Charite (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Im Untergrund

Monday is your exam.
They're coming for me.
I've been assigned to the Atlantic Wall.
It can't be much longer.
Olbricht, Beck, von Hassel, Popitz,
they're planning something.
All your vaccination subjects
are disabled.
They are unwanted kids.
Nine died already.
What if this was Karin?
You don't believe I would do that, do you?
The Berliner Bote!
The Berliner Bote!
In this special workshop,
new prosthetics are made for leg amputees.
Their mobility adapts
in an almost perfect manner.
We can see the impact
these artificial limbs have.
In the 16th century,
the Knight with the Iron Fist
could only move his prosthetic
by using the healthy hand.
The Sauerbruch-hand makes
delicate motions possible
by using the rest
of the available muscles.
Let some light in.
The surgery for it
is going to be explained
by my exam candidate
The power transmission
is done via these pull cords,
which are suspended in ivory pins
and inserted into the muscles.
I see.
But how?
You create one channel for each.
A channel of muscle
and will cover it with skin.
What are the muscles?
These are extensors and flexors.
So you can use the wrist to
stretch and bend?
That's nonsense.
Do you see a wrist on this prosthetic?
Marquardt, you've seen the movie.
It's about the
pincer grip.
Come in!
Come in.
I'm honored, as a clinical case,
to present a hero of the African campaign.
Lieutenant Colonel Claus Schenk
Count von Stauffenberg.
Please have a seat.
Would you describe to us,
and to our candidatus medicinae,
-your medical odyssey, please?
-My pleasure.
I was wounded in a fighter-bomber attack.
My eye was removed in the field hospital.
The right hand
was amputated above the wrist,
as well as my ring finger
and the little finger on the left.
At the military hospital in Munich,
I underwent a middle-ear and knee surgery.
That's where my glass eye
was adjusted, too.
Because of a grenade splinter,
my arm festered
and the stump could not be prepared
for a prosthetic.
-And now--
-Now he's fortunately with Sauerbruch.
Well, colonel,
would you allow our exam candidate
Marquardt to examine your stump?
-Of course.
-Good day.
-Good day.
Do you think the stump is suitable
for a Sauerbruch-hand?
I don't know.
Ideal conditions are rare for amputations.
Do you think that
a surgical correction
of the stump is necessary
before creating the channels?
Correct, because
the stump muscles
are not flexible enough as they is.
So, the first step
To activate the muscles.
Correct, and then?
We can form the channels for the pins.
Oh, that was a difficult birth.
My dear Stauffenberg, there are still
a number of procedures necessary
before you can smoke a cigarette
with your Sauerbruch-hand.
We need to stop here.
Please clear the hall.
You are dismissed.
An attack in broad daylight.
What is going on with the air force?
Just ask Mr. Meier.
Goering promised to change his name,
if even a single enemy flew over Berlin.
Nobody was injured.
All the other fireplaces
are in danger of collapsing.
The staff apartments must be vacated.
Colleague Jung,
you can sleep in the office here.
I appreciate that.
Maria Fritsch?
She will stay in the foyer.
There is no other way.
You can stay with the nurses
at the ground level station.
And, Martin,
you move into the prosthetic workshop.
Marquardt will leave anyway.
The upper floors
have to be completely vacated.
Regarding the surgical operation,
since the Americans perform raids
during the day, we have to move operations
to the shelter.
We could move an open-surgery patient
to the bunker when there is a raid.
The shelter is safe during an attack.
Ten-foot thick concrete should do.
What do we do with bedridden patients?
My demands for a bed bunker
were dismissed by the big shots.
They also don't want to evacuate
the Charité completely
so the citizens won't be alarmed.
We will work together
to move the patients during a raid to the
shelter and stack them like sardines.
This is against
the air safety regulations.
There are too few toilets
and low ventilation.
Who fits in, comes in. End of discussion.
He has passed the final test
and is now a doctor.
Well, he is the right lid for your pot.
But he must go to the front,
he wouldn't want to marry before that.
that's the opportunity
to grab a widow's pension.
I will not marry because of money.
Money cannot buy happiness.
But it cries more easily with it.
Being engaged is already enough.
Our Führer allows funeral ceremonies.
Maybe Otto doesn't like girls.
He likes Martin, a lot.
Who cares?
He will need a girl badly,
so no one asks questions.
You are a godsend.
It would not be the first time
that one of those finds their way back
to having fun with girls.
-You think?
