Charite (2017) s01e06 Episode Script


-Koch, are you in there?
-Get back!
Calm down!
We just want him to come out!
You can't go out there.
Everyone is intimidated by a shark. Become
I hope he'll answer Virchow's accusations.
If he won't explain himself,
we may have to close.
You mean that the whole institute
will become discredited?
As if you'd still care, Kitasato.
In a week you'll be
on your way back to Japan.
A reply to Virchow's claims?
I haven't had a chance
to write a response.
We're in a hurry.
I still believe in your Tuberculin,
but many colleagues doubt it.
If you want to save your credibility,
you have to publish the drug's formula.
I can't.
It isn't standardized yet.
You can't be serious.
You can't just mix stuff together.
May I see the lab books?
I'm afraid there are certain gaps.
Gaps? How dare you trample
your own scientific ideals under foot?
You always said that a hypothesis
can't keep someone from the truth!
Do you even know that you're ruined?
And as for your diphtheria serum,
I won't use my Charité's patients
as guinea pigs for miracle drugs again.
Good day.
-Murderer! Swindler!
-There he is!
-There's the murderer!
You killed my Jette with your injections
just for money.
I can assure you I haven't harmed anyone.
The Privy Councilor will look into that.
I'm not a learned man,
but I know that Jette is dead.
Von Bergmann won't test the serum.
And who do we have to thank? Koch!
His brain went into his pants!
All this work for nothing.
I make the breakthrough and nobody cares!
Saving mankind has to be
canceled because of Koch's stupidity!
You thought I knew you,
but you as Rumpelstiltskin
I'll take my daughters next time.
I see. So, you think I'm a joke?
You'll soon stop laughing.
Trust me on that.
Your friend Koch also used you
as a guinea pig for the Tuberculin.
Guinea pig?
Who gave our serum to a nurse
without knowing the dose?
Without classification or consultation?
Just to impress Spinola.
We're so close to our goal
and you gamble with it.
The difference is, my patient is alive.
Maybe you should mention that
to your friend Koch.
You're not stupid.
I'm the only one who takes you seriously!
Hurry up! If the newspapers are right,
feeding time is almost over.
They're very ugly.
What does a cannibal eat
when it's on a journey?
A woman from Berlin, young and crispy.
They're black.
Looks as if they've come down the chimney.
The looks on their faces.
What's that?
Is there something on her face?
Something must be wrong with her.
Comrade Dietrich.
What happened?
The meeting was gatecrashed.
The police hit everyone who couldn't flee.
Braun and Schuster have been arrested.
They're probably waiting at home.
-You must be more careful.
-They won't break me that easily.
Pretty rough here.
My humid basement is elegant
in comparison.
And the Emperor really entered this dump?
You think the Emperor saw
what it's really like?
This is a scandal.
One should shout it from the rooftops.
Not today. You should leave now,
or the police will find you here.
No higher being, God, the Emperor,
or a court will release us from
our misery. We'll do that ourselves.
Where's your assistant?
He isn't a student anymore.
They had to dismiss him
and he's working for the press now.
You wait here.
Professor Virchow, may I interrupt?
What a great joy. Why are you here?
-My new human zoo.
-Yes, I have had a look at it already.
I have 22 inhabitants
from the Indian subcontinent.
Some of them are Senegalese
and some are Bengalese.
They are playful and drunken.
If only I could take a closer look
at some and measure them.
I've already got one with me.
What? You're making me curious now.
A clear case of variola.
She really has the pox.
I was afraid of that.
That's a real rarity.
Since the obligation to vaccinate,
I couldn't show my students.
I'll have her on loan for a small fee.
-Take her upstairs to the ward.
I've seen her before in the zoo.
But back then
a fence was between us.
I won't touch her, I promise.
We're vaccinated.
Yes, against pox,
but not against cannibals.
A chicken stock, fever lowering
compresses with almond oil.
And half a glass of cognac twice a day.
Go to the ward!
-I'd like to talk.
-Everything's been said.
You've no reason to sulk.
I looked stupid in front of my father
with your ideas.
If you want to be my wife,
you have to let me decide our future.
I was wrong about you, Tischendorf.
I'm sure you'll find a woman
up to your standards.
Hedwig, I'm ruined.
There isn't any future.
Don't waste your time with me.
But I won't let you go, Robert.
Isn't it for better or for worse?
