Charmed (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

You're Dead to Me

1 Previously on Charmed HARRY: It's a powerful history rewriting spell.
MEL: To make it as if Niko and I never met.
NIKO: Hi, Mel.
I'm Niko.
I was hoping we could talk.
- How do you know my name? - I've seen you around.
- What do you do? - You could say I help people.
If you ever feel unsafe, give me a call, okay? - [GROANS.]
- Harry? - [EXHALES.]
My powers.
- They're not working? I'm not the man I was before Tartarus.
I'm not sure I can be their Whitelighter anymore.
- MAGGIE: What are those? - MACY: They're letters between our parents.
They were in touch all along, and madly in love with each other.
"But every time I look at Macy, "I'm reminded that one day, she will learn the truth.
"And when she finds out what we did to bring her "back from the dead, "she'll never forgive us.
- MARISOL: Please.
Please, I freed you from Tartarus.
- You owe me.
- Do not make me bury my baby girl.
Are the Elders aware - of what you're doing? - No.
And they don't have to be.
I know the Elders distrust necromancers.
But I need you.
Please, I am begging you.
And you're prepared to sacrifice in return for your daughter's life - Sacrifice? - Yes, yes! Anything! - I know how this works! - A resurrection has a cost, a cosmic debt that must be repaid.
The spirits will enlighten me as to the nature of the debt once the resurrection is complete.
We understand.
We understand.
And we are willing to accept any cost, as long as that means Macy gets to live.
Stop Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's she doing?! MARISOL: It's the blood offering.
- [SIGHS.]
- Macy! - Macy.
Oh, baby girl! - She's okay.
The sacrifice What is it? You may live as a happy family for the next two years.
And then you may never see Macy again, Marisol.
Your fates are bound.
If you are to lay eyes on her, she'll die.
The spirits have decreed it.
No! No! MEL: "I'll never forget that night.
"The miracle of hearing her cries.
"How happy I was.
How scared.
"That night still haunts me.
"As Macy grows up, I wonder what "she would think if she knew.
" This is unreal.
Mom broke someone out of Tartarus to resurrect Macy.
It's why she had the scythe.
Oh, my God.
A necromancer? What even is that? Harry.
Good morning, ladies.
You're up and about.
Are you feeling better? Somewhat.
There's something I need to discuss with you.
With regards to my status as your Whitelighter.
Oh, you're doing great, Har.
In fact, we could really use some of that classic Whitelighter advice right now.
Um Uh Well, spit it out.
Macy was resurrected by a necromancer when she was born.
Resurrected by a necromancer? We can't find anything in The Book of Shadows about them.
Well, that's because necromancers use the darkest of dark magic, strictly forbidden magic, and are inherently untrustwor - Where is Macy now? - She's still sleeping.
I heard her come home at 2:00 in the morning.
We were reading the letters last night.
She just got up and went for a run.
- In the dead of night? - It's Macy.
She take baths at 3:00 a.
She said she needed air, and I couldn't stop her.
Hey - How's it going? - Stop looking at me like that.
I'm not gonna break.
We're just worried about you.
I know.
And I appreciate that, but Save your energy.
Macy It's like, no matter what I do, I can't escape this darkness.
And just as things are finally looking up in my life, you know? I have you three.
Galvin and I are good.
And I learn I'm not supposed to be here.
Of course you're supposed to be here.
Mom brought you back for a reason.
Your sister's right.
Take it from me.
You must look for the positives.
Harry I know you're our Whitelighter and you're supposed to give us these pep talks, but I can't hear it right now.
I just want my coffee.
I just want to be left alone.
I'm not here to lecture you or give you a rousing pep talk, although that is my speciality.
I'm just here to say I know how you feel.
I died, and the Elders brought me back.
And although it's not quite the same, I experienced the same struggle, the confusion of cheating death.
And whatever you're feeling, I assure you, it's perfectly normal.
I feel tainted.
In science, when something dies, it doesn't come back.
It's unnatural.
It's inherently wrong.
I'm inherently wrong.
No offense.
None taken.
What if my resurrection is where my darkness comes from? It's possible.
But don't go down that rabbit hole of depression and uncertainty.
How did you avoid it, going down that rabbit hole? I got as many answers as I could.
I may not have had my memories, but I could learn why I was still here, what it meant to be a Whitelighter.
You are a Charmed One.
Find your answers.
To this day, I'm still learning.
Think what you've already learned from those letters.
Perhaps there's more.
- Maybe you're right.
- That's the ticket.
If you need me, you know where to find me.
Time for answers.
