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Berlin, Fall 1943
Surgery department of the Charité
[Charité - Blighty Wound]
What's going on today?
The great Sauerbruch will appear in the Wochenschau
- Today?
Yes today.
- But
They all just come because of your exam, little sister.
Fähnrich Marquardt reports back.
Oh God, you've become so thin.
I can't say the same about you.
I'm so scared, dear doctor.
- You will not feel a thing.
First, you will get a soporific.
And when I wake up I will be a cripple.
This is a medium long shot.
Exciting. Surgery is not really my speciality.
Where is your Artur?
- There.
Sit with him. I need to stay down here.
We examinees sit in the first row.
Oh! It's so nice that you're here.
Good luck. [Literally: Much success]
My ladies and gentlemen,
we want to show today how the famous surgeon general
Sauerbruch educates doctors for the frontlines.
May I ask the members of the
student company down here?
I greet you.
- Nice to see you.
If you may make room?
- But I'm doing my oral surgery exam today.
Your contribution to the ultimate victory, young lady,
is obviously not of theoretical but practical nature.
You will marvel. I can do both.
Storm warning. The boss left the car door open.
Do not hand him the wrong threads or he bawls you out.
35 cm, not a centimeter longer.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Mister Professor.
First assistence, you second.
Do not botch anything up. Else the people can
watch in the cinema how Sauerbruch fires you.
Professor Sauerbruch.
- Attention! I am sterile. But not the way you think.
The colleague de Crinis.
The head of psychiatry wants
to be examined by me.
The cinema audience will wonder
about such an old student.
I really do not want to convey the
impression I must learn from Sauerbruch.
Do you operate immediately?
I do not ask that of my exam taker.
Or else she might bare her child
before the end of the surgery.
Where are you?
- Here.
Do you want to duck out?
Show us if you've learnt something.
Explain the case in such a manner
the Wochenschau understands it as well.
The patient:
Paul Lohmann, 22 years old.
Upper leg gunshot wound with
fragmental chipping of the femur.
After first aird at the field hospital,
a developing secondary infection with gangrene.
And you do now think that
the leg goes out of the window.
So amputation.
Yes, I do. But
The young colleague appears
to be a bit discouraged
in regards to the future of the leg.
- Not remotely.
This is the ideal candidate for
a Sauerbruchian flap-plasty.
This means the irretrievable
infected upper leg will be removed
And the healthy lower leg can be preserved
by converting it into a above-knee stump
to which a prosthesis can be stuck on.
That sounds a bit like hocus-pocus.
Is it possible to be more precise?
One severs the femur with the Gigli saw.
That is followed by the disarticulation
of the proximal fragments with a bone retractor.
After the severing of the foot
and the distal thigh bone
the lower leg bone will be turned.
This way the shinbone joint surface
works here as femoral head.
After final wound healing
the stump serves as a prosthesis carrier.
So you do have learnt something.
Sit down in the front here.
Martin, show us your dancing leg.
Shrapnel wound of the upper leg during
the Balkans Campaign two years ago.
He came here from the sickbay
for a upper leg amputation.
So, and now the whole leg is out of the window?
Not with Sauerbruch.
My flapy-pasty was in use here as well.
But problematic was that the leg
was ligated for too long.
I am happy everyday that you can
walk this well again, my boy. So.
With a longitudinal section
on the right side of the upper leg
down to the knee
I can advance directly to the bone.
I take it out with the greatest conservation
of the vessels and nerves possible
including the muscle attachments.
The anesthesia is not deep enough.
Can't you even read a scale?
You won't learn it anymore. Out!
Who's taking over? Come, go away.
- Yes, apologize.
Apologize to the patient!
You are standing in my light, dear God!
We also learn something about
the temper of a maniac.
Well observed.
It surely did not escape you too
that the upper leg shot wound
is a case for you doctoral thesis.
This Lohmann could have given
the blighty shot himself.
No one can work like this.
Fritsch, write to the Reich Doctors'Leader
he shall finally get me this
professor Jung from Strasbourg here.
I'm so done with these
ragged butcher trainees!
Miss Fritsch, do you have a
coffee for a ragged butcher trainee?
