Charite (2017) s03e03 Episode Script


Then let's start right away.
A bite? I swear to you, Herr Professor.
I have a feeling this is a serial killer.
I'm going to decipher this damn blood.
Will you help me?
Wittenberg, give the young lady 20 blood samples from the bank.
- Thank you! - You will have to report back to me.
We'll see how we can work together. Goodbye.
They're closing this border sector. Hey! You stupid pigs!
Get off the roof. Curt, come on.
13th August 1961, 3:25 AM
Mitja? They are closing the border.
- What!? - Yes, they are raising barbed wire everywhere.
There's someone on the roof. Search the building. Come with me!
His heart is racing, breathing is extremely shallow.
- They are cutting up Berlin. - All rumors!
- Yes, they are closing the border. - What were you doing on the roof?
Left rib fracture pressing on to the lung.
Punctured thorax!
Alcohol and pointed Cannula! Quickly! Quickly!
If we don't operate, he'll die!
Come on, no matter how much you turn to the West,
your rear stays in the East.
Two over there.
- Dr.Bruncken, had a fall. - Hopefully not for the worse.
- There are policemen on the stairwell. - Policemen for what?
- Dr.Bruncken fractured his rib. - Fractured his rib? Is this even authorized!? Come on.
- We are not surgeons.- Yes, by the time they get here, he'd be constricted.
The police are searching the premise.
Take his arm.
Second and third rib.
Cannula please.
Search the rooms!
Give me the tube.
The pulse is stabilizing.
Allow me! The patients are fast asleep. The Charité is not the barracks!
I want to know what exactly happened here.
- He fell. - And because of Curt's fall, the troops are here.
- Listen up. - May I know what you're looking for?
A man in a red sweater
was shouting anti-State slogans from the roof
and assaulted the riot policemen.
A woman in a white coat stood by.
We have quite a few of them. Just pick one.
I am on duty tonight and
no one showed up here.
Is that so? No special appearance?
Now that you say it
around 2:00 o'clock it got really loud. Excavator, the shouting.
I actually wanted to report the peace disturbance,
but now that you are here
That's not funny.
We're out here for your protection, doctor
and that of the German Democratic Republic.
Today on a lot will change.
At the Charité as well.
Keep going.
Move out! Next quarters.
- WellDr.Bruncken, had - I don't even want to know.
Come on, Sister Petra.
Thank you.
Please stay behind the barrier.
Stay back.
What is this supposed to be?
- They will calm them down. - I don't believe you.
A border through Germany! This is absurd.
Absurd? Helmut, this is absolutely necessary.
My wife called me at 3:00 o'clock. I already knew.
Every Sovereign State has a duty to reliably guard it's border
and ensure effective control.
- Where did you want to go? - I've to go down there. They won't allow.
As Party Secretary, you were privy to the plans, I assume. Right?
The initiated circle was very small,
so as not to disturb the process.
Better this way. Without good planning, chaos would've broken out.
And what do you call this here?
The Party needs the support of medical profession.
We'll write a letter to all the Head Physicians.
That's good. We have to give people security now, Helmut.
I give security by treating people.
- Good morning, gentlemen, duty calls. - Yes.
No, no, Herr Professor, you cannot go from here. The direct path is blocked.
This is nonsense! What kind of a circus is that?
That's how it is.
Nonsense! This is idiotic.
Have a good day, Professor.
I'll be with you in a moment.
This is broken leg is lost!
- Surgery is overloaded, doctor. - Yes! So am I.
We have run out of gauze bandages.
- Then go get some. - Dr.Nowack?
- What is it now? - Simone Weiser, 25 years.
- Another suicide? - This was next to her.
Ms.Weiser, Ms.Weiser can you hear me?
Ms.Weiser? Did you take all of the tablets?
Can you hear me? Mrs.Weiser?
She is unconscious. We need to rinse her stomach.
Bring the instruments and saline. Quickly!
Ms.Rösler, it's really too early.
- Ms.Rösler, please. - I have to see my husband.
Can I still make it over?
Yesterday we were fighting for the survival of your baby.
- It should still be in bed. - They say the border is tight.
Don't worry about him.
