Charite (2017) s01e02 Episode Script


Happily accept anything
Be glad in silence when it's quiet
Without words, but with pleasure
Be the servant of any servant
Fellow sisters and nurses,
the clinic management wants us
to give everyone
with tuberculosis a spittoon.
Sister Therese.
The so called Blue Henry
is a new patent of the Empire.
This sinkhole ensures
that nothing runs down.
And it's blue, so the substance
can be seen, but is concealed.
The bottom can be unscrewed
to clean it with carbolic acid.
Something must be done
about contagion here.
Nurse Edith, it's time for you
to put your destiny in God's hands.
Don't trust in men's work.
Nursing is God's work.
We have a new
assistant nurse amongst us.
Ida Lenze.
Nurse Edith,
please show her everything.
Advertise your product or brand here
As if praying helped against bacilli.
Every year at least one of us dies.
Why aren't the contagious
people separated?
We don't have room.
This is the children's ward.
A bit of advice.
Don't get attached to them.
Most of them won't leave here alive.
Hey, little boy. You can hardly breathe.
Open your mouth!
Diphtheria. Get Dr. Behring. Quick!
-What's wrong?
-No, stay there.
Don't be surprised, from now on
I'll represent Dr. Ehrlich at lectures.
As far as I know,
the last topic was cells
in blood and urine
of sick people.
Take notes.
-Dr. Behring!
-What's so important, Miss Lenze?
There's a boy with diphtheria.
He's suffocating.
Who wants to try a tracheotomy?
Be brave! Any volunteers?
Hurry, please.
Get the patient here,
for a demonstration.
The students don't seem to dare.
Very well.
You were sent to get Dr. Behring.
He'll do it in the hall.
We have no time.
Do you have a knife?
Take this one.
Without anesthetic?
I've never done this.
He is out and feels no pain.
Hurry up, he stopped breathing.
Come here, Tischendorf.
This shows me
your unfortunate lack of knowledge
with the location of a tracheotomy.
Remember, what lack of knowledge
and purpose leads to.
Yes, please.
Could you explain
the technique again?
Is it the same that was used
on Crown Prince Frederick?
Of course not.
Loosen your tie, Tischendorf.
I need anatomical structures
for my demonstration.
For His Highness,
a laryngotomy was necessary.
In case of diphtheria, the
tracheotomy is performed,
which has to be placed lower.
I knew I couldn't do it.
I shouldn't have.
Not every child
is saved with a cut.
I saw that
in my father's clinic.
At least you tried.
That's more than a poor boy
can expect.
I don't feel up to being a Doctor.
For my father it's fixed
that I'll take over his practice.
There is no discussion.
I'd rather do something different.
They're beautiful.
An artist.
Is that me?
When I was sick?
Yes, but I didn't want to offend you.
May I give it to you?
Why are you running?
Where are we going?
To Spinola. His niece
seems to suffer from diphtheria.
Hurry up, or do you want
another kid to suffocate?
I'll show you a proper tracheotomy.
So you can do it?
Only for Spinola's niece.
But the poor boy on the
ward will suffocate.
You're brave, telling me
all these effronteries.
Still the same stubborn girl.
Just like back then,
you have no empathy.
Trust me, as a Doctor
you need some toughness.
Not just towards the patients,
but yourself.
Empathy and tact
don't help the patients.
And dreamers like Tischendorf
won't become good Doctors.
At least the dreamer
dared to do the procedure.
-While the other students ducked out.
-True, they were cowards.
But you're brave.
You could become a good Doctor,
if you were a man.
I could as a woman, too.
Hurry up, the lunar caustic hasn't helped.
My niece can't breathe anymore.
-How long unconscious?
It's diphtheria.
A cushion.
I have to stretch the neck.
Hooks and cannula.
All right.
I'm deeply indebted to you.
What would have happened
if my niece died during her visit?
-To the surgeon's art.
-Too kind of you.
But if I may
My skills wouldn't be needed
if there was a
cure for diphtheria.
The infection could be prevented
before the swelling
becomes fatal.
A cure?
That would be a sensation.
-Are you serious?