First of all, good morning.
- My dear doctor Sauerbruch,
you are already a fellow butcher.
You deserve the Iron Cross 1st Class
because you bear me.
With oak leaves.
- Rather the Close Combat Clasp in gold.
It's all very modest here
but at least we have two rooms
now where our little one is coming.
That would be yours then.
Is it alright for now?
- Of course.
And how do we celebrate
your medical license?
I still have cheese spätzle left.
You've become so thin. Tell me,
how was it for you at the frontline?
How should it be for one there.
We will cocker you up again.
Mother has sent a food parcel.
In the Allgäu, they can still get nearly everything.
Is she actually coming for the birth?
- She doesn't have the courage.
The trains are constantly cancelled.
I haven't seen her in nearly a year.
I had hoped to visit her again
before I must go back to the frontline.
They really only give you two semester
for the exam? How should that work?
Wellit's enough to amputate.
Not for obstetrics.
Is it beginning?
No, it does still take time.
My subtenant just punches me.
- Do you want to feel it?
- Here.
Like this? Yes.
[Women's hospital of the Charité]
Well then I congratulate
the new-fledged doctor.
Thank you. But I don't have the title yet.
For the thesis to be finished
the child would've to come pretty late.
That's apparently its intention.
It makes no move to set
in the lesser pelvis.
Do you feel no pre-labor signs?
- No.
What reasons can there be?
- We have to wait.
The child can even still turn the
right way around during labor, my dear colleague.
And what if it is a placenta praevia?
It is rare among first-time mothers.
Don't worry.
The fertile family trees of your
two clans suggest a high fertility.
The child will surely lie
in the right position soon.
Think less like a physician,
feel more like a happy expecting mother.
Good evening.
- It's still closed.
We just wanted to bring the stamps
for our communal wedding drink on the 15th.
Oh okay, I'm coming in a moment.
Too bad we don't have the apartment
to ourselves anymore at night.
The intimate nights are soon over anyway.
We thought about punch with seltzer instead
of sparkling wine and white wine.
That's probably going to be a kale punch.
Or did any of you hide strawberries somewhere?
The stamps aren't enough
for a good punch anyway.
I still have wheat beer, even with syrup.
- And meat balls with it.
I'll have to organize that in the quiet.
But that costs extra.
I can also organize a lobster.
That's available without stamps.
One lobster? For 26 people?
Yes, there's nothing on a lobster.
Rather a bit more, but something good.
Meat balls.
Well comrades, do not forget to drink.
Hello, Otto Marquardt,
I am the new student apprentice here.
Don't you have something stronger against the pain?
I need something stronger.
- You've got morphium an hour ago. Doesn't it help?
It's not enough.
Don't you have tank chocolate [meth]?
But that is not a pain killer.
- It's a stunner together with morphium.
Everybody at the frontline takes that.
But don't take more than two at once, promise me that.
Pervitin is not half as bad.
All of this has no use anyway.
The whole magic here.
In the end, we are send home as useless cripples.
I at least do not feel useless
and a wooden leg doesn't catch foot fungus.
Do you have a wife?
- No.
My fiancé. You don't believe
she want to marry a cripple.
Lohmann. That's how we meet again.
Don't you know me anymore?
Second Ladoga battle.I was in the ambulance
corps 161 under staff surgeon doctor Weidner.
Marquardt. I am the new student apprentice here.
Otto Marquardt.
- Precisely.
How did you get your blighty wound?
Shut up.
I am getting into hot water.
I'm not saying it was you.
- It also wasn't me.
However, you don't need to get back to
the frontline. Be happy your done with this shit.
Can you switch with me?
I would rather have my leg back.
Take care of what you're saying here. You're not among
comrades anymore. There are different rules at home.
Well Helmut? Show me.
Do you feel that?
- That tickles.
That is good. And?
Do you long for school already?
No, I can't write with that cast anyway.
Loafing is over, Helmut.
You can also write with the left.
- Oh dear, professor Bessau.
I could not do that either
even though I have two left hands.
Take care that your child
will not act up with you.
With your help, nurse Käthe, my child
will of course enjoy a sturdy education.
My wife and I are hosting a
communal drink for our wedding.
