Charmed (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Guess Who's Coming To SafeSpace Seattle

1 La la la, la la la, la la la la La la la, la la la, la la la la No, no, thanks, no stuntin' on me My shadow side ain't where you wanna be now La la la, la la la, la la la la La la la, la la la, la la la la Three [WHISTLING.]
I'm-a get it done, I'm-a get it done, hey-oh - [YELLS IN PAIN.]
- Comin' from the way back - [GRUNTS.]
- This is my, this is my - This is my payback.
- Wait, I give.
I give.
Ah Damn, Maggie.
I'm gonna have to start wearing pads.
Not bad for a beginner, right? But remember: keep your weight evenly distributed, and in a real fight Go for the cojones.
I know.
Just seems like a poor way to thank you for the lessons.
I want to do this, Maggie.
After everything you've been through.
I'm fine.
I don't remember much, but that Parker dude, he was clearly dangerous.
It's a dangerous world.
But I've got this.
That you do.
Can I walk you home? Oh, no, I'm I'm good, thank you.
It's just down the street.
Plus formidable.
Remember? [CHUCKLES.]
MAGGIE: Anyone home? Me.
I boiled water.
In under 30 seconds.
Personal best.
This power needs a cooler name than molecular manipulation.
- How about matter mastery? - Hmm.
Well, while you're busy mastering magical hot cocoa, I am going to be kicking asses.
Today with Jordan, I could predict all of his moves.
And what were his moves, exactly? Oh, hold on.
I'm getting a vision.
You're gonna lecture me about getting too close to Jordan.
He almost got killed in a full on demon-witch battle.
Yes, I know.
I was there.
Thankfully, he doesn't remember anything, except Parker.
I'm sorry.
I know these last few weeks have been rough.
It's gonna take some time to recover.
I'm fine.
And I'm not into Jordan, Mel.
Or anyone else for that matter.
This heart of mine? Closed for business.
Now slide me that mug.
See? Catlike reflexes.
MEL: Maggie? Maggie! [GASPS.]
Are you okay? What did you see? The darklighter.
: I think he's back.
: Black amber experiment number 17 2cc's sublingual administration.
Let's try this again, shall we? Come on.
Come on! Just move, you little stuffy Black amber gave Mel and Maggie power, and all it's giving me is a headache.
Well, be patient.
It didn't happen for your sisters immediately, and you do still have your demon powers, which are pretty persuasive.
Yeah, demons can be persuasive, can't they? Especially in close proximity.
- MAGGIE: We found it! The motel from my vision.
In Newark, New Jersey.
It's real.
Safe Harbor Motel.
Well, I I really thought he was dead.
I was resurrected after what should have been a fatal blow; it stands to reason he enjoyed a similar reprieve.
Unless it isn't him.
It could be someone in league with him.
The person who released him, maybe? MAGGIE: Well, in any case, The best defense is a good offense, so Let's kick some evil ass.
I don't know if I should go.
If it is him, I, I don't want to get too close.
I don't want him back in my head.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Um, Mace, if you don't come along, I need a favor.
What kind of favor? A "keeping my job so we continue to have money for food "and don't lose access to the command center" Kind of favor.
Greetings, visionaries.
My name is Macy, and I want to welcome you to SafeSpace Seattle, the city's premier communal workspace.
It's a little early for questions, but, uh, yeah, you there.
Uh, yeah.
Um let me ask you, uh, what-what makes this the premier communal workspace in the city? Excellent question; which I will be happy to answer in a moment, on the tour.
Okay, so Yeah.
This, this is a safe community for your dreams to flourish Yes? What is the Wi-Fi speed in the building? Have they analyzed the acoustics? Are they carbon neutral? What is your vision, visionary? None of your damn business! [MURMURING.]
Mm what I mean to say, uh, is that I am just a, a work in progress.
Who-who wants some, some kombucha? We have that here.
LOLA: So, there's going to be an essay on the First Amendment versus the Sixth Amendment: free press versus speedy trial.
We should get into that.
Have you read up on restraining orders - in the State of Washington? - [CHUCKLES.]
What does that have to do with constitutional law? Nothing.
I was I was just looking up something.
For a friend.
Jordan Why are you getting sucked into her drama? I'm not getting sucked into anything.
She's my friend, Lola.
Well, your "friend" has only been trouble since she showed up here.
I mean, you got a concussion from her crazy-ass ex.
What do you really know about her anyway? She's a good person.
Who was in a bad situation.
