Charite (2017) s03e04 Episode Script


The border is closed.
I won't play this game.
- I am not staying here. - No one knows what will happens next.
So stop acting like a God!
The lights will go out soon, Ella.
- Could something grow back then? - Let's wait for the follow-up examination.
Most children are born healthy.
And the number of live births at the Charité
is excellent compared to international standards.
You have discovered a sure indicator of inflammation in the blood.
That is a great achievement.
What was that?
Those were shots. Someone shot there.
24th August, 1961, 4:00 PM
Quiet! Go back to your room.
No, no, no. Stay here. Off to bed.
- Have you seen Dr.Bruncken? - Isn't he in the room?
- You are a murderer! - Murderer!
- Murderer! - Murderer!
Medical Institute Professor Prokop strongly insists
One moment please.
Herr Professor?
- I heard gunshots. - There is nothing to see.
They shot someone who wanted to cross over.
Please finish your work,
take the bodies to the basement
and leave the institute.
- Come on. Ella. - Stay back.
There is nothing you can do.
Who is that? Did you see who it was?
Wittenberg and Frau Dammrau stay.
Professor, it's not even 6:00.
I didn't miss that. Goodbye. Thanks.
And what if it's Curt?
- You may go. - They stay.
Frau Dammrau takes the dictation.
The investigation must be kept absolutely confidential.
- Of course. - Wittenberg?
Remove the tarp.
Apparently he surrendered, but they shot immediately.
Where would this lead when they shoot their own people?
Light food goes to Room 5.
- Curt isn't in Surgery or anywhere else. - Ella, we can't do anything.
What gave him the idea to swim across the Humboldthafen?
The patient in Room 3 is in pain again.
I'll check on him.
Oh no!
Those who are believed dead live longer.
- I'll have a look at this, okay? - Mmm.
Please. This way.
- Mrs.Jasinski!? - My stomach is getting bigger and bigger.
Yes? Do you have pain?
Little bit.
Come with me.
Where had you been?
Everyone is needed. Your words.
How long has the stomach been so swollen?
Hm. Only a few days, but it's getting big.
Fluid collection in the abdominal cavity . This is called stomach Ascites.
I'll puncture your stomach.
Then you will be better.
Don't worry. I'll stay there.
When we are done I'll have you transferred.
I'll have to operate again.
Does that means it grew back, the cancer in my stomach?
I am afraid so.
Male corpse, early, mid-20s,
70 kilograms.
Clothed, wet.
Gunshot wound on the back of the head.
Do you have this?
Good, let's cut him open now.
Your daughter's drawing
is hanging over my desk right as a protection.
All gentlemen they may be set for us.
When I'm three times size of a tree, only then am I medically examined?
My daughter and husband are with my mother-in-law.
Don't be scared. Don't be scared. Everything is fine.
I'll operate in the morning, align the whole station.
Will be done, Doctor.
The dead man at the border
I thought it was you, Curt.
- Everything normal? - Yes.
I have to take care of patients.
You are always thinking about yourself, aren't you?
Looking for attention.
Jumping off the roof, disappearing for a moment.
What are you thinking next?
The bullet removed part of the head off the deceased
listing the bullet size
measuring 7.62 x 25 mm.
The caliber, according to my modest level of knowledge
is only used by the MPs with the transport police.
Death by drowning may be dismissed,
as I'm unable to find any characteristics.
The only cause of death is a shot in the back of the head.
But you already knew that, gentlemen. Nothing new.
You cannot survive a shot like that.
Thank you, Herr Professor, I'll take care of the rest.
That won't do. You cannot
You cannot take the carbon copy with you.
Let's go home.
How about a key?
Oh. Sorry.
May I come in?
I did not mean to scare you.
I wouldn't swim over the harbor.
But you were thinking about it.
I would've thought of something else.
You think this is funny?
You are right, this is not funny.
- What happened today is just the beginning. - Stop these prophecies, Curt.
They killed a man today.
They won't let anyone out of here.
It will keep getting worse. For a factfor a fact there will be a whole
generation walled in.
Here's a reminder. In case you get stupid thoughts again.
You don't have to worry
I have a contact there. It's safe.
Let's go together. Doctors are needed everywhere.
