Charlotte (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

A Chance Meeting

1 Well, I'll be going now, Ayumi.
Episode 8 Encounter Oh, Otosaka, welcome back! I welcome you back.
Sorry it's been so— Our Yusarin Just because he's a bit handsome I want her to welcome me back, too It's nothing that you need to apologize about.
That's right! But now, we have all of the student council back together again.
That is why I decided that I'll stick it out with you, until you have risen back up to normal.
Then, to celebrate your return I give you, Otosaka, this magic spell! I-It can't be It's all right! Forget about the results! The magic spell of being all right! There it is! The memorable Yusarin's magic spell series, #1! The magic spell of being all right! Yusarin! Yusarin! Yusarin! Yusarin! Yusarin! On the first day she appeared on Move-Asa, this infamous magic spell idea completely destroyed the fortune-telling segment! Such a turn-off! Hey, Yusarin, good morning! I reserved your new single Hatsunetsu Days! Yeah, me too! Me, too! Me, too! Myself as well! This cheerfulness that is even annoying I'm so thankful of it.
I think I can spend everyday life like I had always done.
Actually, I have The music video that comes with the first press of my new single Hatsunetsu Days! I wanna see it! Such a turn-off! I'll head over to the cafeteria ahead of you.
Yeah This again? I've been waiting for you.
Here you go.
So this is a welcome back gift in your own way? There isn't much meaning to it.
I just wanted to eat this limited dish for the first time in a while.
He's obviously being considerate of me.
But for now, I'll indulge in his friendliness.
I'm happy I can eat this again.
Time to eat! It really is tasty after all.
No matter how many times you eat this, you don't get sick of eating it.
Time to gather up.
Let's hurry up and eat this.
That guy is going to show up again? You guys are so slow what were your zodiac signs again? You always are too sudden.
Well, now that everyone is here, I guess we'll start by watching Kurobane's music video That embarrasses me so much! All right! To be able to watch it before anyone else! You've got one rabid fan here, so it's all right even if it's a horrible video.
I can do it! Once me there you! I can't do it! Not the side there you! A side glance indicates prone to illness I can do it! Once me there you! Many likes and dislikes I can't do it! Not the side there you! Faltering home and then all alone The worst feverish Friday! Even if I'm alone I can become strong The days where I thought that are becoming more distant Where are you right now? My throat is completely parched And my voice doesn't reach I can do it! Once me there you! I can't do it! Not the side there you! Where am I headed to? I can do it! Once me there you! I don't know anything I can't do it! Not the side there you! Thank you for listening! Come on, give her some kind of feedback.
Hey! Hmm, it's pretty good.
To be complimented by Tomori Yusarin is so happy! Oh, I'm going to dock points because you just called yourself Yusarin.
Within your mind, Tomori, around how many points do I have.
? 10 points for the singing, 20 points for the song, 20 points for the costume, 30 points for editing.
And -51 points for the singer being so pathetic.
Let's see Which means 29 points.
That's a failing score! Can you reevaluate based on just the music video? 80 points.
Good for you! All right! Yusarin is so happy! And now it's down to 19 points! Yusa is totally looking dumb right now because of that! Well, it's not like I'm your fan or anything, so as a business, I believe it's a perfect 100.
That's pretty unusual for you.
All right! I'm so happy! You did it, Yusarin! - Yusarin is so happy! - For now, I'd like to watch it again! The next time is the last time! In any case, he's late He's not coming today.
Then, why did you gather us? Well, actually.
Voila! Let's see these are tickets for a ZHIEND gig.
And, it's for tomorrow ZHIEND? Yusa, you didn't know about them? It's the rock band that Tomori loves.
It's not rock! It's post-rock! Post-rock? Look it up on Wikipedia.
Post-rock is a type of rock music.
It has rhythms, chords, melodies, and chord progressions that aren't in traditional rock.
Now I understand it even less That doesn't matter at all.
Right here, I have two ticket for ZHIEND's gig.
The problem is, what should I do with them? I'm not comprehending the meaning of this She means, one person gets to go with her.
I see.
But I don't know about that something-rock Their reviews and popularity overseas are super-high, too If your song was a perfect score at 100 points, ZHIEND would score a million points.