Come on, where you going? [SIGHS.]
While you're busy playing out your hero complex, I'm gonna ace my exam.
There's a wolf among us There's a trick to it.
Don't feel bad if it takes a while to master.
I mastered gene-splicing.
I, uh, think I can handle it.
It's a lot of chairs, the speaker must be a big draw.
It's Julian Shea.
The new majority investor of SafeSpace.
Yeah, I know that name.
Tech billionaire and a philanthropist? That guy.
He puts the vision in visionary.
Oh, no.
No-no, I, I would like say, I am deeply sorry I'm I'm just, I'm filling in, I'm-I'm not a tour guide, I'm [CHUCKLING.]
I'm a scientist.
I-I was, I was a scientist, and now I'm gonna shut up.
Please no apology necessary.
The truth is, I was trying to rattle you.
I, I like to pressure test the corporate party line.
- Julian.
- Swan! Hi, Swan.
I'm gonna need that back.
- There's a wolf among us - Uh Macy.
And they haven't found her yet.
So, whoever this is checked into a no-tell motel? Are you sure this is the place, Mags? Yeah.
That's the sign.
Let me focus, see if I can get a room number.
Ugh! Nothing.
Well, I suppose we'll have to do this the hard way Room by room.
Harry, are you blushing? Let's just say the occupant of that room is into riding crops, and he's not an equestrian.
Buckle up.
We've got a bunch more to go.
: Harry, everything all right? Give me a second.
This must be it.
- Okay.
Let's search every inch.
- But be careful.
That door was booby trapped; there might be other land mines.
: One, two [MAN SCREAMS.]
- Dad? - Dad? You're alive? - What the hell, Ray? - We thought you were dead.
I know.
Look, it's a long story Who are you? You're not really their father, are you? You're someone or something impersonating him.
Something? Listen, BBC guy, I don't know who the hell you are, but I am Ray Vera and those are my daughters Mel and Maggie.
Torito and Little Bug.
MAGGIE: Harry.
Let him go.
It's him.
: All right.
I thought I lost you.
I did.
I Ow! I went to your funeral.
I cried over your grave.
- Easy, Mags.
- No, no.
It's fine, it's fine.
I deserve that.
But-but to be fair, I thought that you were dead.
I saw that house burn down.
How did you find me? Harry, we need a moment with our father.
I'll be right outside this door.
Hey, hey.
Don't go through your father's things.
- What is all this? - Collector's items.
- You've got your hands in your pockets.
- So? You taught me to play poker, Ray.
And when you bluff, you rub your fingertips together, which is why you've got your hands in your pockets.
I mean, I know you're allergic to honesty, but give it the old college try.
You girls deserve the truth.
I'm not just a professor of archeology.
I'm a thief.
Yeah, that's right.
Your old man is in the black market relic trade; ancient relics.
It's good money, but there are bad people and they're after me.
So, all those university-sponsored digs you went on to find artifacts, so You sold all those on the black market? - To who? - I don't know.
It's all done through intermediaries.
And I just happened to cross the wrong people, and so I had to do a disappearing act.
And if you girls are smart, you would do the same thing right now.
Afraid we can't do that.
As much as I would love to, we came here because we're looking for something.
RAY: I told you everything.
There is nothing in that bag that has any meaning to you.
The most important thing right now is for you to get as far away from me as possible as quickly as possible.
Where did you get that? Hey, big boy.
A man in a black hat and coat is headed rather purposefully this way.
Ring any bells, Dad? I clocked him a week ago in Georgia.
How does he keep finding me? Okay, look, we can all go out through the bathroom window.
I have another plan.
We stay here and we fight.
I like that plan.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
You girls don't get it.
These aren't some Hilltowne punks that we're dealing with here, these are seriously dangerous people.
I agree with your father.
Which is why I have to do this.
- Harry! - Why did you do that? Yeah.
We're the only ones who are allowed to hit him.
- Now he's out.
We can move him.
- Move him where? Grab hold.
JULIAN: Good evening, idiots.
I'm sorry.
Did you expect me to call you "visionaries"? You know what? I don't think the word does you justice.
Let me tell you a story.
When I was 13 years old, I found an old red smoking jacket in a thrift store.
I spent my allowance on it because I thought that it made me look suave, important, cool.
I was wrong.
But a billion dollars later, this idiot has funded malaria control in Africa, distributed thousands of computers and sponsored STEM studies all across the world.
I've always marched to a different drummer.