There has to be an antidote
to the germ.
I did some experiments in private
that are quite promising.
But why do you only
do them in private?
Where else?
In the operating theater?
Or at the sickbed?
I lack time and money
to make progress.
What I'd need
is a laboratory, test animals
and a few free hours.
Should I talk to Professor Koch
about you?
Privy Councilor Koch won't
even consider my application.
He'd rather have friends
who are no competition.
Dr. Ehrlich?
Please don't misunderstand me.
I'm not jealous of my colleague,
but there are certain rumors
amongst the students.
What rumors?
He's supposed to be sick.
Rumors say he has tuberculosis himself.
One cut and the kid
could breathe again.
You have to be cold-blooded.
-You are keen on Dr. Behring.
-Dr. Behring is as moody as April weather.
His mood changes are infamous here.
A quick-tempered man
isn't for you.
What man would suit a penniless
old maid, who always talks back?
You're not an old maid at 18.
What should I say? I'm over 20.
If you didn't wear that bonnet
looking like a milkmaid,
you'd turn all the students' heads,
I'll leave that to you.
I think Georg Tischendorf looks at you.
He gave me this.
He drew you in your sleep?
It seems like I didn't look after you.
Rule three?
Friendships among Sisters
that excludes them
from the other Sisters are forbidden.
Rule number six?
Disreputable talks are severely punished.
Just like hurtful actions.
Sister Therese didn't behave badly.
Sister Therese wants to be
a free servant of God.
She doesn't obey the rules for me,
but to do her duty for God.
Put your bonnets on.
That matron treats us like children.
You struck a chord with me.
Earthly nurture isn't acknowledged
well enough and is poorly paid.
We need to get organized, to show them.
-Like in a union?
Edith, that's forbidden,
even for men. You said it yourself.
It would be better
being Doctors.
Miss Lenze as Doctor.
Why not a Professor?
Professor Virchow?
Professor, the mother of the boy
who died of diphtheria
won't pick up his corpse.
She has no money for a coffin.
That's too bad.
But trust me,
Emperor Frederick feels the same.
-Could you
I invited him and can show him
plans for widespread sewerage.
Has he recovered enough
to take care of sewage?
He's been waiting
so long to get on the throne,
he can't wait to take action.
The fact that he goes for walks
can be seen as a sign of him recovering.
His Majesty's English personal
physician will confirm that.
You confirmed his diagnosis
of a benign disease.
Welcome back home, Your Majesty.
Privy Councilor, His Majesty
wants to thank you for everything
you've done for your fatherland,
science, and His Majesty himself.
Your Majesty, that
That's too much honor.
Can't you read the writing
of His Majesty?
I know that a liberal
doesn't wish for a Prussian decoration.
But please accept it, for me.
His Majesty's audience is over.
He will rest.
And 24.
With this group, the illness
didn't advance with every third animal.
That has to be verified.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Grant yourself some sleep,
Privy Councilor.
The bacteria don't sleep either.
They're way younger than you
and have no wife waiting at home.
A wife can be another reason
to work day and night.
It's time for you
to get more assistance.
Dr. Kitasato wants to work for you
without charge, just for honor.
And Dr. Ehrlich lets you down
without notice.
It's a mystery for me as well.
That's very unlike him.
Good evening.
I hope this isn't a bad time,
Professor Koch?
I binge-read
your bacteriological work on lingerie.
Miss Freiberg. How nice.
You wrote about
bacillus beasts so vividly
that I just had to see them
with my own eyes.
There you go.
This is where a genius works.
You wouldn't believe
how often I imagined this place.
Your research is a holy mystery to me.
I'm currently testing different recipes
to stimulate the resistance of the body
to encapsulate tuberculosis in the body
and make it harmless.
It's incredible that these
invisible animals that you discovered
rule the whole world.
But I'm sure
you'll defeat them in the end.
Want to see them?
-The bacteria.
-Yes, of course.
-This way.
-Dear God.
How thrilling.
-May I?
Where are you?
You damned bacilli?
I saw them.
Excuse me.
My greatest worship and admiration,
Professor Koch.
My name is Kitasato Shibasaburō.
