Charite (2017) s01e05 Episode Script


-There's no Tuberculin!
-He's dying.
And Privy Councilor Koch
isn't here either. So get lost!
Sorry, but I'm a doctor
from Great Britain.
How do I get to the Tuberculin exposition?
A doctor from England?
Anyone could say that.
Here's my approbation certificate.
Please give me the Tuberculin.
I don't speak English. Tischendorf!
Could you translate this?
Is he really a doctor from England?
Arthur Conan Doyle?
Are you related to the mystery writer?
He's the creator of that Sherlock Holmes.
I am the mystery writer and a doctor.
Everything is fine. I'll show you
to the exposition. Follow me.
There's no Tuberculin.
How many times?
So, get lost!
Eight, nine.
This is like an ethnological exposition.
-Only ten men are allowed in.
-When's the next exhibition?
I hope never!
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Dear colleagues,
this is my first Tuberculin patient.
She and four other patients
get an increasing dose of the drug.
All of them react
with a fever and shivering.
That reaction proves the effectiveness.
Von Minckwitz!
Why is the dose increased?
I'd say a diluting effect.
Nonsense! Tischendorf?
Every injection leads to reactive
tissue from the tubercle disappearing.
The dose has to be increased to
achieve the same amount of reaction.
Within three weeks the dose
can be increased five-hundredfold.
-Perfectly said.
The disease process of the
test group convinced me completely.
This is a world sensation.
Get well soon.
Matron Martha, the fever and patient
charts of the other Tuberculin patients.
Get to work.
And you'll bring the bed back!
Did you accept his proposal after all?
I want to talk to him
about my plans to study.
-So you really want to study?
-Get off your high horse.
Nurse Lenze.
If you want a change,
found a carers' union with me.
But I want to help people,
not just care for them.
I've been here for years, 16 hours a day
and now you snot-nose
tell me it's useless?
Don't worry yourself.
Tell me about your plans.
The deadline for the
admission exam in Zurich is this week
and I'm not sure I can ask
Dr. Behring for a recommendation.
Don't hesitate.
You have to go to Zurich.
Tischendorf will understand.
This serum will make us rich.
People say that Hoechst offers
Koch millions for his Tuberculin.
I'm aiming for that.
Don't dream too much and rather sleep.
You haven't left the lab
since I've been here.
Family life is good medicine
against restlessness.
You're a very decent colleague.
I'd not have made it without you.
But you had the great idea.
What matters
is what we achieve together.
But I still wonder how you
got such a high dose of antitoxin.
That's simple.
You have to love the goats.
And then ask them for it.
Miss Lenze!
There's something to celebrate.
We now have a stable antiserum.
That's great news.
All we need is the go-ahead
for the tests on patients.
I'll ask Prof. Koch.
You probably had no time to write the
recommendation for Zurich you promised.
So you said no to marrying that youngster?
Tischendorf has no problem
with a wife that studies.
And it doesn't concern you anyway.
I won't spoil your happiness.
You'll get all the help that you want
for your studies from me.
What'd she want?
To marry me.
She just doesn't know yet.
It's hard to believe that the news
spread around the world so quickly.
2000 foreign doctors are
supposed to be in town already.
But the tuberculous patients in the hotels
are a problem.
They spread their bloody
sputum everywhere.
And they're given fake Tuberculin
The drug will soon be
available in a fair amount.
-Then they'll be cured.
I can't understand your
confidence concerning the drug.
Its composition is kept secret by Dr. Koch
and only tested
on 13 patients with doubtful success.
Dr. Koch's love for the truth is only
challenged by his love for humanity.
If by that you mean that chorus girl
of an actress, you're right.
Oh, our serum is ready to be tested
on patients.
Stop that mumbo jumbo.
I remember the failure with
the living rabbits well.
You know how I work scientifically
and I can tell you, the serum works.
What's the institute's head say?
He wouldn't mind more institute's glory.
Look, Schmidt.
That's what the future looks like.
We've agreed on
the amount of the advance
but I also want to keep
the advance payment
even if Tuberculin is
never mass produced.
Why? Do you doubt the
effectiveness of your drug?
No, but as I'm privately
in a very delicate situation,
I must be sure that I can do
what I want with the money.
I don't know whether I
can agree to that.
So far, you haven't even given
us the formula for your drug.
