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Jingle Hell

1 Previously on Charmed Wait.
I know what you're feeling.
I don't see the Scythe of Tartarus.
Sorry, Dad, it Got away.
Our new lab manager starts today.
- Julia Wagner.
- I've heard she's difficult.
Where did you see this mark? - On a friend.
- Oh, no.
Stay away from him.
They're not for you.
I may be weeks too late, but if there's any chance at all for us to have another shot, - I want it.
- Okay.
All right, well, I-I got a few things to finish up here first, so - I'll wait.
- Who are you? And why are you trying to kill me? I'm Jada.
I'm half-witch Half-Whitelighter.
I'm not here to kill you, Mel.
I'm trying to recruit you.
We believe the newly-formed Sisters of Arcana are responsible for the death of your mother and the other Elders.
- You want us to fight the Sarcana? - No.
We want you, Mel, to join them.
What's going on? What do you want? Hey.
You're the one that broke in.
One of my comrades overreacted.
So, does this mean you want in? I don't know.
You might want to reevaluate your recruitment methods.
Well, we're not the Elders, who just force you into their way of life once you become a witch.
We're here for you, Mel.
I think you belong with us.
Do you want this or not? If I want in I'm supposed to come back for initiation.
Oh, just like Kappa.
Don't freak out if they make you do weird stuff, like eat Oreos until you puke.
It's just part of initiation.
Well, you'll be lucky if it's only weird stuff.
Look, Mel, this is an extremely dangerous mission.
The Sarcana are terrorists.
They'll think nothing of killing you if you're caught.
Not to mention they are adept at mind games.
- You could be seduced.
- Harry, your hysteria is not helping.
I beg your pardon hyster Is it quite necessary to use that anti-feminist term? Not to mention, I have yet to find any evidence that they're evil.
Mel, I think I'm with Harry on this one.
The whole thing seems kind of shady.
Plus, if they really did - kill Mom - Then this is our big chance.
You guys, if me infiltrating The Sarcana leads us to Mom's killer and prevents other Elders from being killed, then it's worth it.
We also need to know who they released from Tartarus.
We're witches.
We face danger every day.
This is just one more thing on to do list.
That was easy.
You'd think they'd have some safeguards in a place like this.
It should be over there.
Hello, Saint Dragos.
We've come to relieve you of your bling.
I always figured that the Amulet of the Archangels would be much more impressive.
Inferi! Temelechus, deschide poarta! Temelechus, deschide poarta! Temelechus, deschide poarta! Temelechus.
Deschide poarta! Temelechus, - deschide poarta! - Parker, get it! Temelechus, deschide poarta! Hunter, no! Temelechus, deschide No! Let him go.
We got what we wanted.
Oh come on.
Your human side is such a buzzkill.
Good thing we're getting rid of it.
I'm keeping this, though.
It's started snowing! We're gonna have a white Christmas.
Outside my window Here you go.
Drink up.
No Vera family Christmas is complete without it.
- Is it eggnog? - Ugh, no.
It's coquito.
Much better.
Kind of the same, but with coconut.
If I have to stare at that sweater all day, you're trying my coquito.
But you have to sample my homemade Christmas cake, otherwise known to you Americans as fruitcake.
It's Christmas and I want you to stay I've been feeding it brandy for the past three weeks.
Come here, baby - Ugh! - Delicious.
- Disgusting.
- Very good.
Mel, how is it Is it as good as Mom's? Totally.
She'd be proud.
She always made sure Christmas was perfect for us.
It's up to us to keep the tradition going.
Harry! Not there! You cannot put red next to red.
We balance the colors of the balls.
That branch clearly needs a green one.
All right.
Well, um, they found the driver who hit Galvin.
Sounds like he was lucky to escape with just a broken leg.
The guy had two DUls on his record.
So maybe the accident wasn't mark-related.
I mean, it's a college town.
Drunk driving is a problem.
Or it was the mark.
To try and warn me off.
I should just stay away until I know.
He's so sweet he feels bad I thought he stood me up.
