Champion (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

I Love Her, Man

[water flowing]
[siren wailing in distance]
[phone buzzing]
[somber tone plays]
[somber music plays]
[phone ringing]
[Dawn on phone]
Aria, there's been an accident.
- Bosco and Memet.
- [phone buzzing]
[phone continues ringing]
[Dawn] I'm on my way there now.
I'll call you when I know more.
[phone chimes]
- [continues humming]
- [phone chimes]
Do you know how much trouble you're in?
You done fucked up this time.
[theme song plays]
[car engine running]
Completely, totally irresponsible.
Drink driving?
[Dawn sighs]
On a dual carriageway?
It's like It's like you gone all mad.
I wasn't drinking, Dawn, man.
They Breathalyzed me, and I told them
it was an accident, all right?
Just a dumb accident.
[Dawn] What, so a dumb accident
flipped your car?
How, Memet?
I must have lost my mind for a sec.
[Dawn] Cha.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[Bosco sighs]
[Bosco] Mem.
- We good, yeah?
- Nah, bro.
We're not good.
We're very far from good, innit.
[door unlocks]
Your mum's inside. She waan talk to yuh.
Shout me later, yeah?
You're a good friend to that boy.
A very good friend.
- Let's get you home.
- [door closes]
[Aria sighs] Son.
- [Vita] My God, Bos.
- Ooh, ooh.
Ooh, ooh. Easy, Mum.
- Oh, sorry. Sorry, sorry.
- I'm all right, man. I'm good.
- Are you sure?
- [Aria] Let me look at ya.
[Lennox] You look like you gone
ten rounds with Anthony Joshua.
- Where's Memet?
- I wouldn't say you're all right at all.
He better be ready
for the telling off of his life.
- And he calls himself your friend?
- It's all right, Mum.
[Aria sighs]
[lighter clicks]
I don't think you're all right, Bosco.
I don't think you've been all right
since you come out.
And I'm tryna help you,
but you keep pushing me away.
And that makes me so sad
because we used to be so close, and
[sighs] All right. All right, man.
Prison was just [sighs]
Things were just hard in there.
[Bosco sighs]
I don't think I had one day
where I just felt all right.
As in, even one day,
where I made sense
of where I was, how I felt.
I [sighs]
- Dunno if I'm making sense.
- You are making sense.
[inhales, sighs]
It's not even just in there, you know.
It's all now.
It's like
I've served my time,
but I'm still serving it, do you get it?
- It's just like I'm I'm back in there.
- [phone buzzing]
- I feel like I'm
- [Vita groans]
- Mark.
- [Mark on phone] Where the hell are you?
- 'Cause you're not here, are you?
- Oh, I totally forgot.
- You forgot?
- Family emergency, sorry.
- Vita.
- Yeah, um Yeah, I'm at my mum's now.
You're at your mum's.
I'm sending a driver.
- Okay, I'll be ready when he's here.
- Get a wiggle on. Yeah?
- All right, cool.
- [Bosco sighs]
Carry on.
Carry on? I'm here
pouring out my heart to you
and you're, what, doing up work?
[kisses teeth]
Don't worry about it.
Just go chase after Mark or suttin'.
[gentle piano music plays]
Is Memet okay?
Memet's fine. [kisses teeth]
[door closes]
[kisses teeth]
[doorbell ringing]
Be gentle with the boy.
He's had a rough time.
If yuh did have a bwoy,
yuh wud understand.
[Lennox kisses teeth]
Bosco, your father's here.
- [door slams]
- [footsteps approaching]
Yuh betta git sumting fi dat shoulder deh
Yeah, nah, I just think
I need to go to bed.
Guh yuh bed?
Mi fadda used to always seh to mi
di show must gwaan
and money haffi mek.
Neva figet dat.
The tour is done, Dad.
Yes, but mi and Dawn
ah try figure out a way
fi keep di money ah flow, yuh si me?
- And I tink we have a plan.
- A plan?
- I'm tired, Dad. I can't
- Tired?
We have work fi do, bwoy!
[Beres scoffs]
[door opens]
What you doing?
Don't worry. I ain't moving back in.
I'm leaving in a sec.
I just need to grab a couple of things.
- Happy at your dad's?
- Yeah, I am, actually.
Been learning stuff about the family.
Stuff I wish I'd known before.
[phone buzzes]
Ah. Ignore me. Talk about it another time.
See you soon.
- See ya later, Lennox.
- [Lennox] I'll call you later, darling.
