Charite (2017) s01e04 Episode Script


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She won't last much longer, right?
The Lord will take her now.
I don't get it.
Two weeks ago she was so lively.
Ulcers from abdominal typhus
don't always heal.
She's released.
What now?
Shall we take her?
We'll take her to the mortuary.
The corpses are cut open there, right?
I don't want that.
We can talk about it tomorrow.
Those are the rules.
This has been handed in for you,
from Dr. Behring.
I'm sure he wants to meet,
the way he looks at you.
He invited me to a scientific presentation
in the lab stables.
That's not very romantic.
Is everything okay?
Sure, everything's fine.
But you look terrible.
The temperature's normal.
Miss Lenze, you're just in time.
This is the best moment of my life.
This is the first rabbit I could heal
from diphtheria with my serum.
I'll give it your name.
A survival story just like yours.
-Miss Lenze?
-No, Ida of course.
I'll now explain
how my serum works.
Come on!
All rabbits were infected with diphtheria.
The untreated black ones died, but the
white ones were treated with the antidote.
And as you can see it works.
All of them are the improving.
And this one's completely cured.
-So we can soon heal children?
-Yes, I think so.
Come on.
You dissolved
the tuberculin in glycerin?
Yes. What I don't know yet
is the right dose for humans.
Any human subjects?
Yes, myself.
I hope you're joking.
Not at all. That's the best way
to estimate the side effects.
And I don't want anyone to do something
I wouldn't do myself.
I think I'll start with a total dose
of 0.1mg and then increase it.
Would you be so kind?
That's just one fourth of the dose
I give to the guinea pigs.
I'm not comfortable with it.
I'll get a little fever, but
it will show that it works.
Do it or I'll ask poor Schmidt.
As you wish.
Koch will kill you when he finds out
you didn't let me in.
This is a medical sensation.
We need a public demonstration
of my serum right away.
Bergmann must be swayed.
Once he's convinced,
all clinicians will be.
So you don't need
my input anymore?
Of course, Professor Koch.
That's why I'm here.
I have my lab book with me.
We can work through it now.
-Leave it here to be checked.
My dear young colleague.
I just don't want you acting hastily.
It's not just about your reputation,
but also about the reputation
of my institute.
I don't know how a cure for diphtheria
would harm your institute's reputation!
The cervical and axillary
lymph nodes are swollen.
That doesn't surprise me.
Ehrlich, take a look at my tonsils.
Yes, very swollen.
The Tuberculin
has a visible effect.
-That's great.
Look at this.
This is the best.
It's a crank driven studio camera.
It will give interesting results.
You'll need a good advocate.
Professor Virchow, maybe?
Virchow of all people?
That old eccentric?
Miss Lenze?
Come to me, all who are weary
and burdened, and I will give you rest.
May I talk to you in confidence?
-Of course.
-You must promise not to tell anyone.
Professor Koch started
an unsafe self-experiment today.
He injected himself Tuberculin
and is rejecting it.
Someone must do the night watch.
Someone who can keep a secret.
-You can count on me.
Do you know where his lab is?
-I guess so.
-Tell him I sent you.
Professor Koch?
Privy Councilor?
Assistant nurse Lenze.
Dr. Ehrlich sent me.
How are you?
You're incredibly hot.
We must lower the fever.
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Ida Lenze.
And you?
I'm the rumor in Professor Koch's life.
The rumor is so colorful.
Are you sick?
Robert, what
He tested his cure on himself.
I leave you alone
and you act stupidly.
Show me how it's done.
Then I can do it.
You think you can?
I may have many weaknesses,
but lack of courage isn't one.
Thanks, Miss Lenze.
And swab.
Ida, leave!
-You still don't feel better?
-That's my problem.
Why can't I be your friend anymore?
I just can't accept your friendship.
And I have to go back now.
The surgery isn't over.
He's delirious
and the fever is over 40 degrees.
That's why he's so cold.
It's very dangerous.
Long-lasting high fever can be deadly.
Dear God.
We need ice compresses and bedding.
It's soaked.
