Charlotte (2015) s01e12 Episode Script


1 Plastic Surgery Yu Otosaka, 15 yr old male attending doctor: Dr.
Koike It hurts Of course it hurts.
It's only been two days since the surgery.
Two days? That's right.
Why can't I move? Like I know.
Ask the doctor.
Episode 12: Promise Yu, are you all right? Medoki? I'm glad.
Just like we planned, we were able to prevent a collapse.
You don't call this an operation.
This is just dealing with it.
You just said dealing with it, but after the shot you didn't do anything.
I'm not a doctor.
Um, what happened, and how did I end up like this? Tomori! Is Tomori all right? She's fine.
She's also here in this hospital.
Thanks to Kumagami.
I see.
I'm glad.
And what about Kumagami? It can't be It was all while you were busy saving yourself with your own ability! How much longer are you going to complain? In the first place, you were the one that said we should bet on his ability to time-leap! That can't be.
Kumagami - Did you forget that? - Now, now Those guys concluded that they didn't need your ability of time-leap.
Even against the ability to collapse, they tried to hold it back using hostages as their shields.
This is the result of miscalculations on both ends It's my fault.
Don't blame yourself.
Hey Are things like this going to keep continuing from now on? At the least, we had Maedomari erase the memories of the culpits.
But, we don't know when you are going to be targeted next.
All in all, I'm glad you woke up safe and sound.
All of us were taking turns keeping watch over you.
Um It's time.
I still have something I want to ask.
What is it? Why isn't my big brother here? Hey! Let me punch him! No, no, you need to calm down! What does all this mean? It means that for your big brother, Kumagami was his best friend.
Yes, come in.
It's Ayu.
Oh, Ayumi! It's been a while! Is it all right for you? Yeah, as long as I stay still.
But they said you won't be able to see from your right eye ever again.
Apparently the accident was so big, it should have killed me.
I have to be thankful just being alive.
But With rehabilitation, they said I could live a life that is almost the same as before.
It would be nice if that's the case.
How is life at the facility? Everyone is nice to me, so it is all right.
But Big Brother Shun seems to be very disillusioned, so it makes me worried.
Big Brother is? I have lost Ayumi right in front of my eyes once before.
For Big Brother, Kumagami was someone similar in standing.
If I had died in this incident, what would have happened to Ayumi? Yes, come in.
It has been a while! Takajo It really does feel like it's been quite a while.
You look like you're in a lot more pain than I had imagined! What a sight, huh? For Otosaka in such a condition, I have brought this in for you.
What is this? It's a lunch box with a keep-warm function.
And the contents are! This scent.
It can't be! That's right! This is a memory we share, the beef tongue curry! To think I would be reunited with it here of all places! I shall feed it to you! Please do! Say aah! So tasty! This reminds me of the days back in school.
Indeed! This truly is the taste of our adolescence! Another bite, please! There still is plenty left, so eat up until you are bored of it! Hey, how is Tomori doing? Her injuries are a lot less severe than you, so she will be discharged soon.
That's good.
It looks like you've had all sorts of hardships.
Well, yeah.
Please hurry back to the student council together with Tomori.
The current student council where I'm alone with Yusarin is wonderful, but still.
Yes, come in.
I came to visit— It's you, Kurobane.
Um, I made this for you Let's see, can it be some cream stew? This is amazing.
You're correct! Yusarin's handmade cream stew is cherished in the Kurobane house as a source of energy! It works well for illness and injuries, too! So that's why she brought me handmade cream stew that day.
Yup! Now, say aah.
How is it? It's tasty! I feel like I got a bit more energy now.
I'm so glad! I can never show Takajo a scene like this Misa, you there? What do you want from a dead person? Hey, where do people go once they die? Who knows? I'm still here.
My existence is like a balloon that Yusa is holding.
When Yusa's ability is gone, the balloon will easily fly off somewhere.
I see.
Then, shouldn't you go visit the people you care about while you can? What's this all of a sudden? I experienced something that put me near death.
You can be gone at any point in time.
You should go visit them while you still can.
That's understandable as I have already died once, but Come to think, I used to eat that a lot.
It used to be our mom's best dish, but Yusa copied her and made it often.
That's just like my family.
Unlike Yusa, I made my parents unhappy.
Though, you could say dying was the worst way to be a bad daughter Then, go see your parents before that ability is gone.
I'll take that suggestion into consideration.
