Charmed (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Bug A Boo

1 Previously, on Charmed So, now that we're in the clear, can I take you out on a proper date? I have a rare autoimmune disorder.
- My family doesn't want anyone to know.
- I'm here.
GALVIN: Look, I should probably explain How you got together with someone else like a minute after we kissed? You mean after you blew me off several times.
MACY: I think it's some kind of protection mark.
Oh, no.
Stay away from him.
MAMA ROZ: You've got darkness inside you.
What's the Scythe of Tartarus? You can strike it on the ground and set any prisoner in Tartarus free.
- I'll take that.
You! - [YELPS.]
- Oh! MEL: She's getting away with the Scythe! Incinti! - JADA: Behind you.
- [GASPS.]
JADA: Too slow.
Damn, she's good.
Mel, we should get out of here.
That demon probably killed Mom and the other Elders and we're just letting her get away? No, we aren't letting her get away with anything.
We need to regroup.
Mel, we'll get her.
Oh Hehkatay, ahstaythi.
HARRY: If this lodestone is broken, then so is the Scythe.
Which means it was used.
To release some demon from the prison of Hell or whatever.
- Tartarus.
- CHARITY: I'm afraid so.
You did the right thing, summoning the Elders.
Creatures held in Tartarus are the worst of the worst.
The type of evil that gives other demons nightmares.
Which means this demon we're after was looking for something even more powerful - and more evil.
- MAGGIE: So, should we just retire to the Apocalypse bunker Mom hopefully built under this house? CHARITY: There is a window.
The released demon will be weakened from years, decades or millennia of captivity.
It will need time to recover to full strength.
So let's stay above ground for now.
That reminds me of the time the demon Mammon was pursuing us and - Oh.
That fetid crypt.
- Remember, we hid in - HARRY: Well, we made the best of it.
Where were we? Right.
What else do we know about this demon with the Scythe? - She teleports.
- Teleports? I've checked the book for electricity demons with that power, but Well, I'm happy to lend my knowledge - to help narrow the search.
- Okay, so, since we have some time, should I head off to work? I have to stay late at the lab again.
Again? You've had to work insane hours - since your promotion.
- Yes.
I am a supervisor now.
Yeah, and I'm supposed to be checking out this summer job recruitment thing.
You know, in case we do prevent the Apocalypse and there is a summer next year.
Carry on.
Harry and I will hold things down here with Mel.
MAN: What if you could find your perfect match through the magic of a finely-tuned algorithm? I'm Chip, and this is Lainey.
We are the cofounders of AptitudeMatch.
And we're sure you've all been on terrible dates.
I don't know about you, ladies, but I consider myself a queen.
One who doesn't have Tim to wade through garbage dudes.
CHIP: The app effectively puts a matchmaker in everyone's pockets, combining psychology and a cutting-edge data analysis, coded by Lainey here, for maximum compatibility.
The on-campus recruiter who registers the most new users by the end of winter break will join us in Chicago this summer for a fabulous and fun internship.
Good luck to all of you, and may the best matchmaker win.
That's how I know.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here? Well, I couldn't let you walk home in this weather when my ride has heated seats.
Well, seeing as I've clearly found my perfect match This job is my chance to pay it forward.
Plus, if I'm the best recruiter, I get to go to Chicago for an internship this summer.
Chicago, huh? Meaning I'd finally get to see someplace other than Hilltowne.
Or you could come work for my dad's company with me in Chicago this summer.
It pays above industry standard.
And comes with built-in make-out breaks.
We can spend the summer together.
Weekends sailing on Lake Geneva.
That's my literal dream summer.
Plus, I bet you're even hotter with a tan.
But This internship earns me class credit for my major.
Besides, I want to get to Chicago on my own.
And if I do get it, that still puts us in the same city.
So, that lake offer? Is always open.
Of course.
You're gonna make a top-notch first mate.
ALISTAIR: This should have been easy.