Your husband is a citizen of the German Democratic Republic.
Of course he will be allowed to enter his own country.
Stay here. You are in good hands.
Come. Come with me. Don't worry.
The pneumatic drills have been rattling since 1:00 at night
and drilling a trench across Ebertstrasse at the Brandenburg Gate.
The trench is about
The Bornholmer is tight. Nobody there can come over.
You all are still here? Are you still in mourning?
Radio DDR isn't even putting out reports, just dance music.
Where's Sister Paula?
Sister Iris, Anke, Dorothee? I need a full strength.
None of them turned up for service.
Those from the West can't get through
and the others are probably trying to come over.
Well then. Come with me.
And you too. And I need those bandages.
going on?
Your lungs had collapsed.
We restored the pressure in the Pleural area
and the rib fracture is temporarily stabilized.
Out there, what's going on?
Stay still.
Tanks have hit the Bornholmer.
We already had a first suicide attempt in the ward.
No! And what did they tell you?
Well, your empty wine bottle certainly didn't stop them. Yeah!
Some drunk was shouting from the roof,
in a red sweater and threw a bottle at the policemen.
You did very well. Congratulations.
They will just lock us up.
This is what I think
a shot across the bow from the West Berlin sector, right?
The fences will be gone in a week or two.
Can't hold out at all. 1,400 kms of national border.
They have the whole
long border closed?
It's a barbed wall.
Here you are!
All hell's broken loose in the ward but three doctorstwo and a half,
are having a chat.
Technical discussion.
Come on! I need help.
You lie still.
I'll be back soon.
Can't you take medical students on a temporary basis?
That is, "if" some of them report back from their holidays.
- Did you draw blood? - They need to go to the lab.
I will do it. I will do it. I can take on other tasks.
Did you take a look in the mirror?
Now we've to seriously examine your blood sometime soon.
Your night shift should be over soon since Prokop is no longer here.
How so?
Prokop has an Austrian passport so he can cross the border at any time?
He could, but does he want to?
He is said to have gone to Vienna.
There's no longer a way from the West to come over. We still slipped through.
Police officers took stones off of the Humboldt Bridge.
I've never been so happy to see you. Hurry, hurry. Get your breakfast.
People should know that everything goes on as usual.
The Charité remains the Charité. No matter what happens at the front door.
That's the way it should be.
- I've to be at the Charité, I've an appointment. - You may not cross!
Hello? Hello?
Excuse me. Yes, I would like to connect to Vienna.
Professor Prokop. He's at Forensic Medicine.
No, no! This is the Charité from East Berlin. I
Disconnected. The lines have been overloaded for hours.
When was he supposed to come?
The Professor cannot be reached for now.
He usually calls at least once a day.
This is impossible.
There's a new card again.
We are here, and the women's clinic is here. But the barriers are here.
That means if the someone wants to come, they have to run around the cake.
- Around the pudding. - Hm?
- We say pudding. - Ah.
Gynecology is more than a kilometer away from us now.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb.
Come on in.
My husband can't get in. He is a cross-border commuter.
There are a lot of them.
He is classified as a corrupter.
If Linchen hadn't come too early, I would be with him.
My husband will be harassed here.
Why is that?
As a journalist at the Tagesspiegel, he had expressed
dismay at what was going on in this country.
We received anonymous threats and were called scroungers.
This is no longer our country.
I know.
I fled in 1938.
- Are you a Jew? - My mother was Jewish.
I then went to America
and met my husband there.
And we had each other there and built a new home.
And why are you here again?
Because we had to go under McCarthy.
I never wanted to come back to Germany.
But my husband convinced me that the GDR was a different State.
No longer the land that killed 6 million Jews
but a new beginning.
I don't know if the new beginning is so mature.
Yes, could be. But I like the approach.
The thought of togetherness
for one other
That we could build aa new State together
which is there for everyone.
Yes, but this State no longer gives us a chance as a family.
That's why we have to look elsewhere.
Why did you want to kill yourself?
Because of a loved one across?
I would like to go home now.
My colleagues from Psychiatry will determine
when you could leave.
II didn't mean to kill myself! I'm not crazy!
