Charlotte (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

A World That Does Not Exist Here

1 Why am I being so indecisive about this? Well, I'll be going now, Ayumi.
Good morning.
Y-Yeah, morning.
Then, let's go.
Over here.
Episode 9 The World is Not in Here Isn't it a bit early compared to when the gig starts? It's so I can buy goods from the gig.
You can't do that after it's over? Most of the popular merchandising sell out.
I guess that's how things go? In any case, you're a pretty big fangirl.
If that's so, you should have just met Sala yesterday.
I don't have any desire to buy t-shirts, hoodies, or stuff like that.
I just want their highly functional smartphone case! It comes with an internal battery and a high-sound quality linear PCM recorder! Yeah, I get it.
that's nice.
You don't want one? If I bought one, we'd have a matching pair.
You're fine with that? Oh, I see.
Please make sure to not buy one.
She said it so bluntly it's kinda shocking.
There's a huge line I guess we have to honestly line up.
Why are you just standing there? Well, I'm not buying anything.
Either way, you're here with me.
If I'm alone, I won't have anyone to talk to so I'll be bored.
In the first place, didn't she hate me? Inviting me to gigs, lining up together why are we getting all friendly? I hope they don't sell out.
What's wrong? No, well, I was thinking it's a long line Of course, they are a band that is popular globally.
In the first place, they aren't a group that is too good for a box of this capacity.
So she's someone amazing Got my case! Look, look, look here! What do you think about the logo on the back! ZHIEND is such a figurative art! Yeah, I think it's wonderful.
Isn't it! So awesome! It looks so cool! In the end, you are a fangirl.
It's starting! Lying before me Scene painted in green I was never found And I played hide and seek There remains a little scar on your face still facing down To the ground you hold yourself and crouch like you've been wounded I adored the days when we just want more things with no means oh I adored when you were always just there for me by my side What is this strange sensation? Next up is a world premiere of a song right here in loving Japan! TRIGGER! Come now heading to the oblivion To the darkness sink me Future is lonely as it seems to be And I am reaching from there I remember this song.
? This should be the first time hearing it My mind is clear now I feel like I can do anything When I want to do it, yeah I feel I'm notorious Do you know what you can handle? Do you know me? Spinning round and round Going back and forth Will be here as an angel that's fallen deep See there's the dark side waiting for me Never end forever Out on the rim no need to breathe ever I'm Big Brother Yu, what is the matter? I'm sorry ZHIEND's new song was too sensational ZHIEND is so amazing after all.
It's a song that seems like you just can't ever forget.
No matter what happens in the future What about you? Haro-haro was Haro-haro.
Stable as usual.
It is time for dinner in D-block.
I repeat.
It is time for dinner in D-block.
Oh, I'm starving right now! It's this old man again Why is he here all the time? Classical music is great.
There is virtually no stagnation just like a mathematical formula.
So that is your little sister? Yes I see I pity you.
So there's a researcher that feels that way towards us? Why are you here every day? It is always the case that the extraordinary, or hypotheses that trouble researchers are ridiculed.
That is why I am here, lost in thought.
I see Do you know about the Ptolemaic theory? I believe I've heard of the term It's an extraordinary theory when you think in today's standards, but back then it was the normal way of thought.
But, reality was different.
What do you think happened to the first person that asserted a different opinion? Dunno He was treated as a nonconformist, shunned, and couldn't do anything anymore.
Just like how I am now.
I see All right! It's curry today! I'm sure there are chemicals that boost abilities in it again, so it will taste like medicine.
But still, Ayu thinks that curry is chock full of deliciousness that makes people happy! I wish Big Brother Shun was here too.
The three of us eating together! Big Brother's ability is way too protrusive.
That's just impossible.
What was his ability? Traveling through time "time-leap".
That is just too amazing! Because he has such a power that is too strong, he's being imprisoned Poor Big Brother Shun.
Yeah, you're right.
So we shouldn't talk about this ever again.
Time to eat! Tastes like medicine as usual They think that my ability is merely taking over someone's body for no longer than five seconds.
If they had caught on to my true ability, I'm sure they'd take my freedom away, just like my big brother.
But, if I keep getting tested like this, such a day isn't in the distant future It's been a while.
Stay put, and stay quiet.
! Did something happen? I finally found someone with telepathy.
Is that for real? Yeah.
And, that person can send AND receive.
That's amazing But, that person has already been caught, right? Exactly.
First off, take over the guy with the pompadour behind you to your right.
He's someone with the ability to pulverize, that I brought with me.
However, he doesn't have much power.
Got it W-what is this? Next, I have the location of the one with telepathy.
Take this.
Just make sure to time it right.
You're the only hope that we have.
If you fail, they will dispose of you, and we will follow you soon after.
Yeah, I know that Oh man, is Kumagami really seeing that sissy right now? Oh, Shichino, you jealous? Of course not! We've been waiting a long time for this.
This is the only timing that the little brother will get serious.
He just has a sister complex! The two of them are always playing alone together! That is especially why.
The only thing we can do is to trust that guy.
But this bet.
what's our odds of winning it? I'm troubled if it's not 100%! I won't allow for any mistakes! By the way, when is your ability going to be developed? We properly found someone who had telepathic abilities.
That's forthcoming! I'll make sure to use it at a really good place! That's a flag setting up for your death.
I'm not gonna die! Hey! Cut the chatter! Dammit.
Is this world really going to change? It's time.
Head back.
So that's it for smelling the outside air? Sheeesh.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, you.
Did you accept something from someone? Nothing Then, you're fine.
