Chance (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Multiaxial System

1 CHANCE: Eldon Chance is a 53-year-old forensic neuropsychiatrist.
Of late, he is increasingly aware of a mental state he finds to be muddied and unstable.
Blackstone? It says here that you separated from your husband after he struck you in the face.
Shortly thereafter, you became aware of a second personality Jackie Black.
Jackie is daring and extroverted, JACLYN: He'll kill me.
He said he would.
I could be putting us both in danger.
We're a predatory species.
And next time we coincide like this, that's on you.
I will not accept this problem cannot be solved.
This is D.
D, meet Dr.
You want to get down with this cop, you need to turn the tables on him.
And how would I do that? You might hire it done.
What you just did was some kind of audition? There are no victims.
Right now Blackstone is the feeder, you're the receiver.
You've got to turn that around.
They've been dating for five months? I just never thought I would find out like this.
We don't even know for sure what this is.
It's this boy's parents telling us that our daughter is a stalker.
I'm not having trouble.
When he's in love, he's totally in love.
And then, when it's over and you want to try to still be friends with him, that means you're obsessed and you can't let go.
Hey, Doc.
Detective Hynes.
Detective Blackstone stalked and harassed you and your friend, and he beat you up.
Stay away from my wife! JACLYN: Do you really still not see what dangerous ground this is? Or is that what you like about it? He's not omnipotent, Jaclyn.
There are limits.
Not until he's dead.
You're my knight.
Third move in the template.
A single, fatal blow to the aortic arch [GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] NICOLE: Dad? Dad? We're gonna fix what's wrong with us.
The both of us.
That's what matters.
So now he's gone Blackstone.
You were there, on the scene.
What are the odds? A man who wanted me dead now is dead because of me.
I can't take that lightly.
So, what happens now? Welcome to the neighborhood.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
Roses have thorns.
I don't know if lilies do.
Well, that's how they're different.
Can you tell me how they're alike? [BELL JINGLES] Same color.
They have tails.
They go fast.
Imagine that you are a thousand miles from home and you only got one dollar in your pocket.
What would you do? - Where? - Doesn't matter.
I might know someone who lives in that place, though.
Imagine, for the purposes of this question, that you don't.
I would ask somebody.
What would you ask? What to do.
What I want you to do now is to draw the face of a clock, okay? Make it big enough so that the numbers fit all the way around.
And set the hands to 20 past 12:00.
JIAO: Uh, past 12:00? Yeah.
Now say after me, "Let sleeping dogs lie.
" Let sleeping dogs lie.
Can you repeat the three words that I asked you to remember at the beginning? Flower.
You Matty Willis? Yeah.
I know you? Not at all.
[DOOR OPENS] Patient answered "true" to all these statements with the highest number of true statements in the areas of self-destructive potential and emotional dyscontrol.
Here to have a talk.
What about? Things you've done.
Things? What things? Who the fuck are you? I'm the one who can take the sun.
Is Is our appointment today, - or is it Friday? - Friday.
They just They said you had a minute now, so Indeed I do.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Take a seat.
Oh, sorry.
[CHUCKLES] That's all right.
[CLEARS THROAT] There you go.
[SIGHS] So, a detective from my case called me about Matty Willis.
She said somebody attacked him.
Did she say what happened? Uh, they were mugging him or something.
Stabbed him in the shoulder so bad, he won't be able to use his right arm anymore.
It'll just hang there.
Severed the nerve, she said.
Attacked? Does that mean that they haven't caught the guy? Maybe it wasn't a guy, even.
Maybe it was just some other woman he raped before me.
[SIGHS] When they hung up, I just went to sleep.
For hours.
For the first time in however long, I wasn't laying there trying to hear him coming in my window.
One damn arm I guess he won't be coming in any more windows now.
Guess he won't.
Is it bad that I feel good? I mean You know, is that is that wrong? My concern is your therapy.