We weren't able to before because of
Anni's exam. Would you give us the honor?
- You too, of course, nurse Käthe.
I? With all those big bugs?
Well there I feel like
Lady Muck of the gasworks.
I have good news by the way.
Your reserved occupation was just
confirmed by the Army Record Section.
The frontlines will be spared
from you during your habilitation.
God, I am happy you made that happen.
Thank you.
Yes. But now you must also deliver.
Only then I can position you as my successor.
Good that I can finish my studies here.
I was only in the sickbay
but that was enough for me.
The other paramedics had to
salvage the wounded at the front.
And we already thought
we get a real war hero.
But I can assure you that the work
behind the lines is heroic as well.
Our staff surgeon for example
once demanded of me
to guess the blood sugar level of a patient
by tasting his urin.
Taste it, nurse Christel.
- No.
I would say 95.
You aren't ducking out?
Or are you prissy?
That's apple juice.
Just wait. Cheeky student apprentices
are sent back to the frontlines.
Nurse Christel,
where does Paul Lohmann lie?
From the Wochenschau? Over there.
What do you want from him?
- I would like to ask him some things.
I still need more cases for my doctoral thesis.
- What is the topic?
Psychiatric diagnostic of suspected mayhem.
Then Lohmann is not a case for you.
The angle of entry proves
that he could not shoot himself.
Lohmann can explain the precise circumstance himself to me.
- No, he will not.
He is supposed to heal undisturbed
after this severe surgery.
Do you really want my doctoral advisor to officially
request the patient file from professor Sauerbruch?
Do you reall think De Crinis doesn't have more useful things
to attend to than finding propositi for your doctoral thesis?
It will never be finished anyway.
You rather aim for the Mother Cross than a scientific career.
In what way is my motherhood your business, doctor Sauerbruch?
In this matter you are not my personal idol anyway.
Good day.
- Good day.
Later. When the boss is out of the house.
I also got something for you.
Miss Fritsch, please look for the file Lohmann.
De Crinis will request the Lohmann file.
- Because of Waldhausen's doctoral thesis.
Waldhausen. What does she want from my patient?
- Checking for mayhem.
How did the field hospital decribe the
course of events? Let us look it up.
Not that it's used against Lohmann in the end.
- No matter how he lost his leg, the man is punished enough.
I do not just botch him up so
de Crinis brings him to military court.
He will not dare that.
Protection of the youth,
military discipline
and population policy considerations
demand a prohibition
of any same-sex acts.
Some colleagues seperate
homosexual assessed from seduced.
Although it is proven scientifically
that such unnatural assessed
are psychopaths and criminals
uncertain in their instincts.
A psychotherapeutic treatment
is useless because of that.
Except for singularly seduced teenagers,
emasculation and preventine arrest
are to be taken as a general deterrent.
For notoric youth seducers I think the
sentence to death is appropriate,
as it is already imposed in
the SS against homosexuals.
So you see, gentlemen,
we at home also take care for your backing
in the shower-bath [euphemism for gas chambers]
Jeez, I chatted away once again.
Next week I will talk about the educational
treatment of therapy-resistant shell shocked.
Professor, do you have time?
- For you alway, Mrs Waldhausen.
It is about my doctoral thesis.
- Please.
There is a problem with the surgery department.
I wanted to question Paul Lohmann today,
the femoral shot fracture.
Margot Sauerbruch denies me entry because
she thinks the wound is not self-inflicted.
She should leave the judgment about that to a psychiatrist.
- Can you not request the file?
But that is typical once again.
The Sauerbruch thinks just because her
husband is a luminary it rubs off on her.
This woman is morbidly ambitious.
Apparently, she does not even want children.
She has a daughter from her first marriage.
She is attending a boarding school.
Well the child disturbs
if one wants to hold court.
I will take care that the Wehrmacht will
request an assessment of Lohmann from me.
Not even Sauerbruch can then
refuse us to examine the man.
What does your sister want from Lohmann?
- Anni was here?
And she clashed heavily with Doctor Sauerbruch.
I can sing a song of fights
with my big sister too.
Here, she whacked me over the head with a brush.
- Should I blow?