-I do.
This is the German radio.
Today is of historical significance.
Under pressure from Moscow,
Brits and Americans
started their long-awaited invasion
on Europe's west coast.
She finds Germany--
I'm sure I won't be at the very front.
As an undergraduate doctor,
I'm not allowed to be armed.
What if they do?
You can't refuse, you'll be hanged.
I fell from a cherry tree
when I was seven.
I didn't get a scratch.
My mom said that I'm like a cat
with nine lives.
I should have two or three left.
You'll still need a good luck charm.
I accept it gladly,
after you're back safely.
If I write "Greetings to the wooden leg,"
I really mean "I love you."
This is from mom.
Who knows how long you'll be
on the road to the Normandy.
I'd like to say goodbye to my brother.
I'll miss you, Otto.
What's happening?
Karin's treatment isn't helping.
Karin is still adorable.
So many things in nature
are crooked and yet beautiful.
No matter what the Nazis say.
Would it be better for Karin
if we evacuate her?
-How would you be able to protect her?
-I mean
She cries a lot during the air raids.
It might be good
to take her out of this madness.
Can Mom take her?
She doesn't know about her disability.
-All the best, Nurse Laura.
All the best.
All the best.
Also from the boss and Jung,
they're in surgery.
We want to see you again
as a doctor, not a patient.
I would like that.
-Thank you, Dr. Wagner.
-All the best, Nurse Anna.
-Same to you.
I want to be yours, Otto.
We could promise to one another
in front of all these witnesses.
Nurse Christel,
we don't know each other that well.
I'm sure you're not going
after a widow's pension, right?
I have to disappoint you.
I plan to stay alive.
You have to get used to the thought
that Karin will get hydrocephaly.
How about hypertonic saline?
Maybe that'll help.
If we continue to dehydrate the child,
the kidneys might fail
and the pressure issue remains.
I think Wiesengrund
would the best place for your child.
No way.
We need beds for the wounded.
Then we take her back home.
I cannot exempt a doctor
for their disabled child.
You know what's going on.
Wiesengrund has a shortage of beds.
-Karin could remain at the ward.
-It's hard for both of you,
but a doctor must know his limitations.
You may have given up,
but we're not done yet.
I will not let Karin down.
Waldhausen, does your wife
know about my cancer?
You have medical confidentiality.
I'm sorry
I wish I had a successor
that is capable of carrying out
difficult decisions,
like a man.
Prove to me
that you were the right choice.
You must report the hydrocephaly.
Anni would never forgive me
if they move Karin.
You want your marriage
to suffer because of a disabled child?
It should be gone. Do you want to wait
until they take your custody away?
Your wife will get used to it.
Make another one.
You can do it, right?
Nice spot we got for ourselves.
We can keep working on our big family.
Are you scared
the next one will be disabled?
Even if she were healthy,
I couldn't do that right now.
Karin needs me.
She can't stay here forever.
If she has to go, I'll go with her.
Any news from Peter?
He's with the 4th Armored Division,
near Kovel in the Ukraine.
Considering the circumstances,
he's doing well.
I will see to it that he gets transferred
to the high command here.
Germany can only be rescued
here in Berlin.
Can you arrange a discreet meeting
with General Beck at your house for me?
Are you acquainted with him?
He's my friend.
Here's the plan:
six weeks after the initial surgery,
I will be able to create
the channels for the ivory pins.
Four weeks later, the channels will be
stable enough to do stump exercises
on a machine to strengthen the muscles.
You should be able to lift
six to ten pounds.
It may take up to four months
until the prosthetic is adjusted.
I have an important job to do
before all that.
You, yourself?
I have to take this on.
It's do or die.
But you're weak.
Your nerves are weak,
you could make a mistake.
I have to take that risk.
As it stands,
I'm the only one who can do it.
Not in your condition.
If you continue,
you won't survive the next six months.
You can diagnose the same
for any other German soldier.
Gentlemen, Claus von Stauffenberg,
Chief of Staff in the general army office
under Olbricht.
That's retired ambassador von Hassell.
Minister Popitz, Professor Jessen,
Director Planck.
-A pleasure.
-Dr. Kempner
and General Beck.
Help yourself to the drinks.
If you need me, I'll be at the salon.
That would be for the best,
privy councilor.
Thank you.
Berlin is getting ready for the finale.
Do you know what they're planning?
Presumably, negotiations
with the Allies about a surrender
to keep the eastern front.