["Yeah Girl" plays]
[door opens]
[door closes]
Yeah, girl
Yeah, girl ♪
You did it right there, girl
There, girl ♪
You're running like your world
Your world ♪
Do it anyway you wanna ♪
Yeah, girl
Yeah, girl ♪
You're making me obey, girl
You bad girl ♪
You're running like the whole world
Your world ♪
Do it anyway you wanna ♪
All my rocks, I bought 'em ♪
All the shots, I call 'em ♪
You forgot, no problem ♪
No problem ♪
No problem ♪
I'm the flame, pure fire
Burnin' like desire ♪
Sit back and I'll remind ya ♪
Remind ya, remind ya ♪
Yeah, girl
Yeah, bitch, this is me ♪
Your nightmare
The girl of his dreams ♪
But I go for blood
So call me a vampire ♪
Beat the competition out
With my tea, uh ♪
Brown skin so I taste like cognac ♪
I got a boomerang
Chillin' in my backpack ♪
- I don't think she's right.
- Aesthetically?
Oatmeal thick
Yes, I'm eating well ♪
Now, ain't your girl exotic? ♪
Dreamy like, hypnotic ♪
What you want, I got it ♪
I got it, you not it ♪
I run rings
Round these rappers with bars ♪
- Your little similes making me laugh ♪
- Yeah.
I'm the teacher
You can never, ever test me ♪
I upgrade these brothers like Jay-Z ♪
[music stops]
[Phil exhales] Wow.
- That rap was great.
- [woman] Mm.
However, Honey,
looking at you all together,
it's just that, ah,
when I look at you beside them,
it's just a bit Uh, what's the word?
Excuse me, Phil?
Yeah. Ah, you're almost
the perfect fit for us.
It is [exhales] such a shame.
You told me
that you wanted me in the band.
That's why I came back.
- I thought this was a done deal.
- [Phil] I'm sorry.
We're gonna have to get back to this.
Today is Phwoar, it's back-to-back.
Thank you so much for your time.
- [melancholy music plays]
- [Honey kisses teeth]
[Honey groans] Snaked by Phil, you know?
It is a shame.
[Honey] Fuck all of this.
- She just didn't look right.
- You hit the nail on the head. Aesthetics.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
Sorry I'm late.
Bosco was in a car accident.
- He's gonna be all right, but
- Hey, hey.
Come on now. This is Vita time.
Enough about your brother, please.
["Powered Up" plays over speakers]
You still pissed off
about the Bulla stuff?
I saw that he bussed case somehow.
Don't worry about him.
I pulled some strings to get him out.
Let's just focus on you, shall we?
Listen, I've lined something up
for you tomorrow.
[Vita groans]
- Please, not another chat show.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I've worked very hard
to get you a spot performing
at the Worldstream Records showcase.
All the top US guys are gonna be there.
It'll be a perfect opportunity
for you to show them
why you're their next crossover star.
Crossover? I'm only just blowing up here.
How can you send me over to the US?
What's to say we can't do both? Hm?
Mm, yeah, I'm not really
into the corporate ting.
But I do have this banging cover
that I've been talking to Laurent about.
It's a whole legacy thing, trust me.
Nah, nah, nah, no covers.
We need something original.
Light, fun.
We need something that's gonna,
you know, like, really sell in America.
Give them exactly what they want,
so they can sell the shit out of you.
I am a person. You know that, right?
I'm not some product.
I'm still finding myself.
I'm still figuring out my sound, my look
I know what I'm doing, trust me.
And there's plenty of time
to find yourself later down the line.
Now, first thing tomorrow,
we're gonna try on
some different looks for you. Okay?
I know the owner of this up-and-coming
brand that can't wait to dress you.
You're gonna love it.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[Dawn] Bosco,
di label waan back their money
for the canceled shows.
Afta yuh dun mash up di tour
and fuck up di deal wid di record label.
Which is a big problem because we put
all of that capital into Champion Crown.
- ["I and Di Mafia" plays over speakers]
- [Beres] Yuh neva know freedom expensive.
[Dawn] But you know what?
Positive vibrations.
How'd you like the sound of 30k plus VAT?
[Bosco scoffs]
I like the sound of it.
I wanna know who's giving it to me.
I've arranged a private gig.
- Like a corporate-type ting?
- [Dawn] Mm.
I don't really rock with them bankers
and them man there.
Banker? [spits] No.
A politician.
Dev Agarwal.
Well, [chuckles] not him, though.
His daughter is a big, massive, huge fan,
and they want you at her sweet 16th.
- Me?
