Charite (2017) s03e06 Episode Script


She can hardly breathe. Do something!
- Please remain calm. - We are likely dealing with Sepsis in this newborn.
- Is our daughter disabled? - Sophie.
The tooth samples from Leipzig and Vienna match.
We're dealing with a serial killer.
Curt is gone. He's over the line.
I want you to meet me at the Cancer Research Congress in West Berlin.
Blood poisoning.
Fritz's heart is severely weakened by the sepsis.
You won't let him die, would you, our Fritz?
Cardiac Fibrillation
1st October, 1961
We urgently need to go to the Charité.
- All right, you can go on. - Thank you very much.
Fritz woke up!
Oh. Thank you very much, Sister Petra.
How are you now?
I could tear out the trees.
But we'll wait a little longer with that, huh?
I told you, we need someone like you here, right?
You wouldn't have made it without the help of Professor Prokop.
You here.
You could have told earlier what was wrong with your finger.
Gave me a new grip.
- Brennscheidt is my name. - Rapoport. Good morning.
Well, let's see.
Katharina passes out again and again.
Hello Katharina.
- Is he your father? - Her coach.
- What is the blood pressure? - 150 by 65.
That's a bit low. I have cold hands. Excuse me.
Are you still feeling dizzy now?
- A little. - A little?
Katharina is a competitive athlete. A gymnast.
Could you pull your shirt down a little for me, please?
Like that, take a breath, please.
You may pull it back up. How do you feel?
Not too good. Tired.
Well, you first rest then, okay?
If the dizziness doesn't get better
then you give her a drip, please.
500 milliliters of Saline and intravenous vitamin C 1000 milligrams, okay?
- Okay. - And a full blood count.
- And tomorrow we'll take an ECG. - Tomorrow?
Can't it be any sooner? Like today?
No, it can't be any sooner. You will have to leave her here for observation.
Don't worry, we'll find out what's wrong with you.
Herr Professor?
About the Congress we were going to, won't work out.
I don't want to keep you in suspense. It is, what it is.
My wife is on her later stages of pregnancy.
So I'm hanging by an extremely short leash.
And will not be able to travel.
So, you will represent me there.
The current status of your research has been telegraphed to Professor Klar.
You may discuss your hypothesis in his seminar.
what if I'm wrong?
Controversy is the be-all and end-all in science.
Then you will have to convince people differently.
I'm still waiting on the service for my application to be approved for the West.
Then take care of it.
Convince Lehmann as you did me.
Where there is a will, there's a way. Here we go! Let's go!
Katharina was part of the all-German Olympic team last year in Rome.
We're just past the medals.
Mhm. Interesting.
The federal government has completely prevented the German-German exchange
of sports associations since the wall was built.
The girls previously trained as a team.
Together. East and West.
And now? All over with a clear edge. No backing down.
Our fine Federal Chancellor Adenauer took care of it personally.
- Are you from the West? - Yes.
Please take a seat.
The Charité was always the first port of call for the entire cadre.
Katharina is the West German team's hope for a medal.
This winter at Prague
is where the qualification for the World Cup will take place.
Do you suspect anything?
Competitive athletes very often go beyond their limits.
Katharina is not forced to do anything.
Sport to her is one and everything.
Walter Ulbricht, SED First Secretary
The 10 Commandments for the New Socialist Man
Are you leaving us?
We don't know how she will develop
whether her nervous system has been damaged,
but Doctor Rapoport encouraged us.
Both of us, right?
I wish you and your daughter all the best.
Give my best regards to Doctor Rapoport, will you?
We are far superior to Bonn because we are allied with peace
Herr Party Secretary Lehmann.
- Frau Dr.Wendt. - Good day.
I presented to the Central Committee,
used my contacts in the Ministry.
It has been decreed that the Charité will have absolute priority in future
with regards to urgently needed medication.
And as for Professor Prokop's little excursion,
that just stays with us, understood?
Professor Prokop would like
that I represent him at the conference in West Berlin.