You must fight for your work.
Talk to Professor Virchow.
-He's the last one I'll ask for help.
-Swallow your pride.
He has great influence, but he must
approve the institute in parliament.
I'll make you some ice compresses
as you are burning up.
But you mustn't bite me. Do you get that?
Thank you.
What? Don't speak. Just stay seated, okay?
I'm Rajani.
And you?
Stine. And now be quiet.
Stine, where is my family?
I don't understand.
We'll care for you.
We'll manage, okay?
All on your own without Miss Lenze?
Stop talking about her.
Did the assistant nurse turn you down?
Worse. She embarrassed me
in front of my father.
Just be glad that you got rid of her.
She won't be missed.
My father agrees.
Hello, comrade Dietrich.
Don't call me comrade in here,
Miss Schöllkopf.
I'm sorry. Of course.
Why did we have to meet here,
in a student league bar?
Our man suggested this place.
Are you sure this press guy
isn't a police informer?
I know he's already had problems
with the police.
Von Minckwitz, Berlin Daily.
I don't want to harm the Charité.
But the conditions have to be made public.
The temperature was at 37.1 degrees again.
Lymph nodes?
Inconspicuous for two days.
-And the cough?
-No sputum anymore.
General state of health?
I feel completely healthy again.
It was probably just a harmless cold.
You've no idea how relieved I am.
I want to say sorry. I'm kicking myself
for testing Tuberculin on you.
No, it was my own decision.
I was just a little surprised to hear
how unconventional
your scientific methods were.
One second, please.
-Stine what?
Matzurek. Stine Matzurek.
I'm a nurse here.
Edith Schöllkopf is supposed to work here.
Could you tell us where
Miss Schöllkopf is at the moment?
No. It's like an anthill.
Everyone's bustling around.
Do you know about this?
It's by Miss Schöllkopf, right?
Stine, what's taking you so long?
Two men want to see Edith.
I know about it. Miss Edith's been
trying to organize us for a while.
How would I know? Is it political?
Well, if you say so.
It's Miss Edith's day off. She's not here.
You know that attempts to form a union
are forbidden?
Miss Edith's trying to improve the care
at the Charité for the patients.
Why does she need a union?
Well, everything needs some order, right?
Gentlemen, we have to get back to work.
We have many sick patients
to take care of.
Miss Schöllkopf must go to the police
as soon as possible.
Miss Lenze, I've a letter for you.
From Switzerland.
Miss Lenze, have you seen Dr. Behring?
I need to talk to him,
but I have to give a lecture now.
We can test our serum in Leipzig,
the empire's biggest children's hospital.
-That is great news.
-The best news.
Dr. Behring?
Dr. Behring!
Dr. Behring!
Lady Montagu, the wife
of an English diplomat in Istanbul
reported about a smallpox vaccination
from Turkey in 1718.
Back then nobody in Europe believed her.
Until she managed to convince the King
of England to vaccinate his grandchildren.
Of course, only after successful tests
on the incarcerated and orphans.
And why don't the people
get vaccinated in India?
With their poor education,
they don't know its use.
In the beginning, the King of England
didn't understand its use either.
It took another 100 years until
the King of Prussia was intelligent enough
to introduce mandatory vaccination.
Don't your head measurements with races
show the intelligence of the brain?
In no way.
A lot of hogwash is said about the meaning
of the skull as the box of the brain.
But German superiority has been proven.
Seven million German schoolchildren have
been measured under my administration.
I can assure you that there's
no such thing as a German race.
And therefore also no superiority.
That would mean
that there's no Jewish race either.
You disappoint me.
Have you got so little understanding
that you don't get the difference
between race and religion?
Thank you.
Everything's fine.
Nothing's fine.
You almost died.
Who cares?
Me, for example.
You're the only one who likes me.
All the others despise me.
You're needed.
The Leipzig's children's hospital
wants to test your serum
I can't.
Look at me.
Dr. Ehrlich won't manage the production
without you. He needs you.
What about you?
As if you'd ever really cared.
Listen, Ida.
There's been something tormenting me.
Back then, after your parents had died
I was in a sanatorium for months.
Do you understand?
Those episodes of
In medicine,
it's called periodic insanity.
And I just felt incredibly empty then.
Or angry. Or sad.
Or euphoric.
It was unbearable.
I was accepted for the exam in Zurich.
I'd never have made it without you.
