Charlotte (2015) s01e13 Episode Script

Memories to Come

1 Episode 13: Memories to Come Shisogapo, Lumpur International Airport What's the purpose of your visit? Well, um Sightseeing.
Have a nice trip.
Please, the list.
First, I need to find someone with an ability to search.
I guess I'll ask their leader.
A city in the Philippines It's got to be this one.
Now What kind of an ability will he have This guy? Let's see If you move, I'll burn everything including you.
You're the leader, right? Who are you? Um An ability-wielder, just like you.
Why can't I read his mind? Um "Why can't I read" He stole my ability? Let's see That's right! This really is a useful ability Question: How do you look for ability-wielders? Don't think Don't think Don't think Angelo? So that guy's sis is finding the ability-wielders for you, huh? Thank you! Damn you.
Goddammit! Door, open up! What? Are you Angelo? Who are you? What do you want from me? Your ability is an sickness.
You don't have to use it anymore.
Oh gosh I see.
You just have to look at the map.
This is amazing His ability to seek ability-wielders is perfect.
Northern South Africa Earlier this morning, the UN announced that the democratic revolutionary army, an organization based in various parts of Asia, had been subjugated.
The UN Chairman Brian Jackson reported that "a young— —man suspected to be the ringleader, and that everyone has been apprehended unhurt.
" Ouch! For what is to come, he answered, "We will look out for attacks from remaining forces.
There even is a useful ability like this? I hope there will be a quick, peaceful resolution.
" It looks like there are other places that are gathering ability-wielders A city in Egypt Be careful of the One-Eyed Grim Reaper! T-The One-Eyed Grim Reaper! What an embarrassing nickname I didn't think I would be called that of all people What was that? That image just now I guess I became able to learn what the plundered ability is without knowing it.
Big Brother, I plundered every ability of yet another country.
I took an ability to translate languages, and an ability to be active without sleeping at all.
That's amazing.
But, don't overexert yourself too much, Yu.
No I have to finish off the next country as soon as possible.
Time is precious.
You're right It may be rough, but I'm counting on you to be done before you lose your ability.
Yeah An ability to make illnesses worse? Northern Afghanistan Mountains The ability-wielders are all clumped up again To make children do something like that One clump only has one glimmer What does this mean? What the.
? No images are popping up What kind of a facility is this? Carriers? Oh, so that's what this means.
I get it.
They've been infected, but the ability hasn't broken out yet, so they're carriers.
But, I can't plunder an ability before it breaks out What should I do? Exactly.
The special abilities are truly a disease.
So, before particles are spread all over Earth again, we need to vaccinate every person in the world.
That's right If it's an illness, I can make it worse, and have the ability break out.
Wouldn't that make plundering possible? All right, that went well So that new ability-wielders don't show up from countries after I leave them I need to plunder from all carriers as well from now on Eastern India Shoot until you're out of ammo! Peru Republic Well, thank you very much.
So there was someone with an ability to heal I'm glad you got all better.
I'm sorry.
Even if you were using your ability for good, I have to plunder it from you This hand If I put this hand on my right eye right now I can regain my stature as wielder of the time-leap ability With this, I might be even able to save Kumagami.
No, that's not it.
I didn't plunder abilities for something like that.
I can't allow for acts that break human reason any longer I'm going to turn this world into one with zero ability-wielders.
That is my only mission.
A city in Cuba Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Incoming call - Shunsuke Otosaka Shut up! SHUT UP! Hey, are you all right? Are you the enemy So are you my enemy? Anything but my life! That's right Calm down Calm down I shouldn't kill anyone Western Saudi Arabia They have announced that they have captured Mayor Muscle of their capital Hassan.
According to government insiders, an attack at the mayor's mansion by the coup d'état army has started, So I'm going here tomorrow Once in a while, even if I have to force myself, I should sleep a little and he is said to have been captured at that time.
According to government reports, this attack has killed at least 10 city legislators and injured 20 more.
It is necessary to rest one's body every so often Currently at the capital— The government has announced this morning that the leader of the coup d'état, Mofsen bin Yagid, has agreed to unconditional surrender.
