Champion (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Better Off On My Own

[bed creaking]
- [woman] Oh.
- [Tayo] Ow, ow, ow, ow.
- Please don't.
- [woman laughs]
- [laughter]
- [phone buzzes]
[Tayo] Oh my God,
you know what you're doing.
- [woman] Why you acting surprised?
- [Vita sighs]
[laughing and chattering]
[moaning and laughter]
[woman] Can't Vita hear us?
Hey, listen, V, I know you're not taking
my calls. And I get it, okay? I do.
And I'm really sorry
for how things went down.
- [Vita sighs]
- But what you said needed to be heard.
No one else should be taking
credit for your talent.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
Now, come check me at the office later on.
I've got something
I think you might wanna hear.
[phone buzzing]
[Honey] So, what,
I'm the one that has to call you?
What, you forgot my number
when you decided to snake me?
- Can you lis
- Say something!
- I bet you have nothing to say!
- It wasn't even
I swear down, I've been around snakes,
- but I have never known one like you.
- ["My Girl" plays over speakers]
You know this ain't right.
How long have we known each other?
How long?
[phone beeps]
[groans] Long.
Looking like a 10 ♪
It's the way you walk in
So confident ♪
Oh my God. You're You're Vita.
And I know that you deserve it ♪
Are you her?
When I'm with you I'm so comfortable ♪
I think you're wicked.
Thank you.
We sit in silence, that says it all ♪
This life, can't do it without you ♪
We're dancing alone
It's our own party ♪
[Vita on recording]
At least Bulla's not a selfish prick
who relies on his little sister
to write his songs.
- Songs that she doesn't even get credit
- Oh my days.
- [overlapping voices]
- What?
- I thought that was actually his lyrics.
- [overlapping voices]
- His little sister wrote his bars.
- Fucking prick.
- [woman] That's crazy.
- [man] Mad, yo.
- [voices intensify]
- Fuck. Shit, shit.
Fuck! Fuck, man!
[theme song plays]
What the raas
do you think you're playing at?
Why would you release a track
without telling me?
That's how this business works.
- This is my life.
- I had to strike while the iron was hot.
You are fucking up every single one
of my relationships, Mark.
- I'm not gonna have anyone left.
- Take a seat. Calm down.
You're gonna wanna hear
what I'm about to say, all right? Go on.
[kisses teeth]
I've literally just got off the phone
with Worldstream Records about you.
There's an offer on the table,
a very decent offer.
I've said this before, V,
and I'm gonna say it again.
All of this is coming to you
because you are it.
Everyone can see that but you.
That smile there. So, what do you reckon?
You in?
Don't think about it too long, all right?
Things move fast in this industry.
Well done.
- Let me know when you made up your mind.
- Will do.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
Bosco? Bosco, you okay?
[knocking on door]
- You've been locked in there for ages.
- I'm fine.
- Want some breakfast?
- Just want to be left alone.
All right.
It's downstairs when you're ready.
He'll be fine. He'll come down.
- [door opens]
- [Beres] Grand rising, Aria.
Weh he is?
[door closes]
Feel free to ring
the doorbell next time, yeah?
I've never seen him like this, B.
You need to get him back to himself.
I swear to God, I can't take this anymore.
Don't stress yuhself, baby.
Mi will handle it.
- We'll handle tings. Him upstairs?
- [Aria] Yeah.
[Lennox clears throat]
[door opens]
[Beres kisses teeth]
[Beres] Dis bwoy here.
Why am I hearing wah mi ah hear?
Dat everybody,
from di man inna di street
to Joe Thomas pon di Internet,
know seh Vita did ah write fi yuh.
How yuh mek dat happen?
Vita's running her mouth to people,
and you're asking me how I let it happen?
Yuh haffi guh fix dat and fast.
I'm done anyway, man.
I shoulda known
she would've done suttin' like this.
- Shoulda known she would've snaked me.
