Charite (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Das Licht der Welt

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Sure now you're whining.
You didn't fuss when it went in!
Must I do everything?
Show the future doctor that
he's not needed for a birth.
Finally. It's not witchcraft.
You can rest later.
There's still the afterbirth.
Clean the eyes with water.
Yes. So you don't pass on gonorrhea.
You know a lot.
I've got a secret teacher.
It's written in there. Have a look.
Why have you got Dr. Behring's book?
-He gave it me.
-Just like that?
Yes, just like that.
Dr. Behring isn't known for his kindness.
So he knows you from before.
See you later.
He was a young assistant doctor.
He helped my father
at his surgery on his free weekends.
I was 14 back then.
He courted me.
He thought he'd be
my father's successor.
My parents then died of typhoid.
A distant uncle was
a guardian for me.
He embezzled my heritage.
Dr. Behring then lost interest in me.
So you understand why I'm
skeptical with him.
We must get back.
But I must tell you.
I'll have my first conflict today.
In a fraternity?
Hurting one
another doesn't suit you.
Miss Lenze, I'm doing this for us.
My father is head
of the New-Teutonia
and he's over the moon
that I'm finally a member.
I need his support for my plans.
What plans?
You whisper sweet nothings?
A long birth at Tiergarten.
The woman to the bay
and the baby to the baby room.
We need a good gynecologist.
Dr. Ehrlich?
I thought you're on vacation.
The child's in a sideways position.
She's in labor,
but nothing.
We'll see.
You're not a women's doctor.
Take the children out.
-Stephanie, go please.
-Go out, Marianne.
-Wait next door.
-I'll stay with my wife.
We need a gynecologist.
If your wife had taken cold baths,
the child may have turned correctly.
-Don't mess with my birth.
I'll push from outside.
No, don't.
Be careful.
Be careful.
We need the Charité.
We're leaving.
No place for fathers.
I'm a doctor.
Be glad that your wife's been
taken in by a Christian house.
You can greet your child with
Shalom later, but I need it born first.
I'll be back.
She tried to push.
What about inside?
She can't do that.
We'll get that Jewish brat
out on our own.
What comes in, must come out.
You can't leave again.
We need to talk
about the guest list.
What guest list?
I have to go to the lab.
I need the results for my speech.
The guests for our reception.
We won't have a reception.
Robert, that comes with your position!
Everyone will be there.
Not to my house.
Your house? Great!
I'm glad you see it that way.
I know that I'm
the disappointment of your life, Emmi.
You said until the congress.
Due to work.
Today you've your damned speech
and then I'll expect you back home.
Don't you think I haven't been told what
a huge fan of theater you've become?
No failures in this test group?
Could be the breakthrough.
This allows you to be
at the opening of the congress.
And I?
There were just two tickets for us.
And for the Japanese, Dr. Kitasato's
linguistic skills are indispensable.
We all talk German in medicine.
You won't miss anything.
Only unimportant speeches
will be given. Including mine.
-Is this the lab of Privy Councilor Koch?
-I need to leave it here.
-Definitely not here.
Take it to the animals' stable.
You'll have to escort it yourself.
Its name is Otto.
Thank you very much.
600 doctors are supposed to come here
from the US alone.
If the Majestic had sunk
on its way to Europe,
the medical future of America
may've drowned with it.
Then we'd have sent them that English
quack Mackenzie.
My condolences, dear colleague.
Giving the first technical lecture
normally is no fun.
Often the audience is already exhausted
after the Emperor's greeting.
Don't worry, I'll be brief.
Hopefully that's not due to little news
about the world of bacilli.
The meaningfulness of a speech
has nothing to do with its length.
Tischendorf, how's my wife doing?
No change.
-And the child?
-It's alive.
-We just listened to its heart.
Great, thanks.
-I thought he's in Holy Land?
-I can't leave now.
What do you mean, you can't?
-I'm needed here.
-We need you, too.
The Arminian delegation is coming.
Is it possible to postpone?
Everyone's needed currently.
He's a great replacement for you.
You won't back down?
Push! Push!
The head can already be seen.
Carry on.
Dr. Behring?
Don't you have anything better
to do than walk a goat?
Thanks for asking. Believe me,
I'd rather be at the congress opening.
I said it on behalf of Charité.
You should help at the clinic while
the doctors are out. We need everyone.
Due to my research on diphtheria,
I'm exempt.
I don't want inferior work with patients.
I forgot that you currently
have a far more challenging job.
Indeed. Even if you don't care,
we're entering a new age.
Our research will revolutionize medicine.
