Chance (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

A Very Special Onion

1 Previously on "Chance" I'm trying to help my patients by removing whatever source of ongoing trauma is preventing them from experiencing the benefits of therapy.
D: The next asshole up should be that gay-basher.
CHANCE: Wade Pardo.
Is it cool for me to act like that, or only you? Are you thinking of doing something that has an outcome you can't live with? Again? D: How long do you think it's gonna take the cops to figure out you and your job are the common denominator between these guys? HYNES: Hey.
Woman found with her throat cut, a kid shot in the head breaking into a car registered to Ryan Winter.
I'm gonna need you to get into Ryan Winter's head for me.
- You must get tired.
- What? Talking about this so much, then nothing happens.
Nothing changes.
You know, there's something different about you, doc.
Something in your eyes.
[TROLLEY BELL DINGING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY] Molly, how are we doing over here? MOLLY: He's still in shock.
: Nurse Allen to imaging services.
Nurse Allen to imaging services.
- WOMAN: Check on her? - MAN: All right.
Okay, good.
We got you.
You lost consciousness there for a little bit, hit your head, but we're taking care of it.
Easy now, sir.
Hey, do we know where radiology's at? Shit! [BEEPING INTENSIFIES] WOMAN: We need you to assist! A little help here, please! All right.
I got him.
Four milligrams of Lorazepam now! Yes, doctor.
Right away.
We might need to restrain him.
[GRUNTING] Look at me.
It's all right.
You're safe here.
No one's gonna hurt you.
Just breathe slowly like this.
- In through the nose.
- [INHALES] Count of four.
Out through the mouth.
[EXHALES] In through the nose.
[INHALES] [INHALES] Out through the mouth.
You've activated your parasympathetic nervous system.
Counterbalances the fight-or-flight.
Call it "rest and digest.
" Give you a very light sedative.
It'll keep you calm in the MRI, all right? [BREATHING DEEPLY] This is how Stevie felt.
How he really felt.
Now I know.
Who's Stevie? WOMAN: Radiology has cleared the backup.
They're ready for him now.
Whole timeline on his wall about murder and where this Winter was when.
What wall? The wall in his apartment.
His apartment? How do you know this? You broke in? You broke in to his place? Definitely keep asking me that.
Really productive.
God damn it.
What did you find? Him having a timeline on his wall That could just be him being a dedicated cop.
Yeah, he is.
He's very dedicated and organized.
Also, he was transferred from San Fran PD to Fremont PD after a mandated psych eval because he's half a whack job.
What? When? About six months after he started fixating on Winter.
: Dr.
Thompson to cardiology, please.
- Dr.
Thompson to cardiology.
- Pretty early for you to be at work already, isn't it, doc? I was just leaving.
We need to talk.
I'll come to you.
Fuck you, doc! - Move! Move! - Oh! D: I say sit tight.
Fucking Hynes says jump, and you jump? What the fuck, doc? [SIGHS] I mapped out Winter's routine from Hynes' file.
The place where I chose to grab him is right in the middle of Bay Area Memorial's catchment area.
My domain.
That the fuck.
- You got lucky.
- I did I made a plan, and it worked.
So what happened to your face? Wade Pardo showed up, cold-cocked me outside the hospital.
Guess he made a plan, and his plan worked.
He was wearing a jump suit with Tyerman's Oil Change and Glass on the back.
[LAUGHING] He's wearing this when he hit you? Awesome.
He hasn't gotten much smarter.
Where are you going? Well, you know, car's been running a little rough.
Thought I might take it for an oil change.
Better idea is you take a couple deep breaths while I get you some fucking water.
You know what, D? I'm not thirsty.
Well, what the fuck are you, doc? Because you're something.
Forget Wade Pardo.
If this Winter Guy is doing what Hynes says he is, he's gonna keep going.
He's got to be stopped.
We have to stop him.
Here's the deal.
I don't get a hammer on this cop pretty fucking soon, I'm going back to plan "A.
" Which is? Stab him in the eye.
Or stab you in the eye.