- Snake yuh? Yuh sound like a raas fool.
- Vita ah yuh sister.
- Exactly.
I'm her brother.
Her flesh and blood,
and, what, she violates me like that?
Of course you're gonna talk to me
like I'm the little boy.
How much more time mi haffi tell yuh?
Yuh always ah focus pon di wrong ting.
Mi fadda used to seh
"Nuh dash weh yuh stick
before yuh dun cross di river."
Yuh understand?
[sighs] Yeah.
I understand.
We need Vita fi write yuh dis new single
if we evah ah guh bring
Champion Crown to di world.
Dat ah di prize, bwoy. Legacy.
We nuh have nuh time fi self pity.
Yuh haffi git up and hangle tings.
We are Champion men,
and Champion men oh wah?
- Champion men win.
- See it deh.
Winners only.
- [sighs]
- Dat's right.
Dat's mi bwoy.
Neva figet seh,
yuh is my bwoy,
and a direct reflection of mi
just like I am dat of my fadda.
[footsteps receding]
[sighs deeply]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
- [woman] Vita.
- Hey, Mrs. Karagöz.
I'm sorry to bother you, but is Memet in?
Vita, I always tell you,
call me Auntie, please.
- Sorry.
- Oh, come. Come inside.
- No, no, no. I can't stop.
- Memet!
I was just telling Vita to come in.
You hungry, darling?
Mum, Mum, allow it.
She ain't got time to stop, all right?
- Okay, I'll leave you two to talk.
- [Vita chuckles]
["Yamin Etim" by Omid plays over speakers]
Look, unless you've sorted things out
with Bos already, I dunno why you're here.
I've tried, Mem.
He ain't tryna to hear it.
That shit was bad, V.
Like, bad, man. None of us thought
you'd do suttin' like that.
I didn't know Mark was recording.
Yeah, you said.
Mem, look at me.
You know me. I couldn't do
something like that on purpose.
Who was you chatting to
when Mark recorded you?
Some guy, the sound engineer.
You must be pretty close to him
to be telling him all that.
What? Are you jealous?
I ain't jealous. Nah, I'm pissed.
The whole reason we were even at that show
was so Bosco could apologize.
- That's a first.
- [sighs]
- Look, I wanna make things right with him.
- What?
You think Bos is gonna be cool with you
when you're over there
doing what you've been doing?
He told me you said,
"It's Champion versus Champion" to him.
You might think your bro
don't feel shit, yeah, but he's sensitive.
Why is it that whenever
I wanna talk about how I feel,
I end up having to hear about him?
Is that why you haven't told him about us?
- We agreed
- 'Cause his feelings are more important?
- Don't flip this shit on me, Vita, okay?
- It's true.
- Ever since he's come out, you've changed.
- Look, you know what?
I'm done with all this, man.
- Done?
- Yeah. Yeah, done, V. Done.
So, what,
you're just gonna dash it all away?
Everything we had this past year?
I was always
your brother's friend first, innit?
It's probably easier this way.
[Memet chuckles]
[door slams]
[Tayo] Yes, yes!
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
Hey, don't watch the mess.
Rah. You're doing the most. For this girl?
I think Yemi's the one still.
The one?
I've said too much. Let's see. Want some?
- I'm here for it.
- Mm.
- But you better mind Honey doesn't hear.
- [scoffs]
What's happened?
You good?
Not really.
Mem ended things
before we could even, like
[Yemi] Have you forgotten about me?
Nah, I'm coming! Get ready.
[Tayo chuckles]
You good to fill me in later, yeah?
I just don't want it to get cold.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, all right, my G.
Oh, um, I've got a package on its way.
I beg you listen out for the door.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Oh, do you mind keeping it down, though?
I've literally heard everything
last night and this morning.
- All right.
- [Vita] Thanks.
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
[Yemi] Oh, that looks good.
- [Tayo] Oh, yeah.