I'm from the Imperial health center.
I'm asking you humbly
to bring me into service
of your world-breaking research.
The wound is septic.
I did everything Dr. Behring told me.
Get him here then. Quick!
-But he's off duty today.
-I don't care.
What's going on?
I'll sleep in the lab
if I want to produce
results before congress.
I'll work day and night.
But father
What will people think
when you sleep away?
You'll bring shame to mother.
So that's how far we've come.
If you'd asked for more employees
from the ministry,
you wouldn't breakdown
under the workload.
But Privy Councilor Koch
is so modest.
Nothing's too much,
except for breakfast with his family.
Dr. Behring?
Dr. Behring?
What are you doing?
Give me that.
Opium can have dreadful consequences.
Thanks for the lecture.
If you knew anything
about medicine,
Laudanum can be helpful
against insomnia with neuralgic pain.
But you're a surgeon,
you must be in control.
You of all people have no reason
to doubt my surgical abilities.
They saved your life.
Anyway, who do you think you are?
Even if we were acquainted
in a former life,
I won't have
such daring familiarities.
I can see why you don't like
that former life.
A Medical Corps after me
as the daughter of a doctor.
But for a surgeon,
an assistant nurse is simply scum.
I'm climbing the greasy pole myself.
I don't need to marry well.
Of course you drop everything
when the Spinolas call.
By the way, they asked for you.
The bandage was too tight.
That led to an irritation.
You see? That's how it's done,
assistant nurse, Lenze.
Disinfect every four hours.
What would we do
without you, Dr. Behring?
It was a pleasure to help you.
The Emperor is dead again.
Long live the Emperor
Long live the Emperor
Don't you want to toast
the new Emperor with us?
It's the beginning of a new era.
I expect nothing good from that amateur,
needing sympathy for his arm.
His father's speechlessness
was a hindrance for governing.
Father said they act like it's 1870,
like the war with the French.
After an old Emperor,
a silent Emperor for three months.
And now we have a shitty Emperor.
Miss Lenze?
The Emperor's dead.
-That's hard to miss.
-I'll take it.
The third Emperor in one year,
quite exciting times.
Emperor Frederick died in pain.
What's exciting about that?
You're right of course.
One forgets
that our Emperors are only human as well.
And if you were Emperor?
What kind of question is that?
Come on, don't be a chicken.
What would you do if you were Emperor?
First, I'd supply the Charité
with electricity.
It's a shame that it
still has no connection.
Not what you'd have to change
but what you would change.
I think I'd found an Academy of Arts.
Everyone with enough talent
would have access to it.
It would teach photography,
painting, sculpture and music.
And name it after me.
Wouldn't you rather like to go to such
a school instead of giving it your name?
Yes, that would be just great.
Your father forbids it?
Honestly, I mustn't even
think about such a fantasy.
Tischendorf, hurry up!
Excuse me. Real life is calling me,
a lecture about obstetrics.
I will help
in the delivery room soon.
-I know so little.
-Come with me then.
Women aren't allowed.
I have to hurry.
Do you want to come in secret?
Today, we'll deal with
the Caesarean section.
It's necessary if a child can't be born
from the womb naturally.
You're probably wondering
what it has to do with Caesar.
The answer is nothing.
It comes from the Latin, caedere.
Meaning to cut or slaughter.
Unfortunately, that's true in most cases.
With all due respect,
could that have saved the Emperor's arm?
The injury of Emperor Wilhelm's arm
at birth could have been prevented.
But at what cost?
Princess Victoria wouldn't
have survived a C-section.
From time to time, after three days
She often feels regret
I don't feel too good after all that
Maybe I even got a souvenir
In Berlin, in Berlin
Let the evil men move on
I hope my presents
are getting better.
Dear God, it's beautiful.
H.F. My initials?
You don't have to give
me presents. Really.
Is there no place we can go to?
Unfortunately I live with my mother.
It'd be best to move to a guesthouse,
but I'd need financial support.
Due to my prominence,
a guesthouse isn't a discrete place.
But there's a private study
room in my laboratory.
This way, please.
It's not right for us
to have this relationship.