Your healing.
Maybe now you'll be able to get the benefits of both.
[SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] [HYDRAULICS HISS] [DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE] CARL: I am quite capable of handling my own affairs.
You capable of doing time? 'Cause that's what this looks like.
[SIGHS] Eldon.
You need money, talk to me, 'cause there's ways of getting money.
Would those include work? We're a week behind with that consignment piece.
I'm sure you gentlemen have things to discuss.
[FOOTSTEPS DEPART] What was that about? Good question.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Museum-grade Mayan shit.
Not hot.
I'll wear it.
Doesn't sound like Carl.
It isn't.
Something going on he's not talking about.
I'll find out.
I was thinking the next asshole up should be that gay-basher.
The one who kept saying he was gonna come to the clinic with a gun.
Pardell? Par-Par-Pardee? CHANCE: Pardo.
Wade Pardo.
He did show up.
And he ran away when the cops came.
I don't know where he is now.
He quit his job and dropped out of sight.
Luckily for him.
What's up with you? We need to talk about Matty Willis.
Catastrophic blood loss.
Permanent disablement of the arm.
The man pulled a gun.
Fastest way to neutralize the threat was disrupt the brachial plexus.
I wanted him to bleed out, he would have bled out.
I don't doubt it.
This is the exact, same conversation we had about Rogelio Ortiz.
Ortiz had a fish bat.
Not a gun.
I'm trying to help my patients by removing whatever source of ongoing trauma is preventing them from experiencing the benefits of therapy.
And I know that there are diverse means of getting to that end.
I've also heard you tell a tale about threatening people without actually crippling them for life.
In fact, I've seen you do it.
Yeah, well, that's not this.
This is me trying to threaten people like you want, and everybody keeps pulling out guns and fucking fish bats.
Besides, you don't think this Matty Willis deserved what he got? Matty Willis is a violent home-intrusion rapist with we we don't even know how many victims 'cause, statistically, they probably don't even report.
He walks this world sowing misery and destruction.
Of course he fucking deserved it.
But But if I have to treat someone like Matty Willis as a victim of violent crime, you know, we're not really going about this the right way.
It's the nature of the beast, Doc.
The first guy you picked, Spiegler? - Spangler.
- The drug dealer.
- Put his mom in the ICU.
- Yeah.
I told you from the start that is not the type of guy who's gonna be persuaded.
Well, here's the problem.
I feel like a I don't know, like a drone pilot in some desert bunker deploying terror from thousands of miles away.
No, that's not cool! That's exac [SIGHS] I need to be there on the ground with you exercising my own judgment.
'Cause, frankly, I'm not sure I trust yours.
Sounds good.
[SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE] Say someone sees you while you're doing that enough to describe you.
How long do you think it's gonna take the cops, even using a quarter of their ass, to figure out you and your job are the common denominator between these guys? Your patients are off their meds.
They're sleeping through the night.
They're looking you in the eye, right? That's how this sausage gets made, Doc.
Brachial plexuses.
Pardon me plexi.
Sooner you accept that, the better off we'll be.
LUCY: But before Dr.
Chance, I worked in the Stanford admissions office, and that was like a 50-person staff.
So you definitely can organize multiple schedules, then.
How old's your daughter now? 11 months.
And your parents are helping out with her? Yeah.
That's great.
- Is that great? - For her.
They basically had me where they wanted me.
I couldn't afford to pay rent anymore, but they wouldn't let us move in until I dropped out of my psychology grad program.
For real? Why? My parents are old-school Koreans who think that mental health is a Western construct.
I think they'd honestly prefer it if I was, like, a shaman.
So what would they think if you came to work here? Oh, they'd love it because I would tell them I'm assistant managing a-a sneaker store.
For him.
He owns a franchise.
It's always been a dream of mine.
Shall we give her the tour? - CHANCE: Sure.
- I'm gonna leave this.
