Champion (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Moist Yute

[airplane engine humming]
[PA chimes]
[woman speaking indistinctly over PA]
Good fi see yuh, my bwoy.
Your boy?
What about Junior, Dad?
Suh yuh come fi cuss mi off?
Come. Man-to-man.
- [suitcase thuds]
- Mek ah tell yuh how it guh.
[Beres] Yo.
- Yuh hear wah mi jus seh, bwoy?
- [Bosco] Hm?
[Bosco sighs]
Mi seh now mi return,
it's time fi launch Champion Crown.
Strike while di iron hot.
Yeah, yeah. I'm ready, trust me.
[Beres] Look, we nuh waan
dis opportunity fi pass we.
Now ah di time fi focus, yuh si mi?
Whatever happen ah Jamaica
stay ah Jamaica.
Yeah, but
We have a legacy fi bill, nuh true?
[sighs] I hear you, Dad.
[somber music plays]
[Beres] Dawn will call yuh
wid di next steps tomorrow.
[somber tone continues]
[theme song plays]
[Vita] ♪your touch
It's just too much ♪
- It gives me everything ♪
- [Junior] All right.
Can't get enough
You got me locked ♪
- Oh boy I'm losing it ♪
- [Junior] Dat is it.
Every night I dream that I
Could slow dance in your arms ♪
- Dirty dancing, romancing ♪
- [door opens]
- Kiss under the stars ♪
- [Yemi chuckles]
I don't want anyone ♪
Yo. These J.A. Fest articles
you sent over are mad.
[Yemi laughs]
I wouldn't call them mad,
I'd call them correct.
Why don't you see how incredible you are?
Anyway, here's your management contract.
["November" plays over speakers]
I'm gonna make you a star.
- [laughs]
- [laughs] Mark my words.
But, um, first, I wanna talk to you about
something that isn't in the contract.
So, listen, I'm gonna need you
to think really long and hard
about the people
you've been surrounding yourself with.
I'm talking about your family.
You need to bring in new blood.
That is how you can be
the Vita you wanna be
without the rest of them pulling you down.
That Champion legacy stuff,
it doesn't even mean anything.
It was just my dad's way
of controlling us.
I'm doing this for me now.
- Where do I sign?
- Oi.
You need to go over this
with a lawyer before you sign anything.
God, did them people
not teach you nothing?
Oh, and you're gonna need
somewhere to stay.
- So I've sorted you a place to live.
- [Vita chuckles]
[melancholy music plays]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Vita] Getting the rest of my stuff.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Yuh ah guh somewhere nice?
Did you enjoy the rest of your trip? Yeah?
Any more siblings I should know about?
All right.
Mi deserve dat one.
[Beres laughs]
You're laughing?
He deserved more than that.
Look, man, it's ah big people tings.
Yuh too young fi understand wagwan.
From when I was young, I've been
understanding more than I should have.
Have you ever been our dad?
And I ain't just talking about Junior.
I'm talking about the fact that
you've only ever seen us as a brand.
Never a family. Never as people.
- All right, enough now, V.
- Enough?
Sorry, have you looked at Bosco, really?
Like, really looked at him?
'Cause I know you don't wanna see it, Dad,
but he is fragile.
Fragile, wah?
Stop chat foolishness.
Di bwoy haffi learn fi hangle himself.
I don't think Memet was driving
that night when they crashed.
I think Memet lied to protect Bosco
because everyone but you can see
that Bosco is about to break.
Yuh dun?
Cah mi have work fi do.
Bye, Dad, yeah?
Take care of yourself.
[suitcase thuds]
[melancholy music plays]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[Yemi chuckles]
- Whoa.
- Isn't it stunning?
[Vita] Yeah, it is.
So, while I remember,
I spoke to the editor of The Face
this morning, and guess what?
- They've confirmed the cover.
- Oh! Yes!
[both laugh]
It's the quickest "yes"
I've ever had for a client.
- Oh my God.
- [laughs]
[mid-tempo music continues]
The best bit?
- [Yemi chuckles]
- [Vita gasps]
[Yemi] Now you don't even
need to leave your yard to work.
It's perfect, isn't it?
Yeah, it's perfect.
I've got some producers I'd like you
to work with. I'mma set up some meetings.
It's fine, actually.
I think I know someone.
[kettle boiling]
[door closes]
[water pouring]
You all right, Mummy?