Do you want to protect me from
further encroachments by Anni?
By the new, she invited me
to the café Salvasam on Sunday.
Come with me.
Marquardt, I need help with
putting Müller into another bed.
I'm back in a minute and four seconds.
Don't run away.
And where is Müller now?
- Later.
Tell me, how well do you know Lohmann?
- Lohmann. Not very well. Why?
De Crinis requested his file.
- And?
He is the highest ranking
psychiatrist of the military.
It wouldn't be the first time he picks out a wounded soldier
for assessment and then brings him to military court.
For what?
- Mayhem.
Lohmann? That is nonsense.
- No, that is undermining military forces.
He would not do that.
- How do you know that?
It would be good if someone from
his company would testify for him.
Like enthusiastic fighters for people
and fatherland and such stuff.
I actually barely know him.
[Berlin Grunewald - Sauerbruch Mansion]
Holy smokes, dad, you scared me.
I already have enough of the real generals
at the High Command of the Armed Forces.
Do you want to hint that a
surgeon general is not real?
Look, I've got tinsel.
Oak leaves with swords.
Your father just wants to hold pace
if all of his sons wear uniform.
Welcome, Peter.
Great that Ada releases you from her claws for once.
- Do not tease, Margot.
She doesn't even know I am here.
You know mum.
Did you I already tell you I was
at the Wolfsschanze with Hitler? Thanks.
And his dog Blondie only allowed me to pet it.
There he complained:
"Now I have lost my only friend."
All animals love the Sauerbruchs.
- That stays between us.
In my opinion
is the man without a doubt mad.
He said he has to go to India
and all such nonsense.
Then I remembered this doctor thesis
about hysterical war-blindness
in which also a certain private
Hitler from Braunau is described as a case.
The old Bonhoeffer once showed it to me.
I miss Bonhoeffer at the Charité.
De Crinis is not as qualified as him.
He gave his backbone for his career.
Field post from Hans and Friedrich.
Both of them are doing fine.
One of them is bored in his barrack,
the other in Lapland.
I fear I will experience more soon.
I was assigned to the 14th Panzer Division
at the eastern frontline.
I am happy for the two of you.
She is your cousin?
So you are the little brother-in-law
of Doctor Waldhausen.
Well, what as handsome guy.
Something like that is a scarce commodity
currently and is married quickly.
Dear married couple Waldhausen
and especially dear, dear Anni.
I must admit today two hearts beat in my chest.
I am nearly a bit jealous, my dear Waldhausen.
Not what you think
but I only reluctanty give a great girl
like this a miss in my clinic.
So do not forget your doctoral
advisor in the meantime.
A cheer for this successful healthy pairing.
Thanks for the well wishes,
also in the name of my wife.
And I hope that we will soon be able
to clink glasses with all of you to our child.
It will be called Adolf.
- Especially if it's going to be girl.
Cheers. And thanks for the excellent wine.
The donor is my most diligent multipara.
Mrs Reich's secretary Goebbels.
The buffet is open.
Professor Bessau.
I just held my speech.
Wonderful that you were able to make it.
Something to drink?
- Gladly.
To your future at the Charite.
Thank you.
Professor Bessau.
My dear.
Thank you very much for you support.
I am so happy that Artur will not be drafted for now.
I only reluctantly give a miss to my best horse in the stable.
- Thank you.
Some horses stay it the stable,
others must go out into the dirt.
My brother Otto Marquardt.
Professor Bessau.
If you had seen what I saw,
you couldn't drink so much cognac
from the Goebbels to forget that.
We here at home really cannot imagine
what our soldiers take on out there.
It must be hard to stay civilized while
you experience how the enemy butcher civilians
Apologies. He had too much to drink.
Otto, what is going on?
You lucky beggar.
[literally: lucky mushroom]
Come, let's clink glasses because
you don't have to go to the frontline.
Should I bring you?
- Not neccessary.
The Wehrmacht mastered the foray
into the rearward sector by now.
Melolontha, fly!
The Otto was at war.
The Wehrmacht is in enemy territory!
The home country is burned dow
The Wehrmacht is in enemy territory!
Are you too not able to sleep
without light anymore?
