Charmed (2018) s01e15 Episode Script

Switches & Stones

1 Previously on Charmed - And she's a witch? - A very important one, known as the Keeper of the Sacred Flame.
I'm terrified.
- MACY: But you took him back.
- Being in love is always scary.
But I don't want to live in fear of what might happen.
Maggie, where are we? I have no idea.
Oh, my God, Macy.
Your hand! The skin seems to be thickening, dulling your pain receptors.
Why would that happen? These are common characteristics of a demon.
I've made a decision, and I know you're not going to like it, Mel, but I think I should get help from Charity.
So, in summation, the dark magic that brought me back from the dead used demon blood.
And I've tried every method I can find Scientific and mystical To get it out of me to no avail.
So, can any of you help me? CHARITY: You understand this does come as a shock.
- We'll need to process, confer - WOMAN: Wait.
That won't be necessary.
Priyanka, the cloaking spell.
Makes it impossible to carry on a conversation.
I'll risk it.
Macy, Elder Priyanka Bari.
I've been heading up the investigation into your mother's death.
And I also have expertise in demon-witch interminglings.
It's really great to meet you, Elder Bari.
Have you been experiencing any strange visions, dreams? No.
No, not that I can recall.
It's still early, then.
I'd like to examine you as soon as possible.
- Sorry.
Oh, I have to get home.
Like, real home.
Maggie says it's urgent.
Harry's summoning me as well.
Let's go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Macy, Charity, I'm glad you could come so quickly, - as this is - Très bizarre.
I mean, there is a temple under our house - without any doors.
- Yes.
It appears it can only be accessed through magical means.
Orbing, portals Accidental phase shifting during mind-blowing sex.
That's how Parker and I found it.
Anyway As this place has seemingly appeared here overnight, I believe it may be - a Vortex Viribus.
- A Vortex Viribus.
Yes, I think you're right.
And they magically geek out in three, two, one Now, theoretically, a Vortex Viribus is a locus of immense power.
They can be used to amplify an aspect of a witch or a magical being; a-a power.
Or an attribute, supercharging and accelerating it exponentially.
- CHARITY: Yes, exactly.
- HARRY: So, of course, we mustn't touch anything here.
Well, I just I just hope that, um, this has nothing to do with my-my demon issue.
CHARITY: I don't know.
But don't worry, we will figure it out together.
Speaking of together, where's Mel? Oh, she hasn't answered any of my texts or my calls.
She's probably with She's with Jada.
She has completely lost sight of her mission.
I I warned her that the Sarcana could seduce her, and that is exactly what's happened.
This is déjà vu all over again.
Mel won't end up like Fiona.
CHARITY: Well Let's just hope that Mel returns safely, and that Jada and the Sarcana haven't put her in any unnecessary danger.
- - MEL: You know, when you mentioned a romantic orb-away to Ireland, I wasn't anticipating machetes.
You saying Neolithic Druidic ruins don't do it for you, Vera? I think this is it.
Where we'll find the relic that should restore the Keeper to full strength, and then MEL: Complete the sacred mission that you still won't tell me about.
Jada, I'm halfway across the world.
I need to know what I'm doing here, or I won't take another step in retrieving this whatever stone.
Mel, I just can't.
Unless Unless what? I'd need you to swear not to tell anyone, not even your sisters, and I know that's not gonna happen.
If you can promise me my sisters won't get hurt, I can keep the secret.
That's a deal I can make.
So, the Keeper's real name It's Fiona Callahan.
Fiona? As in Charity's sister? - But she's dead.
- A cover story.
Harry and Charity don't even know the truth.
When I told you we released the Keeper from Tartarus because the Elders sent her there years ago, that was Fiona.
But why would the Elders do that to her? Fiona was born to be the Keeper of the Sacred Flame.
It's an ancient primordial power source, where magic actually comes from.
So when she started cozying up to the Sarcana, the Elders decided she needed to be destroyed.
But as it turns out, the Keeper is immortal.
So they banished her to rot in Hell's Prison for all of eternity.
Oh, my God.
Harry, he's been grieving her death, feeling responsible all of these years.
Mel? If she knew what the Elders did to her, - she'd realize - Mel, watch out.
Jada, what are these things? I can't freeze them.
