Charite (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Schwere Geburt

How did you get the blighty wound?
Shut up.
This Lohmann could have given
himself the blighty wound.
I do not botch him up so de Crinis
can bring him to war court.
He will not dare that.
I will take care
that the Wehrmacht demands an
assessment of Lohmann from me.
You are spared of the frontline
during your habilitation.
But now you must deliver. Only then
can I to position you as my successor.
For me to finish my doctoral thesis,
the child would have to come pretty late.
It makes no move to set
in the lesser pelvis.
Artur, help me.
Something is wrong.
[Charité - Season 2, Episode 2 "Tough Birth"]
Make way!
[Berlin, Fall 1943
Women's clinic of the Charité]
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English Translation by German Period Drama Translations
Come Mrs Goebbels.
Professor Stoeckel is already expecting you.
Quick! An emergency!
Mrs Dr. Waldhausen, you? Lay her down here.
To the OR immediately. Emergency birth.
Where is Professor Stoeckel?
- We'll call him.
Please wait here.
The professor will come in a moment.
The cervis has fully opened
but the placenta is in front of it.
Prepare for emergency c-section.
Why did you have to have such a go at Anni?
Just because of the
homeland security assessment?
She didn't get these bleedings because of me.
I could not come faster. Mrs Goebbels.
Professor Stoeckel, a placenta praevia.
Lay the head down.
Everything has been prepared for a c-section.
It is just a marginal placenta praevia.
We can get the child past it.
No c-section. The Kristeller maneuver is faster.
[pressing on the womb during contractions]
The bleeding has stopped nearly anyway.
The child's head provides enough
pressure on to the placenta.
Does the child live?
Everything is alright, Doctor Waldhausen.
Your daughter is fine.
And my wife?
- Your wife too.
But she has lost a lot of
blood and needs to rest now.
She's gorgeous.
But no little Adolf.
- Anni and I will still make him.
X-ray machine ready?
- Of course.
A ten-year-old with hemopneumothorax
after a shraphnel wound.
English Translation by German Period Drama Translations
- Yes, what are you waiting for?
Built up positive pressure.
Five centimeter hydrostatic head/water column.
Thoracic shrapnel wound.
Hemopneumothorax. X-Ray.
First I localise the
foreign objects in the lung.
Bulbous probe. Tweezers.
What's it about?
- The lung collapsed.
The boy was hit by a dud.
Doesn't look good.
Ragged a bronchial vein.
In the lower lobe at the entrance
to the vena azygos.
- 180.
Respiratory frequency.
- 45.
He is going into shock.
Raise the upper lobe.
Raise the upper lobe, man.
I can't see a thing.
Pulse still at 180.
That's not going to work. Step away.
You take over.
Keep me the apical segment artery free.
Good like this.
Hold the tweezers.
- Pulse is stabilizing.
It's good like this.
For the fine vascular sulture
I use black silk,
which sets itself apart especially
well from the underneath.
For guidance I use
a needle holder with a sharp end.
Did we get all shrapnels?
Don't you want to check again?
I do not use a magnet.
The shrapnels could do more harm
when they wander through
the lung tissue uncontrolled.
I do not see any metal anymore.
- Good, thanks.
The bleeding has stopped.
We close up airtight again.
We will set up a Bülau drain.
And we do not forget the tetanus vaxine.
You take over.
Who the hell are you?
Who is that?
Do you shanghai the people
from the streets now?
Not completely untalented for a passerby, is he?
May I introduce to you?
- That is really awkward for me now.
Professor Adolphe Jung from Strasbourg.
Professor Sauerbruch.
- Finally reinforcement.
If you had not come, my wife would have maybe
in the end foist the Führer on to me as a hook holder.
You, you are really good.
That's why I will call you by your last name.
[use the curtesy form in German]
What is this?
I need to report that.
- He doesn't know what it means.
The Britons dropped a thousandfold
of these over the city.
Main thing is he survived and will recover.
- Exactly.