Was I asleep again? No, it's fine.
I have a question.
What do your parents do? Oh, yes, they make soba noodles deep in the mountains in Nagano and serve them.
I see.
Then, I suggest you go visit them sometime soon.
Huh? No, you don't have any time left! You should go immediately! S-Sure! I'll talk it out with my manager! This indeed requires a bit of getting used to.
South 503 Nao Tomori Fairly Close to Last Supper, "Fair Supper" for short! This is a show where celebrities introduce viewers to their favorite gourmet food.
She had a show like this that she made regular appearances in? Which wouldn't be their last supper, but a supper fairly close to it! Today, surprisingly enough, I'll be introducing the Fair Supper for me, Yusarin! The restaurant is over there! Actually, this is a soba restaurant that Yusarin's parents run.
She used her work to go see her parents, huh Pretty good.
This is the first time Yusarin has seen her folks in a while, and she seems very happy about it.
This is the hand-made soba and wild greens tempura set meal! First, I'll have some of the soba! Dunking it into the dipping sauce with lots of condiments! So tasty! Next up, I'll have some mugwort tempura! This is tasty too! With such a lack of vocabulary, I'm surprised you managed to become a food show host.
But, to be honest, it tastes very ordinary.
So ordinary that you can buy something similar to eat at a convenience store.
Misa? What are you suddenly saying? However, the love of my parents.
That is the secret ingredient to make this an exquisite meal.
That is why it is this tasty.
It is very delicious.
Thank you for this meal.
I'm sorry.
You just reminded me of Misa just now.
Yeah, she was a delinquent with a bad mouth.
But she truly was a good girl.
That was a good way of repaying your parents.
Yes, come in.
Good morning! Yeah.
Ta-dah! Happy birthday! 16 years congrats 3 Today is your 16th birthday, Big Brother Yu! Was it? Ayu here would never forget! So, I used all of my skills for the first time in a while! Congrats Good things will come 3 Um So will you eat it? Yeah! Of course! Then, please open your mouth.
I can eat it by myself.
I can't allow someone rehabilitating to overexert themself.
It's sweet, but it's tasty.
It's the same flavor.
Maybe this is because of that secret ingredient that Misa was talking about.
How is it? Tasty! All right! Now, next! Yeah, tasty! Now, next, next! To be able to only give an impression like this.
I'm not one to criticize others.
Tasty, tasty! Grats on getting all better.
Though I'm not fully well yet.
There is a favor I want to ask you.
Big Brother, I hear you've been here for all this time.
Please say something.
This hospital is all right.
You won't have to deal with the police here.
More than that— He's just like how I was back then.
The terrorists are all acting up overseas, and Japan will become involved in their activities soon.
Kumagami is no longer here, either.
What will happen to us from now on? It's been a while.
Tomori? What? Why are you so surprised? W-Well It was rather sudden.
I was able to be discharged from the hospital a bit earlier, so I thought I'd have a chat with you.
Did you hear anything from your big brother? He said that Japan will soon be involved in the activities of overseas terrorists.
I see Big Brother has all his life knocked out of him.
He seems like a different person Dangerous people may keep showing up in the future, coming after me.
I don't want to lose anyone, or make anyone miserable ever again If there is something I could do with my powers, I'd like to do.
But I don't know how.
Tomori What should I do? There is one way.
What is it? Tell me! Your big brother's research facility has already ceated a vaccine to prevent creation of ability-wielders the next time the comet swings by, right? Yeah.
Then, everything will end if you loot every ability that exists in this world today.
As well as the abilities that will be sprouting from now on.
Of course, this has risks as well.
What will happen to you after gaining thousands, even tens of thousands, of special abilities.
What will happen? You might turn into a monster that can potentially annihilate the entire human race.
And even then, will you be able to stay sane and hold yourself back? Bluntly put, it would be a feat of strength.
But, it is something that only you can do.
That is the only method that I can think of that can save all of the ability-wielders.
To be honest, I wasn't planning on having this talk with you.
However, you came back from the future in order to save Ayumi, and you came to rescue me and Kumagami.
I had thought you were merely a fiend of cheating on tests, but who you are now is someone I can believe in.
Your opinion of me has changed so drastically.
Well, this is way too reckless for it to be one of my tactics.
Please forget I said that.
Then, I will leave you with that for today.
Please take care.
Hold on.
I'll try it.
No, no, it's pretty reckless.
I'm serious.
