Channel Zero (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Nice Neighborhood

1 You didn't think I'd let the whole summer go by without coming home, right? - I'm, like, your only friend.
- Oh, thanks.
You leaving already? What? My dad died.
Actually, I found him.
Have you ever heard of the No-End House? It's six rooms, and each is supposed to be scarier than the last.
Most people don't even make it to the sixth room, and the people who do never seen again.
[whistling] Dad? Hey, it's Jules.
Leave me a message.
[beep] Hey, uh, I've tried you a couple times already.
I just wanted to see how orientation is going.
[voice echoing] [heartbeat thumping] I just really need you right now, so if you could give me a call [voices whispering] Yeah, actually you said Tuesday was good for you.
I just really need you right now.
[tense music] [voices whispering] Jules.
You crashed out on the couch as soon as you got in last night.
- Oh.
- We got pizza from Sciscilo's.
Your welcome home feast.
Okay, I'll eat.
Mom's gonna get angry with you.
Get up, go.
Come have a meatball.
[lighter flicking] Uh hey, Mom.
Both: It's medicinal.
She threw out her back really bad at the restaurant.
It's not a big deal.
You don't have to worry about me.
Like you don't smoke at school.
I actually don't.
You know, I see Margot when she comes in for lunch.
She's always by herself.
You gonna see her while you're in town? What? Of course I'm gonna see her.
Why are you acting weird about it? I'm not.
[grunting] [laughs] What the heck are you doing here? You didn't see anything in Room Five? It was dark, and I just I just kept going.
[swirling voices] [voices rising] Hey, Margot? Hey, Jules.
Sit down.
I'm making breakfast.
[eerie music] Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah.
Just that, um, that last room, it freaked me out pretty bad, you know? What one? In Room Five, with the mask.
What mask? It was the same guy as the second room.
He took it off.
There was another mask on underneath.
This one was it was, like, a latex skin kinda thing.
What was the mask of? Let's just get out of here, man.
What what about the girls? They're not out? No, their car's still here.
You wanna go back in? I'm not waiting around.
That's what they got Uber for.
What, to get away from haunted houses? What the hell? I'm gonna go see if I can find a signal.
Yo, are you serious? They have the keys.
What's wrong with you, man? The second mask looked like me.
It was me, like those heads.
Fuck that.
I'm getting out of here.
Well, I'm gonna wait to make sure they're okay.
I get it, you're a hero.
What would you girls like in your omelets? Uh, I'm okay.
Just surprise me.
That I can do.
What am I missing? What am I missing? What am I missing? Uh [laughs] Eggs.
Remember that time when you snuck a whole carton of eggs up into your room, and you put them under your desk lamp all day because you knew that they would hatch? Took three weeks to get the smell out.
Yeah, I forgot about that.
Did you? Do you know where you've been for the last year? Right here.
[tense music] [glass shatters] [rattling, engine sputters] [beeping] Well [sighs] Let's eat.
What's wrong? Tastes like nothing.
Margot It's perfect.
Oh, God, baby.
Thank God you came.
I'm so glad to see you.
You wore that shirt the day we met.
The show at the Gaslight.
I was covered in sweat.
From dancing.
First with my friends.
Then with you.
That shirt's still in the closet.
What? [whistling] [suspenseful music] Seth.
Come here.
Come here, buddy.
Seth! Seth! Mom? Dad? Sorry, I just need a minute.
Jules? She just needs a minute alone.
Besides, I want to talk to you.
I lied before.
There's a gap in my memory, and I realize I'm not supposed to be here.
But it is really good to see Margo again.
Do you think it's good for her to see you? Hmm.
You think you're such a good friend to her.
Excuse me? I have always been here for Margot.
Especially after you died.
And her grief didn't start to feel like quicksand, that she might be dragging you down, too? She's my best friend.
And that summer when it was time for you to leave, you didn't feel somehow lighter? No, I I wanted her to come with me.
Like we always planned.
Yeah, you wanted Margot.
Just not that Margot.
Not a Margot that was covered in something messy and uncomfortable and sticky like real pain.
This Margot needs me.
[gentle music] Dude.
Come in.
Okay, what kind of flowers grow in your backyard? Marigolds.
What are those? Orchids.
All the flowers here, they're all orchids.
White orchids everywhere.
And go out front, they're there, too.
See, I think the house manipulated space inside its walls, right? We all saw different Room Fives.
So what if this is Room Six? What if we're still inside the house? No, that's obviously not the case.
I think we need to find the exit door.
We're not in a fucking house right now.
No, this is not your home.
And that is not your dad.
Okay, well, I can't just walk away right now, okay? Do you know how long I've wanted a second chance with him? Okay, look, I understand how you're feeling, I do, but right now you need to just think, because whatever is going on here, we should be terrified of it.
I am terrified.
He killed himself.
A week before he died, my mom was out of town and he had a really bad reaction to some prescription meds.
He made me promise not to tell her, 'cause he thought it would scare her, and then five days later I found his body and I knew he had just taken the same things, and he knew exactly what was gonna happen to his body, and he took triple the dose, and everybody thought it was an accident, even my mom.
Okay, why didn't you just tell me? Jules, I didn't tell anybody.
I'm the only one that knows.
Okay, and I know I can't stay here forever, but I just feel like I don't know, I just want to ask him questions and, like, talk to him again a little, you know? Okay.
Well, like you just said to me, Margot, your father is dead.
That thing inside, he can't tell you anything.
How do you know that? He's right there! He knows me.
He's standing right there.
- We are talking to him.
- You're my best friend.
Friends don't let friends stay with dead things.
Stop calling him that! [The Shangri-Las' "Remember" plays] Seems like the other day You've spent the last year wallowing in the past hoping time would go backwards or your father would just miraculously rise from the grave, but that is not how reality works.