Oh, God, I can't reach it.
Hold on.
JADA: The Sirona-Stone.
With it, we can finally heal Fiona.
Mel, you care to do the honors? MAGGIE: I just I don't like Jada.
She's a bad influence.
Just to play devil's advocate, though I know that is a bold choice on my part, Mel has been pretty cool about us dating.
Maybe cut her some slack? You are different.
You've proven yourself.
You don't know the first thing about Jada.
There's my resurrected rushee.
I am so, so, so glad you decided to do Spring Rush.
And it is so sweet of you - to walk her to registration, P.
Does this mean you guys are offish back together? - Oh, define "offish.
" - Oh, you know.
- Kind of.
- Oh, please, I am so over it.
And I'm now your biggest shipper.
Toot, toot.
- Uh, great.
- That's good.
Well, I got to get to class.
I'll see you both later.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
So, you can help the newbies out, which might help with the other Kappas.
'Cause a few of them aren't exactly living for the idea of you coming back.
Okay, have so much fun.
- Bye.
- Okay, thanks.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, is this where you sign up to rush Kappa? Yeah, yeah, it is.
I'm-I'm Maggie.
I-I rushed last fall, and I am again.
It's a long story.
Uh, Daphne.
- Oh.
So, you know them? Um, are they, like, super judgy? If they were, do you think I'd be rushing all over again? [BOTH LAUGH.]
Come on, I'll show you the ropes.
- Well, here we are.
- Oh, damn, I didn't realize we were gone for so long.
What am I gonna tell my sisters? Mel, you promised.
- I know, it's just - They'd tell Harry, and he'd tell Charity.
Can I trust you with this? You can trust me.
Thanks again For, you know saving my life.
- [SIGHS.]
- MAGGIE: Oh, good.
You're alive.
'Cause I am going to kill you.
Maggie, I'm sorry.
You've been unreachable for over a day.
Do you know how worried we were? How worried I was? I was with Jada, and there wasn't exactly cell reception.
You cannot just disappear with a girl we can't trust, Mel.
I can trust her, and it's not for you to judge what I do with my girlfriend.
Your girlfriend is a rogue terrorist witch.
I can feel you pulling away.
- You're being oversensitive.
- I'm not.
Mel, with my powers, all I do every day is see everyone else's side.
Could you please try to see mine for once? You are not trying to see my side.
- Fine.
MEL: She's being such a baby.
How could you think that? Can't you see I am scared for you? You can't get mad at me for feeling something.
And if you're too sensitive to handle it, then stay out of my head.
I have to get up early for Kappa Rush Brunch.
- You're rushing? - Yeah.
I am.
I just, I thought What? Say it.
Tell me how you're feeling, Mel, and I'll try not to be a baby.
I thought, after all that we've been through, Kappa would seem superficial and not worth your time.
Now who's judging? You don't get me, and maybe you never will.
MAN: Who-who are you? Who are you? What do you want?! No.
No, no, no! [GASPS.]
Who are you? Who are you? No! What the? What the hell am I wearing? In Maggie's room? Very funny.
I'm not sure how you got me into your bedroom - or your ratty [SCREAMS.]
- [GASPS.]
- You.
- Why - are you - You're BOTH: Me.
- What the? - I'm you.
BOTH: Harry! What is happening? This is so freaky.
Harry, what demon could have done this? Breathe, everyone remain calm.
There must be a logical explanation.
Or at least a metaphysical one.
Wait, freaky.
I had Chinese food last night; could it be the fortune cookie like in that Lindsay Lohan movie? You mean the Jodie Foster movie.
The original's so much better than the reboot.
Now, Maggie.
Did you, by any chance, touch anything in the Vortex Viribus under the house? - The what under the what? - Just one of those big things you missed while you were off the grid.
HARRY: Maggie Vera.
Just one - eerie glowing rune? - [EXHALES.]
Well, apparently, one touch is enough to temporarily amplify your powers.
After all, what is empathy if not walking in another woman's shoes? Hmm.
"A soul transference between two witches "may occur when an empath's powers "accelerate beyond her control.
" - Yep, this is totally your fault.
- Well, how do we fix it? All right.
"An empath who has mastered her power "can easily reverse this transference.
" - I just have to focus my powers.