I'm not a coward to just give up.
- What does this have to do with cowardice? - Curt?
The Charité, isis our home right now
I didn't mean to disturb.
- I wanted to - I have to go to the ward anyway.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, you have to operate on Mrs.Jasinski tomorrow morning, right?
Yes, yes. Registered for 8:00 o'clock.
I'll leave then, Professor.
Ms.Dammrau, do you have a minute to record a dictation?
Of course.
My tram is gone anyway.
Male corpse
Early, mid-20th
Body condition according to age.
70 kilograms.
Clothed, wet.
A gunshot wound on the back of the head
no further injuries.
The result after a detailed autopsy
No signs of drowning.
The cause of death is one and only
one shot in the back of the skull, center left.
Thank you very much for that.
You can now call it a day.
Thank you, Herr Professor.
The first death occurred today
on the border sector of ​​the German Democratic Republic.
It is not known whether the shooting resulted in the man's death.
According to East German reports, it was warning shots.
A drowning death cannot therefore be ruled out.
Berlin's governing Mayor Willy Brandt
is concerned and criticizes the incident,
just like Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, in the sharpest possible way.
Meanwhile the barriers were opened
between the Brandenburg area
and West Berlin for expansion today.
First barbed wire barriers
were increased to three barbed wire fences.
Houses near the border continue to be cleared
and razed to the ground.
And a 100 meters wide protection zones on the East side
to be build on the German-German border.
Good Morning. And? Did you sleep well?
- Almost. - Room 5.
- Is there any coffee? - In the nurse's room.
So why doesn't anyone get a driver's license in the zone?
You don't need to drive on the fenced off terrain.
Humor is when you laugh away.
Excuse me.
My father fell off the ladder.
- We're supposed to go to Trauma Surgery. - You are already inside.
Yes, would you like to sit down for a moment?
I'll concur the amount. Wheelchair please.
- That doesn't sound good. - Ah
- He has been carrying this cough for ages. - Hmh.
- Well, do you want one? - Yes.
I was not wise on my old bones.
Well then, please take Mr
Neumann. Walter Neumann.
Mr.Neumann to Trauma Surgery for the leg. Okay?
- And then we will look into your cough. - Well. Thank you.
- It was their responsibility. - Sure, of course.
Good Morning.
Since we were interrupted earlier yesterday on,
let's start early today.
The protocol, please.
- Did I not express myself clearly? - No
no, Herr Professor, it's just thatwhat happened yesterday
That's politics. To me it is of no interest.
A dead got through the works.
Do yours now. Please.
Wittenberg, unwrap it.
- Where were we? - Um. Rib fracture.
Rib fracture, wonderful. Off we go.
Ulbricht's human values became too modern!
Wanted to swim to West Berlin shot by Vopos
The West doesn't stop
inciting people against their our country.
Look here.
Good morning.
- How long have you been sitting here? - Since 6:00.
Here you go.
Can it not be for the good of mother and child
but also for the structure,
allowing the progress of time to grant one.
The Charité stands in tradition
by professors like Virchow, Koch and Sauerbruch
who have always stood for research and development.
Strong words.
All these are facts that he will get today.
Kraatz doesn't take you seriously because you're a woman.
There aren't many women doctors in his world.
Well, welcome to the 20th century.
And gynecology should
move a few meters closer to the Neonatology department.
So that we can optimally care for the youngest patients.
Yes. He's such a vain rooster.
- Ingeborg? - Yes.
- When do the children come home? - 3:30 PM.
I hope the bus gets through.
My darling, the kids aren't in the jungle, but at Eisenach.
Yes. You are right.
Sister Rike, for the 153rd time:
I need the x-rays.
How should I perform an operation without a recording?
- They're all in there already, Herr doctor. - Eh.
- Take a deep breath. - Yes.
Doesn't get any better here.
And? How did Ms.Jasinski's operation go?
Ascites. The entire Peritoneum is a single metastasis.
Liver, spleen, pancreas
everything's full of tumors. This doesn't look good.
I will speak to her.
She has a right to know how things stand.
Does this remind you of your mother and about you from back then?
Life goes on and on, Curt.
I learned that back then.It doesn't matter what happens.
- About yesterday - The patient is being anesthetized.
