Champion (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

It's Big Rusty

[wind whooshing]
[heavy breathing]
[door clangs]
[tense music plays]
- [distorted voices]
- [door bangs]
[distorted voice over PA]
Oh shit.
[breathing heavily]
[tense tone plays]
[theme song plays]
[water running]
[exhales sharply]
[tense music plays]
[disorienting music plays]
[breathing heavily]
- [footsteps approaching]
- [chair scrapes]
What happened to you?
Slipped in the shower.
Really? That's not like a cry for help,
"I slipped," is it?
You got painkillers?
Not on me.
Anyway, what do you think?
[Bosco] Hm?
About what?
You didn't listen to the songs I sent you?
I was thinking,
since we're halfway through the tour,
and you're looking really stressed,
why don't I help you
and perform some of my tracks?
[disorienting tone plays]
[Honey] Jeez.
[Bosco groans]
- [sighs]
- What, no apology, nah?
[utensils clatter]
My bad, bro, man. We good?
Come, man.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
Y Yeah, it's, uh
[woman] You look beautiful.
What are you thinking for the hair?
Oh, no, we can just leave that. Thank you.
Are you sure? Because I would love
to get my hands in that.
You nervous?
[chuckles] Babe,
Matthew can be a bit of a nightmare.
A nightmare? How?
Well, nothing is off-limits for him, babe.
God, I'd hate to be interviewed by him.
- Anyway, styling.
- [phone buzzes]
[phone rings then chimes]
Vita. How's it going?
Sorry I can't be there.
Sorry, just one sec, I need to
I'm hearing this guy
you got me chatting to
is, and I quote, "a nightmare."
- Why am I here?
- Who, Matthew McNally?
- You know the numbers that show gets?
- [man] Oi, Mark.
- What was that? Yeah, yeah.
- [man speaking indistinctly]
- Mar
- [Mark] Listen, V.
Call me when you're done, all right?
- You're gonna be fine.
- [phone chimes]
[Vita] Yemi.
- Hey.
- You all right? [chuckles]
Want some?
No, thanks.
So I'm assuming
you're here for the big show?
- Mm. Don't know if I can do it, you know?
- Ah, you can do it for sure.
Listen, Matthew plays rough,
but he's harmless.
The people that watch him
have the attention spans of goldfish.
[chuckles] There are things
I can tell you about Matthew.
How'd you know all this stuff?
Do you work here?
You know I'm a manager, right?
My artist is recording
a Soul Session Live next door.
Wha I love those.
If it wasn't for your team
turning it down, we wouldn't be doing it.
- Wait, didn't you know about it?
- No, I didn't.
["Love 2 Love" plays]
What are you doing after this?
[audience clapping]
- Vita Champion.
- Vita Champion.
Vita Champion, you're not the only artist
out there with the name Champion.
- I'm not.
- You rock me out, girl. Unreal.
your brother's very public humiliation.
[Vita on recording]
At least Bulla's not a selfish prick
who relies on his little sister
to write his songs.
He is not very happy with you. [chuckles]
Before I came on the show,
I did some research into you.
Get it together. She's good.
- Shall we talk about that?
- [audience and McNally laughing]
Vita's ting's going up, up, up, up, up.
[McNally] After the break,
Vita Champion will be performing
her new single, "Love 2 Love."
Do you know how many times
I've had this song on repeat?
Vita is blowing up. "Love 2 Love."
Can't help, I love to love ♪
- Wanna talk about the little things ♪
- [sighs]
- 'Cause I know they're listening ♪
- [breathing shakily]
[music stops]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[officer] These are your personal
restrictions, and they still apply,
but there are also rules for the show,
such as no violence,
in or around the show,
no drugs in or around the venue,
and of course, no drugs
with anyone in or around the venue,
um, no encounters with the police,
and on the final page
Wait. Why would I have encounters
with the police?
- There will be officers in the venue.
- You'll barely notice us.
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
- Yo, are we done?
- [officer] Yep.
Sorry, uh, one thing from me,
Mr. Champion.
What is it, man?
Feel free to say no,
but uh, my son would be so jealous
if I could just get a pic with you.
[Memet snickers]
- [Memet laughs]
- Mem, let's go, man.