And Dr.Bruncken? Isn't he also in this conference?
Dr.Bruncken is a surgeon. He is not a researcher.
- I have no contact with him. - So you say.
Yes, I would like our latest research
to be presented there.
The wall shouldn't prevent that.
Since its foundation, the Charité has stood to advance medicine.
It's already autumn meanwhile.
Frau Dr.Wendt,
I would love to let you go your way
but the decision rests with Dr.Nowack.
He is your superior.
Subject: Request for business trip to West Berlin
Subject: Request for business trip to West Berlin
Should I be signing this now?
Is this how far things have gone between us?
- We were friends, Ella. - And now you are my superior.
That's why I don't have to be your enemy.
Ella, I need people who like to work with me, here at the Charité.
I was never against you.
Even with all the things Curt did afterward.
And I appreciate that.
Alex, please. Please.
This conference is very, very important to me.
I know.
But I don't know if I can trust you.
I will never do anything that would harm you.
Would you have signed for me if I were going though?
I would bear all the consequences.
Then you know what is at stake for me.
Many thanks.
You are registered for the morning shift next week.
- I'm sorry, I've been released from duty. - What?
I am representing Professor Prokop at the conference in West Berlin.
And who would be taking over your shift?
Everybody is replaceable.
Nobody could have replaced Pflaster.
I am glad that he is alive.
I would have loved to save myself the decision
In the end, you were right.
Take a hat. Would look cool outside.
I think you're going crazy.
- Hey, are you all right? - Yes. All good.
Come on. Off to bed.
And you all close your eyes again. Hurry up.
Let's go.
Could you check on this now and then?
You're gone for a few days only, right?
- Did you want to see him again? - Hm?
I don't even know where he is exactly.
Was your stay extended?
Somehow seems unfair, doesn't it?
Some really want to leave, others have to stay.
My application for an extension of stay was denied by the DDR.
I have to go back in December.
Not even Lehmann can do anything for me.
I will miss you so much.
Don't worry. I will hold my position here a little longer.
Have a good trip, Ella.
And don't forget us.
Bye for now.
Goodbye Goodbye, Dr.Wendt.
- We need to investigate further. - Why?
Because neither ECG nor blood values
proved conclusive on the cause of symptoms.
Does that mean we don't know anything?
Can you describe to me in more detail how it feels?
Heartily I'm quite proud.
I can't breathe anymore. I can't move around.
- Could you see if we could still X-Ray her lungs today? - Mmm.
- And an EEG, please. - Of course.
We will measure your brain waves.
Frau Rapoport, the Association is exerting pressure on me.
They are threatening to nominate someone else as Katharina is outside.
So this is in the National interests
that she gets on her feet as quickly as possible.
Oh, believe me, mine as well.
Institute for Forensic Medicine
Criminal Police again. Inspector Hertweck.
I thought the Polish colleagues caught the perpetrator?
A suspect who apparently wasn't.
Very obviously. And? What do we do now?
Yes, please?
My superiors urge
the case is slowly becoming an ejection seat.
The sixth body in three months. All with the same bite marks.
I'll tell your husband about it immediately.
Professor, your wife. She is in labor.
Contractions always last a while.
I can't sit there and wait for the baby to come.
So, let's get started. Come on. Please.
Unwrap and cut open. As you have learned.
Breathe in and out.
In and out.
Good morning, Frau Professor. A casual visit?
Are we already in that far. Is it?
Well, let's see.
The heartbeat. Let's listen.
Weak but regular.
- No bacterial situation. That's good. Right? - Yes, yes, yes.
Call the children's clinic.
- I want Frau Rapoport to be there when the birth takes place. - Right away.
- Don't worry. We don't want to take any chances, okay? - Yes.
Extra sheets! Ten pfennigs!
Everything about the Federal elections! What is happening in Berlin!
Brandt against Adenauer. Who will win?
Extra sheets!
What is happening in Berlin?
Many thanks.
Extra sheet! Everything about the Federal election!
Brandt against Adenauer. Who will win?