MAGGIE: Mel, you are playing with fire.
Niko's Insta? Come on, you have been so good about staying off her socials.
I didn't plan to run into her.
And you can't blame me for being curious about the ex whose memory I wiped.
It's just weird that she became a P.
, isn't it? Like, what could have happened in those two years we were supposed to be together that would make her quit being a cop? Like I said, I was just curious.
Look, I know it's hard, but you can't get involved with Niko again.
That would be insane and break some magical rule that would cause all kinds of problems.
So don't worry about it.
You won't abuse this? Promise.
See you later.
See ya.
Love you.
Oh, hey, Lucy.
Oh, hey, Mel.
I was hoping to see you.
Supes important question: Are you going to the Phi Delt Stoplight Party tonight? Oh, um I don't think so, - seeing as I don't know what that is.
- Oh.
Everyone dresses the part of the stoplight they identify with.
Wearing red means, "Back off.
I'm booed up.
" Yellow means, "I'm FWBs with that guy in chem class" "but still tech available.
" And green means, "Go.
" "Straight into my pants.
Wow, that's direct.
I just I don't want to run into Parker.
Don't you not want to see him, either? Maggie, when I move on, I move on.
Thank you.
You should try it.
I've moved on.
Then what's the issue if you see him there? I want to get you circulating again.
I'm hoping to get you back into Kappa by spring rush.
- Wait, really? - Mm-hmm.
You're welcome.
You know what? You're right.
Why am I giving Parker all the power? Screw it.
I am gonna wear the hottest green outfit I have, and he can just deal with it.
- Green means go, girl.
I summon the one who brought me back.
Hear my plea.
I call you here as you called me from beyond.
I summon the one who brought me back.
Hear my plea.
I call you here as you called me from beyond! [SLASHING.]
- [GASPS.]
You have no idea what you've done.
Where is she? Is she here? Are you working with her? I don't know who you're talking about.
Cyd, that crazy witch that's hunting me.
If you're not working with her, then why did you break my concealment spell and lure me here? Well, I I think you brought me back from the dead.
Well, great.
Your little summoning spell just put a giant target on my back.
I have to brew a new spell fast before she finds me.
Where are we? Oh, we're at my house.
Please, are you the one who brought me back? [SIGHS.]
I'd recognize that soul anywhere.
So, why did you call me? I need answers.
Then help me brew my spell.
Where's your kitchen? I [BELL JINGLES.]
NIKO: Hey.
Over here.
Sorry I'm late.
How did you pick this place? I don't know, I was just walking by the other day, and something about it just drew me in.
Why? Have you been here before? Mel, you need to breathe.
Is it that kind of coffee date? No, it's an "I'm worried about you" coffee date.
Uh, yeah.
Thanks for meeting me.
It's a brave first step extricating yourself from a dangerous group.
I know it's hard.
WAITER: What can I get for you? - Two double espressos.
- Oh.
Got it.
How did you know? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
I made the change two years ago.
I was a cop.
Really? Yeah.
On the verge of making detective, but I don't know, one day I just woke up and felt like something was missing.
It's hard to explain.
I know the feeling.
Yeah, you know, I had this great job, but something didn't feel right.
So I made the change.
And how is that working out for you? I love my work.
I get to help people who have been lost.
I just really feel like I'm doing what I should be doing.
Sorry if I'm oversharing.
- You're really easy to talk to.
- Oh.
WAITER: Here you go.
Oh, I am so sorry.
That scar, how'd you get it? It's a long story.
I just had the most vivid sense of déjà vu.
You wanted to see me? Yes.
Is this about Niko? Excuse me.
Niko? Oh.
It's nothing.
I bumped into Niko at The Haunt the other day It's not a big deal.
- It is a big deal.
- Yeah, and your text said whatever you needed to talk about was a big deal, too.
So now it's your turn.
Spit it out.
I texted your sisters, too.
Perhaps we should wait.
I'll be honest You're not what I expected.
Well, you summoned me from work.
Necromancy doesn't exactly pay the bills.
Well, I just meant you're so young.
Necromancers age slowly.
Hand me the mint.
I need to mix it with the hair from the mouse.
You're a telekinetic.
Why did you kill the mouse with the knife when you could have just stopped its heart with your mind? I can do that? You didn't know? - No.
So, my mom broke you out of Tartarus? Why were you there? Half the people that are there shouldn't be.
I was one of them.
So what happened? The witch that's hunting me asked me to resurrect a demon she had fallen for.
When I refused, this witch Cyd reported me to the Elders, claimed I was the one trying to resurrect the demon, so they condemned me to Tartarus.