So you couldn't get me
a present from Jamaica, nah?
I see your dad's already got to you.
What's he been whispering
in your ear this time?
- Don't be like that.
- That man lied to me for 25 years.
And he lied to you too.
I know that must be bunning you,
so don't come in here
and act like nothing's changed.
[sighs] He explained that what he done
weren't malicious or bad, man.
He just didn't know how to tell us.
And if it happened to me,
I'd probably do the same thing.
Spoken like the son of Beres Champion.
[Bosco scoffs]
Anyway, Champion Crown launch next week
is gonna be a game-changer for me.
I don't care about any launch!
I don't care about Champion Crown!
You didn't even tell me Lennox had gone!
I made the wrong choice,
and you're doing the same thing.
And there's nothing I can say or do
to change that, is there, Bosco?
You will always kill yourself
to please your father.
At least he made something of himself.
What'd you want me to do,
take over Aria's?
Get out.
Here we go. Your kid does something
you don't like, and you kick them out.
I mean it, get out!
[cup shatters]
[footsteps receding]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Honey] Bosco's still not chatting to you?
Junior's how much younger than him?
- Like, six months.
- [Honey scoffs]
["Love" plays over speakers]
And what's his looks saying?
- Honey
- [laughs] I'm playing. I'm playing.
Rah, that's the Champion family done then.
Never thought the day would come.
Anyway, I've spoken enough about me.
Tell me something about you.
I'm going to America! [laughs]
Wait, what?
How come?
Mark set me up with some New York manager,
and I'm going over there
to show them what I'm all about.
No Come here. Well done.
I'm excited, but I'm shook.
America's huge.
I'm gonna be some loner
with, what, Mark as my only bredren?
Maybe Milan can take your place
as my best friend.
What do you mean?
You know they're all moving out there?
Mark's gonna be working for Worldstream.
I thought Chantelle would've told someone.
Obviously not.
Look, I need to talk to Chantelle.
But listen
well done.
I'm proud of you.
- [chattering]
- ["Love" continues playing]
[shutter clicks]
[Dawn] What's going on?
["I Say" plays over speakers]
[Beres speaking indistinctly]
I just tried to withdraw my wages
from the account, and
coming like the Sahara.
Drier than dry, B.
Yeah, well
mi haffi move sum tings round, yuh know?
Until mi fadda money come tru.
And how long before it makes
a grand appearance?
It soon come, Dawn.
[scoffs] What you mean, "Soon come, Dawn"?
Gimme likkle time, nuh?
People need paying.
Nuh worry bout dat.
Yuh know, mi mek some calls.
Mi sort it out.
Mi like dem hair yah.
Ah wah dis? Yuh lost yuh mind?
Yuh smoke crack?
You know what I used to like about you, B?
You always had a plan.
But now, it coming
like you're just running on charm.
And trust me, dat cyaan last.
Mi nuh pay yuh fi look tru mi paperwork.
- Mi pay yuh fi keep Bosco money straight.
- [scoffs]
But you don't pay me, B.
And look like Bosco
ain't gonna get paid either.
What's he think about that?
Him nuh know.
But he's a director.
Isn't he?
[sighs] Wait.
Listen, I'm doing what's best
fi Champion business.
So you just been telling him
lies bout "your ting,"
when, actually,
he's just your little puppet?
Mi ah look afta him.
You can tell yourself what you want,
but tell that boy the truth,
or I can't be a part of this.
Since when has we as big people
consult likkle children bout wagwan?
Well, since when did big people
tek weh alla dem pickney money?
Suh wah? Yuh nuh have nuh mark
against your name?
Wah, yuh neva involve?
Look here,
I did not know you lied to that boy.
Look, soon,
Champion Crown will be in control.
You're in control now, B.
And where's that got Bosco?
[sighs] That boy was safer in prison
than with you. [sighs]
[door closes]
[slow-tempo theme song plays]
[kisses teeth]
[doorbell rings]
Ah, Vita.
You look well.
Must have caught the sun
performing at J.A. Fest.
Who set that little gig up for you?
Are you moving to New York?
[footsteps approaching]
You'd better come in.
How can you lot do this to him?
Not everything's about your brother, Vita.
[Chantelle] So you know.
It's an amazing opportunity, Vita.
[Vita] You're taking the best thing
my brother has away from him.
And you're cool with that?
No, I'm not cool with it,
but you're not a parent.
- You wouldn't understand.