Dear Director Laubenheimer, I can assure
you that the ministry does as I please.
They want me here in Berlin.
I'll even have my own institute built.
I have lucrative offers
in Germany and abroad.
-If Hoechst can't decide
-No offense, dear Koch.
That's not what I meant.
But I don't even know Prof. Koch.
You could at least try.
I cannot ask him for Tuberculin.
You see,
everyone wants Tuberculin.
These starvelings can't pay for it.
My patients are important.
People from Russia, America
I can't promise, but I'll try.
And when can we meet
with Miss Lenze?
Soon. At the moment
my patients need me more.
I'm convinced that I can at least halve
the 50% mortality rate of diphtheria.
A requirement is, of course, the huge,
industrial production of my serum.
With herds of serum animals.
Bacteriology has started a new chapter
in medicine's history, here in Berlin.
Our institute will be the first
to produce a cure
for the great scourges of mankind.
What a show-off.
It's not yet been tested on patients.
Does our great artist
want to add anything?
I hope you're better with photos
than your study.
If so, you may go somewhere.
That'll be all for today.
Why do you make fun of him?
I just want to tease him a bit.
-He didn't harm you.
-He did.
You care for him.
Thanks for letting me be in your lectures.
Ida, I want to support your study
I haven't forgotten that I still owe you.
Not anymore.
Tischendorf, don't waste your energy.
It's the man here, not Dr. Behring.
He does what he wants.
You're just angry
as he flirts with Miss Lenze.
You may have to fight him.
I'd be lost in a battle with him.
But Miss Lenze will marry me.
I'll soon introduce her to my father.
Really? And he's fine with
a church mouse?
I'm sure that once he gets to know Ida,
he'll give us his blessing.
Well, you can marry below your standard,
but I hope it's a good catch.
My debts with the fraternity
are over 20 Marks.
If I don't pay soon, I'll be excluded.
But you got a lot of money
for the photo of Freiberg.
And you still owe me my stake.
On my honor, Tischendorf,
you'll get it back.
Even when the guy does a lot wrong
A rich wife solves the problem
If there was a chance
to keep this Ménage à trois a secret,
it's gone with this article.
Everyone knows of your affair with her.
It's maybe better.
That's all?
We should finally separate.
You lack the money for that.
You've even quit your job
at the university.
It seems like you're mad.
How about half the advance
from Hoechst in case of divorce?
I want all of it.
Once the Tuberculin is in production
you and your mistress
will get rich enough.
In Berlin, in Berlin
Let the evil men move on
In Berlin, in Berlin
Let the evil men move on
Miss Freiberg?
What are you doing here?
Robert's lab is besieged again.
I'll wait for the petitioners
to go away.
I was fired.
The audience hissed me
during the performance.
My life was supposed
to be unbearable
but now the director will have to call me
Mrs. Privy Councilor.
I'll have a new job then.
I might have the same soon.
Georg Tischendorf wants to marry me.
But it feels wrong.
I'd be surprised if it wasn't
because of another man.
No. What makes you think that?
There's one who confuses
me, as he's so different.
In what way?
Charming and full of ideas.
But also deeply
desperate and insecure.
Sometimes he scares me.
I hope you're not talking
about that maniac Dr. Behring.
He has sensitive and
touching sides as well.
Women always fall in love
with the wrong men.
Stop it, pick Tischendorf.
Be the wife of a doctor.
I want to be a doctor, too.
There are no female doctors.
I'll be the first one then.
There are no tickets
for the Tuberculin circus.
Everything's sold out again.
Ask Dr. Ehrlich.
He's working for Koch
and is a nice guy.
I always get him his cigars.
Maybe he can help you.
The Dr. Ehrlich who characterized
blood cells with his dye?
He leaves dyed spots everywhere.
Thank you.
I'd like to know which new methods
of dyeing blood traces
could help my Detective
Sherlock Holmes to solve a case.
You've found out about my viral strain
in England?
It hasn't been translated.
So you speak good German.
I was at a
boarding school in Austria.
I devour your detective stories.
The cases of Sherlock Holmes
are fascinating.
Is it true that fingerprints can be
matched with perpetrators without a doubt?
A chief officer in India found that out.
But as far as I know, so far
no perpetrator's been caught
because of his fingerprint.