And they just took her word for it? The Elders despise necromancers.
They malign us and spread lies about us and tell people to shun us.
And when those in power repeat lies long enough, people start to believe them.
Just turn on the news.
Oh, damn it.
What just happened? Rodents can't handle the transition, so it turned.
What do you mean, turned? Resurrection is serious business.
I must call forth forces of light and darkness to make it happen.
Some beings can't handle it.
The balance tips, and the being turns dark.
I've been told I have darkness in me.
Does that mean I'm going to turn? MAGGIE: Hey, Macy.
Sister emergency.
Do I look better in olive or emerald? Hey.
I know you.
You're Knansie with a "K," the gorge cashier at Handy Dandy Snacks in Ferndale.
Uh, and she's also the necromancer who brought me back to life.
Oh, my God.
Harry said they're dangerous.
See what I mean? [ALL SCREAM.]
Cyd! She found me.
- That's Macy now.
She and Maggie are being attacked - by some kind of demon.
- They're in trouble.
Let's put a pin in this and get home to your sisters.
Oh, dear, my powers have been rather wonky lately.
- Wait, why is it night all of a sudden? - [SIREN PULSING.]
Why is that siren so weird? [BELL CONTINUES TOLLING.]
I don't think we're in Hilltowne, Harry.
- We're in - England.
What happened? This is what I needed to talk to you about.
Lately, I've been distracted by A personal matter.
As a consequence, I've become emotionally uncentered, unbalancing my powers, rendering them unreliable.
And now I've got us stuck in Manchester.
Why are we in Manchester? Because my son is here.
- What is going on? - [EXPLOSION.]
What the hell do you think you're doing? This is my home.
- That woman destroyed my family.
- No.
She turned the love of my life into a demon.
- What? - Don't believe her, Macy.
I told you what happened.
I refused to raise her demon boyfriend for her, and the witch has been after me ever since.
Wait, she's a witch? Time to pay for what you did.
Maggie, get Knansie out of here! Move aside, witch.
I don't want you.
Just hand me the necromancer.
Cyd, is it? Yeah, why don't we just talk this out.
Stay away from my sister! [SHUDDERING BREATHS.]
KNANSIE: I knew you had it in you.
Wow, those are some sick moves.
Where did that come from? I have no idea.
We have to bind Cyd with the Chains of Antioch.
I can conjure them, but we have to hurry, before she comes to.
They were attacked by an unhinged witch, not a demon.
And it sounds like they've got it under control.
Thank goodness.
You were about to explain? About your son? If we're gonna talk about this, I'm gonna need a pint.
When I returned from Tartarus, Charity informed me My son was alive.
And that matched with a vision of a boy I'd seen while in Tartarus.
Oh, my God, Harry.
And I haven't been able to focus on anything else since.
Of course you haven't.
I understand.
Yes, but you see, it's It's a problem.
My reaction Well, it illustrates why the Elders wipe Whitelighters' memories.
My divided loyalty has clouded my powers.
Hence, the fact we're sharing a drink at the Drunken Footman rather than The Haunt.
And my powers will not return until I can prove I am 100% committed to my charges' care.
But now I-I can't un-know my past now.
And even if I could I don't want to.
So I'm afraid my loyalty will remain divided.
Wait, Harry, the thing that you've been trying to tell us I can't be your Whitelighter anymore.
I don't want to lose you.
But since neither of us have passports and you can't orb us back home I'm gonna help you find your son.
Thank you, Mel.
- Honestly - Yeah, yeah.
Save your mushy stuff, Harry.
Now, what do you know about this son of yours? Oh, there's the rub.
I actually know nothing.
Not his name, his birthday.
Hell, I don't even know my own name.
The Elders gave me a new one when they resurrected me.
So that's not ideal.
: Are you sure we can trust Knansie with a "K"? Harry warned us about necromancers.
Thank you both so much.
Not many witches would have a necromancer's back.
Well, you did bring me back to life, so it's the least I can do.
Little joke there.
Right, Maggie? - Yeah.
Maggie, don't you have that Phi Delt party to go to? Yeah, but I can skip it.
No, don't be silly.
Have fun.
I think we have things under control here.
Besides, there are a few things I wanted to talk to Knansie about that I was hoping to do in private.
Just text me if you need anything.
So, what do we do now? I know this may sound harsh, but I think we have to kill her.
No, I can't kill a fellow witch.
Cyd's in pain.
She needs our help.
I can't keep running.
It has been 20 years.
I am tired.
I understand that.