- No, I'm not a parent.
But I know that
he missed two years of her life.
You're taking her away for the rest of it.
Come on.
All right, drama queen.
It's a plane ride away. Yeah?
I did think you'd be a bit more upset
about your manager leaving.
Word on the street
is you're working with Yemi now?
Right under my nose as well. Unbelievable.
- I signed with Worldstream, not you.
- After all the strings I pulled.
The followers I bought, the image
I gave you. This is the thanks I get.
What is Milan gonna do without her dad?
What's he gonna do without her?
What are you gonna do without always
being pulled into Bosco's shit?
Maybe it's time to live your own life.
Just, please, let me tell him myself.
[upbeat music plays over speakers]
[Memet] What you lot sayin'?
You feeling this one, yeah?
Yeah, I see you. I see you.
Yeah. Okay, okay.
And it's giving
It's giving, it's giving ♪
It's South London's finest ♪
Been fighting the odds like 15 years
I'm always outnumbered like this ♪
You know I come from
Deep in the trenches ♪
- They ain't from down under like this ♪
- Take over.
- It's mad I'm only in school ♪
- [Memet] Yo, just come.
Yo, just Come on, just put it down.
[man] Do another tune, Bosco.
["Golden" plays over speakers]
Uh ♪
Yeah ♪
I need a round of applause
I need a standing ovation ♪
You good, yeah?
♪down in the basement
Don't need your verification ♪
Look, there should have been
some words between us
about me and V,
but I want you to know
it weren't no sleazy
I don't wanna know
all that information, bro.
It's nothing.
I've come to talk to you
about something else.
Man's been feelin'
brand-new since the accident.
Hey! Might have to call
my next single "Brand New," cuz.
Listen to this though,
we need to get back in the studio
before Champion Crown launches.
Me, you, couple gyal,
one-two Henny, what you sayin'?
I don't think it's a good idea
for us to work together, man.
What? Why?
Last time we did that, you ended up
smashing phones and shit, bro.
Like, I ain't on what you're on, B.
Not anymore.
All right. Think about it though, yeah?
Golden ♪
Got the path that I'm molding ♪
Got my cards
I ain't folding ♪
I do need a favor, though.
I beg you let me stay at your yard
for a couple of nights.
- What?
- It's a couple of nights
You almost killed us, bro.
You've been keeping up a fuckery
with my sister. The past is the past.
[Memet] You don't need me, Bos.
You need to talk to a professional
about your mental.
What you trying to say,
I'm fucking mad or suttin'?
Is that what you're telling me?
I've been feeling better than ever.
I'm fucking winning out here, you know.
I'm winning.
- [guard] Oi, mate.
- [Bosco] Get your hands off me.
Do you know who I am?
You know what? Don't you ever say
you're my bredren again, man.
- [guard] Come on, let's go.
- Yeah, I'm going, man.
Student of the game ♪
[Bosco] Fuck off!
I said I'm going. Get off!
Ruthless when I aim
Find out if you step in my sector ♪
Step into this den here ♪
["Bad Barbie" plays over speakers]
[door closes]
Yo, this place is too cold.
- You going somewhere?
- No, I'm staying, innit.
Can't leave you all alone
in a big place like this.
Can I?
Anyway, you told Yemi
I could have a key for work.
- [fridge door opens]
- She stocked you up, innit?
You hungry?
Yeah, I could eat.
Yeah, so could I.
But you relax,
and I'll make us dinner, yeah?
Bad Barbie ♪
Bad Barbie ♪
- Bad Barbie ♪
- When the lights go down ♪
- Bad Barbie ♪
- Make my own money now ♪
- Bad Barbie ♪
- I'm the baddest in town ♪
Bad Barbie ♪
Signing with Yemi was the best thing
you could have done.
Baby, this Barbie
Break out of the box ♪
You're gonna be proper looked after now.
Clackity clack ♪
Paradise was just the beginning.
Smackity smack ♪
Yeah. I'm excited.
Not even just about this.
I can make all the music I want
without Mark snaking me.
We can make all the music we want.
I'll be right here with you.
Bad Barbie ♪
[Vita chuckles]
Bad Barbie ♪
Bad Barbie ♪
["Breath Gone" by Tarqs
(ft. Jammz & Don Sinini) plays on stereo]
[light buzzing]
Don't want you to say goodbye ♪
[Bosco inhales deeply]
[exhales deeply]
I can't lie
Breath gone 'cause you took mine ♪
[DJ on stereo] Remi Burgz here
on the BBC Radio 1Xtra drive-time show.