[Bosco kisses teeth]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
This is new.
- Yeah.
- Isn't it a bit soon for a refurb?
How mi can help yuh, Dawn?
It's Bosco.
Wah him do now?
It's not what he's done, it's how he is.
I think it was too soon
for him to go out there, you know, B.
I spoke with Memet earlier,
and Bosco's exhausted.
Suh yuh bill monument to yuhself now?
A record label don't need alla dis.
Suh yuh come here fi pocket-watch?
You employed me to watch Bosco's pockets,
and that's exactly what I'm doing.
I saw you made a couple of withdrawals
from the company account.
- [Beres kisses teeth]
- B.
["Ways" by Aisa plays over speakers]
- [woman] Hi.
- All right.
Listen, Bosco might be making money again,
but we need to be careful,
or we're gonna end up
right back where we started.
Dawn, don't bite dis hand.
I'm just saying, you just
You need to pace yourself.
Mi jus ah start.
And if yuh waan involved
wid dis new start,
remember who bring yuh dis far.
Mi ah work pon sumting.
Bosco is not di only Champion.
[door closes]
[slow-tempo groove plays]
[chattering and laughter]
[Yemi sighs]
Welcome to Paradise, Vita.
[Yemi chuckles]
- See you later.
- [woman 1] See ya.
- [Yemi] Meet my artist.
- [Vita] Touchtone?
This is your artist? You being for real?
Fuck, sorry, you're standing right there.
[chuckles] You're phenomenal.
So are you.
- What?
- Yeah. I've seen your lives.
I've heard your songs.
You should come to a session.
[woman 2] Yo, T?
All right, cool.
Sorry, I've gotta zip to Paris
for an in-store,
but it was nice to meet you.
See you soon, yeah?
All right.
What the hell?
Now listen, go explore, Vita.
I'm sure Mark's never taken you
to a place like this. [laughs]
You hungry, yeah? [laughs]
[laughs] Shut up, man.
You know you want some.
Shut up. What you doing here?
Man's not just a sound engineer, you know.
- Can you stop judging me?
- Sorry, I don't know if I can. [laughs]
All right.
Try this.
Trust me.
See you?
Come. Come with me.
There's suttin' I want you to see.
You asked me, then I retreated,
and I was like, nah.
- Why not?
- 'Cause I didn't wanna tell you yet.
- [laughs]
- It's a secret spot.
Well, this is it.
- Wow.
- Hold that, king.
- [man] Safe, bruv.
- Man of many talents, yeah?
You're not the only one
with tricks up their sleeves.
All right. Well, I'm waiting.
Oh no, we're waiting. I lie?
- Yeah.
- [man] Sure.
- See the lyrics you sent me the other day?
- Yeah.
- I kinda put a little suttin' to them.
- [Vita] You can't be serious.
- My peoples, let's do this.
- Whoo.
Sorry. No, no, no.
We're not doing that. Thank you.
- Aw.
- Let go and have fun.
[beat plays]
This ain't a show, you know.
You can't just come to Paradise and watch.
You must be crazy.
I said it's fine. Thank you.
[Laurent] Don't overthink it.
It's a simple chord pattern.
You'll pick it up.
V, grab the mic and sing.
[beat continues to play]
Your lips, your touch
It's just too much ♪
It gives me everything ♪
Can't get enough
You got me locked ♪
Oh boy, I'm losing it ♪
Every night I dream that I
Could slow-dance in your arms ♪
Dirty dancing, romancing
Kiss under the stars ♪
I don't want anyone
You're the one that I want ♪
You're the one that I'm missing ♪
For the way that you love
And the way that you touch ♪
Make a woman dizzy ♪
So no need for you to be worried ♪
You got my heart ♪
You got me deep, ooh ♪
You know you got it all ♪
Ain't no one else like you ♪
Shout it to the world ♪
Baby, you have my love ♪
Uh, uh, uh ♪
Forget this club, let's stay at home
And move to our own drum ♪
We'll start the night off slow
And then we'll move to Coke and rum ♪
Tell me, how do you do it? ♪
How do you get me
Following all your movements? ♪
Hip, bump, grooving ♪
You know I get tempted, tempted ♪
Whenever you whisper my name ♪
A shiver down my neck, my chest ♪
Spinning up my world, my head ♪
So no need for you to be worried ♪
You got my heart ♪
You got me deep, ooh ♪
["You Got It" continues playing]
[Milan on phone] Dad!