And, honestly, I could get the drop on you way fucking easier.
"Download complete.
" So, what do I do if I want to start this up? Do I press the the, uh? God.
You're so Amish.
Just go to the app, hit the arrow.
Why do you make me feel like a chimp fishing for termites with a stick? When I was a kid, we didn't have all this stuff.
You've got an unfair advantage.
I know, Dad.
When you were growing up, this was all orange groves.
Orange groves, woolly mammoths trapped in primordial ooze.
You look extra pretty today.
Well, so do you.
Yeah, this is why you should not read and walk at the same time.
No, but driving and lying's okay.
I will try to be more careful.
Let me know how that goes.
[SEATBELT CLICKS] Oh, love you.
[DOOR CLOSES] - Hey, what's up? - Hey.
SYSTEM] WOMAN: Do I need to do something? I can.
WINTER: Like what? What would you do? Well [SCOFFS] You can't stay here, for one thing.
I mean It's fine for now, Lyndsay.
I will let you know when it isn't.
[SIGHS] Your doctor's here.
I'll check back in with you later.
Much improved since last we spoke.
Eldon Chance.
We met briefly in the ER.
You were the one who stopped them from restraining me.
That's right.
Well, you seem to be well-oriented, laying down new memories.
That's a good sign.
So it's just this, then? That and your current emotional state.
You were attacked by a stranger, targeted for whatever reason.
You could have been hurt a lot worse.
Rear choke like that for longer than 40 seconds, and you wouldn't be here.
You'd be in the county morgue.
So when you think about that, how do you feel? You feel anxious? Vulnerable? Depressed? Um Yes, yes, and yes.
Plus pissed off.
If you'd indulge me for a moment, I have some pictures that I'd like to show you.
Tell me what you see.
Bad art.
What's it supposed to be? It's called a projection test.
Gives me some sense of how you're feeling about the world.
One of us in this room is brilliant, and the other is just thorough, I know who you are.
I know what you've done with your life.
I just want to make sure that we're doing everything that we can to see that your brain is okay.
Now, what do you see? She looks spooked.
He looks perverted.
And this tells you what, exactly? It goes to state of mind.
You know, what kinds of stories you might be telling yourself in the wake of the attack, versus, say, a month from now.
So, I'll have to do this again, you're saying? It's a possibility.
The radiologist last night said something about a Victims of Violent Crime Unit at this hospital.
She said that because of what happened to me, I would automatically be entitled to treatment there therapy or counseling or whatever.
- Is this part of that? - Uh, no.
Uh, um, I'm actually on the staff there, but no.
This is different.
But I-I don't have to do it, do I? It's not mandatory? This is absolutely not mandatory.
Nobody's gonna make me do it.
But you work there, huh? Wow.
What attracts you to victims of violent crime? Helping them, you mean.
Giving them back their power.
That's amazing.
One of us in this room is a very good man.
How about this? [CHUCKLES] Well, he's got it coming.
In what way? Well, look at him sitting there, head down.
He's guilty of something.
Nobody had to take him to the woodshed.
He's waiting there already.
Waiting to be punished, then.
You asked what I thought.
[SPOON CLATTERS] [SIGHS] You have to stop showing me this shit.
I don't disagree.
Something about the black and white, maybe.
No, something about what they fucking are! Don't show me pictures of lonely, pathetic people.
What's wrong with you? You said you want to give people their power back, right? Well, do you actually know what it feels like to lose it, much less have it taken by some asshole coward in the fucking dark? I think I need to lie down for a while.
Please excuse me.
Well, I-I'll check back.
CHANCE: Patient exhibited agitation, particularly in response to card number three.
Collective reaction was one of increasing irritability bordering on anger, followed by refusal to continue.
Could be the result of being attacked from behind.
Or feelings of aggression aroused by the sight of a vulnerable woman.
I'm coming in.
I have the files that you asked for.
Just put them down there.
[TELEPHONE RINGS] What happened there? You get into a fight? Yep.
Well, all right, then.
Uh, these aren't your patients.
Are their cases transferring to you? Not yet.
Sounds suspicious.