Anyway, he's visiting family for Christmas, and while he's away, I thought I should visit Mama Roz again, see if there is a way around the mark.
Ray's driving from Minneapolis.
He should be here by 4:00.
Can't wait to see him.
And for him to meet Parker.
What? I still just think it's weird, you know, you call your dad by his first name.
My dad was never Dexter.
He was just Dad.
Or "sir," when I was in trouble.
Funny thing, it's Hard to demand fatherly formalities when you've completely abdicated the role.
- He did not.
- Oh, come on.
He and Mom broke up.
He left her out of the blue, the day after your - fifth birthday party.
- Because he didn't want to ruin my birthday.
It's called being considerate, Mel.
You cut him way too much slack.
You're too hard on him.
I just don't want you to be disappointed.
You're so trusting and you always think the best of people.
Especially him.
And he always lets you down.
Well, he won't this year.
Want to call my own He knows it's our first Christmas since Mom.
You have such a big heart.
It's literally your power.
I just don't want to see you be hurt.
Well, I won't be.
Because he's coming.
- A Merry Christmas - What - A Merry Christmas - What - It's Galvin.
- What? What is he doing here? Wh What do I do? Y Answer.
You have to.
But the mark.
He knows we're here, there's music playing, and our cars are outside.
So get that Christmas cheer And if you feeling it, then we gonna Okay.
Santa's watchin' if you're naughty or nice When I was a young'un I would get to buggin' Anytime I knew the Christmas season was a-comin' - Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, it's really coming down out there.
- Uh, come in.
- Ooh.
They're, um, predicting a blizzard.
Uh, you remember my, uh, my sisters, and our friend, Harry.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I just, uh, wanted to come by and say Merry Christmas before I head out of town.
I even had to keep my room straight Oh! Uh, okay.
- Oh! - Oh! Ow.
Damn it.
I'm doing this because you're my son.
Look at this.
This is gonna be your cure.
The only thing missing are the collective powers of the Charmed Ones.
Which will alter the DNA - and create a serum just for you.
- I Magical gene therapy.
I can't do it.
I-I don't want to hurt Maggie or her sisters.
You will give this to Maggie.
She's the one who has to wear it, she's the empath.
It just drains their powers.
This is the only thing that will keep you alive.
As a demon.
Like your half-brother, yes.
You hate Hunter almost as much as you hate Dad.
And I'll lose Maggie.
You're 20 years old.
There will be other girls.
Please, just give Maggie the amulet.
Call it a Christmas gift.
When their powers are drained, it will turn black.
And if she takes it off before, all of their powers are returned.
I love you so much, but you have to do this.
Or you're gonna die.
Oh, come on.
Get some Christmas spirit.
I do feel a little bad, not telling him.
Your brotherly affection would be cute if it wasn't so useless.
And now Parker is too soft for that.
The prophecy's clear: the Source will possess a demon born of a human.
Aw, don't be jealous.
You get to be the fun one.
And we will finally have all the power we need.
All in the family.
Merry Christmas.
So, what do we do? We can't kick Galvin out.
He can't even move from the couch.
We have to at least wait till his leg feels better.
If I go near him, he's obviously doomed.
Go ply him with alcohol and conversation.
Just act like you want to get to know him.
He's fun.
Should have plenty to talk about.
I'll stay here and pretend to help you cook.
- Off you go.
- I'm going.
I'm going.
You know you could actually help me cook.
Jada just texted.
I'm gonna head there now.
Be careful.
It's entirely likely they're onto you already, and you're walking into a trap.
Text me if you need to.
Calling my name may raise suspicion.
Don't worry, Harry.
No one wants to take these bitches down more than I do.
Believe it or not, it's better than eggnog.
The secret, I'm told, is the coconut.
You're not on heavy painkillers, are you? No, I'm good.
Hand it over.
Dashing through the snow Cheers.
In a one-horse open sleigh O'er the fields we go Nice tree, isn't it? The balls are very well-spaced, according to color.
All my own work.
Uh, where's Macy? Macy, you say? Oh, that little lady is in the kitchen cooking up a storm, so don't even think about dragging her away from that stove.
