Champion (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Dat Is It

[crickets chirping]
[birds twittering]
[chickens clucking]
[goats bleating]
[woman] Come on, Beres.
[man] Sissy whappen to him?
Some bwoys down di lane beat him up
and tek him snow cone.
What is dem name?
Curtis and him fren dem.
Hector bad breed jacket son, Curtis?
[thunder rumbling]
- [rain falling]
- [speaking indistinctly]
[man] Hector!
[ominous music plays]
Wah yuh waan, Everald?
[Everald] Yuh son put him han pon mine
and teef from him too.
- Jus relax
- Jus mek sure yuh discipline him
before mi haffi discipline yuh.
Yuh hear dat?
[Hector breathing shakily]
[girl crying]
[thunder rumbling]
[ominous music continues]
By disrespecting yuh, Beres,
dat bwoy disrespected yuh name.
Therefore, him disrespect mi.
A man is jus him name, son.
And widout pride inna dat,
him nuh have nuttin.
No future, no legacy.
Yuh understand?
Don't come home wid cuts and bruises.
Yuh haffi mek people fear yuh.
Don't shame mi out yah.
Yuh ah my son.
Yuh a Champion.
Start acting like one.
[ominous music intensifies]
[airplane engine humming]
- [PA chimes]
- [exhales]
[woman over PA] Ladies and gentlemen,
we'll shortly be arriving
at Norman Manley International Airport.
I want to thank you all
for flying with us today.
If you are here on holiday,
I'd like to take this opportunity
to wish you a fantastic trip.
And to all our returnees,
welcome home.
[theme song plays]
["Jah I" plays]
- [man] Come on, hurry up.
- [horn honking]
["Jah I" continues playing on stereo]
- [driver] Maas Beres?
- [Beres] Mm?
Every night a big crowd dem ah pay
dem respects to Maas Everald, yuh know?
[Beres] Papa did popular man.
[driver] Yes, man.
Champion name still big bout yah.
Champion name still powerful.
- Dat mi ah seh.
- Oh, yuh nuh seh.
Things already betta ♪
Oh, things already betta ♪
Things already betta ♪
Things already betta ♪
Things already betta ♪
For the Lord is on my side ♪
Things already betta
Things already betta ♪
[horn honking]
Already betta ♪
Ah wagwan?
How come yuh look suh deady-deady?
Welcome. Welcome, ladies. Finally reach.
Yeah, mi deh yah, man, mi deh yah, man.
Yo, Miles, weh yuh ah seh?
Ah my dawta dis, yuh know. Vita Champion.
[Miles exclaims]
- [Beres] Yeah, man.
- [Vita] Hey.
- Suh ah mi foreign family dis?
- [Vita chuckles] Uncle Junior.
- [Junior] Good fi see yuh, Vita.
- [Vita chuckles]
- [man] Easy.
- [Junior] Whappen?
- All right? All right? [chuckles]
- [Aria chuckles]
But wah, weh Bosco deh?
[Beres] Whappen, Junior?
Whappen, man? Weh yuh seh? [chuckles]
- All right.
- [Junior] Good?
Yeah man, yeah man, yuh know.
Bosco busy wid di music ting, yuh know?
- Big tings ah gwaan, isn't it?
- [Junior] Mm.
Yo, Junior, before mi figet,
mi waan see Papa will.
Yeah, man. Mi ah call di lawyer fi yuh.
Yo, band man, rock sum music, nuh.
How yuh feeling? How yuh feeling?
- [upbeat music plays]
- [woman] Beres! Beres! Beres!
- Stop di noise out here.
- [Beres] Oh, Auntie Sissy, my God!
How mi figet yuh?
Wagwan? All right?
How di hip?
Don't worry bout my hip.
Mi still ah stand.
Ah, where is young Bosco?
- Di police dem nah mek him fly.
- [Sissy] Mm
Suh dem couldn't mek him come
jus fi him granfadda funeral?
