Charite (2017) s03e05 Episode Script


Let's go together. Doctors are needed everywhere.
I am not a coward to just run away.
has gone missing.
- What are you doing, Pflaster? - Everything is fine, Professor.
- I'd like to admit you as a patient to observe you. - Don't over do it.
We missed something, Alex. This cannot be.
What about the vacant Senior Physician position?
You need someone reliable.
- A pulmonary embolism. - Are we lying to our patients, now?
We should stay out of this.
What did he promise you? Hm?
Appointment as Senior Physician
of the First Medical Clinic Department of Internal Medicine
Head of Department Internal Medicine
Thank you.
- Have a good day. - Thank you very much.
Good morning, Frau Doctor.
Morning. Unfortunately I have to go to rounds now.
I was going the same way.
My mother was a Surgery nurse with Professor Sauerbruch.
She was there when the bombs fell.
She never complained.
But the disappearance of colleagues in recent years
breaks her heart.
You know what? I feel like that too.
Mmm. Understandable.
Can you imagine that? Crawling to crosses.
Reporting how many staff are absent despite the Wall?
I don't get to make friends like this in the Health Ministry.
Charité's condition is important to me.
And very much so.
Uh, did Dr.Bruncken get in touch with you?
Why should he?
Maybe he did? I know you had nothing to with it.
Yes. The one who does not tell, yes.
Don't get me wrong.
I just want this to be good between us.
A place with Professor Prokop after such a short time,
that is not a matter of course.
What do you mean by that?
I personally think it's a shame
if you didn't remain kind to us.
Well then. I am following your path with great interest.
We can't relocate Fuchs, he has been recently operated on.
He will be released tomorrow. Kowack comes on 3.
- Good. - That patient is shit!
Sister Petra, do I have to tell you,
- that's not how we talk about patients. - No one ever has complained like this!
We shouldn't have come here.
They can't even make warm tea.
Herr Richter. My name is Nowack.
I am the Senior Physician in charge.
- So what? - How are we today?
Well, I'm not good.
- Robert, please. - Yes, yes.
- Rash, huh? - Mmm.
Light pressure on the chest?
Would you like to uncloth yourself then, please?
As in? Now? In front of the women?
Herr Richter, you are a seasoned man and nothing to hide.
Come on.
Show me.
How long have you had this?
Pft! What do I know? Half a year.
Are you allergic?
I am a farmer. I don't have allergies.
- We should take a swab. - Is it contagious?
It's probably Psoriasis.
No reason to worry.
You hear what the doctor
- Nowack? - Well. What he says
Well, sister Gerda,
Let's try Cortisone first.
Excuse meif I can just stop for a moment?
Even if it were Psoriasis,
wouldn't an X-Ray do good to rule out any eventuality.
We will do exactly what must be done in this case.
I'll check on you later.
- Have a nice stay at the Charité. - Yes, thank you.
Mr.Ludwig, did you have a fever?
They will take good care of you.
That comes at the very beginning.
Very good.
- Please, please. No coffee here. Please! - Sorry.
Herr Professor Koch asks
whether the components for the Starch Gel Electro
Starch Gel Electrophoresis.
Yes, can the equipment be set up today.
I didn't request it.
Not you, but for Dr.Wendt.
Institute for Forensic Medicine
May I ask, what are you doing?
I'm trying to understand why you ordered a device
without letting me know first?
I am proceeding as discussed.
The correlation of certain types of cancer
with certain blood group characteristics.
The Haptoglobin sub-types.
And to separate the blood components I had to
Order a Gel-Electrophoresis? Is it?
And how long have you been authorized to do so?
Did you think I wouldn't notice? I asked you something!
Good Morning.
Um. I'm so sorry. I
I didn't mean to be a burden to you.
What's going on behind my back?
Why didn't you ask me beforehand?
After the autopsy of patient Neumann
I was under the impression
that you were familiar with the obligations to the Institute,
finding the truth in the case of unnatural death,
but that was already beyond your capabilities.
I want to see you in my office this evening.
Unfortunately, this evening won't work out.
8:30 PM.
It will be alright.
Thank you very much.
Doctor Rapoport?
Could you please come with me for a moment?
It's about a newborn baby that is worrying us a little.