Yes, princess.
[Milan] Are you okay?
I'm okay. Daddy's just missing you.
[Milan] I miss you too.
Will this be like the last time
you went away?
I'm never going away
like that again. Yeah?
Do you promise?
Pinkie, lock it,
twist it, seal it, kiss it.
[Milan giggles]
Where's your mum?
- She's saying that she's not here.
- [Bosco chuckles]
[Bosco] All right, Chantelle,
keep ducking me.
I'm busy, Bosco.
Yeah. I'mma be here when you're ready.
Daddy's gotta go now, yeah?
I love you.
Love you too, princess.
["Indestructible" by Lauren Evans
& Dina Rae plays over speakers]
[phone chimes]
["Two Sips" plays over speakers]
[loud chattering]
[man speaking indistinctly]
- Whoa, whoa.
- [man] Watch out, bruv. What you doing?
- Guys, it's closed.
- What'd you mean, closed?
- I'm here to see my boy.
- Staff only.
Yo, watch where you're putting
your arm, bro. Move!
- Yo. Yo, are you Memet?
- [guard] You know them?
He don't know me, bro.
But I know you. I'm here to see Bosco.
- Wait till the show.
- Wait till the show?
- Are you taking the piss?
- [all speaking indistinctly]
- Wagwan?
- [man] Hold on, blud.
Move. What you wanna do, bruv?
What we doing?
Lemme know what I'm doing.
[chattering stops]
[both laughing]
[Bosco] Hey, big Rusty, you know!
- Pass to me, my bro.
- Come inside.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
[chattering loudly]
["LOST" by Swindle plays over speakers]
So, what, you gonna come Brum
and not even shout a man?
[Bosco sighs]
[sighs] These feds
got man under pressure though.
- [Rusty chuckles]
- Yo, you don't even understand, blud.
I don't understand?
I think I'm the only one in here
that actually understands, you know?
[both laughing]
Yo. Sorry about that, my bro. I didn't
I didn't realize you were coming through.
Yeah. Minor.
Just come here to surprise Big Bos.
My broski.
Cool. Uh, you about to finish
this sound check?
Yo, what's wrong with your boy, blud?
[chuckles] You said my man was cool.
[Bosco] Nah, man, he's bless. He's just
He's moving a likkle jumpy, innit?
Well, calm down, Memet. Touch this, man.
Nah, I'm good, bro.
- Is my man your DJ or your manager, blud?
- [Bosco laughs]
Like I said,
they got man under mad pressure, innit?
[Rusty] The feds ain't on anything.
And yet, they still bagged you.
It's how you two met, nah?
[Rusty] My man's cheeky, you know.
Yeah, this is the Memet
that I heard about.
[phone beeping]
Yo, Bosco.
Are you tryna see Brum properly then?
- What'd you mean?
- Wanna fly back to the ends?
I would if I could, you know.
Ah, yeah.
Well, you got my number.
- Love, my brudda.
- [Bosco] My broski.
- [Rusty] Mandem, let's bounce.
- Be safe, man.
- Oh, they lost themselves in lyin' ♪
- [Rusty chuckles]
[Bosco kisses teeth]
Oh, they lost themselves in lyin' ♪
- Hurry up, man.
- [Bosco] Shut up, man.
- Amazing.
- [woman] See you later. Thanks.
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
- You could've warned me.
- [Laurent] You loved it though, no?
I don't think
I've ever felt like that in my life.
Even when you're dancing
in your underwear?
- You just love, you don't care.
- Okay, stop.
[both laugh]
But seriously, it felt so different
than all the other shit
Mark usually has me doing.
Vita Champion.
You continue to impress me, you know?
Tell Mark, yeah,
that I've got my eyes on you.
[Vita and Yemi laugh]
- See ya later.
- [Laurent] See you.
What'd you think about her? Friend or foe?
She's neither.
But she is the truth, though.
She can be a bit brash,
but, like, you need that in a manager.