[Beres] No, man.
Young girl, remember mi?
Yuh see, when yuh was likkle,
I used to pick out di macka
outta yuh foot bottom when yuh hide it deh
inna yuh knee. [laughs]
She remembers you, Auntie.
She's just tired. We all are.
So I can see.
- Junior!
- [Junior] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Auntie.
[Sissy] Show Vita to her room, please.
- Yo, Chalky!
- [Chalky] Yo.
When yuh dun, guh ah Mongoose Bar
and git ten crate ah Red Stripe, seen?
[Junior] See yuh room yah.
All right.
All right, mi soon forward, yuh hear?
[upbeat music continues in the background]
[line ringing]
- ["Natural Mystic" by Bob Marley plays]
- [line continues ringing]
There's a natural mystic
Blowing through the air ♪
If you listen carefully now ♪
You will hear ♪
This could be the first trumpet ♪
Might as well be the last ♪
Many more will have to suffer ♪
Many more will have to die ♪
Don't ask me why ♪
Things are not the way they used to be ♪
I won't tell no lie ♪
[song fades]
[Junior] Y pree, mi English family?
Why you up so early?
Mi used to it by now.
Used to haffi wake early
fi cook Papa breakfast before him wake up.
So why you still doing it?
Wah bout yuh?
Still running on British time.
Yuh know seh real hard food mek yuh strong
like a bull fi breakfast, yuh know?
[Vita] Smells good.
Bosco would have loved all of this. man.
For real. Wudda nice if him deh yah, man.
Let mi ask yuh sumting.
Yuh know seh ah Jamaica yuh deh?
- Suh wah mek yuh look suh miserable?
- [sighs]
I dunno. Life? Music?
Everything's confusing right now.
Everyting in life
is hard di first time. Look.
Yuh evah cut breadfruit before?
- No.
- [chuckles] Well, today yuh ah guh learn.
- Hold dis, English.
- ["Natural Mystic" resumes]
[Vita laughs]
- All right.
- Mek sure yuh git it right inna di middle.
- Yeah, man. Yuh ah do it, man.
- It's stuck.
There's a natural mystic ♪
[chattering and laughing]
- [Beres] Yuh waan feel mi squeeze yuh?
- Listen, jus tie di shoes dem, man.
[both laughing]
Grand rising, empress.
Whappen? Yuh sleep good?
Where you guys going?
[Beres] We have a funeral to plan.
Mi haffi guh sort out headstone,
funeral programs,
guh see sum family and friend
cross di bush deh.
The both of you?
Um, Mum, I was hoping that we could talk.
Suh whappen, yuh cyaan talk later?
Yuh ready?
- [Aria] Yeah.
- Den come now.
- Mum.
- Later.
[Beres] Yes, yes.
- [car door closes]
- [engine starts]
Oi, miss, come and help mi
prepare di food.
Mek yuhself useful.
Dis not a hotel.
Come. Come and help mi now.
Put dem young hands to work.
All right.
Have you got an apron that I can use?
Apron? [laughs]
- [Vita] Auntie?
- [Sissy] Mm?
[Vita] When you first met my mum,
what was she like?
[Sissy chuckles]
She looked jus like yuh do now.
Same face, same smile.
God, yuh fadda
had sum of dat fool-fool gyal,
but not once did he tell mi a name.
So I was shock
when him brought yuh madda round yah.
But when I talk to her,
I could see why him loved her.
She was jus like his mother,
God rest her soul.
- Grandma Paulette?
- Mm-hm.
Fiery, strong. [chuckles]
Is a shame yuh neva git to meet her.
But Aria was neva afraid of anyting.
Round di house yah,
deh was cockroach and scorpion,
but she neva blink twice.
She jus seh,
"Weh is di machete?"
[both laughing]
There must be a picture of her in deh.
- [Vita] Is this you?