- [Yemi] The food looks good too.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
- [beeping]
- [sighs]
[phone buzzing]
[phone continues buzzing]
[door buzzing]
[phone continues buzzing]
[soulful music plays over speakers]
Let's hear it then.
What's your excuse this time?
I want you to say it to my face.
Can you just calm down and let me explain?
Calm down? So you get to fuck me over
and you expect me to smile about it?
- Go on then. What'd you have to say?
- Are you gonna let me talk?
You didn't have the decency
to tell me you were releasing our song!
- I just
- Our song!
A song we've been singing
since we were 15!
- Are you gonna let me
- As your single!
On a mockery thing?
[breathing heavily]
And do you know how I found out?
I heard it on the radio at work.
Me too, Honey. I didn't tell you
because I didn't know!
You expect me to believe that?
You're not listening to me!
It was Mark. He went behind my back.
- I didn't know he was gonna go ahead
- What's going on?
- Can you two shut up?
- Who you telling to shut up?
You. Coming in my house
screaming down the place
over whatever fuckery this is.
- I knew you'd take her side.
- [Tayo] Who's taking sides?
- She won't even have a conversation.
- What is there to conversate about?!
You two need to do this outside.
Come out my house, please. I'm busy.
Busy doing what?
[Yemi] Busy doing me.
You know what? Fuck both of you.
And you as well.
[Tayo] Always drama with you, Honey.
["My Girl" plays]
[Honey] All this shit is long.
[door opens]
[door slams]
[zipper closing]
Vita, what you doing?
Nah, I meant take your argument outside.
Not leave.
It's fine. I'm obviously under your feet.
And I need my own space anyway.
[Tayo] Nah, you're not. Vita.
You're not under my feet.
[door opens]
- ["My Girl" continues playing]
- [door closes]
Making that paper
So if you don't know ♪
[on radio]
That's my girl, that's my girl ♪
That's my girl ♪
[Aria humming]
More than a friend ♪
Yeah, that's my genna
You're more like family ♪
Only wanna see you win ♪
Hope we meet again on the other side ♪
["Really Now" by The Dreamlets
plays over speakers]
- Not a day don't pass dat I don't regret
- Jesus Christ, Beres.
- How long you been standing there?
- Not long enuff.
- What do you want?
- [Beres chuckles]
Ah, mi fancy sumtin' sweet.
[Aria kisses teeth]
Carrot cake.
Yuh know mi nuh eat dat
from anybody but yuh.
- Yuh hear Vita new song?
- [Aria] No.
Is Bosco feeling better?
Him all right. Him know wah him haffi do.
Yuh talk to her?
Not since she left my house.
Mi call her, but she turn off her phone.
Look, man, we haffi git dem kids
talking again, yuh know.
Dis fallout don't good fi anybody.
I've got enough going on.
You can sort out the kids for once. Cha.
All right, baby.
Mi nuh come here fi argument.
[chuckles] Yuh still have it though, gyal.
Lennox appreciate yuh cake like mi?
Beres, stop before you start.
[Beres laughs]
Ah wagwan?
Talk nuh?
- Lennox has asked me to marry him.
- Yuh lie?
Yuh see how yuh wicked?
- [Beres] Mm-mm.
- What's that supposed to mean?
You'll always be a Champion to mi, baby.
[tender music plays]
[Beres sighs]
[Dawn on phone]
You can do that tour in your sleep.
- I get it, Dawn.
- Let alone fling the label a new single.
What'd you want from me, blood?
And besides, all but two of the venues
sell off, yuh know.
- [Dawn chuckles]
- What?
- Already?
- Already.
And I've had your rehearsal dates through,
so you cannot mess this up, you hear me?
- Yuh si mi?
- I've already told you.
I am not dealing with that label
if you decide to start acting the fool.
I'm here. I'm
I'm about to start,
but I'm just one man. I'm tryna
Try? Stop try and do. No more excuses.
