Charite (2017) s02e04 Episode Script


Your Mister Kolbe also often travels to Switzerland?
- He is a diplomat after all.
For which department of the ministry does he work actually?
- I don't even know.
They begin asking questions in this house.
- But not Sauerbruch.
But Jung. He hears the gras growing.
It is about the prisoner awaiting trial von Dohnanyi.
They suspect that this man simply malingers.
I want you to keep an eye on that man.
Just don't recover to quickly or
you are back in prison in no time.
No one must know.
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[Charité - Submerged]
I already packed her in.
We are sorry. There was so much going on
at the mothers' consultation hour.
Did she behave, the little one?
Oh she always is, our little thingely.
Praise the Lord, she rode all out well, didn't she?
Yes, thank God.
The accident was really a scare to us.
You don't need to tell me the changing table story.
I'm a long-serving children's nurse.
I know that something was wrong with her head.
No, no, she really fell of the table.
Yeah and thanks to the surgery everything is fixed now.
Well then I'll say, what luck.
And good night.
I'm so happy you pushed for the surgery.
I would have never dared it alone.
When will we make the next one, hm?
One doesn't bite its master.
I also still want a lot of children.
But first I'll do my doctor's thesis.
And you must pass your habilitation.
Well I'm well on my way of doing so.
The clinical trial have been broadened.
So even more research children?
Anni, we already talked about that.
Bessau decides about this.
I have no influence over it.
They are well taken care of at Wiesengrund.
Do you want to?
Professor Sauerbruch!
Professor Sauerbruch, de Crinis is at Dohnanyi.
Colleague Sauerbruch has exerted himself touchingly
for your recovery for the last two months.
But you rather want to prove your innocence
at court today than tomorrow, don't you?
Yes, I
Mister colleague, that is convenient.
I just wanted to discuss the case with you.
In my study.
This is truly an extraordinary cognac.
And a rare one as well.
A gift from Lieutenant colonel doctor Handloser.
Because with him I discusses the case Dohnanyi.
Then your surely also told him that the man malingers.
Now tell me, how do you come to this risky diagnosis?
Hma psychiatrist does not fall for such tricks.
Additionally, I have my sources
and know that Dohnanyi can walk again by now.
Believe me. Dohnanyi would love to face trial.
No, it is me who insists on bedrest.
It is a wonder the man is still alive.
Then you have surely nothing against me assessing him, do you?
In no way.
The opinion of an experienced colleague is
also always welcome to me.
But de Crinis, between us colleagues,
I must warn you here.
It has become known at the very top
how tainted the investigations against Dohnanyi are going.
This ineffable prosecutor, Roeder, was already removed
from the case and send to the Eastern frontline.
It becomes apparent that the trial will
become a debacle for the prosecution.
A verdict of not guilty because of proven innocence is as good as certain.
Do you in all seriousness want that at this embarrassing trial a defendant that is paralyzed on side is presented
who can barely speak
but to whom you attested the best of all in an assessment?
Think of your good reputation.
But of course you can examine the patient.
maybe that still has some time.
You are traveling to Switzerland tomorrow?
- Nevertheless, you are under my protection. Do not worry.
I strongly hope that this nightmare soon finds an end.
Our friends want to put their plans into action soon.
Resistance is forming, even in the Wehrmacht.
I don't want to know anything about that.
You can choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.
[Literally: plague and cholera]
You either go to the air-raid shelter and everyone can see that you walk or you stay here and continue to act paralyzed.
Then I rather be paralyzed.
I fear the Nazi justice more than the Tommys.
At least you should come.
Oh thanks.
This stupid bag will shatter my nerves one day.
Nurse Christel says she will stay with the
bedridden ones again on the first floor.
Oh, does she say so?
Mister Kolbe is here pretty often.
- Yes, extremely often.
By now I also believe that my husband is spied upon.
Nine, ten
eleven, twelve.
So that's all.
We found them at the Robert-Koch-Platz.
They got lost.
Well then come in quickly.
I really don't understand why the parents haven't at least
send their older children to the countryside already.
Don't be sad now.
We'll find your parents once the hullaballoo is over.
The two of you over here.
What's your name?
- Willy.
I don't even know if I want to
finish my doctoral thesis at de Crinis'
Come to us. Become a children's doctor.
No one is as good with kids as you.
Except my mother.
I'm so excited when we can visit her
and show her Karin.
Martin, please don't.
- We talked about it.
You shouldn't put yourself in danger because of us.
