Charlie (1984) s01e03 Episode Script


(RADIO) Since you returned to power in 1987, Mr Haughey, Taoiseach, the economy has been your focus.
In two short years, although a minority government.
We have brought the country from the brink of bankruptcy to a place where we can be all optimistic about our future.
My personal project, the Financial Services Centre, is attracting business from all over the world to Dublin which in turn has lead to expansion in the housing and building sector.
Unemployment still stands at 16%.
But falling and my Labour Minister, Mr.
Ahern, has engaged the unions in binding social partnership agreements, Minister for Agriculture Albert Reynolds has overseen a boom in beef exports.
Goodman International is one of the world's leading beef producers.
Things are on the turn.
Mr O'Malley's new Progressive Democrat Party deprived you of an overall majority at the last election.
I believe the public now sees the PDs for what they are, a protest party.
And what is there to protest about? We're doing a good job.
Over 70,000 Irish emigrated this year, the worst figure since The Famine.
The loss of our youth is something I consider a national tragedy.
They are our future.
But I believe there is increasingly something worth staying for in Ireland.
And the ongoing violence in the North? I continue to hope to persuade the men of violence to the table.
And Mrs.
Thatcher? I include her in that group.
And any thoughts on retirement? Well some of those Chinese leaders go on until they're 80 or 90, (laughs) though perhaps that's a bit too long.
Laterally my thoughts have begun to turn towards my legacy, what I wish to leave Ireland, and what Ireland I wish to leave.
Is that why you called a snap election? The Electorate will, I'm sure, recognise what I've achieved under difficult circumstances and return me with an overall majority.
Good luck with that Taoiseach.
I don't know why he called the election, Stephen, maybe for once he thought the Irish people might give him the credit he deserves.
So what are the options now? Well now the people have spoken, and though it's taken a few weeks to work out what the fuck they've said, they obviously want us and O'Malley's lot to bury the hatchet.
No, Stephen, not in each other's backs.
No, O'Malley will not hold the whip hand over him.
They've only got six seats left, for God's sake.
And this is El Diablo we're talking about, he does the whipping.
Yeah, okay yeah.
He's right though.
O'Malley and the Pricks of Desmond are going to do to you from the outside what they never could do from inside.
There's only one thing worse than having to share power, PJ, and that's having no power at all.
Albert and his lot must be going ape about this coalition.
They're not.
I haven't told them yet.
What happened to our principles? What happened to our core values? A line in the sand will be crossed.
No coalitions.
Not only do you cross this line.
You cross it hand in hand with Des O'Malley and his shower of self-righteous, sanctimonious I have always thought lines in the sand rather flimsy as bulwarks against change, Albert.
One little sandstorm LAUGHTER I don't see why you had to call the election in the first place? Bertie, we haven't heard from you.
Whatever you decide, Taoiseach, you're the boss.
But if we want to remain in power, then it's PDs or bust.
No it's not.
Fine Gael, Labour, say they'd support us with another leader.
Hold on.
Reynolds, would you have the media, or worse, Fine Gael or Labour decide who should lead our party and who should not? Is that not an even greater line in the sand that you'd be prepared to cross solely for your own advancement? MURMURING I have decided, I will have my legacy.
Then, you will be most blessed, for like the meek, you shall inherit the earth.
LAUGHTER The one I created.
And don't worry, Albert, those who mourn shall also be comforted.
What about those who hunger and thirst for what is right? Shall they be satisfied? Well some of us were satisfied at the election.
I'll keep my eye out for a suitable investment opportunity, John, can't have money sitting idly by doing nothing.
A pleasure as always, Des.
Ben Dunne, John McMeely.
The dig out for our mutual friend.
(TV Reporter) European leaders are in Paris for the bi-centenary of the French Republic where Mr.
Haughey is to take over as President of the European Council from current incumbent Francois Mitterrand.
You know Helmut, Francois, the East is crumbling, our economies are starting to boom.
What we are living through is the triumph of the West, of social democracy, this is our opportunity to change the shape of things (Thatcher) I will not be dictated to You put it well, my friend.
But I fear that while Notre Dame is still with us, the shape will remain as it is.
Well none of us lasts forever.
(Thatcher) Well I will have to hold the ground Have you asked her about your Birmingham Six? The correctness of her judiciary's findings is equalled only by its independence from government.
Let us talk later, Charles, you, me, Helmut.
About this shape-changing legacy of yours, and ours.
Now, gentlemen, the celebrations.
Ladies, thank you for seeing to the It's nothing, Charlie.
I'm sorry for your troubles, Charlie, she was a mighty woman.
They broke the mould when they made her.
And Jacinta sends her wishes too.
Give her my best, when you're talking to her.
Tell her to come back to her Mammy soon.
SOBBING South Derry Brigade.
Your mother's, Volunteer McWilliam's, old brigade.
The Redemptorist also sends his condolences.
Tell Father Reid it's time to meet.
Go on.
I can't, Terry.
But the nation is agog, the chattering classes are agog, and most importantly my readers are agog.
