Charite (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Letzte Hoffnung

I swore an oat on a criminal, dad.
What should I do?
First, you will recover.
Did you prepare the steril syringes?
Where is the parents' consent?
Not neccessary for such children.
They are the Reich's spoilt children.
She is a beautiful as you.
Should we call her Karin?
Artur, I must show you something.
The cerebral compression is too high.
- Does that mean she's getting a hydrocelphalus?
[Charité - Last Hope]
Good night.
Sweet Dreams.
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Do you have everything?
- Yes.
When did you give her phenobarbital?
- Two hours ago. Like you said.
For now, I'll tap 25 cubic.
One must not take off pressure too quickly.
If need be, we'll tap again later.
It doesn't have to become a hydrocephalus.
Karin probably suffered just a brain bleeding during birth.
The clot relocated the drainage
of the cerebrospinal fluid.
That's probably it.
Stoeckel exerted massive pressure
on my uterus during birth.
He probably caused a trauma.
Well, if we get lucky the clot will
be reabsorbed in a few days.
Bessau insists on you starting on Monday.
And what if she developed a hydrocephalus.
I read up on it again. We could try a surgery
that betters the drainage of the cerebrospinal fluid.
But it's extremely risky and
has only been tried out very rarely.
Probably not even Sauerbruch is capable of it.
- Stop constantly talking about a hydrocelphalus now.
It would have to be reported to
the public health office and the Reich's committee.
But it isn't something hereditary with us.
At least not from my side.
- What's that supposed to mean?
In the past, I donated sperm multiple times
and all of the children are healthy.
Youyou did what?
It was before our marriage, Anni.
Voluntary. I just wanted to help.
Just think of the the soldier wives
whose men are mutilated and impotent.
Why are you only telling me now?
Why did you keep it a secret if you think it so normal?
I didn't keep it a secret.
I just didn't think it was important.
Not important.
You aren't just Karin's father
but also from dozens of other children.
I'm not really their father.
Anni, I never saw the children.
- Just a moment.
Am I disturbing you?
- No.
Anni, I wanted to ask if I could
borrow some of your textbooks?
- Well then I'll take care of the little one.
Don't you have to start to study up soon?
- You already sound like mother.
When does she even come?
- I wrote to her she should come once the trains begin running regularly again.
She also only gets the insulin
only a few days in advance.
Is everything alright?
Of course.
You can take a seat here.
So warm, just like the sun.
The mothers consultation hour is only about administering
the formalities for the relocation of children to the countryside.
Checking the Aryan certificate and
asking for exclusion criteria.
I recognize infections, lice and disabilities.
Epilepsy is on the record.
What about bedwetting?
The mother could keep that secret from me.
Or make it up. There are many mother
who don't want to give up their children.
You finally mix with people.
Behave, will you?
Aren't you coming with us?
I must go to Wiesegrund again.
There were complications with my probands.
The vaccine is unfortunately not tolerated well.
See you tonight.
Nurse Käthe?
Ah, Nurse Hilde.
Hey, you two pretty ones.
- It's really kind of you to take care of her.
I made it myself.
- A little nigger doll.
I didn't have any Aryan cloth pieces anymore.
And you, mousebear.
[German nickname, darling]
You will stay with me. Ohwhat's that?
There's a crust.
She only scratched herself there.
Well then we two pretty ones
will immediately head to manicure.
Mister Professor?
- Yes.
Professor Bonhoeffer.
It's surely about Bonhoeffer's children.
They have been making life difficult
for his son Dietrich for a long time now.
He is a minister of the Confessing Church
and is his forbidden to speak and write.
He and his brother-in-law Hans von Dohnanyi made
dad protest back then against the murder of
the sick at the justice secretary's.
A lawsuit because of foreign currency?
But that's ridiculous.
Dietrich und Hans made it possible
for Jewish friends to flee to Switzerland.
Hans used his position at Canaris for it.
The gestapo has no evidences, that's why
they're now constructing a foreign currency offence.
Dietrich is imprisoned at Tegel,
Hans at Lehrter Straße [Lehrte Street].
