Charlotte (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Sound Heard Sometime in the Past

1 - What do you do on your days off? - I heard your radio show yesterday.
If you'd like, how about some tea later today? And it's really cute.
Yusarin, you should go too! That's fine with me! How long will this scene continue Yusarin is a current pop idol after all! Something like this happening is very understandable! What's going on? I have a clue, but it's better if you didn't know.
The Sound You Heard Sometime First, the one for Rika! Next, the one for Yuriko! Group torture? How terrible.
It's understandable when she does stuff like that impulsively Ow.
Well are you all right? You have something to complain about? You were just watching.
Oh, the helper is going to appear.
What's with those wounds? I just got tortured by a mob.
Are you all right? Shouldn't you go to a hospital? I'm used to it, so I'll be fine.
Then, let's go pummel them all in return! I ain't going.
That's too much of a hassle.
You're so boring.
The ability is floating on air.
All right! We got this! It's this one! "A flying humanoid is found in Japan as well"? Is it saying that this black shadow is that person? For now, it's only a scoop on an occult magazine like this one.
But if we leave this alone, this will turn into a huge deal.
Let's go.
Where to? This is in the middle of the mountains.
This is just speculation, but I think that's where this person is practicing how to fly.
So, if we keep staking out at this location, that person should appear at some point.
If we keep staking out? For how long are you talking about? Of course until this person shows up.
$#@%! Don't make Yusarin say something like that! Then, to procure food for all of us, let's go to the supermarket.
You serious? Um can you go back to Yusa, please? That's something I'll decide! Why do I have to follow your orders? Because it ends up like this! Huh? I'll burn you right here, you know? Is this team all right.
? Hot! Hot! I'm sorry! See here, I'll burn you now! See here! You guys, let's go! Why is it all corn? When you think barbeque, you gotta have roasted corn.
Barbeque? If you do something like that, you'd get found out from the smoke! This person may decide to approach us instead, you know? Is such a thing possible? What else? Steak meat, spare ribs, wieners Come on, now you're thinking only about meat.
But meat is good No, no, no Shishito peppers? The spice gives a nice accent to flavors.
If you're going to eat them all, then that's fine with me.
Those two get along very well.
Can they be dating each other? Let's buy more hams and stuff.
It hasn't been long since they first met, so I don't think it's gone that far.
No, no.
We should get pumpkins instead.
But well, they are a couple that is pleasant to watch.
Like, no way! Yes, I think they're well suited for each other, too! All alone with Yusarin! I'm glad I'm alive! All right.
Boys, grab the tent and the barbeque grill.
Kurobane and I will grab the food.
A tent? So we're going to spend the night? I told you that we're going to keep staking out until the ability wielder shows up.
Um, I didn't bring any change of clothing You won't die even if you don't change clothes.
Now, let's go.
All right, we're here.
I guess we should set up the tent before dark.
Oh, it's dangerous over there.
What hole is this? It's the remnants of a well! If you knew about it, you could have told me about it earlier! Well, if you fell, that would have been funny in a way.
Don't make jokes that involve life-or-death situations Then, let's set it up a bit further that way! Got it! Rest assured, I'll take responsibility and plug up that hole.
I'm sorry, but there's a student council camp so I don't think I can go home tonight.
This suddenly? You can't come home? Yeah.
That's why I'm sorry.
Are you all right? No, no, I'm all right.
See you.
Roger that.
This is useful Don't use me as a lighter! How senseless are you? What are you thinking? This makes us stand out way too much.
Roasted corn is so delicious! Now, everyone, eat up.
I guess I'll yield this to her.
Huh? Here you go, have some roasted corn! Thank you so much! This is delicious! Isn't it? Leave it to me if it's about roasted corn! After this Meat! Meat! Eat vegetables, too.
Spare ribs are so yummy! The wieners are so juicy when you crunch into them! Don't eat just meat sandwich some vegetables in the middle when you eat! This meat is so delicious! The sauce is good too, right? In the end, I'm the only one eating vegetables You all eat only meat? You're all like Big Sister.
Oh, is that so? Yes.
She's a very finicky eater.
She well, your big sister what kind of a person was she for you? Let's see Big Sister and I have basically polar opposite personalities.
And she was such a tomboy that no boy in the neighborhood could win against her.
