Charmed (2018) s01e16 Episode Script

Switches & Stones

1 Previously on Charmed LUCY: Maggie and Parker will be fully back together - by spring break.
- I need them closer than ever.
- That's what I'm after.
- Yes, sir.
Her real name, it's Fiona Callahan.
As in Charity's sister? But she's dead.
JADA: Harry and Charity don't even know the truth.
FIONA: It's too late for Charity and me.
I consider her dead to me.
It's Elder Bari.
She has your results.
So, what were your findings? - Can I be cured? - The demon in you has provided you with the Evil Sight.
We can use it to find your mother's murderer.
[BIRDS CAWING] - [GASPS] - What is it? Charity killed our mother.
You were tossing and turning.
Are you all right? [LAUGHS SOFTLY] Oh.
Well, I guess I had a nightmare.
[GRUNTS] Don't remember it, though.
That's the worst.
Well, breakfast is ready, so, time to get a move on.
I I really overslept.
I hope you don't mind my helicopter Elder-ing, but I'm concerned about you, and I can't pretend I'm not personally invested in your well-being.
No, I-I understand.
You know, I have to say, I was really scared to talk to the Elders about my inner demon, but We are in this together.
Now, we've got breakfast waiting for you downstairs.
Harry made English porridge and muffins.
Sounds delicious.
[BOTH LAUGH] Thanks, Charity.
Um, I'll see you down there? Hey.
Hey, look who's out of hibernation.
Are you all right? Oversleeping like this is uncharacteristic.
[LAUGHS] You two really are helicopter parents.
It's cute.
- Smile.
- Uh, Maggie, can you stop? MEL: Seriously, Maggie, the rest of us do not want to be background for your Kappa BTS whosie-whatsit.
- Your what? - I don't know.
My Kappa video collage.
Behind the scenes of my life.
You helped me pick my outfit last night, remember? You said this green would pop? - I did? - Yes.
Wow, uh, last night is a little bit fuzzy for me for some reason.
- Fuzzy? - Mm.
MAGGIE: Hey, what's that? Uh, that's weird.
I-I don't remember getting this.
Whoa, are those bruises? Happens to me all the time.
I bruise like a peach.
Hey, so Mel was gonna walk me to school.
Come with? Yeah.
We wanted to talk to you about something.
Ooh, Charity, - any chance that was Elder Bari? - No, I'm sorry.
I know you're eager for those test results.
It's kind of hard, not knowing.
Um Does it usually take this long? Well, the circumstances are totally unprecedented, which is probably why Elder Bari is taking her time.
HARRY: Macy, the Elders will find a solution.
You're gonna be fine.
It's just unsettling.
And it doesn't help that we have this hidden temple under the house that could be ramping up my demon side.
Which is why it is important to stay out of the Vortex Viribus for the time being, all of us, until we sort this out.
Yeah, God knows we don't want another Freaky Friday scenario.
- Mm.
- Or a Freaky Tuesday for that matter.
No, we don't.
Although I do appreciate my hair's added sheen and bounce.
[LAUGHS] Argan oil.
You're welcome.
MAGGIE: Come on, Macy.
Let's go.
You're walking with us? Did you forget already? MEL: You know, that is kind of weird about last night.
You're usually like a steel trap.
MAGGIE: It's been months, and you still haven't let me live down that one time I borrowed your rose gold earrings without asking permission.
Well, sweet Maggie, it was three times.
You're right.
I am a steel trap, usually.
I'll catch up.
Macy, how long has this been happening? These memory lapses, huh? I'm really not sure.
Well, if it happens again, if anything strange happens, use this, summon me immediately.
I can't believe it.
Fiona's alive? Pretty mind-blowing, right? We wanted to tell you right away, but Charity's been hovering nonstop since she found out about your, you know, inner demon.
Well, we have to tell her.
Fiona's her sister.
And Harry.
We promised Fiona we wouldn't tell anyone.
Charity deserves to know.
It's not her fault the Elders imprisoned her sister behind her back.
Macy, Charity is an Elder loyalist.
She puts that above everything else.
Maybe she even put that above her own sister.
I mean, maybe she did know that Fiona was in Tartarus, and her grief is all an act for Harry's sake.
Yeah, I don't buy that.
I've seen a different side to her and you have seen it, too.
She's helped us out time and time again.