But how can I help with that?
With the Gestapo, even I can't do anything.
I don't know who else to turn to.
Since my supersession by de Crinis,
I myself have no influence anymore.
But I also still only rule over
my limited realm at the Charité
Maybe you can at least do something for Hans.
He suffers from renal colic and thromboses in both legs.
He won't survive the imprisonment for much longer.
Even thought the prison doctor truly tries him.
Convince him that he moves Hans to me.
He would gladly do that but the
investigating judge in charge denies the movement.
A completely disgusting contemporary.
Roeder is his name.
I have go soon too.
After such a severe hepatitis you're really
anything but fit for the frontline.
Does Peter really already have to enlist?
Couldn't you at least sign him as only partly fit,
so he doesn't have to go the frontline immediately.
The war can't take that long anymore anyway.
- I am an officer.
And to be with my comrades.
Yet no Russian soldier is on German soil
and the allies haven't landed yet.
Maybe the worst can still be avoided.
- There, you see.
Not suited to be a deskjockey.
He got that from me.
Pre-alarm. It should be enough time
to reach the barracks.
Thanks, Kobov.
Hopefully, we'll see him again.
One thing is certain:
He won't prevent the worst.
And what is the worst?
The defeat or the win?
Already better.
One, two, three
Nurse Käthe.
Please cancel the mothers consultation hour.
Anni can't come. Karin has a fever.
Finish this up.
What is that? You can see that
this man cannot walk.
Please wait outside.
I am Dr. Frentzel,
prison doctor from Lehrter Straße.
We found Mister von Dohnanyi
unconscious in his cell after the attack.
The prison was hit.
It burnt and all telephone lines were out of order.
Investigation leader Roeder was
unfortunately unreachable because of that.
I used the chance and ordered Dohnanyi's
movement on my own authority.
You did well so.
We had hoped for that.
- But I warn you.
Roeder will rage when he gets to know this
and do his utomost to have you return Dohanyi.
I treated a Lenin, a Hindenburg, a Hitler.
Then I will also be able to deal with a Roeder.
And now go, take the guards with you.
I will vouch for Mister von Dohnanyi.
A severe leg vein inflamation.
And this Roeder keeps you imprisoned nonetheless.
Press my hand. Hard.
You must become discouraged now.
We will fix this.
I guess it is a leftsided apoplexy.
A stroke but don't be scared.
Speech impediments and the sings
of paralysis can regress.
In any case, you are for the
time being unfit to be questioned.
You are now under Sauerbruch's protection.
Compared to Hamburg, we were still lucky.
They had ten times the dead.
Instead we had the broken out
crocodile from the Zoo.
At least, Knautschke survived.
- Knautschke?
One can tell that you are not a Berliner.
Knautschke. The hippo.
He's a real star here.
If I want to see a star,
I go to the cinema, not the zoo.
As long as we still have one.
Would you be up for it?
- For the cinema?
No, I thought you rather go with Nurse Christel.
That is exactly how I imagined
the slackness here at the clinic.
Two young men fit for military
service that laze about here.
Show me the prisoner awaiting
trial (called) Dohnanyi.
Yeah pronto or should I make you move?
[Literally: make you legs?]
Making legs, hm?
- How should I know that if you don't were your wound badge?
Can I help you?
- Where is Hans von Dohnanyi?
I am the ward physician on duty,
Prof. Adolphe Jung.
May I ask politely for your identification?
You understand that we are not allowed to give information
about patients unless you are in any written form authorized to.
I owe a foreign worker no discloser.
You can talk three times as
orotund as you want, you Adolphe.
You dare to be on first name terms
with my senior physician?
Mister Professor Sauerbruch.
I am high military court councillor Roeder and
- You are this Roeder?
And you have the insolence to show up here?
You can count yourself lucky
that Dohnanyi did not die!
He should have been taken here a long time ago!
Or do you just aim at him dying off
without a decent trial?
Let just one thing be crystal clear:
Dohnanyi is neither fit for
transport nor for questioning.
He had an apoplectic stroke!