I've got a huge guest in the studio today.
Big Bulla, how you feeling?
[Bulla] What you sayin'? You good?
[Burgz] I'm good but not as good as you.
Your new track, "Cancel Culture,"
has just flown into the charts
at number two.
[Bulla] It's a banger.
[Burgz] To the people that don't know,
what's the song about?
Basically, certain man try edge man
into the cancellation zone, innit.
- [Burgz] Mm.
- So I had to clear up the story.
- They're feeling it.
- [Bosco scoffs]
You get me?
I had to tell them what really happened.
[Burgz] Well, you heard it here first
on BBC 1Xtra.
- "Cancel Culture," by Big Bulla.
- [Bosco kisses teeth]
Cancel who?
You can't cancel man ♪
Like I wasn't on the pavements
Pushing grams on grams ♪
Like I never had that trap
Smelling like Amsterdam ♪
Before the music
I was really doing hand-to-hands ♪
Before the music
I was really doing bootings ♪
I was really over there invading blocks
Like I was Putin ♪
I was really kinda scared
I aimed the Glock ♪
And bro said, "Do it"
Too young for it ♪
But by the 3rd or 4th time
I was numb to it ♪
I used to have it right ♪
[music distorts]
- [kisses teeth, sighs]
- [music stops]
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[mid-tempo music continues]
[phone buzzing]
It's only midday. Come back to bed.
Are you gonna tell Yemi
why I'm late for the photo shoot? [laughs]
It's The Face.
It's gonna be so good for me, you know.
I remember when Bos
got on the cover of it.
Broadened his whole audience.
But guess what?
Yours is gonna be even better.
[tender piano music plays]
- You sure you can't stay ten more minutes?
- Ten minutes?
- You know I can do a lot in ten minutes.
- [laughs]
I'll see you later. Are you gonna be here?
Wherever you are, I am.
Moist yute. Get off.
[footsteps receding]
["Out Here" plays over speakers]
Jesus Christ.
How yuh look suh.
Just 'low me. I'm just tired.
- [Dawn] Tired?
- Mm-hm.
This doesn't look like just tired to me.
Did you read the Champion Crown documents
before you signed them?
What for?
Oh, Bosco. Man
- [Bosco] What?
- [Dawn sighs]
Go on.
Champion Crown
is a subsidiary of your old label.
So all your money now
is gonna go to your dad, the director.
What you talking about? I am a director.
- [Dawn] Mm-mm.
- [Bosco] Me and Dad are 50/50.
You are not a director, B.
You are the artist.
All your recordings now
are Champion Crown.
He'll control it all.
You've signed it all away.
- That can't be true. I can talk to him.
- Listen, I am so sorry.
He lied to you for so long.
It's the man
you have all been waiting for,
Bosco Champion!
[crowd clapping]
[ominous music plays]
Yes, my lad.
[tense tone plays]
[tense music plays]
[people murmuring]
- I'm sorry, I can't.
- [microphone thuds]
[Beres] Hey. What
[people chattering]
Wah yuh guh tell di bwoy?
The truth, Beres. The truth.
[Beres] I'm sorry bout dat.
But Bosco is not feeling too good.
Yuh know? Um
Talk amongst yourselves.
Enjoy yuh drinks. Yes? Yeah.
[discordant music plays]
[breathing heavily]
[Beres] Yuh know wah yuh jus do?
Yuh raas fool.
Everyting mi do fi yuh,
all di opportunities mi create
suh yuh can succeed.
Champion name don't meaning nuttin to yuh.
All you ever did was lie to me.
- Everyone warned me.
- Everybody who?
Even Vita.
Vita nuh know nuttin.
Di two of yuh ah pickney.
The proof is there!
You hid a whole son from us.
From me.
Suh wah yuh do waan mi fi do?
Bring him back here
and explain to yuh madda wah mi do?
If mi did tell her di truut,
yuh wudda neva have yuh sista.
[Beres breathing heavily]
Listen, everyting we bill
is because mi haffi hide Junior.
You should have owned your shit!
Why don't you ever just tell me the truth?
All right, listen. Listen.
Champion Crown is mi and yuh, yeah?
Fadda and son.
Listen, jus give mi a chance
fi sort dis out. Yeah? Yeah?