Maybe we can ask my Whitelighter for help - when he's back.
- No.
Absolutely not.
Whitelighters serve the Elders.
They'll just take her side and send me back to Tartarus.
I will stand up for you.
I'm a Charmed One.
They'll listen to me.
- Thank you.
- Great.
So, let's get The Book of Shadows and find a spell to contain her.
Eyes reunited, bodies excited Souls step in place and we both can't fight it Mischievously won, nothing can be done Leave out of here 'fore they catch us on the run Operation Jealous Much is now in motion.
Check out the bartender.
Something real special I just can't explain Oh, my God, Parker just saw me looking at him.
Well, news flash that means that he's looking at you, too.
It's obvious you're making him jelly.
Not to mention, he must be freaking out to see the two of us together.
So, how was winter break? MAGGIE: Let's see, I was in Tartarus being tortured, so Kind of hellish.
Totally get it.
Family crap? Yeah.
Something like that.
I know you used to date Parker.
What happened with you guys? He's a demon.
He's just not who I thought he was.
Psych major, huh? What made you pick that? I'm an empath witch, so it seemed like a good fit.
Seemed easier than med school.
How goes it? Oh it goes nowhere.
I'm just not connecting with anyone.
All right, let's get some "dronks.
" WOMAN: Lucy, over here! Hi.
You look good in green.
Why are you wearing red? You know why.
I'll take two skinny margs.
Can we talk, please? No.
You gonna be mad at me forever? Maybe.
You have ruined dating for me forever.
I met a bunch of guys tonight who I would have been into before, but I can't be myself with them.
You're the only one I can be honest with and the only one who can know who I really am.
But you're a dick who lied to me and sold me and my sisters out to your sociopathic demon father.
So I guess I'll just become a nun.
Probably can't do that because I'm a witch.
So, thank you.
See, and now you're smiling at my cute nun joke, and I just want to punch your face in.
Look, I know I did some really crappy things in the past, but I didn't sell you out to my dad.
I don't know how else to prove it to you.
You can't.
I really am trying, Maggie.
All right, this calming spell should dissipate her rage.
Good, because I can't keep running from her.
Oh, my.
MEL: We've been looking all night.
We were dropped here for a reason.
There must be something important about this neighborhood.
Nah, not that I can think of.
Anything at all triggered from the memories in Tartarus? - Nothing.
- Okay.
Déjà vu may be our best bet here.
Are there any buildings that you feel drawn to? Niko mentioned at coffee that she felt like she'd been - to the cafe before.
- Wait, coffee? You said you saw her at The Haunt.
I did, first.
But the point is, look around, see if you feel drawn to anything.
That church.
WOMAN: Excuse me, do you have a tampon? Yeah, yeah.
No problem.
Anything? No, nothing.
Don't churches have records? HARRY: Here.
The church christening records.
Oh, damn it.
Let me see.
- Oh, it's just a paper cut.
- Please.
Let me try.
My powers.
I don't know if they'll ever come back.
Which is why we need to find your son.
MEL: These files go back all the way to the 1940s.
Is there anything that you can remember that can help us narrow it down? I know I died in 1957, and the child in my memory was around four.
So he would have been born in 1953.
And babies are usually christened a few months after their bir What is it? That's me.
And my wife.
You were married.
Yes, apparently so.
"James Westwell and his wife, Clara, "celebrate the christening of their son, Carter.
" His name is Carter.
Are you okay? Mm.
It's time to find my son.
You should have let me kill her when I had the chance.
Better yet, you could have killed her with your power.
- You're not helping.
- But I'm right.
That witch is dangerous, and don't think for a second she won't kill you in order to get to me.
- She has lost her mind.
Hey, Macy, it's me.
Everything okay? Um, actually, I'm at Phi Delt, in the bathroom with Cyd, the sonic ball witch.
Are you okay? Did she hurt you? Bring the necromancer to me in 15 minutes - or your sister dies.
- Maggie.
There's good vibes up in here Parker, where's the bathroom? Maggie's being held hostage by a vengeful witch.
Follow me.
- Maggie! - Maggie? It's eerily empty in here.
Maggie? CYD: Looking for something? [GASPS.]
Where's Maggie? She's getting cleaned up.
- Oh, my God.
Hold on.
I triple-enchanted the stall.
Now let me kill the necromancer or the empath dies.
PARKER: Maggie! KNANSIE: Kill the witch.
You know what to do.
MACY: How about I keep pinching your left circumflex coronary artery, shutting off the blood flow to your heart? Then you die, and the spell is broken.