You dangle the offer of the paid internship with us, she takes a mandatory drug test, we get her plasma! She's a townie who has never even been on a plane, and yet you can't convince her to work for us.
She wants to get her own job, not work for you.
Is his boyish charm supposed to work like mind control? You stay out of this, Hunter.
You're getting worse, aren't you? Well, I think I know what might help that.
Doing what I damn well tell you to do! That weak human half of you is being killed every passing minute by your demonic side.
He knows, Dad.
No need to twist the knife.
This serum we're trying to create It's the only hope you have of surviving.
The injections, they're They're a clumsy Band-Aid, at best.
And I don't give a damn if you're not a mesmerist! Manipulate the witch's mind-reading abilities and get the job done.
I'll take care of it.
Wait, I-I can't do this right now.
I'll call you later.
- [SIGHS.]
- Hey You okay? Walking on air.
Why don't you head out? I can finish up here.
You're still here.
Just, uh, finishing up a couple extractions.
Macy, you don't have to keep auditioning you have the job.
: Oh, no, I I promise, I'm truly enjoying myself.
I know you are.
And work can be a great escape, believe me.
But it's important that you fill other cups in your life.
Hang out with your friends.
Go out on a date.
You've got all the time in the world to become a workaholic like me.
Yeah, you got it.
So you're heading out? Yeah.
I'll just clean up here.
Good night.
Tonight was perfect.
Yeah, big shout-out to AptitudeMatch.
Would it be cheesy of me to say that this is too good to be true? Cheesy, yes, but also accurate.
I'll call you later.
What about an Ekrixeis? Not powerful enough to kill Marisol.
That's static electricity more so than bursts.
- A Shokravus demon? - Impossible.
We destroyed that entire species in '07.
Oh, yes.
How could I forget? [PHONE VIBRATES.]
Oh, my God.
A man went missing in Ferrer Township.
That's where we lost the demon who stole the Scythe.
The police found his car but no body.
Could this have anything to do with what the demon released? Let's go find out.
Now, we need to determine if the perpetrator was mortal or monster.
This could just be a regular human crime, in which case it does not concern us.
It's a missing person Either way, wouldn't we try to help? - Wait.
We wouldn't? - Mel, you know we don't intervene in human-on-human affairs.
Those are to be left to the police.
If we took the time to sort out every human crime among a global population of seven billion, what room would that leave us to do our actual jobs? Which is to save the world from supernatural peril.
Charity, here.
Oh Now, that's demonic.
Let's get out of here.
Of course Dr.
Wagner can say don't burn out.
She's already hugely successful.
Extra hours at the lab are precisely what I need to become a Dr.
I'm with Dr.
Boss Lady on this one.
You need to slow down.
Shake out that gorgeous hair of yours and live a little.
- Oh, we talked about that.
- Sorry.
But I'm serious.
For starters Download Aptitude.
If I get the most people to sign up for the app, I get to go to Chicago for the summer.
Chicago? Oh, I-I just thought we'd all hang out together this summer.
It's your first time out of school since I moved here.
Well, I'll come back on weekends, and we can hang out then.
It's just, you've gotten to live in these exciting places like New York City, and I never have.
What about the Power of Three? Kind of hard to enact when you're in another state.
Well, it's only a two-hour drive.
And if it's more time-pressing, then Harry can just "Poof" me or whatever.
We can't keep doing that to him.
Teleporting people massively depletes his magical energy.
I'll find a way.
So will you please register? You know, studies have unanimously found black women and Asian men are not only the least swiped on, they're the least matched.
Okay, well, first of all, I find it Absolutely impossible to believe that someone as gorgeous as you are wouldn't get any matches.
In which case I'd likely be fetishized by those matches.
And the last thing I want is some guy I just met telling me how exotic I am and how cute our babies will be.
Will you please just sign up for it? You don't even have to swipe.
I'll take your dish duty all week.
You're kind of a one-trick pony, but nice reflexes.