Is Sweetie talking to the Provos? Don't call me that.
My column has helped build the romantic myth of Charlie.
And Charlie talking to the Provos is bigger than Bobby Ewing walking out of the shower a year after he died.
Who? (Laughs) And Ann wants the story first.
Why must everything be lived out in the full glare of the media, nowadays.
You live by the sword, you die by the sword, El Diablo.
These are serious matters, Terry.
I know they are, sweetie, I know they are, but if I don't get the story, they'll make it up.
In case you've forgotten, I left Ronan because you promised we would go away together, so now I need to support myself.
There you are, Gaston, a girl could die of thirst.
Monsieur Howard wondered if you might Of course.
Sometimes I get so lonely, don't I Gaston? I need a little Don Peri to cheer me up.
Lovely, thank you.
Thank you.
So I'm an election expense now, am I? That, and so much more, Teresa.
Don't call me that.
(Charlie laughs) You've done well for yourself, Jimmy.
If you don't play the game.
(laughs) Is that Houghton against the English in Stuttgart.
Were you there? Unfortunately not.
But do you know there's one man you've really got to thank for all of this Ah yeah, he's turning the kip around.
You've got to hand it to him.
Though why he called an election I'm just a bean counter, Jimmy, I don't understand the whys and wherefores of politics.
But keeping the old bandwagon on the road is an expensive business.
Maybe he saw an election as an opportunity for his friends to express their thanks to him.
If you could just wait a week or two before you cash it.
Are you in trouble? Just cash flow, all the new flats going up.
Let me make a call for you.
I've a client, cash rich, who's looking to invest in property.
Cheers, Mr.
I'm sorry for your trouble, I understand she was a fine woman.
She was.
That was her chair, I had it brought up here.
We must try to do her memory justice.
Shall we take a walk outside, Father.
We came to you two years ago, Taoiseach, you walked away.
Enniskillen happened.
I could not engage with people who do such things.
Could not or could not be seen to? What's changed now? Time moves on.
Time has moved on entirely for many people as a result of governments not engaging.
Time is moving on for you too.
I am aware of my own mortality, Father Reid.
My mother's death has brought home for me the need to act.
You have a most impressive home, Mr.
It affords me sanctuary.
Most of those you share this island with cannot afford such luxury or even enjoy the most basic security.
As I said, Father Reid, I am aware of my own mortality, both political and temporal.
That is why my mind has turned towards my legacy.
So it's about you.
It's about the legacy I bequeath this country, yes.
I want to talk to them.
In person? I cannot do that.
My best man.
Martin Mansergh.
To draw up a framework, Dr.
Mansergh is a historian.
Is not history the nightmare from which we're trying to awake? What about Mrs.
Thatcher? Swanky enough.
Finance and the Attorney General's office move in next year when the refurbishment's complete.
God willing.
I find great solace for life's disappointments in my faith.
Every politician needs a hinterland.
I take my solace from art and literature, wildlife, sailing, fine wines.
If you don't mind, I have a Cabinet meeting.
I find God is good enough for me.
I'm sorry that you lost your seat, Doherty, but I got you a place in the Senate.
What do you want? I want to be speaker of the Senate.
God not enough for you on this occasion? The Cathaoirleach is not in my gift.
But a word from you, stating your preference.
I will not oppose your election.
All the lads from '82, the old gang, are doing well.
MacSharry off with the cushy number in Europe.
Albert getting Finance.
And you can even bring yourself to do a deal with O'Malley.
But I'm too contaminated, too polluted to touch? I have to consider how it would appear.
How what appears? To be associated with me? I am owed.
I owe you nothing, Doherty, you understand? Nothing.
You do not blackmail a Taoiseach.
All bets have been paid, and you have lost.
Accept it, and take yourself and your cringing God out of my office.
KNOCK ON DOOR But Charlie Taoiseach, it's time for cabinet.
In a moment, Mr.
Thank you, Mr.
Des O'Malley's on the war path.
What is it? Export insurance, Reynolds extended Goodman International.
RTE has got hold of it.
Should never have gone into coalition with them.
The PDs make Mother Theresa look like the whore of Babylon if she voted Fianna Fail.
This is why he wanted Industry and Commerce, he wanted to dig the dirt.
Reynolds, when he was Minister for Industry extended export insurance to the tune of 155 million.
To one company.
Our beef trade to Iraq has been vital to the agricultural sector.
But it's not Irish beef.
LAUGHTER Are we back to seeing conspiracies under every rock here? I thought those days had gone Ireland simply does not produce enough beef to supply the Iraqi order.
I have it on good authority that it is, in part, European intervention or British beef and certainly not Halal.
That is the class of 'Irish beef' that Goodman International is shipping to Iraq.
Have the Iraqis complained? Why would they? I understand that they've barely paid Goodman International a penny.
Our beef industry is shrinking while Irish government export insurance is paying to feed Saddam Hussein's army which is currently occupied with gassing tens of thousands of their Kurdish fellow citizens.
In spite of this, the Minister for Finance, Mr.
