Champion (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Rise of the Phoenix

["Love 2 Love" plays over speakers]
Love to lose myself without a thought ♪
Love to touch and feel adored ♪
Feeling of the rush ♪
Can't help I love to love ♪
Wanna talk about the little things ♪
'Cause I know they're listening, yeah ♪
Something 'bout that drug ♪
I can't help I love to love ♪
[woman] Okay, everyone, full reset.
The lighting cue at the beginning
of the second verse was off.
Let's run the full set again, yeah?
[bell rings]
We've only got ten minutes left
of tech rehearsal, come on.
Lights, can you make sure you reset?
- Please, we need to do your sound check.
- [Bulla] All right, man.
Well, well, well.
If it isn't likkle Miss Vita Champion.
I go by Vita now, actually.
[Bulla mocking] I go by Vita now,
So, what,
Champion name too much for you now, yeah?
The pressure? [chuckles] Sad ting.
- Is that why your big bro ran away?
- Bosco didn't run anyway nowhere.
- Where is he then?
- [ominous music plays]
[theme song plays]
- ["Love 2 Love" plays over speakers]
- [feet tapping]
- No.
- [knock on door]
There she is.
I've got some options for you.
You need a break.
No. No, I need to run this
a couple more times.
- Hey.
- [Laurent] Hey.
Can you help me convince this girl
to take a break?
Trust me, I've tried.
[chuckles] Quick lunch. Come on.
- All right, fine.
- All right.
Could you take a look at the second track?
It's sounding a little bit delayed.
I'll meet you out front in 15. Yeah?
["Love 2 Love" continues playing]
[Laurent sighs]
Why don't I come?
We can sort it out when I get back.
I haven't seen Tayo properly in ages.
You haven't seen me properly
unless we're working.
[scoffs] You're the person I see the most.
Yeah, not outside the music ting.
All I do All we do is the music ting.
Look, it'll all calm down after the show.
No, 'cause after the show,
you're on tour.
Yeah, but you're coming with me.
[Vita sighs]
Look, we're both tired.
We can do something nice later.
[door opens]
[door closes]
["Tell It How It Is" plays over speakers]
[knock on door]
Yo. [exhales]
Come in, man.
We neva have a meeting.
I thought it might be best
just to drop in.
Yeah. Well, it's been
a busy time, yuh know.
Except it it hasn't really been, has it?
How yuh mean?
When we invested in Champion Crown,
we understood Bosco would be
a considerable part of it.
- But instead, he's
- Bosco ah come back, man. He will be back.
- I mean, in di meantime
- We don't have time, though, is the thing.
Six months of nothing.
He's breached his contract.
Look, sometimes
these things don't work out.
Someone will be in touch with you
about recouping that advance we gave you.
Look, Bosco will be back in a week.
[Phil] I hope so,
or we'll have a problem on our hands.
[phone buzzing]
Where are you?
[Honey on phone]
Girl, I am in the hills of LA
recording with Kaytranada. It is mad.
- [laughs]
- I miss you.
I miss you too. How's it looking, though?
It's almost there, but I've just got
a few things that I need to get right.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
You're nominated for Best Newcomer
because you are the best newcomer.
You're gonna kill the performance.
You right, you right. [chuckles]
Ooh, did I tell you?
My tour's been extended to 14 stops.
Fourteen? You see?
You're taking the world by storm.
How's Bosco?
Mum hears from him from time to time,
but we don't know where he is.
[woman] Honey, you ready?
Oh shit, I gotta go.
We're all gonna go eat.
But trust me, Bosco is fine.
Let it be about you now.
- Call me soon, yeah?
- Of course, babe.
[phone chimes]
Big show's this week.
It's all crazy, Bos.
I feel like everyone's looking at me,
but I can't even see myself.
[groans] I dunno, it's stupid.
[Chantelle] Didn't think
you'd ever leave this house.
[Aria] Yeah. I'm gonna miss this place,
but it's time for me and Len
to make a fresh start.
[Chantelle] Hm.
- I spent most of my teens here, you know.
- You think I don't remember?
You and Bosco always thought
I couldn't hear you sneaking around.
- [Aria kisses teeth]
- [Chantelle laughs]
Anyway, can't be talking about my big move
to Catford when you're off to New York.
Yeah, we're all really, really
excited about it.
[inhales] Especially Milan.
But she is missing her dad, though.
Chan, I've tried, trust me.
And what did he say?