Put on a fresh night-gown, okay?
Dr.Nowack, would you come please?
What's the problem?
The patient has breasts and something like a penis.
That doesn't make me a monster.
- No one implied that. - Then why are you staring at me like that?
And? How are you?
Those outside won't hesitate to shoot anyone
who oppose the State.
And you may ask how am I know?
Take it easy. Nobody is shooting.
I saw with my own eyes back then
what they did on June '53.
Shooting at their own people.
The civil uprising was a completely different chapter.
That was the first step.
That border out there
will kill a lot more people.
Senkaxe and all the others
did the right thing.
I should have left long ago.
I'm actually very happy that you are still here.
And so is the Charité.
You need strength right now.
I'm sorry, but that's what we have to do.
I don't know where to put someone like that.
Ms.Weiser, sorry about the back and forth, yes? It's busy here right now.
According to your ID you are a woman
and there is no discussion on that. You stay here on the ward.
You will need to regain your strength first.
Try to get some sleep, okay?
Your body needs that now.
Why are you doing here? This is a case for Psychiatry.
Alex, that woman has a physical problem.
And a psychological one at that! She is suicidal.
Yes! Because this environment will make her life hell
as soon as someone gets wind.
You saw what's going on.
She is afraid. And we have to drive that away.
And how do we do that? Add this to our problems?
I don't want new problems.
We need 10 saline solutions.
The patient on 7 is still on pain medication.
And the patient on 2 is on the final blood drip.
What do we do with the hermaphrodite?
- Discuss that with Dr.Wendt. - Hm.
The infusion for this one must be renewed.
Ah no.
What does the Party want?
What was that this morning?
I ask myself the same thing.
How should this go on now?
In here, Doctor Nowack.
Your disrespectful tone this morning towards the authorities
I know your nerves are on edge.
The Charité is without wonderful perks.
But subversive tendencies are to be reported of course.
Doctors like you
who are in business here
do not put their own good first.
If I could do anything for the department
Send a new senior physician.
The ship urgently needs a new captain.
Dr.Nowack, I need you on 5.
Any news of Professor Prokop?
At least he left with his wife for there.
I have to show him my results.
The Haptoglobin levels have
sharply increased in all samples from cancer patients.
My theory has been confirmed.
And you need to call him to cross check?
Yes. Can't you call Vienna again?
Mrs.Dammrau tried all day.
Professor Prokop couldn't be reached.
And Kennedy is silent.
That won't change either.
The wall only keeps the Americans from getting into trouble.
- Good morning, Herr Professor. - Dr.Schwenke.
- The events come thick and fast. - You made it! Business it is.
- Yes. - Dr.Keller, good morning.
- Good Morning. - Good Morning.
Sorry darling.
We had an admission from the delivery room late.
No problem, you are here now.
The children can stay at the summer camp.
Thank goodness! It's settled. That's a huge relief.
This is devastating. Staff losses.
by far few doctors, too few a nurses.
Ah! Frau colleague, you also struggling with personnel losses, right?
I'm struggling more with the delays
caused by the distance between departments.
Dear colleague, you might want to explain to your wife
the established structure at Charité.
- Helmut, my wife is only interested in the matter. - Hmh.
- How is the Reticulocytosis going? - It's going wonderfully.
That's nice.
Excuse me.
Isn't Kraatz an expert on Hermaphroditism?
- Maybe we could show her to him. - Yes. They're moving him to Psychiatry.
I don't think he's really empathetic. His garrison tone is notorious.
- Thank you for your support. - Very well. Good luck.
Dear comrades, as you know
on Sunday night
Construction-Brigade from the Riot Police from across the country
raised a protective wall.
Pff, protective wall.
The annoying withdrawal of Charité employees
has come to an end.
The border is closed.
The Charité due to its exposed location
is particularly vulnerable to the new situation.
We are now the border area.
For your protection, parts of the building will become the Humbold harbor
- and Alexanderufer walled up on the water side. - What?
What exactly does that mean?
That means quite simply
that each and every one of us from now on carries a dual responsibility
for a stable political situation
and for the orderly medical processes.
We are what we always have been:
A tight-knit community.