Oh, it makes jokes.
Who are you? And what the hell did you release from Tartarus? I'm Jada, and I've been watching you.
From what I've seen, you got potential.
Then why are you trying to kill me? I'm not here to kill you, Mel.
I'm trying to recruit you.
- For what? - The Sarcana.
We're a rogue group of witches who don't follow the Elder'' arbitrary rules or general B.
You're a witch? I don't believe you.
Well, if we're gonna get technical with it, I'm half witch - Half Whitelighter.
- And that's why you can teleport.
And according to your precious Elders, because I'm the child of a forbidden Whitelighter-witch relationship, I'm a What they call it An abomination.
And that's why you killed my mother? Because she was an Elder? [SCOFFS.]
Marisol was an ally of the Sarcana.
You're a Charmed One.
You could be doing so much more, not letting the Elders and their rules hold you back.
The Sarcana help all of humankind, not just people in supernatural danger.
Magic can change the world.
Why should we limit ourselves? How do I know any of this is true? Your Book of Shadows.
The Desenmascarar spell.
Should be page 672.
I helped Marisol write it.
Pretty dope spell, if I say so myself.
A shard of the Scythe.
All yours.
Was Marisol's anyway.
Just needed to borrow it for a little bit.
What did you release? One of the greatest witches in recent history from the prison your Elders placed her in.
That's right.
Charmed or not, break the wrong rule, don't think they won't turn on you, too.
Her name is Jada, and she's not a demon.
She's a witch.
And she called herself a Sarcana or something.
No, that-that's not possible.
So she was telling the truth The Sarcana are a thing? The Sisters of Arcana are terrorists, Mel.
They practice unsanctioned magic in pursuit of vigilante justice.
They mounted an insurrection decades ago, resulting in many deaths, but They were all defeated.
Jada She gave me a shard of the Scythe of Tartarus.
So she did use it.
Apparently, to release a witch from Hell's prison.
- A witch put there by the Elders? - No.
Thi-This Jada is manipulating you.
But some of what she told me was true, like the Desenmascarar spell.
I checked The Book of Shadows, and it was exactly where she said it would be, down to the page number.
How? Because The Sarcana were started by an Elder.
An Elder who chafed against the established rules of witchcraft and took matters into her own hands.
Wait, what did you do with the shard? The Elders I destroyed it.
No one should have that much power.
If the Sarcana have truly reassembled, they will be looking to add power to their ranks.
Who better than a Charmed One? You have no idea what these witches are capable of.
You all right? Mel told me.
Oh, it all just brings everything back.
I know.
I feel it, too.
I think about her all the time.
No, no.
We-we can't go there again.
I'll need to discuss this with the Elders in person.
It's, um [SNIFFLES.]
It's far too big a deal for a group text.
Good night, Harry.
Just checking in on those lab report revisions.
I already e-mailed it to you.
Maybe check your inbox before you start asking people for things.
Look, I don't know what's going on with you.
Let me be clear.
There's no version of this relationship where you ever get to talk to me like that.
Look, Macy Full disclosure: I was short with you the other day because Summer and I broke up, maybe 30 seconds before you approached me.
Add to that, about an hour ago, Dr.
Wagner just completely cut my genetics research of the last three years due to "more pressing budget concerns," and I guess I'm just not taking it well.
But n-none of that is-is an excuse for me disrespecting you.
I'm really sorry.
I-I had no idea about the funding.
- She didn't tell me.
- Yeah.
It's one of those moments where Hard work just doesn't seem worth it, you know? I'm really sorry.
Well, look, you don't need to hear my whole sob story.
And and I don't think I've mentioned this since you got your promotion, but you You're doing a fantastic job.
I really appreciate that.
And it's not a sob story.
Your passion is the best thing about you.
MAGGIE: Galvin is single? Macy, climb that like a tree! Maggie, that ship had sailed.