[sighs] I keep telling him all that stuff
on the roof, it's forgotten.
The police know
it was just a mistake, but
he keeps saying
she's better off without him right now.
Won't tell me where he is.
Am I
[melancholy music plays]
Am I doing the wrong thing
taking her away?
You need to do what you need for yourself.
You can't let your baby father
make decisions for your life.
Anyway, to new beginnings.
[shutter clicks]
- Thanks.
- [Tayo chuckles]
[Vita chuckles]
So you feeling good
about everything now, yeah?
I mean, after a few more runs, yeah.
No. No.
About all of this.
Vita, the artist who dropped
the Champion name and became a star.
[both chuckle]
I mean life is different now.
And I never thought I'd be okay
with all the exposure
and everything that comes with it, but
yeah, the old Vita
would be scared of being someone.
[scoffs] Nah.
- [man] I'll show you to your table.
- You have always had it in you, V.
- Look who it is. Not big Mem.
- Thanks, man.
Hottest DJ in town!
[Memet] Tay to the O.
I didn't expect to see you in here.
[Tayo] Small world.
All right, I'm gonna go
get the check, yeah?
["Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major"
plays over speakers]
- You all right?
- All right? [laughs]
Yeah, I'm all right.
You been good?
But, hey, not as good as you, though.
I see you taking over the world.
- Award nominations and that.
- [chuckles] Just the one.
Yeah, big tour coming up.
Mm, smallish venues.
at the Best British Music Awards.
You can't say nuttin'
to that one, can you?
[both laugh]
I'm I'm happy for you, V.
Like, truly. You deserve it all.
["Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major"
Are you letting yourself be happy?
It's lonely.
Feel like Bosco's the one person
who would understand that,
who could help me understand it.
But he ain't here.
He doesn't reply to my messages,
but I send them anyway.
Yeah, I feel you.
You know, in these past few months,
I've really had time to deep a few things.
- I should never have chosen to
- That's in the past now.
Yeah, exactly.
In the past.
And you're with that, uh,
Laurent guy now, right?
You moved on quick, innit?
- It wasn't like that.
- I'm playing. I'm playing. It's cool.
[Vita sighs]
And, um, what about you?
Seeing anyone now?
No one I meet quite matches up to this
this one ex I've got.
Proper special girl.
All right, let's get you back
to rehearsals, hm?
[Memet and Tayo chuckling]
It was good to see you both.
[tender music plays]
You too.
Come on, you.
[slow-tempo groove plays]
I thought I told you
never, ever come to this house again.
Ah wah dis?
- Why is that your business?
- Because dis was my home too.
You never made this place
a home with me or the kids.
It was just somewhere for you
to lay your head.
- [Beres kisses teeth]
- Wait.
Me and Lennox are moving
somewhere smaller. And guess what?
I'm gonna use the rest of the money
to buy you out of the restaurant.
It's money why you came here, isn't it?
Mi come fi ask yuh weh mi son deh.
Di record company
If I have to hear one more word
about your vanity project
Dis is a serious ting.
Ah my livelihood dis, yuh know!
If I did know where Bosco was,
I wouldn't tell you.
Tek the money and leave us alone, Beres.
[footsteps approaching]
I'm surprised you can show your face.
Weh mi show my face
ah fuck all fi do wid yuh.
It's time for you to go.
We're running late.
Yeah, we don't wanna see you again.
Take care of yourself, Beres.
Yeah? Tek care of my wife.
[Aria] No! No!
[Aria grunting]
Mi will find di bwoy deh.
["Feeling Weightless" plays]
[breathing shakily]
Body's feeling weightless ♪
My future has been fated ♪
My chains are dipped in gold ♪
Now I'm in control ♪
Learned to let it go ♪
[lock opens]
Yo, babe.
These chains that hold me down ♪
I didn't know you were coming.
I said I'd meet you later.
Yeah. I knew you'd be heading home first.
But I thought we could have
dinner here instead.
Have a bit of quality time.
No, um, I'm all sweaty.
Spin into the light ♪
I will keep you waiting ♪
Gravity defined ♪
I'm gonna go.
My body, my body, my body ♪
No, stay. I'm just tired, and I just
What am I staying for, V?
- Don't be like that.
- [Laurent kisses teeth]
I've just had a hard day, that's all.
Comfort in the darkness ♪
You say that every day.
I'll have a shower,
then I'll come to yours. Okay?