Then I do have to report you.
Finally some lining for you warning file, hm?
Martin is no company for you.
He has to go to the CID every week.
Who know what he has done.
Anyway I must report that.
And I will name you as a witness.
There is more important stuff.
- Like what?
The new movie with Heinz Rühmann for example.
Well fine.
Do not touch.
Your son rode it out well.
But it takes time until he wakes up.
Since his father is gone
he does what he wants.
And his friend Kalle is dead.
A Alsatian.
- Professor of Surgery.
From Strasbourg Uni.
After the occuptaion, he didn't
want to work with the Germans.
That's why he was conscripted.
- A Malgré-nous.
You must keep a good eye on him.
Well here we are.
Come in, we have prepared something for you.
Kolbe, you again.
Are you keeping my Fritsche from work again?
I slowly start to believe you have opened
a branch of the foreign ministry in my outer office.
That would surely be of advantage.
You have more international contact than my boss Riblettrop.
[German word play with Ribben and Rippchen]
Will you drink a glass of champagne with us?
We want to celebrate the starting
of a new job of Professor Jung.
I am no long a Professeur here.
- What is a scandal.
That you have only been classified
as an assistant here
could not even be prevented by my husband.
And that way saying something.
I unfortunately must go back to the ministry.
That is unfortunate.
- Yes
A true Tallinger.
- Il s'apelle Tallinger. [His name is]
Yeah fine with me. A friend of my sons
brought it with him from France.
He is stationed in Champagne.
- Hopefully no looted stuff.
The supply conditions here
in the city have become bad.
And I fear you will only get
the ration stamps of a foreign worker.
That is what I am.
- My dear Jung, I do not want that to stand between us.
For me, you are a renowned colleague.
Your sympathetic nervous system surgey
Even the great Sauerbruch can
learn something from that by watching.
A votre sante.
- A la votre.
Heil Hitler.
Doctor Jung. I am Professor de Crinis.
You remember?
- Of course.
You know each other?
Yes, yes, before the war we corresponded about
an interesting case of surgerical intervention
at the second dorsal ganglion.
Quite so, yes.
- To good collaboration.
Did you actually read my new writing
about the facial expression
and its diagnostical significance?
I fear not.
- I will gladly give you a copy.
Anyway. Come to me to the psychiatry.
I would take such an experienced
neuro-surgeon like you with the greatest pleasure.
If you want to seduce my eagerly
anticipated new arrival away from me
thenthen you will get to know my scalpel.
Help. Now I am scared.
I live here.
Here lives the married couple Waldhausen.
It is the only doctors' apartment up here.
This way.
If you need something, let me know.
- Merci.
The boss sets great value upon
you feeling comfortable here. Please.
English Translation by German Period Drama Translations
- Yes. I must tell that to my wife.
No access.
- But my wife is supposed to lie here.
Doctor Waldhausen.
Doctor waldhausen, I accommodated
your wife here as a bed neighbor because
well currently Mrs Goebbels lies
in this suite after a miscarriage.
It cannot be ruled out
that she is suicidal.
Because of that I think it is best
if she always has company all the time.
And your wife is of course ideal for that
with her positive attitude.
Thank you very much.
Alright, mister senior assault unit leader.
Heil Hitler, Mrs Reich Minister.
I am the husband. Doctor Waldhausen.
How do you feel?
- Good.
I'm just horribily exhausted.
Did you see her?
- Yes.
She is just as beautiful as you. And?
Will it stay Adolf or should we call her Karin?
Congratulations from everyone.
From Professor Bessau too.
I, of course, raved to him that he has
never seen such a beautiful child before.
For now you should rest.
He truly doesn't understand
a thing about flowers.
At least he gives you some.
- They're from the Führer.
He also ordered the reconciliation
child I just lost.
I thought you and your husband
were such a happy couple.
Just for the Wochenschau, my dear.
Do you know the joke that
circulates about my husband?
He is supposed to be a pollywog.
Bigmouth with a tail.