But to be honest, like, your art is king
when it comes to her, innit.
What, you having
second thoughts about Mark?
Look, what he did at Bulla's show,
it weren't right.
But as much as he's a dickhead,
like, he knows how to create buzz.
- You have to give him that.
- You're really unhelpful, you know that?
I'm just calling it how I see it.
But you'll get to know that about me.
[Beres] People here, bwoy.
[kisses teeth]
Come in.
What do you want, Beres?
We house deh pon fire.
We bwoy ah lose him mind
when he's meant to be making us money,
and we gyal ah run round wid dat
fool-fool bwoy, Mark, and I don't like it.
- So you're here to tell me things I know?
- No.
I'm here to tell yuh dat we cyaan put
alla our eggs inna one basket nuh more.
Bosco is reaching his limit.
Vita haffi shoulder sum of dat weight.
She's her own woman.
Mark a cowboy.
Dawn should manage Vita.
We need fi keep dis inna di family.
Tell Vita that then.
If I remember, you're the one
who told me what to do with my career.
Yuh know what it's like
fi be in her shoes and lose it.
[Beres sighs]
We children cyaan mek
di same mistakes as we.
talk to her, Ari.
I beg yuh,
[gentle piano music plays]
I gaan.
[door closes]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[Vita humming]
- You're Vita Champion, innit?
- Uh, yeah.
- I told you.
- Um, can we get a picture?
- With me?
- [both] Yeah.
Uh, okay. Sure, yeah.
[shutter clicking]
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
[muffled pulsing beat plays]
[discordant music plays]
[Honey] Bosco.
Relax, man.
- [Honey] Ugh.
- Sorry.
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
[Bosco sighs]
Have you had a chance to think about
what I said this morning?
Even if I just perform one of my tracks
Do you need me to get someone?
Nah, it's just my head.
Everything feels like it did
when I was inside.
But you're not.
I know that, man.
Yeah, well, brighten up then.
Anyway, look, all I'm asking
is that you respect me as an artist.
Why would I bring you here if I didn't?
Uh, because you need Vita, clearly.
And I'm not her.
I don't need her.
I spun Bulla at his own show.
That was different.
You let me know what you decide?
[Bosco exhales]
Uh-uh. I don't think so.
Sorry, man, I just
Yeah, save it. Pattern up, man.
[footsteps receding]
It's nice to see you.
Are you okay, Mum?
Yeah, course. Why?
This is my
It's my favorite.
That's why I made it.
What's wrong?
Are you dying? Has something happened?
- [kisses teeth]
I know there's a lot changing
with you right now.
I wanted to be there for you.
I ain't going through puberty, Mum.
I'm just singing.
Yeah, I know. I just
wanted to make sure you
don't feel alone.
What changed your mind?
Who told you to speak to me?
The new song is, um
It's beautiful, Vita.
It's really something.
Do you mean it?
And I hear the customers
talking about it too. Well done.
Thanks, Mum.
It means a lot.
Is he as annoying off camera
as he is on TV, though?
- Mum, he's worse.
- Oh my God, I knew it.
[both laugh]
- And Mark got you that?
- Yeah.
How's it going with him?
You still trust him after what he pulled?
I am telling you,
that man better not knock on my door
asking for curry goat for a long time.
I don't know who to trust anymore, Mum.
Everyone seems to want
a piece of me nowadays.
What do you want, Vita?
[tender music plays]
I wanna know
that I can do this for myself.
I wanna do it for me.
[Aria] Mm.
What would you do?
If I were you?
It's not about me.
But if you're asking my opinion,
I think you should just
stay still for a bit.
Listen to yourself.
Rushing into or out of things
never got anyone anywhere.
[suspenseful tone plays]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[phone ringing]
[Memet] Fuck's sake, where is this guy?
[line ringing]
Ah. Pick up the phone, man.
Pick up the phone.
[man] Don't move, fam.
Slow. Slow.
[both laughing]
Relax, man.
- You're on my block now, you know.
- Eh, you're dumb, bro. [chuckles]
- [Rusty] Come, my man.
- [Bosco] You almost had me, though.
- Humble abode's not so humble.
- Rah. Man, I'm moving up in the world.
[Bosco laughs]
[elevator dings]
Just relax, man. We made it.