Good night.
And stretch.
And stretch to the side.
And to the side.
And down.
And stretch.
And stretch.
Early-morning exercise.
- Ohdo it yourself.
I'll get stuck in the loop.
Otto appears so changed.
Our sunshine.
Not mine.
- Oh Artur.
Who knows what he experienced.
- You're right about that.
But he can't get us into trouble.
- Surely not.
I have to go.
The Children's Mental Hospital Wiesengrund
provided me with my first eight propositi
for my tuberculosis vaccination trials.
You lucky beggar.
[Children's hospital Wiesengrund.]
Mrs Doctor Reuter.
Doctor Waldhausen.
Professor Bessau announced me.
- Welcome to Wiesengrund.
Thank you. I would like to start immediately
and go back before it becomes dark.
Those are your propositi.
Did you prepare the steril syringes?
- Yes, over here.
Thank you.
This is our Heinz.
Hello Heinz.
I think five cubic should be enough.
Where is the consent of the parents?
Not neccessary for such kids.
They are the Reich's spoilt children.
Are you sure?
- Yes, of course.
It's just a little stitch.
Ba ha. Dad
I'll note the dosis in the file respectively
and you'll please note the reaction.
Tell me, little brother, how are you?
- Fine.
- Yes.
But you're apparently bursting soon.
- Thank you. Very charming.
Has the child lowered itself now?
- No, not yet.
Professor Stoeckel says I shouldn't
think so much as a physician.
Well then.
- You could help me today.
I have to bring one of your
patients to the psychiatry.
But not Lohmann?
- Him precisely.
De Crinis is creating a credibility assessment.
- His leg was shot off.
It's unlikely he invented that.
- That's why it's important to test for mayhem.
or else everyone could duck out at the cost of
his comrades. Especially you should understand that.
Or don't we need every men at
the frontline against the Russians?
Lohmann is surely innocent.
- Then de Crinis won't harm a hair on his head.
He is very anxious that such cases
are judged according to scientific criteria.
This is why he also gave that
to me as a doctorate topic.
Mister Lohmann, We will take
you to the psychiatry now.
Why must I go to the psychiatry?
Everything's alright with my head.
- You just need to answer some questions
After that we will bring you back here.
With the best regards from
professor de Crinis.
Why does the Wehrmacht
want an assessement now?
You have to ask professor de Crinis about that.
Thank you.
Heil Hitler.
You were hurt at the battle at Lagoda lake.
Ladoga lake.
- North of Gatolowo.
Gaitolowo. But that does not matter.
According to the secret report of
the field police, it was a contact shot.
The burn marks prove that.
- I know you think I did it myself.
But that
- Furthermore, you wrote repeatedly to your fiancé
you had horrible home sickness.
- I did not shot myself in the leg.
The two comrades that laid with me in
the machine gun nest can testify that.
The privates Kröger and Hähnlein?
- Yes.
They are dead.
Describe the incident to us.
Mister Lohmann?
First the Russian drumfire
snowed us under for two hours.
We set in our machine gun nest,
in a set of three.
The machine gun suddenly jamed.
Kröger wants to get it going again,
then he gets shot in the stomach.
He falls on me. Suddenly the
Red Army soldiers are invading.
The invading Russian thinks me dead
because I lie under Kröger.
He shoots Hähnlein.
I carry him off his feet
and he fights back.
During the fight, he shoots me in then leg.
Hähnlein is wounded too but he still
gives the Russian an additional head shot.
That saved my life.
I lost a lot of blood
and only regained consciousness
when I was given an infusion.
And Kröger and Hähnlein?
- I've never seen them again.
They were hurt worse than me and
had to be taken to the sickbay immediately.
With me they thought at first it wasn't as bad.
Until the leg got infected.
- Kröger died because of his shot in the stomach.
Without regaining consciousness.
And Hähnlein made a statement before his death.
It aligns with your description.
Who tells me you did not invent
this story together with Hähnlein
so the both of you could get
away from the frontline?
What are you doing here?
Do you want to bring him back?
I want to make a statement.
I am the brother of Anni Waldhausen.
I want to make a statement about Lohmann.
Please call a nurse who brings him back.
