Charite (2017) s03e02 Episode Script


Your child has likely contracted Polio.
He cannot breathe.
- We need the iron lung! The iron lung, quick! - Werner!
We have a patient with a suspected gastric ulcer.
It's a tumor.
- Gastric cancer? - Yes.
We have to diagnose the cancer sooner.
That is the only way we have a chance to beat it.
Stop waging war on cancer in private. It is stronger.
You will make mom well again, right?
11th August, 1961
2 days to wall construction
It is still unclear
why President Kennedy is dampening the atmosphere
when he is aware
what a war with thermonuclear weapons means.
A third World War, if it were to break out
will not limit itself to just a duel
exclusively between the two great powers,
the Soviet Union and the United States of America,
says the Head of State Nikita Khrushchev.
- Good morning, Herr Professor Rapoport. - Good Morning.
- Something's brewing, right? - Yes, you can say that.
But I am sure Ulbricht and Khrushchev
still have an ace up their sleeves against the war-mongers.
Well, let's hope so, Professor. Are the children doing well?
Oh yes. At least no complaints from Eisenach.
Oh yes, the summer camp.
Those were the days, eh?
Look out!
Oh no!
Dr.Senkaxe, sorry!
Stay inside. Look after the kids. We're sorry.
Prof.Rapoport! Nothing happened. Really. Everything's fine.
- Are the children okay? - Yes the kids are fine.
Where are you going?
Man! Senkaxe, you are not serious!
This is about my family.
And about my future. I don't see that in here anymore.
I don't believe this! I never would've thought you could be one of them.
I'm sorry.
He's taking off.
He just took off!
- Yes, how many more? Goddammit!
A beautiful good morning.
- Good morning. - All the little birds good in the nest?
- Sister Petra, nice hairstyle. - What hairstyle?
I don't even have time to wash my hair anymore.
You say that so easily.
We don't have a senior physician anymore.
Dr.Senkbeil packed everything and left.
Not him too!
Yeah! What could one do when the golden West beckons?
- What do we do without a senior doctor? - Hold on together, Dr.Nowack.
Prove to the Party that the Charité stands for the State.
No further departures!
Who's gone now?
We'll just continue without a senior doctor if anything helps.
We have to learn to improvise.
Sister, where is Dr.Wendt?
- Where would she be? - Keep up.
Head nurse Gerda, for the 27th time: I'm on duty after noon.
A little tip, doctor:
In a clinch with the ward nurse, you usually lose out.
- The nerves are bare anyway. - Why?
- What is it this time? - Scabbard. He left.
- You're not serious! - Mmm.
When the ship sink the rats flee.
- Good morning, Professor. - Good Morning.
Good morning.
Deep breaths to the stomach.
Yes. Be calm, calm. Take it easy. Take it easy.
So, I hear
- She went into labor around 3:30 this morning. - Stethoscope?
Take it easy. Deep breaths to the stomach. It's okay.
The cervix is ​​not yet
I therefore recommend a cesarean section. The OP has already been informed.
Mrs.Rösler, my name is Helmut Kraatz.
Your child's heartbeat is not a cause of concern.
We don't need a cesarean section. Let's avert the risk. Hm?
We sit this one out.
- Good Morning. - Good Morning.
I am late. Sorry.
Your reading ​​has improved a lot.
- I also read a lot. - Very nice. Look what I got you.
- Thank you. - From my son.
- Thank you. - What is the temperature?
- 36.7°. - Wonderful.
Give me your hand, Werner.
Now squeeze hard. Can it get any tighter?
move your leg. This one here.
Mmm. And the other?
I think we could dare.
What if it doesn't work?
He has to breathe independently as quickly as possible.
His readings ​​are stable.
- There is no reason to leave him in the Iron Lung. - Mama, I want out of here.
Nothing to worry about. The wound is healing well.
You have magic hands, Herr Doctor. I could see that right away.
It's just a matter of practice.
Can something grow back from the stomach cancer?
