Charlotte (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Happiness Never Noticed

1 I'm sorry.
I couldn't make breakfast Don't be stupid.
You have such a high fever! You keep resting.
I'll call school for you.
You don't have to make dinner, either.
Stay in bed.
Roger that.
Oh right, Otosaka was absent with a cold.
Episode 6 Happy You Did Not Notice The ability is collapse.
Collapse? What kind of ability is that? Who knows? Probably something like "able to destroy anything they target.
" But still The fact that it's not "destruction" is kinda scary.
So, where's this guy? Let's see wait? This is our condo complex that is attached to this academy.
Then, isn't it natural for someone with an ability to be there? Is that so? This person is in their condo right now, you see? Don't you think that's strange? Why's that? Parents will not be wielders of special abilities, as it only occurs during adolescence.
I see Which means The target is home sick from school, or something like that.
Impossible! Whoa, that's an abnormal bit of agitation.
I'm sure it's a coincidence What is it? Try talking to us.
My little sister is bedridden with a fever.
It might be that both siblings show these symptoms after all Well, we're no scientists, so let's go visit Ayumi, and see if she really gained a special ability while we're at it.
Wait, are all of you going? We're talking about a sick girl here.
Oh, right.
Then I guess I'll go by myself No, wait Ayumi is a fan of Yusa If I bring her along, I'm sure Ayumi would be happy.
What's wrong? But you, fanboy, are getting in my way! I want it to be just Tomori and Yusa! Should I take over his body and jump from the window to injure him or something? I see so that's how giraffes sleep.
That's right! Giraffes wrap their necks around into a coil when they sleep Wait, there's a giraffe here? Where? Where? I felt it senseless for him to come with us.
Nice going, Tomori! But, but He's got a full-body protector on, so he's fine as long as he didn't fall head first.
We have someone injured, so please bring an ambulance right away.
Now, the three of us can go visit the ill after school.
I'd like to buy a get-well gift, so lets swing by a convenience store.
Yes, yes! I want to buy something as well! I was just thinking I wanted to buy packaged porridge packs on my way home.
Then, shall we eat the same thing as Ayumi and have porridge for dinner? Sounds good.
You guys can eat freely once you get home, can't you? If we get in the way, we can We should all eat together, though! Why is that? That's because I'm living away from my parents too, so I'm all alone even if I go home.
I'm used to being alone, but Kurobane just moved out recently, so maybe what she says is true.
No, Yusa isn't the only one I swore in my heart that I won't trust anyone ever again.
I snuck out of that school.
Her parents sold her off to scientists, and she no longer could trust anyone and still is all alone.
The fact I have a little sister makes me more fortunate.
We can all eat porridge for dinner together.
Your total is 1360 yen.
This goes over my budget.
Oh I'll pay for this.
And these, too.
Why stewed enoki mushrooms? Aren't stewed enoki mushrooms the best? It's perfect on top of porridge, too! That's just your personal tastes well, I don't care as long as you're paying for it.
Yes, I'm fine with that.
Um, that can of cookies back there can I have that? I've never seen anyone buy that before! It will be 2500 yen And it's expensive! To top it off, what is this paper bag? but I've never seen this paper bag, either! Thank you so much! It's this room.
My little sister is a pretty huge fan of yours.
That makes me look forward to seeing her even more! However! She is currently in bed with a fever we can't get her too excited.
At the least, she will get a nosebleed.
I'd like things to be gradual, like "Hey? Can that really be Yusarin?" or something like that.
Then I'll have my disguise mask on.
All right! Then, can you hang out here for a bit? Guests? Who are they? Big Brother Yu is home! Oh, elder brother sir, sorry to be intruding! I'm Nomura, the class representative! We came here in order to visit Ayucchi while she's sick! I'm Oikawa.
Your little sister is allowing me to be her friend.
It is a pleasure meeting you.
Can your brown-nosing be more obvious than that? You already got denied once.
Ayucchi will hate you even more if you do that! So this is the guy that asked Ayumi out and got dumped.
? Sorry to barge in with so many people! Come on, both of you, let's go home! Elder brother sir, sorry to be so rowdy! And Ayucchi, get better soon! Hello! Excuse me, or rather, sorry for coming in already! Wait! I didn't call for you yet! I thought it was just a personnel swap.
It's Big Sister Tomori! You got to see me again, see? Can it be that you're now Big Brother's girlfriend? No way! But you guys make a good couple Well we have one more guest.
Nice to meet you.
Yu sa ri n She saw through me instantly! I'll stop her bleeding! Make sure to breathe from your mouth.
There, it stopped now.
You're right! That's amazing! I'm so glad.
Yu sa ri n I'll stop her bleeding! Should I cast my magic charm that stops nosebleeds? No, I think it will do the opposite of what you intend, so please don't Yusarin in the flesh.
Boy, was I surprised! You finally calmed down? I'm glad! Oh, these are some cookies as a get-well gift.
I'll leave them here! N-No way! I made Yusarin worry about me! She's nothing more than one of my classmates right now.
Don't think about it too much.
Right, right! Her speech patterns are starting to catch on already And the get-well gift from me is this! I love those! Do you have an appetite? We bought some pouched porridge.
What about you, Big Brother? We're eating porridge, too.
Porridge for all! Time to eat! It's super-duper-delicious! Isn't it? Isn't it? Thank you for the meal! Thank you for the meal Excuse me.
Thank you for the hard work.
Yes Yes, I understand.
Excuse me now I'm so sorry, I have to go work now! You're talking to a current showbiz celebrity.
Don't complain.
That is exactly correct! Please do your best at your work! Sure! With that, I'll be going now.
Ayumi, please get better soon! Yusarin! Thank you so much for coming! Gratitude and thankfulness falling like rain and hail! Then I guess we'll clean up now.