But to me, she was a very kind big sister.
And I loved her the way she was, too.
I always tagged along behind her.
Oh, I guess I've been talking too much when it comes to Big Sister, I just get so engrossed No, I kind of understand how you feel.
There are so many enemies! Yusarin is in a crisis, maybe? It'll be all right! Leave it all to me— You stay out of this! T-The point where I can show off.
! You guys are completely forgetting the reason why we're here.
Come to think, where is she? Is something wrong? Well, um What is that music you're always listening to? This? It's a band called ZHIEND.
I don't know them.
It's the band that my big brother loved.
Is something wrong? No.
Can I listen to that for a bit? Why I feel like I've felt this before How is it? Somehow I get a strange feeling that I'm standing all alone in a vast open space.
You understand it, don't you! That's right! The music ZHIEND creates is very vast and downright lonely.
I believe it's because the vocalist who also composes the songs is blind in both eyes.
The imagery is that of scenery extending as far as you can go For now, I'm merely recording this poor fiend of cheating.
But my dream is to film a ZHIEND music video.
I've never seen this expression on her face before.
I would be okay with a documentary following ZHIEND's activity, too.
Don't film poor old me.
Please go ahead and film them.
Of course, I'll never film you ever again.
I'll give that to you, including the player.
Well, that would make me feel bad.
I have quite a bit saved up thanks to jobs concerning abilities, so I'll buy a new one.
Don't worry about it.
I see then, I'll take it.
We'll do night watch in pairs.
First off, you guys sleep for four hours.
When you wake up, take our spots and watch till morning.
Otosaka, it's our turn now.
Yup, time to switch! Oh, it's that time already This again who was that person A rainbow trout! I fished a rainbow trout! Dammit, I'll fish up one bigger than that! Trout, trout, come to me! I'm not going to lose, either! All right, got one! Rainbow trouts are tasty, too.
Yusarin, this one is roasted in a good way! I'm not Yusarin! But, I guess I'll yield it to Yusa.
I can eat this? Yes, of course! This is so delicious! Things like this are nice every so often, right? Yes! Can it be that she just wants to play.
? Um, are we spending the night here again today? Yes.
Do you have a problem with that? I was thinking I wanted to take a bath That's fine.
I have one all ready.
Please, this way.
Um This is.
? Here's a towel and some soap.
Damn you! You got all this ready on the assumption that I'll do something! I'll keep proper watch of the boys for you.
You said there was a bath all ready? It's only for girls.
Boys can go wipe themselves down at the river.
You mean I can't bathe in the water that Yusarin has bathed in? Such a turn-off! You're the type that looks thinner when clothed Because of my ability, I had to train my body.
No matter how much armor I wore under my uniform, I had to build a body that wouldn't get too injured.
You went that far just to properly use your ability Yes.
But this may not be merely other people's business, you know? What do you mean by that? In the future, there may be a challenge for you that is beyond all your expectations.
That's what I mean.
With an ability that lets me take over someone for only 5 seconds, what can I do? That's for you to— No, nothing.
What? How you put it gets me curious.
With that attractive a face, you might have issues dealing with women I just didn't want to say that because I'm annoyed by it.
Yeah, really.
I was just dumped by a intelligent and beautiful girl thanks to this ability.
That was a wise choice.
Love and romance should be built up after we are freed of these abilities.
Just exactly how old do we need to be for them to be gone? It should be gone by the time we graduate from high school.
Two more years, huh that's a long time.
For us, it is a very long time.
In any case this is too cold This warms me up Then, we'll sleep using the same rotation as yesterday.
Tomorrow is Monday, right? Are we going to head straight to school from here? I've been telling you from the beginning that we're staking out until the person shows up.
This is just too impossible it's as if we're living here now.
That's exactly what I'm after.
Besides, ditching class will not affect our school reports at all.
Even so, I'd really like to go home.
I have a younger sister.
I already know that.
Then, I'll promise to be back in the morning, so let me go home for now.
I can't.
If I allow that for you, everyone else will say the same thing.
Besides, I think it will be all right.
What will? I believe everything will be squared out by tomorrow.
Corn again Um What are you doing all the way here? Someone really showed up! Is it this guy? Well, we all ran away from home.