Why are those people treated differently than us? They're not as powerful as our big brother, but they all have abilities that are pretty amazing on their own.
Now, all the plans for saving Big Brother are in place the only question now is when to go through with it.
That ends today's program.
All test subjects other than those called over must return to their rooms immediately.
I guess we'll go back.
Oh, come to think, they called Ayu over! Why didn't you say something so important! Go back.
Wait! That's absurd! My little sister has no abilities! Why is she being called over! Big Brother Yu! Ayumi! An earthquake? We have shut D-block down.
Until the next set of instructions are given, please stand by where you are now.
What is going on? I repeat.
We have shut D-block down.
I have a really bad feeling about this! Until the next set of instructions are given, please stand by where you are now.
Open up, please! Come on! Dammit You are What just happened? What happened to Ayumi? Your little sister's ability was forced out into the open.
Her ability was "collapse".
The reason they shut D-block down was because half of it collapsed from her power.
What about Ayumi? She's fine.
However, because her ability was too dangerous, she is being restrained right now.
Just like my big brother No.
After they dissect her, they're going to get rid of her.
Is this time for you to be standing still? You can save her if you use the true ability that you possess.
The most powerful of abilities "plunder".
How do you know? Before that you realize you have no time left, right? Indeed he's right All right! And now, they will dispose of me as well I'm going up against someone with telepathy Gotta be mindless mindless mindless Who is it? A voice within my head? So this is what the powers of telepathy do? What do you want with me? If I could see his face! What about my face? It's fine.
I'm done here already.
What do you mean— Hey! Stop! Can you hold on a second? Um, I don't need to erase this guy's memory, right? I hope not - What is going on? - Let me out! Let me out! - Shutting down B-block! - It hurts I repeat.
There is an emergency situation in D-block.
All employees arrange yourselves according to regulations.
Dammit! What's going on out there? - I don't care who it is, just tell me.
! - Help me help me This voice! I can figure out the direction, too! - Hey! Let me out of this place! - Mom, I'm scared Big Brother, can you hear me? It's me, Yu! Just kill me now Yu? You took that kind of power? If they find out, it will make a huge mess! That's how big the current situation is.
They're about to dissect Ayumi! Ayumi? Why? She gained an ability powerful enough to destroy the facility! Even Ayumi, too I'll save you, Big Brother! So, do your time-leap, and change this world for us! How does he plan on coming over here? Dammit! Only if I could get light into my eyes.
! What? What's wrong? Shichino? Dammit why do I have to do this for a sister-complex guy like you! What the hell— We don't have time! Take my power of permeation! Are you sure? I'm telling you, we have no time left! Got it! This way! Hurry up and go! I'm sorry! I'm sure my big brother will change this world, so.
! What is this ability.
It tires me out What's wrong? I got Shichino's ability, too! I'll be right there, Big Brother! Big Brother! It's been a while, Yu.
But, I have to get going immediately.
Right I'm leaving you to do the rest, Big Brother.
Yeah, for the future No, for everyone.
I'm going to change the world! Dispose of him! Please don't surprise me! Where is this? A hospital.
You collapsed during the gig.
Do you remember that? That's right Ayumi is already Did you have a bad dream or something? Dream was the thing I just saw really a dream.
?? No, in the past Ayumi had said that she felt like we had one more member in our family It's best if you don't get up yet.
I might have a big brother no, there should be one out there.
What? Oh, so you remember now.
Who is it? One with the ability to find wielders of special abilities, is the quick way to put it.
Oh, it's you! You're pretty handsome when you're dry! You were there too, in my dream! I think this is the first time you've seen me looking like this Kumagami.
You know about my big brother, don't you Well, yeah.
Tell me everything.
Calm down.
That's what I planned to do by coming here.
If you quietly follow me, every question you have in your head will all melt away.
And, that's when you're going to go rescue your little sister.
What did you say just now? You are going to go rescue your little sister, Yu Otosaka.
How can I rescue someone who is already dead! At this point, don't you know what the ability your big brother Shunsuke had as well? Got it.
Um, about Shunsuke are you talking about THE Shunsuke? Yeah, I am.
You were his little brother? You guys look nothing alike! That doesn't matter, does it? Um, can I go see him as well? It's been a while now.
How do you know him? He is the one that guided my path after my big brother turned into a cripple.
I have met the one person I can put my trust in, and that's how I'm here now.
So that person was my big brother.
Follow me.
Thank you very much.
We have to walk from here.
This is amazing! Money is the one thing we have plenty of.
This place is.
? You could say it's a research facility for special abilities.
Isn't that the enemy for all of us? Not so.
Stop yapping and follow me.
Amazing! Can I record this? Of course not.
It's quite a chore.
This is the final stronghold for us, after all.
Here, ahead of me, is my big brother It's you, Yu.
It's been a while.
I brought him.
Yeah, thanks.
Is it really my big brother.
? You still haven't remembered? It seems like he still hasn't regained the memory that Maedomori erased.
I see.
Erased memories? What's that? That voice must be Nao.
It's been quite a while.
I still walk down the path that you have guided me onto.
As a result, you are helping out quite a bit.
You are doing well.
Thank you very much.
What is it? And what about you, Yu? I'm your big brother, you know? This is the melodramatic rekindling! You're not going to embrace me or anything? I'm confused I'm full of questions What, that's a bit lonely.
Though, I guess that's reaping what I have sewn.
Well then, I guess I'll tell the whole story.
Right, Pooh? Yeah Pooh? Now, let's start the long, long story about my time-leap I'm definitely interested! What is he going to start talking about.