I have to see Professor Kraatz. I'm so sorry.
Is it possible?
She smiled at me the whole time.
Now she can hardly breathe. Do something!
She was born this morning.
- Stethoscope. - 38th week. Temperature 36.4°C.
36.4°C is clearly hypothermic.
- Bad luck? - Absolutely normal. Without any stress.
- Stress and no - Amniotic fluid swallowed?
No! She was perfectly healthy until 20 minutes ago.
What's going on here?
- What are you doing here? - Please ask the Pediatric clinic.
- We came immediately. - Take it easy.
We are probably dealing with Sepsis.
And I do not have the equipment on me.
Get the mother's files.
Did you get sick during pregnancy?
- No. - Take a swab.
Okay. Hurry. Could you open it?
All's well.
Andand where did you take her now?
Ms.Melster, have you been sick for the past few weeks or months?
- You have to tell me. - She won't die, right?
Please think about it.
I don't know.
The swab result won't come until tomorrow morning
but to be able to initiate treatment,
I need to know as soon as possible where this Sepsis came from.
I need it now, Ms.Melster.
A sorta sort of bladder infection, 8 or 9 weeks ago, but that's all.
- Urinary tract infection. - That can't be, could it?
The very next day everything was fine again.
Bacteria can be transmitted during delivery.
- I will inform the Pediatric Clinic immediately. - What?
Children's ward, hello?
Yes. I'll get everything ready.
- We're getting Bacterial Sepsis. - Okay.
Oh! The last bottle of Penicillin! We need to re-order.
Could this go any faster?
Can you go a little faster, please?
Could it be any more rougher?
Even my Sibyl could do it better.
Is your wife back on the farm?
Yes! The cows won't milk each other.
Did you have a long journey?
Two hours by car.
Near, uh, well
Do you have those lapses more often?
Do you have a headache? Are you sick?
I know what a concussion feels like.
- I don't it. - Look at me.
September '52, 0-3 against Poland.
May '57, 2-1 against Wales.
National team of the GDR, since '52 until today.
All the outcomes, all the games. Any questions?
- So, are we done then? - We are done.
The first one?
Lack of oxygen. Did you talk to Kraatz?
Urinary tract infection in the mother. Streptococci B.
- Penicillin? - Already prepared.
- Okay. This will cool her down. - Warmth is already there.
- Take over? - Mmm.
- And very slowly, okay? - Mmm.
At half power on. Really.
Yes. That's okay.
Yes. Almost a little lesser.
What does he want now again?
That's the fifth time in an hour.
Herr Richter is comparing goals.
- How is he? - Slightly elevated temperature. 37.9°C.
But behaves like he's delirious.
Give him Acesal, 500 milligrams.
I look at him.
Thank you.
And tell him there is no extra Wurst.
Good day, Herr Richter.
Who are you again now? I want to talk to the Senior Physician.
I am a doctor.
Ella Wendt.
We met each other during the rounds. Remember?
Is that how you start off? Are you saying I'm stupid?
I want to help you.
I would have to draw blood from you.
If you agree.
I am never sick. I can't afford that.
Yes. I like to believe you.
Everything hasn't yet gotten easier.
There are weeks when we only eat corn to meet the quota.
This is how it looks like,
the Socialist spring in the country.
But running away like the other farmers in '53
was never an option for me.
Oh! What do you know about life in the country?
Would you feel more comfortable if I gave you my arm
with a plow instead of a winged Cannula?
Thank you.
Is it normal to get so weak with Psoriasis?
We'll know more about that tomorrow morning.
You're welcome.
What is this?
Now you also take blood behind my back from my patient.
How should I respect a Senior doctor
who lies to his patient's daughter?
- Do you think I like doing it? - Worse.
Uranium is needed to build a bomb.
And someone has to go down, right?
But then the Socialist end justifies the means.
Solidarity of the people takes precedence over the good of an individual.
Don't talk such nonsense.
What is the public supposed to do with this information?
And who does that play into the hands of?
Alex, we're damn doctors, not politicians!
But you talk like one!
And now you're lying like one too!
Yes. And you talk like him.
Like Curt.
The world out here is a little different from your laboratory.
And yes, if I have to, then I'm ready to adapt to the circumstance.
Pschyrembel Clinical Dictionary
Still better than running away like a coward.