- Good day. - Good day.
- May I take the suitcase? - Pleasure.
- Please. - Thank you.
Extra sheet! Ten pfennigs!
Man, Fritze! Are you off your rocker!?
- I must be off then. - Ring the bell, you stiff-neck.
That'll be the day,
when I let you slide a tub under my bum. No, no, you.
Do you need help?
Better to take care of the patients
now that Frau Doctor is on her maiden voyage to the West.
When is she coming back?
The day after tomorrow.
Well then.
Thank you.
Would you know where I could find Professor Klar?
- Ah! Hertha Vogel. I'm his laboratory manager. - Ella Wendt.
He was ecstatic when he read your dissertation.
You're welcome.
Herr Professor? Someone here is looking for you.
- Ah! A visitor from the Charité. - Yes.
- Welcome. - Thank you very much.
Professor Prokop regrets not being able to make it.
He has sent an adequate replacement, it seems.
You will have to excuse me a you can see what's going on.
- I look forward to your presentation. - Yes. Please.
- Excuse me? - Hm?
A presentation?
You want to present your results, right?
I thought you might serve right now. At the opening.
Yes, come along. I will introduce you. Please.
Is the gymnast girl's EEG ready?
- Still running. - How were the reading ​​this morning?
It was normal, in the evening she had a faint attack, but the night was clear.
There's something wrong with that girl.
This is a mystery to me.
- Does she still have an increased blood count? - Certainly she does.
Yes. Of course.
Yes, I'll be right there.
- Looks like you just saw a ghost. - I did!
- Frau Doctor Rapoport. I was just looking for you. - Mr.Party Secretary.
May I ask why you didn't inform me
about the guest of honor from the West?
Katharina came to us to get treated.
She is a patient like anyone else.
Of course not. Not at all.
Per the Düsseldorf Resolution of August 16,
the West's gymnastics squad is now our opponent.
- What does she have? - Unfortunately I cannot say that yet.
Doesn't the West German Association have its own doctors?
Counter question:
Isn't the Party happy that the competition from the West takes the path,
to come to us at the Charité?
I mean, that's an award.
I am sure that you can explain that to your comrades.
You are just locked you up there.
I don't feel trapped.
No, listen, we can't even go to the Lüneburger Heide anymore,
let alone anywhere else.
Was it hard to get the travel authorization?
A colleague had to vouch for me.
What now? You remain here?
Good morning, dear colleagues.
I look forward to a lively interdisciplinary exchange.
Let's discuss
debate and if necessary argue scientifically.
May we learn to conquer cancer.
Our first initiator is researching cancer screening
at the institute of the well known Professor Otto Prokop
and practicing at the Medical Clinic Charité.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Dr.Ella Wendt from East Berlin.
- My pleasure. - My pleasure.
Many thanks. Yes. Many thanks.
It was in a wooded area near the Czech border.
Saxon Switzerland.
We found tire tracks. 15-tonner according to wheelbase.
That's all we have so far.
Perhaps you're not looking at the location, but at the crime scene.
- The double dead spot system. - Wittenberg! Very good.
You probably had a good teacher.
About the Haptoglobin level
in the course of my recent research
encountered the Haptoglobin types.
And in this context
an anomaly.
I claim there is a fourth type
which is not due to previously unknown suppressor genes.
Hp 0-0.
And in 2.5% of cases.
And, ladies and gentlemen,
the samples of my research series that show this anomaly,
all come from
cancer patients.
See the spots according to the location
on the dependent body parts?
On the one hand.
On the other hand, those seem to defy gravity.
What does that mean?
If the body is in the early post-mortem phase,
say 6 to 12 hours after the death occurs,
is moved or transported, such spots arise.
Yes, but moved from where?
Yes, please?
- Oil. Clearly. - Got it.
Are there oil deposits in Saxon Switzerland?
Something that we didn't know about?
Sorry, Professor, your wife is about to deliver.
Wittenberg, Frau Dammrau, finish it off.
Everything has been said.
And press again. Once more!
Now! Now!
