Charlotte (2015) s01e11 Episode Script


1 you won't be able to save the two in the basement! Hey, Yu, Ayumi.
It's been a while.
Um who are you? He's our big brother.
There was a reason behind it, but I had someone delete your memories pertaining to me Really? Why is that? Yeah.
There was a lot going on.
Seems like it, Big Brother.
Yu, you finally were fully aware of using an ability you took via your "plunder".
That's why I had you come here with Ayumi.
In either case, I would have ended up here that's convenient.
What do you mean by that? Big Brother, actually So you used my time-leap that was a job well done.
So, what's going to happen now? Can I go back together with you, Big Brother? More like the reverse.
You can plunder any ability you want.
You are the strongest of all ability wielders.
And, you even have the power of time-leap now that is too much of a menace What are you trying to say? There are syndicates abound that would try to use your powers.
I can't let you live life as you have been until now.
You have to spend your days here until those abilities dissipate.
Here? Yeah.
You may already know, but this is a research facility for the special abilities we created.
In other words, this is the safest place in Japan.
Come with me.
Episode 11: Charlotte My, my, nice of you to come by.
That old man is the leader of the research team, Dr.
I know he's the one that saved me back then And this is.
? This is a research facility that is creating a vaccine to prevent future outbreaks of special abilities.
Vaccine? Are we all ill? Exactly.
The special abilities are truly a disease.
So, before particles are spread all over Earth again, we need to vaccinate every person in the world.
Particles? Have you ever heard of a long-orbit comet named Charlotte? A-Ayu knows about it! Oh, you must really like the stars a lot.
Star-gazing is my hobby! I see.
The comet Charlotte approaches Earth in 75-year cycles.
And when it does, an unknown particle is showered onto Earth.
Those who inhale the particles generate special powers when they are most sensitive.
The particles that snuck all the way into the cerebral nerves dig up and awaken a sector that is supposed to stay dormant.
And that is the reason behind these powers For instance, roughly 400 years ago we had an extremely close encounter, and many particles showered down.
In Europe, some of those that inhaled the particles became witches with special powers.
And, the people who feared the abilities conducted a witch hunt, and tens of thousands of ability wielders were slaughtered.
That comet grazed the atmosphere again roughly 12 years ago, and young folk started to wield special powers one after another.
Yu, he's talking about us.
So that doesn't happen again in the future, we are making a vaccine.
Production has already begun in Japan.
Then, we can rest assured now.
No, only Japan that I control is under protection.
Witch hunts are still happening all over the world.
But, that has nothing to do with us This story can't possibly be that easy.
The ability-wielders overseas have banded up.
We're in a situation where we don't know when they will cause terror in the world.
What about the vaccine? We can curb the number of infected that way, but it doesn't do anything for the people who already developed their abilities.
Then, all you have to do is make a wonder drug to counter it! Otosaka you are indeed a sharp one, but I guess your little brother isn't so much.
It takes a very long time to create a new drug.
We don't know what's going to happen next, but I will make sure to protect you both.
All right but at least I'd like Ayumi to regain her memories about you, Big Brother.
It's impossible.
Why? I was able to regain my memories! We don't know why you were the only one that regained memories Was there a large factor somewhere that caused it, or was it just coincidence? In either case, as we stand now, that's an impossibility.
That can't be That's too sad for Ayumi.
From today, we can make new memories as siblings again.
I'm your oldest brother, Shunsuke.
I'm blind, but it's nice to meet you.
Then, can I call you Big Brother Shun? Yeah.
She accepted that real quick! You won't be able to see your school friends for a while, but these guys are your friends as well as ability wielders.
I'm Ayumi Otosaka! Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you, too.
Nice to meet you.
Shichino, why don't you walk through a wall for starters? Sure thing don't petrify yourself from fear by seeing this! Wow, that's amazing! The recreation room here is pretty substantial.
There's lots of fun things here.
What about music? Can I listen to Haro-haro? Of course.
All right! I'll be teaching you academics.