Besides, there's that little protection mark getting in our way The one his grandma put on him.
I've resigned myself to marrying my work.
So what does your husband, Science, say about the residue found at the crime scene? It's an epidermal layer.
I'll need a higher magnification just to be sure.
Sorry, but you and Science need to explore an open relationship.
I mean, have you even checked Aptitude? There are plenty of non-Galvins on here.
I signed up to that thing as a favor to you.
- [GASPS.]
But you have a match.
He is tres cute, and he messaged you.
"How about you and me be the control group, "and we let wine be our variable one night this week?" Wow.
It's almost clever.
So are you gonna message him back or what? - Probably not.
- Oh.
You know what? Use the app or don't.
And maybe the mark means Galvin is a no-go, but That doesn't change the fact that you don't put yourself out there with anyone.
Macy, you're amazing.
And you have to start letting other people see that, too.
Okay, I have a date with Parker.
Text me if you need me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Have fun.
- Hey.
- So what do you think it is? It's a calcium carbonate exoskeleton.
We're looking for a bug demon.
How is everything? It's perfect.
Thanks so much.
Thank you.
- How cute are they? Yeah, we're, like 30% cuter.
'Cause of my, uh, amazing bravery in the face of spicy food? [CHUCKLES.]
Are you actually sweating right now? - [COUGHS.]
- Wasabi's maybe a three on the heat scale.
Speak for yourself.
Hey, are you okay? You know, we can always take this to go or rain check.
I'm fine.
I'm just Excuse me.
WAITRESS: Oh, Parker.
Can I help you? You're so sexy with your diseased, wracking cough.
What are you doing here, Hunter? Boop.
Making sure you stay on task.
What's happening out there? If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were actually falling for the witch.
- Never.
- You sure? 'Cause, Park, that's not us.
Feelings are for people.
No offense.
I know you're half human.
But we both know that you're full demon at your core.
Yeah, tell that to Dad.
Screw Dad.
He's a 3,000-year-old douche.
You know I always got your back.
Just keep it together.
Finish the job.
You feeling any better? Yeah, I'm fine.
- At least for tonight.
Parker, you know if there's anything wrong, you can tell me.
Honestly, I just found out I need a plasma transfusion.
I know we've only been dating for, like, five minutes, and, normally, I would never ask you to do something this big, but You're the only person outside my family who knows.
And I've already asked all of them to get tested to see if they're a match.
Say no more.
I'll get tested first thing tomorrow.
Really? Yeah.
It's a lot.
They have to draw your blood, which requires needles.
You once told me you passed out at the sight of a particularly sharp pencil.
I will get over it.
This is too important.
You have no idea how much this means to me.
I know we just met, but I think Aptitude actually found me my perfect match.
- Me, too.
First, bees, then these nasty buggers.
Just reading about them makes my skin crawl.
Oh, don't tell me you're still considering what that so-called witch said.
Charity cautioned you.
I know.
But if I'm ever gonna find Mom's killer Mel, you have no idea what they are capable of.
You remember Fiona? The charge I lost.
The one who died.
Because she came out as a witch.
That's not the full story.
Fiona was Charity's younger sister.
It was the Sarcana who encouraged Fiona to flaunt her powers, then refused to use theirs to save her when things went south.
Fiona was just left out to dry when she was declared criminally insane and committed to a mental institution.
And then she killed herself.
Is that why you and Charity broke up? Harry, we all know you two were a thing.
We let our feelings distract us.
And we couldn't get past that guilt.
That said, the Sarcana are dangerous.
They spread false hope and cause untold suffering.
And they will do anything to recruit you.
You guys, I need to get past my fear of needles stat.
Is there a spell in Did I interrupt something? No.
It's fine.
Look at this.
Could our demon be an endothermal? A cicada demon.
Of course.
Cicadas shed exoskeletons.
Hey, where's Macy? Oh, she's getting her date on.
Shut the front door.