Jingle bells, jingle bells Hmm.
- Hey, Parker.
- Mel.
Merry Christmas.
I got presents.
You're not leaving, are you? No, I'm just running an errand.
Uh, Maggie's in the kitchen.
- Thanks.
- All right.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, I got this for you.
Thank you.
I'm gonna go put it under the tree.
Uh, you don't want to open it now? Oh, we, um, we open presents at midnight.
It's what we did with my mom.
I was just I got excited about showing it to you now.
You know what, screw it.
I'm too excited.
- Oh, wow.
- I found it at this, uh, vintage shop.
It's beautiful.
Here, let me help.
I love it.
Thank you.
And this is for your dad.
I know you said he's in Japan for the year.
It's a chess set inspired by the Japanese netsuke carvings.
So thoughtful.
I don't deserve you.
Too perfect.
Are you okay? You look a little pale.
Uh, I'm all right.
Descubre el Camino secreto.
In blood and spirit, join with us.
In blood and spirit, join with us.
In blood and spirit, join with us.
In blood and spirit, join with us.
In blood and spirit, join with us.
Welcome to the Sisters of the Arcana.
Jada said the crows do their bidding.
The Sarcana control them.
There were crows in the house the night Mom died.
- Hmm.
- Mom and the other Elders that were killed all had that tree branch pattern.
It's consistent with the scarring left from Jada's power.
It all points to her.
So the crows were accomplices? Lookouts? Something like that.
I'll have to keep looking.
No, it's a good working theory, Mel.
I can't believe this.
We might finally know what happened.
What? What on Earth are you doing? You're supposed to be keeping Galvin company while I'm in the kitchen.
Macy, he's very happy.
Look, look.
You see? He's with your sister and her beau.
I'll get him another coquito.
Hey, are you okay? Uh, I'm fine.
Um, could I just get some water? We need to talk.
Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
When the mark flashed, he winced, like it was hurting him.
But we have to be sure.
We can't just go tell Maggie that we think her boyfriend might be a I don't even know what he could be.
Not a demon, right? I should call Mama Roz.
She seems to be the expert on these things, and You go keep an eye on Parker? Okay.
If this is true, this is bad.
And very dangerous.
Dangerous? What do you mean? The more the evil magic is within one, the more the mark will repel them.
If the mark is causing pain to this being Then the intentions are evil.
Okay, thanks.
Thanks, Mama Roz.
What the hell? Is this really necessary? You asked for help.
I did what needed to be done.
Really bad luck to run into one of those protection marks, bro.
What are the odds? Listen, the amulet still needs to power up.
In the meantime, I'll get rid of that mark, and get the time witch off your case.
How are you gonna do that? Get back in there, bro.
Your girlfriend's probably waiting for you.
I'll be there in a sec.
I can't wait to spend Christmas with you, my beloved sisters.
I'm gonna have to work on that.
Oh! Oh Oh.
Kitten heel.
What the hell? That was so loud I just told everyone that a raccoon must have knocked something over.
Let's hope Galvin and Parker bought it.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I don't-I don't know what happened.
Oh, my God.
Do you think it was Galvin's mark? It must be.
So you were right it really doesn't want you two together.
So what did Mama Roz say? About the mark? Did she say why it shocked Parker? She said it's malfunctioning.
That must be why it blew me back.
Malfunctioning? That doesn't make any sense.
It's a protection ward from his grandmother, not a toaster.
You know, Mama Roz was getting pretty snotty about it.
She said his grandmother probably made a mistake.
But the good news is she gave me a spell to remove the mark.
Now that it's not working, it's pretty dangerous.
Do you think that's what caused his accident? If I didn't before, I do now.
So I guess it's just a coincidence that Parker winced when the mark glowed.
Parker is as much of a demon as I am.
- Hmm.
- Thank God we didn't go and tell Maggie, huh? She already thinks I disapprove in her choice of men.
Listen, bring me a drink for Galvin.
I need it to do the spell over.
You'll have to be the one to give it to him to remove the mark, since I can't set foot in the house right now.