'Cause I don't really need it ♪
Make sure, yeah?
I will.
[door opens]
Spin into the light ♪
[door slams]
I will keep you waiting ♪
Gravity defined ♪
[rapid beat plays]
["Eyes on Bosco" plays]
You ready?
Fresh to death ♪
Still I'm addressing
All of these dirty issues ♪
Said he's the GOAT, but he's not ♪
I hate when certain words ♪
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
That's not it.
- What'd you mean, fam? This is cold.
- Yeah, it's cold, but it's not you.
Not me? How is this not me?
'Cause you're still spitting the same shit
that you did before you was inside.
You ain't that guy anymore.
Being in the can changed you.
And maybe not for the better either,
but you can't be afraid of that.
[Bosco kisses teeth]
[Bosco groans]
What if I don't like
the guy I am now, bro?
You have to learn to like him
'cause you're stuck with him.
Yeah, man, all right.
All right, run the beat back.
[rapid beat plays]
["Eyes on Bosco" plays]
Tell me a lie ♪
Tell me the world isn't mine ♪
Why is it all eyes on Bosco? ♪
And I got Braille for the blind ♪
No bail for the knife ♪
No mail from the wife ♪
Just me, myself and I ♪
That selfish time ♪
Mm, Bosco's back ♪
You don't like that
Let a shot go, fam ♪
The road to gold
Is full of potholes, fam ♪
That's how I lost those grams
Now it's back to basics ♪
I don't give a fuck
Whoever don't feel me ♪
I'm masturbating ♪
Never sold drugs in my life
But I still got niggas
In the trap debating ♪
[playback] I just linked my African ting
On a Brazilian wax occasion ♪
Just 'cause I rap and I sing
I got civilians acting brazy ♪
- [Bosco sighs]
- I was the man on the wing ♪
On a break
That shoulda been a planned vacation ♪
I brag, but the bragging just brings
The wrong kind of admiration ♪
Welcome back
Welcome back, my brudda ♪
Bosco to the world and back
Bosco to the world and back, my brudda ♪
All eyes on me ♪
First place on the podium
I got the prize on me ♪
That's why they throw dirt on my name ♪
That's why they put lies on me ♪
Welcome back
Welcome back, my brudda ♪
Bosco to the world and back
Bosco to the world and back, my brudda ♪
All eyes on me ♪
First place on the podium
I got the prize on me ♪
That's why they throw dirt on my name ♪
That's why they put lies on me ♪
Niggas waan know where Bosco's been ♪
Saw my gyal with a brand-new man ♪
Mad, ain't that Bosco's ting? ♪
Damn, now I'm on a Moscow ting ♪
And the label want a comeback single ♪
But I'm in a booth just offloading
Or in a 4x4 on a off-road ting ♪
Country lane long-roading ♪
Mad, I used to let my dad control things
Now I got no money in my Monzo ♪
Man are gonna really have to man up
And combo him ♪
It's not a sit-down convo ting ♪
Mad, Dad, how you steal my money? ♪
Dad, you ain't real like Mummy ♪
Dad, don't you feel quite bummy? ♪
Dad, would you still die for me? ♪
Old man that waan
Live through youngers ♪
In the last one month alone
I had six new numbers ♪
I went jail for a blade
That I ripped through jumpers ♪
The shit ♪
I can't give these paigons leeway ♪
Man wanna know what the plan is ♪
The same man
I wouldn't let know my release date ♪
Same gyal I couldn't hear from
On my b'day ♪
But welcome back
Welcome back, my brudda ♪
Bosco to the world and back
Bosco to the world and back, my brudda ♪
All eyes on me ♪
First place on the podium
I got the prize on me ♪
That's why they throw dirt on my name ♪
That's why they put lies on me ♪
Welcome back
Welcome back, my brudda ♪
Bosco to the world and back
Bosco to the world and back, my brudda ♪
All eyes on me ♪
First place on the podium
I got the prize on me ♪
That's why they throw dirt on my name ♪
That's why they put lies on me ♪
[Rusty] Yeah!
- Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
- Mm!
What you sayin', cuz?
- Welcome back, my brudda.
- What? What are you sayin'? Come on, yeah?
- That's what I'm sayin'. Yeah, yeah!
- We've got one! Let's hear that back.
- Right now. I need to hear this back.
- Let me hear that.
[phone clicks]
I think I know where he is.
["Love 2 Love" plays]
[Vita] Oh, fuck's sake.