You're not a bit better.
Why don't you say something?
Go to the "Der Spiegel". Call the editorial office! Here! Please!
They are the first symptoms of Psoriasis.
Dementia-like symptoms,
partial rash on the hands and chest
is the result of a repetitive corn diet.
Give him 200 milligrams of Nicotinic acid
and something decent to eat.
Liver if possible.
And keep an eye on the fever. That doesn't really fit in the picture.
Well then.
Have a nice day, Comrade.
Just keep me up to date.
And? Did he offer you something decent to chat about?
- What? - Lehmann knows about Curt and me.
And I wonder who told him?
I didn't tell Lehmann anything, I swear.
As if I am the only one who knows about you.
Then why are you poking around Lehmann all the time?
There you go. Came in yesterday.
My stay here is coming to an end.
I have to go back to Cuba in December.
Imagine, Ella, it's not always about you.
- That - What? Sorry for that?
Yes, me too.
I won't give you up.
I would never do that.
I don't know right now.
Maybe everything is wrong here. Everything here is just a lie.
Do you miss Curt?
Maybe he made up his mind just in time.
I would give anything to be allowed to stay here.
There are tortillas in the room if you're hungry.
No thank you.
Professor Kraatz was not there.
I got his secretary.
That's impossible.
The pupils are not responding properly.
Poor darling.
Yes it could be that the mid-brain
was damaged due to lack of oxygen during transport.
Brain damage?
That's crazy.
It's so easy to prevent something like that.
We just have to work closer together
and, above all, be proximally closer.
Is everything okay?
Thank you. Everything's good.
Little mouse.
Well, doctor?
Just checking back to see if everything was working.
Yes. Everything's good.
- Well. - Please wait.
I'll show you something. Come over here.
I'm just placing
the colored blood serum on the Starch Gel plates.
Electricity is connected.
And then
due to different speeds of hiking
Globulin fraction separation is visible in the gel.
Yes, Frau Doctor, but I only understand cars and repair
- Well, I really just wanted to - No. Come on, have a seat.
This process separates the tiny bits of blood.
It basically breaks them open.
Because only one thing really interests me:
Take a look: Green, yellow, purple, blue, red.
These Haptoglobin types namely,
they color the gel later.
So, and then you look
at the how often there is a dive particular in one of the groups
of blood in cancer patients.
- And? - Imagine what that would mean?
If you could tell from a blood mark
how high the probability is whether a person has cancer,
one could recognize and fight cancer even before it becomes dangerous.
Did you catch something? You don't look too good.
Thank you, doctor. I know that myself.
- Should I take a look? - No.
You know very well, weed don't go away.
Now look here! You really are a rare plant, a Charité plant.
Don't let Prokopf break you. He doesn't present himself well.
We urgently need people like you here.
- Rapoport. - Melster. How is she?
We did everything we could.
Your daughter is now out of danger.
Yes. But?
What is wrong?
Thatunfortunately I can't tell you exactly yet.
It could be that your daughter's nervous system
has been damaged by the lack of oxygen.
What is the probability?
Even if I could, I wouldn't be able to give you a clear picture.
I'm so sorry.
What could we expect?
Cognitive impairment could occur.
Does that mean
- our daughter is disabled? - Sophie.
Ms.Melster, let's wait and see.
We'll know more in two weeks.
And what if she is?
Then we will find ways.
Look, I have four children myself.
My youngest daughter is almost blind
and was born with severe Epilepsy.
But I love her no less than the other three.
Is there anything I can do for you, Professor?
No thank you.
Are you thinking of the feedback on the Cancer Research Congress?
Professor Klar called specially.
Good night.
Frau Dammrau,
tell me, when will the publisher come tomorrow?
Frau Dammrau?
We had an appointment, you and me.
- I was busy. - Oh you were? Interesting.
I believe this is next to the three known Haptoglobin sub-types,
here is one more.
Show me.
An anomaly. Hp 0-0.
This could be a mistake.
In 2.5% of the examined cases?
Certainly not.
Go on.
All samples of this type are derived from cancer patients. All of them.
That, dear colleague, with all my love,
would be a medical sensation.
And are medical sensations exclusively reserved for you?
I don't like the tone being brought here.