Yeah, I-I just got interested in the MCMIs.
I wanted to see if our patients' psych profiles showed a shift after going through our program.
Oh, man.
[CHUCKLES] I haven't seen these since college.
I just tried those out on a patient.
Is your patient an evil, old-timey, serial-killer clown? They're just, you know, really old school for psychological profiling, aren't they? You know what else is old school? Awesome things that work.
SYSTEM] Excuse me.
Have you seen the patient that was in this room? Ryan Winter? No.
I'm looking at the schedule now.
I'm thinking Thursday night.
Just need someone here Thursday night to cover.
- And - [EXHALES] we're done.
Crisis averted.
WOMAN: You should go.
I can call a nurse if I need help.
And have them beat our best bathroom time? Excuse me.
What are you doing? Come on.
Let's get you back to your room.
Come on.
Come on.
Is he supposed to be here? What's he doing? Nothing.
Everything's fine.
Excuse us.
You all right? You look like you might be feeling light-headed.
I wanted to hear them, I mean, really hear them.
It made me feel kind of like you.
In what way? Seeing who a person is and they don't even know you're looking.
They don't know they should hide or how.
That's eavesdropping.
That's not what I do.
Also, I get consent.
SYSTEM] If someone has no idea what you're going to find inside them, how can they really consent? Well, they can't, exactly.
Not in the way you mean.
But they want to know what's in there, and they have to trust me.
And they can trust me.
You could, too.
I think I'm going to leave.
Leave? The hospital.
I'd like to be discharged.
If that's not up to you, maybe you could talk to the person it is up to, please.
[WOMAN LAUGHS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] [LAUGHTER] - But they didn't know for sure.
- What? Are you kidding me? PEPPER: I think he secretly did.
And then I ran home.
You ran home? [LAUGHS] Did you get what you Wow! You're driving a party bus now.
What's going on? Nothing.
Do we have any KFC left? Uh, nothing? - Jason Spencer is not nothing.
- Okay, no, no, no.
You know, I need to talk about this.
- Come on.
Jason Spencer - listen to this.
[LAUGHING] Oh, stop! Jason Spencer, the hottest boy of the entire junior class, is totally hitting on your daughter, and she's being a total freak about it.
Oh, my God.
He's my lab partner.
Oh, my God.
So? It's not like you guys are cousins.
- No, no, no, look at this.
- Stop! Look at this.
It's cute.
Don't worry.
- Ah.
- Yeah, there they are.
I saw him.
This morning, when I dropped you off at school.
He was waiting for you.
Cute couple, right? And she is totally leading him on.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
Oh, and not to mention the fact that half the girls at school are jealous of her because of it.
Huge way to make an entrance to a new school, girl.
- He looks sweet.
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe you should have him over.
- Maybe for dinner.
- Yeah.
Good idea.
The four of us could have dinner.
The things I hate in order right now are you, you, and you.
I'm gonna go upstairs and find that romper you're lending me.
I know what you're thinking.
- We're not thinking anything.
- No, we're not It's nice that you've found someone you like.
You're worried.
We're not.
CHRISTINA: We're not.
It's okay.
I get it.
But this is not that.
It's different.
I'm all right.
Nothing's weird or like before.
I'm not leading him on.
I'm not making an entrance.
I'm not doing anything.
I'm just figuring it out like everybody else does, okay? That sounds like a plan.
Everybody cool, then? So cool.
[CHUCKLES] [DOOR OPENS] What happened to your face? - [DOOR CLOSES] - I, um There was a You know what? I, for one, am totally excited about this.
I'm encouraged by it.
You know, she's not rushing into anything.
I-I-I think she's learning from her mistakes.
Well, it's life.
She can't hide from life.
Fuck off, buddy.
For real.
Come on.
Help a brother out.
That help? Shit.
Hey, what's up? I can't I can't really hear you.
It's pretty windy where you are.
You're what? Are you Are you sure? Y-Yeah, but that kind of ring's pretty common, though.
No, no, no.
No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Where exactly in the Headlands? Uh, I won't.