Can we just take five?
[woman] Yeah, great. Good job, everyone.
Really well done.
[music stops]
- Where's your head at?
- I'm fine.
[Yemi sighs]
I heard Bosco's song.
I should've known what was going on
with Dad, and I should've stopped it.
Look, whatever your dad did,
your brother just needs his own space.
But you can't help him, Vita.
These past months,
I've watched you step into yourself,
and look at what you've done.
Ain't like I ain't been
worrying about him.
[groans] Jesus Christ, Vita, man.
Open your eyes.
Is he even worrying about you?
This is your biggest performance yet,
and finally, he found it in himself
to release a new song?
- Bos ain't like that.
- [scoffs]
Isn't he?
Because he's managed to not only
step back into the limelight again,
but take yours too.
[Yemi] Mm.
- Come to wish Vita luck for tomorrow?
- Nah, I've come to get her.
- You know she's in there rehearsing?
- Yeah, her brother needs her.
He needs her?
Can you show me where she is?
Do you think that's a good idea?
This is her big break.
And her brother is her family.
I'd heard about your career
before I'd met you, you know.
Aria, if you go in there and tell Vita
that her brother needs her,
she will leave those rehearsals,
and she will leave the most amazing
opportunity in the process.
Can't Vita have the life you gave up?
[Phil] When you said
Bosco would be back in a week,
I didn't think what you meant
was he'd be dropping a new song
outside of his contract.
"Eyes on Bosco" is everywhere.
Every streaming service, every bloody car
I walk past is blaring it.
And guess what? We can't capitalize on it.
I will fix dis.
Jus leave it wid mi.
I'm not sure you can.
It's obvious to us
even before Bosco disappeared,
he's not very well.
Now, we've all been very hopeful
he'll get better, but unfortunately
I will talk to di bwoy.
We will find a way
I need you to think
about how this looks, Beres.
We've invested a lot of money.
We need to get it back.
The reputation of Champion Crown,
and us, more importantly,
is very much at stake here.
That can all be fixed. It'll be fine.
But Bosco
Bosco is not the first star
to have these sorts of troubles.
And Detector Records would be happy
to lend support to Champion Crown
to help deal with the problem.
How yuh mean?
You wouldn't want everyone thinking
what he said about you was true.
You're his dad. You can fix him.
- [chair scrapes]
- Think about it.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
[door opens then closes]
There ain't nuttin' to think about, B.
I mean, your boy is a lot of things. He's
He's selfish, him stupid,
and my God, he can be reckless,
but he is not mad.
Don't let these people
paint him like that, B.
If you bring him back,
do it for the right reasons.
[dramatic music plays]
[computer game plays]
Oh my days, this is rigged.
How am I losing to you?
- Bro, it's 'cause I'm better than you.
- [laughs] You're not better than me, bro.
[game beeping]
Button basher.
[game chimes]
Why'd you pause it?
How did you know I was here?
That boy won't stop looking out for you.
[exhales sharply]
How's things back home?
Well, your dad found out
I'm selling the house.
You can imagine how that went.
And then Lennox punched him in the face.
Nah, you're lying.
- I didn't know he had it in him.
- [laughs]
[Bosco] Wow.
- [chuckles]
- He sends his love, by the way.
He misses you.
- I kinda miss him as well.
- I never thought I'd see the day.
What are they putting
in the water round here?
I heard your song, Bos.
I wish you'd spoken to me
before things got that far.
I didn't know how, Mum.
You and Dad never taught me to talk.
All I knew was how to rap, how to perform,
how to get onstage
and pretend like nothing's wrong.
You can't be surprised that when I stepped
off that stage, it was still there.
I took that with me.
You seemed like you could handle it.
He told me you could handle it.
I believed him.
Please believe me, I had no idea
what was going on with the money.
Where were you when he was just
pushing me over and over?
I was always there.
I always made sure you were clothed, fed.
I became someone I never should've been.
I was selfish.
And Vita
[Aria] What about Vita?
I treated her badly, Mum.
- We all did.
- [sighs]
And now she's finally, finally doing
her own ting, and she's flying.
She could've never done that
if I was still there.
She would've just put me first
like you and Dad always taught her to.
I've been wrong
about a lot of things lately,
but I know that girl needs you.
[Bosco sighs]
She needs to be on her own.
Come home, Bos.
We all miss you. Vita misses you.
You know what, Mum?