Yes! Good
Breathing has started.
Please close door
- Heart beat? - Heart beat is
Thank you.
What is it?
First a pediatrician, now a new father.
The delivery room is not a fairground.
Please, colleague, make an exception. Please.
- Only because it's you. - Thank you.
Helmi, honey. Everything went well?
- Oh! You are beautiful. - A very, very wonderful boy.
You are beautiful. A very beautiful one.
Yes, luckily he comes after the mother in terms of appearances.
Exciting approach, colleague. See you tomorrow.
- Have a nice evening. - Yes. Until tomorrow.
Good to see you.
What are you doing here?
A colleague of mine said that you were here.
How are you?
How is the Charité doing?
Yes, at least it didn't collapse behind you.
Is it good here?
As you imagined it?
Oh yes,
all that glitters isn't gold
but at least you can say what you think.
She'll be happy to see you.
Katharina? Katharina, there's someone here for you.
Julia? What are you doing here?
- Brennscheidt called me. - Maximum half an hour, okay?
I heard you weren't doing well.
Oh, it'll be fine.
And how is your training going?
You know Brennscheidt.
We miss Brennscheidt.
We now have a woman to train us. Quite strict.
She wants our Eastern squad to get gold.
Wow. You have a new crest.
Beautiful right?
Why did you call me over?
- I read it. - Oh?
Well, pretty American, your approach.
To put it politely.
I don't want to dispute your position, Professor.
Look, the birth, the days after
the care of the mother and the baby,
let's see itsee itin a holistic way.
I was in the Marienfelde emergency reception center for a week.
Isn't fun there.
Countless examinations, questions, controls, the whole program.
Some take weeks to get out of there.
I always got up at 6:00 o'clock
so that I can do as many jobs as possible in one day.
- Are there still so many refugees? - No.
Not as many before the border was closed,
but the mood is tense.
A doctor gave me a clinic contact, which was my luck.
As a result, the admission process went pretty quick.
In jeans you are an official citizen of the FRG.
Well the idea
that I may never see my real home again
is absurd.
Who knows what else politicians may come up with?
Maybe tanks could roll in tomorrow.
- And that would be it of the little island on the Red Sea. - Yes.
Optimism, that's never been your thing, huh?
To life.
To life.
And to the future.
I know you think I'm narrow-minded.
The clinic management is planning a new building.
For gynecology.
And that should be
situated here. There!
But that's just as far away as it is now.
Maybe there will be a little space
for Neonatology.
Maybe around here.
Well, or
excuse me, may i?
Why a second building?
The Neonatology department could just go in the building.
Both? Well I want the whole building. Right?
- I was - How does your husband endure you?
- He accepts matriarchy. - Yes.
- Yes, if there is construction anyway - Well this is what it is,
I am not the clinic manager
Are you crazy?
Come down now. Please.
Hey, off to bed.
This is not a game! Get down! Right away!
For the love of your life!
It is still unclear whether you can play sports much longer.
That's not the point.
Katharina, come down now.
Katharina, come down there.
We were on the same team, Julia and me.
Now we can't even see each other.
We can't even make phone calls.
Because of that fucking wall, my life will never be the same again
- Careful! - Katharina!
I got her!
Take it easy.
Take it easy. We're taking you back to the ward now, okay?
- Me and you. - You. Yes?
Ah. Good evening.
- Nice. What direction? - I don't know.
- This way. - Okay.
That's it.
So then
Good night.
See you tomorrow.
Many thanks for the invitation.
With the greatest pleasure.
Herr Doctor Nowack?
Can I get something for you? Maybe a coffee?
Thank you.
- Frau Dammrau? - The lecture is fully booked.
Frau Dammrau! Good Lord, Frau Dammrau!
Sorry. Sorry Herr Professor, I was on the phone.
It makes no sense.
Please cancel the lecture.
But Professor, you can't do that.
That's why I ask you too. Think of something.
Diarrhea, runny nose, I'm sick, what do I know?
But I can't
I was just missing you. What is it now?