- [Sissy laughs]
Oh my days.
They used to be suh happy.
But yuh fadda
[Sissy sighs deeply]
Leopard cyaan change him spots.
[Vita] Is this Junior's mum?
[pot boiling]
Ello, ello, ello, ello!
Junior, yuh blasted jumbi!
Yuh waan mi have heart attack?
Yuh waan two funeral instead of one?
Jus cool now, Auntie. Ah Vita mi come fah.
Mi need her help wid sumting.
Come, man, come.
Junior! Junior, pull up yuh pants!
[Vita laughs] Wait! What we doing?
A jailbreak dis, man. Come.
Yuh need fi worry less and live more.
[laughs] Yes, but then where we going?
[chuckles] Yuh ah guh find out, man.
["Walk & Talk" by Rytikal plays]
[both laughing]
[selecta] Wollan, wollan, wollan!
Unuh know seh ah di baddest place.
[engines revving]
["Nah Let Go" by Vybz Kartel
plays over speakers]
We reach.
Reach? Where?
Ah Butchers.
The what?
[Junior] Dem say if yuh can survive
di Butchers, yuh can survive anyting.
Yeah, yeah.
But every king have a queen
Weh him love though ♪
Every man have a wife
Weh him love though ♪
Memba whappen di other night ♪
When you and a gyal
Ketch up and ah fight? ♪
After mi tell yuh seh dat's all right ♪
Yuh really come back
Wid a longer knife ♪
Mi go Mobay and Krae
Get a brown gyal, gi' me ♪
When mi look mi see
Mi woman in a full flight ♪
Mi baby madda seh yuh bright
Mi seh, "Gyal, how yuh find mi? ♪
She seh she trail white night ♪
She seh, "How yuh love woman suh?" ♪
She seh, "Anyhow" ♪
Wollan, wollan, wollan!
- A di Butchers dis!
- [cheering]
Suh if yuh bad, show ah we!
Chi Ching Ching!
Ching, Ching, Ching, Ching, Ching!
Yo, mi ready fi turn up in yah now!
- We ready?
- [cheering]
[upbeat music plays]
Yout, yuh fi know grass root ♪
Mi season inna di business already ♪
Young bud nuh know storm neither ♪
Uptown yout
Nuh know when planting a shoot ♪
Way up ready, UFO miles ♪
See we have
Every gyal ah smile ♪
Way up, look, UFO miles ♪
Mi see dem down di road
But dem ah lay wait mi style ♪
Yo, weh dem ah lay wait?
Weh dem ah lay wait, eh? ♪
Weh dem ah lay wait?
Weh dem ah lay wait, eh? ♪
Mi nuh know wagwan ah England,
but ah Jamaica yuh deh now.
- [Chi Ching Ching laughs]
- Dis ah yuh roots.
And which best place fi water dem.
Everybody know
Seh mi roll like 4-truck tire ♪
Party ah keep and dem nah mek no flyer ♪
Bout album ah sell
And dem nah get no buyer ♪
[selecta] People, Pamputtae!
Pamputtae, follow, follow, follow!
- I could never do this.
- [Pamputtae] Wah dem ah deal wid? ♪
Why not?
Ah mi dem ah romp wid ♪
I sing, yeah, but I can't do that.
Ah di same ting wah Bosco do.
And who give him di words?
[Pamputtae] Weh dem know bout? ♪
Bad gyal ah step up in di life ♪
We step up in a gyal face
If she get bright ♪
Who dat inna di scope, inna mi sight? ♪
Dem cyaan diss mi
Trust, me ah war ♪
Me ah di don ♪
Me nuh care if dem link wid a bad man ♪
Yo, mi cut dem dutty like a madman ♪
Fireball rain down pon dem
Like ah God plan ♪
Tell a gyal don't mess di badness
Di badness, di badness ♪
If a gyal diss, a shoe seal in a chest ♪
Rub dem out, rub dem out ♪
Pon chat inna yuh face
We push out ♪
Bad gyal ah step up in di life ♪
We step up in a gyal face
If she get bright ♪
Who dat inna di scope, inna mi sight? ♪
Dem cyaan diss mi
Trust, me ah war ♪
[crowd chanting]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Junior, touch di mic now.