She even broke protocol to get Harry out of Tartarus.
Look, the bottom line is, Jada took a huge risk by confiding in me about Fiona.
Yeah, the only reason I know is because Jada thought I was Mel.
We can't betray Jada or Fiona.
It's not our secret to tell.
Poor Harry.
Fiona's secret is safe with me, I promise.
Did you promise to save me? Yeah, yeah.
CHARITY: Remember how we used to daydream about binding our powers and running away together? That was before you became an Elder.
Before all the responsibilities.
I miss those days.
You always wanted more responsibility, more everything.
You and I are nothing new Yeah.
Now I know that that comes At a cost.
Fade into the everlasting grace Before we fade You seem preoccupied.
No, no.
Is it Macy? No, no, no, no.
Mm It's nothing.
So weird.
I marked myself with this.
Charity, what are you doing here? You're upset.
What's happened? I had a vision.
Uh, I burned myself with this.
The way I did it, the way I held my arm over the flame.
It was deliberate, like I was trying to send myself a message.
I really think we should call Elder Bari.
I-I feel like she was a part of this.
It didn't work.
What didn't work? I'm having the strongest sense of déjà vu.
MACY: What-what happened? Well, you summoned me with the compass, and when I found you, you were passed out in the attic.
[EXHALES]: I I don't remember summoning you.
I don't remember any of that.
That's not good.
CHARITY: I'm not positive, but The self-harming could be a demonic symptom.
And you have no memory of how you acquired the burns? None.
What is happening to me? Macy, breathe.
Harry, see if you can heal the marks.
Of course.
[SIGHS] There.
- Thanks.
- That's a good sign.
But if my demon-ness is burning me from the inside, it's just gonna keep happening.
Macy, we don't know that.
I should talk to Dr.
She might be able to help.
Alistair's wife? Ex-wife.
She's on our side, Charity.
Absolutely not.
We can't let a mortal with demon connections anywhere near this situation.
It's far too dangerous.
We should go.
Let her get some rest.
HARRY: We'll leave you in peace.
I don't understand.
Where is Elder Bari with these test results? I really need to know what's going on with me.
Can-can I have her number? - I-I'll reach out myself.
- Macy, it's all right.
I'll handle it.
I will track her down.
Well, I'll come with.
I'm worried something is seriously wrong.
If you could just take me to Elder Bari Macy.
It's safer if you stay put, rest.
We don't know how stress could affect your situation.
You said "safer.
" Am I a danger to anyone? I will reach out to Priyanka again, see if we can expedite the process.
But what you need right now Is rest.
How worried should we be? - Well, I didn't want to scare her.
- Really? Because I'm pretty sure she's terrified.
Mel, I'm trying to help.
Protocol would have me bring this matter directly to the other Elders.
- Would you rather I do that? - No.
Anything we can do to help, we're here.
Thank you.
Now, I must warn you, if this is related to her darkness, she might start acting strangely.
Well, should we stay with her? No, it's all right.
Harry and I are here; we've got it.
She'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Harry I'm scared.
Come here.
- I'll stay with Macy.
- No, no.
No, no, I will.
Um, but listen, Harry, there's something else that I didn't mention in front of the girls.
Macy has been obsessing about Elder Bari and these test results.
Well, understandably so.
Yes, but she said something that gave me the impression that she might have tried to contact Priyanka on her own.
What? It's just not like Priyanka to go AWOL like this.
I'm afraid something might be wrong.
I'll try and track down Priyanka now.
Thank you.
Oh I figured out what had you so preoccupied last night.
The anniversary of her death.
[SIGHS] Ten years yesterday.
If she could see you now, what an inspiration you are to these young women, she'd be very proud.
Thank you, Harry.
PARKER: What does this mean? The triple helix of your human and demonic DNA is stabilizing.
Mom, English, please.
[CHUCKLES] The serum is weakening your demonic side.
You're getting better.
PARKER: We're not out of the woods yet.
But you're getting better.
That's worth celebrating.
You're lucky your mom's a science genius.
I mean, you're also unlucky your dad's a demon, but - Yeah.
- I'm an optimist.
Just one of the things I love about you.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
MAGGIE: Is it just me, or is Lucy everywhere lately? Yeah.
Looks like she's wrapped up in her phone on something.
Maybe she won't notice us.
She's a great friend, but it's never not gonna be awkward.