Don't retell that one.
It is death for this.
Congratulations, uncle.
Ah, the Corpus Delicti.
And that's why I have to sacrifice myself and
go to the cinema with Nurse Christel.
Read that.
"This is the text of a German pamphlet
of which one copy came to England.
Students of the University of
Munich wrote it in February
and distributed it there.
Six were executed."
They say, we watch as Hitler
is scarificing the youth.
They're completely right.
They've sentenced Lohmann to death.
One from his entity lies on the internal.
He told me.
We should've let him die, Otto.
Suicide is better than being honorlessly
hanged from the butcher's hook.
It's my fault.
A breast meal should not take
longer than 20 minutes. That is enough.
In the beginning, you should
not nurse without a watch.
If you leave the little one at the breast
for longer you will get her used to slacking.
And to just suck without nursing.
I will get her later.
You really want to nurse yourself?
- Yes.
It is the most natural thing in the world.
- That is what our men think.
But then again they do not
find sagging breats pretty.
I envy you.
But you yourself have so
many wonderful children.
Yes but you studied. And have a job.
I was always just the trophy of important men.
I would be happy if I had not
to work again immediately
but there's no help for it. The men must
all go back to the frontline again.
First, I will volunteer at the children's ward.
I will be able to take the little one with me
and the nurses will take care of her there.
And after the war?
- I don't think I will continue working. Artur earns enough.
And I want at least as many children as you.
- Why did you study then?
My father came back war-disabled in 1918.
Back then they could help the
war veterans yet. He killed himself.
From then on, mummy had to see my brother
and me through alone, without a real job.
Something like that won't happen to me,
if something ever happens to Artur.
Then you will look for a new guy, darling.
You as nurses
have a special responsiblity for the
hereditary health of our people.
The goal is to increase the birth
affability of the hereditary healthy,
prevent offspring of hereditary sick.
Especially in the question of
sterilisation of genetically unsuitable subjects
Professor Stoeckel distinguished
himself here at the Charité.
I, as a pediatrician, often see
the lugubrious results of
the wrong choice of spouse
The hereditary value of a person
mostly depends on his kin
and not his personal appearance and health status.
You can see that with Goebbels.
The way he looks, one wouldn't
think he belongs to the elite.
But the children, like from a catalogue.
Your information about hereditary sick and antisocials
to the public health department make up the kin registration.
The further offspring will be even cuter.
The acquisition of disabled
children is especially important.
For one, hereditary health courts decide on the basis of
this information about the possible sterilisation of the parents.
On the other hand, these children can be
admitted to chilren's speciality departments.
The constructions on the
house bunker are nearly done.
And your children are doing well in Lanke.
They are sending their regards.
I miss the children infinitely.
- Oh yeah?
Your shoemaker is now able to do your order.
He is allowed to take crocodile leather again.
Good, good, good. And do not forget to get in touch
with the ration coupon office because of the stockings.
I, as a Red Cross nurse, am
due to an additional ration.
Mrs Minister Goebbels, we should take
you to the safe rooms of the Reichskanzlei.
We have information about an upcoming air raid warning
from the fighter control center in Döberitz.
There hasn't been a pre-warning yet.
- The rest will know it soon enough.
Help yourself, Anni.
That will be cold until
I return from the Reichskanzlei.
In the Führer's bunker Hotel Adlon
will surely be serving.
That is not bad either.
This evening you are listening to
extracts of a speech by Thomas Mann.
In German sickbays and hospitals
the serious casualities
together with the old, the invalids and the lunatics
are killed with poison gas.
2000 of 3000,
is what a German doctor told,
in just one single institution.
This is done by the same
regime that pretends
to lead a crusade of Christian
ethos against the Bolshevism.
Doctor Jung?
Today it does not know anything
but genocide and mass murder
Doctor Jung.
I do not know if you know this
from Strasbourg but this is air danger 25.
25 minutes until the attack.
Are you coming? Don't forget to adjust the button.
- Merci.