And after what happened the other night
I can't believe you never had
that single ready for morning.
- Just get it done. Thank you.
- [breathing heavily]
[discordant music plays]
- [woman 1] Where? Do you know?
- [woman 2] Oh my God. Are you serious?
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[woman 3] I know. I couldn't believe it.
[theme song plays]
[phone buzzes]
[laughter and chattering]
[Mark] Pick anything you want,
and, uh, the lovely Charlotte here
will load it into the car.
I can't afford any of this stuff.
Good job you don't have to pay
for any of it then, innit? Hm?
Come on, load me up. Here you are.
You see? Look at that smile.
That's what I like to see. Enjoy yourself.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[woman over intercom] Grey Studios.
You're that famous DJ, aren't you?
I'm Amber.
[Phil] Here he is.
Loving the threads.
- And, uh, ladies, you can, uh
- Can I touch this?
Yo, Mem, stop fucking about, man.
You know I need to record this.
- Come on, put the beat on.
- All right, bro.
"Locked Up," take four, yeah?
[chattering and laughter]
[backing track plays]
Put in jail for a likkle possession
Intent or not, still a weapon ♪
You know man's got a pending case
It looks like ♪
Okay, now I'm going live.
You know I've got expensive taste ♪
♪in size seven ♪
I told my girlfriend
That she could leave ♪
I came home
And she got that message ♪
[bass intensifies]
I'm home now
We've gotta address it ♪
Everyone want ♪
- Who said bass for? Did I say bass?
- [Amber laughing]
- I thought it was a good place to add it.
- Come on. Did I tell you to think?
[Memet] Bro, I ain't the one.
All right? Careful, yeah?
- Hey, Mem, just run the beat, man.
- [Amber laughs]
[Amber] I'm telling you. Oh my God.
[backing track plays]
Mm, know where my head is ♪
Where the bread is ♪
Bread is Slice Dice
Watch the cake ♪
[Amber] Said something about bread. Slice.
[Amber laughs]
Don't know how to get measured ♪
[Amber laughing]
- What's funny, though?
- Nothing.
Hey, relax yourself.
Allow all that. Allow all that.
If you lot wanna stay here, pipe down.
- That's what I'm saying.
- Guys. Time's ticking
Memet, just play one
of the samples that the label sent.
What'd you think
I've been building off of?
- Like, I'm They've given me the samples.
- [sighs]
- [Phil] Yeah.
- [Memet] I'm going into it.
- There's nothing more I can do.
- [Phil] It's just not working.
- [Memet] All right.
- [Phil] Can I?
[Memet] Yeah, no, no.
Look, just come outside, yeah, bro?
Take Take a little cigarette break.
Get some breeze.
- I'mma sort it out, all right?
- Come on.
- [Memet] Come, bro.
- [Bosco] Cuz.
Bro, stay on the work.
Stay on the work, bro.
What do you think Gimme
- [Amber gasps]
- Are you mad?
- Bos, what are you doing, bro?
- [Amber] What the hell?
She's recording me
like the ting with the bailiffs!
What's wrong with you?
You owe me a new phone.
- Shut your mouth. I don't owe you nothing.
- [Amber] Today
- [Bosco] Come out my studio.
- Bos!
Bunch of deadbeat models.
- Come out the studio, man.
- Nutter!
- Out!
- Yo, man.
- [Bosco] Trash!
- Wow.
- Out!
- [woman] Yeah, I'm coming.
[man 1] He's bugging, man. Let's cut.
[man 2] Yo, you man.
[Bosco] You man. You still here as well?
Tek your tings and cut, man. Bye!
[door closes]
[Bosco exhales]
- Bosco
- Hey, you, go as well, bro.
You're mad concerned about the Grey ting!
You're a DJ that can't take instructions!
That's it. That's it, yeah. I'm a DJ.
Yeah? Not your producer, bro.