To think there was a score above a perfect score! So, do I have any volunteers? I don't have much interest, either.
So, Otosaka, how about it? Me? Sounds good.
How about you go together with Tomori? Wait.
Hold it.
What's with deciding it by process of elimination? What about Misa? I haven't heard Misa's opinion yet! I'll go if I can listen to a super-fast two-bass at BPM260.
You won't get a super-fast two-bass at BPM260 so please refrain yourself.
So, that means it's been decided that Otosaka is going.
It's all right at a time like this? Isn't it good every so often? People do need breathers.
All right.
I'll plan on going.
Excuse me.
Huh? She's blind Why avoid me? Shit! What was that just now Can it be.
? Let's see How what was it? You're going to let me eat Modern-yaki? You're fine with Japanese? I'm talkin' about Modern-yaki.
Modern-yaki? You too? Nobody knows.
I'm in Japan, why the hell is this! Jesus! Aren't you talking about okonomiyaki with noodles in it? Yes! That's right, noodles! Where can I eat some? If you don't mind it being Hiroshima-yaki, they have it at any normal okonomiyaki place.
Does it have noodles in it? Y-Yeah By all means, take me there.
Fine! I get it! Welcome! One Hiroshima-yaki, please.
And a medium draft beer! Got it! Let's see I'll have some oolong tea Got it! Oh, no, make that two Hiroshima-yakis , please! Got it! Even if I go home, nobody is going to have dinner ready for me anymore I have to get used to this lifestyle soon Man, that hits the spot! You want to cook it yourselves? Oh no, she's blind, so please cook it for us? Got it! Wait, huh? She's blind? Can it be that you Hey there! I'm Sala Shane, the vocalist for ZHIEND! Just as I thought! I-I can't believe Sala dropped by such a filthy little okonomiyaki place like this! Oh, I'll be going to the gig tomorrow! A-And, can I get an autograph on a signboard? Yeah, sure.
I'm surprised she can draw that without being able to see Here.
Thank you so much! And here you go! Please eat up! Is there a problem? The pancake part is really thin! Well, it's not a Modern-yaki, so there will be differences.
But it's still tasty! Nothing less from Japan! Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to your gig! I'm sorry I made you pay for that By the way.
Did something bad happen to you recently? I can tell from how you breathe and how your voice sounds.
You've been emitting despair nonstop.
That's well Did you lose someone close to you or something? You're amazing that's exactly it.
If you don't mind, can you tell me about it? Just the other day, I lost my little sister in an accident.
Oh my God! You've been this kind to me.
At least let me put up some smoke for that little sister.
Smoke? By that, do you mean some incense? Right! That! No, no, you don't have to go that far No, I'd like you to allow me to! Please! All right! I get it! So please lift your head! Hey I have one favor to ask you.
There's someone I'd like you to meet.
She has a sibling that loves your band.
Sounds like that person isn't an ordinary fan.
You're correct.
Hold on just a second.
Come to think, this is the first time I'm calling her Yes, Tomori here.
Oh, um it's me, Otosaka.
Oh, it's you.
This is unusual.
Is something wrong? Okay.
I don't want you to be surprised by this.
But I'm here together with the vocalist of ZHIEND right now.
Yeah You're not surprised? You don't believe me? No, I believe you.
There's no merit for you to tell a lie like that.
So, what do you want? You can meet her, you know? What would I do by meeting her? You're kidding me! You can talk to her, and actually I— Even if I could meet her, I wouldn't go out of my way to meet her.
I love the music and performance of ZHIEND, so I just want to listen to their CDs and watch their gigs.
That's all there is to it.
And is that all you called for? I'm going to hang up.
Oh no that's not it! You're beating around the bush what is it? Sorry to make you wait, they're not close by.
When do you have to be back by? Time isn't something to consider.
It's fine, you can take me anywhere.
At this point, what's important to you is already just as important to me.
But your gig is tomorrow is it really all right? The band members and our producer will make do somehow.
All right.
That helps a lot.
I have to tell her I don't need dinner Dammit, I did it again.
She's no longer here There you go with another heavy sigh.
Did you just remind yourself of your little sister? You really do see through everything.
I'm hungry.
You just ate moments ago! That was lunch that we had.
Next up is dinner.
