Charlotte (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Moment of Earnest

1 Alarm - tap to snooze slide to stop alarm Morning.
Good morning! Here, it's French toast! It's red You said you didn't need lunch, so I decided to put more effort into breakfast! Put more effort looks like that's nothing more than adding pizza sauce Time to eat! Otosaka house Secret! Pizza sauce It already has sugar in it, and has the extra sweetness from the pizza sauce! Eh? Did it taste strange? Oh, no, it's fine.
Seems like I'm not feeling too well.
Can it be that you caught a cold? Maybe you should stay home from school? It's not that bad.
I'm sorry I'm making you worry Are you really all right? I'm totally fine! Thank you for this meal.
You really do look pale! You should take the day off today! No, no, there are no real issues with my condition.
How should I seal away that pizza sauce Hoshinoumi Academy Episode 4 Moment of Earnest Hey, hey, I got amazing news! Apparently Yusa Nishimori is transferring into our school! Eh? You mean THE Yusarin? That can't be.
This isn't an art school or anything But, if she's the real thing, I'd be so happy! Nothing less from our Yusarin! Everyone is so worked up about this already! When she actually shows up, how much of a riot will there be? I'm troubled just thinking about it.
Quiet! -You there! Sit down! -Hey, is that Over here.
Now, she is a transfer student who will be your classmate starting today.
Go introduce yourself.
I'm Yusa Kurobane, known as Yusarin! Quiet! Quiet! You there! Sit down! And you there, stop dancing! Even in a place like this, she calls herself Yusarin? So your real name is Kurobane? Heh, you didn't even know that? I may not be able to attend school on some days due to work, but I'd like to really enjoy high school life with all of you! It's a pleasure to meet all of you! Yusarin! Yusarin! Yusarin! Yusarin! -Quiet down! -Yusarin! Yusarin! Yusarin! Yusarin! -Oh, brother -Yusarin! Yusarin! Yusarin! Yusarin! -Kurobane, your seat is right there.
Go sit down.
Nice to meet you.
Yes! I'm sure I will trouble you a lot, but it's nice to meet you! What's with her? She's so rude.
She's so not friendly.
Why did you transfer here? I pre-ordered your new single! Me, too! It's such a great song! I always watched Move Asa! Me, too! Me, too! Will you be my friend? Can we start by exchanging mail addresses-- You bastard, what are you saying so suddenly? Don't leave us out of this! This much can't hurt! Now, now, both of you, be nice to each other! Can it be? Is she really going to do that? Eh? Do what? Making up! Making up! Making up with a magic spell! There it is! Yusarin's magic spell series, #13! The spell for making up! There.
The two of you have made up now! Yeah, sorry about that.
No, I was in the wrong What is that so-called magic spell series? Yusa had been a regular cast member of the morning information show "Movement Asa!" also known as Move Asa.
After the day's fortunes, towards the viewers who had bad luck, Yusa sent various magic spells.
Series #13? Just how many are there? There are 64! But, two of them actually overlap, so there really are only 63 Such a turn-off! Oh, will the helper appear before us again? Yes.
Ouch! What's up with that, student council president? Kurobane, I'd like you to come with us immediately to the student council room.
That's too cruel, student council president! Let's go! Sure! Yusa, that magic spell earlier - series #13, the spell for making up it was marvelous! Amazing! You knew about it in that much detail? Yes.
I checked out the show the whole time while you were a part of it.
Wow! Thank you so much! You're such a fanboy such a turn-off, Takajo.
And, well what are we going to do here? A helper will show up.
However, we need you to prepare mentally so you aren't surprised by his unusual guise.
Rest assured, he's one of us.
He will never harm you.
The ability is telekinesis.
Um, so in the end, what just went on here? A guy with a special ability is there, and his power is telekinesis.
That guy found you in the same manner.
Wow, that's amazing! Yusarin here is going to do her best! Yeah! You may not realize it, but you can get possessed by spirits and have pyrokinesis.
You're a lot more amazing than this guy The location is a school, huh This is let's se Kannai Academy.
All right! Bingo! Eh? What is? This is a sports newspaper from last week! I had my eyes on this guy! Three perfect games in a row! "With sharp knuckle-balls, no doubt this super-high-school level pitcher will join the pro league!" The next day, I went and watched them practice.