Reynolds, before he left Industry and Commerce, saw fit to underwrite Goodman International for another year! Are you suggesting I knowingly used Irish taxpayers' money to underwrite the sale of British meat to Iraq? I'm not saying that you personally knew the beef to be British, or European intervention beef, or indeed that you stood to gain personally, Mr.
Reynolds, but I am saying that you signed that government commitment, and that the terms of that commitment have been abused.
Taoiseach? So there's no truth in RTE's story? There is no truth that I have been aware of any malfeasance or malpractice.
I'm on your side, Albert, but if you want this story to go away, Goodman International, or whichever subsidiary thereof, needs to produce certificates attesting to the disputed meat's Irish origins.
And the RTE reporters? I'm sure I can persuade them to recant their bovine heresies if those certificates can be produced.
But if O'Malley discovers anymore problems, I won't necessarily be able to protect you.
Berlin Wall coming down.
I'll have my private sessions here in the Department of the Taoiseach.
Not at the Castle? Dublin Castle was a renowned redoubt of British spies, Mr.
Nally, and with Mrs Thatcher and her MI6 security in residence we can't risk it.
But make sure she's well looked after.
Whiskey, lots of it.
PHONE RINGS Yes? The Government Press officer Mr.
Mara will be able to help you on this matter.
PJ Mara.
Fiachra, how's Lucinda? Fiachra, the Taoiseach is about to host a three-day summit in Dublin as President of Europe, he would see the mentioning of his name in connection with Patrick Gallagher as an embarrassment to the nation, and a personal betrayal.
I don't think you're understanding me, Fiachra, when he feels personally betrayed, he takes it personally.
Fiachra, I don't know what language you're speaking these days out in Dublin 4 but you're certainly missing my drift.
If you go ahead with this, you, your programme and RTE will be fucked top to bottom, back to front and side to side.
Yes, love to Lucinda.
Car's here, Taoiseach.
(TV Reporter) Mr Haughey's first summit as council President is being held five months after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Following this historic event, the Taoiseach has placed German re-unifiication at the top of his agenda.
The Germans are obviously pushing for it.
The British are naturally against.
The French too are against it but see it as a way of bolstering their role in Europe by angling to tie a united Germany into the EC through a common currency.
Foreign Affairs therefore strongly suggest that given the British/German history, and as President, we should not take sides.
With the geniuses the likes of which we've got in Foreign Affairs the Brits don't need spies or soldiers.
We're happy to oppress ourselves.
But Britain will veto any change, Taoiseach, in any event.
Not if Thatcher is not Prime Minister.
You're going to stand against her? LAUGHTER.
But German unification and our insistence that it be balanced by monetary, and political union, is all just a dream unless we get Mrs.
Thatcher to agree.
No? Not necessarily.
Thatcher's Conservative Party is split down the middle between those who think that Britain is still a world power at the head of a glorious empire, and those that realise that it is a little island with deep social problems, dependent on the markets of its neighbours.
And she has been able to pose as anti-Europe while never having to walk away from us.
If she supports us, she will lose one half of her party, if not, and she is forced to leave the EEC, she will lose the other half.
Nally, you'd know this.
According to the rules of the Conservative and Unionist Party what percentage of the parliamentary party vote does the leader need to retain the leadership? I believe it's two thirds, Taoiseach.
She cannot achieve that.
Whichever way she goes.
An interesting side-effect of our ambitions.
I intend to personally use my Presidency to visit each member country and lobby their leaders to sign up to this new treaty.
And of course to promote the cause of German unity and monetary union.
And she will not think it strange you go visiting our colleagues? I shall also lobby them to buy British beef again.
(TV) So Italy end Ireland's World Cup odyssey at the Stadio Olimpico Rome, quarter finals.
Fucking Schillaci.
It was all a fix, getting the I-ties to their own final.
Sometimes you've got to accept when you've met your match.
Thanks for the hospitality, and listen.
Just remember, Charlie's not going to last forever.
Might be time to start checking out the other runners and riders.
Cover your bets.
I could introduce you to some people.
Welcome home, Taoiseach.
A successful round of shuttle diplomacy.
Ah Helmut.
It was appropriate to end my little European tour in Rome.
How so, Taoiseach? Rome.
The Roman Empire, and of course a chance to attend the match.
But while Mr.
Charlton might have lost against the Italians, I managed to sign them up for my team.
I'm afraid I don't understand.
I was on a walking trip in the Cairngorms for the month.
Why does that not surprise me, Nally? The only man in the world who doesn't know Ireland got as far as the quarter finals in the World Cup.
Thatcher has postponed the intergovernmental conference on the North once more.
I expect her internal party matters will soon be needing all of her attention.
Your speech for the Mandela dinner.
You know PJ, the economy's growing, we've had a great World Cup and a glorious European Presidency.
I finally have control of all the levers of power.
Maybe you should get out now.
Why would I do a stupid thing like that? Knocked out by the Kuwaitis.
Their Saladin armoured cars are still resisting The long and the short of it, Taoiseach, is that Goodman International is technically insolvent.