- [Dawn] Mm-hm.
Perform at a Tory MP's yard?
- [Dawn] It's tomorrow.
- [Bosco laughs]
Who do you think I am?
[chuckles] I think you're someone
that needs the money.
I'm not a performance monkey, Dawn.
Yuh mash up we opportunity, Bosco. Again.
[Dawn chuckles] Listen,
you both want the same ting,
make money and raise up Champion Crown.
And this is how we get it.
Even if you don't like it.
[Beres] And yuh betta don't fuck dis up.
[dramatic tone plays]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[phone rings]
What'd you want, Vita?
[Vita] Are you with anyone?
Nah. And look,
before you start, yeah, that girl
I wasn't even calling to talk about that.
I don't care about that.
- I was ringing to see if you were okay.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Your car flipped off the road.
Well, I dunno what else
you want me to say, man.
["Damn Baby" plays over speakers]
[Vita sighs]
Were you driving, Memet?
You know what? I wasn't even meant
to go on that tour, man, yeah?
But once again, like a dickhead,
I got pulled into the world
of the Champions.
But, yo, I'm starting to realize
you lot are messy,
and I think everyone just needs to go
and do their own ting, yeah? Including me.
[line disconnects, beeps]
[Tayo] Never alone anymore, are you?
Sorry, give me a sec.
- [Tayo] Hi.
- How you doing?
What's that?
[Tayo] It's the first dress
from my new collection.
And it's called The Vita.
As in for me?
- [Tayo] Who else?
- [chuckles] What?
I want you to wear it when you, uh
perform at my fashion show tomorrow.
- I thought Yemi had Touchtone doing that.
- [Tayo] But I want you.
And, not to scare you or anything,
but it's probably the most important thing
I've done to date.
- London Fashion Week, you know.
- Tay
I wouldn't ask you
if I wasn't 100% certain you'd kill it.
And I'll pay you.
Just has to be mates' rates
'cause this show has killed my finances.
You know I would, Tay.
But I've got this showcase
that Mark's lined up for me.
Why don't you ask Honey?
Yeah, that might be a bit tekky
with the whole Yemi ting, V. [chuckles]
Why you tryna pop down my whole thing?
I'm not. I'm not.
V, are you sure you can't get out of it?
You know, if I could, I would.
I'm so proud of you, you know.
Even though you're out
of my price range now.
I'll never be too expensive for you, Tay.
[Tayo] Mm.
I'll leave this here anyway.
It could only be for you.
["Champion to the World" plays]
[Bosco] ♪in a country where it's so hot
Man have to use sunblock ♪
What the fuck have you done? ♪
Show me someone you've helped
Show me something you've won ♪
If I never existed
Would you be number one? ♪
I should lock dem boy
In a booth right now ♪
Till something comes ♪
I am your father
You are my youngest son ♪
Champion to the world ♪
Winners only, that's why they say
That I'm champion to your girl ♪
Gucci holding my waist up
Every champion needs a belt ♪
Winners recognize winners
If you're a champion, I can tell ♪
I can tell ♪
[smattering of applause]
[man] Hey!
Hey, everyone.
Thank you so much for coming
to celebrate Sophia's 16th!
[guests applauding and cheering]
[girl 1] Happy birthday!
[girl 2] Happy birthday, Sophia!
[Agarwal] Enjoy the party.
- Champion of the world, what?
- ["Girls Girls Girls" plays over speakers]
- [Dawn] Hey. Mm.
- [Bosco] Can we cut now?
Playa, we still got work to do.
You don't know how embarrassing
this is, Dawn. Please.
Bosco, just tink bout di money, yeah?
Yuh couldn't put a likkle life inna it?
Well, the client was happy with it,
and that's all that matters.
- [kisses teeth]
- [phone ringing]
[Dawn] Let's get this PR package
over and done with, yeah?
[Beres] Auntie Sissy?
Yuh safe, man. Superstar.
Come, mi have sum food.
Mi have everyting. Soft cheese
Auntie Sissy?
[suspenseful tone plays]
Weh yuh ah seh?
Yeah, all right. Yeah.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
You must be here to get a trim.
I don't know why else you'd be here.
If I wanted a trim,
it wouldn't be from you.
Yeah. I saw what you done to Tayo.
The poor girl's
got some angular-looking hairline.
- [Honey laughs]
- Box and ting.
[both laughing]
You idiot.
["Hyper Sensitive" by Emma Cross
plays over speakers]
I'm not good.
I miss my best friend.
I miss you too.
[laughs] Friends again, eh?
