Charlotte (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Love and Flame

1 Today, I overslept and didn't have time, so it's omelet rice again.
You know, I don't need lunches anymore.
Oh? Why is that? Most of the guys don't bring their own lunches.
Everyone buys food at the school cafeteria.
So, to get along with new friends, I don't need them anymore.
That is such a pity! But, since I made it today, I want you to take it with you! S-Sure Something nice will happen 3 There's no way I'd be able to eat an omelet rice with a message written on it in the classroom Episode 3 - Love and Flame Good morning.
Yeah, morning.
You seem to be pretty spiritless today.
No, this is about how low my spirit is to begin with.
Especially in the mornings.
Then, for lunch today.
I'll splurge and go for the limited edition beef tongue curry to lift your spirits up.
Limited edition? Will you make it in time? If I use my ability, a piece of cake.
Right I have been waiting for you.
Here you go.
For now, I think you're better off if you went to the hospital.
Oh, this? I'm pretty much used to this I'm sorry to make you worry about me.
This is an ability that is way too incomplete after all! An outpouring of spices! This is how curry should be! Delicious! I'm glad I could meet your expectations.
Curry was something that should be spicy after all It's medium spicy, but was this the right spice level for you then? The beef tongue also melts in your mouth! It's the best! You must really love curry.
Yup, yup Oh, I remember now Yes, I understand.
Our helper is going to make another appearance.
Let's head over to the student council room.
Why is that guy always soaking wet? He can't use his ability unless he gets soaking wet while fully clothed.
What a cumbersome ability! The ability is channeling.
Channeling? Spiritualism.
Allowing dead individuals to possess them, like ITAKO shamans.
Not just a fraud, but someone who can really use it as a special ability that's pretty amazing.
One more pyrokinesis.
To think that someone has two abilities! I'd like to get moving to grab this person But this is an ordinary road.
What does that mean? It means, the person is on the move.
In the middle of a weekday? Is the person ditching school? But you know, this road this should be a narrow alley that is not that popular.
What are you asserting? Anyhow, let's try heading out to this location.
This place is it? Yes.
What? That person was pretty desperate in passing through here.
Why? This side is the only one that has no dust on it.
In other words, whoever it was ran through here, and bumped into this box or something.
In other words, that means this person was being chased? Sounds like an incident Another troublesome one For now, let's move forward.
Two new footprints.
One has a short stride, and one is longer.
This totally indicates a girl being chased by some adult.
We're going to hurry.
Oh, that thing earlier? What was it? That filming session where an idol was being chased by a big guy, right? An idol? Let's see that's right, it was Yusa Nishimori.
I've heard of that name.
Me, too Yusarin?! Just as I thought! It's the idol that Ayumi likes! You know her? She's the vocalist for the band How Low Hello (nicknamed Haro-haro) – an upcoming idol that can sing and dance.
You were that big an idol otaku? That's such a turn-off! When she was in 6th grade, her career started from the achievement of winning the grand prize in the 14th reader-model audition for the low-teen fashion magazine "Petit Banana.
" She debuted on that magazine as their exclusive model! The year after that, she landed a job as a regular member of the "Movement Morning!" show.
But, she quit two years later to concentrate on high school entrance exams.
She re-started her career in showbiz after advancing to high school Hold it, hold on, let's go back a bit to the issue at point! So that girl caused some issue with her special ability, and became a fugitive.
Am I wrong? You don't have to say that for us to know that.
Her agency is Sea Rex Productions.
Wouldn't it be quicker if we just called them? We're talking about someone in showbiz.
They won't tell us anything.
What should we do? Let's see Found a suspicious target.
Going to chase him! Tomori! Otosaka, please do it! The one that actually gets in pain is me, so I rather you not use this tactic This is exactly why we have you on board.
Dammit! What would you do if the camcorder broke? Is that your issue? Wake up, bastard.
Who the hell are you? No, who are YOU? if you spill it, we'll call an ambulance for you.
Right now, you're headed straight to death, you hear? I was just offered a job What kind? I can't say that Is that something you'd risk your life to protect the secrecy of? I'm looking for Yusa Nishimori! Asked by who? Taiyo TV.
Who from there? I don't know that far that's the truth.
Understood! I had already called for an ambulance.