- Come man, hey.
- It's too late.
[Beres] Wacha, wacha. Come!
- [thunder rumbling]
- [car door closes]
[car engine starts]
[tires squealing]
We love what we've heard so far.
So when can we expect an album?
Very, very soon.
I'm so excited for the new music
I'm making at the moment,
and I'm really looking forward
to sharing it when it's ready.
I'm enjoying the journey. I didn't think
doing my own thing would feel this good.
From what I've been seeing,
you look like you're having a lot of fun.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
- [guard] Why you here?
- Come out my way, man.
[guard] I can't do that.
- Move. I need to get in there.
- Oi, whoa, whoa.
- Let's take it to the personal.
- Absolutely not.
- Next question.
- [Bosco and guard arguing]
[Bosco] Am I speaking French?
I need to get through!
Can you cut the camera, please?
Did you tell him that we were here?
I didn't think he was gonna come here.
[Yemi] Right, let's take a break.
- Come on. I need to speak to you, V.
- Just give me one second.
- [Yemi sighs]
- Right, Bos, just calm down.
- How can I? Everything's falling apart.
- [Vita] All right. It's gonna be okay.
I never thought Chantelle
would ever do something like this.
But New York's like, what,
a six-hour plane ride away.
What you talking about?
I thought she told you.
Mark's moving her and Milan away for work.
- I spoke
- You're chatting shit.
Chan would never do that to me.
She'd never take Milan away from me.
[Vita] Sorry, Bos.
When did you find out?
- I can't trust any of you, man.
- [Vita] Bos, please, it wasn't like that.
- [guard] Let's get him.
- Get off me, man.
- You don't need to handle him like that!
- [Bosco] Oi!
How many more times
are we gonna speak about this?
If you go after him,
you're showing me that you're not serious
about any of this, or about you.
- [Bosco] Vita! Ah!
- [guard] This way. Let's get him out.
[Yemi groans] I'm honestly so sorry
about all of this. I'm so sorry.
[Bosco] Get off me!
[Bosco groans]
[tender music plays]
Would you like some marshmallows, Milan?
- [Milan] Yes, please.
- Yeah?
- [Mark] Girls, what we having?
- [Chantelle chuckles]
A nice hot chocolate.
- [Mark] Mm.
- [Milan] Mm-hm.
How many marshmallows would you like?
Four big ones.
- Four?
- Four? [chuckles] Okay.
- [Mark exhales]
- [Chantelle chuckles]
I tell you what. I'm gonna have one
and give Mummy a kiss.
[Milan humming]
[banging on door]
- [banging continues]
- [Chantelle] What?
Oh. Bosco, what you doing?
- [door closes]
- [Bosco] Hello, baby.
Oh my God, come here.
Daddy's here. It's all okay.
- "It's all okay"? What you talking about?
- Chan, Vita told me.
It's cool. I'm I'm not angry.
But I
I don't want you to go.
I thought it was gonna be the three of us.
Bosco, New York isn't even confirmed yet.
I wanted to talk to you about it.
What do you mean
the New York thing is not confirmed?
- I think you better leave.
- I'm not going without my family.
[Chantelle] Milan, upstairs.
Mummy's coming.
[Milan] Okay.
[footsteps receding]
Your family? Yeah?
That's my fiancée and stepdaughter
you're talking about.
They're my family.
You've got five seconds.
- Chan, we can be together, yeah?
- Oh wow.
[Bosco] I'm ready now.
I'm a better man than before.
Fuck it,
if you wanna get married, let's do it.
You know we always loved each other.
I just didn't have my shit together.
I've been thinking about it
since the other day.
[Mark] What's he talking about?
Mark, I'm sorry.
It was a mistake.
No, it wasn't.
It couldn't have been.
[melancholy music plays]
[Chantelle] Mark.
Mark, it was stupid.
Mark, it was just a slip-up.
- Mark.
- Just give me a second!
All right?
[Mark breathing heavily]
Oh, Jesus.
[breathing heavily]
[melancholy music plays]
[Chantelle] Fuck's sake.
Mark! Mark. Mark, he's taken her!
[suspenseful music plays]
Chan, where you going?
Only one person is gonna know where he is.
I'll call you when I know more.
Well, who?
- [car door closes]
- Chan!
[line rings]
- [operator] Emergency. Which service?
- Yeah, police, please.
[tense music plays]
Good thing you didn't sell this place.
You been okay?