: Macy, no! No, no, no, don't do it! Please stop.
I'll release your sister.
Tap into your darkness and destroy her.
PARKER: Macy, don't! Listen to me.
I know what it's like to give in to your dark side.
I know you want to.
I know you think you have to, - but you don't.
- MAGGIE: Macy.
Macy, please.
She's one of us.
Let her go.
KNANSIE: No! Finish the job.
Why are you protecting her? You're a witch, - and she's evil.
- KNANSIE: Don't listen to her.
No, she's not evil.
You've just been listening to the Elders.
This has nothing to do with the Elders.
Knansie's lying.
Knansie uses demon blood to raise the dead.
What? Knansie made a deal with a demon.
In exchange for eternal youth, every person that Knansie resurrects turns into a demon.
This is exactly how she got the Elders to turn against me.
'Cause of her, I had to vanquish the man that I loved when he turned demonic and tried to kill me.
Is that true? [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Let me go! [GASPS.]
You're a demon? Half-demon.
But who's counting? I attacked a demon.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- She attacked a demon.
- KNANSIE: I didn't mean to.
And broke the terms of her demonic pact.
I swear.
I'll bring more demons into the world if you just give me another chance.
No! No! No! [WHISPERS.]
: Oh, my God.
What you said about everyone she resurrected turning.
Are you sure? Yes.
It's the demon blood she uses.
Why? Because she resurrected me.
38 must be up ahead.
That's it.
Which means - that must be him.
Carter Westwell, your son.
Oh, my.
What are you waiting for? Go meet him.
Come and see me I can't.
Uh, what would I say? You could claim to be, like, a sixth cousin once removed.
Say you did one of those 23andMe tests.
I can't worm my way into their lives under false pretenses.
Nor can I tell the truth.
It would only confuse them.
So what do you want to do? To turn So here goes Carter's okay.
And he seems happy.
And now I know I'm a great- grandfather, so there's that.
And that's enough.
It has to be.
Are you sure? Well, Carter doesn't need me now.
But you and your sisters do.
Can't wait to be And I just might need you, too.
WOMAN: Carter, time to come in.
That's come from me, all of me So I I think we can go home now.
Driftless You can't Wait to be weightless Come and see me when you're sure Simple.
We come bearing coffee.
How are you feeling? Surprisingly okay.
It feels great to know the truth.
To know why Mom couldn't raise me, to know the truth about my darkness.
I have demon blood in me.
Well, you know, Parker has demon blood in him, and He fights it.
I felt how it takes over.
When I was stopping Cyd's heart It was like this intoxicating rush of power.
But you didn't.
And that's what matters.
Only because Maggie stopped me.
If I ever fully lost control, gave in to my darkness You won't.
'Cause you're a good person.
I know I am.
For now, at least.
Mom didn't know I was given demon blood.
Her sacrifice in bringing me back was purely selfless and out of love.
And her strength in that has given me the strength to face what I have to do next.
I'd like to make a deal.
And what kind of deal are you talking about? You know I'm a witch.
And I know your son's a demon.
Parker is half-demon, and I am doing everything I can to take the demon half out of him.
Which is why you've been studying my DNA.
I'm just trying to save my son.
And that's where our deal comes in.
I'll help you find a way to take the demon out of Parker.
But first, you will find a way to take the demon out of me.
Have a seat, Dr.
Get heady, I get high so [PHONE CHIMES.]
Turn left till I get right or it's buried I burn, but do I shine 'cause [SIGHS.]
I'm crossing all the lines till it's heavy You're doing the right thing.
I know.
It still hurts.
Tell everyone I'm doing fine Someday's not tonight Caught in the middle I know you hate me, I just wanted to make sure you're okay.
Caught in the middle of it.
Look I don't hate you.
And that was really cool, what you did last night, talking Macy down.
So what does that mean for us? It means that I don't hate you.
And that has to be enough.
For now.
LUCY: Our little plan is totally working.
Maggie and Parker will be fully back together by spring break.
I got them to talk at the party.
I even saw them leaving the bathroom together.
Leaving a bathroom together is not "together.
" - I need Maggie back in love with him.
- Yeah, - you want them in a legit relaysh.
- Yeah.
Which means you got to slow burn this thing.
I don't have time for a slow burn.
I need them closer than ever.
Two becoming one.
That's what I'm after.
Do you understand? Of course I understand.
I'm extremely smart.
When you see your friend Maggie again, push a little more.
I don't have all the time in the world, Lucy.
Yes, sir.
Good girl.
Okay, betches, who took my zit cream?!
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