I'm just out here helping you, you know?
And I seem to be the only person
in your life, in your life
Let me duss, innit.
- Before I say some shit I might regret.
- Duss!
- Dickhead, man.
- It's cool. Go.
Cut, man.
[door closes]
["Rocking To The A-Class Champion"
by Johnnie Clarke plays over speakers]
[intercom rings]
Yeah ♪
Rocking to the A-class Champion ♪
[Beres] Jesus Christ.
Vita? Wah do yuh?
You all right, Dad? I need to stay here
for a bit, if that's okay.
- [kisses teeth] Wah fah love of God?
- [Vita] I got it from a PR agency.
I see Vita Champion
is a big-time solo recording artist.
- Stop.
- How yuh mean, "stop"?
Mi neva know yuh have it inna yuh,
but now mi know.
Mi haffi seh sumting, don't it?
Well done pon di track, V.
Mi see it ah do sum big numbers
and git sum serious radio play.
Mi impressed. Yes.
Yeah, it's doing good.
So good that Worldstream Records
wanna sign me.
That label is scary massive.
Yuh should have tell mi yuh was thinkin'
of stepping into di limelight.
Wah? Yuh neva waan yuh ol' man fi help?
Dad, do you mind if we talk about this
tomorrow? I've had a bit of day.
All right, all right.
And I'm not gonna stay here
for long, you know?
Just gotta figure some stuff out.
Yuh talked to yuh bredda?
I've been here for two seconds
and you're onto your favorite topic?
We need yuh, V.
I've got my own thing going.
You just said that.
- Wah, yuh cyaan do both?
- What if I don't wanna do both?
I've been an employee and a daughter
of the Champion family
for the longest time.
And for now, I kinda just wanna be me,
like, do my own thing.
yuh bredda need yuh.
Thank you.
He start his tour next week.
And only dis morning him tell mi seh
him cyaan do it widout yuh.
- He said that?
- Of course.
- So why hasn't he said it to me?
- Yuh know di bwoy stubborn.
But right now,
we are Champions, baby girl,
and Champions stick together.
Come, give mi ah cheers.
- Okay.
- Of course.
Okay, I'll think about it.
All right, how bout dis as a sweetener?
From now on, anyting yuh write fi Bosco,
you will git credited
legally and financially.
- For real?
- For real.
Tomorrow is a new day,
and we have a wul new ting ah start.
And Bosco waan yuh to be part ah it.
But right now, kick back, relax.
Mek yuhself at home.
Mi ah go mek up yuh room.
And yuh guh join mi
at Bosco show next week?
Yuh two can start afresh.
I can try.
- Wait, Dad.
- Hm?
Do you think Bos is all right
to go out on tour?
Yuh bredda ah go fine, man.
[footsteps receding]
[Dawn on voicemail]
So how you tink that went? Hey?
[Dawn kisses teeth]
The label want a commercial single,
and Vita's not around to give it you.
- [knocking on door]
- Yeah?
Just play the game, son. Cha.
[banging on door]
[door handle rattles]
- [Honey] Bosco?
- [sighs]
What do you want?
Who you recording?
- [Memet] What you doing?
- [Honey laughs]
- Let's have some fun.
- She's recording me like the ting
- [sighs]
- Look what I've got.
That's Vita's songbook, no?
- Where did you get that from?
- Relax. I only borrowed it.
And Vita knows?
What do you think?
[Honey scoffs]
[playing "Shades of Blue"]
♪it's cool, yeah ♪
I fall into walls the shade of blue ♪
But I know I'm a star
I'm just lost in the galaxy ♪
Like a moon in the afternoon
Can you even see me? ♪
- I'm not sure about this, you know.
- Wow.
Bosco Champion's got a conscience.
Don't do that.
She's still my sister, you know.
Yeah, and she's turned you
into a meme, fam.