- Then he probably belongs to psychiatric clinic with Prof. de Crinis.
You want to lecture a Sauerbruch in medicine?
I will complain about you to
general field marshal Keitel today. Now disappear!
He won't sleep well tonight.
And you two will from now on
take turns at guarding Dohnanyi.
In case this scoundrel of a prosecutor
should come once again
and tries to commit him to prison.
You must excuse this Hun.
Unfortunately there aren't
just Schillers and Goethes in Germany.
It didn't escape my notice.
But it is weird, isn't it?
That this prisoner with a apoplectic stroke
lies here on our surgical ward.
We can be happy that at least with that
patient we don't have to change bandages.
Would you like to go to Münchhausen
with me on the weekend?
The Baron of the Lies?
That sounds really compelling.
But unfortunately, unfortunately
I have to study for the exam.
How does he even talk to me?
Damn, who does he think he is?
How does he dare, hm?
Does he even know who I am?
Does he now consider himself to be untouchable?
We do know our Sauerbruch.
And as a solicitor you cannot
doubt his medical findings,
But you can.
As his colleague.
Yes, I could.
My wife.
What did they do to you?
Hm Christel?
This is Otto.
- The personal guard of your husband.
On the order of Emperor Sauerbruch.
- Thank you.
Otto, I will take over the night watch myself
as soon as they black out the rooms.
The professor agreed.
- Good.
Then I will try to find a bed.
During the attack, there have been
also many victims at Tegel prison
but Dietrich is unharmed.
And the children?
- Everything's alright.
You surely want to lecture me now
that the German woman does not smoke.
No. I wanted your advice because of Karin.
As you had noticed correctly earlier, I do not
strive for the Golden Cross of Honour of the German Mother
So in the matter of baby care,
I am not a great help.
I wanted to ask you because I
did not dare to ask your husband personally.
Has Professor Sauerbruch operated
on a hydrocephalus before?
May I see?
Good day.
- G'day.
Good day.
My husband has already punctured twice.
But her brain pressure still rises.
We are very worried.
- How is the head cirumference?
Normal so far.
- Good.
Then we do not have to assume brain damage yet.
She develops appropriate for her age, too.
My husband, he is a children's doctor
The boss should take a look at the little one.
As far as I know, he occasionally tried drainage
of cerebrospinal fluid and recanalisation with hydrocephalus.
What do you mean by tried?
Here in Sauerbruch's surgery teachings,
it is written that
so far there have only been
ten cases in which the surgery was tried.
And nearly all children died.
We shouldn't do it.
But we don't have another choice.
If the brain pressure continues to rise,
Karin will get a hydrocelphalus for sure.
Sauerbruch should at least examine Karin once.
He'll surely only operate on her
if there are chances of success.
We must give Karin this chance
or else she'll become disabled.
Good but we'll only do it if
we can be sure that Karin survives.
But you can also die of a hydrocelphalus.
Yes, please?
That one is for you.
- Merci.
You do not believe that I open your letters.
It was the censorship.
Does your wife even know what she can write to you?
Without you getting in trouble?
My wife is very well aware that
the Germans mistrust a conscripted doctor.
The boss soon travels for
a series of lectures to Switzerland.
If you want to, I will give him your private letters.
I can imagine that you also want to write to
your wife for once without the German reading along.
Very kind. I heard your Mister Kolbe
also often travels to Switzerland?
Of course. He is a diplomat after all.
Ground bean coffee.
- Yes.
Cruel that only the Wehrmacht gets it here.
Yes, and
And my beloved Tournee Royal.
Well that's the advantage if you are in a
relationship with a big bug at the foreign ministry.
Das ist der Vorteil,
And the disadvantage is that
I could get busted with you anytime.
Und der Nachteil ist,
They begin asking questions in this house.
But not Sauerbruch. I'm in his good books.
You anyway.
- But Jung. He hears the gras growing.
And he is thick as thieves with Margot
- Pst.
The enemy listens.
Because of that I conclude:
When assessing shell shocks one must differ
between hysterics and characteropaths.