No, no, no, no, no, no, selecta.
Ah nuh my night.
- Come, Vita. Come show dem.
- [chattering]
You're a Champion.
All right all right.
[upbeat music plays]
Yo, yo, yo ♪
Yo, weh you feel like? ♪
British gyal
Mi nuh know bout seaside ♪
Bad gyal from mi born, from knee-high ♪
Man dem waan mi honey
Dem ah tek mi fi a Beyhive ♪
Mi madda tell mi
Pon a man yuh nuh fi rely ♪
Princess, the kinda gyal
Yuh haffi treat right ♪
And when I switch my accent
I know I got him ♪
Him seh mi cyaan believe
Yuh born deh ah foreign ♪
Mi love di profit
Hella stack inna mi pocket ♪
Neva worry bout deposit
If mi waan it, mi ah cop it ♪
Dem nah guh stop it
Moving up jus like a rocket ♪
See mi deh suh in mi bonnet
When mi step inna di office ♪
Dem call mi Vita or di sexy señorita ♪
Man dem waan go out fi eat
And all di gyal dem waan a feature ♪
Suh mek mi teach yuh
How fi deal wid dutty creature ♪
Haffi block and den delete dem
If dem waan tek yuh fi eediat ♪
Yo, yo
Mi look good any time mi tek a photo ♪
Mi waan money
Money by di boatload ♪
Might haffi get di Roley
Inna di rose gold ♪
Violate di family
Dat is a no-go ♪
Why yuh tink mi bredda
Git harassed by di po-po? ♪
Step wid Chanel
Suh dem call mi Coco ♪
Mi waan it up front
Mi nah inna pro bono ♪
Bro, bro ♪
I protect my peace ♪
I protect my peace ♪
From London Town to the West Indies ♪
Yes, I am blessed indeed, yeah ♪
[selecta] Yes, indeed! Yes, indeed!
Yes, indeed!
Ah wah dem call yuh, gyal?
Vita! Vita Champion!
Vita Champion, big up yuhself!
["Ting Gone" plays over speakers]
Gyal, yuh bad.
[Vita] Oh, thank you. [laughs]
Can you believe it? That was so sick.
- Wah mi did tell yuh?
- Did you see me up there?
I can't believe it, man.
- [Junior] Yo, Shayen, give mi a light.
- I felt like a different person up there.
I wish Bosco could have seen it, though.
Don't worry bout Bosco, Vita, man.
Tonight ah fi yuh night yuh know.
How come you never left here like Dad did?
[Junior exhales]
Mi always feel like
mi did born fi live fi people.
Yuh know?
But yuh know now Papa gaan,
mi can live more free.
[lighter clicks]
Start fi bill, plan.
[lighter clicks]
Sun neva shine pon mi like yuh fadda.
[footsteps approaching]
How was your day?
Um, good.
Still lots to prepare.
- Yours?
- Mm.
Junior took me to some place,
The Butchers.
Mum, I rapped. [laughs]
I didn't even know I could do that.
Are you all right, Mum?
What do you want me to say, Vita?
I thought you came in here to apologize.
You didn't think to ask me
about singing my own song?
I did it for you.
I wanted it to be a surprise.
You never once thought to yourself
what that song actually meant to me.
What happened back then.
Why I was there back then.
Why I'm not there now.
Come. Sit by me.
I know people always say this, but
I really was gonna be something, you know.
It was all planned out.
But just before
I got to release the song
I found out
I was pregnant with you brother.
Your dad told me
that it would be impossible.
I believed him.
As soon as the baby was born,
I thought
he was gonna get me started again.