I promise, Sid.
Look, Sid, thank you.
Thank you.
As a matter of fact, that is Ryan Winter.
I see that.
How'd that happen? He was here waiting when I got in this morning.
Seemed pretty enthusiastic, so I figured you wouldn't mind if I did the intake.
No, of course not.
Just surprised.
When he left, he never said anything about taking advantage of services.
I would have figured someone with his resources would go private.
But his main point of contact here was you, and he's a pretty smart guy, if you hadn't noticed, so I'm sure he realizes he can spend his money, but it won't get him a better doctor.
That is a really nice thing to say.
I am a really nice person.
Cool bruise.
Went with the shirt.
Anyway, good luck.
Winter can buy this whole hospital with pocket change, but don't let that intimidate you.
That gold leaf has come in.
You can finish this French Empire piece now.
In the morning.
Right now, I need your help.
Are you in trouble? That remains to be seen.
I'm doing a recon op for the doc.
Tracking Hynes.
I need you to do a little sneak and peek.
You want me to spy on Detective Hynes? Yep.
He's been holed up in a bar for over an hour.
Why can't you do it? Uh, the place is small.
I'd stand out.
This op is already on the verge of compromise.
Is it possible that Detective Hynes could recognize me from that accident and those Romanians? That's phantom shit.
You're clean.
But if you're worried, put on your best battle rattle.
If anyone can make shit look different, it's you.
DENNIS: I'm trying to move on like she'd want.
Millie took care of everything.
I don't even know the PIN for our debit card.
Customer came in the other day, and I was counting back his change.
[VOICE BREAKING] And suddenly, I couldn't even tell the difference between the quarters and the dimes.
I could see them, but I couldn't I couldn't.
I [SOBBING] Dennis, what you're experiencing is very common.
It's a version of Complex PTSD.
You think that because you're not actively recalling the robbery that you're not re-experiencing the emotions you had when it happened, but you are.
You think you're just counting a customer's change, but you're doing it in the store that you built with your wife the store that was robbed, where you were shot and almost died and your wife did die.
Those associations are more than powerful enough to make you forget the difference between dimes and quarters.
Go easy on yourself, and eventually, I promise you, dimes will be dimes, quarters will be quarters again.
[PEN CLICKS] Josefa, how's it going? Want to give us a progress report? He caught me wearing makeup.
My husband, Ronny.
I always take it off after work, but this time, I didn't.
Maybe I wanted him to see.
Maybe it was my way of standing up to him.
I don't know.
Anyway, uh, he dragged me into the bathroom and threw me into the tub.
My head bounced off the tile.
He turned on the shower as hot as it would go.
Then he took a Brillo pad to scrape the makeup off.
Funny thing is I had to use makeup on Monday for work to cover it up.
Why don't you leave him? No.
In group therapy, someone has the floor, we don't interrupt.
No, I want to answer him.
I've got kids, okay? I stay for them.
I live with it for them 'cause I know if I stay, he won't kill me.
I envy you.
At least you know who to be scared of.
[SIGHS] I just I think there's, um, some comfort in knowing.
I never saw mine or even heard him my attacker.
One minute, I was walking, and then everything went black.
[CLEARS THROAT] Uh, Alex, do you want to? When I was a kid, a baby bird fell out of its nest onto the sidewalk in front of our house.
So I took it and put it in a shoebox and gave it water through an eye dropper and fed it little bits of bread.
But it just seemed determined to die.
My mother said that I was delaying the inevitable, so she took it and drowned it in a bucket of water.
And I remember it looked very peaceful after she, um But we're all baby birds here, in a way, aren't we? Fallen out of our nests, lying on the sidewalk, not knowing who's coming or if they're gonna feed us or drown us.
It's terrifying.
It is.
It's It's terrifying.
BARTENDER: You got it.
- [GLASS THUDS] Thank you.
Brooks Brothers.
Huh? Your blazer.
Brooks Brothers.
So So, what? A quality product.
Sensible, versatile.
A good cover.
A good cover for what? For the cheap slacks and shirt.