So, let's do that, because it's cold out here, and I can't wait to spend Christmas with my sisters.
- Aw - I know.
- All done? - Yeah.
Uh, you're not gonna try to give me any more of this, are you? I mean, look what they did to your boy.
So, I think it worked.
He drank the whole thing.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Snuggle up to my man, see how close I can get.
Let's hope this ends in a little stocking stuffing, am I right? You're not seriously thinking about losing your virginity to him.
Tonight? I'm I'm kidding.
You were so convincing.
A virgin? Seriously? Pass me one of them.
Where you been all day? Someone's had some eggnog.
No, actually, it's called coqu Um, co It's called something, but it is muy fuerte.
This is nice.
Yeah, um, I don't-I don't think we've been this close before.
Well-well First time for everything.
This is, uh Cheesy? Yeah.
Mel hates it.
She wouldn't even let me put the whole thing up.
I get it.
All the figurines are super white, playing traditional gender roles.
But it's from my dad.
He used to give me a new building every year.
It's nice, not cheesy.
Hopefully he gets here soon.
Parker? You're sounding worse.
Did you bring your medication? Actually, I'm supposed to start a new regimen.
Something experimental.
It could cure me.
Really? - Well, that's - But there are side effects.
I could feel like a different person.
That sounds horrible.
But it's a cure? That's what they say.
So, of course, my family wants me to do it.
Well, that's because they love you.
They want to save you.
What about what I want? They never ask.
I know they love me, I just I wish they would listen to me.
I will always listen.
I know.
Hey, Maggie, the plantains are ready.
Let me go get you some water.
Hey, so Yeah, I'll get to the plantains in a sec.
Not that.
Uh, the necklace that Parker gave you, did he say where he got it? Um, some vintage store.
Why? Just curious.
You're never just curious.
Just I saw it change color.
It's probably just a mood necklace.
What? I really didn't want to have to tell you this, but earlier, Macy thought the Yoruba mark affected Parker.
It started flashing red when he went near it, and now the necklace? What, exactly, are you saying? You think my boyfriend is a demon, and my Christmas gift is evil? What Macy saw really freaked her out.
She even called Mama Roz.
And what did Mama Roz say? That the mark was malfunctioning.
So, why are we even talking about this? I just got a really weird feeling right now.
The way he was looking at the necklace.
You got a weird feeling, and that's enough to tell me you think I'm so stupid I wouldn't notice my boyfriend is evil? I am an empath.
I think I would know if there were something going on with Parker.
I've been reading his thoughts for weeks.
- I know I can trust him.
- Fine.
Forget I said anything.
No, you can't just do that and then say, "Forget about it.
" It's Dad.
He can't make it.
Congratulations, Mel.
You get to be right.
I'm just as dumb and naive as you think I am.
Maggie Come on.
Maggie, slow down.
Everything okay? I got it.
I should be used to it by now.
Mel's right, he does this all the time.
Maybe I am too trusting.
Hey, don't say that.
Is this, like, a mood necklace? It is.
I didn't mention that? No.
I can trust you, right? Maggie, yeah, of course.
Okay, good.
I'm kind of putting it all out there with you, and I just don't think I could take it if I know.
I will never hurt you, Maggie.
I will never hurt you, Maggie.
He pulled that necklace right off her neck, and it changed back to white right away; it was weird.
He took the necklace off? I'm gonna wake Harry up and see if he knows anything about an amulet.
And I'll keep an eye on Parker.
Hey, bro.
Damn it, Hunter.
Your human side is so skittish.
It's adorbs.
You'd be better off without it.
You know that, right? Yeah, I know.
You're lying.
You took off the amulet.
You idiot.
Do you know what you're throwing away? Listen to me.
This is about turning you into the Source.
- What? - Yeah.
You can be a king.
The Source of All Evil.
Dad believes that's your destiny.
Dad wants me to be the Source? Dad didn't think you were ready, because you're still human.
But once we destroy your human side, you'll be so much better.
You won't have to worry about emotions making you weak.
So put the amulet back on her.
You can be free.