But one day,
he took me up Lee High Road
and showed me Aria's Restaurant,
family-run West Indian takeaway.
I stepped one foot
in that place 24 years ago
and I've never left.
- Mum, I'm so
- It's fine.
It's fine, Vita.
I don't need your sympathy.
I just need you to understand
what I gave up.
I I hope it works out for you,
but, uh
chances are you'll end up in my position.
You should know what that cost.
[footsteps receding]
[door closes]
[chattering and laughter]
Yuh all right?
Why didn't you let Mum do
what she wanted back then?
[Beres] Listen, nuh badda
wid all dat now, man.
Yuh madda
Don't mek her put her failures pon yuh.
Yuh and her are different.
Like mi and my fadda.
I was neva like him.
But mi mek di mistake
of trying to be di man he was.
[tense music plays]
Don't do wah mi do.
Always be yuh.
Dat's why yuh need fi tek risks.
Strike out like wah mi do
and tek wah yuh waan from life.
Nuh mek nobody wull yuh back.
[gentle music plays]
[Beres] Yuh all right, Auntie?
[refrigerator door opens]
[Sissy] Tell me something, Beres.
At what point
does a father's responsibility end?
Do you think Everald
would be proud of you?
It nuh matta.
Mi bill sumting wid him name.
Him wudda proud of dat.
[ice clinking]
Mi do enuff.
That is what you call enuff?
[Sissy chuckles]
[Beres sighs]
[phone buzzing]
Vita! [chuckles]
How's Jamaica?
I'm ready to do this properly.
For real this time.
Okay, cool. Well, let's see.
I pulled some strings,
and I've got a little trial run for you.
I got you a spot at J.A. Fest
tomorrow night.
If you can pull this off,
consider me your manager.
Well, how much do you really want this?
I do, I just
I do. I do.
Get some rest. I'll chat to you tomorrow.
- Okay. Thank you so
- [line beeps]
Bos, I know you're mad at me right now,
but so many amazing things are happening
out here, and I wanna tell you about them.
I'm sorry about the whole Memet thing.
I should have told you.
But that's done now, I promise.
Just call me back, please.
Uncle Junior?
- ["Cassava Piece" by Augustus Pablo plays]
- [chattering]
[Aria] Delivery is Thursday.
Lennox knows that.
Can you get him to call me
when he gets back, please?
Yeah, I know. I know.
Thanks, Mina.
[man 1] Yes!
- [man 2] Come on!
- [Beres] Aria, come here.
Come see how di man ah mek it easy fi mi.
See how mi box di man face.
Gwaan seet deh.
You letting him take food out your mouths?
Yuh still cyaan guh nowhere wid dat.
Seet deh.
- [man 3] Gimme dis. Block.
- [Beres laughs]
Di first time mi beat my fadda
at dominoes, yuh know,
is when mi first bring Aria
fi come meet him
right inna deh yard yah suh.
Yuh is always been my lucky charm
fi dominoes, nuh true? [chuckles]
Where's Vita?
She gone ah rehearsals wid Junior.
- [Aria] Mm.
- [Beres] Mm?
Wah yuh mean, "mm"?
Yuh still vex bout di song?
Ancient history dat, baby.
To you.
Look to di future, man.
When she do dis performance at J.A. Fest,
she will carry on di Champion legacy.
Suh whatever yuh and her have,
jus put dat to one side now
and come wid mi, come watch her perform.
Be proud of di legacy
yuh helped bill, baby.
All right, come guh nuh. Gwaan.
- [man 3] Yeah, man. We're waiting.
- Rack dem up.
I'm gonna get two high deh.
Two Jus put two thousand in deh
and shake
["On Fire" plays]
Show no weakness ♪
Mi ah no slave
Suh nuh try come beat me ♪
Mi believe in miself completely ♪
Like di weed weh mi blend wid grabba ♪
I'm on fire ♪
Rich like Lee-Chin ♪
Fi dem hate fi sum unknown reasons ♪
Till mi gate automatic Jah Jah ♪
No smoke ♪
[woman] Thank you, everyone.