Hysterics who react to their frontline duty with psychogenic disorders
For example signs of paralysis,
trembling or going blind
can be cured with electric shock treatments,
occupational therapy and suggestion treatments.
Characteropaths on the other hand must
be seen as disturbers and losers
who will be educated in special units of the army.
As a last resort, one must consider to commit
these burden existences to a concentration camp.
When the gentlemen students themselves
will stand on the field again after their exam,
then you will be happy, if your comrades are not psychopathic sissys. I can tell you that much.
Well then, until tomorrow.
Colleague Bonhoeffer.
Welcome to your old domain.
Did you want to sniff some lecture hall air?
I feel completely honored by that.
No. Can I talk to you for a second?
It is about Hans von Dohnanyi.
Unfortunately I have an appointment now
with the Reich Health Leader at the ministry.
You supposedly were instructed by the Wehrmacht's
medical corp to create an assessment of von Dohnanyi.
And for that I would like to state
my professional evaluation to you.
After all, I know my son-in-law's
medical condition better than anyone else.
You doubt my professional competence once again. Like back then when you wanted to prevent me from becoming your successor.
I ask you not to have yourself guided by old resentments
that have nothing to do with Hans.
He suffered a severe stroke.
He is neither fit for questioning nor for trial.
You will have to left it to me to judge that.
You should consider that after a lost war
the winners will trial you differently
if I attest your help in this case.
I could now bring your to the people's court for defeatism.
But you have already been punished enough with your degenerating kin.
Push as hard as you can. Hm?
Approximately 40% hand power. You achieve stable progress. So
Just don't recover to quickly or else
de Crinis will come here as evaluator
and you are back in prison in no time.
No one must know that.
Are you good at acting?
Shut up for once? Not move the right arm?
Stand up under no circumstances?
Up. Together.
Up. Together.
Why are you striding here through the botamy?
How about exercise?
Professor de Crinis sent for me.
- To the loony bin? [Literally: tits home?]
But come back again. And faster!
- No,thanks.
Dare it.
It is about a slightly delicate situation.
And I know how exemplary you, as a national socialist
specialized nurse, record the warning file for the party.
With one word: You know what it means to be obligated to
the people's welfare and not to the singular patient.
Too much compassion is sometimes a sign of weakness.
- Very correct.
It is about the prisoner awaiting trial von Dohnanyi.
The Military Sanitary Inspection wants an assessment
from me about his ability to stand trial.
He supposedly had an apoplectic stroke.
I also wondered why such a patient is at our surgery ward.
I see already. You follow.
Well, they suspect that this man simply malingers.
And Sauerbruch boycotts his move to me to the psychiatry.
He obviously wants to spare him the trial.
Maybe because of misunderstood loyalty to my predecessor.
Professor Bonhoeffer?
- Yes, he is Dohnanyi's father-in-law.
I want you to keep an eye on that man.
If he is really that sick and if he receives unauthorized visitors.
Report to me about that but only to me personally.
Try the currant.
No, don't mix!
You call me if something happens.
Is Dohnanyi making progress?
- Well
I currently tries to sleep a bit.
Did you watch Münchenhausen by now?
Oh I wasn't in the mood without you.
End of work day, Mister Professor?
- It is enough for today.
Well where does it hurt the most?
Soon you won't have any stomachaches anymore.
Tuck yourself in.
This chewing on hair. How long has this been going on?
She has always done that.
Then why did you not cut the hair?
I suspect a Rapunzel syndrome.
The swallowed hairs form a knot in the stomach and
there is the danger that the stomach perforates.
Oh. Well then I'll get a scissor.
Yes, definitely. Professor Bessau?
Professor Bessau.
Professor Bessau.
Is it urgent? I just wanted to go. I do not feel so well.
I fear the little Meisner has a trichobezoar.
She must have surgery.
- We will move her to the Wiesengrund clinc.
But Mister Professor
They do not have a surgery ward.
- Well they do not need it.
But if the stomach of the little one perforates, she will die.
Waldhausen. It honors you that you try so hard for her.
But it makes no sense to make her suffer unnecessarily long.
A blind one cannot live a life worthy of living anymore.