For that, they would have to
eliminate Hitler.
-The Wehrmacht will try a coup?
-I never thought I'd yearn for this day.
Good thing Peter
no longer serves at the high command.
What if it fails?
What will happen to us?
If they do it, it has to succeed.
Ooh, la, la.
Be careful.
The more hopeless the war,
the more brutal the persecution.
They all think
I'm a harmless chess lunatic.
They promoted me to chancellor,
with the blessing of the party.
Hail Hitler.
Hail Hitler.
Where is Martin Schelling?
Martin Schelling?
-We are taking you into custody.
There must be some mistake.
Is everything okay?
Bessau is dead.
His wife called.
You liked him.
He always encouraged you.
But now we will worry less about Karin.
Worry less?
Karin has hydrocephaly.
It isn't a serious case.
The head circumference
only increased a little.
Maybe it'll stop.
Even Churchill had hydrocephaly
as a child.
He appointed me as his successor.
You can be proud of your dad.
Believe me, I should be long gone.
As a doctor, I'm needed at the front.
You drag me off of the train for
these accusations? For the hundredth time:
I have no relation with this nurse.
This is not even necessary.
The crime of fornication is fulfilled
once you disturb the public with it.
That's already the case, once you
stated your lustful intentions to him.
Even without physical contact.
Lustful intentions.
May I ask,
which clairvoyant ratted me out?
Marquardt, admit it.
You have been deceived.
We know Martin Schelling.
He is a notorious sex offender. We will
protect the German people from him.
But your case is different.
You are not registered in our
central database to combat homosexuality.
If you confess that he seduced you,
you will only get probation at the front.
I want to make a statement.
I'm positive that this denunciation
originated from Nurse Christel Bönisch.
She wanted to get engaged,
probably for selfish motives.
She wants to get back at me for that.
Your statement that Miss Bönisch would--
It's not a lie.
There are several witnesses
at the surgery of the Charité,
including Margot Sauerbruch.
His wife.
Professor Sauerbruch's office,
Fritsch on the line.
One moment.
The police.
They want to talk to you.
Margot Sauerbruch. Good day.
Detective Inspector Leibfried.
Do you know Otto Marquardt?
Did Otto Marquardt
and Miss Bönisch have a relationship?
I have little knowledge of the
private affairs of my staff.
At his farewell, there was an incident.
You were a witness at the scene.
Miss Bönisch wanted an engagement.
Mr. Marquardt refused.
-Would you state that under oath?
-Of course.
What is your station?
Police department section M II. 2
that was the homosexuals department.
He asked about Otto Marquardt.
Maybe Martin was arrested, too.
What? You mean Otto and Martin?
Then I got it all wrong.
I should have emphasized
how close their relationship was.
I have to represent Bessau
at the meeting in Hohenlychen.
And you, Dr. Waldhausen,
get to visit your boss there.
As you know, I'm not a doctor yet.
I will never get a permit to leave Berlin.
For an urgent business trip, surely.
Please send for Nurse Käthe.
We need beds for bomb victims.
While I'm gone, evacuate them.
Where are they going?
To Wiesengrund.
Don't tell my wife.
Take a deep breath.
Thank you for watching them.
No problem, I hope you enjoy
the undisturbed nights at Hohenlychen,
with all the rich patients there.
I will.
She's the last one.
Should we call Wiesengrund
and ask if we should drive over?
Yes, I will.
-Can I see the list, please?
-Who are you?
Dr. Waldhausen.
Oh, that is your list.
Can we wait until the raid is over?
Of course.
Take the kids back.
It's all good.
Come here.
They told us to leave right away,
despite the alarm.
I'll be okay.
Our patient won't do anything stupid.
I'll knock when I'm done.
Well, Sauerbruch's circus horse
who knows some tricks.
The boss was here,
and he put in a good word for you.
You surely don't want
to stay here for long.
Forensic patients
are not evacuated for an air raid.
Your cell here
is not the safest of places.
We can speed everything up.
I'll write my report, doesn't matter
if you say something or not.
The report from our nurse
is enough evidence.
The question is,
if you are willing to confess
that you seduced Otto Marquardt?
Your little lust boy
will get away with probation.
You are going to the
concentration camp anyway,
unless you let us treat
your abnormal behavior.
If you agree to be castrated,
I can keep you here.
Castration has helped some patients
to overcome these sick practices.
Well, I would know
what I would choose if I were you.
Where is Karin?
Your husband didn't tell you?