This can't be said at this point in time.
We'll have to wait for the follow-up examination.
All we hope for together is the best.
- So all I have to do is regain my strength? - Yes. You can do that best at home.
Relax with your family.
Everything is fine.
Wittenberg! The angle of incidence should equal the angle of reflection.
Didn't you learn that in elementary school?
Think about dinner with your wife, Herr Professor.
The table is reserved for 6:00 PM.
You are an angel, Mrs.Dammrau. Many thanks.
Careful with the lungs.
We have to take good chunk out of that.
Come on, be careful.
- Good morning, Herr Captain. - Mrs.Dammrau.
Hertweck? Is the criminal Police back again?
Herr Professor, the pleasure is mine as always.
But I'm not bothering you voluntarily. I have a new case.
Did you want to go out and eat with my wife?
Herr Professor, your wife wants to spend time with you, not me.
This will take some time. Maybe postpone until tomorrow.
Do it. You are more diplomatic than I am.
Let's start right away.
- Where did you find her? In the Blumenthal forest near Prötzel by a hunter.
- Could she have fallen? - Not according to the Hat brim line rule.
Thank you.
Everything that hits the skull above this imaginary line,
usually does not come from a fall,
but from an affiliation.
In other words: A blow with a blunt object.
Maybe a stone.
According to the laboratory results, the deceased had
sexual intercourse shortly before her death.
Not consensual as per the observation.
There it is! Look! Come closer.
Look. Are you scared? Did you want a vomit-bag?
Wittenberg. Ruler. Light.
A bite? Animal bite?
You know the expression "Someone likes to eat".
"Homo homini lupus est". Man is a wolf to man.
Well, Werner. We're turning off the iron lung now, okay?
This will feel weird at first
because you are not used to breathing independently
because the machine did that for you.
You get air from us, but still try to breathe deep.
- We will help you. - Everything will be fine, Werner.
Here's the air. Pflaster, switch it off.
Open flap.
Very good. You are doing a good job.
Great, and I'll try to help you
to get your head through.
The air will go away for a moment. Don't worry.
We'll be right back on the other side. okay?
All good, all good.
Very good, and get up.
Take it easy. Take it easy. Just like that. That's good.
That's okay. It will breathe with you.
Chest rising and falling.
Well. That's okay. Very good.
Now I'll carry you onto the bed with your father.
Help me. It's all good. It's all good. Over there. Here comes the air again.
And one, two, three.
Take it easy. Here comes the air.
That's okay. Take it easy. Breathe very calmly.
It's okay. It's okay. Breathe calmly. Very good.
I would like to take another look at your blood.
I'm sure somewhere in the blood
there's a way to recognize cancer.
And the sooner we see it, the better we can help.
Ah. It's still nice and red, the blood.
Done. That's it.
Well then
good luck with everything you plan to do with it.
Thank you.
Did you pack your things? We have to get going.
Exactly. Just in there.
This is for you. This is mom, me and you.
Because you saved mama.
Thank you.
Everything will be fine.
- Wellwill you carry my bag? - Yes.
Papa is waiting downstairs.
Let's try this without.
Keep breathing. Exactly, very good. Okay? Look at me.
Let's sit down together.
Very slowly. Okay.
That's fine. We can do it. If you could stand next to your wife.
- Are you dizzy? - A little bit.
That's no wonder.
Well, try very carefully to put your feet on the ground.
One. Now let's feel the ground a bit.
Very cold.
Now let's try to get up.
But I am here. I won't let go. Do not panic.
Very good. Good.
Do we want to put our right foot forward a bit?
There you go. Welland now,
the right one.
And look, there's Mama and Papa.
We will walk very slowly towards them.
One left foot and now the right foot.
And right and left.
Very good.
You did a good job.
Wellnow you can walk alone.
Look here.
There you go. You can do it. You can do it.
That's is great, Werner.
Well done my dearest.
Congratulations, Mrs.Rösler.
You did well.