And one more time, please
and out.
I would like to admit you as an in-patient
so that I can observe everything.
Just don't over-do it.
Just a word, colleague.
Just one minute. I'll be right back, okay?
A broken leg? We hardly have beds for our own patients.
He's coughing up blood.
And I want to know why?
Father, let them examine you thoroughly.
Does that really have to be?
I wanted to go to Schneeberg tomorrow.
I don't have a vacation anymore.
But Mr.Neumann, with a broken foot you can't work anyways.
- What do you do for a living? - My father is with Wismut.
Wismut! Are you a miner?
Yes I am! And for over 20 years.
Always underground. Not a day sick.
You area real hero at work.
And? Standard met?
My group makes money every month
our extra liter of "Miner's Death".
Not to mention the special rations of food.
Well, all for one and one for all
Let's take a closer look on that, Mr.Neumann.
Well, if you say so, doctor.
Are you also thinking of silicosis?
Not unusual for a miner to have dust in the lung.
I also read somewhere
that they were still drilling dry a few years ago .
- We need an X-ray. - The device is broken.
There is sure to be a preliminary finding.
What should I say to mother?
She's in Schneeberg and doesn't know anything.
Yes, and it should stay that way.
Otherwise she gets upset immediately. Even if it were nothing.
have you ever been to the Wismut Works Hospital?
Yes, I was there for a medical check-up.
Yes, because of your cough!
- And he's no longer there. - Did our colleagues X-ray you?
Falling sick doesn't exist for me. I'm not going to let others down.
You hear him? Stubborn as an old goat.
Say anything you want. This is part of me.
- Lung infection? - I concur.
Let's check it out now.
I'll call the hospital and get the results.
Well then, please blow into this. Hard.
I'm sorry.
Charité, Berlin. Dr.Nowack speaking
I would need information on a Walter Neumann, born 07/29/06.
I need laboratory values ​​and X-ray results, if there are any.
I would like to speak to the treating doctor.
And when is he back in the ward?
I need the medical record. This is urgent.
Great! Put it in the mail then
but as soon as possible.
Thank you.
How you been in the ward?
Did your mind calm down after what happened yesterday?
We have enough to do, for a distraction.
People of course, are unsettled.
I referred to the on-call police reports.
Provoked by a 24 year old criminal.
- They surely must be overwhelmed. - Brave men.
They will receive the Badge of Honor of the People's Police.
These things won't
destroy our young Socialist Republic.
The law-breaker was a member of the illegal West CDU.
Are you a Party member with us?
Not yet.
Think about it.
They are capable peoplewho provide support in times like these.
What about the vacant Senior Physician position?
Would be good if the department had a Head.
You will need someone you can rely on.
- Well, here we are, Mr.Neumann. - Yes. Hello.
- I'll come tomorrow and bring you fresh supplies, father. - Yes. Good. Yes.
- Now? - Yes. Carefully.
- One, two, three. - Thank you very much.
- Hello. - Ah.
- Everything okay? - Yes. Everything's good.
And please tell your mother, I'll be coming soon.
- Until then. - Until then.
- Sister? - Uh. Petra.
- Petra? - Student nurse.
Can you help him?
If our diagnosis is correct then he can work underground
but if it occurs longer again then he will have to finish up.
He won't like that at all.
But the Wismut is so big.
A job will be found for him.
- Yes, tea then. - Thank you very much, doctor.
- Until then. - Until then.
And don't worry. We'll get your father back on his feet. In every sense.
There they are at last.
- I'll take the suitcase. - Finally at home.
Slowly. You all can get it.
I want a suitcase too.
Thank you.
- Mother! - Mother.
Aunt Grete!
Mama, the vacation was great!
Oh my big one. How nice.
- Mama! - Oh my girls.
- Hello, Aunt Grete. - Mama!
- My girl. - I was a little homesick.
Yes. I know that. Have a drink.
- Mama! - Hey my precious.
That was so cool! We had a tree house.
- In the evening we made a fire. - I am so happy. Good.
- I see you missed us. - Yes.
- Mama has anything changed in my room? - What should have changed?
You have grown again. Tell me about it.
- Daddy! - Come here my darling.
Hey my precious!
Oh! Did you get hurt? What happened there?