My detective is ahead of his time.
And now you ask whether Mr. Holmes
could do a similar trick and
catch someone by his blood trace?
That's highly interesting.
Follow me.
Maybe here.
For a long time I've assumed
people have different blood
as the cases of blood
transfusions are rarely successful.
Where could it be?
I said no visitors.
Excuse me, Prof. Koch.
I'm Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle,
a practitioner from Portsmouth.
I'm politely asking you for a ticket
to the Tuberculin exposition.
The tickets are sold out.
You must leave.
I didn't come all the way from England
just out of scientific interest.
My wife is sick.
Tuberculin is her last chance.
No. Mr. Schmidt
will show you out.
What was that supposed to be?
He said it was about a new
Sherlock Holmes story.
A detective story?
Hundreds of people wait for Tuberculin.
If it wasn't for them, I'd have spoken.
Behring and I finally have an
antitoxin against diphtheria.
I've heard that from Bergmann.
Tests without me knowing?
No. But you know how
impatient Behring is.
It doesn't sound good.
To be honest, I'm a little concerned.
Sister, please come here.
Nurse Ida!
Take the corpse to pathology.
Give it to Professor Virchow personally
and tell him she's
been treated with Tuberculin.
That's important.
She died earlier than we'd expected
with infestation of the lungs.
Her overall state was fine, though.
I've never seen such an
explosive increase of tuberculosis.
You think the Tuberculin
may have caused it?
You seem to be a very bright Lady.
I'll get Professor Koch.
If his drug doesn't work, he has to know.
My child, I don't have more
evidence for this assumption.
The world thinks that Koch's found
the miracle drug against tuberculosis.
What will happen when everyone finds out
that he was wrong?
Take the compounds
to Tischendorf's studio.
He'll take photos for my talk to
the Association of doctors.
Are you alright?
It's because of Therese.
She's not good and I
think I gave her false hope.
Oh, Ida.
Everything will change,
once you get to know my father.
For both of us.
You probably want to see my daughter.
That's so cute, a bunny.
Is it for me?
To be honest, it's a rabbit.
Its name is Ida.
Happy birthday, madam.
Else, be nice and say thank you.
-Thank you, Dr. Behring.
You immediately hit the mark,
Dr. Behring.
This is the first rabbit
I could heal from diphtheria.
I'm glad the failed presentation
at Virchow's didn't demoralize you.
You saw what an impact the failure
had on Professor Von Bergmann.
Forget Bergmann.
He's not interested in having
my serum tested on patients.
But that's the law to start producing
the serum in large quantities.
Just as Hoechst plans to do
with Koch's Tuberculin.
-Take a seat.
It seems to be a very lucrative business.
I'm hoping to get such
a contract as well.
I'm reaching an age where
one wants an easy life.
I'll see what I can do with
Von Bergmann for you.
It's for the Charité.
I'd like to see your work
with my own eyes.
If I may.
I feel honored, Excellency.
It's no problem if Else comes along?
She's very interested in your research.
This will be the parlor.
And this will be the living room.
Come in.
What's that?
Those are chinoiseries.
Chinese mural art.
They're beautiful.
Soon all of Berlin will visit you.
I'm already scared of the
so called noble society.
But I'm intending not to
embarrass Robert.
"The bon ton."
A lady shall not examine a gentleman
through her opera glasses.
And she'll not realize when a gentleman
examines her through his opera glasses.
The role of Mrs. Privy Councilor
can be learned.
Will she divorce?
Yes. Finally.
I'm so glad.
If you knew what had happened.
Stine fell asleep at the table
and her head fell into the soup.
It was chaos.
Matron Martha gave her
night watch for a whole week.
Edith is still angry at me.
Why should I care?
I'll soon be gone anyway.
And if Georg really marries me
His father has to like me first.
I'm really scared to meet him.
Will everything be fine, Therese?
You have to get well again.
Therese, you can't
Therese, you have to be my maid of honor.
Sorry, but do you still have a ticket
for the Tuberculin exposition left?
I'll pay twice the amount.
-No, we didn't get one either.
-Thank you.
I'll show you for a few Marks.
And you've come from England to see
Koch injecting a tuberculosis patient?
I hope that won't be everything.
12 Marks and I'll get you real Tuberculin.
Really? You can do that?