- Good.
MAGGIE: Switch us back, switch us back.
Oh, why isn't it working? Because we have each other's powers.
They stayed in our bodies.
Oh, this is a sticky wicket.
It took months for you both to master your abilities.
This could take some time to undo.
I don't have time.
I have Kappa Rush Brunch in a few hours.
- Oh, yeah.
Because that's important.
- Something really freaky is going on.
- Tell us about it.
- We know.
- Yes, quite.
You already know I may have demoned out in my sleep and turned some guy on the quad into a statue? Hmm? Or you're talking about a different freaky thing? Note the fearful stance, looking away.
The artist is clearly depicting how weak men fear powerful women.
He's cowering in the face of progress.
They think it's some Banksy art piece.
And not someone I may have murdered last night.
You couldn't have done this.
There's no way.
I don't know, Mel.
I mean, Maggie.
I just I didn't just see it in my dream, I really felt it.
I was overcome with rage and a-a thirst for vengeance.
I touched a rune in that Vortex, too.
What if it accelerated my demon side the same way it supercharged Maggie's power? Or perhaps it amplified a latent ability inherited from your mother.
Your dream could have been a premonition.
Meanwhile, Maggie, can you use Mel's powers to freeze these onlookers? We should get a sample of the stone for Macy to analyze.
Um, sure.
Like, how hard can it be? I just, like, raise a hand, right? [SCOFFS.]
Not so easy, is it? Also, when I do it, I try not to be so obvious.
Whatever, I don't need your powers to handle this.
Oh, my God.
Did you guys hear about the other art installation in the Engineering quad? It's a giant purple penis.
- Can you even? Go.
Go see it, go.
HARRY: Macy, take a look at that stone.
I'll swing by my place and pull any references on petrifying demons.
I'll check back later.
I'll get to this when I've met with Elder Bari.
She's the one helping me.
And if there's any chance I did this, I need all the help I can get.
Wait, you can't tell an Elder about this dream.
Yes, I can and I will.
She specifically asked me about any strange dreams.
What if she decides you're too dangerous? Don't you remember what the Elders wanted to do to Angela Wu? Yes, I do remember.
But I'm not getting anywhere with Dr.
Julia and Galvin's been unreachable for days.
I just I have to do something.
And Elder Bari, Charity, they want to help, they wouldn't.
- Of course they would.
- Mel.
The Elders have our back even if Jada claims they don't.
I'm gonna go to the Student Union.
See if anyone's been reported missing.
Mel, wait.
If you see any Kappas, please do not screw up my rush bid.
I already missed Rush Brunch.
But you have to take my shift at The Haunt.
And please, no cheeseburgers.
My body's still vegan-ish.
Remember? MACY: Do you think Mel could be right about the Elders? Or do I just find what she says more convincing coming out of your mouth? No way.
She's blindly following Jada.
I feel like I feel like she's pulling away from me again.
Like she did when Mom died.
Oh, crap.
We forgot to switch phones.
I have Mel's.
Which I can unlock because I have her thumbprint.
No, no, Maggie.
I don't think you should - It's Jada.
- This is my chance.
I can finally figure out if Jada can be trusted.
Do you really think you can pass as Mel to her own girlfriend? I've known Mel for almost 19 years.
I got this.
Okay, go ahead.
But if I were you, I would change.
Yeah, just Try for a little less Maggie.
Is somebody there? [SHRIEKS, GASPS.]
Who are you? Stop.
Oh Damn.
Maggie Vera, Greek debauchery awaits you.
Wait, what is going on? [YELPS.]
This is ridiculous.
- Put me down.
- Maggie! [WHOOPS.]
This is so absurd.
Blowing off Rush Brunch was not the look, but the gods will forgive you if you pay them proper tribute.
Right, ladies? [CHEERING, TRILLING.]
- Let's do this.
- I'm in Hell.
This is Hell.
These enchanted needles probe your body and soul.
They'll help me determine how far your demonic condition has progressed.
And then you'll know how to cure me? Uh Then we'll know what Course of action to take.
And if I did turn that guy to stone if I am dangerous, what will you do? Macy, it won't come to that.
All done.
We'll leave you to get dressed.
CHARITY: What is it? - What did you see? - I'm not sure yet.