Man, you got here safe, didn't you?
- [Bosco laughs]
- [chattering]
All right? You all right?
All right, sis?
All right, Uncle?
Reggie, Bosco. Bosco, my uncle.
- All right, Mum?
- Hey, Rus.
- You all right, Mummy?
- [woman] All right, luv?
[laughter and chattering]
[Rusty] Man go downstairs for two minutes,
and you jump in my seat, blud?
- [phone ringing]
- [chattering]
What you sayin'?
Everyting waiting, blud.
That's what I'm saying, blud.
Is she for real, blud?
[muffled chattering and laughter]
[heartbeat thudding]
[discordant music plays]
[door opens]
[Rusty inhales]
[Rusty] It's a lot, innit?
I've been hearing things.
And every bed just smells like
them dusty sheets
they used to give us in our cell, cuz.
It's like you're outside,
but you're not outside.
You ever put it in the music?
You should.
Let me show you suttin'.
["Rusty Dots" plays over speakers]
Do you know what I mean?
I was 16 with the rusty dots
Where do you think I got the name from? ♪
Practice opp block bussin' it off
Where do you think I got aim from? ♪
Girls from the trenches love me off
Where do you think that I got game from? ♪
If I'm not the littest
Then something's wrong ♪
Shootouts on da block where
Yo ♪
They used to mock me
'Cause my ting was rusting ♪
Now look, .38 mint condition ♪
Auto bells are calm
But I wish 7.6s could fit in spinners ♪
If I say I'm taking my dog to the park ♪
Don't ask where it is
The leash is hidden ♪
When I'm online in the morning ♪
The first few sales
Get hit in slippers ♪
Latex gloves cause too much attention
I'm gonna bareback if it gets intense ♪
Last five years
I been living in a mansion ♪
Security stronger
Than a barbed-wire fence ♪
Probably think that I'm rich
When I tell you ♪
That I even had my own private chef ♪
Bring food to me three times a day
And I all have to do is stay in bed ♪
It's called prison
Winson Green to be exact ♪
I got kicked out in Year 9
Didn't even get to complete exams ♪
All I needed was one more chance
But teachers didn't believe in man ♪
If only they knew what I seen at home ♪
Woulda told them
But they didn't really ask ♪
I was 16 with the rusty dots
Where do you think I got the name from? ♪
Practice opp block bussin' it off
Where do you think I got aim from? ♪
Girls from the trenches love me off
Where do you think that I got game from? ♪
If I'm not the littest
Then something's wrong ♪
Shootouts on da block
Where I got fame from ♪
Shots ringing close to my ear
Still don't know how I made it out ♪
I get flashbacks
When there's too much time to think ♪
[recorded vocal] I think I'm crazy now ♪
Shootout at my nephew's christening
Pick up my gun, put da baby down ♪
Still ain't been to a shooting range ♪
I treat da opp block
Like a training ground ♪
I'm exhausted, shoulda been in college
Doing courses, I forced it ♪
Now my jail record is appalling
I'm touring ♪
Every single spot nitties callin'
For more bits ♪
Still can't sort me a mortgage
Awkward ♪
2 p.m. and I'm already yawning
'Cause 6 a.m. I been out in da morning ♪
The trauma I seen
It's impossible to cure it ♪
Boom, boom, boom ♪
I was 16 with the rusty dots
Where do you think I got the name from? ♪
Practice opp block bussin' it off
Where do you think I got aim from? ♪
Girls from the trenches love me
Where do you think that I got game from? ♪
If I'm not the littest
Then something's wrong ♪
Shootouts on da block
Where I got fame from ♪
- [blows raspberry]
- [man] That's cold.
- You not tryna jump on this ting with me?
- What, for you to spin man, blud? [laughs]
Blow up to my man, blud.
He knows there's a time and a place.
I hear it.
[Bulla on video] My people,
what's this I'm hearing? What you sayin'?
- Bosco Champion's in town, yeah?
- [Bosco kisses teeth]
Couple opps on the block and that. Yo.
[Bosco] Look at this bozo, man.
What's wrong with him?
I would never
let some washed-up London rapper
come to my city and shut it down.
Are you crazy, blud?