Gentlemen, after Professor Koch
injects the Tuberculin,
the patient will be healed from
tuberculosis within a few days.
It sounds like a miracle? It is a miracle!
I expected more scientific explanation.
You're waiting in vain.
The whole world is going crazy
because of a show.
But we still don't know
how Tuberculin works.
I'm afraid, not at all.
It really is full of infection.
Yes, and they're all flushed,
and they're not old.
The first patient?
Yes, and unfortunately
not the last one.
It seems like one has to
come from England to believe that.
You think Sister Therese
died of tuberculosis?
I'll tell you why she's dead.
Because of the poor conditions
at the Charité.
If you work for 16 hours a day,
your body's weakened
against the patients' illnesses.
We have to fight for our rights.
We must get organized.
The deaconesses must be stopped.
Instead of permanently praying,
we need more time to rest.
Who wants to join a carers' union?
I want to, but I'm too afraid.
It doesn't matter which nurse's cap,
we are the doctors' handmaid.
Women should get the right
to study medicine.
Nobody cares for a union.
The authorities do.
I may go abroad without a lawsuit.
If you hadn't noticed, Bismarck's
declared siege on Berlin.
But Miss Lenze
doesn't care for such things.
I can't breathe anymore.
Open your mouth!
You need the sickroom.
Come with me.
Here's the limewater to gargle.
Also the mercuric cyanide,
on the inside, twice a day.
We need the diphtheria serum.
Poor Sister Therese just died and
you want to test the miracle drug?
You're obstinate.
I won't let them experiment
on my nursing staff again.
The Tuberculin didn't work.
It doesn't mean the serum won't either.
-I saw it working with my own eyes.
Miss Doctor is the better medic,
don't you think?
She's right.
Behring convinced me as well.
Come with me. You may need to inject Stine
with the serum.
What if someone sees us?
Professor Koch is in the
The exposition will go on all day.
Are you sure?
This could mean trouble.
I can't let Stine die as well.
I remember how the phials look.
Behring showed me them for the animals.
They're not here.
You may find them in the stable.
I'll look after Stine.
And the work with
Dr. Ehrlich is satisfactory?
He's very talented in some technical
stuff and he assisted me well.
I've now increased the gain
of the antitoxin immensely.
Another flock of goats is standing by
to be immunized.
That's interesting.
Poor Lotte.
What's wrong with her?
She wants to give blood for a cure.
Oh no!
Think about your cousin Klara, who
almost died of pharyngeal diphtheria.
Thanks to Dr. Behring,
that illness can soon be defeated.
But anyway Lotte, doesn't it hurt?
I always say the love to animals
and children ennoble women.
Just my opinion.
Nurse Stine has diphtheria, Dr. Behring.
You said it would be
ready for tests.
Anytime now.
Your Excellency, may I invite you
to an exclusive operation?
You'll see the first healing
of a patient with my serum.
If I understand you correctly,
you've never given this to a human.
I'm aware of that.
Elsi, come!
When the antitoxin's given
intravenously, it acts immediately.
You can inject the serum
right into the bloodstream?
That's correct.
It isn't that simple, but I think
this method will gain acceptance.
The drugs work faster then.
Chief staff surgeon, my deep respect!
How are you?
My cough's non-stop,
but the sputum isn't bloody.
He's constantly at 38 degrees.
That's very unusual.
-Professor Koch?
German research triumphs against
rival France and that chemist Pasteur.
And Virchow makes some obscure
Englishman doubt Tuberculin!
That's treason!
How do you know all that?
I got Tuberculin for Doyle,
but Virchow talked him out.
I expected that from a
national traitor and friend of Jews.
You have Tuberculin?
Where from?
My father is doing all he can to get some.
I can help him.
Here. Originals.
-Where did you get it?
My debts with you are
therefore settled.
Miss Lenze?
May I talk to you?
Do you have the key to
Professor Koch's lab?
Yes, I do.
Tuberculin was stolen.
And the thief had a key.
I was in the lab,
but I've not touched anything.
-Von Minckwitz can testify.
-Von Minckwitz was there as well?
Why were you there
in Professor Koch's lab?
I was looking for Dr. Behring
to treat Stine.
He's used our serum?
Why didn't you say?
I'm glad you're here. There's much to do.
You tested the serum
without telling me. That's betrayal.