She said yes to that date? How did you know I was allergic to shellfish? Oh, you wrote it in your profile.
Along with your love of small dogs and prime numbers.
I didn't think people paid attention on these dating apps.
I didn't know what to expect, really.
What, did you think I'd be some three-headed monster? - [LAUGHS.]
- No, I hear what you're saying, though.
You know, how accurate can these algorithms really be? Especially when you're considered Less desirable, statistically.
You know? What even is that? Oh, I know.
Uh, well Here's to taking a chance.
It's just geometry.
These endothermal cicada demons come out every 17 years to mate.
Oh, good God.
According to these university archives, some students from Hilltowne went missing at this time 17 years ago.
No bodies were ever found.
Maybe because those bodies went underground.
To gestate the next generation.
Wait, are you saying These cicada demons are mating with humans.
- Ew! - Gross.
It's possible.
But they would need to find the perfect match for their reproductive needs.
Hold up.
You said Sam Arnold was the name of the guy who went missing? Yes.
That's the guy whose car we found.
Oh, God.
I knew he sounded familiar.
I registered Sam for Aptitude.
Wait, who else is on this missing persons report? This guy Trevor, Blair, Kelsey.
All of these people are missing, and they all signed up for Aptitude.
Demons are finding mates through that infernal app.
ALL: Macy.
You know what, I thought tonight was gonna be a disaster.
- But I actually had a really nice time.
I did, too.
Thank you for not being a catfish.
Or racist.
We ride out I'm thinkin' we could turn the light out.
What the hell? Do you want to Do this again sometime? Why end things now? [CRACKLING.]
Still no answer.
This is all my fault.
I'm the one who convinced her to sign up for that stupid dating app.
"The endothermal queen can lay her eggs "in host bodies at any time.
" I wanted to get Macy laid, but not like this.
HARRY: The hatchlings then feed on the bodies of their hosts.
If we can just find the birthing chamber before the eggs hatch, we can then use this fumigation spell and save Macy and any others.
Destroy the queen, take down the colony.
HARRY: Exactly.
The queen.
I think I know where they are.
Welcome to Aptitude! Ready to find your perfect? Thanks, but I'm still getting over my ex.
Macy could be anywhere.
Maggie, how well do you know this building? Not very well.
But let's ask someone who knows.
Oh, my God.
I can hear all of them.
The whole colony Their thoughts are connected, like a Hive mind.
I think they're in the basement.
It's on Level P3, but it's a secured area.
Not anymore.
Come on, let's hurry.
The queen is ready to mate or whatever.
Oh, my God.
HARRY: As I've mentioned, I don't do particularly well with insects.
Pull it together, Har.
- Call out when you find Macy.
Oh, my God.
Are those eggs? Ew.
That's enough to make me go from vegan-ish to full-on vegan.
Macy, Macy, Macy.
I found her; she's alive.
Hang on, Mace.
Come on, Macy, get up.
MAGGIE: Macy! Oh, God.
Click this, bitch.
MAGGIE: Macy, come on.
MEL: Macy.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Macy.
- Macy.
- Oh, God.
Are you all right? Y-Yeah.
The venom's just pretty st Watch out.
Watch out.
The fumigation spell, quick.
Mist of magic, death unfurls.
Clouds of poison, rise and swirl.
Use our power, from thy breath.
MEL AND MAGGIE: And vanquish these vermin to death.
MEL, MAGGIE AND MACY: And vanquish these vermin to death.
Nice try, ladies, but if I'm dying, so are you.
What's happening? God, it's sweltering in here.
MACY: She's defending herself like a bee, heating herself up to a deadly temperature.
They're dying.
We have to do something.
MACY: I've got this.
- Okay.
We've got some cleanup to do.
These people do not need to remember this.
Out of left field - Macy still showering? - Yeah.
I feel so terrible.
Even if Aptitude hadn't turned out to be a totally bogus app run by bugs, I've decided I'm not going anywhere this summer.