Big up yourself.
Yo, we love you!
Yo, yo. Yuh know seh J.A. Fest.
Myself Junior.
Big up yuhself, Vita Champion.
Come tell dem sumting now. Guh forward.
["Got It" plays over speakers]
Your lips, your touch
It's just too much ♪
It gives me everything ♪
All right.
Can't get enough
You got me locked ♪
- Oh boy, I'm losing it ♪
- [Junior] Dat is it.
Every night I dream that I
Could slow-dance in your arms ♪
Dirty dancing, romancing
Kiss under the stars ♪
I don't want anyone
You're the one that I want ♪
You're the one that I'm missing ♪
Love the way that you love
And the way that you touch ♪
Make a woman dizzy ♪
So no need for you to be ♪
Remind mi ah yuh when yuh was her age.
You got my heart
You got me deep ♪
Ooh ♪
Hey, hey!
Mi shoulda neva mek yuh stop.
You know you got it all ♪
Ain't no one else like you ♪
Shout it to the world ♪
Baby, you have my love ♪
Gyal, anywhere yuh enter ♪
Yuh ah run di dance front and center ♪
Bagga man
Ah run yuh down like sprinter ♪
Pretty brown skin complexion ginger ♪
Body shape round like car fender ♪
Man ah ride and ah charge like Tesla ♪
But if yuh waan di real ting
Not a pretender ♪
Nah any dem wid dem different agenda ♪
I wanna tek yuh home
Put yuh inna my zone ♪
We can watch a movie
Do whatever yuh waan ♪
Gyal, tun off yuh iPhone
Let's do sumting quite grown ♪
If yuh wid it
In a minute we'll be winding slow ♪
One ting dat I know
When our bodies are close ♪
Time stands still
And everyting is slow-mo ♪
I don't mean to impose
But what is yuh info? ♪
'Cause yuh body hotter
Than a pot pon di stove ♪
- Girl, you got what I want ♪
- I want ♪
Wid Champion Crown, dem legacy
ah guh carry on my fadda legacy.
All right, Beres, enough shoptalk.
Watch di pickney pon stage, nuh.
Look how she shine.
Baby, you have my love ♪
[groove plays]
[music stops]
Vita Champion, everybody!
Remember di name!
And Junior too!
[crowd chanting] Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion!
Champion! Champion! Champion! Champion!
- Champion! Champion!
- [Aria laughs]
[crickets chirping]
[knock on door]
Mi can come?
[Aria] Mm-hm.
[Beres sighs]
You ready for tomorrow?
Yuh neva really git ready
fi bury a parent.
Mi always love di feel of yuh skin.
Smell good too.
Tell mi yuh nuh miss mi, Ari.
You should go.
- We can't.
- Shh.
[Aria breathing shakily]
[suspenseful tone plays]
[melancholy music plays]
[Junior] Yuh know,
Papa teach mi how fi do dis.
Yuh git di will?
- Cah if yuh ramp wid mi
- Don't worry bout dat.
I go git it dis eveling.
Mi ah do di reading at di funeral.
Weh yuh talk bout?
Ah mi fi do dat.
It print inna di program already.
It ah guh look funny
if yuh change, nuh true?
Uh, Dad, you ready?
[Beres] Yeah, mi trash and ready.
[Beres] You all right?
[Vita] How did a man named Everald
get the nickname Jack?
[Sissy] Yuh know, it was suh long ago.
I don't remember
why dem did call him Jack.
Tink it had to do wid some cow
dat did deh ah yard when he was young.
Now, Brother Love,
I know how him git dat deh name deh.
And it neva have anyting
to do wid di church, dat I know.
[pastor] We now have a reading
from Everald's eldest son, Beres.