[tender music plays]
I still need some time
to just get my head straight.
What about your daughter?
They fly next week.
You can't even call her?
- Vita's performing tomorrow.
- I know.
I know.
Babe, you still wanna look at that track?
[footsteps approaching]
V, what you looking at?
Babe, when you coming back in the studio?
Are you not seeing this stuff?
You're the one that's been onto me about
getting everything right for tomorrow.
I can't do this anymore.
What you talking about? Can't do what?
is all [sighs]
It's been really nice
these past few months, honestly, but
it's work.
And I've just been so busy, and
I just think you need someone
who has more time for you.
Someone who's got more time for me?
It's gonna get worse
the more I have to do.
Yeah, but I'll be with you.
I'll be right there with you.
I don't want you to be.
So, what, it's been
It's been a using ting?
Usi What?
Who's practically been living with you,
making songs with you,
putting your album together?
- I didn't ask you to do that.
- You still took it though, didn't you?
You know, you used to talk
about your brother being selfish,
but look
you're more like him than you think.
- But what are you without him?
- What?
Without your brother performing your shit
and me producing for you on tap,
what are you?
Do you even still want me
to come tomorrow?
It's done.
But you're not using any of my music.
- I worked on that too. You can't do that.
- I think you'll find that I can.
If you use any of my melodies,
any of my beats
Your melod?
Have you lost your mind?
The awards ceremony is tomorrow.
You're a smart girl.
I'm sure you'll figure suttin' out.
Good luck.
[gentle music plays]
[footsteps receding]
[phone ringing]
- Hey, boo.
- [Vita] Where are you?
Business lounge.
West Coast to East Coast, baby! [laughs]
- What's up? Isn't it late over there?
- Yeah, uh
I dunno what to do, Honey.
What's happened?
I just broke up with Laurent,
and he said I can't use
the music we've been writing for the show.
Just relax, relax. Just take a breath.
I don't have any music, Honey.
And everyone's gonna know I'm an imposter,
a fake,
that I don't have nuttin' for myself.
Who's been telling you this shit?
Okay, look, how long
have you got till sound check?
If I don't sleep, like, eight hours.
Mm, looks like you ain't sleeping then.
Here's what you're gonna do.
[slow-tempo music plays]
[phone buzzing]
Feed the fire, I go higher ♪
Just light my soul ♪
Just light my soul ♪
Hey, Bos.
It's 4 a.m., so you're probably asleep.
You probably won't even listen
even if you wasn't, but
I dunno how you did this, man.
It's not the music. I love the music.
It's everything else.
That's what's hard.
I'm surrounded by people all the time,
but I still feel so lonely.
Look, I know you can't be here,
but I'm sending you suttin'.
Can you let me know what you think?
Please, bro.
You're late.
I know, and I'm sorry.
But Laurent's fucked me massively, man.
But I've got a plan.
Look, the new song's on here.
Wait, new song?
What'd you mean?
Laurent and I broke up,
and now he's not letting me use
the new music that we made together.
Fuck's sake. Vita, we've been
rehearsing this for weeks.
You can't just run up in here
and hand me a USB.
Please just listen
to what's on here first.
[kisses teeth] If they pull
this performance, I swear, Vita, I'm done.
[mid-tempo groove plays]
[door opens]
You are very lucky.
The new music will work,
but you need to get down there
and rehearse it with them dancers now.
- The AV team almost killed me.
- Okay, thank you.
[crowd clamoring]
[shutters clicking]
- [reporter 1] Vita, a few words.
- [inaudible]
Thank you.
[reporter 2] Who are you wearing?
[phone whooshes]
Now don't forget who bussed you, Vita.
[Vita scoffs]
[breathing shakily]
- [door opens]
- [inhales, then exhales]
[Yemi] Oh my God.
[Vita crying]
What if What if I mess this up?
Ah, Vita.
This is the most important night
of your life.
Get your head straight.
Don't let anything distract you.
You've got this.
- [sniffles]
- Come on.
Where is my superstar? Hm? Hi, baby.
- Oh.
- [Vita crying]
What's the matter, V? Mm.
I have got a surprise for you.
Oh! This wasn't the reception
that I wanted.
- I thought you was on a plane to New York.
- And you believed me?
You thought I was gonna let you
go out there without seeing me first?
Yeah, I picked her up from the airport.
Traffic was mad busy. [chuckles]
- Baby, what What is wrong with you?
- [Honey] Come on. Don't ruin this beat.