- Thank you, Professor. - Herr Professor?
- Yes? - Please.
Just a minute.
The little one is yellowish.
Yes I can see that. Unusual so early at birth.
- Notify Neonatology. - Hm.
We'll have them take over.
- Shouldn't we be observing? - No, we shouldn't.
- What happened? - Ah. Sign of mild jaundice.
Jaundice is common in newborns.
Usually does not occur at birth,
but after one to three days.
That's why I want to control it.
I'll tell your mama tomorrow that you can go home.
The files for the next shift.
And the medication for the Asthmatic has changed.
- Mmm. - Is there anything else?
Gynecology informed us of an infant with jaundice.
And they're not yet here? Did you call?
Nobody answers.
- Try again please. - Okay.
What took you so long? Did you have a flat tire?
This was the shortest route.
The mucous membrane is completely yellow.
- Get the mother's reports. - For hepatitis?
Yes. Maybe she doesn't know she's infected.
I reached the Station Nurse. Professor Kraatz is out on a visit.
What does that mean? Can nobody read a file or what?
Bilirubin is at 25.
That's way too high! The child must immediately get under photo-light.
I don't want to risk Kerniccterus disability
just because I've no information on the mother.
Please take care of the eyes. The light is poison for his retina.
- Okay. I'llI'll be right back. - But where are you going?
If the Prophet doesn't come to the mountain,
the mountain must to go to the Prophet. Keep checking the reading. Okay?
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Falk and Vossler have also asked to terminate their contract.
My job from the Party is to stop just that.
Is this any of my concern?
Please talk to the staff on your ward.
Should I be making political speeches?
Herr Professor, you should convince your workforce
that Charité is still the best place to work.
My dear Mr.Lehmann,
I will convince with my professional competence.
I think my employees would appreciate that. And if not
then, I cannot and will not change anything.
I let go of my political persuasion long back.
And I won'tmake that mistake again.
Herr Professor Kraatz, I need to speak to you.
Well, if you ask me so kindly.
Comrade Lehmann.
Herr Professor, the child you sent us
- Yes how is he? - Bad.
Hopefully the Phototherapy will work. I have to speak to the mother.
- Rumors in the ward? - Suspected Hepatitis?
- No. - Are you sure this is her first time?
Wellin all humility,
we can very well establish the anti-bodies of a repeat mother
from that of a first time mother.
You coming?
Mrs.Rösler, we need to know if your child is unwell
due to a blood group incompatibility.
I don't know. Aren't you doctors?
That's right, but you can help us find out.
You see, only when we narrow down the cause of the Jaundice
can we initiate the appropriate treatment.
This incompatibility is only possible if this is not your first child.
- But you said - Of course this is my first child!
Why shouldn't it be? I don't understand.
You have been pregnant before, correct?
Was it an abortion?
Internal injuries can occur during an abortion.
This would cause your blood to mix with that of the fetus.
This creates anti-bodies.
And these anti-bodies in the child breaks down the red blood cells.
Hence the Jaundice.
And then?
I need to speak to my husband.
- Surely it is possible, right? - Of course.
He's on a business trip in Hamburg.
I'll take care of your child.
I should've got the information on the abortion earlier.
If a patient gives false information, my hands are tied.
Yes, at least have your telephone station respond.
That would've saved me the trip to your paradise island.
My clinic is well staffed as it could be these days.
And it is not your place to take a wrong tone.
Do your make your admitted patients take a lie detector test?
Keep me updated on the child's condition.
I think you should keep a notch down
my recommendation.
There you are!
Did we make too many promises to Ms.Jasinski?
Why lose hope if we haven't given it up here?
Because they were empty promises.
Was the night-shift in the laboratory worth it at least?
Procopius was right. Unfortunately.
The number with the blood group characteristics,
was utter nonsense.
Could we talk about something else?
It's a shame with Senkaxe.
He got me into Charité.
- He had a pretty good job here, right? - Ehm.
As a doctor, yes. Politically
This is not about politics.