And Tischendorf?
I split up with him.
That's good.
You're so strong and brave.
You can do anything.
Leave. The world's waiting for you.
What about you?
I will regret not having married you
back then for the rest of my life.
It's supposed to be from the Amazon
and a guard of Dahomey's,
but I could prove that the skull
couldn't have been from Dahomey.
You're a would-be sniffer dog,
my esteemed Virchow.
Thank you for giving me
some of your precious time.
Let's forget the normal formalities.
Why are you here?
Well, your presentation
about my Tuberculin is definitely
an important asset to
scientific discussion.
-I'm glad to hear it, Dr. Koch.
-I know you're critical of bacteriology.
But I hope you'll demand support
for medical research in parliament.
It's about the fate
of 100,000 tuberculosis patients
and not about me personally.
It is. It's always about you personally!
And you're about to betray
the most elementary principles of science.
You're putting the lives of your patients
in danger to enrich yourself.
The fame, honor and all the privileges
that come with being the Emperor's
consultant isn't enough for you.
Dr. Virchow, I won't let a colleague
who has no idea of my specialty
insult me like a schoolboy!
Who's putting himself in the spotlight?
You use your metaphors from the theater.
Your new passion, right?
You claim I've infected patients,
even though you know it's impossible
by injecting Tuberculin under the skin!
All you care about is ruining me publicly!
That's shameful!
Rector and Senate, University of Zürich.
Those hacks from the press claim
that our ward is like a prison yard.
They want friendly
and affectionate treatment of patients,
even though we give ourselves
in the name of charity.
We don't demand fame,
but we mustn't be misjudged.
Whoever dragged us through the mire
and got this to the newspaper,
the culprit will be found
and shamefully dismissed.
So help me, God!
I have a cure for diphtheria.
But as you ignore my work,
I decided to go to Leipzig.
You'll see the success of my research
in the medicinal weekly and
I hereby quit.
You really think I haven't realized
how logical your therapy approach is?
Do you think I haven't read
your test protocols?
Your serum has a great future.
You have a great future.
My fame, on the other hand,
is in the past.
There'll be no Robert Koch Institute.
I won't take offense if you leave.
You'll just let me go?
-I'm tired, Behring.
-You mustn't give up, Professor.
Your research and my diphtheria serum
are a benefit to mankind.
Behring, I admire your energy,
but before your serum's beneficial,
it must be produced in large quantities.
You'll need a good company like Hoechst.
If you could arrange
a meeting with the chairman
I'd reconsider my position.
I can easily introduce you
and Ehrlich to Laubenheimer.
That would be great.
Listen to this:
"Demands from Berlin's health inspectors
to the Charité.
An end to the prison-like facilities
and procedures.
Notification of the decease of a sick
person to relatives and beneficiaries.
Freedom of choice for the sick on whether
they want to be used for demonstrations."
So, we shall let the sick people decide
what to teach the students?
This is for you:
"Operations using safety measures
of modern operation techniques
and usage of scientifically-appropriate
Modern operation techniques?
I, Professor Ernst Von Bergmann,
the Baltic Lion?
I was the first one in Berlin
who removed a caecum.
I helped with the breakthrough of asepsis
in surgery.
I won't take it!
How dare these health inspectors.
And the costs
It's not the first time that
internal affairs appear in the papers.
The source has to be found and removed.
We must save the Charité's reputation.
I need your suggestions.
One of our nurses has been wanting
a carers' union for some time.
A carers' union?
What's that supposed to be?
Well, why not?
Such a union will make the job
more attractive for the intelligentsia.
These are difficult times.
Leipzig has treated the first children
with our serum.
And so far
all of them are alive.
Read it.
Read it!
We are right.
Hopefully Hoechst will make our serum.
The Pasteur Institute has a serum, too.
Don't worry.
If only you'd stop disappearing
all the time.
We should contact Laubenheimer.
Laubenheimer? From Hoechst?
Why didn't I know that?
Didn't we agree on no more solo actions?
My dear Ehrlich
I will negotiate for the two of us.
Afterwards we'll share alike.
I just want to wash your hands.
Stine, I need your help.
What's wrong with her?
She's getting worse
and doesn't want me to wash her.
Rajani, it's important now.
We have to clean you, you know?
My God, you're so hot.
Is that okay?
Everything will be all right.
It's for you.
For me?