Your little one was evacuated.
It's for the best.
All right, my little one.
Anni, what are you doing here?
Otto? Why are you still here?
I deserted. What's Karin doing here?
She was supposed to be moved
to Wiesengrund. I'm hiding her
from Artur.
He would give away his own child?
He tried.
I don't trust him.
-Is she all alone here?
-I'm giving her phenobarbital.
That's the least of my problems.
Why have you deserted?
The homosexual police were after me.
Nurse Christel denounced us.
How dare she try something like that?
Anni, I'm
You haven't found the right girl yet.
I found the right man.
I love Martin.
Do you know where he is? Was he arrested?
He's with De Crinis for evaluation.
He'll send him to the camp.
He's on file as a sexual predator.
Without him, you wouldn't be
What the hell?
Get used to it.
Martin didn't seduce me.
I fell in love with him.
I can hide up here and watch Karin.
But you need to do something for me.
De Crinis likes you.
You have to save Martin.
Where have you been?
Too bad you didn't get out
before the raid.
I tried to call you,
but the lines are down.
The train tracks needed fixing, too.
Good thing nothing happened.
You sent our daughter away.
All of the kids were evacuated.
Do you want Karin to die in the attack?
Of course not, but why Wiesengrund?
You know what they do there.
Anni, it's just a regular
children's hospital for disabled kids.
They use them for experiments.
Not Karin.
I can get her back.
There was an assassination attack
on Hitler.
Is he dead?
They are only rumors.
At the Wolfschanze.
He pushed the treatment again.
Hitler dead. That would be
I'll believe it when I see it.
Come, come, come.
After midnight
still no message.
That's a good sign.
If Hitler was still alive,
he would have spoken on the radio.
Maybe an enemy station has a report.
Music everywhere.
Then we listen to music.
Fitting for our ceremony.
this is a historical moment.
He finally kicked the bucket.
The remaining Nazis
will go to hell soon enough. Come.
I hope the Allies
won't accuse only the government.
There are plenty of other guilty parties,
even doctors.
Victor's justice is not necessarily just.
I'll give a good report about you
if necessary.
What would they blame me for?
I did surgeries under Nazi occupation.
They'll accuse you, too.
I'm not here voluntarily.
-And I'm not a surgeon general.
-What are you trying to say?
My fellow Germans.
Yet another of the countless attempts
on my life has been planned
and carried out.
A very small clique
of ambitious, unscrupulous,
criminal and stupid officers
formed a conspiracy to do away with me
and the entire staff
of the German High Command.
The bomb, which was planted
by Count von Stauffenberg,
exploded two meters to my right.
I myself am completely unhurt.
I interpret this as confirmation
that providence
wishes me to continue my life's mission,
as I have in the past.
What are you doing?
Stauffenberg, Olbricht, and Beck are dead.
The wave of arrests is rolling. I'm afraid
they'll find something on you or Peter.
They won't dare touch Sauerbruch's son.
They just got the son of Max Planck.
Professor Sauerbruch?
Please follow us
to the Reich Security Office.
I have a major surgery coming up.
Someone else needs to take your place.
My skills are not so easy to replace.
Your son, Peter,
was arrested and taken
to the concentration camp Fürstenberg.
The head of the Security Police
and SD are questioning him at the moment.
General Kaltenbrunner awaits you.
Follow us.
Should I go with you?
Is this an arrest?
If you want to call it that.
You should send civilian clothing
for Peter Sauerbruch.
Considering the charges,
he cannot be wearing a uniform.
They ransacked everything.
Come in.
-Hail Hitler.
-I will.
Well, fortunately it is not necessary.
Providence helped our leader to survive.
You look adorable, Mrs. Waldhausen.
You got your figure back already.
Thanks to the poor supply situation.
What can I do
for my favorite graduate student?
I'm pleased that I still
have this honorary title.
I volunteered in the children's hospital,
but my heart beats for psychiatry.
I thought now that Karin is evacuated,
I could get back to my thesis.
Yes, of course.
The diagnosis of a suspected
self-mutilation is highly topical.
Sad, right?
We owe it to the front-line soldiers
to expose those quitters.
My brother Otto is fighting in France.
Yes, your brother
briefly became a suspected victim
of Nurse Martin Schelling's seduction.
I'm sure Nurse Christel's
values are solid,
but she is also an unsatisfied woman,
and her imagination played a trick on her.
Otto was always a ladies' man.