I wanted to convey the good news to you myself.
We caught him.
- The Walker. - Ah. Congratulations. Of all things!
Look what we have here.
You were right, Professor.
The oil trail! The found location and crime scene were not identical.
So we started
to ask around at gas stations and rest stops in the area.
And then we fished it out:
A truck at a time at the border.
Yes! You could guess the rest.
Once in dentition, he confessed immediately.
A very interesting case.
I will include this in my Atlas, along with the result.
Irony of fate: He was driving to Thyssen.
He was supposed to deliver steel for the border installation.
Well! He built the cage for himself that he never could let himself out of.
Yes, yes. Clearly!
- What is it? - He doesn't want to give a lecture.
People are calling and asking if there is still a spot available.
Shouldn't they be at the Cinema or the Church. What do I know?
No, Herr Professor, the audience loves when you talk about Occultism.
Yes, Professor, no wonder you're in a bad mood.
You only deal with the darker side of life.
Well, you just became a father, right?
- Mhm. - There!
Just talk about something nice.
That's what really moves people. Or can you not?
We were just talking about the ongoing study by Professor Wroblewski
at Memorial Sloan Institute in Kettering, New York.
I, um
I have to confess that the procurement of specialist literature
has proven to be a bit difficult in the past few months.
Yes, does that mean you don't know anything about the theory yet?
Detecting cancer via the protein content in the blood?
- No. - Do you have to fan flames to get from elsewhere?
Dr.Wendt? Excuse me.
Could I speak to you for a moment?
- Maybe right here? - Sure.
- May I ask what this is about? - To your future.
Doctor Breuer has called in sick.
Ah, wonderful.
Also Sisters Paula and Regine.
And how am I to make my rounds?
Half the workforce absent. Frau Wendt at the conference.
- She's not coming back anyway. - What was that, excuse me?
I just meantI
I believe Dr.Wendt may stay in the West.
Maybe you shouldn't believe then. You should shut up and do your job!
Go on, please.
That wasn't good at all.
And you don't believe Frau Doctor would abscond too?
II don't know. I really don't know.
Then why did you let her go?
Because I owed it to her.
Our clinic management
maintains excellent contacts in Leverkusen.
A breath of fresh air is blowing across the new board.
And in the coming year a kind of
what's the word? A joint venture has come up.
Did Bayer AG want to invest in your research?
Correct, with a high six-figure number.
And I want you to be there, Frau Doctor Wendt.
In my team.
Uh! Thank you very much.
Are you researching cancer early detection?
To be done. To be done.
We are also active in early detection.
At the moment everyone is poking too much in the dark.
It's not profitable. Nobody makes any money off of it.
Mmm. I understand.
But the anomaly of the Haptoglobin types is
Is one of the many approaches.
But it is still too far out in infancy.
And if you ask me:
I honestly don't believe in it.
I consider your results to be a mis-identification.
Just like Prokop, if I understood him correctly on the phone.
You are a brilliant mind, Dr.Wendt.
You glow.
- I have an eye out for that. - Hm.
Does Prokop also think that as well?
I feel obliged to him.
Frau Dr.Wendt, you certainly have more guts and ethos
than the entire staff of the Schöneberger Clinic put together,
I think I can meet your salary expectations
if I correct it upwards.
You're worth it.
Think about it. You can start with me tomorrow.
This is your X-Ray.
Here we have your blood reading.
Here is the ECG.
We really have checked you from head to toe.
Your heart is healthy, your blood count is excellent.
Your lungs are perfectly intact.
Your body is very healthy, Katharina.
Are you saying that I made it all up?
I was there when she passed out.
No, your shortness of breath and the racing heart
and the fainting spells really exist.
But I don't think it's physical.
Look here,
your heart is a very sensitive organ.
And sometimes it takes time to process negative feelings
like pain
or a defeat or a breakup.
But what exactly does that mean?
It means I unfortunately as a doctor cannot really help.
I cannot change your situation either.
It's politics.
Politics has made opponents of us.