I'm gonna go tell Lydia what we're doing.
All right.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] So, how's the, uh? - Baby? Yeah, good.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, she's nice boss lady.
Clayton? Yeah, she's very nice.
If you weren't already hitting that, I'd tell you to.
I am not "hitting" anyone.
No, seriously.
I'm not.
- Gotcha.
- We ready to go? - Sure.
- Yep.
KIRSTEN: We're a level-one trauma center now, open to all San Francisco residents who have been who have been a victim of violent crimes in the last three years.
We have three psychologists, including me, three psychiatrists, and one excuse me and one neuropsychiatrist.
Be me.
Plus med students, peer counselors - [CELLPHONE DINGS] - nurse practitioners.
- I'm so sorry.
- [CELLPHONE BEEPS] [SIGHS] Intern orientation.
And we have interns, too.
Uh, that's okay.
It's great to meet you.
You, too.
And, seriously, I hope you take the job.
Because you'd be terrific.
And we need deep background on Eldon.
I'm not.
Deep background? I So, what about the job? Oh, I don't know.
You don't know? Uh, well, if getting you out of your mother's house for 40 hours a week and eventually back into Stanford isn't enough incentive, I don't know what else we can offer, so Oh, God.
You really think you have me with that, don't you? Do I? Yes.
Welcome aboard.
I guess I thought this was gonna be something else.
I don't know.
Victims of Violent Crime Unit I'm not a victim of violent crime.
The referral originated, uh, with Susan Lipton at the U.
Attorney's Office.
She thought it would be helpful if you talked to someone.
She could have done her job.
That would have helped.
And she could have won your father's case against Dawson Pitt.
No, not just Dad's the whole thing, the umbrella case of like 50 of the victims.
But, yeah, sure.
If she'd gotten Pitt to give people their money back.
But she didn't.
So how long was it after that that your father killed himself? 49 days.
And you were the one who found him.
Uh I [INHALES DEEPLY] I needed to use the bathroom.
I-I thought the door was stuck.
Well, a shock like that That's That's its own kind of violence.
It's every bit as debilitating as physical trauma, and the effects last as long, if not longer.
[BREATHES SHAKILY] The numbness and the distress, the pain, the fear, the rage.
That's what this is about? [EXHALES SHARPLY] According to Ms.
Lipton, you said that you wanted to kill Dawson Pitt You said it more than once.
I didn't mean it.
I'm sure you didn't.
It It didn't mean anything.
But it did.
[CAR HORNS HONKING] - No, I-I - You were fucking texting? No, I wasn't texting.
I was minding I just turned the corner.
I don't know, you just came out of nowhere.
I came out of nowhere? - I was parked.
You ran into me.
- Hey.
I was waiting, like, forever for the bus.
- Hey.
You all right? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah? Do we have to get tickets still? - What am I looking at? That! - I don't even - I don't - Okay, fine.
No, it's, uh It's a preview.
- We can just walk in.
- Okay.
SMALLER MAN: Do I look like I have that kind of time? NICOLE: I think it's there 2408.
BEEFY GUY: Look, I know a guy who can pop that dent for a buck fifty.
$150 for that?! I just tapped you! That's ridiculous! Right.
And left a dent.
No! No! It His bumper's too low.
The dent in your bumper's too high for him to make contact.
He didn't do it.
Who are you, Joe fucking Allstate? He dinged my truck, and now he's making it right.
Why don't you mind your own fucking business? He didn't do it.
So now I'm a liar? "Now"? I don't think this is your first time.
Every instinct I have says to grind you into a fucking pulp.
No, that's not instinct.
Instinct is behavior based on prior experience.
I think you've had plenty of experience, through an abusive father or maybe you weren't listened to or valued, so you compensate for that lack of value in private by acting out in public and taking it out on guys like that.
Or, here's another theory.
There's plenty of evidence for it.
You're just a fucking prick.