We'll be able
to heal all major health issues,
not by praying, but by cures that work.
No matter how hard you fight it, you
won't be able to stop that progress.
Where's Dr. Behring?
And more importantly,
how's the research on diphtheria?
Dr. Behring and I
have made encouraging progress
with the serum against diphtheria.
Great, so you work with Dr. Behring?
I think the best of him.
He once saved my niece's life.
Gentlemen, please stand up
for His Majesty, the Emperor.
I, Emperor Wilhelm,
divine right of Kings,
welcome all the researchers and doctors
from all around the world.
May this leading team
fight to find the truth.
A fight
that gives everyone the same dignity.
For it's about humanity
and humanity is what we fight for.
Due to the great establishments for the
sick, Berlin has a very low death rate.
That's why it's the number
one major city in the world.
May this congress
in our flourishing capital,
which I hereby open,
be a successful one.
And may the genius Robert Koch
be a role model to all medical men.
Why carry that with you?
We won't have time for pictures.
You could take a picture of me.
After the fight, my face could change.
I'd love a picture for Miss Ida.
She'd prefer me without scars.
Since when do we ask
women's permission?
But she cares for me.
And she confided in me.
I was wrong.
She isn't interested in Dr. Behring.
-That man has no honor.
-Pull yourself together.
Forget your assistant
nurse now.
-Good afternoon.
You all know him as the great
investigator of wound infections,
the conqueror of cholera
and most importantly, the discoverer
of the tuberculosis bacillus.
I now am honored
to announce the next speaker,
Professor Robert Koch.
Dear colleagues,
we rightfully call tuberculosis
the biggest scourge of mankind.
In the German Empire alone,
120,000 people die of it every year.
Especially among the young
working population aged 20 to 40.
The heart pulses are getting weaker.
The child is dying.
A caesarean is our only chance.
-You've probably seen one already.
Where's Georg Tischendorf?
Come on, try it.
He can't do it. She wouldn't survive.
She'll die anyway.
We can at least save the child.
Any butcher could do that.
You don't need a doctor.
But if he doesn't,
get the pastor for an emergency baptism.
-But the Ehrlichs are Jews.
-That's not the baby's fault.
Run along!
Doctor. A student will do the caesarean.
We need a surgeon.
She'll bleed to death.
-Von Bergmann.
-Why Von Bergmann?
-He's the only one.
-But he's at the congress.
The composition
of my experimental cure Tuberculin
will be published later.
Of course it's too early to expect
an effective cure for humans,
but I'm confident that in a few weeks
we'll be able to test it on patients.
Thank you.
-Professor Von Bergman!
-Ehrlich, you Egyptian.
From today, the world will change.
The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie in green pastures;
he leadeth me beside the still waters.
Matron, an emergency baptism.
Mrs. Ehrlich's having a caesarean.
But the pastor isn't here.
You go, sister.
In an emergency,
every Christ can baptize.
Run and get Dr. Behring.
The only able surgeon not at the congress.
Von Minckwitz, you'll be the doctor.
Dr. Manteuffel isn't here.
Does he rather go to
the congress than see this fight?
Be careful not to be injured too badly.
You know how bad I am at stitching.
Silence for now.
The referee asks for silence
in honor of this match.
The men are Von Stein,
of the Wohllöbliche Arminians
and our clubman Georg Tischendorf.
The fight will last for 30 rounds.
Each round is
one undercut and four cuts.
The start will be determined
by the second to my right.
Please take the right distance apart.
Get ready.
Ready, set, go!
What happened?
What's going on?
Emergency baptisms by any Christian.
Emergency baptism?
I won't have that.
Dr. Behring!
It's Dr. Ehrlich's wife for a caesarean.
A sideways position.
-Aren't the Ehrlichs in Egypt?
-No! Come.
I don't want to be part of
my colleague's wife's death.
There is no other.
I can't! Please stop asking.
Aren't you well?
I'm trying to quit opium.
Now you see why I can't operate?
A bleeding cut. New-Teutonia
is asking for a break to bandage it.
A break to bandage.
My respect, Tischendorf.
Not the slightest cut.
I hardly felt anything.
If only Ida could see me like this.
You should rather cut the Arminian.
He shouldn't go home
without a scratch.
The break is over.
Silence for the fight.
Ready, set, go!
A caesarean is too late.
The baby's dead.
But with luck
we may save your wife.
-I can't promise anything.
You should go.
Any idea about fetology?
Breaking up the fetus.
It's not nice to look at.
The only way to get the dead baby,
or the mother will die.
Maybe you should leave, too.