She must have got that this morning.
Another little fit
and hit her head on the table.
- Oh my little mouse. - Daddy, the border, where exactly is it now?
The border
Mikey, Tommy, I'll show you this on the map.
Come sit down.
So nice that you're both back here.
That is the GDR.
And here is our border.
- Wow! Pretty big. - Yes. 18 million inhabitants.
And here is Berlin.
Did he get all of it? I need to know, doctor.
I need to know what to say to my daughter and my husband.
The cancer has spread, Mrs.Jasinski.
Metastases have formed in the peritoneum.
Can't Dr.Bruncken remove them?
There was too much.
The adjacent organs are also affected.
That was just too late, yes? By the time we discovered the cancer.
How much time do I have left?
That depends on very different factors.
At least until Rita starts school?
II don't know, but I
I'll make sure you get home soon
and that you are pain-free there.
Promise me to keep fighting
until this cancer has no more chance.
Even if I won't have any more of it myself ,
take my blood.
Take my organs, everything.
But keep going so that I don't die in vain.
That I promise you.
- And? Were you successful, colleague? - Hm.
- I will not be satisfied. - Who died again?
Hm. No one.
But I made a promise to someone. And I keep my promises.
How calm, how reliable the research is
compared to politics.
With their grand gestures and their loud actions.
The Haptoglobin was a dead end.
I got lost.
Where do you want to run to?
Don't you want to stop and see what you gotten to?
Didn't you mean to split blood into its parts?
Mmm. And getting smaller and smaller.
Split the Haptoglobin into its sub-types.
And on a molecular level.
Our blood tells so much about our beginning.
Maybe the Haptoglobin is carrying the secret we're looking for.
Yes. Maybe.
Dr.Wednt, you must to come urgently! It's Mr.Neumann.
Get O negative!
He's bleeding!
What's wrong? What happened?
How long has this been?
I just got here, I heard him.
Laryngoscope! Put pillows aside.
Faster! Faster! Faster!
The vocal cords are so swollen that it's filled with blood. Pressure on the larynx!
I told his daughter that everything would be fine.
I promised her. I promised herI
We missed something, Alex.
This can't be. Anything!
He came with a broken leg and 24 hours later he's dead?
What did we not know?
I have to call Schneeberg and speak to the responsible colleagues.
I want to know what's going on.
- Where is Dr.Bruncken? - I don't know.
We need him for the next shift.
The man is dead!
And now I want to know why?.
What use is the file to me if we don't have it here?
I would like to speak to the responsible colleague. Right now!
Yes, then with his representative! This
This can not be true.
No. Please! You don't need to send anyone here.
We can do that here too. The Pathology in our department is
Oh, we're not moving fast enough now?
Absurd! That's how absurd this is.
When the time come, we are there
because of the power that is, the Charité!
The Charité stands in the tradition
by professors like Virchow, Koch and Sauerbruch.
Ha, yes! Virchow, he would turn in the grave.
And Koch too at the same time.
What's a presumption!
Telling me how to
Everything okay, Professor? Should I come back again?
Oh, nonsense. Stay here. It's only because this colleague herecolleague Rapoport,
she wants one of her Pediatricians to be constantly on the ward here. Right?
Comparing with America.
They don't want them in America anymore.
Talk to her again.
People have to talk to each other again.
You can't talk to that woman.
She's like a startled one in Fourier.
I don't understand how her husband puts up with her.
But Mitja Rapoport is really an intelligent person.
But so is the Frau Doctor.
The woman is no doctor.
As in? Not a doctor?
I would be happy to have a constructive conversation. Right!
The constructive conversation that is supposed to
be subjected to what children say.
- What have you done, Pflaster? - Everything is fine, Professor.
- I've everything under control. - Yes? Everything under control.
YesI also hope that we have everything under control.
Somebody will pick him up.
They want to postmortem Neumann's body themselves.
The drivers from the Wismut are already on their way.
Why can't we do postmortem on him?
Because we are not the concerned company hospital.
Alex, something's wrong.
The man is deceased with us here, I want to know why.
They'll be here soon.
In the Pathology department,
there's a two day wait for our dead man's turn.
Forget about Pathology.
Herr Professor! Herr Professor.