Yes, not at all. If something is bothering you, speak up. Please.
I would like to keep working.
Are you kicking me out? I'm sorry?
From my lab? Get out. Right away.
Get out!
Against all commandments of humanity,
of justice and reason, East Berlin and the Soviet zone
are been turned into a concentration camp.
Terror and oppression are
You scared me!
What they say about us over there is something!
Oh, that's just politics.
Did you know what my father always said?
"Politics is a whore".
Do you have a new bandage for me?
Of course.
- Should I have a take at that? - No, no.
What does he want again?
Thank you.
American Assistant Secretary of State Chester Bowles
said in a speech today
in front of the International Press Club in Washington,
that the Communist threats in Berlin
is the most direct and dangerous challenge
Attention Sector Border 10 kms
That's my pencil! Give it back to me!
- Get another one! - Mikey.
- Hello mama. - Hello. Hello sweetheart.
- Mama, Little Paul is sick. - Hello my darling.
Oh dear!
What did he catch, Frau Doctor?
- He has a stomachache. - He has a stomachache.
- Then we've to get him a hot water bottle. Right, colleague? - Mmm.
Treasure. Did you eat?
Aunt Grethe made rice pudding.
Thank you, Grethe.
And? How was your meeting with Sefrin?
Yes, it seems that the idea of ​​Insulin is not adverse in the GDR. - Leave it now!
Did you get the funds from the Health Ministry?
I just have to give him the numbers.
- Oh, that's nice. - And how is it with you?
- A newborn had Sepsis. - Mikey, that's enough!
And will likely suffer severe brain damage.
And what does Kraatz say now?
- I can cure him. - Mikey!
He feels threatened, yes?
- Because a new time has dawned. - Please stop running around.
Catch me!
You're right about that, but how does one sell it to him?
What can you offer him? What is the sore point?
Good Lord! You shouldn't be running around!
- She didn't see that. - I said it ten times!
- Don't be so loud now! - Oh man!
You are scaring her.
She never listens to you anyway when you're so loud.
I have to work.
Sorry, Lisa.
I'm sorry.
Could you leave? Leave!
Herr Richter
Hehe asked for you. He wants to be treated by you.
Fever go up?
39.8° overnight. I had him X-Rayed.
- Delayed pneumonia? - Yes. His immune system has given up.
- It's actually a miracle that - Okay.
Good morning, Herr Richter.
I'm scared, doctor
that I can no longer see my children.
And the yard.
I'm afraid.
But we will take care of you.
You'll be fine, okay? Everything will be fine.
I shouldn't have missed that.
I'm thinking starting an immediate Penicillin treatment
we could get it under control.
Sister Gerda, give the patient 2 grams of Penicillin four times a day
and an infusion of two ampules of Analgin on Saline. Prepare everything.
- Fritz? Can you hear me? - Pflaster?
- Fritz? - Do you hear me?
Can you hear me? Fritz?
- Do you have pain? - Yes, here!
- What does he have? - It's blood poisoning.
The lymph nodes are badly swollen.
It has reached the bloodstream. We need Penicillin immediately.
But Frau Doctor, we have Penicillin left only for one patient.
- What? - The delivery didn't come.
- Which delivery? - From Bulgaria.
We're running short. Might last only a few hours.
Butbut there has to be Penicillin somewhere!
Itit doesn't look good anywhere in Charité.
We just helped out Surgery as then had run out.
We can only start one treatment.
- But we have two that need this. - No! You are not serious.
Check all the stations. I'll help you.
- Hold on, Fritz. - Yes.
I would like to introduce my daughter Lisa to you.
Tell them what you want to be when you grow up?
Well, a nurse in the Charité, of course.
May I?
Be careful. Very carefully.
She just sleeps, doesn't cry.
- Is that normal? - Oh. That started early on, believe me.
What if you can never really laugh? Or speak?
She will develop
maybe at her own pace, but she's developing.
Your daughter is much more than you can imagine.
But not like a real, normal child
that goes to a normal school and learns normally.
We are taking one step at a time, Ms.Melster.
We'll know more in two weeks.
Then we slowly step our way forward.
I promise you,
I will be with you on every medical route.
Some people are not different but special.
She isshe is awake.
Well, my little one.
Come on, let's go. Come along.