Okay! Thank you very much! I feel like everyone is keeping their distance from just ne Wait? Is everyone gone already? They call the first one the Bunei Invasion, and the second one the Koan Invasion.
I see Do you have a sister complex? Well, not really You're fretting.
Your big brother took Ayu away from you.
That's not true Then, can you come hang out with me a bit? I want you to play for me.
Play? All right got a good hand.
Reach! Ron.
Double value tiles, little three dragons, half-flush, all triplets, three dora tiles.
Sanbaiman as dealer, so 36000 points.
This is the first time I've seen someone lose all points in the first hand.
You really suck at this.
Are you really Shunsuke's little brother? Dammit let me play one more time! No! Found one, so I'm leaving the table As always, it's rather sudden.
Well, since I can't choose to go look for them it's all too random It would be so much easier if I could know who wields an ability when What did you just find? I'm talking about an ability wielder, of course.
So he didn't have to be drenched in water for that! Which means, you're headed to the student council? Yeah.
Can I come along with you? Idiot, of course not.
You're the ability wielder that is the least able to step outside.
Do you lack self-awareness? I see that's how it was Tomori I wonder how she's doing Wait, why am I thinking about her? Please head over to Hoshinoumi Academy.
Furuki, is something the matter? No it's fine.
Why didn't you turn the corner? Furuki? I'm sorry, Kumagami! I have to take you to a different location! My family They're threatening my family So you had family? If they found out I had one, I have to quit the syndicate! That is the rule, yes I prided myself in being able to help you guys as an alum forgive me.
Sheesh looks like this is going to be a bit troublesome.
Ishihara Mountain Industry Over here.
Follow me.
Hey! I brought him here! Now Welcome, mighty one.
"Welcome, mighty one.
" A foreigner? Oh, brother.
This is enough, right? Give me back my family! Not yet.
There is one more thing we need you to do.
We'll contact you later.
Now leave.
That's not what you said before! You do want to meet your family, right? "You do want to meet your family, right?" That can't be! I'm sorry It's fine.
Furuki, you can just think about your family I'm sorry! Make sure he does not die.
Where is this? My head feels woozy Looks like they injected a truth serum or something What are you trying to make me tell you? Information about every psychic you are aware of that you are hiding from us.
Like I'd tell you My teeth are gonna be all gone I'm gonna have dentures at this age? I told them anything and everything, didn't I I'm sorry, Shunsuke Dammit! Hello? You are the one who gathered all the psychics in this country, yes? This guy isn't Japanese.
? If so, what? I had Kumagami tell me who the strongest psychic in this country was.
Kumagami did? That means he's the victim of an overseas terrorist What about Kumagami? His life is not in danger.
However, he has no nails nor teeth now.
What the hell What do you want? We would like to have Yu Otosaka.
That'll never happen! We have kidnapped a psychic by the name of Nao Tomori.
We would like him in return for both Tomori and Kumagami.
Where at? Furuki will take you there.
Furuki will? I would like Yu Otosaka to come by himself.
I have heard about you all from Furuki and Kumagami.
This operation has been planned from quite a while back.
If the plans diverge, we will assume you traveled to the past to change destinies, and kill off Furuki's family.
See you.
That far Phone call, Furuki.
It's you, Otosaka Furuki are you all right? They threatened me I'm sorry.
Just as I thought.
How long have they been threatening you? Back around when we were getting ready to build the academy This makes it pretty tough If I talked, they said they would kill my family.
I thought about suicide but I couldn't leave my family behind so That's why all of this happened! It's an error in my judgment.
There is no need for you to torment yourself, Furuki.
I will make sure to rescue your family.
I'm really sorry So they've made it out to Japan as well? However, how did they get Kumagami? They are threatening Furuki.
It was my mistake.
He had a family, but I gave tacit consent To think the enemy would come in from that angle Then, what if you had your little brother time-leap to before Furuki started getting threatened? If he was threatened from before the academy was built I'm not sure if we can follow the same path or not.
Which means, there is a possibility that this entire syndicate may not even exist.
The risk is just too big.
Then, how about we have your little brother rescue Kumagami first? If we do that, Furuki's family will be sacrificed they can notice such anomalies.