And for the family, she is a burden.
In the animal world, mother nature takes care of that.
There the weak and sick also do not survive
for the welfare of the entire kind.
So, even if it is hard,
we doctors, especially in such difficult times,
must exercise our responsibility for the people's community.
You surely understand that.
- Of course.
I know I can put my trust in your. Move the girl.
36,5 centimeter.
How often did you puncture by now already?
Twice 100 cubic. But the effect does not last long.
The fontanel already feels pretty tense again.
We could do a ventriculography to better assess the ventricular system.
That is an unnecessary torture for the child and time consuming.
No, we decide on the basis of the findings during surgery what we will do.
The pressure must be lowered as soon as possible
or there will be permanent damage.
How do you estimate the chances of success?
I do not want to sugarcoat anything. It is a life threatening surgery.
But there is a real chance.
Do I understand you correctly?
We must trade off having a surely disabled child
against having maybe a dead one?
No one can take that decision from you.
I know how you feel. I lost my youngest daughter to
polio when she was only a few months old.
How would you proceed?
Well to lower the pressure the drainage of
the cerebrospinal fluid must be improved.
But I do not want to introduce a tube into the ventricular system.
Because the experience has shown that
this can lead to a severe meningitis.
I assume that there is a narrow place at the third ventricle and
and I will expand that.
- And you think Karin could be healed permanently by this?
I cannot promise anything.
But the old Sauerbruch is no newbie.
Good. We will do it.
Mister Professor.
About the surgical report. We want to avoid
unnecessary questions at the children's clinic.
Can we say that Karin fell off the changing table
and a emergency surgery on the head was required?
I think we can agree on a traumatic intracranial hemorrhage.
- Thanks.
I cannot depict the aqueduct decently.
Clean my glasses.
I am sterile, dude. Come on!
- May I take a look?
To me, the aqueduct does not look constricted.
An expansion would be of no use.
But the choroid plexus is hyperthropic.
Wewe should ablate partly.
What does that mean?
- What about the glasses now?
Oh yeah, yeah. Now I see that too.
Well in this special case, we can
curb the formation of the fluid
instead of improving the drainage.
I think that to be more promising.
We atrophy a part of the choroid plexus.
Give Doctor Jung the electrosurgical pencil.
The one over there.
It is an electrosurgical pencil, you must plug it in.
- Apologies. I am inexperienced in equipping with instruments.
Be careful with the great cerebral vein,
So, everything rode out well.
I have now partly scabbed the choroid plexus in the area of the third ventricle
And I am very confident that the liquid flow
is now curbed appropriately.
Let's hope permanently. However, in the next days on the
children's ward the brain pressure definitely has to be checked regularly.
But you have an eyes on it over there.
You can move the little one over there now.
Mister Professor.
I would prefer if Karin stayed with you at the surgical ward.
In case of post-surgical complications, she is in better hands here.
Good if you want that.
Good that we could react so quickly on the findings during surgery.
Yes but if the liquid pressure will permanently stay normal with the little one?
I fear it is congenital malformation after all.
- The pressure release was still a good thing.
Yes, let us trust in the self-regulating forces.
The best doctor is nature. It cures many afflictions
and never talks bad about colleagues.
I will order the children's ward to check the brain pressure twice daily.
No, no, the little one will lie on our ward.
Waldhausen wanted it this way.
Bon. [Good]
Merci, docteur. [Thank you, doctor.]
- A tout a l'heure. [See you later.]
That even one like Waldhausen is afraid to admit his own child to his ward.
Do you think it is possible that the child is in danger with Bessau?
But not here at the Charité.
Can't you find out what's going on there?
But they continue won't the killing of the sick?
In any case, I can't go to the justice secretary like three years ago. Gürtner is dead.
His successor Thierack is a bloodhound.
Maybe we should really stay in Switzerland
when you give a lecture their soon.
What even still keeps us here?
Yeah, yeah. I move on thin ice.
Do you want to wait until you fall through?
The horrific episode cannot last much longer.
Olbricht, Beck, von Hassel, Popitz, they're planning something.
