Charlotte (2015) s01e10 Episode Script


1 -So, do your time-leap, and change this world for us! -Big Brother Yu! -Is this world really going to change? -Just make sure to time it right.
This is the only timing that the little brother will get serious.
-Take my power of permeation! -Can you hear me? It's been a while, Yu.
I'm leaving you to do the rest, Big Brother.
Hey, breakfast today was supposed to be your turn, Big Brother Shunsuke.
Oh, sorry Geez, you shouldn't break rules.
Tomorrow, you have to make breakfast, Big Brother.
Episode 10 - Looting Time to eat! Hey, Ayumi.
How old are you now? I'm eight years old! That means, we get captured three years from now After I made the time-leap, I started by becoming friends with Kumagami and his group.
This was so that we would fight together, just like how we promised in the future.
Kumagami was the one that found me.
Someone with an amazing ability showed up You finally came for me.
What are you talking about? We're soul-friends who swore to each other that we will make sure to change the world, you! Wait, don't come close to me! W-What in the world are you? You know about my ability, right? Then, don't you have a good guess in general? Can it be that we've met each other in the future? That's correct! We may have met each other in the future, but for now, we're strangers! Don't you get all chummy with me now! Man, you're no fun, Pooh.
Pooh? I call you Pooh, after that bear named Pooh.
Impossible I allowed someone to call me by such a nickname? At this point, Kumagami had already made a small group of ability-wielders.
I followed Kumagami, and decided to meet the members of this group as planned.
This is the one with the time-leap ability, Shunsuke Otosaka.
It's been a while! But, you guys don't see it that way.
Apparently, he's met all three of you already in the future.
You expect us to believe that? First off, Shichino.
The wielder of permeation, the ability to pass through obstacles.
However, you get tremendously tired even by passing through one wall.
What? Next, Medoki.
You possess powers of hypnotism.
You can make someone fall asleep, but you also fall asleep afterwards.
Next, Maedomori.
You're able to erase one memory from someone with pin-point accuracy.
However, you must touch the target and take a long time to find that memory.
That is all.
Amazing that's perfect.
He might have heard all of that from Kumagami first! That will mean that even Kumagami is someone we can't trust, but are you all right with that? So, what do you want with us, since you came to see us from the future? Yeah, let me explain.
And so, I explained the tragic endings of those with special powers in my future.
About myself, and about the other members present.
And then, about the plan that I had made with Kumagami and company of the future There was one means for us to take.
We need to gather those with abilities, and protect ourselves.
And so, we started creating a syndicate of just ability wielders.
But, in the end, it was just a gathering of children.
No matter how many times we started over, we weren't able to protect ourselves.
In the end, there were members that went out of control and assaulted the lab facility to save their friends.
Dammit! We don't have enough power to protect.
In the first place, this was impossible for just children to do.
What should we do? Let's get some adult help.
Adults? There's no way we can rely on them! There is no way that adults who have no abilities will understand us What about those that used to have abilities? I know a few that are like that.
Don't you think it's worth trying out? Well, if you say so.
Let's try it out.
But, what are we specifically going to do, Shunsuke? Yeah, let me think about it for a bit, Pooh.
Big Brother Shun, happy 15th birthday! Happy birthday! I need to time-leap soon, or I'll get caught Now's your chance for the Mega-Jump Fortune Lottery! This year, along with the prizes for being one number off, 600 Million Yen the prize total is 600 million yen! Your lucky chance is right in front of you! 600 million if we had 600 million, The biggest test of your luck this year! we might be able to sway some adults Now, to a vendor, let's go! Not just 600 million if I use my powers This is it.
This is the only way left.
Let's gather some funding.
Oh? I'll leap back to the past, and gather all sorts of gambling information, like horse racing and lotto.
I see.
And after that? We'll gather even more wielders of abilities, and create a syndicate that the scientists will never be about to touch.
So we have to follow this guy's orders again? Shichino, let's believe in Shunsuke.
Then, I'll see you again in the past.
Though it's a pain that I have to explain all of this from scratch The morning that I made the time-leap, I looked at the mirror, and noticed something irregular.
This ability takes a bit of vision away from me each time I use it Since then, we added all sorts of comrades, and created a path for us to gather a large sum of money.
Of course, we tried over many times by my time-leaps.
My vision started to gradually fail, too.
My ability is to take every object, everyone, every scene everything I see with my eyes as I rewind to the past.
So, if I go blind, I am no longer able to use the ability.
I was aware of that.
The research facility was one step ahead of us once again.