But they're not here.
He has to be taken home.
Why can't he be treated at the Charité?
Why do you think
the rich are treated at home?
So many people in one room
get infected with worse illnesses.
Dr. Ehrlich can treat him at home without
knowledge of his experiment.
Yes, you're right.
He needs every comfort
his own home can offer.
I can't leave here
without Mother Matron's consent.
Take him there.
-This tastes terrible.
Sister Therese?
Is it true what Sister Quieta told me?
You passed out with a lantern
in your hand during surgery?
And the patient almost caught fire?
It won't happen again, Mother Matron.
Just became weak.
If you feel weak during an operation,
drink the coffee meant for the patient.
Or a little wine or cognac.
Go to your room and pack your things.
You can't do that.
What do you want?
There's no doubt about
Sister Therese's sickness.
Symptoms of tuberculosis are known.
We can only pray.
But why Kaiserswerth?
The Charité will help her much better.
I know that Professor Koch
will soon test his cure on patients.
Let Therese stay here.
All this nonsense. Sister Therese doesn't
want to be a burden with her sickness.
She's not family.
That's why she'll go to our mother house
and that's my final word.
I thought Charité was for charity.
Koch is here.
I can imagine who you are.
I won't ask you in.
I'm bringing you
Robert. He's sick.
Take him to yours.
To your nightclub.
He wouldn't get
the care that he needs there.
I see.
I'm good enough
when he needs care.
No, thanks.
He's not welcome here.
Take my husband back to Charité.
They'll take care of him.
Are you sure you want to ban
Robert from his house?
It could be seen
as neglect of marriage vows.
You'd be guilty and lose
all rights against your husband.
Student Tischendorf showed incredible
technical talent in my microscopy class.
And he has a suggestion for you.
Your Excellency!
I'm sure that every good clinic
will photograph interesting
findings in the future.
-The Charité needs a photo studio.
And you could do that?
Photography can be used well in medicine.
The Charité could be
the first clinic to use it.
Let me have a look young man.
I'd suggest this one.
Solid wood casing.
Voigtländer Heliar.
The size is 24cm x 24cm.
It has a tripod and two cassettes
for 107 Marks.
The price is high.
Move with the times.
Imagine the Charité's profit from it.
As if the whole world
was by the sickbed.
Everyone could be present when
crucial discoveries were made here.
If your preparations could
be preserved forever.
It's worth a try.
Our scientific reputation is the
only thing we can gamble with.
You'll get your chance.
You can turn the old
storage place into a photo studio.
But you'll have to do it
with your study, and for free.
And before you take photos of the sick,
prove your talent as a photographer
of healthy people.
A portrait of Robert Koch would
help us most at the moment.
Journals from around
the world asking questions.
We won't defeat tuberculosis
with a holy photo of Koch.
Excuse me for interrupting
Your Excellency, but Dr. Behring is here.
Send him in.
He's part of the family.
Dr. Behring.
I don't want to disturb!
I'll come back?
You're not disturbing.
We were just done.
Come in.
Tell us about your work.
Dr. Behring has some interesting ideas
about diphtheria.
I'm ready to demonstrate my cure,
but Professor Koch isn't convinced.
If Koch doesn't want to,
then demonstrate your serum for me.
My expertise is widely acknowledged.
Thanks, Prof. Virchow.
When I was accepted
into our community
I didn't think I'd need
my shroud this soon.
The other sisters
are sad about your illness.
They'll miss you.
All of us will miss you.
Mother Matron?
May I die here, please?
Sister Therese.
You and I found our calling
with the deaconesses.
And you know the rules
as well as I do.
We both know that it won't take long now.
You know how tough it would be
for your sisters
if they saw
the possible consequences of nursing
for them every day.
The fear of contagion makes a bad nurse.
Regardless of the danger,
I'd always work here again.
I know. Your sickness
is a trophy of the Charité.
You'll be rewarded in heaven.
I won't get to heaven. God is punishing me
with this sickness.
You've realized the unnatural feelings
I have towards Ida Lenze.