Dad! You're gonna be lucky if you live long enough to dance with her at her wedding, you fuck.
- Dad, what are you doing?! - What the fuck are you looking at? - Get in your car! - Stop.
WOMAN: It's different.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Hmm.
It's, um [BOTH CONVERSING INDISTINCTLY] Well, now, that is something I could look at every day.
What do you think? Yeah, I'm gonna need more information than that.
It's 8 grand.
You don't have 8 grand.
It's an investment.
I'll leave it to you when I die.
Do you have something you want to say to me? You're gonna die pretty soon if you don't stop picking fights with random assholes like that dummy with the truck.
I just wanted him to shut up.
Don't you feel like that sometimes? Pepper's mom said this thing to her the other day.
Oh, really? Does it got anything to do with why she named her daughter Emily and yet calls her "Pepper"? - 'Cause I really don't get that.
- It's a nickname.
She said, if Pepper was thinking about doing something, she should try to imagine the worst possible outcome.
And if she could live with it, then she should go ahead.
But if she couldn't imagine it, or live with it Yeah, but she's talking about drugs, probably, or drinking.
What if that guy had gotten a tire iron? Is it cool for me to act like that, or only you? Why? Are you thinking of doing something that has an outcome you can't live with? Again? I'm sorry.
I You should buy it.
You think so? Yes.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So, I left you alone with the deck.
[CHUCKLES] Don't be afraid.
Ah, you got one too many cards.
- What?! - Don't.
How is that You just randomly take I randomly took from mine, too.
This hand is a house full of strangers.
You are so hostile.
I love how you think I can control the cards you get.
But I am glad they suck.
Oh, I am well acquainted with the limits of what you can do.
- Hmm.
- I don't want the discard.
Me, neither.
[SIGHS] [SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE] Like all good men aspire to do, I've given you what you want.
Not on purpose.
My decency and generosity know no bounds.
I just can't help but do right.
My God, you're like a fucking sea gull.
Swooping in to eat abandoned hot dogs on the beach.
I found this in the bathroom.
Would you rather play chess instead? No, I-I don't play chess anymore.
I used to.
I don't.
Well, that's a shame.
I kind of like chess.
Gin! Really? Uh-huh.
You're a hell beast.
This is horrible.
It seems like maybe you're gonna need a minute, so Yeah, yeah.
I am going to grab a shower.
All right.
[WATER RUNNING] D: Pinto, eyes up.
Gather round.
The key word is stealth.
We're not looking to wrestle.
We're looking to be fucking invisible.
First, I need a leveraging move.
Here's one Forearms to your target's back.
Both hands shoot over his traps, - catch the chin, and snap the head back.
- [GASPS] Now you shoot the arm, lock up the choke.
Grab my arm.
That's the instinctual move right there, which is good for me Why? - He's not going for a weapon.
- Right on.
I can feel his hands, I'm good to go.
Lock in the choke.
Can't be broken without a weapon.
Drop your hands.
I can't feel his hands, I need to deal with that.
[GRUNTS] All right.
Pair up.
Let's run through it.
Time your chokes.
4 to 5 seconds, he's out for 20.
Hold it for 20, he's out for 40.
- Hold it for 40, he's dead.
- [MEN GASPING, GRUNTING] MAN: All right, do it again.
I want to see two beats leverage move, choke, then lights out.
5 seconds tops, unless you really don't like the guy.
[SIGHS] Sorry, Mac.
Snap the head, shoot the arm.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
I've been choked out before, Doc.
I'm sure you have.
I just Why don't you do it to me? - You don't want to go? - No, it's okay.
You're not crushing the guy's windpipe, for Christ's sake.
It's about blood flow.
It's about oxygen deprivation.
Death of cells.
Actually, it's about vasodilation and dropping the blood pressure.
[GRUNTING] Say good night, Doc.
[GASPING] - I always thank heaven - [GRILL SIZZLING] For sending me you When heaven made you, darling Jesus.