Then, how about using an ability wielder other than your little brother— They told me Yu needs to go alone.
If we screw up, everyone caught by them will fall victim to their hands.
There's nothing we can do, then Sounds more like we have a better shot if we let the little brother go in by himself.
What? We're probably against ability wielders, so he can plunder their abilities.
Even if he screws up, he can use time-leap to redo everything from this point in time.
That way, there won't be any irregularities, so they won't notice that he time-leaped! We have to bet on Yu now, don't we So unbecoming what a sight Tomori is held hostage? Many security guards at the dorm were put down.
There is no doubt these are pros that came from overseas.
And I'm sure they're armed as well.
You want me to go to a place like that by myself? You can do it.
It's fine! First off, plunder all the abilities of everyone in the area, and make them drop their weapons.
You can do that, right? If it's not a hidden enemy The enemy wants you.
They won't do anything that would kill you.
However, if you get caught, or they put Nao or Kumagami in harm's way, use your time-leap ability to come back to this point in time! We can build a new tactic at that point.
One more thing, make sure to never get too excited! Your collapse power will trigger, and your own life will be in danger.
Got that, Yu? What's with this Yu? What's with all this! There's no way I can do something like that! This isn't a problem that one individual can handle on his own! I was just someone that got good grades by unfair means, nothing more than a fiend of cheating! I'm a despicable guy that has only thought about himself! I am just a greedy human that wanted everyone to see me in a good light! That's all I am what can I-- Calm down! Listen to my heartbeat.
Concentrate on only that! Are you calm now? I'm sorry I was rushing things too much.
If you feel you're in trouble, time-leap back to this point in time.
That's all you need to remember.
We still have a bit of time left.
Calmly think it over.
However you seem like you'd be popular from just your looks.
Was there also a need to play the role of a genius by cheating as much as possible? That's the real question.
It really was a horrible start for us To do some investigation, of course.
But my dream is to film a ZHIEND music video.
That is why I decided that I'll stick it out with you, until you have risen back up to normal.
It was the same thing with Ayumi it's too late to realize something after losing it I will make sure to rescue Tomori.
I've made up my mind.
You've accepted your fate? Yeah.
We'll follow you in a bit.
You are not alone.
If something happens, we'll rescue you right away.
Yeah So are you Furuki? Yeah.
Get in.
Ishihara Mountain Industry I brought him here! People in the field of vision Just these two.
But they're adults and not ability wielders.
Then, as promised, I will release your family to you.
Hey, take this.
That's the key to the condo.
The location is written on the tag.
I'm sorry this was the only thing I could do Let's do this They're not armed.
? Are you satisfied now? Where's Tomori? Right below us both of them are in the basement.
Release both of them right away! Not good I must time-leap It's pointless! We made you unable to use psychic powers to travel to the past.
So it is indeed impossible with one eye.
If you use your psychic powers of collapse, Dammit! - Hurry, hurry, hurry! - Shit! That wasn't necessary! This isn't good! There is a collapse happening right now! He's not using his time-leap? Looks it what should we do? Impossible Is this time to be just standing around? We have to go save them! Y-Yeah How does it look? It looks hopeless But we still have to search for them! Nao! Kumagami! Yu! Shunsuke! Are those the main culprits? Medoki, please.
Found the little brother! He blocked it in the nick of time with telekinesis It's all right.
He's still alive.
However They ruined one eye.
So that's why he couldn't leap Please take him to somewhere safe! Sure.
Don't tell me that you alone were all right because of your ability, but the other two are already dead Where are you Kumagami Nao Found them! Both of them are here! Over here! Kumagami! Kumagami, where are you? Answer me, Kumagami! Kuma— Kumagami? Is that you Shunsuke? This is enough right? Kumagami! You can't! I won't allow it! You have to continue to be at my side! That is asking for the impossible You can't! I won't allow it! Kumagami, don't go off on your own! Don't go away! Shunsuke So, the nickname "Pooh" was a lie after all? Kumagami? Kumagami KUMAGAMI!