- Oh God. Umdammit.
No, my fault.
Oh, there they are again
magic hands!
After 24 hours of service, yes.
It's always about politics.
Did you hear the news this morning?
When you hear weirdo Khrushchev talk about war. Huh?
They are bloodsuckers.
Of course! It has to be. A bloodsucker!
Not blood types.
The flow of refugees from the GDR
into the West of our country sees no end.
The emergency reception center at Marienfelder Allee
records thousands of new refugees again.
Yes, enjoy your training with us and then vanish yourselves.
My neighbor did it better.
Came from the West, earned three times as much over
and pays an apple and an egg for his apartment with us.
Long queues form in front of stations.
Head Nurse Gerda?
I need your help. Would you come with me for a minute?
It won't take long. Don't worry.
Sure, actually, I'm already done.
Special offers attract many to the City's department stores.
It should remain mild this summer for the next few days,
before the temperature cools down significantly over the weekend.
This is the news.
The bigger your stomach, better the translation.
Seems to be a smart guy.
Will be a girl for sure.
The food by the way is slowly getting cold.
I'm almost done.
- Hertweck, what did you find? - Good evening.
Madam. Herr Professor.
The clearance between the second premolars 15 and 25
in the upper jaw is 28 millimeters.
From this we could refer to an adult representative
close to the genus Homo sapiens sapiens.
Not an animal bite. Indeed
the central incisors, 1-1 and 2-1are missing.
A unique bite.
The bite in question is where the tissue is particularly soft.
A connoisseur of anatomy.
Or someone with experience.
Passau, Constance, Leipzig.
These are the only cases I could locate quickly.
Young women, all blond and slim.
Raped, slain and dumped in the forest.
- I don't see anything about bite marks. - Look at the pictures.
Bad. Too little light, bad angles of incidence.
They could've come from Wittenberg.
Are the corpses cremated as yet?
Yes. Unfortunately.
I have a feeling, Professor, that we're dealing with a serial killer here.
Honor that feeling. To me, all that counts is facts, facts, facts
that can be demonstrated.
- Do you mind? Please? - You could try sleeping.
Then the blood reading would get better.
I see. No, no, no. My blood reading ​​is just fine.
Then why do you need it?
Because I need comparison samples.
- Healthy blood, sick blood. - Hm. Hm.
It's not that easy.
Well, actually yes, but
Then could you explain it to old Gerda.
Okay then. Just to introduce to you
this counter-top is a bloodstream, right?
Welland this glove would be a red blood cell.
Cancer cells.
We know they could be present.
I'm sure we can find them but we cannot measure it.
Their numbers and therefore the risk they pose.
But we want that. And early.
And now be careful.
With increased destruction of red blood cells
the blood pigment contained is released:
- Hemoglobin. - And can it be measured?
Not quite.
But this can be measured: Haptoglobin.
This is a so-called transport protein for Hemoglobin.
I have the Haptoglobin level
determined in the blood serum of patient Jasinski.
And hold on tight
it exceeds twice the normal value.
Does that mean it is not cured?
No, no, no. You can't say that.
For now, this is just a theory. I think but
Under one condition:
When you are done with the blood test, call it a day.
I can't have you in the ward if you are over-worked.
Of course.
Yes, that's right. Wake up for a nice drink.
Don't sleep. Drink up.
Come on. Come on.
- What did Prof.Kraatz want? - You don't want to know.
The Bilirubin level fell. It's at 20.
It has to go down further. We need to stimulate the intestines.
So have a drink, my little one, come on.
- Come on, I'll take over. - No, I'm staying here through the night.
Isn't it your birthday today?
- All the best. - Thanks.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
You need to keep up.
Turn now.
- Wrong direction. - Oh no!
One, two, three. One, two
Un, dos, tres. One, two, three.
- One, two, three. - Dance on and on.
One, two
You need to keep up.
Oh! Hello Ella. Would you like a piece of cake?
Um. No. No thank you.