What do you think?
[phone buzzing]
What brings you here, Aria?
Been a long time
since you've called me by my full name.
Been a longer time since we've
sat down and had a chat.
Well, the floor's all yours.
[phone buzzing]
No, no, take it. I'm used to it by now.
Not having your attention.
How's that?
No distractions.
If you say so.
[Aria sighs]
I know you've
put up with a lot from me.
- From my family.
- It's my family too, you know.
I see Vita and Bosco as my own,
but it's like you don't want me to.
You pushed me out.
I know. I know.
And every time I couldn't stand
to see Bosco in that place, you went.
Every time Vita needed help,
and I couldn't give it, it was you.
And I know how lucky I am, Len.
I know how lucky we all are.
I know that every day you've been with me
running the shop, running the house,
running around after those kids
you never complained once.
Not once in six years.
You always kept me level,
always kept me sane.
And I took that for granted, Len.
I took you for granted.
And if I could rewind time
I'd tell you every day. [crying]
How kind you were.
How loving.
How selfless.
And make sure you knew
that I appreciated you.
[breathing shakily]
That I haven't ever known a love
like the one you gave me.
Hey, hush.
- Hush.
- [sniffles]
You know I never like to see you cry.
Yuh face all twist up,
and your mascara running down your chin.
How can you make jokes
at a time like this?
Give me a likkle time, Ari.
You can have all the time you need, Len.
Can I ask you something?
Yeah, anything.
When you went away, did anything happen
between you and that man?
No, Len.
I couldn't do that to you.
[phone buzzing]
- [phone continues buzzing]
- ["Key to my Heart" plays over speakers]
[Honey] Come on, V.
Our lives are popping off,
and you're sitting here
looking like somebody died. Wagwan?
Yo! I've been looking everywhere for you.
Have you checked your phone?
- Sorry, I've been busy.
- It's calm.
[Honey] Hi, Laurent.
[laughs] Have you heard my amazing news?
What, America, yeah?
Mm. It's gonna be a vibe.
And not long till Vita joins me, innit?
What's she saying?
You didn't tell me you were flying out.
[laughs] Relax. You're worse than Memet.
I mean that the second her album drops,
she's gonna be going worldwide
and leaving all of this behind.
You don't need this no more.
I'm here now.
Now, who wants a drink?
Me, please. Champagne only.
[Laurent] Tequila.
- No.
- [Laurent] Yes.
You know you've got the key to my heart
Oh, oh ♪
[woman] Here you go.
[man] Thanks.
["Private Party" plays over speakers]
Do you want some?
Ice cream always makes me feel better.
What did you come here for? ♪
Nah. It's all you, baby.
Bring your body, here's my body
Come and get it ♪
[door opens]
[radio chatter]
[tense music plays]
We need to go, Milan.
But I'm not finished.
Come on.
- ["Flowers" plays over speakers]
- Oh, baby ♪
- I will never, ever let you go ♪
- Hey!
I'll bring you flowers
In the pouring rain ♪
Living without you
Is driving me insane ♪
[phone buzzing]
[Honey] ♪on Tuesday ♪
And we were making love by Wednesday ♪
And on Thursday
And Friday, and Saturday ♪
We chilled on Sunday ♪
- [Chantelle on phone] Have you seen him?
- Who? Bos?
[Chantelle] Yes. Yes, Bosco.
He's taken Milan.
- Whoa, whoa. What?
- I don't know what to do, Mem.
- All right, I'mma call V. You called Aria?
- I've tried, but no one's answering.
All right, look, I'mma drop you
my location. Come meet me, yeah?
- Don't worry, Chan. We'll find him, okay?
- Okay.
- [dialing]
- [line rings]
[phone buzzing]
[Vita and Honey]
Give me just a little bit more ♪
Just a little ♪
- Three, two, one ♪
- Just a little bit ♪
Work it a little
Get hot just a little bit ♪
Just a little bit ♪
So you were gonna leave
without saying goodbye?
- [Honey laughs] Who told you we were here?
- [Tayo laughs sarcastically]
I've just watched you and Vita
sing every song from the noughties.
Nah, you know
this is my favorite spot, man.
I shoulda got a proper invite.
Well, you better sing then, innit.
I've got time for one song. Maybe two.
- Oh my God, we should all do one.
- Yes.
Give me that.
- Enter the dragon. Come on!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
- Everyone. Everybody.