Probably more of a community of fate!
To strengthen our position, we've written a letter
which all senior doctors should sign:
Charité doctors welcome the building of the wall.
Ha! This is getting more and more absurd.
Let me quote from it:
August 13th,
has brought about a turning point in the lives of our faculty.
All doctors and employees in our clinics and institutes
can now go on without interference from outside influences
to do their duty.
We thankfully acknowledge the commitment of our employees,
who ensured the populace did not for a second
go without medical care.
In accordance with the Senate statement principles
we call on all employees and students
to actively participate in the maintenance of world peace
and to draw the right values from German history.
This wall locks up those who stay trapped here.
- I ask for order. - Anyone who wanted to leave is long gone. That's what it looks like.
- I see this a little differently. - There he is!
The Charité is the first hospital in this country.
If we give up, the lights would go out.
Not just because of a power failure.
We have at hand the Charité to be scientifically and medically
upheld to where it once was.
250 years of compassion.
The Charité is not about politics.
It is about the patients. You cannot let them down now.
Wellthe next shift starts in 10 minutes.
Exactly! Let's go. Get back to work.
Herr Professor?
It's such a relief.
I don't even know what to say!
Make sure you talk to Kraatz.
Herr Professor?
If the Professor would be so kind
as to sign the letter from medical professionals,
that would be a beacon of light.
I just sign section reports.
I'm back here again. That should be enough.
You cannot mix medicine with politics.
Professor, I'm sorry. We have a gender ambiguity in our ward.
The "woman" claims to be woman
but is noticeable in the genital area and resembles a man.
- Have the patient brought over to me. - Yes.
Thank you for the conversation.
"No one has an intention to build a wall". Do they?
Nor I.
And? What about the blood tests?
Did Wittenberg pick anything decent for you?
All tumor patients examined
have increased Haptoglobin concentration.
I tested them photometrically and believe
that the cause of the elevated values
may already be in the inflammatory reaction.
- No tissue breakdown with metastasis? - No.
It happens much earlier.
An early test.
That would be an achievement.
- Are there any more samples? - I don't have enough blood.
Wittenberg puts something together.
Mrs.Dammrau, call Inspector Hertweck.
I have interesting news for him.
Yes, maybe you can put me through to the right department.
Listen, it's about a certain Nils Rösler.
He is a journalist for the Tagesspiegel.
Yes, I know what's going on right now, I don't live on the moon.
Look, the woman has just finished
giving birth to his child.
yes I understand. Yes. Yes. Yes, thank you for your time.
Inge, what are you doing there?
I am trying to help a patient with her newborn.
The man is a cross-border commuter.
Your own fault if you are the stooge of the West Berlin capitalists.
Mitja, he's on the blacklist.
The woman is likely to have difficulty leaving.
What have you got to do with it?
I thought you wanted to go to the concert?
Yes, but this is about a young family now.
And no matter what kind of perspective they may have,
it is not our place to separate them.
Could you put in a word for this woman with Wollenweber?
So that she goes with a man who undervalues the State?
It's about the child.
That cannot be held responsible for the conviction of it's parents.
Darling, you may be an excellent doctor
but a pathetic politician.
Otherwise I'll do it.
Don't mess about with Wollenweber.
I think Kraatz was enough.
Yes, and I'd do it again. That stubborn cockerel!
Yes, it is a cruel game of hide-and-seek that you live out there.
I suppose your parents brought you up to meet the norm.
It was embarrassing too.
No. It is not.
You know,
God has His many a little sheep
created in all possible colors.
And also in all possible forms.
For most people, unfortunately, I'm a curse from God.
A sick monster.
That you are not.
You are a special medical case.
We're dealing with an anomaly in your sexual characteristics. Sit.
I've been grappling with it for a long time
and exchanging ideas with colleagues internationally.
And in the field of Hermaphroditism,
as for a hermaphrodite,
we are further than you think.
Were you raised as a girl?
I am a woman.
That's a very clear advantage,
that you are so sure of yourself.
That helps us a lot.
You want to help me?
Dear colleague, you might want to explain to your wife
the established structure at Charité.