- [Bosco] You ain't my opp, man, you pussy.
- I'm gonna be there tonight, yeah?
- I beg you, turn my man off.
- [Rusty laughs] Oh shit.
- I forgot you was warring my man, innit.
- You going to Bosco's show tonight?
- Come on, bro, man, turn that off!
- Bosco. Relax, blud.
- Do you even know who my man is?
- Probably some bitch, blud.
Sayin' my name whilst I was in the can,
tryna draw me out, bro.
Fam, if you knew the bad-boy piece
of information I'm sitting on about Bulla
What'd you mean?
Ah true dem nuh know
It's fram creation ♪
Bam bam, ey
What a bam bam ♪
Bam bam dilla, bam bam ♪
Yo. Yuh nuh hear mi?
- Bam bam, ey ♪
- [Vita] Oh.
- Sorry.
- Said what a bam bam ♪
One minute Mum's all vexed
about the music ting,
and the next, she's all philosophical,
giving music advice. It's confusing.
Let ah show yuh sumting.
MC is my ambition ♪
I come fi nice up Jamaica ♪
So bam bam
What a bam bam ♪
Bam bam dill ♪
["Stolen" plays on TV]
[Aria] See, I was just gold ♪
I was just golden ♪
Till you came around ♪
You came around, you came around ♪
And maybe I ♪
- [Vita] Is that Mum?
- I was a bit boring ♪
- When was this?
- At least I wasn't falling down ♪
- [Beres] Before Bosco was born.
- Mm-hm ♪
She was 21.
He came in, took my heart ♪
Ran away into the night ♪
Like a thief, yeah ♪
Thief, yeah, thief, yeah ♪
Were no witnesses ♪
[Vita] She was perfect.
She was.
But why did she stop?
Yeah, yeah ♪
[sighs] She mek di wrong decisions.
But yuh cyaan afford fi do dat, Vita.
Dat is why making Dawn manage yuh
is di best way fi mek sure yuh win.
- What?
- There was no one to hear me screaming ♪
- Why would Dawn manage me?
- Took my heart and now I'm bleeding ♪
It was stolen ♪
We can talk bout it later.
- Oh, oh ♪
- Stolen ♪
- He took my heart ♪
- Stolen ♪
- And ran away ♪
- Stolen ♪
I can't believe how he took my heart ♪
["Bigger Than You" plays over speakers]
[crowd chanting] Bosco! Bosco!
Bosco! Bosco!
Bosco! Bosco! Bosco!
Bosco! Bosco! Bosco! Bosco!
[crowd yelling]
[crowd booing]
Hey, listen, I rung around,
and no one's answering.
Comes a point where you gotta call it.
We've got options.
It's shit. I'm gonna kill him
when I see him, but we've got options.
All right, let me think.
What is there to think about?
We're two hours behind.
He's not even in the building.
Someone needs to get on that stage.
[crowd chanting]
Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! Off!
[crowd booing]
["Eskikid" plays]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Microphone champion ♪
[recorded vocal] What is this?
Dem girl think they're badder than me
But I'm like MJ bad ♪
Yeah, dem girl, dem girl
Think they're madder than me ♪
But I'm like Kanye mad
I'm bad, I'm bad ♪
Dem girl badder than me?
They're not ♪
Who's out badder than me?
They're washed ♪
Come to your mum's house like,
"Who? What?" ♪
Think they're mad
But I've lost the plot ♪
On my ones, don't trust nobody
Said you merk, ain't got no bodies ♪
Try clash me and you'll get bodied
I've got bars, got breast, and body ♪
Nobody, nobody canna cross it
Heard your song, nobody wanna market ♪
Smoked your weed, nobody wanna pass it
Bars so dead put yourself in a casket ♪
Yeah, I'm a lady, but I'll Leshur
Turn a grown man meager ♪
Make your man my sponsor
Turn your wifey a pum pum eater ♪
You can't make me squirt
And still I'll shower man ♪
Gucci'd up like Dapper Dan
You got a big whip, must be a caravan ♪
Think that you're hard in a mask
You're jagaban ♪
Bare sweet
Me? I make the mandem jeet ♪
Even if you took man shopping
In Dubai in a carrier ♪
You still couldn't get a bagga man ♪
Who, what you're badder than?