You need to snap the fuck out of it.
You just don't understand 'cause you don't actually have a dad.
Well, neither do you.
Just go, Jules.
Look, I know you want to, so I'm giving you permission.
Run away.
You're really fucking good at it.
I I went to college, Margot.
That's something people do.
Okay, but all of last summer All of last summer, Jules, from the funeral on, you pulled away from me, and what's when I needed you.
That's when I needed you, and you acted like I was some person that you didn't even know, and every single day you knew me less and less, and I was just me, I was just me, and I was in a lot of pain, and I just needed you, and you walked away.
- You're not thinking right - Just go, okay? I'm not coming with you, so it doesn't matter.
It's my life.
I don't need to live it with you.
Remember, then he touched my cheek Remember, with his fingertips Softly Softly we'd meet with our lips Whatever happened to The boy that I once knew The boy who said He'd be true Oh what happened to The light I gave to you What will I do with it now [whispered voices swirling] [suspenseful music] Lacey? Lacey? Lacey? Lacey? Hello? Lacey.
Thank God you're okay.
I'm sorry it took me so long.
How do you know my name? It's me.
I'm here to take you home.
I am home, and I don't know you.
Look, you and I came here together.
I got out, and you didn't.
This house, it looks like our house, but it's not.
This street looks like ours, but it's not in our neighborhood.
It's not in our reality.
You don't belong here.
I swore I'd find you.
My husband will be home soon.
I'm your husband.
So you know you died? So how are you here? Where, the dining room? I'm sorry.
The truth is, I don't have any idea.
I just am.
And I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense right now.
Where's Mom? I have no idea.
I think it's just me.
Yeah, well, how do I know if it's actually you? All right, you're gonna just have to figure that one out for yourself, Martian.
All I know is I love you very much.
And I'm not going anywhere this time.
Where's the house? I don't know.
Houses don't just get up and walk away.
Where did it go? Yeah, well, it wouldn't be the weirdest thing I've seen today.
Where's Margot? She's she's at her house with her dad.
Her dad? Didn't she say that her dad Yeah, he did.
She's with him? It's him, but it's not him.
You know, just like all this.
Where do you think we are? I think we're still inside the No-End House, and I think it wants us to stay.
[moaning] Where are my parents? They're not here.
I get that, but Did you do something to them? No, man.
They're not, not here because something happened to them.
They're not here because something happened to you.
You came here.
And this this isn't actually your house.
Or your neighborhood.
What the fu is going on? Good question.
Do you know the answer? Well, I think it was made from your memories, all that stuff that makes you, you.
How? I don't know.
I'm just here.
Okay, what's my favorite type of ice cream? Pistachio, right? Why would this place make another me? Is that what I am? Or am I the version of you that you want to be? The alpha version.
Weird thing I don't actually know what pistachio ice cream tastes like.
I can remember eating it, like I'm watching a movie.
But I can't really access the sense experience.
Philosophy of Art.
What was that professor's name? Both: Crowley.
I have the memories.
What I don't have is the qualia.
Pistachio ice cream is really good.
Good to know.
When am I gonna wake up? Tomorrow morning.
Then you'll come downstairs and we'll have breakfast.
This can't be real.
Have you ever seen the stars from inside the water? Oh! I drank water! Yes, and you spit most of it on me.
Serves you right for dunking her.
Mommy, watch me! I'm watching, Margot.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Do you trust me? - I trust you.
Okay, count, one, two, three.
[eerie music] Margot.
It's okay.
Do you trust me? Yeah, I do.
We should probably sleep in shifts.
Just in case.
I'll go first.
Keep watch.
I don't know why I suggested it.
I can't sleep.
What do you dream about when you're trapped inside of a dream? Yeah, you're not really helping.
It's okay if you're scared right now.
I am.
Yeah, I'm not really scared for me.
Oh, that was amazing.
It is all amazing, Martian.
[tense music] Uh, I'm exhausted, so Ow.
It's fine.
It's just gonna bruise.
I never want to see you hurt, not even a bruise.
[door opens, closes] [whispered] Jules.
[whispered] Jules.
[whispered voices] [whispered] Jules.
[indistinct whispering] [tense music] [intense whispered voices] Can I join in? Just like that? Well, didn't I make her up like I made you? I don't think so.
I think she came from the real world just like you.
And she doesn't talk? I don't think she has anything to say.
Why not? Maybe she forgot.
I don't know, she seems to think that this is her house.
Maybe it was.
I don't know, maybe it changed.
Whatever the case, she seems pretty relaxed about the whole thing.
To be honest, I'd prefer if she were into you.
She hasn't looked at you once.
Look look, you're not real.
You're just an echo or something.
You said so yourself, you're just a copy that I made up in my own mind.
No, what I said was I'm the better version of you.
It's kinda funny if you think about it.
What? I'm probably better at being you than you are.
But in a way, I kinda made you up, right? And maybe I did that so you could teach me to be better.
Like for example, when I meet a girl I think a few steps ahead, but I always fu it up.
Maybe if you taught me You think I could help? I think that's your purpose.
You know what? I really want to know what ice cream tastes like.
Well, okay.
[tense music] [suspenseful music] [dogs barking] [swirling voices] [swirling voices] - Throw me high.
- Okay, I'll try.
[indistinct chatter] Okay.
[distorted chatter] Wait, is this it? Is this It finally came out.
[indistinct chatter] And now you take one of me.
Okay, so just press this button.
It's really easy.
I'm gonna put this around your neck so you don't drop it.
How could I forget this one? [distorted chatter] Try not to auction yourselves off online or anything while I'm away.
Love you.
[voice echoes] [tense music] [moaning]