I will watch out and we are careful.
Go to the shelter please.
Let's listen to the BBC.
There you are.
It looks as if today's target is the North East.
And Borsig.
If it was up to me, they could take their time.
P-51 Mustangs.
And four-engined Avro Lancasters.
I rather bet on the Boeing B-17s.
Do you know what I'm most excited for once the war is over?
For sleeping without fear.
And be woken up by you in the morning.
Come with me. I'll help you.
Please wait for a moment.
Come. Come.
Are you able to walk?
Come. Take her.
- I must go back.
Apologies. Apologies, I must go back.
Please come.
No, I
- Please come.
No, I
I must go back to my boy. I must find him.
He is still so small.
First your wounds must be taken care of.
After that we will find your son.
Yes. Yes, please. His name is Wilhelm Keller.
Wilhelm Keller?
- Yes.
Lay down.
Except for her, no one in that house survived.
The right lung is less ventilated. Probably tissues squashing because of impaction. Otherwise normal lung function.
You can now bring her to the ward, alright?
And that this is clear:
At the next attack you will come into
the air-raid shelter like everyone else too.
No more solo actions.
I only do that for the patients.
- Swab!
For whom you do it, I can figure.
In the psychiatry, they surely know how to value your services.
Thank you, I'm very happy at the surgery ward.
Miss Fritsch?
A short moment please.
I need you at the office.
My husband and I want to get going.
I just need a fresh blouse quickly.
During the attackwell yeah
Caught at a rendezvous.
- Yeah.
You keep three lights burning during the day. For what?
We know that someone leaks information from the surgery ward and I never thought it would be you, Miss Fritsch.
I do not leak anything.
Then I would like to take a look into Mister Kolbe's briefcase.
With all due respect, that is none of your business.
I also do not know what your accusations
would have to do with me.
Stop! Take care! Take care!
Take care!
What is this?
Those are secret papers from the foreign ministry.
We took photos of them.
And I bring the film off to Bern to the
Office of Strategic Services of the Americans.
As a spy?
You too want the Nazis to lose the war.
And Fritz does not take a single penny for it, if you think so.
You risk all of our lives for that.
I cannot stand back when there are documents
going through my desk everyday
that mean the death of countless people.
For example the planned deportation of the Hungarian Jews.
And you want to stop that all on your own?
The allies could bomb the train tracks to Auschwitz.
Or the expansion of the Atlantic Wall in France.
The Germans have so far no idea when and where allies will land.
I would have some ideas how to defeat the Nazis.
Help me with that.
But not here at the clinic.
Your constant appearance here has already attracted attention.
I cannot take picture of the documents at the ministry.
Fritz could be a patient here.
Can't we come up with a medical history?
And how do you want to explain that to the boss?
He could become my patient as long as you are in Switzerland.
How about knee issues?
I actually had them once and that is also noted in my personnel records.
And if I think about it, it already pinches heavily again.
This is the boss' speech.
And those are the passports with the visas.
Thank you.
Fritz doesn't get a travel permit for Switzerland
but the films can't wait.
My husband will never do that.
His sons are the frontline.
There he surely doesn't help the war opponent.
- Does he have to know?
Miss Fritsch,
you bring me into hell's precipice.
How many are there?
And who shall receive them?
- You will be approached in Zürich.
The identification is a red box of Tournee Royal.
Sounds like an adventure.
Don't become too cocky while the cat's away.
And take good care of Dohnanyi.
Ms Fritsch.
- Ms Margot.
I hope we will see each other again soon.
- In these days one never knows, dear Jung.
I don't think they will come back.
Ms Margot packed his cardigan.
I in his stead would abscond too.
I need your personal data. Surname?
Surname? First name?
She does not want to give her personal data.
At the front line, I saw comrades in this state again and again.
It is horrible being buried.
First of all, she needs rest.
- Do you know what I believe?
She malingers. That is a Jew in hiding.
Welcome to the world of Nurse Christel.
I am sure it is a bomb hysteria.
- That's what I'm saying.
She malingers.
Ms Keller? We unfortunately could not find your son.
Do you know her? She seems to have fallen into a stupor.
Excuse me please.
She lost her child in the attack.
I had hoped ihat in this chaos it would have landed at the children's ward.
And what do we do with her now?
She has been taken care of surgically.
A shock treatment could get her out of her torpor.
She must go to the psychiatry.
You should bring her there.
You still have to register at de Crinis for your exam anyway.