Only technically.
Technically, literally.
It owes more than it's worth.
That is the definition of insolvent.
Considerably more.
The 280 million owed by the Iraqis will have to be written off, Goodman also recently lost 200 million investing in the British sugar market.
We believe they have only up to 20 million in assets.
It is Foreign Affairs' opinion that he won't see the money whatever the outcome of Kuwait.
KNOCK ON DOOR Taoiseach, Mr.
Goodman's just landed.
Taoiseach, there are serious concerns about many aspects of Mr.
Goodman's business with Iraq.
But certificates were supplied vouching for the authenticity of the beef.
But as to the authenticity of the certificates? You must recall the Dail from summer recess, Taoiseach, and put Goodman International into receivership and salvage what might be salvaged for the people of Ireland before the whole agriculture sector is contaminated.
Are you telling the Taoiseach what he must do, Mr.
Nally? Taoiseach.
I would not presume to tell you what to do.
I am simply advising you in the strongest possible terms.
Thank you for your advice Show Mr Goodman in, PJ.
Examinership? We don't currently have the equivalent of what the British call administration.
We need to put through emergency legislation.
Why? To reschedule Mr.
Goodman's loans.
But he's bankrupt.
He should be put in receivership, why not appoint a receiver? Because Saddam has not defaulted on his debts yet.
Are you going to go over and ask him to pay it? He's currently holding 400 British and Irish citizens hostage.
Goodman's business with Iraq represents 5% of Irish GDP, it is in the national interest to see it survive.
The national interest? Yes, and that is why it shall be handled by the Department of the Taoiseach.
The only thing that would be in the national interest would be a judicial inquiry into this whole scheme to defraud both the EC and the Irish people In my opinion, you and your PDs have been afforded too many privileges, since we had this temporary little coalition arrangement foisted on us.
And to discover any links between the individual and his company afforded such extraordinary government backing and the politicians who gave him that support.
I know what you're trying to suggest, and I swear, any enquiry will find me spotless, blameless and entirely without any interest pecunious or impecunious in this.
The PDs will have to consider voting against your proposals, Taoiseach.
And bring the government down? You can't always protect your ministers with that line.
Who says I'm protecting them? I've never begged for anything, Charlie.
This is the only favour I've ever asked of you.
Give me the nod? They're starting to treat Mary Robinson like a serious candidate.
Who is? The press, people, women.
When our machine cranks into gear But when will that be? There are other considerations.
You saved my life, Charlie.
And I'm grateful to you for the money you raised for the new liver.
But my health is fine, I swear, I never felt so good.
And you'll easily hold on to my seat if I go up to the Aras.
Brian Junior will be a shoe-in.
Sure he'll have the President himself campaigning for him.
Me fein.
And if it's allies in cabinet you want, sure Bertie, Albert and Flynn are all Charlie men.
Apart from you, Brian, and Bertie, there's not one of them I'd trust as far as I could throw them.
Please Charlie.
Did you ever build a sandcastle when you were young, Brian? At first you wouldn't know what you were going to build But as you went on, you began to see how it all worked And, as your Ma wrestled you into a shirt or a jumper, water would begin to chase in, washing the beach clean of the day's leavings, surrounding your castle.
But yet still somehow, you thought, somehow, miraculously, this little world that you had built, where you were king, would survive.
But you're still at the top of your game, Charlie, you're king of the hill.
For the while.
But time and tide wait for no man.
You miss her, your mother? KNOCK ON DOOR The advance draft of the treaty's come through from Chancellor Kohl and President Mitterrand.
I've marked it up, I beg your pardon We were just finished.
I'll mull over that proposal of yours.
I'll ask Bertie if he might give you a hand implementing it.
We're already on a war footing.
How are you, PJ? Brian! Invading Iraq to get Goodman's money back? Remind me PJ why I employ you? Caesar always had a fool with him to remind him he was mortal.
I'll get you a hat with bells, so I can hear you coming so.
Mansergh asked me to give you this in person.
You think a Provie ceasefire is on the cards? I told you, I want a legacy.
This is Charles Haughey.
I'm ringing in my capacity as president of the European Council.
We need to push for closer alignments of our economies, Signor Andreotti.
I don't see why the economies of Ireland, Greece and Portugal can't be brought up to speed with those of France and Germany, Prime Minister Silva.
That is the price of the smaller countries' support for German unification.
Of course there would be strict rules governing borrowing and inflation, we'd all have to play by the rules, Prime Minister Mitsotakis.
Yes I am aware that Mrs.
Thatcher will resist (laughs).
Yes, it is us who will make those rules.
They're all on board for monetary union, Francois.
I'll see you in Rome, Helmut.
Pat Finnucane, assassinated by loyalist gunmen, the Gibraltar assassinations by the British Army, Michael Brady shot at a funeral by loyalist Michael Stone, those British soldiers stripped, mutilated and murdered by the Nationalist mob at Brady's funeral, because politicians have not had the courage to act.
I've got my best man on it.
You are your best man, Cathal.
You said you'd make me proud.