- I tried to call you
- I went to Birmingham with your brother
- I was looking for you
- Every time I tried
Nah, you go first.
You see how my mum's always on at me
about the music stuff?
I found out that she used to be a singer,
and I wanna talk to her about it,
but everything's just been moving so fast.
I even had to let down Tayo today,
and I felt so bad about it.
She needs me to sing at her fashion show,
but Mark's got me doing
this dumb showcase,
with these Americans
that don't even care if
What you doing tonight?
I'm gonna be crying
about being rejected from a girl band.
Yeah. It's a long story.
I'll tell you about it another time.
I think I got an idea.
What was that?
I said Vita Champion, not her brother.
Well, I saw Champion
Well, you got it wrong.
- [Dawn] Um
- [Agarwal] That's unfair of you, Sophia.
What's unfair is you got that guy
to sing a song
that was, what, a million years old?
Now my friends think I'm lame.
["Impact" plays over speakers]
[footsteps approaching]
[Bosco breathing shakily]
[crying] I need to get out of here, man.
All right.
- [door opens]
- It's okay. Yeah?
[Bosco breathing shakily]
[Beres] Wah di raas yuh tink yuh ah do?
[footsteps approaching]
[yelling] Pull up
yuh bloodclaat self, bwoy!
Git up!
Yuh a Champion man,
and Champion man nuh weak!
[breathing shakily]
Mi ah wait inna di cyar.
What the fuck is wrong with you, man?
Mind yuh own raas business, gyal!
[melancholy music plays]
[door opens]
[Bosco crying]
[door closes]
It's like the whole world's
against me, man. [sniffles]
You ever think
it might be the other way around,
and that it's you against the world?
- [Bosco sobs]
- Eh?
Look at me. Look at me.
You need to really think about
who has been there for you
from the beginning. Yeah?
Tink bout dat.
[Bosco sniffling]
Think long and hard.
[doorbell rings]
- [Bosco sighs]
- You look awful.
What's happened?
You ever get lonely, Chan?
[laughs] What?
Where did that come from?
I'm being serious.
Man's tryna open up to you
and you're laughing?
Honest answer?
- [Bosco sighs]
- when we were together
- [Bosco pours drink]
- yeah.
[bottle clatters]
Not at the beginning
because since we were at school,
I spent, like, every hour of every day
with you and your side chicks,
Memet and Vita.
[both laughing]
But after the fame, it was like
you kinda checked out on me.
I told myself it'd be temporary,
and that you needed to get used to people
wanting your attention
and your time.
And as soon as you did,
I'd have my Bosco back.
And then I got pregnant. [laughs]
[Chantelle sighs]
And after Milan was born,
it was fine for a bit. [sighs]
But then you kind of went away.
[Chantelle crying]
You left again.
Even before prison
that feeling, that
That loneliness came back.
[exhales sharply]
I'm so sorry, Chan.
- I didn't know you felt like that.
- [Chantelle scoffs]
- Well, why would you?
- I was an idiot.
Ah, I was too busy focusing
I'd never do that to you again
if I had you back.
And that's where I wanna be.
As soon as I sort this money shit
and get my head straight
all I want is the two of you back.
You're what I need, Chan.
[tender music plays]
[perfume sprays]
Why won't you tell me where we're going?
[Lennox] Why don't you like surprises?
Well, whatever it is, it better be good.
And what reward do I get if it is?
- [Aria] Hm.
- [Lennox] Ha. Mm.
- You'll have to wait and see.
- Oh, is it now?
- [buzzing]
- Is it now?
[Lennox laughs]
- [Aria chuckling]
- [Lennox humming]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
Come on, Vita. Come on.
[Tayo] Aw. Mm.
I will tell you just how much I love you
once your makeup is done
and I find two of these missing models.
Thank you for doing this.
- Paix?
- [Paix] Yep.
- Can we get Vita into makeup?
- Hi.
Hi. You look amazing.
- [Vita] Hey.
- Hey.
Where the hell are we?
I thought we were going fine dining.
[Lennox] Mm.
Just you wait and see.
Wait here while I go and make sure
the DJ's got your backing track.
[Memet] Hey.
[Honey] Heard you were looking
for an amazing singer.
- What you doing here?
- Saving your arse.
Where's Vita?
She's not coming, Mark.
Oh fuck.
Okay, you, uh,
got three songs up your sleeve?
Say no more.
Okay, go for it.
Oh shit.
["Stolen" plays]
[Vita] This is for you, Mum.