Oh, do you
- [Tayo scoffs]
- You're on in 30, yes?
- [Tayo] Yemi.
- [Yemi] Excuse me.
Who's she looking at like that? You better
tell your girl to mind out, 'cause
We should take our seats.
we'll see you afterwards.
You're gonna kill it!
Am I? [sniffles]
Yes, you are.
Come on and show them what
South London girls are about. [laughs]
["My Girl" plays]
Honey, this song I'm gonna do,
I don't think it's too late
to make it a duet, you know.
Come on.
You don't need me, V.
This is your moment.
Okay? I promise you, you've got this.
[shrieks] Yes! Mwah.
[door opens]
[door closes]
This is serious. You all right, babes?
Five. Five.
remember it.
It was the new plan, wasn't it?
[man] Right, yeah.
- You all right?
- [woman] Hey!
Hey. This is exciting.
- Oh! Hello.
- Hi.
What? Hey, you look good. You tryna Hey.
Good to go?
Yeah, she is.
You got this.
[man over PA] Please be reminded
we are broadcasting live. Thank you.
[crowd clapping]
Now, next up, we have a singer
who's risen through the charts and ranks
at lightning speed.
So of course, she's nominated
for Best Newcomer tonight.
- [crowd clapping]
- [Vita breathing shakily]
But before that, she's here
with a very special performance.
It's Vita, everybody.
[Vita on recording] A phoenix rises
from the ashes of what came before.
A symbol of rebirth, hope, renewal,
progress, the end of oppression,
the beginning of something new.
Light my soul ♪
Feed the fire, I go higher ♪
Just light my soul ♪
Feel the burn
Yeah, watch me work ♪
Until I get hold ♪
Of everything I ever wanted ♪
Light my soul ♪
I love the days ♪
- I'm on my way ♪
- Come on!
Don't watch what I do ♪
- I'm a different kind of lady, baby ♪
- Go, girl!
I walk with attitude
They know that I'm going crazy ♪
I used to be in shadow ♪
Playing my piano ♪
Look at me now, I held it down ♪
I made it out of nothing ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Light my soul ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Light my soul ♪
Feed the fire, I go higher ♪
Just light my soul ♪
Feel the burn, yeah, watch me work ♪
Until I get hold ♪
Of everything I ever wanted ♪
Light my soul ♪
Light my soul ♪
[crowd cheering]
My only opps are the odds
And I been beating 'em ♪
I've shared dreams with people
Who are gone ♪
I've done things
That my dawg never got to experience ♪
- [Tayo] Oh my God!
- Mummy said that we ain't here long ♪
I just wanna raise a toast
For the ones born without ♪
But we made the most of ♪
These days I'm never in places ♪
That make me feel like
I should've stayed at home ♪
- ["Light My Soul" plays over phone]
- Yes, Phil?
[Phil] Why the fuck is Bosco onstage
performing with Vita,
a Worldstream Records artist, Beres?
[Beres] Mm-hm.
You're on thin fucking ice, man!
[Bosco] I just go where I'm celebrated ♪
[Phil] Get down here and sort this out!
There ain't nowhere I'll never make it ♪
I was broke, couldn't Sellotape it ♪
Me and bro had to renegade it ♪
Now I pour champagne
For a poor man's pain ♪
Stuck between a rock
And a you-should-know-already ♪
I've explored that place ♪
Boots and a crowbar
We had to open a door that way ♪
[crowd cheering]
[Lennox yells]
Whoo, whoo, whoo!
All right. I know you lot
know this next one.
[Tayo] Champion! Champion! Champion!
It's all you, sis.
It's the best song you ever wrote.
Go shell it.
["Champion to the World" plays]
[Lennox] We love you, Vita!
Uh, let's talk about levels
And who's done what ♪
MCs sayin' they're running this ting ♪
Every time I hear that
I'm like, "You run what?" ♪
MCs sayin' their trap line's ringin'
And none of dem boy deh move one rock ♪
You ain't done a show in a country
Where it's so hot ♪
Man have to use sunblock ♪
What the fuck have you done? ♪
Show me someone you've helped
Show me suttin' you've won ♪
If I never existed
Would you be number one? ♪
I should lock dem boy
In a booth right now ♪
Till something comes ♪
I am the father
You are my youngest son ♪
Champion to the world ♪
Winners only, that's why they say
That I'm champion to your girl ♪
Gucci holding my waist up ♪
Every champion needs a belt ♪
[Milan] Look, Mummy, it's Daddy!