No, I've helped with
a lot of operations.
Sister Therese, why aren't
the bandages changed yet?
We're working without a break,
but we need more assistant nurses.
We need more commitment
to the Charité.
Assistant nurse Lenze is missing.
I've realized your unnatural
interest in Miss Lenze.
Pray to overcome that weakness.
Start with praying in time,
even if I'll be late.
I hate this slaughtering.
You were of great help.
I often feel so stupid.
It's part of an assistant nurse.
Don't belittle yourself.
You did a great job.
Were you honest
about the recommendation?
You can always count on me.
But studying?
Do you really want to make
marrying that complicated?
I sometimes admire
Dr. Behring's cold-bloodedness.
You should really be
careful with Dr. Behring.
He maybe tactless,
but he saved Mrs. Ehrlich.
He isn't just tactless. He has these
frightening and unpredictable mood swings.
He's simply special.
One should forgive a genius.
Don't worry, Therese.
I know him enough
to understand his difficulties.
Come here!
I hereby announce a perfect cut.
The committee gave me
a perfect moral rating.
Perfectly moral. Look here.
This is a true hero, Miss Lenze.
Not a scratch and no backing down.
Three vivats to the
New-Teutonian Georg Tischendorf!
Don't look so strict, Miss Ida.
You don't seem to like the fraternity,
but I can tell you,
it's like being a knight.
Where was your knightliness
when we needed you?
Today is the best day of my life.
Do you know why?
Because of the severe flesh wound?
Because I fought so well today,
my father will be proud
when I tell him
Do you want to be my wife?
We're meant for each other.
Get up, Tischendorf.
The ladies will excuse us, before
you say even more nonsense.
Say yes!
I hope you won't take it seriously.
Do you really want to marry him?
But you could be so
much more than a wife.
You could become a deaconess,
so you and I
I don't want to become a deaconess.
I want to be a doctor.
What What was
What was it?
It was a boy.
Dr. Ehrlich,
I'm sorry you lost your child.
The idea of the emergency
baptism wasn't good.
I hope you know that we worldly nurses
reject any Christian conversion.
Let's forget it. That
That was just one insult of many.
Good things happen as well.
Dr. Behring helping out
during the emergency.
I didn't expect that.
The minister of education
assured me that nothing stands
between me and my institute.
The money's almost granted.
How does that sound?
The Robert Koch Institute.
It sounds great.
You'll definitely get rich now.
Not as its head.
But if I sell the license
for Tuberculin to Hoechst,
I can pay my wife a
generous sum.
And finally get a divorce?
Do you really
want to be my wife?
Where have you been?
Everyone's going mad
for your cure.
Even the Vatican and the Queen of England
sent their congratulations.
I've been up all night
waiting for you.
I didn't ask you to.
What's wrong, Robert?
It's time for us to separate.
So the two of us
can be happy on our own.
Is it because of that actress?
Divorce may be a new trend,
but there's one thing
I know.
You won't be able to prove that I didn't
carry out my duties and I'll never
agree to a divorce.
I'd of course guarantee
that you'll be compensated.
You'll then be able to go on
living a befitting life.
A divorce will ruin
our reputation.
We don't have a social life
anymore anyway.
You won't dare, Robert.
Not because of me, but because it
would ruin your career.
And you couldn't bear that.
You can't live without your work.
Besides gauze, moss turned out
to be the best bandaging material.
Whether it's bog moss or forest moss,
it soaks up excellently.
It's either sewn into a gauze cushion
or used as felt,
which is produced by pressing humid moss.
Safe sterilization of bandages
can easily be achieved with steam.
When it comes to fractures of limbs,
and in light of being antiseptic,
plastic or wooden
strips are used as splints.
They are destroyed after they've been used
to avoid germs
being passed from patient to patient.
There's more things that separate us
than bind us.
There's a reason that deaconesses
shall not bond in this world.
The close contact with you
alienates me from God.
After a short autocracy
by the carbolic acid,
which has been recommended
by Professor Lister,
surgery has been flooded with new
and old remedies to kill bacteria.
2% carbolic acid solution is capable of
killing anthrax bacilli within a minute.
Gentlemen, listen please.
What's wrong there?
Step up, please.
It seems like this Miss
wants to think about some education.
Young lady, believe me when I tell you
that a sensitive lady cannot be a doctor.
It's my knightly duty to protect
you from too much knowledge.
It's refreshing when uneducated women
are often cleverer and wiser than us men.
So please leave.
It's in your own interest.
You'll stay.
Women are more like children
than they are like men.
I can assure
that the psychological state
of women is unquestionable.