But I do believe the Vortex has awakened something within Macy.
Her dream is proof of that.
Meaning what? - That-that we can't cure her? - I'm saying that if I'm correct about what I saw, we may not want to.
DAPHNE: Oh, God, we're going to Phi Delt.
Okay, you can do this.
It's okay.
Hey, are you okay? I'm Mel I mean, I'm Maggie.
Yeah, we met yesterday.
You said you'd show me the ropes? Oh, no.
Yes, um and I plan to.
Because who better than me to show you the Kappa ropes? [CHUCKLES.]
DAPHNE: Is Maggie gay? I'm suddenly getting a vibe.
MAGGIE: Yeah, I'm just not feeling like myself.
I could still try to come in to work, but I mean, the words "explosive" and "projectile" are coming up You're right.
I'll just stay home.
Thanks, um Boss? Digging the extra femme look, Vera.
I know, right? Shouldn't I dress like this all of the time? Damn.
Now I get what I see in you.
So the Sirona-Stone.
It's already working wonders on Fiona.
Charity's sister? That's that's great.
You didn't tell your sisters about her? Of course not.
Why would I ever tell my sisters anything that important? Good.
Could I see Fiona? Sure.
- Come with me.
HARRY: Macy, brilliant news.
Two more statues have just popped up on campus.
That's brilliant? Well, obviously not for those petrified, but it means the demon is still at large.
And unless you dreamt up those as well, you are hereby exonerated of all wrongdoing.
That is a relief.
But it doesn't explain how I dreamt up a demonic crime.
Determining which demon is the actual culprit may offer some insight.
Well, here's what I have so far.
The statue sample is exhibiting characteristics of organic matter.
It's not a mineral at all.
So it's a living thing.
Kind of like coral.
Even stranger, though it seemingly materialized overnight, carbon dating puts it roughly at 2,800 years old.
- Wait.
- That would be what? 800 B.
? The dawn of the Greek age of mythic heroes.
And legendary monsters.
: Toga! Toga! Toga! [ALL CHEERING.]
LUCY: That's right, toga parties are so old-school they're chic again.
So what better way to kick off Spring Rush? Now, I want to see you all out there getting your Greek on.
No ditching early, or there'll be Hades to pay.
- Ha.
- Hey, are you sure you're - I get it.
You saw it, didn't you? Saw what? I can't.
I can't deal with this right now.
So I suggest you dance before I hit the power button PARKER: My girlfriend is so smoking hot.
Oh, gross! I do not consent.
- Maggie, what did I - Nope, not Maggie.
It's Mel, in Maggie's body.
Oh, like a little roleplay No, you cliché of a straight white male.
You really are Mel.
Long story short, we body-swapped.
So no more neck nuzzles, okay? LUCY: There you are.
My favorite ship.
Time to get some wind in your sails.
Oh, wow.
Uh-huh, yes, girl.
I don't remember her rushing.
Oh, so, Mags, we have a luge in the shape of Mount Olympus with your name on it.
Oh, I don't know if I could slide down a luge in this toga.
Oh, come on, girl, we all know that you are the luge queen.
All right, everyone, step aside, step aside.
: Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! [CHANTING CONTINUES.]
An ancient evil is on the loose and the Charmed Ones aren't even in their right bodies? God well, I'm glad you summoned me.
Yeah speaking of bodies, Medusa wasn't always a demon.
This says she was one of three sorceress sisters.
She was a witch.
It's not something we like to advertise, given What she became? She was a witch.
Is that why I could see through her eyes in my dream? That could be the connection.
You could be kindred spirits, in a sense.
A monster as my soul sister.
That's fantastic.
Wait, this says Medusa was raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple and turned into a Gorgon as her punishment.
How is that fair? She's the victim.
These were harsher, darker times.
And-and what we're dealing with now is an exceptionally dangerous being of pure evil.
She must be destroyed.
Are you all right? Medusa was a witch-turned-demon through no fault of her own.
Harry, she could be me.
Would you vanquish me, too? - No, of course not.
- We'd never let that happen.
All right, we need to prepare for battle.
Is that you? No, Fiona.
This is her daughter.
Maggie, of course.
Actually, I'm Mel.