We each have our own reasons, but we just hit it off really well.
Another obvious lie Do you mean you're going to continue staying here? Yes.
We're planning on staying here forever.
Because people won't find us out if we're here.
But I found you out.
I'm sure your parents are worried as well.
If you call the police, you'll be detained as well.
Why? This is private property.
Private property - Keep out! And this, too.
This is you, right? What is that? A scoop article of you practicing flight.
? In mountains that people can normally enter, you can easily catch the eye of others.
This place is close, and for you, a convenient mountain.
But we camped out, and don't seem to show any signs of leaving.
You got restless, and showed yourself before us.
So that you could shoo us away, then practice your flying once again.
I can't fly.
You must be insane.
I'll call the police for you.
I think you're pretty insane yourself for coming all the way out here all alone, too? I came to pick some chestnuts.
There aren't any chestnuts this time of the year, right? And I already recorded evidence that you were here at this time.
How troublesome! Give it to me.
I'll erase it! Yes! She used the well as a pitfall? Of course, if you fall into a hole that you don't know the bottom of, you'd use your ability and fly, right? Though, I had shoved some hay at the bottom for cushioning.
But thanks to you, I have an amazing footage for a scoop.
A trap that she didn't even tell us about! She is just like the devil! Give me that! Otosaka, take over his body! I'll defeat him using my teleport while you're taking him over! I hate it because it hurts Dammit! This is mine! He's going to get away! Drats! I have no choice but to do it.
! What height! I have to control it for now! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! You took such a reckless risk there.
I should have just taken over him immediately instead of complaining.
What is this? What happened? Well, a bruise or a broken bone.
That's good enough for an end result.
My camcorder is fine, too.
It's a good thing you survived.
What the hell are you guys.
? We all have special abilities as well.
But, these abilities are like diseases that only show up during adolescence.
It will disappear in due time.
But, if someone finds out about your ability, you become a guinea pig for scientists.
You don't want that, do you? Then, what if your ability disappeared while you are flying? You'll fall to your death, you know? Is it something to risk your life doing? Misa, Please.
I see I thought that this power was something granted just to me but there were others.
I wanted to someday freely fly through the skies.
I even had a dream of becoming Skyhigh Saito the Hollywood star What a corny name! I understand that feeling, but for yourself as well, please don't use that ability from now on.
I got it.
Thank you so much.
That ended peacefully.
Oh, that took so long! Really.
That's totally how I feel.
I'm back.
I didn't think the student council was something this busy I can't help it.
Big Brother, you're very competent.
Are you being pulled all over the place? It's not that extravagant Then, to my big brother who is doing his best with student council activities, I have a feast! Chanpon noodles with lots of vegetables! It's not red This is doable! Time to eat! Finally! How is it? Delicious! So delicious it makes me cry! Actually, I wanted to use the pizza sauce as a secret ingredient, but I only have a tiny bit left.
If you can make food this delicious, you can leave the pizza sauce out of all the other food, can't you? The Otosaka pizza sauce is a secret recipe that needs to be handed down to the very last generation.
But, when I was about to go to the supermarket, the security guard stopped me for some reason, and I couldn't buy the ingredients Nice security! This is the first incident that makes me feel happy about moving here! But this is delicious on its own, so you don't need any secret ingredients.
If you say so, that saves me a lot All right! In the end, I succeeded in sealing away that pizza sauce! You really aren't feeling well after all? No, no, I'm fine now! I had so many stories I wanted you to hear while you were gone, Big Brother Yu.
What's up? Ayu was suddenly asked out by one of the boy classmates! And what did you do? Let's see Don't put on an air I politely declined the offer! Oh man, that could have been a pivotal moment that changes your entire life Big Brother Yu, you wanted Ayu to have a boyfriend or something? It depends on the guy.
It really does have to be someone better than Big Brother Yu! Someone like that doesn't come by all that often.
I'm sorry.
Maybe you have a cold? You're feverish how's your appetite? I'm fine.
I can finish eating all of this.
8 degrees You totally have caught a cold.
After your body warms up by taking a bath, you need to crawl into your futon immediately.
Okay? Roger that.
I'm sorry.
Can you fall asleep like this? I'll be all right.
All right.
Sleep tight.
Good night! Yup.
Well if she stays put, it should be all right.