The main thing is that you are healthy.
Katharina, we really are doing our best with
No. Both of them are like sisters. You can't really help out.
You can still stay friends.
See each other at competitions
and where sometimes one wins, sometimes the other.
Perhaps there will be a time when you both again could do gymnastics together.
Look Katharina, your soul will find a way
to deal with the new situation, for sure.
And at some point your body will be healed again.
You just have to give yourself time.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.
And? How was the conference?
I know. It must've been great
Professor Klar made me an offer!
- I beg your pardon? - I could start right away.
Congratulations! That's fantastic news.
This is exceptional luck like a reign by the Gods!
No, no, no. I've to think about it first.
Why do you think you came across the border
when the door to the world is open for you?
All you have to do is get through.
But I
- What? - Prokop?
He'll be bursting with pride, just like everyone else.
I willI will make you a proposal.
You go in, pack your bags
and I'll pick you up in half an hour.
- What? - You have to live somewhere!
You take my bed, I take the sofa.
- Ah. Alright?
- You say it so easily. - Yes.
Yes. It is easy. Very easy. Trust me.
Half a hour!
A petty criminal from Bonn,
who claims with his converted vacuum cleaner
would open your eyes to garments close to none,
and earn millions off of it,
until we stopped him.
Just one of the many stories I wanted to bring you with me today.
Stories about occultism, about charlatans and cheaters
and how we can stop them.
Namely by doing what we do best:
By taking a close look.
With the clear vision of science
the boundaries between what is and what can be
precisely described and defined.
I want to be very honest with you.
I firmly planned to cancel today's lecture,
because the eventful weeks
behind us have shown
that the limits we believe with our means
to be able to describe so precisely
suddenly even for the trained eye
have become surprisingly blurred.
A rift runs through our land
that was once one and is now divided by a wall.
But experience teaches us:
Political systems come and go.
And they create boundaries beyond which
we in time will decide whether they are permanent or not.
But the limit
that we ourselves can overcome and move on,
for which we are responsible
won't be found out there
but only in ourselves.
And that's the limit
that challenges us again and again
and decide day on day
whether we will grow from it or fail.
However, this does not succeed with the means of science,
but only with the means of humanity.
This boundary marks the area and the foundation
on which this venerable house
was built more than 250 years ago.
It is the foundation of humanism.
And it's the heart too
that beats in this venerable hospital
and that it crosses all borders
and keeps it alive against all odds
and that also gives it its name:
The immortal soul of the Charité
means "Mercy".
I stayed at the Charité until the end of my professional life
and faithful beyond the fall of the wall.
I never saw Curt again.
Even if my approach was ultimately not productive,
it applies to blood research
as a pioneer in forensic molecular genetics.
To date, the related cancer research
is the mainspring of inter-disciplinary
scientific work at the Charité.
Also Professor Doctor Otto Prokop
stayed at the Charité his entire professional life
and founded here in 1987, the first German forensic DNA laboratory.
He probably autopsied about 50,000 bodies
and received numerous international awards.
His 'Atlas of Forensic Medicine'
is still an important standard work today.
On November 9th, 1989 the wall fell,
and the divided Germany was reunited.
In the following criminal trials against the Wall firing
Otto Prokop appeared again and again as an expert
and thus helped with the legal processing.
Ingeborg Rapoport received in 1969
the first chair in Neonatology in all of Europe
and was able to finally practice her demands.
Thanks to her tireless work in infant mortality in the DDR
she came temporarily under that of the FRG.
At the age of 102, she subsequently received her doctorate,
which she had been denied as a mixed race Jewish person 77 years earlier.
Professor Doctor Helmut Kraatz
is still considered the most important gynecologist in the republic.
1985, two years after his death,
the Helmut Kraatz Prize grant
was aimed at scholars,
for the essential merits
of development in the field of Gynecology.
Not in the least, thanks to the self-sacrificing work of the hospital staff,
the status of Charité despite the political and economic conditions
as one of the most pioneering hospitals in the world
is preserved to date.
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