So, awkward it is.
[LAUGHS] What's up, brunchers? Is anyone sitting here? - We're actually kind of on a date.
- No.
So, Mags, how's the video collage coming? Can I get a sneak peek? Yeah, it's, um It's a work in progress.
[CHUCKLES] Why is Macy so anti? If I looked like her, I'd be Insta-storying 24/7.
[CHUCKLES] - Don't you already do that? - Yeah.
Touché, Parkerita, touché.
Ooh, Bellinis on me.
[CHUCKLES] - We're really doing this now? - I'm sorry.
It's just, I'm finally rushing Kappa again, and I want to stay on her good side.
[PHONE BUZZES] Is it done? I'm on it.
There you are.
Bellinis for Parkerita.
- Parker.
- Mags.
- Thanks, Lucy.
- Slain te.
- Slainte.
- Slainte.
[CHUCKLES] - Slainte.
How odd.
It seems they spoke.
BARI: To see what I need you to see, you'll need a little booster shot.
- [GASPS] - [BONES SNAP] [BREATHING ERRATICALLY] Oh, God, this can't be.
MACY: Harry! Macy, you called me? What is it? I think I killed her.
I don't know how this trunk just got here, but it looks like she's been dead for days.
It certainly smells like it.
I just can't believe this.
Do you really think I killed her? Certainly not.
HARRY: There must be some other explanation.
I don't know.
Even if you did, you remember her coming at you with a needle.
You thought you had to defend yourself, clearly.
Why can't I remember what happened? We will sort this out, but you must remain calm.
The visions, the blacking out All the lost time.
Is it my human side blocking out what I did 'cause it's too painful? Will I even have a human side much longer? - Macy - It's too much.
What if I killed someone? Macy, breathe.
[TAKING DELIBERATE BREATHS] Is there something we can do To contain me? There is.
What is it? Well We could bind your powers.
No, absolutely not.
- It's out of the question.
- I know it's an extreme step, but it may be the best way to get a handle on what we're dealing with here.
I'm no good fighting evil if I am evil.
It'll only be temporary.
Macy, trust me, this can work.
HARRY: You can't guarantee that.
This is uncharted territory.
Binding a Charmed One is far too dangerous.
CHARITY: It's the only way.
I'm sorry, I-I can't think of any other options.
But we must find one.
If we bind you, we risk losing the Power of Three forever.
I understand.
I don't want that.
I'm just scared of what I'm capable of.
Can I just talk to my sisters first? This, um this affects them, too.
- Yes.
- Of course.
Meanwhile, I'll handle Elder Bari.
We'll find another way.
We must seek counsel with the other Elders.
I already have, and they agree.
Harry, a Charmed One overtaken by evil is far more dangerous than anything predicted in the Prophecy.
You know as well as I do that this may be the best way to save Macy from herself.
No more oversleeping? No.
I called in sick, though, again.
Oh, you're lucky you have a boss who already knows you're a witch with a demon side.
Huh, I am freakishly optimistic, aren't I? I thought I heard you get up last night.
What's going on? I couldn't sleep.
And I need to talk to you both.
Charity thinks it could work.
And it seems to be the only option To stop me From what I might do.
I wanna So what do you think? If your powers are bound, then there's no Power of Three.
I know, but if I killed Elder Bari "If.
" That's a big if.
If your powers are bound and we aren't the Charmed Ones anymore, what does that mean for the world? The apocalypse? I don't know.
But if I'm evil, I can't help you stop the apocalypse.
We don't know if you're evil.
Maybe we don't even have to decide now.
That's easy for you to say.
Sorry, Maggie.
Dressed in I think I'm I need to be alone.
All through the night [MEL GROANS] Wake up to raise the There has to be another way.
This doesn't feel right.
We can't let Macy bind her powers.
Maybe Dr.
Julia can help.
I know we're not supposed to talk to her, but She's an expert in the field of demons and a freaking genius.
Maybe there's something she can do.
Look at you going against Charity's explicit instructions.
I am so proud.
Let's go.
[CHOKING] MAN: Parker, dude, are you okay? Hey, Parker.
So what do we do? The visions, the memory loss.
Do you think this is her demon side taking over? I can't say for sure.
Especially with so little information to go on.
What about those weird burns? Harry healed those.
They're gone.
Hold up, my-my video collage.
She had these marks on her arm and didn't remember getting them.