Are you ashamed of me?
Is that it?
But you're so young.
Always please a man
who'll give you children.
I can't.
I've taken care of that.
My wife and I,
we are estranged.
The fact that His Majesty wants
to visit us so shortly
after his enthronement
is making all of us proud.
That's why leaving here
isn't allowed.
I'm expecting radical cleaning.
Rub down items with soda brine
and clean the windows.
Clean the ovens and dust the lamps.
Wipe the walls with bread.
We should do all we can
to present the Charité at its best.
That's why no hopelessly ill
or dying patients
should be admitted anymore.
Give the patients enough Laudanum
on the day of the visit.
I don't want to hear a single moan.
The effect on the Emperor
mustn't be tarnished.
Why don't we give enough Laudanum
to relieve the pain?
Assistant nurse Lenze!
Are you responsible
for the deficiencies
that have been piling up lately?
I can tell you one thing:
Pain and grief make you go
to heaven and closer to God.
The same goes for tough work,
so you'll scour the stairwell.
Good morning, Professor Koch.
-Am I disturbing?
-Not at all.
I don't want to bother you,
but as you probably know,
the Emperor will soon visit the Charité,
and it would be important for me
to win the young Emperor's favor.
You're aware of
the poor state of the house.
But how can I
help with that?
My dear Koch,
you're the Empire's
most famous researcher.
It would influence His Majesty's
mood positively, if you'd go with him.
-I'm not a good diplomat.
-Let me worry about that.
I couldn't tell the Emperor
about progress,
although I'm here
day and night.
Why don't you employ
more assistants?
Our medical staff officer surgeon,
Dr. Behring is a man with vision.
I'll make him available for you.
I employ Dr. Kitasato, and Dr. Ehrlich
will soon return from vacation.
Didn't he tell you about his sickness?
It's your specialty.
Ehrlich has tuberculosis?
Yes, as far as I know.
Mr. Oberkörper!
One beer for my son.
You should finally join
the Neu-Teutonia.
We still have brotherliness
community here.
Here you get taught manliness
and undisputable honor.
I wanted to talk to you
about my future.
My study, my artistic disposition
and the relationship I want to start.
Von Minckwitz, come here.
Can you make sure that my son
becomes a member?
And you'll be his trainer?
He's a real chicken
when it comes to fencing.
Dr. Tischendorf,
you can count on me.
Soon he'll distribute scars
left and right.
It'll be fine.
-Hello, everyone.
Let's look after our patient now.
How are you doing?
Thanks for letting me
in the auditorium.
I wish all students were
as curious as you.
By the way, I was honest
when I told you that you
could be a good Doctor.
You should study.
Zurich would be best.
Women, in Zurich?
It's allowed everywhere,
except in the German Empire.
I'll write a recommendation,
so you'll be admitted without the grades.
I've no money
to study in Switzerland.
That shouldn't stop you.
You know, I have 11 siblings.
My father was
a poor village teacher.
I got my grades because
my teachers organized grants for me.
I was supposed
to study theology.
A medical course
was costly.
Luckily I got a scholarship
at the Pépinière.
Otherwise I'd probably
be a pastor.
You of all people.
I can't apply
for a scholarship with the military.
Oh, the fact that Laudanum
went missing attracted attention.
I didn't tell anyone.
Thanks, but I won't take it anymore.
I needed Laudanum as a medicine,
against my insomnia.
After all those night duties.
But that's over now.
I'm now here
for Professor Koch's laboratory.
-Privy Councilor Koch?
I can finally focus on diphtheria.
I've got an idea on how to get a cure from
the blood of immunized laboratory animals.
From the blood?
But humans get chills or fever,
or die when they get foreign blood.
The blood serum
would have to be transferred,
the liquid without the blood cells.
Isn't that just water?
How can you create a cure
without the cells?
You think a lot about such things.
I've got a present for you.
Officer Surgeon Behring
reports for duty under Prof. Koch.
Welcome, colleague.
Allow me, Dr. Kitasato Shibasaburō.
Nice to meet you.
Looking forward to good cooperation.
With this in mind, hold that.
Only under protest.