You're not going to wash them? You can wash this many dishes at any point in time.
What blood type are you? I'm washing it now.
You can at least dry them with a dishcloth! S-Sure So you two really might be dating and keeping it a secret from Ayu! That won't happen.
You two are so compatible! Is that how you hide your bashfulness? You're seriously wrong.
Come now Ayu thinks you two are totally a great couple.
Attractive and intelligent boys like this chump is someone I can never be a good match for.
I think you're such a good match that you're even too good for Big Brother Yu.
Don't be fooled, Ayumi! Realize that all the compliments are contradicting as she used the word "chump"! Come on, shut up and go watch some TV.
Wow, that was fast! Yusarin moves at amazing speeds! That's pre-recorded Oh, I see Here, some medicine.
You turn in for today.
I'll tuck you in.
It's a good thing you have a great big brother.
Yeah, but I'm slightly scared of going to sleep What's wrong? I had a scary dream this afternoon.
Well, if you have a fever, it's common for you to have a nightmare, so there's nothing to be uneasy about.
By the way, what kind of dream was it? Don't ask something like that because it will remind her of the nightmare! Indeed Then, I'll be going now.
Sorry to have bothered you.
I am eagerly awaiting your next patronage.
I'll see her off.
I'll be right back.
Really, it's nothing like that.
Please ask her what the nightmare was about.
It might be a clue in figuring out what the "collapse" ability is.
We still don't have proof that Ayumi is the wielder of the special ability.
It can be someone else that lives in this condo complex It is true that we don't have proof.
But, the possibility is very high.
And "collapse" I can't help but feel that it will be a dangerous ability.
That's the same terror that I initially felt.
So, get it out of her.
This will be for Ayumi as well.
All right.
Even if her fever goes down, make her stay home tomorrow just in case.
At present, we just have too few information.
Yeah I'm back.
Welcome back! Hey, Ayumi.
Can you tell me what that dream you mentioned earlier was about? Well, I don't remember it well You can just give me a vague idea.
A dream where something breaks.
What did? I think the ground? What kind of ground was it? I can't remember that much It was like there were cracks in the ground and splitting up Why do you ask that? Wouldn't it be scary if that dream came true? Ayu is the type that doesn't believe in spiritual stories like that The world is full of spiritual things, though.
The ground splitting up? Is that some kind of a hint? Maybe that ability is something so horrible that it will also rope in the person using it.
We still have too few information after all What should we do? For now, we can use the large number of surveillance cameras set up at the middle school to see which way the ability is headed.
Other than that, probably just letting the teachers know to look out for Ayumi.
The middle school has a lot of people, so it's dangerous if something happens.
It's a lot safer at the condo complex.
I'd like to gather a bit more information, so have her stay home again tomorrow.
Yeah, I'll do that.
Should I go cast a magic spell that cures her cold? There it is! Yusarin's magic spell series, #21! The spell for curing a cold! Such a turn-off! No, she'll get a nosebleed again, so I'd like you to pass this time Yes, then I'll visit once she's better! Yeah, that helps a lot.
5 degrees your fever has gone down.
Ayu here has managed to finish fighting the illness, and going to do her best like she usually does! You didn't have a weird dream, right? Correct.
But you're still recovering.
I think you should stay home for one more day.
It's boring to stay in bed even without a fever, so I'd like to go to school.
There's still a chance that your cold will relapse, so I can't allow that as your big brother.
Suck it up, be a good girl, and stay in bed for one more day.
Got that? I'll contact your school.
Ayu is not so easy that you can stop her time and time again The grudge of the pizza sauce will be avenged! Are your injuries all better already? You mean when I was pushed off from the student council room two days ago? Yeah.
It's something that happens often, so accidents of that level can be dealt with right away.
Though, when I first met her, it really was an instant trip to the hospital If I was in your shoes, I'd never be able to deal with it all It really makes me slightly unsure of whether or not Tomori should be the leader She is a lot more calculating than what you're currently thinking.
Oh, she's calling us over again.
Let's hurry up and eat! You're finally here Both of use were eating pasta, so we couldn't wolf it down.
Sorry about that.
How did you find the time to twirl a pasta around your fork to eat? What? Did something happen? Ayumi is at school.
No, I contacted her school and made her stay home today as well How was her condition today? The fever was down But I was worried about her relapsing, so I told her to stay home for one more day.
Because her temperature is normal, perhaps.
She decided to attend school from third period, based on her own decision.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Let's go check Ayumi's condition right away.
Nice seeing you! Um, Otosaka? I found a sweets shop that serves really good red bean soup.
I'll treat you some to celebrate you getting better.
I'm sorry, but I just got better, so I'll have to pass.
H-Hold on a second! If right after getting better is bad, how about we go on the weekend You really don't get it, do you you've been denied once already.
Just give up! Outta my way! I'm going to make my way back through from here! Oh, shut up, shut up! I'll do something with this guy, so Ayucchi, you can go on ahead.
Thanks, Nomu-chan.
Wait, hold on, O-Otosaka! You don't stand a chance anymore! Hey, wait, where are you going? It's a shortcut.
Konishi? It's because you showed up What is? With Oikawa With Oikawa? With Oikawa I used to eat lunch all alone.
We were supposedly dating.
But ever since you showed up, Oikawa Oikawa It's as if he's completely forgotten about me! He looks at just you all of the time! Wait, let's talk it out! I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding! So put that cutter knife away! It's your fault It's your fault It's your fault It's your fault That's not true! That's why you're going to see some pain! Help someone Someone.
! Help me! This is the collapse I guess we didn't make it in time - I'm going in! - You can't! It's too dangerous! Ayumi Ayumi! Don't go! You'll get roped into it! Ayumi! You there! Get away! It's dangerous! Ayumi Ayumi