See, I was just gold ♪
I was just golden ♪
Till you came around ♪
You came around ♪
And maybe I ♪
I was a bit boring ♪
At least I wasn't falling down ♪
Mm, mm ♪
- He came in, took my heart ♪
- [audience clapping]
Ran away into the night ♪
Like a thief, yeah ♪
Thief, yeah, thief, yeah ♪
Were no witnesses
Just one casualty ♪
Left no signs of injury ♪
- I can't believe that he ♪
- Stolen ♪
- He took it ♪
- Stolen ♪
- My heart ♪
- Stolen, stolen ♪
There was no one to hear me screaming ♪
Took my heart and now I'm bleeding ♪
It was stolen ♪
Stolen, stolen ♪
You were not permitted
To take anything that belonged to me ♪
But you did, yeah ♪
You all right, Aria?
Had your eyes on the prize ♪
The moment you realized I was sweet ♪
Hey, babes, what's wrong? Aria.
Oh no ♪
He took it ♪
My heart ♪
Stolen, yeah ♪
There was no one to hear me screaming ♪
Took my heart and now I'm bleeding ♪
It was stolen, stolen ♪
Stolen ♪
- He took it ♪
- Stolen ♪
My heart ♪
Stolen, stolen ♪
Stolen, yeah ♪
There was no one to hear me screaming ♪
Took my heart and now I'm bleeding ♪
It was stolen, stolen ♪
[audience whooping and cheering]
["Drowning" plays]
You still believe in love? ♪
Yes, I do ♪
Oh, even though it hurts? ♪
Yes, I do, oh ♪
Even when it's tearing me apart
It's like a work of art ♪
Yes, I do, oh ♪
I still believe in love ♪
Yes, I do ♪
- [man] Fantastic.
- [applause]
Oh my God, you fucking smashed it.
Come here.
Yeah, I always do.
[Mark] I mean it. That was incredible.
Now, listen, we're gonna talk
some more tomorrow,
but I have a feeling these guys
are gonna wanna see a lot more of you.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Well done. Mm?
You were amazing. Thank you.
- ["Good Thing" plays over speakers]
- [shutter clicks]
Okay, we can talk about that in a minute.
[man] What's your name again?
- [camera beeps]
- [shutter clicking]
What was that?
You had no right to do that.
That song was not yours to sing.
I thought you'd like it, Mum.
You took the only thing
I've ever had for myself and ruined it.
Sorry to interrupt.
Maybe you should have
this conversation somewhere else.
I was paying tribute to you, Mum.
I wasn't taking anything from you.
Paying tribute to me?
I never asked you to do that!
I just don't get you. You always
support Bosco, but it's different with me.
You're not strong enough to do this, Vita.
And the sooner you see that, the better.
[Vita] Me not strong?
Says you?
You're so closed off,
I don't know if you love or hate me.
So where did being strong ever get you?
- You must think I'm one of your friends.
- No, I don't.
Because friends like each other,
and you don't like me at all.
Furthermore, friends
aren't jealous of each other.
Tell me how you can be jealous
of your own daughter.
You're meant to support me.
- Me? Jealous of you?
- Yes, Mum.
Yes, jealous.
And just because you're a failed singer,
doesn't mean I have to be.
- [Memet] Aria
- [Bosco] Yo, you!
Get your hands off my mum. Are you mad?
- [people murmuring]
- [shutters clicking]
[Memet] You okay, babe?
Why you two so fucking cozy?
Fam, are you doing a ting
with my sister behind my back?
[Bosco] Are you fucking with my sister
behind my back?
Fuck you. You're meant to be
my right-hand man. Are you mad?
[Memet] It ain't like that, bro.
[breathing heavily]
I love her, man.
- [Bosco] Hey, you fuck
- [Lennox] Hey!
Guys, guys, stop it! Stop this now!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, split it up! Break it up.
- Yo! Yo, yo, yo!
- [Lennox] Stop it now! Break it up!
What is going on?
- I'm so sorry, Tay.
- [Aria] Lennox, we're going.
[people murmuring]
[shutters clicking]
All right, can you put
your cameras down, please?
[Bosco sighs]
[door opens]
[door closes]
You okay?
I just wanna go home.
Look, it's all got a bit mad, innit?
I should have told Bos before, but
at least now he knows.
We ain't gotta hide anymore.
You know? We
We can still do all the things
we said we were gonna do.
Uh, we can actually be together, V.
And you know Bos, man.
- Like, he'll He'll come
- It's too late, Mem.
I'm not the same Vita anymore.