You better lock the door
when you listen to the radio.
Because the family Waldhausen and
Nurse Christel do still believe in the Endsieg.
Come. The patients need to be taken downstairs.
Can't I go to the basement too?
You must not stand up yet.
That is way too dangerous.
But I'm scared. I want go to the basement with you.
Can't we get him downstairs anyway?
- We have no stretchers.
But I don't want to stay here.
Help me.
Emil. Hold on.
On three.
One, two, three.
Why do the bedridden stay up
here completely unprotected?
Our carriers are all at the frontline.
- Mister Professor?
I think II want to stay with the sick.
Girl, up there is not even splinter protection?
- But the sick are scared.
I want to try to calm them.
- Fine. You have my blessing.
What are you doing there?
Have you gone mad?
Do you want the vascular sutures to open up?
The boy must stay in bed.
No. I want to come with you.
I want into the basement too.
Only children that do not cry
come into the basement.
You are a big boy already, aren't you?
Treat him like a raw egg.
If one of the sutures opens,
may God have mercy on you.
[Air-raid shelter of the Charité]
It was '38
Mrs Margot, I might be pregnant.
The branch of the foreign ministry.
I didn't tell Fritz anything of it. I can't have a child.
- I understand.
Then I need your first void urin.
But I don't know if the laboratory
still have platanna. [Literally: apothecary frogs]
- Or toads.
If you inject a male with the urin of
a pregnant woman, it produces semen.
It's the safest testing method.
At least the OR bunker will soon be ready.
Then we can also operate during an attack.
- Thanks, but no.
When I demanded the Bunker in '39
- Sit down.
They laughed at me at the
air raid precaution ministry.
Now drink something.
Do you have family in Alsace?
- Yes.
They surely fear for you.
And you?
- Yes, a son.
Since the death of my wife, he lives in South Africa
in a foster family. He is safer there.
Did anyone see my wife?
She's is not in the basement of the women's clinic.
She's not here.
- She's probably not taking a walk outside.
Mister Professor.
- Mhm?
I currently qualify as a professor with
trials about tubercolosis vaxination.
In the footsteps of our great Robert Koch.
Do you already have propositi?
Patients from the children's
mental hospital Wiesengrund.
I applied for assistance at
the Reich's research council.
The project is after all essential to the
war effort. I thought you as a specialist
Maybe he would have been better off upstairs.
- He would have never stayed in bed.
Even if Sauerbruch clamors as much as he likes.
[Air-raid shelter of the children's ward]
That must be true love.
Your husband is searching for you on
the childbed ward and you run here.
Then I can still go over to him.
- Nope, nope.
The hatches are battened down.
And you should not
move this much either.
Hm? You look miserable.
[Literally: like brown beer with spit.]
The German air supremacy has been restored.
Let's get Emil upstairs again.
On three?
- A second.
One, two, three.
Doctor Jung, quick.
Come quickly.
The pleura must have ripped again.
A pneumothorax. Bring him into the OR immediately.
Attention! Emergency!
I will assist you.
- Attention.
The right lung is nearly completely collapsed.
Which drainage system do you use?
- Bülau.
Good, I am familiar with it.
It seems like a vascular suture opened.
Please induce excess pressure anesthesia.
We revise immediately.
We need a blood donor that
- I am an universal donor.
I have blood type 0.
- Good. Quick. We do a direct blood donation.
The bleeding has stopped.
The boss could not have done it better.
Give another 100ml.
That should be enough then.
You will be released in a moment.
Tres courageux. Merci.
[Very bold. Thank you.]
I am a bit dehydrated.
How about a beer?
- Maybe directly intravenously, hm?
Good day, Mister privy councillor.
I got the poultry with the best
regards from the administrator.
Thank you, Kobov.
For that, this goes out to Großröhrsdorf.
But be careful. Margot is finicky about that.
The Dresden china is in there.
Because of the air strikes?
I mean the English just dropped straw.
For the donkeys that still
believe in the Endsieg.