This emotive behavior doesn't suit you.
I used our serum in an emergency.
-You should have asked.
-You're right about that.
Be happy. We took a risk
and were rewarded. That's all that counts.
I promise not to do anything
without your approval.
Did it work? Behring?
It was incredible.
Miss Lenze!
Come, our table's over there.
Your father is here?
We should be on our own first.
I had something important
to do with my father.
But I wanted to talk about future plans.
We can do that now.
Don't be afraid. Come.
May I introduce
my father, Senior Medical Officer
Dr. Siegfried Tischendorf.
This is Miss Ida Lenze.
-Pleased to meet you, Dr. Tischendorf.
-The pleasure is all mine.
Take a seat.
Fassbrause for the lady.
I didn't meet your father personally,
but he was a respected colleague.
Georg told me how your guardian
embezzled your heritage.
What's important is that you come
from a good family
and fulfill the job of a doctor's wife.
I hope my future will be more than that.
I could convince the clinic management
to install a photo studio for me.
You know how much
I love photography.
As long as you don't forget
your study over love.
You'll have to take over
a practice at Kurfürstendamm.
Your son is very artistic.
Did you put that bee in his bonnet?
I supported him to follow his talents.
Just as he supports mine.
Which talents are those,
may I ask?
I want to go to the admission's exam
to study medicine in Zurich.
I'm waiting to hear about it.
You want to do what?
We could both run the practice.
You won't really follow
that fantasy, will you?
But you've always supported the idea.
I always thought it was a female fancy.
I can't afford fancies.
My father's right.
You have to know your place.
In that case, my place isn't by your side.
Fine. I'd ask you to leave then.
Professor, you asked for me.
Tuberculin was stolen
from that cupboard.
Dr. Ehrlich told me that you and
Miss Lenze were in my laboratory.
I'm a corps student.
I don't have to let you insult me.
If anyone needs some extra money,
it's that nurse.
Von Minckwitz,
we know you live beyond your means.
And Miss Lenze said
she left before you.
You rather trust an assistant nurse
than a Von Minckwitz?
Give me your thumb.
Excuse me?
Your thumb, Von Minckwitz.
Do you know what dactyloscopy is?
A perpetrator can be convicted
with his fingerprint.
Think about what you
want to say next.
If you confess,
we'll only dismiss you.
If you deny it,
we'll pass it to the police.
Pack your stuff, Von Minckwitz.
You're no longer a student here.
Come in!
Take a seat!
You went against my wishes
and got Behring's serum for Stine.
I've followed the incredibly
fast recovery of the nurse.
I think it's possible
that the serum helped.
Although I've no idea how it works.
As diphtheria is an illness
you only get once,
there must be an antitoxin
that is produced.
Why shouldn't we take that antitoxin
from the blood of animals
and give it to sick people.
It's plausible.
You have amazing medical expertise,
but not a good nurse.
You're not willing to accept
a lesser role.
You'll soon work your debts off, but
I don't think you'll want to be a nurse.
You don't look well.
I can't offer you the luxury of sugar.
Do you have plans
for the future?
When girls your age look that sad,
it's mostly because of men.
I set false hopes on a man.
You really want to be
subordinate to a husband?
Humbleness and deference aren't you.
When I was young, I promised myself
to never put up with a man's violence.
My drinking father's stick
and my poor mother's lot taught me that.
Joining the sisterhood
seemed like the only way
to not be under the hand of a husband.
You'd have made a courageous doctor.
Definitely not.
Sister Therese loved you very much
and bequeathed her savings to you.
It isn't much, but it might be
enough for a ticket to Zurich.
That English man calls
our revered Professor Koch a quack.
Arthur Conan Doyle?
Prof. Koch is a Charlatan!
How dare he?
This is the latest death
of a Tuberculin test patient.
After numerous autopsies I've performed
on former Tuberculin patients,
I want you to witness what I've found.
As Professor Koch said,
the injected Tuberculin
lead to dead tissue in the lung.
But I want you to look
at the fresh lesions
at the edge of the necrotic tissue.
Here and here.
There's no doubt that Koch's drug
favors the rapid spread
of the tuberculosis in the sense
of a miliary tuberculosis.
Tuberculin is ineffective?
Not just ineffective.
I think it's dangerous.
Subtitle translation by Ben Evans
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