Be assured, the Privy Councilor
didn't employ me as his stable boy.
Dr. Behring, glad to see
you're lending a hand.
I'll test ten more cohorts
before the seminar.
I may have
provable results after all.
Good job, Dr. Behring.
Professor, I hoped that my diphtheria
I don't have time.
Dr. Kitasato will take care of you.
Hello, Spinola.
What a pleasant surprise, Mrs. Spinola.
Where are you going?
-Just at Professor Koch's.
-Very nice.
When can I come and see your horse?
Do you want me, Miss Lenze?
I have some scripts from my lectures.
But you have to leave now.
If Matron Martha sees me
Would you be fired?
That might not be too bad.
I don't know.
I enjoy it here more every day.
Not the work,
but I think I fell in love.
With medicine.
I was just about to leave.
I have my admission
to the New Teutonias today.
With strange rituals
and lots of alcohol.
You'll join a fraternity?
That way my father
will like me more.
You'll see why that'll be good,
Miss Lenze.
We have to hurry.
The Matron
mustn't see me helping you
or I'll be transferred to
matron's house for punishment.
For being a nice person?
No, for keeping you as a friend.
I'd do the same.
No one can take that away from us.
Everything's prepared.
Syphilitics, lunatics and
those with scabs have been moved.
His Majesty mustn't see that.
What? No. Do you want to show him
Potemkin villages? No.
The poorest of the poor are treated here.
And under my command,
Emperor Wilhelm
will see the pathetic state
within this house.
By the way, Virchow,
I almost forgot
I've been told
that the young Empress asked
for your help
with the ladies' program.
What? Ladies' program?
No, that's outrageous.
That's intriguing. I'm excluded.
Do you want to go
against the Empress's will?
Your Majesties,
it's a great honor and joy for all of us.
May I introduce you
to the cornerstones of this house?
Professor Ernst Von Bergmann,
head of surgery.
Emperor, the whole Charité
is cheering for you.
People like you form the German Empire,
Von Bergmann.
Professor Rudolf Virchow,
head of pathology.
Your Majesty, we're deeply moved
that you've come to see
the sick people yourself.
And follow a path
that your father took as well.
I recognize Privy Councilor Koch.
He can step up.
Father of bacilli, Koch.
So, how far have you advanced
against the bacteria?
These sneaky enemies of all
that is living.
Your Majesty, if I may tell you,
he's a very modest researcher.
Privy Councilor Koch
tends to sell himself short.
But you'll definitely bring honor
to Germany
at the congress, right?
Your Majesty, I
Just go on.
Show us what's going on
in the most holy of German research.
What does your Majesty want to inspect?
Yes, right.
Professor Koch's laboratory.
And while I'll in that temple
of science, it'll definitely be an honor
to the rest of you
to show the Empress the Charité.
May I?
Not only grief,
masturbation and other
behavior can cause tuberculosis.
The regular use of soap
is supposed to lead to
a lack of wax,
which makes us sick.
A lack of wax, Your Majesty?
Your Majesty,
that thesis has been disproved.
As Goethe said:
"There are more things in heaven and earth
-than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
-That's true, Your Majesty.
This way.
The Kaiser! He's coming here!
Your Majesty, this is where I'm working
on a cure for tuberculosis.
My colleagues are:
Dr. Kitasato from Tokyo
and medical staff
Officer Surgeon Dr. Behring.
May I?
What does H.F. stand for?
Is that the new cure?
Interesting. It resembles powder.
Be careful, Your Majesty
H.F. means
healing formula.
It leaves stains on clothes.
A dangerous place, I see.
The battle against tuberculosis.
This is where you belong,
Professor Koch.
This is where you fight
for Germany's honor, as a good soldier.
Your Majesty,
may I add something to that?
Today, the war against our arch-enemy
France is fought with other weapons.
The congress will show
that a simple chemist like Pasteur
has nothing on a German Professor Koch.
A victory of German research
against France.
Nothing less will satisfy us.
The world congress!
Don't disappoint me, dear Koch.
If you leave the battlefield successful,
the prize will be
a new research institute.
And it shall bear your name
The Robert Koch Institute.
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