His blood pressure's actually fine.
Bizarrely fine.
Table salt plays a critical role in helping your digestive system absorb nutrients.
" It's not kale, you know? Also, it's essential for maintaining normal fluid levels in cells, contracting muscles, sending nerve impulses.
I bet your ankles are so swollen you can't even see the bones.
I'm fairly sure, whether I can see them or not, they're there.
Just Just let him eat, will you? Listen to the man.
It's like you both have death wishes or something.
What? He's just constantly getting into these things with people these days.
Like, I come to meet him on Clement Street, and he's in some big truck-driving guy's face over parking or whatever.
And last week, we were on BART Oh, come on, that's just a bunch of kids.
- They were - Scary gang-banging kids.
They were not.
Bluetooth speaker blasting.
He goes over and just turns it off.
- You touched their shit? - Yes, I touched their - What did they do? - Just stared at him.
I think they were too shocked to react.
And then this other time, we're in the supermarket, and Dad sees this guy grab his son by the arm, so - [CELLPHONE CHIMING] - Well [SIGHS] Mom.
Just take it.
The fuck are you up to, brother? What do you mean? You always say yourself that bullies are usually cowards.
Is why you're going around randomly trying to get shit to jump off with them? She's just blowing stuff out of proportion.
She sounded pretty proportional to me.
Is this something you're doing for the good of your patients, or is it something completely fucking different? I don't know.
I'm just being present.
Being in the world.
Yeah, well, the next time you're doing that, I think I'd better be there to exercise my own judgment, 'cause I don't think I trust yours.
In fact, if this is what you're getting up to, Doc, then it should be in service of the mission.
Of your patients.
You're putting yourself out there like that come with me.
Do it for them.
Otherwise, cut the shit.
You can even call the ball.
We can persuade and threaten and not create a victim out of whoever you want.
How's that? Good.
[CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO'S "COPLITA" PLAYS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Blanca me parió mi madre De vicio me has de aborrecer Blanca como el algodón Andando juntos, juntitos hemos de amanecer MAN: So this is the best you got? This is everything your best? - Absolutely.
- Yep.
You're gonna like it.
All right, let's see.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS CONTINUE] No way! That's impossible! You can No way you can do that! How?! All right.
[CHUCKLES] Dawson Pitt? Yeah.
We know each other? Not just yet.
But I was hoping we could talk.
About? Outside would be better.
Where we can actually hear.
It's important.
I got a tip for you.
You're gonna want to hear this.
Trust me.
[DOOR CREAKS] [WIND BLOWING] Here? It's a little weird.
It's very, uh, cloak-and-dagger, dude.
But, uh whatever.
Lay it on me.
What do you got? James Swanson.
I don't He's a former client of yours.
Shot himself after you took all his money.
His son wants the money back, and you're gonna give it to him.
Oh, really? Come on, Dawson.
You don't even think about it? You ever think about the damage you've done, the pain you've caused? There's not some little part of you that wants to make it right? I don't know who you are or what you really want, but that case was litigated and blocked.
And even if it hadn't been? Fuck the fuck off! Listen to me.
Alex Swanson has got friends you do not want to meet.
- Trust me.
- Yeah? Tell Alex if any more of his friends try to see me, I will sue his broke, fatherless ass for harassment.
Now get your hands off me! Don't you fucking touch me! You are not fucking listening to me! - Listen! - Get the fuck off of me, motherfucker! No! [SCUFFLING] [GRUNTING] Fucking Fucking shit! [BONES CRACK] [SCREAMS] - [GRUNTING] [SIGHS] [SIGHS] [CAR HORNS HONKING] I wouldn't say that went well.
I [SCOFFS] I don't know what happened.
I do.
I used to work with guys, back when I was collecting money Some of 'em, when it went too easy, there wasn't a fight, they used to be dangerous to be around.