Everyone should look at this.
Playing now Strike! Oh, that's some curve ball! He's like major league caliber.
But, just hold on.
Now, watch some footage where we get a close-up of the pitcher's throwing hand.
Take a look.
Isn't something strange? What is? His grip is that of a straight ball.
Every ball is like that.
Knuckle balls are supposed to be balls that move irregularly by holding the ball rotation as much as possible.
The basic knuckle ball is thrown by putting your index and middle fingers against the ball like this.
How you hold a ball for a straight pitch makes the ball rotate, and it will never make the ball shake as much as it just did.
You're quite knowledged In the end, he's using telekinesis to move the ball around right after throwing it? Yes.
Wow, that's amazing in its own way! Does she get any of this? It will be bad if we can't get a hold of him before the qualifiers for going to Koushien starts.
Let's head there right away.
Eh? What about class? It's all right.
No matter how we act, as long as you are part of the student council there are no demerits towards your grades or your school report.
I-I see We're from the Hoshinoumi Academy student council.
What do you want? We're practicing right now.
I'm sorry! Eh? Yusa Nishimori? Please ignore her, and for now listen to what I have to say.
What is it? I'll be blunt here.
Do you use telekinesis to throw knuckle balls? Telekinesis? As in supernatural powers? Of course I don't have such a thing.
Are you some occult research club instead of the student council? All right, listen closely.
That power is like a disease that is only around during puberty.
Even if you were aiming to be a pro, by then, your powers will be gone.
Not only that, but if someone notices that you have powers, you will be captured.
And, your body will become one that can never play baseball again.
So, from here on, please don't use that special ability of yours.
Be captured? By whom? By scientists who are researching people with abilities, just like you.
And you want me to believe such an idiotic thing? Fine.
Then, keep looking at me.
What? Do you believe me now? You really are a sore loser, aren't you? How about we make a whole roast out of him? Hey! Oh, no, sorry Don't show off in a place like this! Oh, Yusarin's saliva! No this would be Misa's saliva I'm troubled at how I should react! Such a turn-off! Getting back to the main discussion.
So, what will it be in the end? But no, this is this has to be Yusarin's saliva No, wait in the first place Then, how about we face each other in baseball? Our baseball team versus your baseball team.
If we win, do as we say.
All right.
And if we win, don't have anything to do with me ever again.
But still, you'll never become a professional baseball player.
I don't understand what drives you so far.
I want to go to Koushien Stadium.
That's all.
Next Sunday at 3:00PM, at our school courtyard.
How about it? Yes.
I don't have problems with that.
What's wrong, Arifumi? So someone that can hit that knuckle ball exists in our baseball team? We'll be using special abilities ourselves, so it will be all right.
I see.
What kind of abilities do these people have? No, our baseball team, despite having several people with potential, has no one that can use a special ability.
Then, how do we We're still around.
We're all a part of this? If not, we won't be able to win.
Besides, if it's on our school courtyard, it wouldn't turn into a riot.
Well, that was the appropriate move.
This gets me burning up for the first time in a while.
Don't you burn anything! Bow! Let's have a good game! Let's all do our best! Our opposing team has girls in it, huh? There's no way they'd be able to hit your ball.
What meaning is there in a this game to begin with? It's for the future, Takato I see.
If you say so, let's do it.
If you lose, I'm smacking all your asses with a baseball bat! All right, here we go! Yeah! Yeah! Smacking asses with a bat that sounds like what the previous generation does.
Play ball! All right! They can't even hit our pitcher's ball? The opponents have horrible batters Is that so? Hey! I'm being serious here, though this was such a sudden game to play.
What kinda talk is that? It's the truth.
You jackass, I'll just abandon this game! I'd be troubled by that.
Please keep pitching.
Then properly think before you talk! Kurobane, please go ahead.
Okay! Magic spell, magic spell! Calming down with this magic spell! There it is! Yusarin's magic spell series, #9! The spell for calming down! There.
Now he is calm! Such a turn-off! Strike! Batter's out! That's a real knuckle ball there's no way we can hit something like that.
Smacking my ass with a bat, or whatever else, do what you'd like.