MEL: Charity said self-harm is like a demonic symptom.
Oh, I can't say I've ever heard of a demon self-harming.
Really? Demons? Self-harming? [CHUCKLES] They are utterly lacking in conscience and self-reflection.
But I should probably leave my personal baggage out of it.
These look like run-of-the-mill burn bruises.
Based on the triangular pattern, they're probably from three separate candle flames, but I would have to examine them myself to be sure.
Well, no one can examine them now.
Because Charity asked Harry to heal them.
MAGGIE: What are you saying? I don't know.
All I do know is that this binding of Macy? It isn't gonna happen.
[SIGHS] - [BONES SNAP] - [GASPS] Oh, wait.
This, this, I I burned myself with this.
To help me remember.
Oh, my God.
[GASPS SOFTLY] [SHUDDERS] MEL: Charity's been watching Macy like a hawk.
Because she's worried about her.
That's what she claims.
It is weird.
She didn't want us talking to Dr.
What if Charity's been lying to us this whole time? Manipulating Macy, gaslighting her to make her think her demon side is taking over.
But why? It doesn't add up.
Well hold up, these shoes aren't meant for hurrying.
I just have this feeling that Charity's been playing all of us.
Oh, God.
We need to find Macy.
Text her.
Tell her to stay away from Charity and that we'll be there ASAP.
And Harry, we need Harry.
[VOICE BREAKING]: It's Charity.
[PANTING] Charity killed our mother.
- [BONES SNAP] - [GASPS] - Oh - CHARITY: Macy.
You s-stay away from me.
There are factors at play that you can't - possibly understand.
- [GRUNTS SOFTLY] - You killed my mother.
- It's okay.
You won't remember a thing.
[MACY GRUNTS] Don't be afraid.
[SHUDDERING] Oh It was you.
If you'd only just left it alone.
- Dormi cito.
- [GASPS] [GASPING, COUGHING] [SHUDDERING] Harry! [PANTING] - Help! - He can't hear you.
I've severed his connection to you and your sisters.
What? Macy, do you remember when we first met? How we understood each other right away? That connection was real.
None of it was real.
You killed my mother.
That was a mistake.
I tried to wipe your memory.
To rid you of everything that you saw with Bari's needle, then All this could go away and we could just continue on as before that's all I ever wanted but because you're a Charmed One, the memories kept breaking through.
So the new plan was to bind your powers, just temporarily, allowing me to destroy those memories forever.
[GRUNTS] But you figured it out Before I could make it happen.
Oh, Macy.
I'm genuinely fond of you.
I don't want to have to kill you.
Charity? You have left me no choice.
[YELPS] - Macy, where are you? - Mace? Still no response to my text.
- Where the hell is Harry? - Harry! [STRAINING] You can't kill me.
You aren't strong enough.
Listen, wait.
Your sister Fiona.
- She's alive.
- Stop talking nonsense.
MAGGIE: Mace? - Macy? - Macy, where are you? I'm getting a really bad feeling.
Me, too.
Where did she pass out last time - when Charity found her? - The attic.
- MEL: Macy! - MAGGIE: Mace? - MEL: Where are you? - MAGGIE: Harry! Macy! She's alive.
I can prove it.
She didn't kill herself.
She's been in Tartarus the whole time.
- The Elders sent her there.
- I don't believe you.
It's true.
The Elders lied to you.
My sisters have seen Fiona.
She's with the Sarcana, I I can take you to her.
God, Mel, where are they? MEL: Charity's compass.
- They were here.
- If we can't find Charity, let's get this bitch to come to us.
Why isn't this working? Ah, good.
You're both here.
Harry, where the hell have you been? - We've been trying to call you.
- You have? - But I didn't hear - Charity wants to bind Macy's powers, - but we can't let that happen.
- I know.
It's why I've been looking for you both.
We think Charity's been lying to us.
We just don't know why, but we think she took Macy.
What are you talking about? We just need you to summon her.
But this isn't working.
Well, this isn't her summoning compass.
It's a surveillance device.
She's been keeping tabs on Macy.
We need to find her.
Charity can portal.
They could be anywhere.
But she'd take her to a place we couldn't get to, right? - Yes.
- A place she told us not to go.
- The Vortex Viribus.
- The vortex under the house.
Grab hold.
Let's go.
Please, you don't have to do this.