The ongoing combat within the capital from last year were by a syndicate that was comprised of primarily children, What? What's going on? but due to a skirmish yesterday instigated by a mysterious individual, it seems they have suffered major damages.
What? With that, the coup d'état forces— Did I do this? —agreed that the syndicate led by Mofsen will not be further prosecuted This isn't good My memory is starting to muddle.
for other crimes, leaving the focus now to how the government will respond from hereon.
So I shouldn't sleep after all Southern Italy What in the world am I doing here? Why am I in a battlefield.
? What is this? That's right I made a promise That I would plunder every last ability in the world, and then return to her Her.
? Who was she.
? I'm sure she was someone very dear to me But I can't remember who Russian Federation Hmm So someone with the "explosion" ability will show up there I see! So you're that "Reaper"! Then, you can die off together with our principles! What the Dammit That ability only gives people misfortune.
A city in the United Kingdom A city in Sicily One-eyed.
? Can it be The Reaper? Yeah, I'm the Reaper.
Manhattan, New York Hello! Reaper here! Arizona This is too tough for me I don't want to do this Who the hell came up with such a huge task, and why did it end up that I had to do it.
? This is enough, right? I'm tired now! Someone take over for me! I thought of something good.
Maybe I'll just take over this entire Earth! After all, I'm omnipotent! I am God! I decide everything! That's what I'll do! What is this? It's filthy.
Why is it? Why am I regretting kicking this thing? Why am I crying because of it.
? What's up with this I still need to keep doing my best? Siberia, Irkutsk I-It's the Reaper! Southern Cambodia Gimme that! Turkey Northern Research Base Why won't any of it hit? Is that a monster? That's the One-Eyed Grim Reaper! There's no way we can win! Out of my way! That surely defeated him! You're kidding me! That was an RPG! You saved us.
Thank you.
We appreciate it! Southeastern Australia Beijing It's close to here I did it! I finally got that Reaper! You shouldn't pick on the weak! Pick on the weak? Do you know who the hell that is? I don't know! But you can't do something like that! That guy has a huge bounty on his head! If I nab him, I get a ton of cash! Even then, you shouldn't! Then, I guess you'll have to see some pain as well.
Do as you like! I will never stand aside! What is that? Of all things The ability of the very last ability-wielder was the power of "courage", huh But that is merely reckless valor You were about to die there.
You should go home.
Y-You shouldn't! You are a girl with more than enough courage.
So, you should be on your way.
T-Then, I'll go call for help! I'll make sure to come back! It's all over I promised I need to get back It's all over, so I need to get back I accomplished everything so I need to get back Get back? To where.
? I need to get back I must have made a promise Now I can spend the rest of my life fooling around.
W-What is that? Yu! Are you finally awake? Thank you for all the hard work.
You kept our promise.
Ouch Your life is not in danger.
But, you need to quietly rest for a while.
By the way, who are you? So that's how things roll Of course, it's understandable.
Since you plundered thousands -tens of thousands - of abilities the stress caused by all that to the brain must be staggering.
It's a blessing that you can even talk.
I am your lover.
A lover? Even though I don't recognize you at all? That hurts a lot more than I expected.
Did I make you sad just now? You did.
Because we were in the same class, and we lived our high school lives together in the student council.
And before you left, you promised me that we would be lovers.
I'm sorry I can't remember anything at all.
Those flash cards I made those.
So you held onto them until the very end.
Did they come in handy? So this You made this? Yes.
For me, this was something like a good-luck charm This was the one thing I couldn't part with.
Even though it's so tattered, and half torn Thank you very much.
If you were able to come back like this because of that I couldn't be happier.
Did I make you sad again? No I'm just happy.
That is all.
I don't really get it but please don't cry.
That's impossible.
Yu Otosaka Welcome back.
Grave of the Kumagami family This was a camcorder that I kept recording things I didn't want to record for the longest time.
I will record lots and lots of happy everyday life.
And so, let's leave behind lots and lots of happy memories! Sounds good.
Yup! Can Ayu be a part of that as well? Of course! What should I say right now? Please, be honest.
I'm looking forward to what's to come.
Right! Everything is going to happen from now on! That's right! From now on, let's fill our lives only with fun things.