Seen things that others have missed.
Because, you see, only idiots, like you and me, believe that we can actually change the world.
And you never know when inspiration is gonna strike.
I find it in the most unexpected faces, and places.
So now, I'm gonna do something really idiotic.
Getting ahead of an impending global food crisis by building urban farmland Underground.
- Yes.
Controversial idea.
But climate change is ravaging world agriculture.
We need to figure out how we can grow food where climate is irrelevant.
So, with state-of-the-art UV and hydroponic tech, we can transform subterranean Seattle into a new, locally-sourced and sustainable Eden.
The pilot program will be right here, at SafeSpace Seattle.
In just a few weeks, we will start excavation right below all of your feet.
Oh, my God.
MEL: He looks so harmless when he's sleeping.
I'm sorry I acted so unilaterally back there, but if we got into a fight, the chances are we'd have to display our powers, - and he clearly doesn't know about you.
- So, what do we do with him? How about you orb him to Siberia and we forget we ever saw him? I'm happy to oblige, but there are a lot of questions that only he can answer.
Namely, how did he come into possession of one of the darklighter's weapons? I'll leave it up to you two.
What good are answers if we can't trust the man giving them? And if he stays We have to let him know the truth, about us.
Clearly, Mom didn't trust him with her secrets.
You're right, Mel.
We don't owe him anything.
I feel like we should protect ourselves, but But He's still our dad.
And he's in trouble.
What? [GRUNTS.]
The house.
- I thought it burned down.
- MAGGIE: It did.
And it didn't.
There's something you need to know, about me and Mel.
And Mom.
It's going to be an interesting next few years because if If Big Business, if major corporations don't start to lead the charge on climate change, and Uh [CHUCKLES.]
Uh, hello, again.
Hi, Mr.
U-Um, listen, really enjoyed your speech.
Thank you.
I would love to hear more about your underground hydroponic plans for SafeSpace.
- Yeah - I am so sorry, Mr.
Shea Julian.
Uh, your car is here.
Thank you.
Um I've actually really late for this meeting, so I'm sorry.
Some other time.
Can I buy you dinner? Hmm? I-I It's the least I can do [LAUGHS.]
: after I was so so un-visionary-like.
You know, uh, I actually can't remember the last time that somebody offered to pick up my tab.
So you're saying, magic is real, I was married to a witch, you are witches and this house, which is now invisible, came here through a supernatural portal? For the third time, yes.
What do you mean, "nope"? The house that burned down is still standing, with us in it.
Okay, is this is some sort of elaborate prank to-to punish me? Show him.
How how did you? I found you at the motel because I have visions.
I can see the future.
Not as flashy, but pretty handy.
It's real.
Magic, spells.
Oh, my God.
It all makes sense now.
Your mother.
If I had just understood, things might have been different with us.
We I've been chasing the secrets of ancient civilization my entire life and they've been right under my nose.
This whole time.
This is incredible.
Show me more, please.
This isn't some parlor trick, Ray.
This is our life.
And it's dangerous.
Now where did you get this weapon? [DOOR OPENS.]
We have a serious problem.
Uh, is that Macy, meet Ray, our father who's not dead anymore.
I can't believe he's alive.
Yes, I know, surprise twist, and yet, not as pressing as this billionaire digging up our command center.
Yes, I know.
Is it immoral to bewitch a philanthropist? Well, even if he made all his money from petting kittens, we need to stop him by any means necessary.
Hence the influencer potion.
I'm gonna slip it in his drink.
You're having drinks with him? Uh, dinner, actually.
Wish me luck.
MAGGIE: Parker, leave him alone.
Oh, is this a thing, Vera? [ECHOING.]
: Vera? Vera? Vera? [INHALES DEEPLY.]
She's dead.
MAGGIE: Where did you get that chakram? I hit a bad patch.
I needed some money fast.
I did something that I'm not very proud of.
Couldn't be worse than faking your own death, could it? Your mother kept her antique collection in the attic.
And, well, there were a few pieces up there that were very, very interesting, and I thought, well, she wouldn't need them anymore.
You stole from us? After Mom's funeral? It was just one talisman, gathering dust.
Talisman? What kind of talisman.
A small disc with a carving of an eye, runes I had never seen before, it was about-about the size of my palm.
- And you sold it on the black market? - Yes.
About a year later, some buyers came knocking on my door demanding to know where I got it, but I wasn't gonna lead them to you, so I skipped town, I went into hiding.