He will have me fail no matter what.
But not you. You are surely just as talented as your big sister.
If you just believe in me, Nurse Christel, I can move mountains.
First I will move this patient.
I need your personal data.
- Nurse Christel throws herself at you a lot.
Do you still have to encourage her?
- Jealous?
Nothing better than that can happen to us.
Deceive and disguise, my dear.
Mister Professor?
I am bringing a burial victim with stupor.
And about my exam, I still wanted to ask when
You are scared shitless about it, hm?
Rightfully so.
On the 14th at ten o'clock, I will test you.
How is Mister von Dohnanyi actually?
You as an exam student surely have gotten an idea of it yourself.
In my opinion, unchanged.
- Not even fit for transport?
Finally an uncensored newspaper again.
Do you really want to recite it like that?
Freedom of research, the independence of the responsible human.
The Swiss won't believe that from a German scientist.
I did surgery here in Zürich for eight years.
The Swiss worship me.
You saw how they rubber-stamped me at the border.
No one here believe me to be a Nazis.
You'll see theythey will welcome us with open arms.
Excuse me please.
Who is this man? What did you give him there?
Friend of Doctor Jung. I brought Jung's letters to his wife.
You're smuggling the letters of others. You don't even know what's written in them.
Jung just wanted to write uncensored again for once.
And he surely writes nothing that could become dangerous to us.
Well hopefully.
I have a hernia inguinalis. What do you want from my lung?
- We have to preclude tuberculosis.
That is pure routine pre-surgery.
My secretary specifically made an appointment with Professor Sauerbruch.
I am entitled to treatment by the chief physician.
I do not let myself be operated on by every Tom, Dick and Harry.
- My name is Jung.
You have to hold your breath now.
- Yes.
Thank you.
I am telling you one thing.
I will only have myself be operated on by the professor personally. When will he be back?
It is your turn now, Mister Kolbe.
Please undress yourself.
Kolbe. What are you doing here?
Meniscal issues, Mister Undersecretary.
At the ministry, they have been wondering for a while where you always are.
May I trust you with a secret?
I would clench my teeth manly and let my knee be knee
if there wasn't this extremely charming outer-office secretary at Sauerbruch's office.
Mister Kolbe, please.
Now let us see if the young colleague has studied firmly for the exam.
So please, anamnesis and progression.
A 35-years-old patient. Burial victim after air raids.
Somatically most important: Pulmonary contusion on the right side as well as lacerated and contused wounds.
Psychiatrically a continuing stupor is imposed,
accompanied by mutism.
Very right.
So stiff and mute.
This is a case ofshell shock.
For the stupor's overcoming, several shock therapies are possible.
Which ones?
- Cardiazol and electro shock.
You forgot the insulin shock.
- No.
This treatment has been banned for two years already
because of lack of insulin due to the war.
Uh-huh. So you are knowledge about statue and law.
Does the patient have any family?
According to a neighbor, she is war widow.
Next to a missing child, she has no further family.
Very good.
We still have so many foundlings left from the last attack.
Let's hope they're collected soon or else
we'll have no bed left when it starts again.
The bronchitis is chronified but we can exclude pneumonia.
Could you ask at the kitchen for chicken broth?
With the lack of meat? More eyes will look into it than out.
[grease blobs = grease eyes]
Well let's go, nipper.
Anni, can I talk to you for a moment?
- How was your exam with de Crinis?
- Ah congratulations.
The apple never falls far from the horse, hm?
My exam's patient was the buried woman with the child.
We must find it at all cost.
Maybe that will rip her out of her stupor.
- Very likely.
De Crinis diagnosed her with psychological risk of contagion for real.
He wants to send her to the State Sanatorium Bernburg.
"Her sight will spoil the whole joy of war."
The she will continue her treatment in Bernburg.
- Anni, wake up.
They send people into the gas there.
That's enemy propaganda. Of course,
they take care of a traumatized person there.
And the schizophrenic? The blind? The homosexuals?
They are allowed to be eradicated, aren't they?.
Main thing, it doesn't affects oneself.
It does make difference if a woman is mourning
or if someone is beyond recovery.
You, out of all people, say that?
Until yesterday, you yourself were scared that Karin was disabled.
You can heard in the hall. What are you brawling like this around here, you morons?
What is it?
It is starting again.
She cannot be operated again.
Every new scar in the brain will make the
drainage of the cerebrospinal fluid worse.
And they will point fingers at us.
Hereditary inferior.