How many times has this happened now? Hasn't this been happening a lot lately? At this rate, we're just fighting over the ability wielders.
Shunsuke, don't we need an environment to protect them? Let me think for a while to make a plan, Pooh.
I wonder how many times I've celebrated this birthday now A condition where I can protect them is there such a thing? Come to think, Big Brother, it's entrance exam season for you.
What are you going to do for high school? I see! I have that option! Yu! That is a wonderful idea! I didn't say anything, did I? I'm going to leap one more time, Pooh.
Why? I was able to create a syndicate to gain funding.
But, I haven't been able to protect everyone yet.
But, if you do, you will– I know.
If I leap one more time, I will go blind for sure.
So, this is my last chance.
With that last chance, what are you planning on doing? I'm going to create a school.
A school? I've said this in the past, right? That this ability disappears once you're past adolescence.
So, we just need to build a school that protects those with abilities just for that duration.
That way, I can protect people like Yu and Ayumi before they develop their abilities.
I see but that is truly your last gamble, you understand? You're going to completely lose your vision, right? Well, where there's a will, there's a way.
In a way you haven't changed one bit.
Please make sure to find me after I've gone completely blind.
Leave that to me.
I made my very last time-leap.
And lost all light in my eyes.
From there, I started walking down the ultimate path, with no light, together with Kumagami and the others.
For the final touch, we decided to buy out a certain incorporated educational institution.
It was a pretty tiresome job, but with how everyone was happy at the end, the glum feelings I had all cleared up.
Now, something can be made of this, right? Yeah, You did well.
But, this is where the main part begins.
I know that.
So, Pooh I have two favors to ask of you.
What are they? First one.
I want you to erase my existence from Yu and Ayumi's memories.
Why? If that doesn't happen, I won't be able to move around freely from hereon.
I can no longer live in the open.
I must keep living behind the scenes from now on.
I see Second.
I want you to create similar syndicates all over Japan, and build more schools that can harbor those with abilities.
Indeed, we need to protect those with abilities even if our eyes can't reach them.
But if I did such a thing, my face will be known all over and it will become dangerous.
If that's the case, how about you hide your face with that long hair of yours? I see.
If I poured water on myself on top of that, it would be perfect.
You really drenched yourself? Yeah.
I'm back.
Big Brother Shun! Where have you been?! I was really worried about you! I'm sorry.
And, furthermore, I brought a few friends.
Hold on just a second! I'll clean the room right now! Medoki, please go ahead.
Uh, what do I do? Ayumi.
Yes? Ayumi! Who is it? Thank you Maedomori.
It's over.
Thank you for the hard work.
The future from hereon will be fine.
Please rest assured and live on I'll always love you.
So, shall we go? Yes.
And so, I left from the lives of you and Ayumi.
The end.
You created the current educational institution by repeatedly time-leaping? That's amazing Nao, I'm sorry we didn't make it in time for your big brother.
No, he's steadily heading towards recovery now, so it's all right.
So an ability had erased my memory of you, Big Brother? Yeah, that's how it was.
You even lost your eyesight I tried it out, but I couldn't leap anymore.
But, there is something I still have left undone.
That was supposed to be a promise between us that we absolutely have to fulfill, right? You can't mean saving Ayumi But how? With your ability to "loot," take my "time-leap" as yours.
"Loot" come to think, also in the dream Taking the ability of a wielder as your own.
That is your true power.
What's up with that? Takajo and I were aware of it.
Huh? From the very beginning, he had seen through your ability.
His ability is the looting of special abilities.
Oh dear, to think such an ability existed It's way too strong we must first investigate on how the abilities are looted.
We should both act very carefully as well.
As a result of our investigation, we found out that you had misunderstood what your ability was.
It's not that you are merely possessing them.
The method with which you looted abilities was by possessing them.
As proof of that, everyone who you have possessed until now have lost their abilities.
Wait! Then, you didn't have to make such a big deal every time! Everything would have been fine if I just possessed the target, right? That, even for wielders of special abilities, goes against human ethics.
We figured that you needed to know why you should not be using that ability.
Furthermore, how dangerous of an existence you become if you keep looting abilities It was fortunate that you didn't realize this until now.
Nothing less from Nao! You really got this! Then, I My ability itself should not have been lost.
Loot that, so you can leap to the past, and save Ayumi.
All right? The day you leap to is the day that Ayumi develops her ability.
Leap to that day, and loot the dangerous ability of "collapse" from Ayumi.
Afterwards, come to me who is ignorant of all this, and explain to me what is going to happen from thereon.