With pleasure. Could we, please, do that with a glass of cognac?
Only if you call Wollenweber. first.
Inge, no.
you were allowed to leave the USA and I was able to follow you.
Imagine if they didn't let me leave the country.
Would you have let a border separate our family?
In my experience this is a genetic defect,
where Androgens are increasingly formed in the adrenal cortex
the male sex hormones.
I am not a man.
The first step would be a chromosome analysis.
At the same time, we would measure the hormone status in your blood.
And if there is a need for further clarification,
we would make a small cut in your stomach
And see if you have ovaries, so to speak.
You know, I loved gymnastics as a kid.
I was actually really good.
And then my parents suddenly got me
off of physical education.
- How old were you then? - Eight.
Since that day I've known I was different.
Since then I've been paying attention to every gesture I make.
Every word I say, so I don't go wrong.
I don't want to go on like this.
To give you a complete picture
a lot of time will go by.
I will have to consult colleagues from Psychiatry, from Surgery.
It will cost you a lot of strength.
But if you hold out
then the probability is very high
that your external sexual characteristics will be subjected to correction.
The corpse from the Waldviertel near Vienna
has exactly the same characteristics.
- One and the same perpetrator? - Mmm.
But how can that be?
A traveler, maybe a trader?
A diplomat with multiple passports like myself.
Maybe it's me! Grr.
He finds his victims at the tavern or at the dance.
Gets them drunk, as the toxicological analysis shows.
- And then - He bites.
The tooth samples from Leipzig and Vienna match.
The man has very noticeable teeth. Very noticeable.
And he could strike again at any time.
You should have seen him! That Wittenberg
- He really gave Lehmann an earful. - Yes. Nevertheless.
This letter is a check.
I hope my colleagues do not allow themselves to be manipulated.
Lie down.
- You know what? - Hm?
I think I haven't even thanked you
for saving my life.
Right, there's something else
A patient complained
that she didn't want to be in the room with a hermaphrodite.
She rather sleep in the corridor.
But that's absurd.
Yes, you tell her that.
Yes, I'll tell her that then.
Be glad you are in bed.
My dear citizens
18th August 1961,
5 days after wall construction
of the German Democratic Republic
and dear friends in West Germany and West Berlin.
Eventful days are behind us.
Here and there the waves rose a bit,
which will gradually smooth out.
Those at Schöneberg and Bonn
which were artificially stoked uprising have subsided.
Of course we must continue to be vigilant
but life will go on as it were.
I'll do that myself.
Are you still here or back again?
I'm almost done.
And? Were you successful?
Not quite.
Show it to me.
The Haptoglobin values have shot up in all samples.
That's the problem.
Blood sample number 23.
The patient suffers from rheumatism.
- Not cancer? - Hhm. Hhm.
Did you discover only the similarities with Rheumatism?
I need more cross checks.
With a cold, for example
Wittenberg, come here! We need your blood.
Dr.Wendt is on the cusp of an interesting theory. We need a larger sample.
Wittenberg, do it now!
In terms of science, nothing should be too bad.
Go ahead, give blood! Come on!
We'll discuss that later.
Well, your hands are very cold.
You don't need to be scared.
It's a routine operation.
The chromosome analysis was ambiguous,
Let's now see directly if you have ovaries.
And yes, there will be an audience during the operation.
You want to show me off?
- I'm not your circus horse. - No! You are my patient.
And in order to be able to give you an exact diagnosis,
I depend on the consultation of my colleagues.
Do you understand me?
Have confidence in me, Ms.Weiser.
I will give you the best possible treatment.
If you need help, we have an infant clinic.
We'll be fine. Thank you.
If you do so, the Department of Internal Affairs will know everything.
And you know that.
Why are you doing this for me?
Because I know how it is when a family is torn apart.
I never wanted to come back to Germany
nevertheless I followed my husband.
Believe me, it isn't easy for me to leave everything here.
I learned one thing:
No matter where you are, it is important that the
that the inner compass functions.
The attitude.
Thank you.
Thank you very much for everything.
Good luck to you and your family.
The Gynecology informed of a premature birth 32 weeks in.
Well then, prepare everything.