Don't you want that? Yeah, I do.
It's the, uh, Amulet of the, uh, Archangel Oh, bloody hell, my head.
That infernal coquito.
- According to this - Yes? Some saint Dragos Has been wearing the amulet on his corpse at a church in Bucharest.
But originally, the fallen archangel Belial used it to steal the powers of all the other archangels.
Parker is trying to steal our powers.
It's the perfect plan.
He gives his ingenue a beautiful gift, and it siphons the family powers.
Oh, God, poor Maggie.
He targeted her.
She always sees the best in people.
This will crush her.
Maggie, I need to talk to you.
Now? We're about to eat.
This can't wait.
Is everything okay? You're scaring me.
Hey, Parker, could you give me a hand? I need to hit the bathroom.
All those drinks are finally catching up to me.
I'll be right back.
Promise me you won't go anywhere.
Macy, where's Maggie? She's in trouble.
What? Harry! I need you.
You're calling me for help, but you're right here, which means Oh, no.
Night night, Whitelighter.
Harry! - You were just, uh - A little help here? Harry, are you okay? What happened? Blimey, that strumpet nearly made me soil my knickers.
Why do you suddenly sound even more British than usual? Because he's not Harry, he's a shape-shifter.
Hunter, no! Parker? How do you Two Maggies? Two Maggies! - Fake me! - She's the demon! Kill her! No! You were gonna kill me.
Dad was right.
You are too soft.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
You never did.
Can't Hold me forever.
No, it can't be.
It's you.
You're the Shadow Demon? Please, let me explain.
Parker, no.
I can't believe this.
You're a demon? I wanted to tell you.
I tried to tell you before Please don't be scared of me.
Look, I made a mistake.
Let me make it up to you.
You think destroying that's gonna make it up to me? What was that for? My present? It was to drain your powers.
I can't believe this.
But I couldn't go through with it.
Look, I didn't have a choice.
I was born half-demon, half-human.
So everything we had was a disgusting lie? You used me, you manipulated me.
Please, Maggie.
You promised you wouldn't hurt me.
I even heard it in your thoughts.
What? Were you - Were you faking those? - Maggie.
What you and I have, it is real.
I love, I love you.
Just stay away from me.
I don't ever want to see you again.
Are you really okay? No, I'm not okay.
I feel so stupid.
Oh, you're safe.
Thank God.
Galvin's still asleep in the den.
Thanks to those very strong drinks and his immobility.
If Parker's half-demon, maybe his human side really does love you.
He did save you from his brother.
And like he said, he can't help how he was born.
You don't need to try to make me feel better.
I know you don't mean it.
You were right.
I fell for Parker's lies and Dad's.
And I'll never make the mistake of blindly trusting someone like that again.
Well, um, it's past midnight.
I know it's probably hard to get in the Christmas spirit, but We could open presents.
My three small offerings are under the tree.
Harry, that's so sweet.
I'll go get us more coquito.
Did we really drink it all? What are you doing here? You're our new recruit.
Wanted to see if you were okay.
Your very first night with us, you need protection from our crows? You Charmed Ones, next-level extra.
So you sent them to help us? I told you, they do our bidding.
They tried to help your mother, too, you know.
What? You know, they came the night she died, but they failed, obviously.
Whoever killed her was pretty damn powerful.
But don't worry, we'll help you find out who.
Anyway, gonna take off.
We'll be in touch.
I've got big plans for you, Vera.
Guys, we drank all the coquito.
Ho, ho, ho.
Merry Christmas.
You've been very naughty girls this year.
Santa's gonna make you pay.
They're not the ones who are gonna pay.
Temelechus, deschide poarta.
Temelechus, deschide poarta.
Little brother, you will pay for this.
Temelechus Poor Sick, weak Parker.
Temelechus, deschide poarta.
Temelechus, deschide poarta.
Temelechus, deschide poarta.
Temelechus, deschide poarta.
- Parker, stop.
- The Portal to Tartarus! No! Temelechus, deschide poarta.
- Hang on! - Parker! No! Harry! What the hell? Oh, my God.

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