What the hell are you guys? We are just looking for a woman named Yusa Nishimori.
Her nickname is Yusarin.
For what? I don't know the reason why, but it's a fact that she's being chased, so we thought we'd help.
You guys know Yusa? I'm a huge fan! Don't break the flow of the conversation every single time! I was watching you the whole time.
How did you defeat that guy? With special abilities.
That is most likely something like the ability that Nishimori has.
How do you know that? If you trust us, I believe that we can save her.
I see then, prove to me that you have the same power as her.
It's not the same power, but here.
She disappeared? Here.
Now do you believe us? Yeah now, come with me.
But I'm sure you'll be confused.
What do you mean by that? Things got slightly complicated.
I want you guys to see for yourselves.
it's a club.
You don't have to go so far to film this This way.
Don't be slowpokes.
I'm back.
How was it outside? It actually is the real Yusarin! I have all the Haro-haro CDs! Such a turn-off! Thank you very much! It really is the girl I saw on TV back then Hey, what's with those guys? They're just like Misa, and can use special abilities.
Misa? So her real name wasn't Yusa but Misa? That's the complicated part.
Is it all right to trust them? They used their powers to defeat those other guys.
Now, can we ask her directly what's going on here? If you ask something stupid, don't think you can get out of here unscathed.
Come on, you're being scary Tomori, be careful here Yeah, yeah.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Tomori.
Nice to meet you! I'm Yusa Nishimori, nicknamed Yusarin! She calls herself Yusarin? This is the first time I meet an idol in real life.
You really are so cute that it feels like someone created you I want to get that close, too Hey, you.
Now, now So, first off, please tell me your real name.
"My name is Yusa Kurobane!" I wasn't asking you.
Your real name sounds more fitting as a stage name Yes, I hear that often But, black feathers (kurobane) doesn't sound too suitable for an idol, so they renamed me to Nishimori! Indeed.
So, Kurobane there are times that you are not Kurobane.
Are you aware of that fact? She is not aware of it.
How do you know that? I wasn't asking you, bastard.
What was that? So, Kurobane, how is it? That's exactly it! I guess you can call it sleepwalking.
Lately, I don't realize I fell asleep, and when I wake up I'm somewhere else The doctors tell me that there is a chance that I have a multiple personality disorder Is that so? It's not schizophrenia, so please rest assured.
She has a special ability just like us.
Her power is to allow a dead person to possess her body.
Seriously? I believe that this power calls forth this Misa girl that you guys talk of? Misa? Is something the matter? Don't ask anything.
Is it someone she knows? That's Yusa's sister who was older by a year.
She passed away six months ago from an accident.
You bastard don't go blabbing this and that to someone stranger you just met! Oh, can it be that you're Misa? Such a cramped place all you gathered here? So annoying! What a change in personality Whoa! What an impressive ability! Calm down, Misa! Are you going to burn us all to death? That guy has no sense at all I'm surprised.
So she can't call the spirit forth on her own will, and Misa actually controls it all.
You got a problem with that? Another ability that is somehow imperfect! That means, she has an unparalleled ability to be possessed.
And Misa, who possesses Yusa, has the pyrokinetic ability.
What is your relationship with these two? They're my buddies from back when I was alive and mischievous.
Do you know the reason why your little sister is being chased? It's this.
Yusa accidentally brought this home on accident from some shoot.
It belongs to one of the bigger-named producers at the TV station.
Yusa accidentally read a text that was sent to this.
Using up company money, connections to a dangerous crowd - stuff that will get the guy under arrest if this was taken to the cops.
Did you turn the power off? Yeah.
But it wasn't turned off until yesterday.
Then they probably know already that you're hiding somewhere in this area from the GPS.
Even if you returned the smartphone now, you won't stay safe.
And even if you handed it to the police, that would mean Kurobane sold off that producer off and make it impossible to keep working in showbiz.
Then, I'll burn it all down, TV station and all.
Are you stupid? You do that, and your little sister will be arrested.
Who the hell do you think you are, huh? And you really want to send your little sister off to juvenile hall or something? That would be in bad sense Please calm down.
You want to save your little sister, right? Of course Then, we should help each other, and instead threaten this guy instead.
What's the chances of winning? I'm really good at creating plans for threatening others! Please trust me! You've got good character.