If you're a champion, I can tell ♪
Yeah, I can tell ♪
If you lot came from that estate ♪
Then got the accolades ♪
Wouldn't you act this way? ♪
Wouldn't you wanna drive lambos?
Wouldn't you know all the baddest babes? ♪
- [Dawn chuckling]
- You lot wish you could say that bar ♪
- But you'd have to exaggerate ♪
- It's too
I don't like dem man, I'm selective
Man have to respect it ♪
I just shell down shows and exit
Lifestyle hectic ♪
Used to run out of electric ♪
Hi, am I coming off cocky, rude
Too self-centered? ♪
Vita just bodied a tune
And left the room well-vented ♪
- [crowd cheers]
- Champion to the world ♪
Winners only, that's why they say
That I'm champion to your girl ♪
Gucci holding my waist up
Every champion needs a belt ♪
Winners recognize winners
If you're a champion, I can tell ♪
I can tell ♪
[crowd roars]
Yes! Oh my God!
[crowd chanting]
Vita! Vita! Vita! Vita! Vita! Vita! Vita!
Oh my days. I can't believe you came.
Yeah, I couldn't let you down, V.
Not again.
- Not anymore.
- Thank you.
Nah, thank you.
We'll talk about it properly later,
but, you know
- [host] Ladies and gentlemen
- Thank you.
- Vita and Bosco Champion.
- For everything.
- [Memet] Hey! [laughs]
- [Vita laughs]
- [Memet] All right?
- What, you the one that got him here?
Nah, that was all Bos.
He called me,
told me we had to show up for you.
He didn't have to ask me twice.
Oh no, you lovebirds do your thing.
Don't let me stop you.
[Aria] You came back!
V, I'm so proud of you.
Well done, son. [chuckles]
- Had to do the right thing at some point.
- Hey, yuh dun know, yuh dun know.
- Hey, weh yuh ah seh?
- [Memet] I see you reppin'.
- [crowd clamoring]
- [shutters clicking]
You just shelled it
in front of the nation. Yeah?
[Lennox] Okay, come on, kids.
Where to next?
Because the night is still young ♪
Listen, after-party,
'cause you know where it's at!
What you doing here?
I told you to stay away from us.
Yeah, mi tell dem everyting already, Aria.
- [ominous music plays]
- Told who everything?
Di bwoy is not well.
[Aria] Bosco's fine. What you on about?
What's going on?
Now you wanna recognize
that he's not okay?
Listen, Bosco is gonna be just fine
as long as he stays away from you!
We're just gonna take Bosco
somewhere he'll be safe.
- Where we can work out how to help him.
- [siren whoops]
- That song you put out was a cry for help.
- [car door closing]
Your dad made that clear to us.
Why are all these police here?
- [Bosco] What's going on? Wait.
- [Aria] Don't let them take him.
What's going on? What's going on?
- You're not doing this again!
- Out of the way!
Bosco Champion, you are being sectioned
under the Mental Health Act of 1983.
- [Vita] Don't let them take him.
- Yuh neva mentioned anyting about police.
- It's the only way he won't run again.
- [officer] You're a danger to yourself
[Phil] What did you think
was gonna happen?
Listen, maybe dis is a step gaan too far.
- [Phil] Either way, we've got him back.
- Leave him alone!
- [Phil] Listen
- Yuh haffi stop dis now!
[Phil] It's too late for that. It's done.
- [officer] Out the way.
- Why you doing this to me, Dad?
- [Lennox] Bosco!
- Hey!
- [Lennox] Get your hands off him!
- [shutters clicking]
- [Vita] Let go of him.
- [Bosco grunts] Hey, Vita!
[tense music plays]
[Vita] Let go of him!
I'm gonna make sure you regret this
for the rest of your life.
Don't worry, Bos, it's gonna be okay!
I'm gonna get you back!
["Champion to the World" plays]
Champion to the world ♪
Winners only, that's why they say
That I'm champion to your girl ♪
Gucci holding my waist up
Every champion needs a belt ♪
Winners recognize winners
If you're a champion, I can tell ♪
I can tell ♪
Champion to the world ♪
Winners only, that's why they say
That I'm champion to your girl ♪
Gucci holding my waist up
Every champion needs a belt ♪
Winners recognize winners
If you're a champion, I can tell ♪
I can tell ♪
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