Wouldn't it be better to wait
for the demonstration at Virchow's
until Professor Koch is better?
I'm fine with Koch not being there.
He neglected me.
And if you're afraid of getting
on Koch's bad side, stay here.
I don't need your help.
But we should wait
until we're absolutely sure.
I am absolutely sure.
We've proven that the immunity
with my horse can be used on rodents.
It must now be used
on bigger animals
before it's used on humans.
If everything works, you'll
soon be hired as the serum supplier.
Professor Virchow, the dead woman's
husband is asking for her clothes.
The family is troubled.
It all had to be burned
because of the danger of infection.
Give him this.
I can use the woman's rachitic pelvis
for demonstrations in my collection.
How's your carers' union?
Other nurses don't want to join.
They're all afraid of Matron Martha.
She just refused a sick sister
the treatment here.
There was no protest?
Ida Lenze tried,
but it didn't end too well for her.
I have to be very careful as well.
Are you a social democrat?
I know that you mustn't
engage in politics, but
a carers' union won't
be seen as a real union.
You'll guarantee?
I can't guarantee anything as
long as Bismarck's in power.
But I'll fight for the sick sister.
All rabbits were infected
with diphtheria
but only white ones
will get my antitoxin.
What's it consist of?
It's the blood serum of a horse
I infected with diphtheria
which now contains antibodies.
But blood serum has no cells.
What's your antitoxin consist of?
Hard to say. They have to be proteins.
All I know is that it works.
Let's lock these rabbits up in this room
for three days and we'll see on Thursday.
If you're right, only the white ones
will survive.
And the unvaccinated black ones
will die from diphtheria.
-Fine. Come on.
-There you go.
And nobody will enter
this room until then.
Stay in bed, Robert.
Dr. Ehrlich wants to have a look at you.
It's time to leave.
Thank you for taking care of me.
If you're still angry at me,
you didn't make me feel it.
Robert, you misjudge me.
I'd do so much more for you.
I could even live
with your escapade.
You'll live with it?
For you.
For your research.
We wouldn't be the first to live
an arrangement.
A divorce would mainly hit
you and your reputation.
-I didn't hear myself say to come in.
-Me neither.
I heard that
one of your young sisters is sick.
Since when do you care
about the deaconesses?
But to calm you down,
Sister Therese is well cared for.
By churchmen or doctors?
Are you here to tell me
about Koch's miracle drug?
I won't let you use my nurse
as a human guinea pig.
You'd rather send her on her way.
She can't live with the healthy sisters,
not just because of its contagiousness,
but it'll demoralize the sisters.
She'll be cared for at Kaiserswerth.
That's 500 kilometers from here.
You want her to die in a stagecoach?
Be merciful, Mother Matron.
Let her spend her last days here.
I'll get her an isolation room.
The Matron is so gracious with me.
I'll make sure you're first
to get Professor Koch's Tuberculin.
Hang in there!
-Have a nice evening.
-You, too.
It's him again.
Robert, promise
not to inject more Tuberculin.
I can't, Hedwig.
I have to test it first on healthy people
before I dare to use it on patients.
Use me instead.
You'll do this for me?
It won't kill me, will it?
No, probably not.
During my diphtheria studies
I managed to heal sick animals
and immunize the healthy ones,
so they didn't get diphtheria anymore.
The body fights infections
naturally by forming antitoxins.
These antitoxins
can be transmitted from animals
to other beings that have the illness
via the blood serum.
Even to humans?
You can be sure that the child strangler
has been defeated.
My cure for diphtheria is unparalleled
in the history of medicine.
I think she has water in her lungs.
She has to be punctured,
otherwise she'll die.
Matron let no doctor in.
I'll do it.
Get me a chair.
A little hobby until you're well again.
Ehrlich's bursting bubbles.
How pretty, thanks.
Take a seat.
-I'm almost back on my feet.
-You aren't.
It didn't hit you as it hit me, but you
have a fever and have to rest.
You just want to hide me.
The people talk enough
about my self-experiments.
The medicinal ones
or the amorous ones?