Well, you
Thank you.
Hello my sweetheart.
It has increased further.
I have to go to the field before the rain comes.
Do something, please! Please.
From now on, compresses won't help anymore, doctor.
I'm afraid we have to amputate.
In this condition?
Yes. Keep me updated.
- And? - The penicillin isn't here yet.
- Other clinics don't have one either. - Alex, we have to do something.
- Fritz has a septic shock. - Richter has increased fever.
And he has a better chance, let's not kid ourselves.
Fritz's heart is severely weakened by the Sepsis.
The general condition is much more critical.
You don't want to let him die, do you, our Fritz?
- Please try at the pharmacy. - I was there at the pharmacy
Then just go again, I'm sorry.
We must have patience. I'll call Lehmann, maybe he'll know of something.
Is that the only thing you can think of?
Do you have a better idea? Please bring let me know.
No, no. no. I have to see this myself.
Yes, I'll, uh, do that.
Yes, colleague?
Don't you want to know how your former patient is doing?
I have been informed.
- Very sad. - Very sad?
Excuse me! Lucky that I was there. The child wouldn't have survived.
Are you accusing me of being guilty as a whole?
No, but it's our responsibility
that it won't repeat itself.
Have you not been taught to respect professional boundaries?
What I do is a result of the fact that your expertise does not match
the same field of depth with your colleagues.
I know what you are referring to.
As a mixed race Jew, I was denied a Doctorate.
The oral exam, to be precise.
You haven't even had a chance to read my letter.
And you want to preach about respect?
Do you have an idea for the title?
Oh yes! "The Atlas of Forensic Medicine".
- "The Atlas"? - My dear friend.
With all due modesty, but
this book from my colleague Weizmann and I
will be one day considered standard work.
It should be your honor
publish it in your journal.
Every criminal in Germany, oh well,
across Europe will not fail
Professor Prokop, I have to speak to you. Right away.
- What are you thinking? - Herr Professor, please listen
No, you listen to me. Do you know what is wrong with you?
I'll tell you, "Humility". You need it.
- As a person and a scientist. - Herr Professor
Do you have any idea what this appointment means to me?
You will have to wait for us to finish.
But excuse me! That won't work. It's about Fritz.
His life is in danger.
What happened?
Come on, come on, drink.
Yes. I see, I see.
Genosse Party Secretary. Yes. Thank you.
The delivery was held up in Czechoslovakia.
- It won't arrive until tomorrow. - Prokop is heading to West Berlin.
Richter is losing consciousness.
We can't wait any longer, Alex.
We don't know if Prokop will successfully cross over to West-Berlin
and come back with the Penicillin.
We have to make a decision or we lose both of them.
Herr Richter has a greater need
and a better prospect of healing.
Gerda, give Herr Richter the Penicillin.
- I am so sorry. - That won't help him.
- ID card. - Professor Prokop, Charité.
Thank you. Open the gate.
Here's the Penicillin. How is he?
- Bad. - Hurry up.
We can only wait and see if he'll get through the night.
And? How is he?
Doesn't look good.
In the end, maybe I really did let him die.
You did the right thing.
You always have to make decisions based on medical ethics.
What if I don't want to make such decisions?
Then you will have to leave this profession.
But I don't believe that.
I think I have to apologize to you.
But am I really the only one who can't stand that
Frau Neumann was selling her father's tumor as an embolism?
That the truth is just swept under the carpet?
- That he must die a miserable death? - Of course not.
But there's a right and wrong time to stand up for the truth.
Look, nothing is lost that happens here.
- Did you make a copy? - Of course!
Only time will be our judge. Only time.
It sounds so easy when you say that.
Miss Dr.Wendt.
I didn't take up this Institute for politics
to reform the German Democratic Republic.
We have to concentrate on
what we can really do.
But I just don't know what to do
You don't know what you can do? Please sit.
You are young, innovative, open to new things,
are smart and barefaced like the night.
You are here to help people fight cancer.
That is your responsibility.
Let's drink to that.
You have to take responsibility by the horns.
I want you to meet me at the Cancer Research Congress
next month in West Berlin.
I beg your pardon?
I want you to have your theory
about the anomaly of Haptotypes
presented and discussed at the seminar.
Then we'll see who is right:
You or me.
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