Remember I said I'm badder, man? ♪
If you catch me in a Westfield
Buss dat left cuh I might bag ya, man ♪
[applause and cheering]
Bosco! Bosco! Bosco! Bosco!
[crowd cheering]
Bosco! Bosco! Bosco! Bosco!
["Champion to the World" plays]
[Bosco] Hey, Birmingham!
I said, "Yo, Birmingham!"
[crowd whistling]
What you sayin'?
You lot waiting for little old me, yeah?
- [Phil on phone] Hey, there.
- Phil.
Does that girl band
still need a lead singer?
- [Phil] Oh, absolutely.
- Yeah?
[Phil] When can you come
and meet everyone?
[Honey] As soon as I can.
[Bosco] True say, I got a surprise
for you lot, you know.
I know you heard
I've been going back-and-forth
with a certain Birmingham artist.
But that ain't ruined
my love for the city.
- ["Rusty Dots" plays]
- What's that?
I was 16 with the rusty dots
Where do you think I got the name from? ♪
Practice opp block bussin' it off
Where do you think I got aim from? ♪
Girls from the trenches love me off
Where do you think that I got game from? ♪
[Bosco] Brrr! Hey, hey, hey!
This is my guy.
Goes by the name of Rusty.
One of the best artists coming out
of Birmingham right now, you feel me?
You know what I clocked, though?
I heard you're not the only special guest
in the building tonight, you know?
Swear down.
Eh, yo, I beg you, get me a spot up there.
[man yelling]
How about dis?
- Huh?
- [crowd cheering]
Shout out, Bulla!
- Big Bulla. Big up Bulla.
- [Bosco] Hey, hey, hey!
But listen, me and Rusty got
a little bit of information about Bulla.
Ain't that right, Rusty?
I think it's better
if we just show these lot, yeah?
- [Bosco] Ooh.
- [crowd exclaims]
Big Bulla, the police boy! [laughs]
Run this thing. Run it.
["Oslo Energy" plays]
How can you not know about Bosco?
I'm from South, but I'm known in Oslo ♪
I don't like hoes in my condo
I gotta swerve dem gyal like potholes ♪
The mandem are always rolling wid tings
'Cause none of them know tae kwon do ♪
He's got a 9 like rondo
Man get fill up with bine, no ♪
What the raas? What the bumba?
Smell like oud and ganja ♪
I spent a hundred racks last week
How can I lose my hunger? ♪
I swear down
Most of the olders are washed ♪
That's why I'm wid a few man younger ♪
Hm, the way my blood start boiling
Will even make Susan wonder ♪
I don't care how much money you've made
Lemme see what you're made of ♪
Huh, I can see man's soul
I can see what he's afraid of ♪
Think man's talking teachers
When I ask who you got the grade off ♪
I can bet you bought your chain
Before your mum's bills got paid off ♪
Don't act like you don't know me
It's big Rusty ♪
I probably stole your money
Approach with caution, trust me ♪
'Cause it's corn and flake
Like Frosties ♪
- [man] Oi, Bulla, you fucking pig.
- Who the fuck are you talking to, blud?
- [man grunts]
- [woman screams]
You ain't no bad boy, you're no gangsta
You ain't done no tings with a handgun ♪
You never kidnapped man
From the opp block ♪
Finessed his team
For the food and ransom ♪
You heard the murmurs, I did the murders
All skkrrr and boom when we swerve off ♪
All stars in the car
When the mandem link up ♪
Freestyle ting when we turn up ♪
I break down the packs into pebs
The mandem are active again ♪
Packs and potion, hocus-pocus
Wanna see Harry do magic again ♪
Uh, gotta stick to the G code ♪
- Talk up, get stitch like Lilo ♪
- Move, blud!
It's all good for your people
Till you can't find dem man like Nemo ♪
[crowd roars]
[siren wailing in distance]
To you.
[glasses clink]
["In The Air" plays over speakers]
Good things are happening, innit.
Career's blowing up.
I mean, you said
that your family is getting on better.
But I'm beginning to think that
it's to do with a certain man
that's entered your life.
- Where is he? [laughs]
- [laughs] You think you're funny, innit.