You know what?
There's a fairy tale in the Empire.
It's called Snow White.
It's about a king's daughter
who has hair like you.
She's only black on her head,
but who cares?
Anyway, Snow White
bit into a poisonous apple
and then she fell asleep.
But in the end she found a prince
who woke her up by kissing her.
It's a nice thought, right?
You aren't really dead,
but you'll be woken up by a kiss one day.
When I had diphtheria,
I thought my prince would come soon.
Silly, right?
-So, I can rely on it?
Before his departure to Japan,
Dr. Kitasato explained
that he has no claims.
And Dr. Ehrlich is fine
with this arrangement.
So, I'll add that Hoechst and Dr. Ehrlich
will share half the profit
and I'll get the other half.
No, I will definitely have
the contract checked with ours.
But delays cost children's lives.
-I've promising news from Leipzig.
-Just like with Koch's Tuberculin.
If Professor Virchow says
anything negative again,
our company would be better off
not signing.
But you'll grant me my advance?
I'm currently in a certain private
situation and need the money.
-Do you want a divorce as well?
-Quite the opposite.
I want to marry.
Dear Behring, your private life is,
as the name implies, private.
Good day.
Good day.
Dear colleague, I want to thank you.
You've helped my institute's construction
plans get a parliamentary majority,
despite everything.
The assembly only agreed because
the French have their Pasteur Institute.
The German Empire mustn't be inferior.
So, thank France.
I will when I meet it,
but for now, thank you.
As a sign of reconciliation,
I'd like to invite you and your wife.
Miss Freiberg and I will marry
and we'd be happy if you were our guests.
We won't bless this mésalliance, will we?
Koch is making a mockery of himself.
Too bad.
Thanks for coming, my dear friend.
Or was it escape from Virchow?
Behring will give feedback on our serum
as soon as possible.
-Isn't Dr. Behring coming?
-No, he isn't.
What do you like about that Dr. Behring?
The fact that your daughter met
that hero of science was fateful.
I can believe that.
An assistant nurse,
a lab slave and two Jews.
She's really come a long way.
I think I can't study.
Zurich is so far away and I don't know
whether I can leave Dr. Behring alone.
-But you can't protect him from himself.
-I can stabilize him.
They say my judgment can be too harsh
concerning the work
of my students and colleagues.
But I can assure you
that they stem from striving
for scientific perfection
and truthfulness.
You should be committed to it as well.
You can now listen to
my judgment on the diphtheria drug
by Dr. Behring and Dr. Ehrlich.
May I ask for your attention?
Hedwig, I'm not a man of many words.
What can I say? I'm happy.
You're my star, my muse
and more than that.
Faithful and brave companion,
no matter how harsh the wind blows at us.
You've done so much for me
and sacrificed so much.
With you, I've found happiness
and true love.
To you, Hedwig.
-Mazel Tov!
-Mazel Tov!
And we have something
less romantic to say.
Cholera's raging in Hamburg.
They need my help.
The Emperor himself wants me
to take measures to contain the epidemic.
Hamburg seems to value my talent to
control epidemics more than Berlin does.
So, next week we'll head for Hamburg.
To our honeymoon
in cholera-infested Hamburg.
I'm the knacker.
Is this horse to be turned into meat?
There's hardly any meat on it.
I can only offer you ten Marks.
No, keep it.
But please do it quickly and painlessly.
Of course, boss.
-Come with me.
-Farewell, Lotte.
Come, come. Yes.
Dr. Behring!
What did he say?
A victory. A comprehensive victory.
You need to hear him. It's a shame
you couldn't share this moment with me.
The old man gave my serum a straight A.
With that accolade,
I can get the contract with Hoechst.
I'll soon be a rich man.
And I am a man of my word.
I'll help you and your studies.
You've supported me in my darkest times.
Without you, I'd have given up.
No, you can thank yourself
for your success.
I'll now have to survive
the years without you.
Come in.
You called for me, Matron.
Listen, Miss Edith.
It seems like the clinic's management
want a carers' union.
You're supposed to head it.
-Is that approved?
-By Spinola himself.
You must talk about it with my successor.
I can't stand in the way of things.
The doctors think their innovations heal
the patients better than Christian caring.
So, remember that titrating is important
to determine the correct dosage.
Behring, I need to talk to you.
Excuse me.
Laubenheimer just sent me
this contract draft.