Did you get news from your boys?
Friedel and Hans are fine.
Just Peter lies with jaundice in the
sickbay somewhere around Sorobiky-something.
I hope they fly him out soon.
Hey Lux.
- Should I take him with me to the countryside?
Now that keeping dogs is forbidden in the city.
- Don't let it come that far.
Nope, nope. We will nicely support him here.
Good heavens, Kobov, why alive?
- Breeding poultry.
Is excluded from the food supply control.
You must snuff them.
- Matter for the boss.
Don't you say, you as my surgerical assistant
do not know how to snuff someone?
Do you want to say with that that it is that
what one learns from the great Sauerbruch?
- Hm?
I think the only person who has
no respect for me is my wife.
I always thought to be irresistible.
Go, run!
Close the door.
No, close the door.
When one needs you for knife throwing once
then you are not here.
A Saxonian goose from m
family seat in Großröhrsdorf.
I hope she can compete with those in Alsace?
- Bien sur. [Of course]
I hope very much I can return the favour one day.
Actually a goose is not due to you
but a medal.
My wife told me
how you operated the vascular rupture
of the little pimpf/kid expertly.
I was apparently completely redundant there.
And you do not like that at all.
Do you know the speeches
Thomas Mann holds on BBC?
Among others about the Aktion T4 [Mercy Killing]?
Your colleague de Crinis seems
to not be the only one involved in it.
What do want to say with that?
Something like this does not happen at the Charité.
Are you sure?
- Killings of the sick.
I heard of it from friends
when the war began.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
Hans von Dohnanyi.
I immediately protested at
justice secretary Gürtner.
The action was stopped.
It did not sound like a closed
chapter from Thomas Mann.
I do not want to believe that
German doctors take part in this.
We have different concepts of
our the duties to the sick and the needy,
but we are all duty bound to the Hippocratic oath.
How does that blend with the one on your Führer?
- But now
Jung, I may be shortsighted
but I am not blind.
Believe me.
We seriously considered by now to emigrate.
Then you would at least be in good company.
My husband is not a nazi
and not a member of the party.
He is a doctor, not a politician.
In these times, everything is political.
A people that spawns such music
cannot be lost completely, can it?
How could Jung dare?
I devoted my whole life to my patients.
Even the Jewish.
- Jung knows that.
But he also know that all Jews were fired at
the Charité in '33 without you protesting publicly.
But I tried to help where I could.
Andy by now you have a seat in the
Reich's research council and bear responsibility.
And the projects that come on to your
desk now, you also just rubber-stamp them.
Should I maybe restrict the scientific freedom?
But there are colleagues that misuse this freedom.
You told me yourself about what Gebhardt reported at
the Eastern workshop. About his sulfonamide trial on prisoners.
But he assured me all prohibitis were
legally binding sentenced to death.
What does even legally binding mean today?
- Christ, Margot! We are at war.
My son lies fatally ill in a sickbay.
I don't know if I'll see him again alive.
I can expect of a criminal then
to take part in trials then
that help our soldiers to survive.
But you could have confronted
Gebhardt. He was your student.
He is a general of the Waffen-SS [Armed SS].
He has a military higher rank than me.
Public criticism of the SS is seen as high treason.
Do you seriously expect me to take
my chance of being incarcerated?
A company for the bachelors' needs.
Something like this only exists in the movies.
That would be great.
Well fine, I go without on the
breakfast bread spread machine.
But the autonomous stockings
darner would be pretty handy.
A wife would be better than an
autonomous stockings darner.
That depends on the wife.
Rühmann supposedly was married
to a Jewish woman in his first marriage.
Goebbels still let him play.
Only a state actor can allow himself that.
Can love be sin?
- You take everything a bit too easy.
It isn't easy during the total war.
You see?
I told you. He's coming from the police.
Has to go there every week.
Dear mummy,
a week ago I gave birth to your grandchild.
We are both doing well.
Otto, look. I must show you something.
Imagine. Lohmann was executed.