- What is going on? - I
didn't you get the invite?
Arianna's birthday!
Oh! I see. Congratulations.
I wanted to sleep, but it doesn't matter. Have fun.
Does she go to the cellar to laugh?
How do you keep up with her?
Well, girls. Cheers!
- Cheers. - Cheers.
Everything's calm.
- Good evening, doctor. - Good evening.
Did you have another for me as well?
Sorry, I just don't slip-uplike that.
Thank you.
Ella, slip-up?
May I ask why you dashed out earlier?
Oh, ah.
I had a thought and I had to investigate.
- The bloodsucker's inspiration flash? - Mmm.
That is my only friend here right now.
The Haptoglobin value of our patient Jasinski
is much higher than mine.
- You have it tuned? - Yes.
But for that I need blood, a lot of blood.
Local blood bank?
I agree.
But there lies the problem.
I can't just sneak in there at night
like a vampire to expand my research radius.
Well, you as Countess Dracula
that would be an interesting idea.
Hm. Mhm.
No thanks. I don't want to go to Transylvania.
No wanderlust?
I actually feel very comfortable here right now.
As a little boy I always wanted to travel to the moon.
A rocket is being built by a Nazi in the United States.
- Did you know that? - No.
Oh well
that train has probably left for good.
It also might be a bit far off from the moon.
I have never left this country. You?
When the wanderlust gets really bad
I fall back on the House B roof.
And then I'm at least a little closer.
And a little further away from all of this.
You know what? Let's go to Procopius, Ella.
Well worth a try, right?
I've never seen anyone fight so hard for their cause as you.
Good night.
12th August, 1961
One day to wall construction
He disgusted me because of a little child.
You should have seen him. Such a vain cockerel.
No, nothing else is new. No.
Get down. Go, go, go.
Did you hear from the kids? Did they write?
Oh good. That's nice.
- Did you see this? - Thanks.
It's good when Lisa gets out a little. I'm happy.
- Yes? - Doctor?
I'll get back to you, okay? See you later.
The values ​​have skyrocketed. Out of nowhere.
- We need a blood transfusion. - I'll get the bottles.
- No, no. We need fresh blood. - From the mother?
Is not the right blood type. We need O negative.
There are policemen down there. Please ask them what their types are?
Ah! Captain Hertweck. What are you doing here?
Herr Professor. He has struck again, "The Walker".
"The walker"? Is that what you call him?
You are creative. You should hire the press.
- Vienna Waldviertel. - Vienna Waldviertel.
Our colleagues from Austria sent us these pictures.
They come head over heels
Bite wound on the inside of the arm.
I was right. The walker is a serial killer.
I want to see the body myself.
Let Professor Breitenecker of Viennese Forensic Medicine know that I'll be coming.
May I remind you of your dinner with your wife? Today.
I need a blood donor. O negative.
There is a child dying. Not even two days old.
Two days! Please!
Volunteers step forward. O negative.
- I am O negative. - Come with me.
I always take a small amount from the baby's umbilical vein.
And let the same amount of blood flow back from you.
If you get dizzy, let me know, will you?
He has to get back in two hours.
Well, that should do it.
You will make it soon.
My lectures are canceled.
- Keep the institute in good shape. - Yes.
Take decent photos of the bodies.
I've shown you how to do it a hundred times.
Undoubtedly, Professor. But the lectures have long been booked out.
Nothing helps. It's everything that comes with it.
- Yes? - Good day.
Wendt. Ella Wendt.
I remember vaguely.
- I read your articles. - Yes? Congratulations.
AndI did my homework.
- And I kept looking. - Haptoglobin.
I agreebut not as an acute phase protein, but as
As a transport protein for Hemoglobin. I can read this myself. Great.
It might be my late mother
who is the wrong driver for my research. Okay?
But I think about her every single damn day.
And there is a girl about to lose her mother
- because we cannot decipher blood. - "We"?
Yes, I came this far on my own, but
I need your help now.