Have I not made you proud? All shall be weighed.
To hell with Rome, I've got two hours before Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands gets here and I want you to explain to me once again so maybe I can understand this time, how you managed to blow a twenty point lead in the Presidential poll in three days? It's a PR thing really.
PJ can explain it best.
You remember Lenihan denied he called the President in '82, to beg him not to dissolve the Dail but to give you another chance? Yes? And you called Garret Fitzgerald a liar in the Dail for saying that he did make that call? Yes? Well some Blueshirt postgrad from UCD has a recording of Lenihan admitting that he did call him.
So Brian has denied something he's already admitted to? And then he went on RTE to deny it again.
Whose idea was that? His.
Jesus, I leave the country for two days That's not all, boss.
The Blueshirts have seized the opportunity for a vote of no confidence on the grounds that a Minister, and in this case the Tanaiste, has admitted to acting unconstitutionally and still denies it.
PDs are saying they're in a difficult spot.
I bet they are, and I bet Des O'Malley's enjoying every second of this difficult spot.
Brian's a bit upset too, boss.
He's upset? How does he think I fucking feel? I'm afraid we in the PDs no longer retain confidence in a Minister that has been seen to be lying.
You will be crucified by the electorate, Desmond, if you bring the government down over this.
Brian is well loved.
I'm not proposing bringing it down.
But if you refuse to remove him, you will.
So you're demanding his head? That is a matter internal to Fianna Fail.
This isn't about Brian is it? It's about me.
To get me back, you're willing to ruin his chance of the Presidency.
Take out my supporters one by one.
It's about insisting on certain standards in high office.
We have three options.
BANG OF GAVEL We have three options.
Stick by him and face a general election, ask him to resign, or fire him.
CHORUS OF NOs Let me rule out the last of these categorically.
It is morally repugnant to me as it is to you.
I give you my word, I will not be the one to fire Brian Lenihan.
CHEERING AND CLAPPING As for an election, Minister Ahern has outlined the latest poll findings.
If we called an election there would be in all likelihood another hung Dail.
This is in neither the party's nor the national interest.
I must therefore ask the parliamentary party, if I might take the necessary steps to avoid an election and request the Tanaiste's resignation.
What if he refuses? He'll understand the political necessity.
And when they demand your resignation, will you resign? Should loyalty not be repaid with loyalty? It's the only way, Brian.
This was a chance for you to show that you had a bottom line, some core values.
I'm not prepared to bring the government down over this.
It's not in the national interest.
The national interest! It was you asked me to make those calls to the President in '82.
I have no recollection of that.
I can't resign, on principle.
There was nothing wrong in admitting to making those phone calls.
It's the fact that you denied it after going on the record saying that you'd made them, why didn't you just admit that you had? Because I didn't, and I'm not going to lie.
But one of the statements has to be a lie.
You know, they cannot both be true.
I can't remember giving that interview to the UCD student.
It's the drugs I'm on for the new liver.
Well you could say that? And completely destroy my chances of becoming President? No.
There is such a thing as integrity.
Sometimes you've got to set aside your principles for the greater good of the party.
Sorry, your helicopter for the Westmeath rally is here, Tanaiste.
I want the Presidency.
That's all I asked for.
The President has no power, Brian.
This, me, I have it.
And I'm not going to risk losing it so you can retire to the Park.
The confidence motion in you is tomorrow evening.
You think it over tonight.
Sorry I'm late.
Bloody editorial meeting.
Oh, freezing! O'Malley says he'll bring the government down if I don't fire Brian.
Of all of the heads he demands, it had to be Brian's.
Brian Lenihan lay himself down on the guillotine and winched the blade up all on his own.
O'Malley could have had his pick of any of the others.
I don't know if I can do it, Terry.
You can do it, like you've always done it.
I was just stopping by.
The rest of the Keane Edge team are going out to Leeson Street.
You think I have no heart, just like the rest of them? No, but there is something missing.
What? I don't know, Charlie.
How can I put my finger on something that isn't there? It's like a big, black hole in the centre of you.
And you've got to fill up the hole with anything you can get your hands on, art, yachts, islands, me, all the other women.
And most of all, power.
Power, power, power.
Maybe it's the only thing that makes you feel alive.
Or maybe it's so you don't have to look into the abyss inside yourself.
Whatever, that's why you had to make the deal with O'Malley, and why you'll fire Brian Lenihan if he doesn't resign.
It's time, Taoiseach.
Any word from him? Rumour is he's back in Dublin, he'll be in for the vote.
Find out where he is, have this biked round to him.
You're firing him? Have you got a problem with that? No, boss, no boss I don't.
Ceann Comhairle, I therefore propose advising the President to terminate Brian Lenihan's appointment as a member of this government.
The Labour Leader, Deputy Spring is in possession.
This debate is not about Brian Lenihan, this debate is about the evil spirit that controls one party in this Republic and the way that spirit has begun to corrupt the entire political system in our country.
It's ultimately a debate about the cancer that is eating away our body politic, and the virus that has caused that cancer, An Taoiseach, Charles J.