-Could we discuss it later?
-No, we can't.
We wanted to share the profit 50/50.
We said you'd do 50/50 with Hoechst
and I'd get the other half.
-Your share will be double mine.
-That is my share of the development.
But it's our work.
I demand a fair share and it's twice
as big as you want to give me.
Don't overestimate yourself, Ehrlich.
It's nothing without me.
It figures!
The Jew wants to make more money.
-Dr. Ehrlich?
Minister Goßler, Your Excellencies
and colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen.
I'm glad to see that all of you appeared
to honor a great personality
of the Charité.
I'm asking you now to raise your glasses
for the new head of the university,
the great Professor Rudolf Virchow.
It'll be tough using that new title,
but it may help me renovate our house.
You heard that, Minister?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
everyone knows our Charité
as the clinic for the sick in this town.
It's famous as a place for research,
science and teachings.
Trust me, we also know how to celebrate.
Congratulations, Professor Virchow.
May I introduce my wife?
This is Hedwig Koch.
Mrs. Privy Councilor.
Pleased to meet you.
Your Excellency.
Dr. Behring, come here.
Minister, may I introduce you
to Dr. Behring?
Keep an eye on this young man.
He'll bring honor to science
and to the German Empire.
-A new drug for diphtheria.
-Thanks, Professor Virchow.
He's been researching for years
and now he's finally made a breakthrough.
You'll hear a lot from him.
It's a shame that such an unpatriotic guy
becomes our boss.
Yes and he's also the friend of the Jew.
There's the proof.
Why don't you leave for the holy land?
You don't, because you're parasites.
You suck Germany dry.
Such bar-room clichés are pathetic
from students of the Charité.
You're a money-grabber, Ehrlich.
You want yourself on Behring's research.
How dare you talk to me like that?
Come out and show yourself, coward.
Death and decay to all Jews. Flee or die!
Go home!
Ladies' choice.
Go on!
Excuse me.
Your Excellency,
people want to boycott my lectures
because I dared to publish
a paper against anti-Semitism.
The ministry should contradict
the open hatred against Jews.
My dear Virchow.
You still have the temper of a Republican.
You should be calmer in your new position.
No, I've no idea what these people want.
Their jealousy destroys
every productive learning atmosphere.
And actions may follow their words.
No, these people have no heart.
Virchow, let's trust our Hohenzollern.
They've always seen it as their duty
to make Prussia stay tolerant.
To your health, Excellency.
To your health.
There they are, the beautiful couple.
Well, you have my blessing.
You're like a father to me, Excellency.
I'd love to stay like a father to you.
Do you want that?
-I'd be honored, yes.
-That's a deal.
What a great day,
you make me a happy man.
And Else as well, right?
We could do it here and now.
This is a fitting moment.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
I'm proud and happy
to announce the engagement
of my daughter Else to Dr. Emil Behring.
May their love grow.
Extra! Bismarck retires.
Extra! Bismarck retires.
Come back Miss Doctor.
-Good luck.
-And to you.
-Is that all?
-All the best.
Matron Martha.
Miss Lenze.
What's your plan now?
I'm going back to Kaiserswerth.
You should put on a scarf.
There's a harsh wind in Zürich.
Thank you very much.
Until we meet again.
Not in this world.
Not in this world.
Ten years after studying medicine
in Zürich, I returned to the Charité.
But I was only allowed
to work without payment.
I lived off my private patients
and never married.
In 1901, Emil Behring received
the first Nobel Prize for diphtheria.
He was also ennobled by the Emperor.
The Behringwerke made him rich
and his wife Else gave birth to six sons.
Behring's manic-depressive disorder
led to many hospitalizations.
Robert Koch had a long
and happy marriage with Hedwig.
His Tuberculin failed as a cure
against tuberculosis,
but it's still used as a diagnostic today.
In 1905, he also got
the Nobel Prize for his work.
Paul Ehrlich became head of the Institute
of experimental therapy in Frankfurt.
He invented a cure for syphilis
and thereby started modern chemotherapy.
He got the Nobel Prize in 1908 for his
pioneering knowledge of the immune system.
His merits were denied
during the Nazi era.
Rudolf Virchow was active
as a pathologist and politician.
He was decorated with medals
and honors the world over.
Until his death in 1902,
the freeman of Berlin
fought for the need
of basic public health care
and against growing antisemitism.
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