Seriously, the jacket is a piece of clothing that's worthy of scrutiny.
No one will look past it to what's underneath as long as the jacket makes a good impression.
You splurged on a classic because you're sensible.
And smart.
You sound like an expert.
Actually, I am.
I'm a pattern maker for a garment manufacturer.
So you know your shit.
Well, here's to you.
I hope your company values your work.
I've been there 40 years.
[CHUCKLES] It's not the perfect situation, but I appreciate their loyalty.
Something from a bygone era.
[CHUCKLES] I don't find much of it myself these days.
[PIANO MUSIC CONTINUES] I don't mean to pry, but is something troubling you? No.
I'm fine.
It's just I just lost someone meant something to me.
I'm sorry.
[ICE RATTLES] Me, too.
It's always difficult.
Can I get you another drink? Sure.
Why not? Can we have another round, please? Sure.
You know, you you have one of those faces.
What kind of faces? The kind that's vaguely familiar.
Brother, no one has ever accused me of being vaguely anything.
[CHUCKLES] To your friend.
Then he just took off groceries in the cart, middle of the fucking aisle.
I had to run to catch him.
Bat out of hell, out to the headlands, all the way to a crime scene.
I couldn't get close enough to see much, but I could tell they were digging something up someone.
First thought maybe that's how this fucker gets off kills people, goes back to the crime scene to jack off.
But then he starts crying, and he bails.
So I followed him to a bar.
That's when I called Carl 'cause it was his type of place.
What do you mean? You mean a gay bar? Hynes is gay? CARL: Deeply closeted, but, yes.
It was all very sad.
He lost someone very dear to him.
Oh, he didn't mention a name, not to me.
But I could feel his loss.
His pain was palpable.
Who the fuck is Travis? It's a confidential informant of Hynes'.
Some street kid got shot in the head trying to break into a car that belonged to Winter.
Got himself out of the hospital and disappeared until now, apparently.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
So Hynes has a boner for some street kid who dies, and now he wants payback? D, this is not about a boner.
The man's a human being with a broken heart, and you know better.
Speaking of boners, Winter got one in group therapy while one of my patients was describing in excruciating detail the physical abuse her husband had inflicted on her.
I know 20 scumbags get hard for ugly shit like that.
You want my advice? Drop it and find something we can hold over Hynes 'cause I am this close to going back to plan "A.
" No, no, no, plan "A's" has got to wait.
I have domain specificity here, D.
That's your term.
I got Winter right where I want him.
He's on my turf, my rules.
Chinks in the man's armor are starting to show.
I can feel it.
There's more to come.
I got to go through with this, D.
We have to go through with this no matter what you say.
How close am I to getting punched in the face right now? Want to go punch Wade Pardo instead? The 47 percent spike in car break-ins city-wide is probably why Tyerman's Oil and Glass stays open till midnight these days.
I called.
Wade is on the late shift.
What do you say? [SLURPING] [CUP THUDS] [DOOR OPENS] When Wade Pardo attacked him my patient Sam been to a restaurant in North Beach, dinner with his boyfriend.
They'd been together 10 months.
This was the first time they'd ever held hands in public.
For Wade Pardo You need some glass replaced.
I only got one guy on shift tonight, but I can probably take care of you myself, depending on what we're talking about.
That's great.
It's uh Let me check my stock.
I'll I'll be right back.
All right.
[TOOLS CLANKING] - [BONES CRACK] - Aah! [TOOLS CLATTER] I got that replacement in stock.
You want to give me an hour? Uh, you know what? It's getting kind of late.
Maybe I can last another day.
All right.
I'm here tomorrow.
- Okay.
- All right.
[KEYS CLACK] [ENGINE STARTS] - So, are you guys going, too? - Oh, yeah.
See ya.
So, it sounds pretty fun.
Friday night? The musical at USF? Yeah, um I'm not, um I'm probably not gonna be going after all.
A few of us might do this other thing instead, so I don't know.
That's cool.
Is everything okay? Yeah, um You know, shit came up.
Yeah, no, I get it.
You're You're just acting weird.