Put your hands in the air
- [phone buzzing]
- and wave them like you just don't care.
[all] Do you really like it? ♪
Do you really like it? ♪
We're lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it
We're lovin' it like that ♪
Do you really like it?
Is it, is it wicked? ♪
We're lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it
We're lovin' it like that ♪
Boo! Here we go.
[Honey] Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.
Hardcore, you know the score
Rhymes so good I deserve an encore ♪
All about the style we bring ♪
We make you laugh
Like you was a little child again ♪
[suspenseful music plays]
- [Memet] Yo.
- [Chantelle] Hey.
Just tried Vita. Call declined.
[sighs] This is all her fault, you know.
If she'd just let me talk to Bosco myself.
[inhales, sighs]
- [chimes]
- [Memet] Oh my, he's gone live.
Back to where it all began.
Look, baby, look at the view.
You see you lot who chase fame?
You're mad.
I don't even know who I am anymore, man.
- [Memet] Do you recognize that roof?
- [phone ringing]
- Let's go.
- [Chantelle] Oh!
- [Mark] What's happening?
- [Chantelle] We think we know where he is.
It's all good. It's all good, all right?
Don't panic. Don't worry.
[ominous tone plays]
[wind whistling]
One second, babe.
Daddy wants to show you something.
- [young Bosco] ♪South London's finest ♪
- Look at this.
Been fighting the odds like 15 years
I'm always outnumbered like this ♪
You know I come from
Deep in the trenches ♪
They ain't from down under like this ♪
- Is that Mummy?
- It's mad I'm only in school ♪
And Uncle Memet?
[chuckles] Yeah.
We used to be together
all the time back then.
Must have bi-ah-polar
You said I'm colder ♪
You were all very small.
I'm multitasking
Speaking to girls on my phone ♪
- Yeah, we was.
- When I'm thinking of flows in my head ♪
That's how I got this flow right here ♪
But I can't recall
What the gold digger said ♪
I dare one of these MCs my age
Everyone's dead if I MC my rage ♪
The alphabet's missing the M and the C ♪
Meet me in the middle, uh ♪
- Just a little bit ♪
- [Honey humming]
- Oh, look who it is!
- [Vita screams]
Ha! Look at her!
My friend.
South London to the world! EP out soon!
- You happy?
- Yeah, I am, actually.
- Hey, take a picture.
- [Vita] Oh, stop it.
[Vita laughs]
[Vita] Mm!
- Mm!
- [both laughing]
And then when Auntie Vita
and Uncle Memet come,
and then we'll see
the Emperor States Building,
and Daddy will be funny
like the video again.
[tender tone plays]
[Bosco sighs]
Daddy's different now, though.
Daddy was happy back then.
Aren't you happy now?
People want too much from Daddy.
Daddy's let down a lot of people.
Guess what?
You're going to America.
- [door opens]
- [Chantelle] Milan!
Milan, where are you?
[Bosco] Why are you screaming for, Chan?
- [Chantelle] Are you okay?
- [Bosco] You know I wouldn't hurt my baby.
- [Chantelle] Oh my God.
- I was just trying to say goodbye.
It's not forever, Bosco.
You're not good.
[dramatic music plays]
I don't think
you've been good for a long time.
Are you okay?
[wind whistles]
Dunno what I'm doing, bro.
Well, that's okay.
[tender music plays]
You need help, bro.
Just let us be there for you, man.
[sirens wailing]
[Bosco] You call the feds, bro?
- I can't go back, man.
- [Memet] Bro, hold on.
All right? We can explain to them.
It was all a big misunderstanding,
right, Chan?
Yeah, I'll tell them it's fine.
They're not gonna hear that!
I can't go back!
- [Memet] Bos!
- [Chantelle] Bosco!
[Milan] Dad!
- [suspenseful music plays]
- [sirens wailing]
Bosco, cold lyrics, hot flows
And I got dough ♪
Bosco, lost phones
But I never lost control ♪
Bosco, make a MC a John Doe
God knows ♪
Bosco, 24/7 on road, not home ♪
15-year-old Lewisham boy
Watch when I see you and that boy ♪
You got plans? What plans, man?
Ruin that boy ♪
Keep smiling
I'll just ruin that joy ♪
15-year-old Lewisham boy
Watch when I see you and that boy ♪
You got plans? What plans, man?
Ruin that boy ♪
Keep smiling
I'll just ruin that joy ♪
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