(TV reporter) Last night despite a sympathy vote from grassroots Fianna Fail supporters, Brian Lenihan lost out to the Labour candidate Mary Robinson.
This is the first time Fianna Fail have lost a Presidential Election.
To discuss the election I'd like to welcome journalist, politician and long time critic of Charles Haughey, Conor Cruise O'Brien.
O'Brien, what does this mean for the future of Irish politics? Nothing will ever be the same again.
Many people sympathise with Brian Lenihan, an amiable human being who has been treated shamefully by the leader of his own party, who then impudently recommended someone he fired from his own cabinet to the highest office in the land.
My prediction is Mr.
Haughey won't make it to the Ard Fheis as leader.
Rumour has it Albert Reynolds is lining himself up as leader in waiting.
Paris for the Security Conference, is about to make a statement.
(Mrs Thatcher on TV) I'm naturally very pleased that I got more than half the parliamentary party, I'm disappointed it's not quite enough to win on the first ballot, so I confirm it is my intention to let my name go forward for the second ballot.
(TV Reporter) Isn't the vote against you, Mrs Thatcher, large enough for you to have to acknowledge that you don't enjoy the confidence of the party? You know Albert, even if he does defeat Thatcher, Heseltine won't get the job.
Neither Judas nor Brutus got the job vacancy they created.
Don't think I haven't noticed you smartening yourself up.
But no-one wants to see a sneak in power.
Do you think I haven't taken that into consideration? Taoiseach, they're about to call the heads of state to dinner.
It's been decided to go ahead without Mrs.
And she never saw who fired the gun.
I'd be happy to discuss that at our leaders summit, Mr.
Now on the subject of the North.
The Birmingham Six Your government must stop using these six men as hostages in this bloody stalemate, it does your global standing no good, nor your country with its fine history of democracy and justice, any credit.
Thank you Mr.
Major, now can I talk to you about Iraq? Now you want an inquiry? Yes, but it's got to be the beef industry as a whole.
But it was Goodman's subcontractors who supplied forged certificates.
They who abused the export credit.
Exactly, they are subcontractors, hence an enquiry into the business as a whole.
Who is it you're really going after? And I want it over by Christmas.
Not Goodman, is it? If there's anything to be discovered about anyone, including one of my own ministers, I want it discovered quickly.
It's Reynolds.
Tying him up in a tribunal, great way to keep him away from the leadership.
I am a great believer in tribunals of inquiry.
Transparency in all dealings is a necessity of democratic government.
Good afternoon, Desmond.
I come into the office on a Monday and the place is knee deep in shit.
We spend the whole week digging and digging and by Friday we have the place spotless, only to come in the following Monday to it full of shit again.
We are so far steeped in shit that returning we're the same as going over.
Shut up, PJ, and tell me what in the hell is all this in the news about the Johnston, Mooney and O'Brien site? Dermot Desmond's United Property Holdings bought the site for five mill then sold it on to Bord Telecom for nine mill.
Dr Michael being the chair of Telecom I know Mick Smurfit is the chairman of Bord fucking Telecom.
Well it seems he also has a 10% stake in Desmond's UPH which he had forgotten about until the press pointed it out.
But what's it all got to do with me? Businessmen profiting from semi-state appointments.
But Smurfit was a fucking Blueshirt appointment, why don't they go after them? Dermot Desmond is seen as being close to you.
The brains behind the Financial Services Centre and all that.
One of the brains.
And perception is nine tenths of the law, at least the press officer's law.
Well then, Smurfit has to go.
He made a mistake, not me.
This has got to stop, PJ, I want you to make it stop.
There's always a specific moment when popular protest turns into revolution.
It's the moment the protesters are no longer afraid of the King, or the General, or the President's men.
It's your job to make them afraid.
Smurfit's not happy.
Especially with you demanding he step aside on national radio.
Who do you have it from? Someone close to him.
They said that Smurfit was only doing the Telecom thing to lend prestige and business know-how to an ailing State company, and now he finds himself publicly humiliated.
But he is going to resign? Yeah.
This no confidence motion is your doing, I take it? Your little revenge for convening the tribunal.
I refute that.
But you support it nonetheless? There is a groundswell of feeling in the parliamentary party that recent financial scandals And what about the financial scandal of your support for Goodman International? I am confident Justice Hamilton will wholly exonerate me, in spite of your hopes and best efforts.
Well, there is not a scintilla of evidence linking me to any of these scandals.
They are part of an organised campaign of vilification.
Twelve years ago, Jack Lynch wanted to choose his time of departure.
We realised that would be a mistake.
He'd get to appoint his own successor and it would be more of the same.
Twelve years ago this country was falling apart, now it is booming, and I am the reason that it is.
Are you going to resign? Like Brian Lenihan, I don't believe I've done anything wrong.
You're fired.
And all of you who support him too.
Flynn, out.
Thank you Mr.
Gentlemen, Mary, please we have work to do.
Go ahead.
PJ said you wanted to see me.
You might be aware, that recent developments have led to a number of vacancies at my cabinet table.