All right, I'll do as you say.
I'd like both of you to help as well.
Of course.
If Misa says so.
Huh? Right now was I asleep again? You must be tired.
It's all right.
Have some roasted marshmallows and calm down.
Oh, the marshmallows turned into freshly-roasted marshmallows! I have absolutely no clue how I should approach Yusarin from now on You're a scary guy.
Then, we should first head to a shop that sells work clothes.
Why? The two of you will need fireproof clothing.
It's me So you finally show up.
You realized that you can't escape? Um, I really don't know the reason why I'm being chased so much.
Did Yusarin do something wrong? Give me back my smartphone! Is this it? That's it! Even if I return it, like, is Yusarin still in a crisis? Whatever happens, there is no future for you in this industry.
I don't have a future? You bastard! Such a person is more like you! I guess I'll take out one more of them What what the hell is going on? You probably thought that you cornered me, but you really didn't realize that it was me cornering you.
You really are senseless.
What the hell are you are you really Yusa Nishimori? Of course, I'm Yusa Nishimori, the real Yusarin.
In order for me to succeed, I can kill anyone, just like those guys! It does hurt after all! This is cumbersome.
I'll get rid of them at once.
W-W-Wait! Hold on! Like I'm gonna wait! What the hell is going on? We can bury you into the shadows at any point we want.
I get it! I give up! Help me! I'll give this back to you.
But, there is no next time.
I'll eradicate you, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Thank you for your assistance.
No, you helped us.
He believed that everything that happened just now was done by Yusa alone.
That producer will no longer be able to go against Yusa.
It's not settled in stone quite yet.
And so, I'd like you to transfer into Hoshinoumi Academy, and do everything alongside us.
Why's that?! Just like how I explained earlier, she'd get caught by the scientists and her days as a guinea pig will begin.
She will never be able to return to normal life ever again, you know? The condo next to our academy will be the safest place in all of Japan for Kurobane.
That's a life-saving story for Yusa.
Please go ahead and do that.
Hold on.
then, well If Yusa's powers disappear we can never meet Misa again? That's what I wanted to ask.
Well, I guess that will happen.
But she's already dead first and foremost, isn't she? Isn't it more abnormal that you were able to see her for all this time? But! Sho, everything is like what she says.
In reality, she no longer exists.
Maybe this is time for us to say goodbye to Misa why don't we decide on that? Then, let me tell her how I truly feel Well, how to put it This has to be when I can't think of anything to say Sho, did you have the hots for me? That's right.
Misa, I loved you.
It's embarrassing to say, but I was in love.
But you passed away before I could tell you that And it was an accident while we were riding one motorcycle together.
I was okay with just small wounds So I was the one that killed you I see.
Right, right.
I made you harbor such immense feelings.
But I was the one that sought such dangerous thrills.
I reaped what I had sewn.
Don't cry.
That's not like you.
Sho, forget about me, and starting tomorrow, live your own life.
Don't keep dragging the dead into your life.
Otherwise, your life would get screwed up and you won't be happy in the future, okay? Geez, you really are a troublesome boy.
Sho All right, Misa I will walk down my own path that you are not a part of.
I'll sever off my feelings for you and that is how I will live on.
All right! Both of you, lead a very happy life! Yeah.
Sure thing! See ya! Thank you for everything until now! It was absolutely the most fun! For some reason, it was a really long day You're really late! If you're going to be this late, I wanted you to call me! As for you you were up this late? Eating dinner together is a rule passed down the Otosaka house for generations! I was busy again today doing work for the student council.
If you say that, I can't say anything back And what is the home-made food tonight? I am most satisfied with the meat-sauce spaghetti tonight! Otosaka house Secret! Pizza sauce.
Oh, it's Haro-haro again.
It really is the same person.
Who and who are you talking of? Well, I mean "Yusa Nishimori," and the actual person.
The actual person? Can it be that you have gotten to know her? Oh crap but they didn't tell me to stay quiet about this so I guess I can tell her Tomorrow, she's transferring into my academy.
That makes me way too jealous! Would Ayu be able to meet her or something? Well, the possibility is there.
Anyway, start by wiping your nosebleed clean.
That is something amazing! Come on you're getting too excited about this