I owe you one.
And if you're saying that this is the only way, then I'll do this.
Your motive is a bit weak.
But, something like what happened may happen again.
This time, I want to be the one that saves you.
That's why.
Why? Because I love you.
What's that? A romance or something? That's right, romance.
You say that with such a straight face.
I don't think there was ever a time for you to think favorably of me.
I've said this before in a different world, I threw myself into despair and kept falling into an abyss.
You were there next to me, watching over me the whole time.
This is just a guess, but wasn't that my way of taking responsibility? But that still saved me.
So, how do you trip up from there for it to evolve into romance? I cannot comprehend at all.
Like you need reasoning to fall in love! What? You're the one that used it as a reason! See, our compatibility is absolutely the worst.
But I still love you.
My, what a strange one.
Say whatever you like.
I'll say it.
"I'll be waiting.
" For what? For when I'll see you once again, after you save every single ability-wielder.
And then, we can become lovers.
Aren't you overestimating my abilities just a bit? That is precisely why.
If you really pull this off, I am sure to unconditionally find Yu Otosaka dear to me.
That sounds really good.
Has that increased your motivation? Yeah.
Rather suddenly.
Then promise me that you'll come back.
We shall meet again.
For sure.
I'll make sure to come back.
If you lie, cut off the tip of a finger! Pinky promise! That's a scary promise.
I felt it was better than swallowing a thousand needles.
Then, start with me.
You're going to loot every single ability, right? I see.
What I'm about to do This is exactly what it entails.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry.
There's no need to apologize.
This will return me to a proper human.
Thank you very much.
Big Brother, I want you to listen to what I have to say.
I will go plunder the ability of every wielder all over the world, and save them.
That's impossible.
Don't bother.
But, I'm the strongest of all ability-wielders, right? I don't want to put Kumagami's life to waste! You can say the same thing for me! Dammit! Dammit! How he saved me so much by being at my side! But I didn't even get to say thanks to him in the end! That's why I'm going to go.
So that people important to me will no longer suffer misfortune.
That feeling is the same for you after losing Kumagami, right Big Brother? Are you serious about this? Of course.
I've already taken Tomori's ability.
Taken? It has already begun.
I'm not turning back.
South 404 Plastic Surgery Yu Otosaka That's some determination.
But, how are you going to search for ability-wielders? Someone close to the syndicate's leader must have an ability similar to Kumagami's.
Otherwise, they can't possibly gather that many ability-wielders in such a short time.
Yu, Fly overseas.
Leave Japan to us.
We lost Kumagami, but we are still a big syndicate that unifies the ability-wielders.
We'll hold them down until their abilities are gone.
If we can't at least do that much, we can't possibly look him in the eye again.
Yu, you were 16 right now, right? You don't have much time left.
I'm counting on you to do this before you lose your ability.
Huh? What's wrong? I heard the story from Tomori.
Take our powers, too.
It might be of help to you, even by a little bit.
Take my little sister's too.
That means In other words, you no longer Yeah, that's what it means.
This is a pretty sensible spot for me to fade out.
Come on, what are we to do if you're going to hesitate? That's right, Otosaka.
Come on, go ahead.
All right.
I'll take the abilities from you three.
See ya.
Um, did something happen.
? Yusa Actually, I have a letter your big sister entrusted us with.
To Yusa Dear Yusa, it's been fun.
It was fun hanging out with those guys from the student council.
I felt that I wanted to be with you forever.
But, the one thing that was hard for me, Yusa was the fact that I wanted to be together with you all the time, but we ended up missing each other at all times.
I love you more than anything.
And now, a dead person will act like a dead person, and bid farewell now.
From Misa My big sister was always together with all of you, wasn't she.
We had a lot of fun, too.
To Yusa If that's the case I'm glad.
Otosaka, please make sure to come back.
After all, we're friends who spent high school life together, despite all of us suffering from a common illness.
Yup! I've been waiting for you.
Please take this with you.
This is about all I can do now.
What is it? If you speak looking at that, you can probably get by, even if minimally.
You made this in one night? I know what your standardized test scores are like.
Yeah, after all, I'm just a fiend of cheating on tests.
Then, in return.
I want you to hold onto this for me.
All right, understood.
I will hold onto this for a while.
I feel uneasy.
Everything is so uncertain.
But, I have to do this.
Because I am the only one that can do this Well, I'll be on my way now.
Please take care during your trip.