I'm sorry, is it okay
if we slow down a bit?
Like I said, I'm really tired, and I'm
actually still on a high from today.
It's cool. It's cool.
Look, you take my room.
I'll take the couch.
- No.
- Yo, I ain't tryna hear it.
I've even got a spare bonnet.
[both laugh]
- [laughing]
- [loud music plays over speakers]
[Rusty] Why you out there
speaking to the friends, blud?
Yo. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!
I don't wanna be that guy,
but in a few minutes,
feds are gonna come in, lick off the door,
and search everyone
and everything in here, yeah?
All right, bro.
Family, if you wanna celebrate
a likkle bit later, shout man, yeah?
- Yeah, I'mma shout.
- Love, love, love.
Fam. You love doing that, innit?
Bosco, we ain't kids anymore, yeah?
How many times have I gotta tell you
that we've got responsibilities?
Do you understand what that means?
That means what happened after that stunt
you and Rusty pulled with Bulla, bro,
could have this tour shut down.
And, yo, the way you've been moving,
I'm surprised we lasted this long.
Who said I wanna do this shit?
You're a child, man.
You're actually a child.
Fuck you.
Fuck me? Fuck me?
Bos, I'm the only person
you got left, bro.
Do you understand
that with that stunt tonight,
you literally took food
out of Milan's mouth?
What'd you mean? Huh?
I mean, yeah, that Bulla is dusted, bro.
So are Mark's pockets.
The same man that's been keeping a roof
over your yute's head
since you moved back to your mum's.
- Don't push me. Don't push me, bro.
- What'd you mean?
- What'd you mean?
- Don't Bro.
Bro, bro. Don't push me.
- Bro. Bro, I swear.
- What?
- Hey. Bos, don't, bro. Don't.
- What?
- What?
- Don't, bro.
Fucking prick. What, bro? What?
[Bosco sobs]
[tense music plays]
[somber music plays]
You know what? I'm gone.
[phone buzzes]
[inhales deeply]
[exhales deeply]
[mid-tempo music plays]
[siren whooping]
[officer 1] Can we have officers
search the building for Bosco Champion?
[man] Harassing or what, blud?
[officer 2]
Has anyone here seen Bosco Champion?
[chattering in the background]
[muted chattering]
Are you sure you don't want this?
Bring it over here.
- [Bosco] Bulla!
- Yo. Yo!
- Get off me.
- [officer] Come on, in the van.
- Hey, Bulla!
- Just walk, bruv.
[Bosco] How can you not know about Bosco?
[Bosco laughs]
- [Bosco] Tell me you saw his face.
- [Memet] Yeah, bro, I see his face.
- [Bosco laughs] Did you see his face?
- Oh, yeah, you got jokes, bruv. For reals.
Bro, what you doing, Bos, man?
- [Bosco] I'm tryna drive, innit.
- Bring me my key, G.
[Bosco] Memet!
Bro, I promise you
I'm not moving from this spot.
Hey! Are you coming, bro?
[Memet] Bro, come here.
- [engine starts]
- This fucking guy. Yo!
- [tires screech]
- Yo!
[tires screeching]
[Memet] Just pull over.
Stop playing games with me, man.
I've been waiting to do that for time.
Fucking hell, man. Just stop the car.
Thank fuck for Rusty.
Hey, what you doing, bro?
I know I know you're licked, yeah,
but think about what you're doing.
Ah, bro, you're moving like man's dad.
- Well
- Hey, I'm the king of this shit, you know?
- You ain't the king of anything, man.
- Bruv.
The promoters are shutting down the tour.
How'd you think they're gonna
keep you touring after tonight?
You know, Bulla beat a yute
to within an inch of his life, yeah.
And the police searched Rusty
and them man.
I dunno what they're gonna find.
- Shut down who, though?
- Just pull over. I'll explain everything.
Nah! Nah.
Bruv, they searched my boy Rusty.
I need to see if he's all right.
Yo, Bosco, just stop the car, man!
We need to go back to Brum, bro. I can't
Bro, what you doing? Bro! Yo! Yo!
[tender music plays]
[dramatic music plays]
Yo, Bos.
[dramatic tone plays]
[gentle music plays]
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