-Professor Koch!
So many visitors today.
Look at me, Ida. I'm a living
guinea pig for Tuberculin.
I'm glad to hear that.
Please, my friend has tuberculosis.
Can she also get the new drug?
It's impossible. It's not
been tested on the sick.
But she has nothing to lose.
If her tuberculosis progresses,
she'll die.
You saw how hard it hit
a healthy person like me.
It's the deathblow
for a weakened, sick person.
Take me.
I'm the right subject for the next step.
I got over my tuberculosis and am
less at risk than a sick person.
If I stand it, you can
go on and test patients.
-Thanks for the offer
-I can take the responsibility.
Your work is good.
-At 5 p.m. at Professor Virchow's.
-I'd be glad to see you there.
Miss Lenze.
I know you have other things
on your mind, but did you think about it?
About us?
I want to marry you, Ida.
This isn't the right time.
Miss Lenze, I've been
searching everywhere for you.
You can witness a historic moment.
At 5 p.m. in the pathology institute
the heads of the Charité will see me
demonstrate the first diphtheria cure.
As a woman I can't enter.
I'll decide who can go.
I'm counting on you.
And Tischendorf, you'll take a photo.
When your hands are free again.
Don't let him anger you, Georg.
Thanks for everything you do
for Therese.
I've talked to my father.
He's agreed to me
introducing you to him.
But when will you have time?
I promised Matron I'd take
care of Therese in my spare time.
What does your father say
about that?
He'll not have a woman
low in seniority.
I can handle my father.
-As long as you know.
-What do you mean?
I don't think you hate Dr. Behring
as much anymore as you had told me.
Or why you're
keen on his research?
-We need to talk.
-Can't it wait?
No. This is the key moment.
My serum's effect on rabbits
is being shown at Professor Virchow's.
I assume that you and
Dr. Ehrlich want to be there.
Dr. Ehrlich is sick
and I can't leave here.
But I wish you success.
You don't have to wish me anything.
The way you treat me is disrespectful.
At least tell me that you're afraid of my
and would do anything to keep me down!
You'll be sorry.
Don't get up.
You've got fever.
He can't talk to you like that.
He's emotionally disturbed.
Also known as periodic insanity.
But anyway, he's unbearable.
Why doesn't the presentation
take place at Professor Koch's?
He's probably too busy
with his own research.
Or his own business?
Do you know how much the papers
would pay for a photo of Koch's affair?
You're tacky, Von Minckwitz.
You want to photograph lungs
or rabbits forever?
Where's your prodigy?
Did he get cold feet?
Dr. Behring's ideas
are pioneering. Trust me.
Why isn't his superior here then?
Excuse me for being late.
But I wanted to ask Professor Koch
personally to come here.
Unfortunately he's unwell.
Gentlemen, let's get down to action.
Gentlemen, all rabbits
were infected with diphtheria
but only the white ones got my cure.
Miss Lenze.
Come a little closer.
Behring, will this be
an amusement for women?
No. A scientific demonstration.
You'll now be able to see that the
treated white rabbits have all been cured.
The black ones however
will have died of diphtheria.
Are you ready to take a photo?
I don't know what you're proving
with this mumbo jumbo.
In the best case, it's incompetence.
In the worst, I'll assume
that none of the rabbits were sick
and that you're a fraud.
Excuse me.
Go away!
I've got your lab animals.
But I want to be alone.
Look, Paul. A visitor for you.
I came for a sick bed visit,
my dear Ehrlich.
I'm surprised to see you
so well.
My fever is at 38.5 degrees.
The Tuberculin didn't hit me
as hard as it hit you.
You can't imagine how glad I am.
-How's Miss Freiberg doing?
-She's doing fine as well.
Behring visited a short while ago
and put on one of his shows.
So she bad-mouthed him terribly.
Talking of Behring
I thought about his presentation.
Dear God, that failure
No, his approach is incredibly logical.
Let me work with him.
Miss Lenze!
Come, please.
I know why my experiment failed.
It was the season.
Diphtheria can't survive the cold.
