Charlotte (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Beyond the Escape

1 Doctor! Doctor Koike! How are you feeling? Ayumi Where is she? I'm terribly sorry, but she passed away I'm Detective Someda.
I'm terribly sorry for your loss We are trying to figure out what truly happened.
I heard that you were at the scene Are you all right? I'm sure it's rough on you being so sudden.
But for her sake, you have to keep looking forward, okay? Time can heal many wounds in this world.
Though it won't heal everything.
Hey did I do even one thing for her Was I able to repay her? Not yet I didn't repay her at all.
To think she would be gone so fast I didn't even think about it.
Even if I wanted to repay I can't repay her anymore Episode 7 The End of the Exodus Was there anything left? Otosaka house - Secret Pizza Sauce Otosaka! Otosaka, if you haven't eaten yet, would you like to eat together? Here, see, I made some cream stew! It's Yusarin's special cream stew, you know? I don't want any.
Well what should we do? Let's look again.
Unfortunately, he's already gone back.
Something always worth eating! Yusarin's special cream stew is Such a turn-off! I'll make Yusa make as much as you want! So use your power to break this door! I can break fortified glass, but this door is impossible! Due to security reasons, it's made a lot sturdier than normal condos! You're so useless Even if I burn this, nothing comes of it My usual sense doesn't shine through at all! And I thought I knew the pain of losing a sister more than the average person Well what happened in the end? It seems we need a bit more time.
Then, let's come back again later.
Excuse me, I'm going to just barge in without permission.
Um, it's me, Shirayanagi.
Well Was he all right? Yes! I think he's all right! Then, I'm leaving you with the rest! Who is it It's me, Shirayanagi, the one you saved the life of in the past.
So? I heard that you haven't been to school ever since About your little sister I'm terribly sorry.
I'm in no position to be able to say this, but is there anything I can do— Nothing.
Anything is fine.
Otosaka, I want to be of help to you! Help to me? There's no need for that.
I'm totally fine.
There's no way that's true.
I mean, you've only been eating cup-o-noodles, right? I like them, so it's fine.
Well then those pancakes we ate together.
How about we go eat that again? Pancakes? When did we eat that? The day you saved my life.
Cup-o-noodles and pancakes aren't they about the same nutrition-wise? That may be true but in any case, we should head outside? Oh yeah.
I'm so glad Then, can I ask you to go buy cases of cup-o-noodles? You're going to run an errand for me, right? Cup-o-noodles.
I don't care what kind.
No, no Otosaka, you're coming with me! I'm not going to go.
I'll pay you back later.
I won't go unless you're coming with me! You won't go unless I'm coming with you? Shirayanagi, was it? Are you my legal guardian? No, I don't mean it like that at all! But, in my own way, I think about you— - You're not here to run errands for me? - I am not! Right now, Otosaka, it's important for you to step outside! If you stay cooped up, your get more and more ill mentally Mentally ill? Yes.
That's why I've been telling you.
I'm totally fine.
People who are fine don't live like this! It's proof that you are mentally ill! Don't go off and treat people like they're sick!! If you won't run errands, can you go home? Fine I'm sorry for doing something unnecessary.
I have to go stock up again I guess they're here to capture me by force Shirayanagi may have been acting because she was asked to.
Which means, this may be the timing for my exit.
I'll be going out for a while.
With this much, I'm sure I can live for a while without going back home Withdrawal Fee Balance Left So that the soaking wet guy can't find me, I need to escape to somewhere far away I think I've come pretty far now Internet and Comic Cafe I've gotten sick of noodles, so I guess I'll have some pizza.
Surprisingly enough, I can be hard to find Excuse me.
Your pizza and a salad.
Salad? A free item, huh.
I don't want it.
So damn boring.
How many days has it been? Nothing has gone on for this long.
I'm sure they won't find me.
I guess I'll go out for just a little bit Fried Mitarashi Dango Can I have that? Sure thing! So good it's been a while since I last ate something sweet.
I didn't know there was such a game This is fun! Die! Die! I'll kill you all! Die! Die! How long do you think you're playing? What? You picking a fight? What's up? This guy hit me with trash, telling me to get outta the way.
And who do you think you are? Just a normal law-abiding citizen, you know? A normal law-abiding citizen hits people with trash? Of course, if they get pissed off.
Don't mock us! Pull him outside.
You're the one that picked a fight with us, you know? I guess you have to see a bit of pain.
Can you win against me? Bring it.
I'll make sure you can't play games for a while.
You bastard, what do you think you're doing? I'm pretty sure that I punched this guy! What, you guys are falling out already? You guys okay? What is this What the hell is going on— There's one more! It's merely the fact that I'm strong.
Next time you go against me, I'll literally kill you.
Got that? Yo.
You the bastard that knocked out all of Gondo's guys by yourself? Gondo? Maybe a guy by that name was in that bunch.
I'm Hosoyamada.
Remember that.
That's a name that I'm probably going to forget in a few minutes.
You got some nerve.
You think so little of us Hey guys, teach him a lesson.
What the hell are you bastards doing? I-It's not me! Can I crush one eye? You can get a self-conscious nickname like "One-Eyed Hososomething" you know? Why are you undecided? "One-Eyed" sounds cool, right? Here goes! Dammit! I lose! THE Hosoyamada Impossible! Nobody can win against me! Real life is more fun than a game! What is this? Is it something important? So that's how it is.
Wait you when did you— The whole time.
The whole time? It can't be If you proceed any further, you won't be able to return to being a human ever again.
That's why I stopped you.
Did someone send you? No, I have submitted a leave of absence request to the school.
I'm here privately.
For what? I feel responsible for this, too The decision I made back then was not appropriate.
Maybe I should have immediately quarantined Ayumi to a safe location.
That is why I decided that I'll stick it out with you, until you have risen back up to normal.
That's none of your business! You took my valuable prey— Do you want to be crippled for life? Do you want to stop being human? Then what are you saying I should do? For starters, how about you have a decent meal? A good meal may be the foundation for energy.
I'm eating properly.
Can you say a diet of just pizza and sweet soy sauce mochi skewers is decent? I'm sure it will calm you down.
What are you saying I should eat? Leave it to me.
I'll get it right away.
Oh, excuse me.
Thank you.
Why are you setting it all up without my permission! Just one bite.
After that, I swear that we will not have anything to do with each other ever again.
One bite? Really just one bite? Yes, I promise.
Then, let's go.
That promise is absolute.
Takajo Takajo? Yes.
His family home.
Isn't someone here? Nobody is here, so rest assured.
Please watch some TV or something.
What are you going to make me eat? That's a surprise for you to see when it's done.
- Here, it's done.
- Here, it's done.
Secret Here you go.
It's the same taste That makes me glad.
How Your mother left behind a notebook of recipes.
I took the liberty of borrowing it.
The page with the omelet rice was the only one with a big flowery circle on it.
Secret Sauce - Have a good day Yu Most likely, it was your favorite food in the past.
Ayumi, after your mother was no longer around, saw that, and was probably recreating that taste for all this time.
A good thing So that was the last omelet rice Dammit it's sweet, and tastes horrible but what is this? It's not healthy for you to scarf down food.
Please eat slowly.
Yeah Here, have some tea.
And take this, too.
Hey, Tomori Yes.
What should I do from here on.
? How about you return to the student council once again? But you and I We promised we would never have anything to do with each other again.
What are you talking about? After I ate this you said that's what would happen.
You didn't eat just one bite.
You ate it all.
I watched, thinking, "Wow, you really want to have something to do with me.
" Nothing less from you.
I'll go back to the student council.
I'm glad.