I heard something.
Not everything.
Not much, because I'm not with them, you know.
So it's just, you know, mutterings heard.
So, do you want one? Eh A ministry.
A ministry? Yes, a fucking ministry.
If I survive the no confidence motion.
Yes, Mr.
Haughey, Taoiseach, Sir.
Thank you, I which one? A small one.
Yes sir.
I hope you know, you always had my vote.
Are you still here? The door, it's Well use the fucking window.
PJ?!! Yes sir.
Please release this poor beast back into the wild.
Thank you.
You know me.
I'm a plain speaker.
An honest broker.
I call it like I see it.
And I'm calling it that PJ Mara, the government's press officer, our government's own press officer, has organised a campaign to smear my good name.
Furthermore, a prominent business associate of the Taoiseach's has been attempting to dig up dirt on my business affairs in the Midlands.
LAUGHING And a white Hiace van has conducted surveillance on my house LAUGHING in Longford.
And, and a man acting suspiciously has been seen near my Dublin apartment.
The CIA, Albert? We'll set up an internal inquiry into these allegations, Deputy Reynolds, but could we move to the votes.
HEAR HEAR! Firstly on whether to have an open roll call vote or a secret vote in the matter of confidence in the leadership of Charles J.
A show of hands.
Chairman, I move we have a secret vote on the matter of whether we have a secret vote or a roll call vote.
GRUMBLING Let us put your motion to the vote, Deputy Reynolds.
A show of hands on whether we have a show of hands or a secret vote on whether we have a roll call or a secret vote.
Hands please.
So, a show of hands it is to be on whether we have a show of hands on a secret vote or a roll call vote.
Those in favour of a roll call vote? (Whispers) We've not got the numbers.
(Whispers) In that case, hold fire, tell the others.
So, a roll call vote it is to be.
Hear, hear.
On the motion of confidence in the leadership of Charles J Haughey of Fianna Fail.
Ahern, Bertie.
Ahern, Dermot.
Andrews, David.
We routed them, Taoiseach.
It's a warning sign.
How is a five to two defeat a warning sign? Reynolds had more support than that, he knew he couldn't do it this time, so he had some of his people vote my way.
The same number who voted against me in 1982.
He didn't want to be seen to be the one who toppled me.
I will leave on my own terms.
I will decide who succeeds me.
And Bertie must succeed me.
He's my true son, my political heir.
He's the only one who can ensure that everything I've fought for, everything that I have achieved is not pissed away.
Nice of you to drop in, Ben.
I was just on my way from the K-Club.
Are you a member? Ah Golf's not really my thing.
Your tastes have always tended towards the aristocratic.
I met your young fella up there.
He was dropping someone in the chopper.
He was saying you were a bit lowly.
Politics is war by other means, Ben, and the more victories a warrior racks up, the more enemies he makes.
You're still the old warrior to cut through the shite.
In fact, I wanted to thank you for helping sort out the Family Trust legislation for us.
The tax assessments in family trusts needed to be looked after, in general.
Not solely the Dunne family trust.
Thanks all the same.
These bank drafts were meant for the sisters, but you look like you could do with them.
Thanks big fella.
Plenty more where that came from.
To get the six of us out of the house, and I suppose to give herself a break, my Ma would pile us all on the tram to Dollymount Strand.
And there we'd play.
Later there'd be lemonade and sandwiches, and after, she'd always make us lie down, take a nap.
And when we woke, the sun would have begun its long slow summer descent.
The heat of the day, like a small death.
'Golden lads and girls all must, As chimney sweepers, come to dust.
' You still have me, PJ, Des.
Your family.
But the others.
You mistake business for love, and love for business.
You know, when it's all over, I still haven't given up my dream.
With you.
Would you not stay? They think I'm out of town.
I've got my job to do.
Maybe, after, I shall keep you.
No politician is remembered for balancing the books.
It's the North.
Then you'd have your legacy.
Father Reid? Charles Haughey.
You've seen Martin Mansergh's draft? The road is mapped out, it's time for us to take it.
DOOR BELL I think we'll find Prime Minister Major a more receptive listener.
DOOR BELL You better see this.
I got it from a contact in RTE.
It's Nighthawks.
It goes out later tonight.
I did my best to try to stop it, but no dice.
They're not afraid of the King's men anymore.
There was a decision taken in Cabinet that the leaking of matters from cabinet must be stopped.
I as Minister for Justice had a direct responsibility for doing that.
I did that.
PHONE RINGS I do feel I was let down by the people who knew what I was doing.
PHONE RINGS Abbeville.
Doherty's been saying this in the Dail bar off the record for years to whoever'd listen, why does he go public now? The Taoiseach's response is that Mr.
Doherty is a proven liar.
When we toppled Lynch it wasn't me who made the first public move, but Sile De Valera.
Yeah, you taught the ingrate fuckers well.
Look if Mr.
Doherty's claims were true, that would mean the whole cabinet knew, and that cabinet included Desmond O'Malley and Albert Reynolds, so maybe you should be asking them, alright? But there's no advancement in it for him, and Doherty isn't doing this for the love of his new found God.