I need comparative samples from your blood bank,
to support my hypothesis, to build on it and
that means that you have to be only as good as the people around you.
And I'm going to decipher this damn blood.
Will you help me?
Please. I need access to your blood bank.
Your thesis is interesting. Nothing more, nothing less.
Wittenberg, give the lady 20 blood samples from the depot.
- That should be enough for now. - Thank you!
- You have to report back to me. - Many thanks!
Then we'll see how we can work together.
Accidentally to look again.
On the occasion of the arrival of the 17,000th refugee this month
Willy Brandt said today
in a speech at the German SPD meeting,
in which he met people's increasing fear
in the German Democratic Republic.
The people of the zone would be afraid
that the folds in the iron curtain are rigid.
I had to replace the center bearings from the Cardan shaft.
- There's no charge, Professor. - Fritz, you are a genius!
A true genius!
Tonight there will be Schnitzel in Vienna, I promise.
By the way, your passport is expiring.
Everything is renewed on the occasion.
A real, real Wiener Schnitzel, that's what I would like as well.
Have a good trip, Professor.
Out of fear, in a gigantic prison
to be locked in
many have left the country, Brandt continued in his speech.
Ohit's done.
- Press firmly. - Mmm.
- What's the stretcher for? - Unfortunately I can't talk about it.
Oh come on! Do you want to march over or what?
- We protect the population. - Mmm.
Well then, protect yourself.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Yes, that's good.
- Good response. - Especially on time.
Thank you very much, doctor.
Shh. If I smell alcohol again on duty
there will be repercussions. I promise you.
What is it? Shh.
Have fun with it.
Thank you.
She made it.
I am so sorry.
All the love, Ella
Did you get in touch with your husband?
You can call him anytime.
Thank you, I was able to speak to him.
Good. Then he'll be there soon.
To his small family.
It's not that easy right now.
Please finish up.
It's just before midnight. Come again tomorrow.
Nobody will take your space away for the time being.
How's it going?
Good. It's looking good.
Thank you.
- Goodbye. - Good night.
From now on, blood reserves must be available at all times.
It's nice to see you here.
Ah. Wait, wait.
Come over.
How did cancer study go?
It was a damn good day today.
Let's toast to that.
So from here you can fly to the moon, right?
- You can fly anywhere from here. - Mhm.
Where do you want to go?
- Um - Where did you always want to go?
- Hawaii. - Hawaii?
- Bahamas. - Hm?
- Cuba. - Cuba?
Come here.
Follow me. This way.
A little more, a little more, a little more. And stop.
And now you close your eyes.
Close your eyes! Trust me. It works.
- Okay. - Eyes closed.
Now you will be light as a feather.
What is there to laugh about? You can fly. Did you know that?
That is you, huh?
Well, let go, give up control?
Curt, stop talking nonsense.
- No, no, no. Trust me. - I don't want to fly.
Look there. Close your eyes. You will not regret it. I promise.
Eyes closed.
And now
you take off from the roof.
Up above in the air, and the Charité down there.
The Charité is getting smaller and smaller under you.
And from here you just keep flying West.
This is very easy.
Because there are no limits up here.
Down there. Do you see? Do you see the lights?
That's already Brussels.
Do you feel the wind?
Can you taste the salt water on your tongue?
The Atlantic.
The sea rushes below you.
A few stray seagulls are buzzing next to you.
And then
The Bahamas.
- The barrier needs to go further. - What's that?
The wire goes around the anti-tank traps.
- What are they doing? - I don't know.
Connect that to the barbed wire.
- Over there. - This is not real!
They're fencing up!
- What!?- They are closing the border sector. This can't be real.
Hurry up. Over there.
- Hey! - Curt!
- Stop it! - Curt.
- Stop it! - Curt, stop it.
- You are caging your own people! - Pst. Stop it now.
- Hands off our city! - Get off the roof. Come on.
- You stupid pigs! - Get off the roof! Curt, come on!
There are strangers are on the roof. Search the building.
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