Good fi see enuff people
come fi give Papa a good sen off.
Him wudda appreciate
di attention, yuh know.
Everald Ballentine Champion
was more than a fadda to mi.
Him was my inspiration.
[rhythmic clapping and singing]
He wasn't a man
to tek nonsense from anybody.
He'd have respect fi yuh
if you'd have respect fi him.
Oh, when my Lord has called me home ♪
- [bell rings]
- Happy, happy home beyond the sky ♪
Meet me by the river someday ♪
- Meet me by the river ♪
- [bell rings]
Someday ♪
Meet me by the river, not far away ♪
- Oh, when my Lord has called me home ♪
- [bell rings]
Happy, happy home beyond the sky ♪
Meet me by the river someday ♪
- [bell rings]
- Meet me by the river ♪
Someday ♪
Meet me by the river, not far away ♪
[bell rings]
Oh, when my Lord has called me home ♪
Happy, happy home beyond the sky ♪
[voices fade] Meet me by the river ♪
Someday ♪
Here yuh go.
- God bless yuh, my son.
- Yeah, Auntie.
yuh have di ting?
[tense music plays]
Where is the will, bwoy?
[Junior] Yeah, man.
Mi have it.
But mi nuh feel like yuh gaan like
wah yuh see pon dat.
[paper rustling]
Yuh nuh see yuh name pon it?
[paper rustling]
Wah di fuck yuh do?
Mi nuh do nuttin.
Papa own words dem.
Him seh yuh wouldn't need anyting
wah him left behind.
Him seh mi wudda need it more.
True mi fadda left mi.
Shut yuh mout.
[tense music plays]
Men and their foolishness.
who is Junior?
[breathing shakily]
[dramatic music plays]
[music stops abruptly]
Mi son.
[melancholy music plays]
So this whole time
you've been pretending he's our uncle?
And then, what, forced him to lie to us?
[dramatic music plays]
[Beres] Ari
mi sorry.
[breathing shakily]
So stupid.
So, so stupid.
Where are you going, Mum?
I've been so stupid my whole
fucking life, Vita. I'm going home.
All right, well, I'm coming with you.
[Sissy] Yuh mek one likkle bun
run yuh away?
nuh rock di boat ova one outside pickney.
[breathes shakily]
[Sissy] Man ah man,
and man will do man tings.
But, Aria, in di long run,
Beres nah choose yuh?
Vita, go and tell Chalky we're leaving.
[tense music plays]
I know me and you
are from different times,
and I've always respected you as my elder,
so pardon me when I say,
the reason why Beres and his dad
felt they could treat women
any way they please
is because women like you
taught them it was okay.
Pot. Kettle.
That's why yuh hip suh bad.
Cah yuh wicked from di inside out, Sissy.
[dramatic music plays]
[walking stick tapping]
[van door closes]
Look how much years
mi give yuh fi tell dem.
- Look how much years mi sit and wait.
- Shut yuh raas mout.
Yuh nuh tell mi wah fi do.
The only man who can tell mi
wah fi do bury this morning.
[Beres sniffles]
Nuh worry yuhself, man.
Cah mi know now
yuh is a liar,
yuh is a cheat,
yuh is a bumboclaat cow
[ominous music plays]
[Beres grunts]
[Beres panting]
Wah yuh waan from mi, bwoy?
- [music intensifies then stops]
- Mi nuh waan nuttin from yuh.
Yuh neva give mi nuttin in my life.
Mi nuh expect nuttin fi change now.
Me git everyting off of Papa will.
Mi git di wull ah di estate,
Mi set.
Dis ah di last time yuh ah step foot
inna dis house, yuh understand?
Alla dis is mine now.
[melancholy music plays]
Papa was ashamed ah yuh.
[footsteps receding]
[slow-tempo groove plays]
[door closes]
[line ringing]
[melancholy music plays]
[melancholy music plays]
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