm foundation, you need more under ya ♪
Bulla ain't got no tekkers or clarity
And I can never be spun by a mumbler ♪
I got 16 bars, humbler
And another 16, that's a bumboclaat ♪
Thirty-two bars
Put 20 MCs in a crumbler ♪
You ain't ever jumped out whips
And had to run down pricks ♪
You ain't put suttin' in backs
And see what comes out ribs ♪
Come now, kids ♪
Bulla bread, Bulla beef, or Bulla cake ♪
I give my man a death
That he couldn't fake ♪
This prick keeps mentioning jail
Because he was happy when I got put away ♪
I had so much time on my hands, rude boy
That I probably coulda read a book a day ♪
You can carry on thinking
I'm sweet, my guy ♪
All you're gonna see is Sugar Ray ♪
You ain't the only one
That come from a area ♪
Where bodies drop and bullets spray ♪
Ask my man
If he listened to me growing up ♪
And what could he say? ♪
- [air horn blares]
- [crowd cheering]
[Bulla] This ain't your show, blud.
Yo, look.
Champion on his chest
Ain't seen him move like a champion yet ♪
The mandem have got scrams on deck ♪
So you better cover that tat
With a vest ♪
Whoosh, aim for a champion's neck
Woi, aim for the fam and friends ♪
Whoosh, put more teeth in the ting
Woi, then start banging again ♪
Banging and banging again ♪
You don't want Bulla
To get hands on again ♪
You don't want Bulla
To get hands on a strap ♪
Blood spraying on the walls
Like Banksy and dem ♪
Huh? He ain't a bad boy
Who's he? ♪
You don't know about packs
Flying in from Pakistan ♪
Paying the plug in rupees
Chat to your sister, she's a groupie ♪
In the studio sitting on laps ♪
Business only
When she's singing on tracks ♪
You're here tryna get back to the hits ♪
She's letting the whole gang
Hit it from the back ♪
- That ain't true.
- It's cool. It's cool.
Or is it the industry? ♪
Either way, these dreams
Shouldn't have my girl in these streets ♪
You know me, I don't take bad up
Lost ya clout, that's sad up ♪
I heard in jail
That you got slapped up ♪
Thought you was a bad boy
Then you got mash up ♪
Mad up, you better know your role ♪
Why you think the wrist stay icy? ♪
It's 'cause I'm over cold ♪
Spin who, blud?
No, you won't ♪
You sound bad, but are you? ♪
You ain't shot nobody
Or shot no hard food ♪
Run in your yard, leave mummy
Wrapped up like Tutankhamun ♪
You? Half goon, stay in the car, goon
No bite, just bark, goon ♪
When the mandem are mashing works
You're in the bathroom ♪
You're a dickhead,
You ain't no sickhead ♪
I used to send bare yutes like you
To the shop, you shithead ♪
Now man think they're bad
Evil and wicked ♪
If I catch Bulla in the bits
I put Bulla in a spliff ♪
Bulla, you ain't no bully in a diss ♪
Mm, Bulla's never held
Two sticks from the clips ♪
I told my man do research
I put sound boys on T-shirts ♪
Keep talking about my sister
So fuck her too, I don't need her ♪
That's not my nephew and not my niece ♪
If one of dem bwoy over deh
Go breed her ♪
He don't mean that.
Sorry, Mum, sorry, Dad
I gotta body some nobody man ♪
Yo, who the fuck's Bulla? ♪
Dad was a crackhead
Mum was a hooker ♪
Bulla can't tell me suck my mumma ♪
Somebody tell me
Who I'm meant to be shook of ♪
Big man? Bulla? ♪
Man, flick dat like booger
Or dispatch from a woosher ♪
I got a six-pack on the cooker ♪
- What?
- [crowd chanting] Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion!
You see that, cuz? Hold that.
Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion!
- Winners only.
- Champion!
[Vita on recording]
Global superstar, Bosco Champion,
and he needs his little sister
to write most of his songs for him.
You think he wrote a song about the beauty
and power within Black women?
At least Bulla's not a selfish prick
who relies on his little sister
to write his songs.