I know, but
- [Honey continues playing piano]
- [sighs]
I know I'm a star
I'm just lost in the galaxy ♪
Like a moon in the afternoon
Can you even see me? ♪
[Bosco] Mm.
Lemme see that.
[Honey continues playing piano]
[Bosco mumbling]
- [humming]
- Come on.
Streets told me
"Bos, don't talk too much" ♪
You'll get the silencer ♪
- Not a shushing, that's a gun out ♪
- Whoo!
Party pooper at the function
Where the fun at? ♪
Mash town when it gets dark ♪
- When the sun out ♪
- Yeah.
Christmas day, they bringing food
To your Mum's house ♪
- If that's not turkey ♪
- Why is it so loud? ♪
Don't mistake my kindness for weakness ♪
You trying to give me a heart attack?
- You're avoiding me, darling.
- Don't be ridiculous. I'm busy.
Aria, please. Busy?
- [laughs] How long have I known you?
- [Aria sighs]
["I'm Still In Love With You"
plays over speakers]
- Lennox
- [Lennox chuckles]
- Stop, you fool.
- Mm.
- I love you, Ari.
- Yeah, I know. I love you too.
Yeah? So why won't you be my wife?
[Aria sighs]
- It just feels a bit sudden, you know?
- Sudden?
We've been together for six years, Aria,
and lived together for half that time.
I know. Trust me, I know. I just
With Bosco home,
and him and Vita in a war,
I just don't think now is the right time
to spring this on them.
Is it about him?
Does he know
that I've asked you to marry me?
Why does it matter?
Because, Ari, every decision you make,
it's like you have to get
the permission from the big boss.
Look, you need to think long and hard
about what you want, Ari.
I'm a really good man.
I'm still in love ♪
I'm still in love with you ♪
[Lennox sighs]
[commentary on TV]
[Vita] Dad?
- [Beres] Wah?
- Have you seen my songbook?
- Yuh wah?
- My songbook.
- Come again?
- Oh, forget it.
[phone buzzes]
[Bosco] Yo, big Bosco here.
Just a special shout-out to my supporters
that's been with me from day one.
And since a lot of you like to believe
everything you hear, hear this.
Tour next week!
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
As soon as I introduce my last song,
get ready to come in and shell it, yeah?
Yeah, come on.
- [exhales sharply]
- [Honey] We're doing this. Yeah?
- Yeah.
- [Honey] Yeah?
[sighs] Come we go.
There he is, my main man!
So this new track Dawn told me about
Just sit tight, yeah?
You're not gonna be disappointed.
It's literally like nothing
you've ever heard. Trust me.
[women] Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
That's my girl ♪
Know she in it for a lifetime ♪
Holding me down ♪
That's my girl ♪
Loyal to the lifestyle
Yeah, this is our world ♪
That's my girl ♪
Making that paper ♪
["Twenty Deep" plays over speakers]
[Bosco speaking indistinctly]
[crowd cheering and whistling]
Before we get this show on the road,
can I get a huge large-up for my boy?
The man standing
behind the decks, DJ Memet.
[crowd cheering]
Hey, ladies, uh, I heard you might be
looking for some company tonight,
so you know where to forward
right after the show.
Eh yo, run the rhythm, my brudda.
Run that, run that, run that. Eh yo!
Hey, put your hands up.
- Yo! Yo!
- [Vita] You all right, Dad?
[Bosco] One, two, three!
- [Beres] Betta late than neva.
- [Vita scoffs]
Used to be me saying that to you.
- Well, I'm here, innit?
- Well, ah dat mi ah seh.
We Champions haffi stick together.
Yuh si mi?
- Oh, change the record, Dad, Jesus.
- [Beres laughs]
All right, look, wacha.
Look, mi nah pester yuh,
but yuh mek a decision
bout dis Worldstream Records ting?
I can do both.
I can write for Bosco as well,
but I'm doing my own thing.
- If that's gonna a problem
- Not a problem, V.