You were right. Maybe we should all just
do our own thing.
What? Of course you're the same Vita, man.
Yo, didn't you hear what I said in there?
Mem, you're always
gonna be looking after Bosco.
You can't help it.
I can't do that with you anymore.
And it's true, we are all messy,
and I'm tryna stay away from that.
Clearly, you can't.
[Laurent] V.
You ready?
I've gotta go.
You good?
[door closes]
- [Mark] Chan?
- ["By Your Side" plays on headphones]
Chan, where are you?
[Chantelle chuckles]
[music stops]
Guess what?
We're moving to New York, Chan.
- Oh.
- Wait, we're what?
Baby, you should've been there.
I mean, the showcase went well.
It went so well that the label's US execs
want me to set up shop over there.
[Chantelle sighs]
I thought you'd be pleased.
I mean, you love New York
Yeah, but it's a bit
of a big decision, isn't it?
Yeah, no, of course it is.
But I mean, this is This is
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, babe.
- Yeah, I know, but
- We could have an amazing life out there.
They're gonna set us up with an apartment,
we can find a school for Milan,
you can work remotely
Hey, listen, we can talk
about the details tomorrow, eh?
we celebrate, okay?
You sure we don't need to go back
to the hospital for that shoulder?
This guy, man.
He's fine. Stop fussing.
Bwoy, it's like mi
cyaan git nuttin right these days.
[Bosco] Dad.
[car door closes]
Are you all right?
- [car door closes]
- [footsteps approaching]
What's up, Beres?
You don't have your own home to go to?
[Beres] Cha.
[kisses teeth] I'll leave you lot to it.
[Beres scoffs]
Beres, what's happened?
Dad, what's wrong?
Go inside. Leave us.
Mi fadda pass, Ari.
My daddy gaan. [exhales]
B, I'm sorry.
[Beres crying]
[Beres] Mi haffi guh, um
Need to come ah Jamaica fi bury him.
Yeah, course. When you going?
Um, tomorrow night mi ah fly.
You'll come too?
I can't come all the way to Jamaica, B.
Him did love yuh, Ari.
Him wudda waan yuh deh.
Look, we is family, man.
Yuh was always a Champion to him.
- Mi nuh even know wah fi do. Jus
- I know. I know.
I know.
It's all right.
- [man on TV] What about you?
- [woman 1 on TV] Um
You know what? I'm easy.
- [woman 2] Morning.
- [woman 3] Hey.
[woman 1] I need to make some pancakes
[turns TV off]
So, what's wrong
with the great Beres Champion now?
His father passed.
- I said I'd go over there for the funeral.
- Over where?
Jamaica. Where else?
You can't be serious.
The family need me there, Len.
No, no, no. Don't even try that Aria.
Can you hear what you're saying?
You're leaving me to go and bury
the father of your ex-husband in Jamaica.
And that's how you drop it? No discussion?
I'm supposed to just accept that?
So, whappen? I'm a likkle eediat?
No. And it's bigger than you, Len.
Beres is in pieces, and I need to
What about me?
What am I? Your likkle shop bwoy?
Your likkle housekeeper?
The man who keeps
everything running just nice?
Although, [chuckles]
when the end of the day comes,
you can barely look at me.
Yeah, if truth be told, I'm starting
to feel like, say, if I wasn't around,
Beres would just step back into your life,
and you'd let him.
Like I was never even here.
[man speaking indistinctly on TV]
Let's just go to bed.
It's late, a lot's happened.
I love you, Aria,
but how can I accept this?
[man speaking indistinctly on TV]
[footsteps receding]
[man speaking indistinctly on TV]
Wah yuh want?
I'm sorry for your loss, innit?
Yuh nuh haffi git too sawf bout it.
Him did live good. [sniffles]
[Bosco exhales sharply]
When are we going?
To bury Granddad in Jamaica.
Yuh nah come ah Jamaica.
Mi ah guh bury mi fadda.
Mi nuh have no time fi look afta
bwoy pickney who cyaan stay outta trouble.
- What?
- Yuh outta jail ten minute
Yuh guh mash up di tour,
shame yuhself, shame mi.
Yuh have work fi do yah suh, Bosco.
Yuh need fi focus.
Git yuh head straight.
- But Vita, she's
- Nuh matta wah Vita ah do.
Dis wah mi seh
when mi ah talk bout focus.
Stay yah suh, man.
Write some new songs, and
git betta.
[somber music plays]
All right?
[Bosco sighs]
[door slams]
["Champion to the World" plays]
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