But it's pretty amazing that pitches like that are consistently caught.
Even the catcher is super-high-school level, huh there's no way we can win this.
Kannai Academy Hoshinoumi Academy We just need one run if the two of us can score one run, we can win as long as the two of us protect that one run lead! Not good! So they went after Yusa after all.
Misa, on the other hand, has athletic reflexes, I guess! Dammit, Yusa's shoulders are so weak! I see.
She can make the right decision, but she can't physically keep up.
Strike! Batter's out! Out! Ball four! Not looking good Out! Safe! This is our biggest crisis We should use abilities as well.
Specifically, how? You need to take over the opponent's batter.
And the last two batters for them will listlessly swing their bats.
And you, just throw outside of the strike zone.
Just be careful to not throw a wild pitch.
S-Sure Then, I'm counting on you.
Play! I have to use my powers for something like this? Strike! Why? Hey, you Strike two! Are you all right? Yeah, I'm totally fine.
It's two outs with the next guy Arifumi If you want to be that thorough in winning this thing Catcher! Safe! Takato What was safe? I didn't think that far Did he steal home base? Dammit! Dammit, dammit! We can't win this one.
Strike! Batter's out! Just make sure to hit the ball when you bunt.
Then, use your ability to run past first base.
Will they be able to see me do so? I'll record the evidence with a super-high-speed camera.
Got it.
Strike! Strike two! If I screw up the next one, I'll be out Now, one more guy All right! See, he's touched first base.
Come on now, it's safe! It's safe, isn't it? .
Safe! What just happened? Well done! We will not be wasting your sacrifice.
Someone, I need a pinch runner! Yusa is weak, but I'll use my own game sense to hit the ball! All right! Wow, that was like Ichiro.
And now it's your turn at bat, what will you do? After my sacrifice bunt succeeds, one base hit and it's a walk-off.
I can't hit that with my ability! How about you go face things head-on every so often? Yu Otosaka, the fiend of cheating on tests.
Please hit! -Dammit, against guys like this -First base! Out! In a scene like this, I have to face this head-on? Lead, lead, lead Strike! Strike two! Dammit! Foul! I finally was able to hit Foul! Foul! Foul! His timing is starting to inch closer I guess I'll move it a bit more for the next one.
Dammit it's all over It's not over! Run! Head to first base, the catcher fumbled! Safe! We can do this! I have the game sense! Takato! Safe! Game set! Did you see that? My game sense? That was amazing, Yusarin! Did we win? Yes, we won.
We won, huh All right.
Wait why am I getting so happy about something like this? We were victorious.
Please never use that ability ever again.
I'm just an ordinary pitcher but Takato, the catcher, is different.
He's a catcher that really deserves to be in the spotlight.
The two of us have played together as a battery for a long time now.
He knew that the baseball team at our school was weak, but still, he chose to pair up with me.
That's why I wanted to take him, even if it meant using this strange power to that big stage where even the pros would notice.
So instead of personal gain, you were using your ability for your friendship.
We won today's game by cheating.
But, you have been cheating while pitching this whole time.
But, people who properly watch are out there.
Even if you don't cheat.
In college, or in the business leagues, you can keep watch over him as his best friend.
Someday, you will be able to brag that "he is my best friend.
" I'm sure of it.
It will be all right.
Yeah And a small experiment.
Can you try taking over his body? Eh? Why? As I said, it's a small experiment.
That's not something you say to your test subject.
He is the test subject, so don't worry.
Fine Whoa! What the? Thank you very much.
No, it wasn't anything much but did you figure something out? I am not sure for now.
Just going to see how things go for a while.
I beg you! I hope that for dinner, she didn't use any of that pizza sauce! I'm bac-- A secret recipe of the Otosaka house - a cream stew full of broccoli! It's red Cream stew is supposed to be white That is why it's a secret recipe of the Otosaka house! Just as I thought What do I believe in, you ask? Of course, I have to believe in myself! The power to believe, the power to challenge.
Oh, it's a new commercial from Yusarin! And it's Haro-haro's new song! Now accepting enrollment for summer classes at Shinkou Seminars! Oh, that reminds me, did Yusarin really transfer to your school? Huh? Yeah That is something really amazing! Oh, brother