- What are you doing here? - A patient died.
- It happens. - I need to know why?
Did you get him to Pathology?
That won't do. You must do a postmortem immediately. Please.
Why the rush? He can't get more dead than he already is.
- They're coming to get him. - Well who?
The ones from Wismut.
When we requested his files, it took forever.
And now it can't go fast enough for them.
Wismut? Interesting. Don't they mine Uranium?
I'll look at it.
- When did he die? - Less than two hours ago.
Come on, hurry up!
Good. I'll have him brought down. Be seeing you soon.
Comrade Lehmann, how may I help?
- Do you know Dr.Bruncken. - Yes. Of course.
Miss Dr.Wendt is friends with him?
I don't know too much about my colleagues' private lives .
What's up?
is missing.
I saw him in the ward yesterday.
He didn't show up for the shift this morning.
Locker empty, overcoat neatly hung up.
We know he's in the west.
I don't think in Pathology my colleague knew about it.
I appreciate your loyalty.
Also towards us.
Not to lean to the West customer.
We need people who stick together, especially here at Charité.
People like you, Dr.Nowack.
We can count on you, can't we?
What else I wanted to give you.
Herr Professor, I thought you were out jogging.
- I'm here! We have a dead person. - We often have them here.
Coat. Wittenberg.
Can we talk about Curt for a minute?
Alex, not here. This is about Neumann.
You stay.
If I have any questions, I don't want to look for you.
Well then let's start.
Male corpse, mid, late 50s, overweight.
- Broken leg. Was it operated? - Operated for minimal dislocation.
Good. Let's open up.
A black lung leading to Carcinoma?
Nodule inflammation,
with lymph node involved.
- A tumor? - Just one?
His entire lungs is full of it. Wittenberg, photos.
Pick up inside.
In summation,
the man wasn't just exposed to Quartz dust,
but also to completely different substances.
What? What substance?
Uranium, Radon.
Miners who mine Uranium are exposed to high levels of radiation.
Otherwise known as Schneeberger disease.
A special form of lung cancer.
This is an open secret
that miners are at increased risk of lung cancer.
And nobody does anything about it?
Of course there are protective measures.
But nobody sticks to it.
The miners often don't even know
how dangerous the substance is they get underground for.
They give their lives in the tunnels
so that the Russians can use it to stuff their nuclear warheads.
And that is why it's called "Ore for free".
Neumann is just one of many?
That is to be feared, yes.
So we couldn't have done anything no matter what we tried?
The man was near death long before he fell off the ladder.
Herr Professor?
Wismut Works Hospital.
We're supposed to pick up Walter Neumann's body .
My respects.
Isis that all you can do?
What did you expect?
I'm a coroner. Can I bring that man back to life?
Please send a copy to my office.
Comrade Nowack, may I have a moment?
Can't this be done later?
Just a word.
Good evening.
So what's going on? Where is my father?
Where is he?
- Come with me. Trust me. - What happened?
Unfortunately I have to tell you that your
You said he would be fine.
It's just a broken leg and
- Yes - What about the lungs?
I'm so sorry.
You said you could do it.
I was wrong.
It all happened very quickly.
When I got to him, he had already collapsed.
I've triedeverything, but I'm sorry to tell you
that your father passed away this morning.
therethere were complications.
What complications?
There are situations in which even doctors are powerless.
Look, your father was admitted with a broken leg.
- But we had to - A pulmonary embolism.
We couldn't do anything more.
A clot has formed that has blocked a pulmonary vein.
I'm so sorry.
This can't be.
- No. - Come on, calm down.
I should have nevernever have let him climb that ladder.
Come with me.
Take it easy, huh?
Give me the bouquet.
Let's go to the kitchen for a glass of water.
What did you say just now?
We lie to our patients and their families, huh?
- Ella - A pulmonary embolism? How could you do that?
- Ella, it would be better if we stay out of this. - But it's not true
Nobody can prove where the tumors came from. We can't either.
We shouldn't get involved.
What did he promise you? Hm?
Say it. What did he promise you?
- Say it! - Curt is gone.
He crossed over the border.
He was asking about you.
I said you didn't know anything about it.
I knew it wasn't going well since Curt's fall from the roof.
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