Got that? I can save Ayumi All right.
Then, I'm counting on you.
I'm leaving you to do the rest, Yu Yeah.
To save Ayumi.
Go! Ayumi Today's date is All right, I was able to get back! The ability is collapse.
Here we go! What kind of ability is that? Who knows? Probably something like "able to destroy anything he targets" or thereabouts.
So, where's this guy? This is our condo complex that is attached to this academy.
Can I have a minute? What is it? It's probably my little sister.
What's your basis to say that? She's absent from school today with a cold.
To be at home at this time of the day means it has to be my little sister.
You're unusually sharp it's not like you to be like this.
Well, we're no scientists, so let's go visit Ayumi, and see if she really turned into a wielder of a special ability while we're at it.
Wait, are all of you going to drop by? We're talking about a sick girl here.
Tomori, let's keep it to just you visiting.
I see you're right you're right indeed.
Let's do that.
Come on, both of you, let's go home! And Ayucchi, get better soon! Elder brother sir, sorry to be so rowdy! So this is the person Then, I'll be going now.
Sorry to have bothered you.
I am eagerly awaiting your next patronage.
I'll see her off.
I'll be right back.
It's nothing like that.
Please ask her what the nightmare was about.
It might be a clue in figuring out what the "collapse" ability is.
You know, Tomori If I said I time-leaped here from the future, would you believe me? I would believe you.
If it was for Ayumi's sake, you would do something of that level.
I know that.
Your understanding really saves me here.
The day after tomorrow Ayumi dies from that ability of "collapse.
" I used a time-leap to save her by preventing that from happening.
So that's how it is Then, I am worried if it's just you, so the student council will help you as well.
That is so promising You know Yes? I think I may have had a misunderstanding about you.
After I lost Ayumi once, I became reckless and started falling down And the person that saved me from that was you, Tomori.
Since you're talking about the future, I don't recall any of this.
But, if you're saying so, I guess that's how things went.
I saw all sorts of horrible situations, but you were always correct.
Sure Thank you.
Well you're welcome.
Then, good night! No, hold on a second.
Let me cast a magic spell that cures colds.
Y-Yes? Are you all right? I am fine.
With that, Ayumi's ability is no longer with her now, one more See ya.
I'll come pick you up to go home.
You're still recovering, so don't go out of your way.
Sure! It is only a temporary farewell! This now will be the key part I have to act carefully.
Good morning.
I'm amazed you got a hold of that But what are you going to be? They decided that no matter what I did, I wouldn't look like a middle school student! So, I'm going to disguise myself as a teacher! Are you all right just the way you are? Yeah.
I want to show myself in front of her as Ayumi's big brother.
Wise idea.
That totally changes how imposing you look.
So everyone, I'm counting on you.
Yes! Let us make sure to save the life of Otosaka's little sister! Yeah! By the way, there is no magic spell for saving a life! I'm sorry! Now, over here.
Let's go in from the back entrance.
Hey, are you a student of this school? I am a teacher here, do you have some issues? I don't recognize you at all.
Can you come to the faculty office with me? Well, um sure, I'll go! I totally will go! I immediately lose one? But, I still have Tomori and Yusa with me! Wait, can it be, are you Yusarin? No, I'm not! No matter how I look at you, you're Yusarin! Hey! Yusarin transferred into our school! So cute! Sing for us! She's prettier than when I see her on TV! I ain't nothing like Yusarin! But no matter how I look at you, you're Yusarin, right? Then, how about this? Would a pop idol do something like this? This saliva what should I do with it? Such a turn-off! Wait, this girl is cute, too! Maybe she's a pop idol just like Yusarin! Maybe they're filming some show right now! But, Yusarin is in high school, right? Hey, you! Don't you run off by yourself! Their disguises none of them meant anything One hour left It's because you showed up Oikawa It's as if he's completely forgotten about me! He looks at just you all of the time! It's your fault It's your fault It's your fault T-That's not true! That's why you're going to see some pain! W-Who is it? Big Brother Yu? I'm gonna have to scare you a bit.
W-What the– The next time you try to harm my little sister, you won't get off this easily If you understand that, hurry up and get lost! I was so scared! I'm glad you were all right You're fine now.
Let's go home for today.
Yup, yup! I saved her I was able to save her! We accomplished it! I don't care if people say I have a sister complex and stuff.
I never want to lose Ayumi ever again What, you're already here, Kumagami? Oh, so you know about me? Yeah, Pooh.
Well, that makes it easy.
I want you to come with me.
Together with your little sister.
Take us to where our big brother is.