What was written in the assessment of de Crinis?
- I don't know that.
He had him hanged intentionally.
- He could've had you hanged too. But he didn't.
Then I guess I have to thank him again.
I really was scared that you
But thank God you are now with me.
I'm coming from hell, dad.
The war is lost.
Is it really that bad?
I swore the oath on a criminal.
Dad, what am I supposed to do?
For now you will recover first.
Visitors have come.
- My son cannot receive visitors now.
Hello. I cannot come again.
I'm on my way to Tunesia.
- Claus.
That is Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, dad.
Peter and I were in the High Command together
before he had to go to the Eastern frontline.
Nice to meet you.
I have heard a lot about you.
How are you?
You must keep your distance.
It was hell, Claus.
My division was exactly there where the
surrounding frame of the Russians closed.
In the last minute, we broke through to the West.
Or else, we would have been encircled too.
So many have fallen, Claus.
It was suicide. The whole thing is suicide.
I can speak openly in front of Claus.
He thinks like I do.
That is for the retired
Colonel-General Halder.
He will collect it from you.
Do not open it.
You will go to Africa now? To Rommel?
Yes. As a general staff officer.
Officiers with foresight like you. We need them
much more urgently here at the High Command.
The conditions in the
head quarter are eerie.
The High Command is incapable
to counterpose Hitler.
I can't stand it there anymore.
It is an escape to the frontline.
Mister Professor.
[Second part: The race differences of humans
by Professor Doctor Eugen Fischer]
What are you doing here?
- Mister Heim is already home.
I can sleep here now.
Is something with your prothesis?
- It's nothing.
It pinches a bit. I'll come back tomorrow.
- Come on.
Show me.
The stump is completely sore.
- Can you hand me the boric ointment please?
You should take off the prothesis
for a few days so the skin can heal.
And in the meantime I balance on
one foot when I make the beds?
Then you have to take off work for that long.
Did you see what Sauerbruch's son look like?
Half starved.
So, we do not want to get whiny.
- At least, the jaundice brought him back home.
Hopefully he tells everyone
here the truth about the war.
I must ask you something.
- What?
The other day after the movies I saw
how you left the police station.
That's bullocks.
What should I do at the police?
You must have mistaken me.
- I am pretty sure
It wasn't me.
Otto, I got your blood.
Now I can go back home again.
Your welcome, Emil.
I'm happy about that.
You will be able to keep your
tobacco ration coupons.
I just came from the lab and the frogs
let you know that you are not pregnant.
Oh God
I'm so happy. Thanks.
And the foreign ministry?
Fritz also think that children
better do not grow up during a war.
That is also why he left his son in South Africa.
I would also wish my daughter there when
she leaves the boarding school next year.
May I scrounge one?
Of course.
Tournee Royal.
Where did you something that good?
Fritz was just away on business in Bern.
For which department of the ministry
does he work actually?
I don't know. His work his secret.
So. But now I must go.
I have a strict boss, you know?
Me too.
Oh Anni. I will miss you.
You truly are a pure and untainted creature.
I hope we will see each other again.
And I will leave those here for you.
But they are from the Führer.
- He would surely have nothing against it.
At last you are devoted to him as well.
Oh, and Anni. I
I might have said some stupid
things in the days here.
But now I see clearer.
For Europe not fall for the Bolshevism
we must fight to the last.
Everyone at the place where fate wants him.
And my place is by my husband's side.
Sieg Heil?
Sieg Heil.
Heil Hitler, Mrs Reich Minister.
- The husband.
Am I currently disturbing?
- Not at all. I just wanted to say goodbye.
You are such a beautiful couple. You two.
I wish you only the best. And the child.
The first one.
Thank you very much.
She is kind.
- Artur?
I must show you something.
Maybe I'm wrong but
feel the fontanel here.
It is truly a bit buldged.
The cerebral compression is too high.
Does that mean she's getting a hydrocelphalus?
- We definitely must do something before
Before what?
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