You're just prolonging the inevitable.
Macy! Are you okay? Harry.
You have to stop her.
She killed Mom! [GRUNTS] Macy! No! - [GROANING] - Harry! [CHOKING] Mel! Maggie! - Quick! The runes on the walls! - Wait, no, stop! Stop! Ah! Harry, help me.
I never knew you at all.
[GASPS] Oh, God, my powers.
My powers, they're gone.
You really saw it? Exactly how Mom died? Yeah.
I saw it all.
Can you Can you show us? I can try.
Are you sure? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Okay Grab hold of me.
[CAWING] Hear this, I have three! [SPEAKING LATIN] Marisol, what are you doing? That was an unbinding spell.
Are you spying on me? Your recent closeness with the Sarcana concerned me.
And have you shared your concerns with the Elders? After what the Sarcana did to my sister, can you blame me for being worried about you? You said "I have three.
" What did you mean? I have a secret.
And as my friend, I'm trusting that you'll keep it.
Tell me.
My first baby died.
I don't understand.
I brought her back.
With necromancy.
Necromancy is the darkest of dark magic.
A witch brought back from the dead through blood magic But she's not just any witch.
She's a Charmed One.
You can't possibly think I have three and the gift of prophecy.
I know that it's them.
A Charmed One touched by evil? It cannot be.
You're wrong.
There's no evil in her.
Macy is good.
She's kind.
She's brilliant, and I believe in her.
I believe that this was all meant to be.
If you are wrong, the consequences will be cataclysmic.
More dangerous than the Source The fate of the world is at stake.
The Charmed Ones are needed now.
But a Charmed One compromised by blood magic, Marisol.
Nothing could be more dangerous.
[SPEAKING LATIN] No, Marisol, stop, please.
You know I can't let you finish this! [GRUNTS] [INAUDIBLE] [RESUMES SPEAKING LATIN] I'm begging you.
- Aperta viam.
- [SCREAMS] - Marisol, you're my friend.
- [SPEAKING LATIN] I'm begging you, don't make me do this, please.
I forgive you.
[SPEAKING LATIN] Damnatio ad mortem tibi.
[THUD] ["REMEMBER ME" BY EIVØR PLAYING] Solutio confecta est.
Please remember me Oh, no, what have I done? [BIRD CAWS] MAGGIE: How did freaking birds get in here? Why is it so cold? Charity thought she stopped her, but But here we are.
- [SNIFFLES] - Unbound.
[CRYING] You saw Mom say something right before she died.
She finished the spell.
[BOTH SNIFFLE] She knew how it was gonna play out, and she wasn't scared.
That makes me feel a little better.
Remember me Remember me.
HARRY: You killed them all.
The other Elders.
I never meant for it to go this far.
Please, you have to believe me.
Listen, those other Elders, they discovered what I'd done, and I tried to reason with them, and they wouldn't listen, and I-I-I panicked.
But with Marisol, I swear, I swear I thought I was protecting the greater good.
From the danger of a Charmed One brought back from necromancy.
I swear, I thought I did the right thing.
You haven't changed.
You're alive? Hello, Harry.
I don't understand.
We have much to discuss.
But for now I would like a moment with my sister.
Oh, Fiona, I have dreamt of this moment.
I've never gotten over losing you.
[CRYING] That's just like you.
To make every moment about you.
What? No, that's not what I meant.
You still think you're the good one, the one destined for greatness.
Look at you now.
It was worth it, all those years in Tartarus, just to see you like this.
It's all happening.
Secret temple under the house? It's for me.
Its power will fuel me.
I'm the one destined for greatness, sis.
You'll always have our memories.
Scorpions will make sure of that.
Enjoy Tartarus.
[SOBBING] [GRUNTS] You really think your dad did this to you? I know he did.
I got sick like this once before when I was little.
It's a demonic infection, and only he can cure it.
It threatens to tear He's trying to lure me back.
He wants me to reach out to him.
I won't do it.
Parker, you have to or you'll die.
I'd rather die than be under his control again.
Set me free - I feel terrible.
- I know.
I'm not gonna lose you like I lost my mom.
Set me free I'm gonna save you.
We'll find another way.
We have to do it fast.
He's planning something.
[GASPS] Set me free We meet again.
Set me free Shall we? Set me It's taking all of me Set me free, set me free Set me free Set me free.