Wait, what? Hello, my friend Tell me what you think again Mace you could have died tonight.
Not to mention, as witches, we could be killed at any moment, fighting any number of demons.
So I want to spend time with you this summer.
Both of you.
Right here.
Maybe we can take a trip to New York.
I'm sure there are plenty of demons there, so we can call it a business trip.
- Okay.
Does that mean you're gonna stop cocooning yourself in the future? - Whatever do you mean? - [LAUGHS.]
You use work to shut out the rest of the world.
But it's time for you to become that gorge butterfly that you are who is not so scared.
I've always focused on whether or not a guy would want me, when really You should be focusing on whether you want the guy.
I think Maggie Freud here is right.
What do you want? I-I think I still want Galvin.
- Stop.
You know, if I can survive almost getting impregnated by a demon bug queen, I'm hoping he and I can figure out a way around this mark.
And you can climb that tree, girl.
No! Give it to me.
WOMAN: Stop, no.
- Let go.
- Leave her alone, you dick.
But how did you? You dropped this.
You could've stopped him.
- Easily.
- I was going to stop him.
The human way.
So the Elders already scared you off.
It's too bad.
When you're ready to make a difference for real Come find me.
HARRY: This is my private office.
What are you looking for? This.
I need to talk to Charity about - all these Elder restrictions.
- Charity's a busy woman.
- You can't just call her on a whim.
We need to talk.
I couldn't agree more.
We were just about to summon you.
We? Please.
Step inside.
Welcome to the Council of Elder Witches, Protectors of the Sacred Covenant.
In my living room? We can congregate anywhere, including duplicate dimensions of our world.
This is your home as it exists in another dimension.
That makes total sense.
What's with their faces? I do apologize for the unnerving disguises, but with whoever's hunting us still at large, all other Elders' identities must remain protected for now.
What aren't you telling me about the Sarcana? If they're so evil, then why are they using magic to help people? We are responsible for the safety of a global population.
The Sarcana only think of themselves.
And they are more than willing to risk or harm innocents in service of their whims.
Innocents Like your sister Fiona? Yes, like Fiona.
Mel, we believe the newly formed Sisters of Arcana are responsible for the death of your mother and the other Elders.
And we have no reason to believe they plan to stop killing, especially if they have summoned something from Tartarus.
Which is why you're here.
You want us to fight the Sarcana? No.
We want you, Mel To join them.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How are you feeling? A little better.
- Brought sugar.
- Oh.
Because the Internet says low blood sugar is common, um, after a plasma transfusion.
How are you so incredible, like, all the time? I'm just glad I could help.
The needles weren't that bad.
Mel came with me to make sure I didn't have a panic attack.
And since she was there, she banked some plasma for whoever needs it.
Someone's really gonna appreciate that.
Thank her for me.
Oh, by the way, that internship got squashed, which is fine, because I want to spend some time with my sisters this summer anyways.
I get it.
Family's everything.
I just wish I had a family like yours.
I'll come visit you on the weekends.
I'll come check on you later, okay? Can I get a shot of mescal, please? BARTENDER: You got it.
Trust in only me Open slowly I know Scared to let you see [PHONE BUZZING.]
Every little broken piece of me Hey, boss.
MACY: Hey, listen.
I know this is bad timing.
You just broke up with Summer, you just lost your project.
And I may be weeks too late.
But if there's any chance at all for us to have another shot, I want it.
Have a drink with me.
You gonna show up this time? Yes.
I'm already here.
I can still feel in the dark I'm-I'm at the Haunt.
Okay, um All right, well, I-I got a few things to finish up here first, so it's gonna be a little All good.
I'll-I'll wait.
In my eyes Only in love for the high.
Still got it, boy.
"Descubre el Camino secreto.
What the hell did you do? She's the one I'm trying to recruit.
She almost saw Fiona.
You are not - Alone - Enjoy.
I've been here The whole time singing you a song - - Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

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