Don't be scared.
I am not on the inside.
They probably think I can't control myself.
They're right, Ferdinand.
A rose has sprung up
from a tender root
As the old ones sang to us,
Its strain came from Jesse
And it has brought forth a floweret
In the middle of the cold winter.
This is my christmas gift.
You can stand up.
We practiced diligently.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Wait. I also have something for you and your colleague.
- Merry Christmas.
But be careful, it is fragile.
- Thank you very much.
I am so thankful to you how you take care and watch my husband.
- Martin and I do this gladly.
The hours with your husband are the best here at the Charité.
Take care that no one, really no one, sees
that your husband can walk again.
How is she?
- Fine.
It was just a harmless bleeding.
Anni, do you think me stupid?
Karin's brain pressure is being checked constantly.
I am your brother.
I just don't understand why Artur still hides Karin from Bessau.
She is healed now.
- Apparently not.
Then Artur had a good reason to hide her.
- Why?
What do you understand under
burden existences and eradicating care?
Anni, that is written black and white in your textbook on race hygiene.
Especially you as doctoral student of de Crinis
should know what these men understand as mercy killing.
There you are.
The Christmas party will start in a moment.
All of your vaccine propositi are disabled.
Of course they do not assign healthy children to me for the trials.
Those are Reich's spoilt children.
Nine have died already.
Yes, that afflicts me too.
But you must always imagine how many healthy people
can be saved once we can vaccinate against tuberculosis.
And if it was Karin?
You do not seriously believe I would give our Karin there.
Where are you going?
- To the Christmas party.
Is everything alright?
- Yes.
We will hear that in a moment.
Dear colleagues,
dear employees of the Charitè,
Today I want to say a few fundamental words
about the nature of the medical profession.
Knowledge is the basis of all doctoral action
and it as to be earned again and again.
From this living knowledge grows ability.
And gives the doctor the power to believe in themselves and their abilities
um guten Gewissens die schwere Verantwortung
des Berufes zu meistern.
But they must also believe in the Almighty.
Because only this way his fight for healing
can expect a blessing.
Only in this believe
they can affirm life in good spirits
and bring the sun to the sickbed that is so necessary there.
But above all doing of the doctor
love must prevail.
Because, as Paracelsus already knew,
all remedy
comes from love.
With this in mind, I wish all of you
an unadulterated feast of love.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
We will now sing Silent Night together.
Those of you who do not know the new test can read it from the paper.
One, two, three.
Holy Night.
Everthing sleeps,
lonesome watches
our Führer
for the German country.
Holy infant in,
he wards wards of the sorrows.
that the sun laughs at us.
That the sun laughs at us.
- Sleep in heavenly peace.
Silent night.
Holy night.
Everything sleeps,
lonesome watches
Adolf Hitler ♪
- For German craft.
Leads to greatness, to glory
- Glories stream from heaven afar.
Christ the Savior is born.
- Give us Germans the power.
Christ the Savior is born.
- That will be a feast.
There you notice the experienced surgeon.
That soon hacks off extremities at the frontline.
The exam regulations have been aggravated.
At the end of the semester, I must graduate.
And if I do not pass,
I will drafted as a simple soldier.
One way or another, I must go back to the frontline.
And that's why I still wanted to tell you something.
I have fallen in love with you.
Is it that bad?
Don't be scared. It's not contagious.
I am a convicted 175.
[paragraph against homosexuality from 1871-1994]
When I was 20, I had something with a man.
We were denunciated. Since then he sits
in a concentration camp as a seducer.
I don't even know if he's still alive.
I myself was still sentenced to front parole
because I was still a underage.
My lost leg may have brought me back but here
Here I have requirements by the police. I lied to you.
You really saw me leaving the police station.
If it comes out that I have something with a man again
then I am regarded a professional criminal, a habitual criminal,
and that means concentration camp.
I don't want to put you in danger.
I must never do that again.
Bärbel. My big one.
- Goodbye.
Sleep well.
Another one.
We are the ones who're fooling
'cause we are ridiculing
as our minds are unaware.
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