When I heard Marisol's daughter, a Charmed One no less, was with the Sarcana, I knew, I knew it was meant to be.
How are you? How are your sisters? I'm she we're good.
What happened to you? JADA: A decade in Tartarus happened to her.
Thanks to the Elders.
And she's been there the whole time.
Harry and Charity will be so happy to see you.
JADA: Mel, we've been over this.
Fiona doesn't want them to know.
Charity's your sister.
She thinks you're dead.
Mel, are you s Are you serious? I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to see your own sister.
When Charity joined the Elders, the very people who banished me to Tartarus, she lost the right to call herself my sister.
I consider her dead to me.
That's your choice to make.
I just think it's sad.
It's too late for Charity and me.
But don't make our same mistakes.
Don't let anyone come between you and your sisters.
Especially not the Elders.
I'm getting tired.
: I can't believe the Elders did that to her.
She was a powerful woman who wasn't under their control.
So they feared her, and they punished her.
It's what they do.
CHUCK: I'm guessing she'll be the first one to take off her toga.
What's so funny? Are you guys getting stoned in here? Mm.
Because I can help with that.
What the? [SCREAMS.]
I'll find out what you spend How was that? I just did more shots than I thought physically possible and I am barely buzzed.
I really need to talk to Maggie about her underage body's high tolerance for alcohol.
My girl can throw down.
She has a high tolerance for everything.
WOMAN: Hi, Mags! I've been reading minds all night.
It's exhausting.
Remember that art installation on the quad? Two more statues just showed up in Chuck's room.
This Banksy we got is legit.
What do we have here? Two victims.
Any common characteristics? Why is she even here? We don't need her.
Considering your weakened swapped state, I'd say you could use all the help you can get.
Hmm? Medusa was decapitated once, she can be again.
It's the only way to save these humans - and restore them to flesh.
- HARRY: Once we find her, you mustn't look into her eyes.
That's how she petrifies her victims.
That shield will block her power and then Off with her head? MAGGIE: Macy, what's the matter? Medusa used to be a witch.
A witch I am connected to in some way.
MAGGIE: Wait, - Medusa was a witch? - Yeah.
She had two sisters and unruly hair.
She was raped, slut-shamed and turned into a monster.
There's really no other way? I'm sorry.
What's that? I bet this is his phone.
Let's see what they were looking at before the attack.
Oh, my God.
What the hell is #LollipopGuild? Okay, so some frat guy @BrettInTheAct has been posting pictures of girls Uh, gilding the lolly.
- Typical.
- PARKER: Brett is a Phi Delt legacy and a jackass.
- Is he here now? - No, I-I haven't seen him in a few days actually.
Well, he must be the first victim.
The statue on the quad.
And if I were a patron demon of the slut-shamed, I would also be going after anybody sharing these posts.
Or anyone who stands by, doing nothing while it happens.
Which Medusa might assume, not unfairly, is the entire Greek system.
So everyone here may be at risk.
Wait, this is Daphne, she's rushing Kappa.
MEL: She's here.
I just met her.
She seemed totally freaked out to be at Phi Delt.
I could feel how panicked she was.
Could she have summoned Medusa? It's possible.
We'll need to split up.
Let's start with this Daphne.
Macy, wait.
Don't worry.
You won't have to kill her.
All right? Take the shield, use it.
Shout if you find the Gorgon.
I will portal to you and do what has to be done.
So I met Fiona.
Super busted.
How could you not tell us that she's still alive? I'm sorry, but I just found out myself.
You can't tell Harry and Charity.
I won't.
But only because it's Fiona's choice, not ours.
MEL: Macy.
There's Daphne, headed upstairs.
Daphne? [CRYING.]
Daphne? We just want to help.
Daphne, we know about the statues.
And Medusa.
I never meant for any of this to happen.
I begged Brett to take down the pictures, but he wouldn't.
I was at the fountain outside the Classics building, crying into it, thinking about how much I hated him, and how I wanted him to pay for what he did.
And then, she came to me.
Right out of the water.
I was terrified.
She said they were all to blame.
She said she'd make them pay for what they'd done.
Daphne, stay here.
Macy, lift the shield.
Maggie! Now! MEL: Harry! - Oh, no, no, no.
She's hunting them down One by one.
This can't be happening.