- When did they call? 5 minutes back? - 25 minutes.
Yes! Then it will take another 25 minutes for them to get here.
When will this stubborn cockerel finally give in?
This way is far too long!
These images are not intended for the public, Ms.Weiser.
They will be used for documentation which will helps us with the diagnosis.
Ladies and gentlemen, please be quiet.
I expect the utmost concentration
and sensibility.
During the preparation,
as well as during the operation.
Think about the result.
In an hour it will all be over and we'll be certain.
We will begin.
Give me a break!
You are not ready yet. 11 days is not enough.
The tiredness has receded sufficiently.
Who is your doctor again here?
We won't be flying together anymore.
Of course!
Of course we will fly together again.
Maybe not up on the roof, with you there.
Maybe not to the other side of the world, but
the medical profession offers trips to Hungary.
That sounds really interesting. Budapest with a clinic visit.
By the way, Prokop give me
I'll not be played into this deceit anymore.
I will not be staying here.
we are doctors, not politicians.
We are faculty idiots who shouldn't be looking around.
That is what we are!
Please stop fooling yourself with all this
just so you could get into Prokop's laboratory.
Sorry, but nobody knows exactly how things will go from here.
So please stop acting like a God!
The lights will go out soon, Ella!
Everything hasn't caved in yet
solely due to the fact that we improvise.
Mend work?
This is not the basis for healthy medical care. Let alone a life!
Why didn't you leave long back if everything is so terrible?
It's wonderful when you press your finger, it really doesn't exist.
Curt, you're so boarded up! The wall is nothing compared to this.
It is.
With the ovaries in place, it is now clear
that this is a genetic defect.
A so-called pseudo-hermaphroditism female.
A form of inter-sexuality,
in which the gonadal gender is feminine,
but the external appearance is masculine.
So basically a woman?
With Chromosomal analysis
and the hormone status, the findings are now clear.
Many thanks.
What did the Haptoglobin from Wittenberg read?
- Also increased. - Ah!
Just like here: Gastritis, Nephritis, Hepatitis-B.
I have failed all along.
Anything else would have surprised me too.
We're looking for a needle in a haystack.
In a whole barn full of hay.
We have to fail. That's what drives us, hm?
Wittenberg? Does Dr.Wednt have her own key to the laboratory?
Of course not.
Then of course she will get one now.
And get out of the corner. Come work here on the desk. Hm?
You have discovered a sure indicator of inflammation in the blood.
This is great achievement.
Now you have to get in deep. Get broader, systematize.
What if I disappoint you again?
Oh God, disappoint me, please!
All along the way! Let me down!
But keep working with me.
A bone appears to have split in the cervical vertebra.
You can be proud of yourself.
The first step has been taken.
On my part, I have the same duty to provide support.
Now nothing will be in the way.
Yes, Mrs.Rapoport?
Well, 36 minutes from my clinic to your clinic.
I spent 35 minutes for nothing.
Dear colleague, most children are born healthy.
The number of live births at the Charité
is excellent compared to global comparison.
Yes! May be. But what about the newborns who need help?
- Do you want to talk about my station? - No. I don't
Namely, the little Socialist trifle refusal and you take care of the teething troubles?
Yes, but where does that lead to when everyone is doing their own thing?
Let's work together and
and leave this holistic medicine for the good of the children.
That is completely a different area of expertise!
Yes, keep ignoring like a machine.
Don't look to the left or to the right.
Since you have had an excellent ride so far.
What are you referring to?
My past under the National Socialists?
That I did not resist but fight. Huh?
- Did you do that in America? - We're going off the subject.
Yes, I believe so too.
Everyone has an area of responsibility.
- I don't control your work either. - I don't care about control.
Oh no?
By the way, the detour since the wall was built
is not my doing.
Please contact the Party Secretary.
Pediatrician in Gynecology, right?
You have to be careful
the Pediatrician doesn't crawl into the uterus right away.
Then she's in the ovary
and she could immediately control conception.
Sister Petra, anything going on?
- Everything is quiet. - Good. If you must, call me, okay?
I wanted to check on Mr.Bruncken again.
What was that?
They were shots! Someone is shooting.
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