I don't know if it's gonna work.
What isn't? I got to go.
Jason just totally flaked on me over nothing.
I mean, it's not a big deal.
I barely talked to him.
Yeah, um, I don't know if it's exactly about nothing.
Well, what the fuck does that mean? People have been talking.
Like, Jason and them.
Something they heard about that happened at your old school? Look.
Whatever it is, it's out there.
So HYNES: So you're saying you came up behind him and choked him out? Where'd you learn a ninja move like that? I mean I mean, it's fucking crazy to even picture it, but I like it.
You know, you're a special onion, doc.
Speaking of crazy, you lied to me.
About what? The fact that you were transferred from SFPD to Fremont and why.
How the fuck do you know that? Winter didn't orchestrate that.
It was a mental-health issue.
You had a breakdown.
That's none of your business.
No, see, it kind of is my business because you lied to me.
You lied to me to force me into this.
Too bad.
You get your hands dirty, you give people leverage, and they work you.
So I worked you.
You blackmailed me.
Well, if blackmailing turns you on, then let's call it that, okay? But here's the truth.
The truth is the job won't let me take this sick, murdering fuck down the aboveboard way, so I'm doing what needs to be done.
[SIGHS] What's this shit? Our entire conversation is now in the cloud.
Don't ask me how.
You're recording us? [CHUCKLING] Okay.
So, you've got a hammer over me.
Now I have one over you.
Mutually assured destruction.
Ah, congratulations, doc, but you got to be prepared to use it.
[CELLPHONE THUDS] And I don't think you will.
You lied to me about something else.
- Really? - Travis.
You were in love with him.
You watch your fucking step, doc.
- Okay, okay.
I - Don't fuck with me.
CHANCE: Listen, I don't care.
I don't care about your personal life.
The fact that you're heartbroken and that's affecting your judgment about Winter that matters to me.
I don't even want to think about attacking an innocent person.
- He's not innocent shit! - All right.
If you keep pushing, I'm gonna take away the one thing you have that you still care about your job no matter what the blowback is on me.
You don't know what you're doing.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
I'm leaving.
- Uh-huh.
- Yes.
I sent them over.
- Mm-hmm.
- Bye.
All right, so, if you can only do them, do the first 20, then.
All right.
Josefa didn't show.
Did she call? - [BINDER THUDS] - Nope.
Can you call her? And if her husband answers or you have to leave a message, you're the, uh Calling from Dr.
Diamond's gynecological practice about a missed appointment.
I remember everything about everything.
No doubt.
Her voicemail's full.
What are you doing? Maybe I'll go by there.
I'm gonna go over there.
Can you write down her address? MAN: Again tomorrow.
I was just coming to see you.
I've only got a minute.
If we're talking, we should probably talk about whether group therapy is really the right step for you.
Those cards you showed me The, um the picture interpretation technique.
I discovered they have kind of a kind of a darker purpose than you implied.
Does that upset you? It does, and it doesn't.
You said you wanted a sense of how I see the world, and what you were really trying to do was get at my unconscious.
Pretty much exactly what you scolded me for peering into my psyche without consent.
My domain, my hospital, on the clock I don't need your permission for that.
You need my trust.
You need my trust.
And I want to give it to you.
I think it's possible that I could be understood here.
What about you is hard for people to understand? The questions I've always wanted to ask, I can imagine asking you.
[POLICE RADIO CHATTER] I very much want to continue with the group.
- [CAR ALARM ENGAGES] - WOMAN: Hey, honey.
Yeah, just got off.
[WOMAN CONTINUES SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] But I'm hoping there's room in your schedule for one-on-one therapy, as well.
[WOMAN CRYING] So you'll let me know.
About your schedule.
Who's Stevie? When they brought you in, before they took you down for the scan, you said the name Stevie.
Buckle up, doctor.
I think we're going on an adventure.
You can't be here.
CHANCE: I'm looking for Josefa Pefaur.
I'm her psychiatrist.
We had an appointment.
She didn't show.
Is she inside? Is she all right? I need you to go back downstairs, sir, right now.