Bosco will be a happy bwoy.
When mi tell him seh yuh ah come tonight,
di bwoy happy till him tun fool.
What? Really?
Of course! Yuh dun know.
[music stops]
[coughs] What the hell is that?
A white rum, man. It have a kick.
- [crowd chanting] Champion! Champion!
- [Bosco] Oh!
[crowd] Champion! Champion! Champion!
Come on, then.
[crowd] Champion! Champion!
- [laughs]
- [crowd cheering]
[laughs] You lot have been lit tonight,
you know. I'm so
Yo! I'm so blessed
to have the best fucking supporters.
[crowd cheering] Champion! Champion!
Next up, I wanna perform my new single
featuring one of the dopest voices around.
So I beg you lot,
make some fucking noise for Honey!
- ["Shades of Blue" plays]
- [crowd cheering]
[woman 1] Yes, Honey!
[Bosco speaking indistinctly]
[woman 2] Go on, Honey!
Everybody wanna be the loudest
In the room ♪
- 'Cause it's cool, yeah ♪
- [Bosco] Uh, uh ♪
I fade into walls the shade of blue ♪
- That's my song.
- [Bosco] The shade of blue ♪
But I know I'm a star
I'm just lost in the galaxy ♪
Like a moon in the afternoon
Can you even see me? ♪
Yeah, empty barrels make the most noise
Me, I SNM cuh I'm a quiet giant ♪
Other niggas singing like the choir
Dun out ♪
Streets told me
"Bos, don't talk too much" ♪
"You'll get the silencer" ♪
Not a shushing
That's a gun out ♪
Party pooper at the function
When the fun out ♪
Mash town when it gets dark
When the sun out ♪
Christmas Day they bringing food
To your mum's house ♪
That's not turkey
Why's it so loud? ♪
So don't mistake
My kindness for weakness ♪
I just been fighting my demons ♪
PTSD makes me silence my feelings ♪
That's why I been low-key this evening ♪
IC3s in ICUs
And I see aunties turn to using ♪
Uh, so sorry if I ain't involved
In the small talk ♪
Took my breath away
Seeing my darg in the white chalk ♪
Everybody wanna be the loudest
In the room ♪
- 'Cause it's cool, yeah ♪
- Uh, uh ♪
I fade into walls the shade of blue ♪
[Bosco] The shade of blue ♪
But I know I'm a star
I'm just lost in the galaxy ♪
Like a moon in the afternoon ♪
- Can you even see me? ♪
- [Bosco] See me ♪
I'm Jim Carrey in The Mask
Tryna save face ♪
- Bitch.
- [Bosco] You tryna save what? ♪
[Honey] I put a smile on it
True say I need an Emmy ♪
- That was a great take ♪
- [woman laughing]
[Bosco] That was a great take ♪
What's the point in crying ♪
When no one plays violins? ♪
Fall on deaf ears ♪
[Vita] Oh my God.
- Oh my God! Oh my God!
- Vita. Wait, wait!
[Bosco] Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
[Honey] Head in the clouds ♪
V. V, V, V, please, just
Just calm down, all right?
Nah, bun you. Bun every single one of you.
You're meant to care about me
they way I care about you.
That wasn't what you think.
Instead, I got my best friend
and my brother stealing from me.
- What are you chatting about?
- Nah.
One week ago. You broke up with me
one week ago, Memet.
- Vita, please, come here.
- Don't touch me!
[Honey] Everybody wanna be the loudest
In the room ♪
[Memet] Yo, V.
But I know I'm a star
I'm just lost in the galaxy ♪
- Like a moon in the afternoon ♪
- Moon in the afternoon ♪
Can you even see me? ♪
[crowd cheering]
All right, make some more noise for Honey!
[line ringing]
[Laurent] Hey, babe. You good?
Yeah, I've been better.
They stole my song, Laurent.
[Laurent] Wait, so where are you now?