He didn't fail to have
an effect on Nurse Christel.
As for Martin Schelling,
my husband and I lived next door
long enough to unwillingly
witness his love life.
Female acquaintances could be used
to camouflage homosexuality.
I studied psychiatry from the very best.
If someone taught me how to detect liars,
that would undoubtedly be you.
So, you think that Schelling is not a 175?
I'm not pleased to send
a decorated officer to certain death.
Are you sure?
Yes. My husband can attest to that.
May I ask what my son is accused of?
He is a friend of von Stauffenberg
but that is not the point.
It's about you.
We know that the conspirators
met several times in your home.
I run an open house. What's the matter?
The Wednesday Club?
That is an apolitical researchers club.
And General Beck?
Is my friend and patient.
He was.
Two days before the assassination,
you chauffeured General Olbricht
and his co-conspirators with your car?
I saw Beck when he was
just about to meet Olbricht.
I offered to drive him.
What did you do there?
The generals had a meeting
and I waited in the library for Beck.
What did you do there?
What you normally do in a library, read.
What did you read?
The Trompeterschlösschen in Dresden.
God be with you
if we don't find this book
at Olbrecht's place.
Check that.
Sign this public condemnation
of the assassins.
Your son will welcome that.
After all, he swore an oath
to the Führer.
Privy Sauerbruch.
I'm so happy.
Any word from Peter?
He's free and waiting inside.
I don't know why they let me go.
I thank fate for that.
And that I remembered
the title of this idiotic book
that I gifted Olbrecht
for his last birthday.
Maybe Switzerland
is the right place to be.
No, Gebhardt called to warn you,
if you leave now,
they will charge you with desertion.
I got orders to leave to Courland
right away.
I don't know what's going on.
I finally found you. I'm at the
postal office and I don't have money.
Where is Otto?
Military police came by
from Kempten, they said
that Otto deserted. Is that true?
They searched the house, Anni.
If they catch him, they'll hang him.
Can you come?
I won't get permission for private travel.
Anni, please.
I want to see little Karin, too.
I've been waiting for so long.
-Karin is sick.
-What's wrong with her?
She's got hydrocephaly.
Poor girl.
Take her to us.
We'll help her.
Mother, it's me.
Rest assured,
Karin is getting the very best treatment.
Come in.
Is it urgent, dear colleague?
I'm in a hurry.
I heard you invited Max Planck
to a guest lecture.
You know that his son was sentenced
to death for the attack on our Führer.
Your son was luckier.
Peter and Erwin Planck are innocent.
Same as for the sons
and son-in-laws, Bonnhöfer's.
I forgot you aren't
only friends with the Plancks.
In these times,
friendships are invaluable.
I have to go.
I gave an exculpatory opinion
about your nurse.
He's free to go.
I hope you
will remember this act of kindness
when the time comes.
I will not forget it.
I do not have the honor today,
but the doyen of German physics,
Privy Professor Max Planck.
Ladies and gentlemen,
in these days,
when people stop believing
in the Holy Spirit as creator
and fall from the grace of God,
it is the little things
that bring out the truth from the depths
of materialistic fanaticism.
It opens the door
to the once lost world of the mind.
That is the only thing
we can call our own,
the greatest good that nobody can steal,
and the one thing
that gives us the most joy
is a noble mind.
Why did you do that for me?
I did it for Otto.
How is he? Is he still in jail?
Or at the front?
Do you know about the roof hatch
close to your old room?
I'm your good friend.
-Why did you desert?
-I had to know what was going on with you.
You maniac.
This is Karin.
I'm helping Anni to hide her from Artur
because she's disabled.
We have to hold out.
The Allies are in Strasbourg and the
Russians are on the border of Prussia.
What do you do about the air raids?
I sing a song for Karin.
-How does that help?
-I can't sing.
Come with me.
I stand here and think of you.
When everyone is in the shelter,
nobody can see me.
Hold on.
You said when we meet again, you take it.
I do not work with sex offenders.
I do not see one here,
only a man who sacrificed his leg
for the country.
No matter what Professor De Crinis wrote,
Martin has seduced Otto.
If you refuse to work with him,
get transferred.
I'm sure the boss can take care
of your transfer to the front.
Help me out here.
Where did you get that?
One word and I will kill you!
Wiesengrund sent a letter.
Karin never arrived. Where is she?
I'm responsible when a child gets lost.
Really? So many children get lost.
Tell them that she was
transferred to another facility.
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