They needed that adrenaline dump.
You could see it in their faces.
What are you saying? I'm saying I know you want to be on the ground for this shit.
But to be on the ground, you got to be in control.
And you're not.
So I'm sending you back to the bunker, Doc.
Busting you back to drone pilot.
'Cause you talk about not wanting to create any new victims, but you sure seemed to like doing it.
- [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] - CHANCE: Just making a plan for if there ever comes a moment where you feel like you could leave.
Or if you feel like you have to.
Just so you know exactly where you'd be going if you left.
All right? We don't We don't have to do anything.
We're just We're just talking.
You don't have to do anything, but you'll know you could.
All right? Okay.
So where do you think you might go? My sister, maybe.
Although I feel like if he asked her where I was, she would tell him.
She says she doesn't, but she likes him.
All right.
Not your sister.
Um, is there anywhere else? My last birthday, we had a cake at work.
And after, my boss said if I ever needed anything, she would help me, no matter what.
Just, like, out of nowhere.
So maybe her.
I could ask.
Now, before we go, if we have to call you for any reason, are we still the gynecologist? Yeah, uh, but Dr.
Simms left, so they moved me over to Dr.
All right.
You must get tired, huh? What? How do you mean? Talking about this so much, but then nothing happens.
Nothing changes.
You know, when we first started, you wouldn't talk about any of this.
You couldn't.
Now, with every week that's gone by, I've seen a change in you.
You got off the Lexapro, and you're holding yourself straighter.
You're valuing yourself.
You'll You'll do this when you're ready.
What if I? What if I don't, though? Then you won't.
But you will.
Didn't mean to scare you.
I just had to take a load off.
What are you doing here? Long time no see, Doc.
We need to talk.
Here you go.
Confusion to our enemies.
[GRUNTS] You mind? No.
So, what is this? You ever have one of those cases that keep you awake at night and make you wonder if you can fix things, or what's the fucking point of anything? I'm sure you've had one of those, right, Doc? Well, this one's mine.
I had an informant from an Ohio Travis.
He's a good kid.
He liked jewelry and drugs.
One night, he was breaking into a high-end car down on Toland Street, and just before he got the trunk open, someone shot him in the head.
He didn't die, though.
You believe it? Small caliber, oblique angle skated around his skull until it landed behind his eye socket.
So, eventually, he was able to give me a make of the car and a partial plate number.
The fact that it was even there was interesting in light of the fact that I was called to this scene the next day, a block away.
It'd be stupid to think they weren't related.
A block away, same night.
Woman found with her throat cut, kid shot in the head breaking into a car that shouldn't even have been there.
It registered to a Ryan Winter.
Now, you don't seem like you're too up on the tech world, but the man's made a ton of money in it.
He's given away enough to earn a halo.
Read an article once that he said he wants to die with his pockets empty.
People think he's charming.
Well, people think all rich people are charming.
But I've looked into him more than most, and I've never once seen him smile.
What about this this informant Travis? You had what he told you Wasn't that circumstantial evidence? Could've been.
But, um, once Travis left the hospital, he disappeared.
Everybody said he went back to Ohio, but I didn't believe that.
But I couldn't find him anyway, and without him, I don't have probable cause.
Without him, I don't have shit.
So what's this got to do with me? Well, you get in people's heads for a living, right, Doc? I've tried everything I could do.
So I'm gonna need you to get into Ryan Winter's head for me.
So take a look at all this.
And when you're done we'll get started.
What happens if I say no? What happens? You think you know things.
And you do.
You know that Blackstone threatened me.
You know that he beat me.
That I got scared, came to you for help.
You know that I saw his wife more than just once.
But there's not one thing you know that can prove that my story about how I fell isn't true.
Well, you being unaware of recent developments I can see why you'd say that.
You remember the car crash down at the beach that night? Couple of Romanians in a Mercedes? Well, I forgot about them, too, until the Sacramento PD picked them up on an old gun warrant.