That's why the rabbits weren't sick.
So my serum wasn't proven.
-Are you sure?
You must have another experiment.
I can put in a good word.
I met Professor Koch personally.
Let me try it.
I'm taken by another.
Is it that Tischendorf sissy?
How dare you.
You're lying to yourself, Miss Lenze.
You love medicine, just like me.
A marriage to that bore
would make you go crazy.
And the director made you come here?
Yes, your picture in the papers
will create interest for your new comedy.
I'd be very glad.
I heard that even scientists
are great fans of your show.
Yes. And as an actress you're probably
invited by high-up people
for a dinner or a walk?
You've a vivid fantasy.
All right. Let's go, Miss Freiberg.
May I ask you to turn
your head a little to the side?
-Like this?
-Yes, very nice.
One can feel that you're a performer.
Don't move anymore, please.
Professor Koch.
I guess you already wanted to say sorry
for your blowup.
Of course. I was
I got carried away. Please excuse me.
Forget about it.
I came to take a look at your research.
Dr. Kitasato guaranteed that your
demonstration's failure was a one-off.
Yes, I found the mistake.
We could start another demonstration.
Any time. Always here.
Trust me, Professor Koch.
I really can heal diphtheria.
With rabbits, perhaps.
But before you can even think
about using it on children,
you'll need
a concentration that's high enough.
-That's possible.
-You can't count on Dr. Kitasato for that.
Your moods put him off.
He'll focus on the tetanus research.
That's no problem.
I see myself as a lone wolf anyway.
But you have some technical deficits too.
Dr. Ehrlich is the number one
expert on serums in Germany.
His experience lies in blood components.
You'll work closely together.
And Behring, pull yourself together.
May I introduce you to Hamilkar,
Hasrubal and Hannibal?
The generals of the Punic Wars.
Extra! Extra!
Scandal in the Koch family!
17-year old actress Hedwig Freiberg,
who had no success as Maria
in the comedy "The Kunz Roses"
supposedly has more success with men.
The muse of Robert Koch
seems to be the roll of her life.
All of Berlin now knows.
How could he do that?
And I thought you had an arrangement.
That's a scandal.
An actress, imagine that.
Very delicate.
-Excuse me, may I?
-Of course.
Matron Martha,
may I tempt you with a little sin?
Jesus didn't turn water into punch,
but I don't think he'd mind one glass.
However, I doubt that the sins of the
doctors will be judged as mildly as well.
But I'm a shining example of morality.
But Koch's moral compass
seems to have lost track.
-The problem was the temperature.
-The temperature or your temper?
Stop right there, dear Bergmann.
Don't torment our young friend.
Think of all the disappointments that
Koch went through before he triumphed.
Professionally or privately?
Use the affection of Spinola
before producing more failures.
A staff surgeon like you can only
achieve something with a good catch.
Look, the prey seems to be interested.
You don't have to be sad
because of me, Ida.
Or are you lovesick?
Is it because of Georg Tischendorf?
He really wants me for his wife.
And you?
What do you want?
I don't know.
What about your dream?
Do you simply want to give up medicine?
Of course not.
In that case, you can't marry.
I know that you lack the money
to study in Switzerland.
Take my savings,
I won't need them anymore.
I don't want your money.
I want you well.
The Tuberculin's almost done and Professor
Koch promised me to treat you first.
The Lord punishes me.
My feelings for you.
I prayed, but the unchaste thoughts
wouldn't leave.
Matron Martha!
Matron Martha!
Therese gave her life for the sick.
She deserves the best.
She needs Koch's drug.
Get some common sense, Miss Lenze.
The Lord decided
when Therese will die a long time ago.
And I mustn't let her die
before everyone's eyes.
A look at her would remind the other
sisters of how dangerous the care is.
But you know how medicative hope can be
for those who are dying.
-But Therese has no hope.
-Give her some!
Sorry! Excuse me!
I've the powder.
You're witnesses of an event
that will go down in history.
Professor Koch will give the world
a safe way to fight tuberculosis.
Subtitle translation by Ben Evans
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