Are we then even allowed to still have children?
It is uncertain whether we will in danger of sterilization.
But I cannot become a civil servant anymore
and also not Bessau's successor.
Why is Bessau's successor not allowed to have sick child?
Not an incurable one, no.
I have to get back to the ward.
Anni, we must decide if we keep Karin with us.
Come to me.
A little late today, hm?
The consultation hour is jam-packed.
Karin caught a cold.
She should keep the little hat on at all time.
Hermann is way to little for the
children's relocation to the countryside.
Can't you prescribe us a mother-child-cure?
You are working in a business essential to the war effort. You will not get off-time.
And who should then take care of your eldest?
She could not come with you.
I heard there were special clinics for children like our Traudel.
In such a special clinic, they will not be able to help her.
Why not actually?
That this is not hereditary, you can see
due my Aryan certificate.
We never had something like Traudel before in the family.
But the examinations that are done there,
they are very risky.
You don't want anything to happen to your daughter.
- She is a severe burden, you can believe me that.
Sometimes they try new treatments there.
They can be life-threatening.
Then that's the way it is.
This way it's no life either.
You will then receive a written notification.
Yes, you are right. Clearly a beginning hydrocephalus.
Why do I only receive notice now?
- The Waldhausens probably hoped she will recover.
But she will not recover and not it must be reported.
- You haven't got it from me.
I have the tracing service on the phone at the nurses' room.
No one is looking for our Willy.
- We have the picture now.
We will send it to them.
- No, no, I'll do that.
You should better go over to your little one.
Something isn't right there.
The boss and your husband are also already there.
You disappoint me, Waldhausen.
You are one of us.
And than that. Why did you put your trust
in Sauerbruch but not in me?
Without question, the brain pressure is significantly higher.
Any neurological abnormality?
- No.
She never vomited so far.
She specifically claws at things and
the eye movements are normal too.
The head circumference is also still inside the norm.
No sunset phenomenon. Can we not lower
the brain pressure with draining infusions?
With magnesium sulphate?
- We will first try it with glucose.
But she has to be controlled inpatient, even at night.
Can Ican I stay with her?
- No. Not at night.
Why did you inaugurate Bessau?
- I didn't.
Do you think Nurse Käthe?
- It's good that it's out now.
An infusion therapy is Karin's last chance.
Will Bessau report her?
- No, he won't do that to me.
He has cancer and wants me to be his successor.
Promise me that Karin will never be moved to
a specialty children's ward.
I'm chief resident here. My daughter will not
be moved anywhere without my permission.
Heil Hitler.
Impressive act.
No matter if you are now paralysed now or not,
you are certainly fit for transport.
And I am sure at the prison sick bay
they will teach you quickly how to walk again.
Nurse! Someone has fallen out of bed here.
When today a Nazi privy council comes
to Switzerland and gives a lecture
whose content in its basic outline diametrically opposes the principles of the ruling regime
then the question if Sauerbruch will return again to his official position in Berlin or not is imposed on the thinking Swiss.
The thinking Swiss, yeah?
I spoke as a doctor.
Because I am a doctor and not a politician, damn it.
But privy council and National Prize winner.
If he returns to Berlin,
we have to inevitably assume
that Sauerbruch was sent on a more or less official mission to Switzerland
to, let us say cautiously, appease.
I defend Einstein, the most hated scientist in the whole of the Third Reich.
And they write the Nazis sent me.
This right here will harm you in Berlin.
Do we really want to return?
Let us stay here.
Margot, I cannot just
I can't leave the Charité in the lurch during the war.
Patients who need you exist all around the world.
Have you considered what that means for my children? For your Inga?
- I will fetch her later.
Let us stay. Please.
Nothing will happen to us. You'll see.
The Nazis have an appendix too. All of them.
The brothers won't forget that.
Doctor Jung.
Doctor Jung.
Professor Doctor Jung.
We have the order to transfer von Dohnanyi
to the prison sick bay in Buch.
But Mister von Dohnanyi cannot go.
The thrombosis still exist.
He could suffer an embolism during a transport.
Professor de Crinis declared explicitly in his assessment
the fitness for transport of von Dohnanyi.
But we can also gladly transport him recumbent.
The reliability of a complex nature is based on its suppleness.
Heil Hitler.
- Highest war court council Kutzner, am I right?
I took over the investigation of your case from the colleague Roeder.
And this is surgeon general Schmidt-Brücken, chief of staff of the army medical services comission, and colonel doctor Schmidt.