Songs that she doesn't even get
thanks or credit for.
At least Bulla's not a selfish prick
who relies on his little sister
to write his songs.
Songs that she doesn't even get
thanks or credit for.
I swear to God I never knew.
I never knew, Bos. Listen to me!
[distorted voices]
[camera shutters clicking]
[disorienting tone plays]
- [Memet] Yo, V.
- I didn't know they was recording.
- V.
- [Memet] He set me up.
Hey, hey, hey. Woah, woah, woah.
What? Get off me, man.
At least Bulla's not a selfish
Can't believe this shit.
[Mark] Hey, Vita.
- What?
- Oh, domestics, domestics, domestics.
[Lennox] Ah.
Boy, am I glad to see you.
Today was just one thing after another.
- Is that right?
- Honestly.
- Oh, you poor ting.
- Yeah.
- Come here. Gimme a kiss.
- Mm? Mm.
- Turn around.
- Hold on. Mi shoe
- Trust me. Keep your eyes closed.
- What are you doing?
- Back out of the door, come on.
- Oh my God.
- That's it. Feet there. All right.
- Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
- Now you remember your maths, yeah?
- Mm-hm.
Okay, so 90 degrees turn to the left.
Oh, you remember.
Don't look yet. Don't look.
- Okay. Okay.
- Hold on, hold on.
Hurry up, now.
Now, it's not new, but it works.
How could you afford this?
Nuh mind dat.
Open it.
Open what?
Oh, the oven.
The oven.
[both chuckling]
[tender music plays]
Aria. Aria, look at me. Look at me.
[car approaching]
We've been together
for six years now, yeah?
[Vita] Bosco, wait,
we need to talk about this!
- [Bosco] Don't chat to me ever again!
- Lord have mercy.
- We'll talk about this later, Len.
- Dunno how many times I can say sorry.
All right? For this, from the other day,
for doing anything you don't want me to.
Instead of always saying sorry,
why don't you just flippin' stop
doin' things you have to be sorry for?
- What does that even mean?
- [Aria] Stop this right now.
Get inna di house.
Dunno what explanation you have,
but it better be a good one.
Do you want me to sit in my room
organizing your life from my phone,
and never leave till you say I'm allowed?
I've been doing that for a very long time!
Yeah. Look what happens
when you leave the yard, though.
Look what happens.
You're so dumb, bruv.
Oh, bruv.
You know you fucked up, right?
You know that's not me.
I was just talking to Laurent
You ain't gotta explain nuttin' to me,
Vita, yeah?
- Is what he told me true?
- Mum.
- I'm not trying to sit with this girl.
- Vita!
I was in a studio.
They were making me sing a song I hated.
- I did not know it was still recording.
- When your dad hears about this
- The Champion name is everything to him!
- I know what the Champion name is!
- [door slams]
- It was Mark.
He was the one
trying to making me do this stuff
You see how much trouble this music
business is causing? It's enough now.
You don't wanna work for your brother?
Then you can take on some more shifts
at the restaurant.
I'm not going back to the restaurant, Mum!
I'm not stopping my music career
before it's started!
You're leaving my restaurant?
Well, you can leave my house too!
- What?
- [Aria] You heard what I said.
Where am I gonna go?
You're smart enough to chat
your brother's business behind his back,
then you're smart enough
to figure that one out for yourself!
- Are you sure about this, Aria?
- Ah who fah pickney?
[indistinct voices on recording]
[Vita] You think he wrote a song about
the beauty and power within Black women?
At least Bulla's not a selfish prick
who relies on his little sister
to write his songs.
[recording stops]
["My Girl" plays]
[car door closes]
[car trunk closes]
Dark skin with the braids on
She found a beat to her own song ♪
Ooh, girl, you're too cool
Tell me where your shine from ♪
'Cause I wanna get mine on ♪
Oh, that's my girl ♪
Know she in it for a lifetime
Holding me down ♪
That's my girl ♪
Loyal to the lifestyle
Yeah, this is our world ♪
That's my girl ♪
Making that paper
So if you don't know ♪
That's my girl, that's my girl ♪
That's my girl ♪
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