Yes, I am happy to meet
Anni's brother this way.
You know private Lohmann?
- We took care of his regiment.
Where did you serve at the battle of Ladoga?
At the main dressing station at Gaitolowo.
How do you want to have seen
there how Lohmann was wounded?
I did not see that indeed.
- Alright.
But I assisted during the first
aid of staff surgeon doctor Schultes.
Doctor Schultes unfortunately fell later on
but I can testify that it was a shot from a distance.
Lohmann could not have inflicted that on himself.
And you would swear to that?
- Yes.
Thank you. You can go.
I testified for Lohmann at de Crinis'.
I thought you didn't know Lohmann.
- I was always good at lying.
He should not go to court.
Maybe de Crinis wants to
set a warning example.
Execution because of mayhem,
that will get around.
Why is Anni so convinced of de Crinis?
You've to ask her that yourself.
She never took her little brother seriously.
That is a mistake.
As a punishment, she doesn't get jam.
We won't send the soldier
one, two or three, no,
we will sent four fruit jam to the frontline!
Have all of your senses taken a leave?
What's wrong?
- You idiot.
If you have to give false evidence,
then agree upon it beforehand with Lohmann.
He explains to us at great length
how a contact shot could happen.
And you invent a shot from the distance!
- Oh God.
I could barely convince de Crinis that
you're just a kind-hearted silly person,
who just wants to help a comrade.
Because of me he puts mercy before justice
and forgets your statement.
Don't do anything like that ever again.
Without me, both of you would
have come before the military court.
[Prothesis workshop of the Charité]
Those are the critical places,
it can rip there.
Better you let the wood dry longer.
But poplar wood, right, hm?
1300 gramm?
- 200.
Very good. With that we will
make a happy-go-lucky chap out of him.
Well Lohmann? Let us help to
provide a new lower leg for you.
What shoe size do you have?
- What? Such beetle crushers?
Then you can also stand on
just one leg effortlessly.
The wound healing looks good.
Detumesced too.
Mister Heim will make a plaster cast
and then craft a custom prothesis.
And until its finished,
you train the muscles.
Do you hear, Lohmann?
- Yes.
See that he gets away from Pervitin.
It makes depressed and addicted.
- What is your name?
Otto Marquardt.
I am the brother of Anni Waldhausen.
Ah, our expecting mother.
- Precisely. Well, I am still living with her.
But, well, once the child is born
I would like to have a place of my own.
OhHeim, my student apprentice needs a bed.
What about the couch in the storage?
- Yes that works.
A thousand thanks.
- You will not get bedsore here.
Children's hospital. Surgery.
- I'll take that.
Women's clinic.
Mister Fischer, please take temperature.
- Thank you.
Paul. Damn it.
Do you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Do you hear me?
- The doctors are watching a movie.
Run to Martin and tell him he should
bring everything for a gastric lavage.
He is stabilizing.
How did he get it?
We usually only give Perviting when
one from the frontline shows withdrawal symptoms.
We must lock the stuff away better.
"Summon to trial according to
paragraph 5 of Wartime Special Penal Code
because of undermining the
military force through mayhem."
Professor Sauerbruch is holding a lecture.
The Führer awarded the great German doctor
who worked groundbreakingly in many medical fields
the Knight's Cross
to the War Merit Cross with swords.
Came from the sickbay for a upper leg amputation.
The leg is out of the window?
Not with Sauerbruch.
With a longitudinal section
on the right side of the upper leg
Surgeon general doctor Sauerbruch
received the high accolade
especially for his great successes in war surgery.
Virtuosic technique, great security.
Who is this talented surgeon?
This kindness and patience.
I would love to get to know this man.
I feel like you, madam.
You rascal just want me to go into film
so that I do not examine you anymore.
"Forward area Leningrad."
Did you know your de Crinis brought
Lohmann to the military court?
You foreclosed that.
- Shhh!
One loses a leg for Führer, people and fatherland.
And as a reward they put an innocent on trial.
- Leave Anni alone.
Oh right, one isn't allowed to open the mouth anymore.
- Otto, shut your mouth now.
Does it begin?
Artur, help me.
Something's wrong.
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