Here you go.
- So suddenly?
I do not understand this because
how should I prepare my defense out of Buch?
My lawyers cannot come there without
petrol allocation and trains barely run.
An order is an order.
If you did nothing wrong then it is surely in your sense
that the trial will not protracted unnecessarily, is it not?
As long as I am being helped to dress,
would you mind waiting outside?
Of course.
And organize the man a stretcher on wheels
if you already have the opinion that she should not walk.
It is no coincidence that they come when the boss is in Switzerland. He would have surely prevented it.
I doubt that.
The things in the hideout as discussed.
- Yes.
The left one comes from the heart.
Somehow all of this must make sense, doesn't it?
You two
however were human refreshments for me.
Then let's begin.
He wants to deliberately infect himself
with diphtheria if they imprison him again.
In his state? He can died then.
It's better than being executed, he says.
What's taking so long?
- Changing the sheets.
If she noticed something?
- Martin, it can't continue like this.
If they catch us, they'll put into a concentration camp.
- I'll take the risk.
I cannot do that.
From now on, we'll only be comrades and no more.
It must be.
Hi all!
[Swiss dialect]
A highest war court council, a surgeon general
and a colonel doctor.
And they also had de Crinis' voucher of
Dohnanyi's fitness for transport with them.
What should I have done?
Sie trifft keine Schuld, Herr Jung.
Es war ein abgekartetes Spiel.
Wir sind verraten worden.
Hans stand unter meinem Schutz.
But Hans was under my protection.
Heil Hitler.
Sauerbruch's secretary let it be known to me
that you asked for me.
Yes, Mister colleague, there is a need for explanation
and it cannot wait until I am released again..
We suspect there is a security leak in the
association to High Command of the Wehrmacht department.
And do you already have a suspicion?
- Yes.
Does 1.d4d5 mean something to you?
Steinitz against Lasker.
Chess world championship 1896.
The German Lasker was victorious by the way.
You would not have had to steal the page from me.
I gift it to you.
I know this sublime match by heart.
Well then I must apologize to you.
Well who do we have here?
Patient Schuler-Osten, Dietrich. Age 45.
Inguinal hernia on both sides,
danger of incarceration on the right.
Question because of this: Surgical intervention.
So far, self-medication with homeopathic means.
- What?
Why aren't you at Buch with your knick-knacks?
We take care of war wounded here.
He is entitled to chief physician treatment here at the Charité.
As long as you snoop around everywhere,
I don't want to hear a single word from you.
Your invectives bare witness of the usual ignorance of conventional medicine towards the new German healing arts.
In any case, I have long treated my fibril weakness successfully with high potencies of Helonias dioica and Calcium fluoratum.
And what exactly do you now want from me?
In the last days, I had severe pains. Here.
And my healer says that if the rupture catches itself
he cannot take responsibility for it.
And Sauerbruch is supposed to adjust it now, mhm.
I actually have a natural method there, without surgery.
Yes. A holistic treatment would of course be the very best.
But a very painful one.
A bad initial worsening, so to speak.
I used the method very successfully with
my dear friend Max Liebermann.
The Jewish painter?
I do not know a Jewish inguinal hernia.
In any case, the rapture lets itself be pushed back into the abdominal cavity through suspension from the legs over a longer period of time.
- Suspension.
Yeah maybe a surgery would indeed be better.
Yes, if you absolutely want that.
- And you operate yourself?
Well you're entitled to that.
Did you actually operate an inguinal hernia before?
Little joke.
Right, surgery is your last examination subject, isn't it?
Good. I will test you on Monday.
You look tired.
Go and lay down.
What happened?
- Karin's brain pressure is rising again.
We try to severely dewater her now.
Otto knows it?
- I'm Anni's brother.
By now, everyone knows what's going on.
What are you looking at so completely left behind my God?
Everything's going to be alright.
And if someone is able to fix it
then it is our Professor Bessau.
And Mister Doctor, the boss wants to talk to you again.
Does something hurt you?
Hm? Do you have a boo-boo?
Does your head hurt?
- Tead. My Tead.
Is your name Keller?
- Yes.
He suffers from dyslalia. His name is Keller
and can't pronounce a K yet.
Anni, whatwhere are you going?
- What is it?
The patient Keller has to be moved back.
We need her urgently to resolve the identify of a foundling.
Look who's here.
Are you hungry?
What's going on?
They're coming for me.
I'm supposed to go to the Atlantic Wall.
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