We have to turn them back.
We will.
We will.
Let's find her.
Who's next? Who wants to see? Maggie, you're gonna have to freeze her.
We can smell you in here, little witches.
Don't you want to see, hmm? - [HISSES.]
- Maggie, now! I did it.
Macy, Maggie can't hold her forever.
They're all looking away.
Macy, hurry.
I don't think I can hold her much longer.
She doesn't do it when you look at her.
Macy, you're not making any sense.
The ones she turned to stone are the ones who turned away.
She wants to be seen.
Maggie, let her go.
- [GASPS.]
I see you.
And I'm not going to turn away.
You were cursed to cover up the crime of a powerful man.
So that no one would ever see your pain.
But I see it.
And I'm so sorry.
Know that you are not to blame.
And now you can let go.
And you can let go of all these people, too.
We will do everything in our power to right these wrongs.
Like the ones done to Daphne and to you And to so many others.
So Harry mind-wiped just about everyone who saw too much.
How's Macy? Still pretty shaken up.
Charity portaled her home.
LUCY: Anyways I'm sorry if this ruins your rush bid, but I have to do this.
- Wait, what? - Lucy.
This guy and a bunch of others have been slut-shaming girls, including a Kappa rushee.
I mean, look, it's all here.
And It sucks if this ruins my rush bid, but it needs to be dealt with because if we don't do anything, we're all complicit.
This is disgusting.
I could not agree with you more, Maggie.
- You couldn't? - Chuck, you and all your nasty bros are on notice.
This is so getting reported, even if you are a Phi Delt.
Oh, he is not in Phi Delt anymore.
Brett, Chuck and anyone else involved in this is out.
CHUCK: Whatever.
Let's go, man.
Aw, great job, babe.
MEL: I still can't believe you kissed Parker with my lips.
It's a total violation.
I just got caught up in the moment.
I guess I'll let it go.
I mean, it's not like you kissed Jada.
You kissed Jada.
Technically, she kissed me first.
But I do want to apologize for misjudging her and the Sarcana.
And I'm sorry for dismissing your totally valid emotions.
I don't know how you do it.
I am exhausted from reading all those thoughts.
You are so much stronger than I ever knew.
Okay, maybe I was a little oversensitive.
It's just, you have this whole new life with Jada, and I think I just missed you.
- Aw.
I can't hear your thoughts anymore, which means You've got control of my powers? Which means maybe we can switch back.
: Okay.
- Oh! Yes! - Oh, my God.
These are my boobs.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, thank God.
Oh, these shoes.
Harry, guess which witches no longer - have a case of the switches? - HARRY: Well done.
I knew you two would get it sorted out.
How's Macy? Better, I think.
She's with Charity now.
Made by Harry, not me.
Thank you.
Heart lying in my hands Macy That was a brave thing you did with Medusa.
It was also highly unorthodox.
I don't know how, but I knew it would work.
Charity, what if our entire concept of demons, of good and evil, what if it's all wrong? Maybe the demon part of me doesn't need to be removed.
What if I could learn to control it and use it for good? It helped me understand Medusa.
I think it could help us with other demons.
Well, that-that goes against everything I have ever been taught.
Yeah But I've begun to see things differently.
Don't let this be the end [PHONE CHIMES.]
What is it? Is everything okay? It's Elder Bari.
She has your results and is on her way.
Don't let this be the end She wants to speak with you alone.
So what were your findings? Can I be cured? Of that, I am not sure.
But my examination has confirmed the demon in you has provided you with an extraordinary gift.
Uh, what kind of gift? It was awakened by the Vortex.
It is what allowed you to see through Medusa's eyes, to truly understand her.
We call it the Evil Sight.
That doesn't sound like a gift.
Oh, but it is.
Through this power, you can see through the eyes of evil.
You can view evil acts, even in the past.
Macy, don't you see? We can use it to find your mother's murderer and the killer of the other Elders.
Your latent power could be the key.
Oh Pl Wait, I-I don't know if I'm ready for that.
Of course, this ability is hidden deep within you.
You only tapped into it because of the Vortex.
To see what I need you to see, you'll need a little booster shot.
What have I done? - [GASPS.]
- Macy? What is it? It's Charity.
Charity killed our mother.

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