If you want suds,
you should have green soap
distilled water
and this is my secret recipe
a little bit of syrup.
Like that.
Take the tube
-Look, Mommy.
-Show me.
So nice.
Professor Koch.
What a surprise. Greetings.
-Hello, everyone.
-Nice to see you.
-I'll make you tea, okay?
-No, I can do it myself.
-I'm the alchemist after all.
-Don't trouble yourself, I won't be long.
Mrs. Ehrlich, I heard about
the loss of your son and I'm very sorry.
Thanks. We have to
overcome it somehow.
Who wants a boy?
They just make a mess everywhere.
Let's leave them alone.
-Take this with you.
-Thanks, daddy.
Well done on the breakthrough.
I heard everyone
at the congress went crazy.
I don't want all the hype.
I'd have needed you to cover my back.
You must be disappointed
that I didn't tell you personally, but
I hope my letter from
Egypt explained my motives.
I didn't get a letter.
No, and it was strange
to hear about it from Spinola.
From Spinola?
How did he know about it?
Don't underestimate the gossip
at Charité. I know it myself.
I'm glad that your trip was successful
and you got rid of your tuberculosis.
-Is it still dichlorophenolindophenol?
That's methylene blue.
I found out that it's not just for
coloration, but also therapeutic.
It's a painkiller. Here.
But I didn't get it on my own.
You should join me.
But you have Behring and Kitasato.
The two of them
have interesting approaches
But Behring is haughty,
unpredictable, vain.
Even the politest Japanese
can't cope.
I'm not sure if I can watch that.
Behring helped my wife.
Without hesitation.
I'll always owe him.
I can imagine working with him.
-Thanks, Ida.
-No problem.
-Enjoy your day.
-You too.
Do you want
the psychological nonsense of women?
I don't think like that.
So why make it so hard?
Women mustn't study medicine.
They can. Anywhere
but in the German Empire.
Come with me.
I want to show you something.
I mustn't leave today.
Do you care for rules?
And it's just nearby.
If Matron Martha saw me now, I'd have
to do more than just clean the stairwell.
Where's your sense of adventure?
Do you see?
Isn't it beautiful?
It's the latest camera
by Haake & Albers.
-It's way smaller than I thought.
But soon, cameras will be
even smaller and more moveable.
I read that there's a camera in America
that exposes on a coiled film.
In future, photos will be used everywhere.
In newspapers, books,
ads, science and art,
photographers needed.
You think I could do it?
Where's your love of adventure!
I was serious.
I want to marry you.
But I must do some favors
for my father to accept.
If I have to take on his surgery,
that's what I'll do.
For you.
You don't have to give up
your dream for me.
Tell your father that
a photographer has a great future.
My dear Behring.
Your Excellency.
So? How is our aspiring researcher doing?
I don't want to spoil this invitation
with my worries.
Come on.
You can talk about your problems with me.
I'm your friend.
That's very kind, Your Excellency.
I wish Koch was the same.
He never thought highly
of me and my research.
And by now he only cares
about his Tuberculin.
So he probably didn't say
that Dr. Ehrlich will be your partner?
Cheer up, Behring.
You know what? Tonight we'll ask
the medium about your future.
With pleasure.
I'm glad you managed to come, Dr. Behring.
The pleasure is all mine.
By the way, you look charming,
Miss Else.
Does this new
outfit gives me a better figure?
My mother had it made for me.
She hopes it'll improve my riding.
I still need some lessons.
the riding lesson has to be canceled.
I need my horse at the moment.
It's an important asset.
Too bad.
But isn't it exciting
about the séance?
It wasn't easy to convince Mrs. Rothe.
She's an incredible medium.
I'm very glad that I'll be allowed
to take part in that meeting.
The ghost is present
and is once again ready
to speak to you through me.
Difficult times lie ahead
for some of those present.
Court chaplain Stocker,
a great task lies ahead of you.
You'll have to bring bad news
to a family that's close to you.
Prepare yourself.
-Ask the spirit who will marry me.
A great life is awaiting you.
By the side of an important man.
You'll have six sons.
Yes, Dr. Behring?
It's no surprise that you react nervously.
You'll make a decision
and become a respected researcher.
If only the future of Charité
was good.
The Charité
has a great future ahead of it.
An important hospital
that the world will talk about.
Still working, Miss Lenze?
You're studying for medicine.
For now I'm happy
to know more as a nurse.
Matron wants me
in the labor ward more often.
I've so many questions.
For example,
about forceps deliveries with a breech.
Forceps deliveries are tough.
Subtitle translation by Ben Evans
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