And remembering them made me remember you.
Now, they're a couple of hard cases.
Not big talkers.
But what do you think they'd say if I went down there and told them I could get them some traction if they were to tell me why they were really at the beach that night.
You think they'd tell me stuff I already know? Or, maybe, do you think they'd tell me if they seen who really killed Blackstone? Or they're gonna tell me that your story's true? You know, there's something different about you, Doc, from the guy I met last year, something in your your eyes.
Or maybe that guy was the put-on, and this is the real you.
But [SIGHS] I guess it doesn't matter 'cause we're in this together now.
Whoever you are.
[DOOR CLOSES] [PAPERS RUSTLING] D: So somebody killed somebody.
Fucking awesome.
How is it my problem? Because this fucking cop Hynes says so? Well, uh, yeah, that's a place to start.
He's a cop.
So was Blackstone.
I haven't met one worth two shits.
You do this We do this What then? We're done? He's got us by the balls is what.
You want to be this fucking guy's lackey? That is not happening.
Set a meet.
I'll stab him in the eye.
Now, how did I know that that was gonna be your fix? For all we know, this guy Hynes, he's more like us than he's like Blackstone.
Could be tired, he's frustrated, he's hamstrung, he's tired of all the bullshit he's got to go through to do the right thing.
And this Winter guy He's for real.
He's worse than any of the predators we've had to deal with.
He's worth directing our energies towards.
Any cop that would resort to blackmail's got something to hide.
And I want to know what.
He's got a hammer over us? I want one over him.
I want a hammer to hold over this fucker's fucking head for thinking he fucking owns us.
Yeah, but he does own me, D.
That's the truth of it.
He puts the San Francisco Police on me, I'm not gonna make it.
If it's between holding out or prison, eventually, I'm gonna tell them tell them whatever they want to know.
About what I did.
About Carl.
About you.
I can't leave my daughter.
I wont.
We do have a choice.
You sit tight.
I check out Hynes.
Go home.
Take a shower.
Cool your blood.
- TRAVIS: He saw me.
You can't touch that.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] I didn't see anything.
That's okay.
He saw me.
It's okay.
Nobody's gonna What if he knows I didn't die? You're safe now.
Get some rest.
HYNES: I did a search by method and functional characteristics.
I found three more women one in Hayward, one in Oakland, one in San Jose.
All in the same 10-year age range.
All with their throats cut.
And I can place Ryan Winter in the vicinity of all three of these murders.
[LCD SOUNDSYSTEM'S "MOVEMENT" PLAYS] [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] It's like a movement from the small place to a bigger city Or it's a bigger bag to strap the ego of a little baby It's like a discipline without the discipline Of all of the discipline It's like a culture Without the effort of all of the culture Oh, but I'm tapped You're pillaging, and I'm tapped You're yesterday, and I'm tapped You're fast and easy, and I'm tapped You're pillaging, and I'm tapped For best results, well, I'm tapped Here comes the report Nothing to report see, it's all the same It seems the punk rock as an experiment Well, it pulled up lame You got the fat guy in the T-shirt doing all the singing Straight to the drunk tank Doing all the research and doing all the blame You're history, and I'm tapped You're fast asleep, and I'm tapped You're pillaging, and I'm tapped For best results, well, I'm tapped [RINGING] DISPATCHER: 9-1-1.
What's your emergency? Someone's hurt.
Uh Uh, I don't know.
Mugging, or Yeah.
There's, uh There's blood.
I think he hit his head on the pavement.
Can you hurry, please? It's like the culture Without the effort or all of the luggage It's like a discipline without the discipline Of all of the discipline It's like a movement Without the bother of all of the meaning It's like a culture Without the culture of all of the culture You're history, and I'm tapped You're fast and easy, and I'm tapped You're pillaging, and I'm tapped And you're finicky, and I'm tapped Here's a change