The venal fucker's been paid, and well paid.
I am confirming that the Taoiseach, Mr.
Haughey, was fully aware in 1982 that two journalists' phones were being tapped, and that he at no stage expressed reservation about the action.
As soon as the transcripts from the tapes became available I took them personally to Mr.
Haughey and left them in his possession.
I have no further comment.
Doherty's even using the same PR company who are scrubbing Reynolds up for his leadership heave.
Well good luck to them.
Yeah, I'm on my way back, alright, I've got a plan.
Good morning everyone.
Morning! Good to see you all.
You all look wonderful.
Hello Michael.
How are you? Good to see you.
The fact is I have never felt beholden to Mr.
Doherty in any way for statements that he made taking sole responsibility for the tapping of journalists' phones in 1982.
Nor have I acted as if I were.
The truth of the matter is that he was the author of his own downfall in 1982.
I am confident that any allegations made against me will in the course of time be proven false.
I am forced to the conclusion that Mr.
Doherty is attempting to bring down both the present Fianna Fail/PD coalition government and the Taoiseach for personal political gain.
And perhaps for other political motives, regardless of the short-term or long-term consequences for his party.
Okay, guys.
that's it.
Any questions, through the office, through the office.
Bon chance.
Jimmy? I'm sorry Jimmy, I'm not sure who let you in, but as you can see, I was Nally? Yes Taoiseach.
Taoiseach? Taoiseach can I help you? It's okay, Mr.
When the mafia come to finish you off, they always send a friend.
I'm sorry Mr.
It's nothing personal, I swear.
No, business is business.
What if I fight it? Sometimes you've got to accept when you've met your match.
So if I refuse to go because of Doherty's lies, this file will be made public? It's the only way.
This isn't Reynolds, it's not his style, he's ambitious, but he's not dirty, it's not him.
But whoever's behind this has got serious money too.
Do I not find out who fired the gun? I'm sorry, Mr.
What will I tell them? Tell them to give me time.
To arrange my successor.
I'll tell them.
Can't guarantee anything.
Was that? One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
(Nally on speaker) Mr.
O'Malley is here to see you, Taoiseach.
And here's the second.
It's all heat and no light.
Doherty's story has more holes than a Cavan boreen.
I might be going down, but I'll go down on my own terms.
But we can take him to the cleaners.
Tell Bertie I want to see him now.
Yes sir.
Desmond, you're welcome Taoiseach I know, I know, whether I remain leader of the party is of course a matter internal to Fianna Fail, but the PDs can no longer support me as Taoiseach.
All I ask is that you allow me a few days.
While I know that I afforded you no such grace, you will have to work with my successor and I'm sure you will find some of my colleagues easier to work with than others.
So long as you're gone before the budget.
Though we'll announce your departure immediately, in case you have any second thoughts.
Bertie's on his way, Taoiseach.
Is it white smoke? What did I call Bertie after he negotiated the deal with the PDs? The most skilful, the most devious, the most cunning of them all.
He said he's worried about his domestic situation becoming public.
He's worried about being seen to owe me anything.
He owes me everything! Always told you, you're the worst judge of people.
Fuck them.
Fuck the lot of them.
Except you PJ.
The most loyal, the most companionable and the most unscrupulous fucker of them all.
A walking contradiction.
It's a wonder you never thought of becoming a politician.
I tried, don't you remember? Yeah.
There won't be a vote, Brian, a good actor knows when to leave the stage.
Would you not have PJ do that? Alone without company I came into this world.
Were you in on it? After Nighthawks, I told Doherty to get legal advice, to get his story straight.
Apart from that, I don't believe in that kind of thing.
You'd have more reason than most.
Do you think it was Reynolds? He went ballistic when he found out, because everyone would think he was behind it.
Apparently he'd lined up someone else to make you an offer you could not refuse.
The assassins were tripping over each other in the end.
Pity they didn't stab each other.
(Lenihan chuckles) You know, Brian, you're the only one who's come to see me.
They'll all be off manning the phones, making promises, and threats, and seeing spies dressed as ESB men in their rose bushes.
Aren't we well out of it? They say Bertie won't go for it this time.
You can groom a successor, but you can't graft a pair of balls to a eunuch.
(They laugh) You never know, he might be smarter than you think.
Still, after all the ducks and the dives The things we could tell them.
You never knew me, Brian, none of you ever knew me.
How are you PJ? Brian.
KNOCK ON DOOR It's time, Taoiseach.
Have them put this in the car.
Of course.
Are you leaving this? Always leave something for the next man, that's what my mother used to say.
I have my legacy in modernising this country, in Europe, Germany.
Yes, you have.
Just a pity you unified the wrong country.
(They laugh) The work of government and of the Dail must always be directed to the progress of the nation, and I hope that I have been able to provide some leadership to that end in my time.
I have always sought to act solely and exclusively in the best interests of the Irish people.
My quote, perhaps Othello: 'I have done the State some service.
They know it.
No more of that.