[crowd chanting] Champion! Champion!
[Vita] And after everything my dad said.
[Laurent] Mm-hm.
- I'm feeling kind of inspired, you know?
- [Laurent] Yeah?
Good to meet me at the studio soon?
[Laurent] Hey, you can come now.
I'm here.
[Vita] I'll come tomorrow.
You see you though? You killed it, man.
- Proper sick.
- [Phil] Honey?
- Oh, Phil! My God!
- [Phil] Amazing.
[Honey] Hey.
[Phil] Such amazing work, guys.
I've got a very exciting proposition
for you, Honey.
What's that?
[Phil] So they are gonna launch
this brilliant new girlband
into the world,
and they think that you might be
the missing member.
- What? [laughs]
- [laughs] I know.
It's kinda a shame, 'cause she's meant
to be coming on tour with me, innit?
- Think about it.
- I'll think about it.
I'll think about it.
- Yeah.
- [Phil] Honestly, though, congrats, guys.
I don't know what we were worried about.
You guys absolutely smashed it.
I'm so happy for you, man.
That tune is a banger.
[both laugh]
- Thanks.
- Honestly, man, it is so catchy.
I knew you still had it in you.
All right. At least I can focus on
Champion Crown with Dad now, innit?
Mm. That's very exciting.
Need to celebrate still. [sighs]
So, what you sayin'?
Dinner in Mayfair with the best
Are you asking me out on a date?
What do you think?
Well, I think my fiancé
might have a problem with that.
- Fuck your fiancé.
- Oi.
All right, cool.
It's your loss, though.
Oi. Champion on a dinner date
is most gyals' dream, you know.
I'm not like most girls, am I?
So how long are you going on tour for?
A month.
Maybe longer.
I don't know the ins and outs.
Well, you don't seem too happy about it.
It is what it is.
Feeling some kind way,
but, pfft, winners only and all that.
Why you asking, anyway?
- You gonna miss me?
- What? No.
[both chuckle]
Are you
sure about that?
[car approaching]
- Shit. Shit. Mark's home.
- So what?
- You need to go round the side now. Go.
- For this guy?
I should slap his face for what he pulled.
Bosco, leave now.
You know you should be mine, though.
[door closes]
- Hey, hey, hey. Baby, how you doing?
- Hey.
- Yeah, good.
- Yeah, come here. Eh? Mm.
Do you know what? I am gonna go lie down.
I've got a bit of
a banging headache, yeah? Sorry.
- Yeah, all right.
- [sighs]
I'll be up in a minute, yeah?
[Vita] Read my lips ♪
I'm done with all this ♪
Dragging me ♪
Giving you ♪
[Vita continues writing]
All alone ♪
[Laurent] Hey.
You ready?
I am, you know.
I actually am.
[Laurent] We good to go?
["My Ones" plays]
I swear I'm done with it ♪
Mm, yeah, I'm done with it ♪
Talking before they think ♪
Mm, throwing stones and sticks ♪
Oh ♪
Why you bothering me for?
I just wanna take a detour ♪
Run till my last breath
Higher with each step ♪
Read my lips ♪
Mm, I'm done with all this ♪
Why you dragging me to the floor ♪
When I'm giving you more and more? ♪
Oh, it's killing me to the core ♪
Know I'm better off on my own, oh ♪
Why you bothering me for? ♪
I told you I was on a detour ♪
And it's killing me to the core ♪
Know I'm better off on my own, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
And it's killing me to the core ♪
Know I'm better off on my own, oh ♪
[Laurent] You see?
You don't need none of them.
Why you dragging me to the floor ♪
When I'm giving you more and more? ♪
Oh, it's killing me to the core ♪
Know I'm better off on my own, oh ♪
Why you dragging me to the floor ♪
When I'm giving you more and more? ♪
Oh, it's killing me to the core ♪
Know I'm better off on my own, oh ♪
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