What do you want to eat? When you go on train rides of course it would be a soba place that you eat standing up! Oh my God! Croquet soba? This menu item is way too amazing! A miraculous chemistry! I gotta pay my respect to whoever came up with this! Good for you! Hey, can I ask you one thing? Of course you can.
I'm sorry this is a delicate question but those eyes are they completely blind? I can see absolutely nothing.
The fact that you can write autographs means that you weren't born blind, right? Yeah.
But this is repentance for me.
Repentance? I guess it's like atonement for my sins.
Have you ever thought about life? Well, that was sudden.
Life is something you live only once, right? Of course.
I had dreamed of standing on stage as the front-man for a band.
But my life was already beyond hope before I knew it, and I couldn't grant myself that dream.
I was pitiful at both singing and playing a guitar, while on TV, people my age were showered with praise from their songs.
I resented God.
But, that's exactly what you are now.
That's because I cheated.
Cheated? I cheated just for my own greed, even.
There was a time when I was popular in Japan, too.
A social phenomenon, a person of the times, that kind of success.
Immense amount of money moved.
How the people around you look at you change.
Of course, for the worse.
In the end, you end up troubling your family.
My little brother got kidnapped once for ransom.
So that's why I ended everything of that sort.
As a result, I decided I wanted to be the front-man for a really dull band.
Finally, I bartered my eyesight away, and that's the end.
To whom? To God, of course.
Well, I'm sure you don't quite understand it right now.
But, if such a day ever comes for you Make sure to handle it well.
I can see where we're headed to, but I need you to walk just a little more.
I'm so sorry to drag you out to somewhere so far away.
Oh, do you realize this? You are a really kind person right now.
You weren't like that in the past, were you? I'm not self-aware of it, but you're probably right I'm sure you've met good people.
If that's the case, I can't think of anyone other than Tomori.
So she influenced me? You're beating around the bush what is it? I want your big brother to meet this person.
Why? Your big brother has been a ZHIEND fan for a long time, right? Yes.
Something might happen as a result of him meeting the band's vocalist.
What would happen? For instance he might become sane again That's too good to be true.
That'd never happen.
But, I want to bet that it would! The possibility is not zero.
So, please go on ahead.
I'm glad But why do you care so much about my big brother? Well, that's Come to think, she's right.
I'm more of a person that has knocked down others for my sake Is something wrong? It's just a whim Well, how to put it thank you very much.
Then, can you relay to the hospital that Sala and I are going to visit? Sure.
Roger that.
I don't know what condition he's in right now.
Please have your heart ready for this.
I can feel how heavy the situation is just from your voice.
The painkillers have worn off again! This is a very strange feeling Hey, what is that person doing right now? He's supposedly composing.
I see.
This is a lot heavier than I expected.
In the past, he looked up to your band, and he was about to debut from a major record label as a guitarist.
I see Hey! Looking up high Found a steel tower Wondering how I would feel If I fall down Was it a dream I saw deep red Chasing for what's far ahead Always yearning Don't know why but the beauty I really want May seem to be Awkward to someone's eyes Kazuki Tomori, can you tell who I am? Do you remember about your little sister Nao? Nao That's right, Nao! Nao.
I'm glad.
Seems like some sort of miracle just happened? Yeah.
Your song was able to wake him up.
You seem happy from the bottom of your heart.
That makes me just as happy.
Yeah Thanks.
I guess you moved one step forward? Yeah, you could say that.
I'm glad I was able to spend a very fruitful day today.
By the way, I'm planning on going to your gig tomorrow.
Oh? Then I'll sing while keeping in mind that you're out there in the audience.
And the person you care about will be there too, right? For her sake as well.
Yeah, please do So in the end Tomori, you were the one that changed me Hello, Otosaka here.
It's me, Tomori.
You want to hear what happened? I've already heard.
I'm standing outside the hospital right now.
So we passed each other? Yes.
I received notice from the nurses, and rushed over.
He recognized me, too.
It was the first time in a while that I saw my big brother like that That's good.
Your decision was a wonderful one.
So, I wanted to give you my thanks.
Thank you very much.
So, I'll see you again tomorrow.
You haven't forgotten about the gig, have you? Of course.
It's her gig tomorrow Why does it feel so nostalgic?