The next thing I knew, the house, our house, was burned to the ground.
I came back.
I did, I came back looking for you, and I found this in the ashes.
I I sold this to those same buyers months prior, and so I-I thought, "My God, they were here.
" "They-they killed my girls.
" So you faked your death to avoid the same fate as your daughters? Just when I thought you couldn't get any lower.
- But - The man in the black hat, - is he working for those buyers? - I have no idea.
He just keeps showing up, even though I've left no traces.
Unless, someone left traces on you.
The relics in your bag, I need to see them now.
Wh I'm telling you there is no tracker in there.
I would know if someone - tampered with my things.
- What's this? It's Minoan, 3,000 B.
, give or take a century.
I acquired it in a small museum in Crete.
He means stole it.
Faking your own death is expensive.
I needed a rare piece to sell to set myself up.
I think there might be something inside of it, but, well, you'd have to break the piggybank to find out.
Well, that "something" could be the something we're after.
Yeah, there's a spell I reconstructed from The Book of Shadows.
Full disclosure.
It might do the trick.
BOTH: Full disclosure, drop the shield, all the secrets be revealed.
It's a ram's head.
What the hell was that? - No, really? - Does that surprise you? Yes.
Okay, I agree Ada Lovelace is the greatest computer scientist.
It's just most guys herald Babbage, Jobs, Gates, the dudes.
I'm not most guys.
And Ada had this beautiful vision of how math and art worked hand and hand.
- "Poetical science.
" - Yes.
What? I just, I haven't had anyone to talk to about all this in-in a while.
Yeah, it feels too easy, right? We should up the degree of difficulty in this conversation.
Um, let's talk about religion or politics, or Or your plan to dig under SafeSpace.
What's controversial about that? You don't like the idea of an underground garden? Oh, I l-love it, just not here.
There's a major aquifer nearby, excavation could pollute it.
I know.
My hydrologist did a full site survey.
Well, uh, did you look into the soil? It's very sandy.
You could be putting the whole building in jeopardy.
Which is why I consulted a geologist first.
What's this about? You got me.
It's the-the northwestern salamander.
Yeah, they have a subterranean migration corridor through this neighborhood.
Salamanders? Mm.
You're very fast at cooking up objections.
I would say that you're the one who's - moving too fast.
- No, I'm being decisive.
- You are being contrary.
- Contrary? Is that how you describe people who don't agree with you? [CELL PHONE BUZZING.]
Saved by the buzz.
Excuse me, I have to take care of some business.
- So do I.
The house is uncloaked.
You brought that thing in here, and now we're completely exposed.
- What? - The object, it seems to have had some sort of bad interaction with the spell, causing the uncloaking as a side effect.
- Give.
- What? Wait.
Hang on a second.
The fact that this is actually magical increases its value exponentially.
You put our lives in jeopardy again, and your reaction is a "get rich quick" scheme? What's next? Selling us to the highest bidder? Give me the damn stone, Ray.
What the? I swear I didn't do anything.
I didn't.
Even if I wanted to get rid of with.
It doesn't seem like it wants to go.
Never mind that thing.
We need to re-cloak the house before we're discovered.
Maybe The Book of Elders or something in the command center can help us.
He can't come with us, and he can't stay here alone, so Looks like I drew the short straw.
I'm going to say three words that are very hard for me.
You were right.
Uh, that was my project manager.
Uh, it turns out that we did not consult an environmental biologist, but we will now, thanks to you.
Is that, is that gonna cause a-a huge delay? It's gonna be what it's gonna be, and that's fine 'cause I want to do this right.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
You know, this has actually, um, been one of the most honest conversations I've had in a really long time.
Here is a toast to honesty, emotions, and salamanders.
Ooh, ooh, I'm sorry.
Uh, it's okay.
Excuse me, um, can I get, uh, some club soda over here, stat.
Thank you.
We spent so many hours out here when you were little looking at the stars.
I'd tell you the myths of the constellations, and you would love hearing stories about Orion the hunter.
Do you remember that? No.
All I remember is you leaving one day and never coming back.
I just kept thinking, "What did I do? "How do I make him happy so he'll come back? "If I was just a better daughter" I am so sorry, Little Bug.
Do you know how many excuses I made for you? Mel told me I was foolish and naive, and Turns out she's pretty damn smart.
Why Why did you leave? Really? My marriage crashed and burned.
You were the copilot.
I made mistakes, yeah.
But so did your mother.
Neither of us were perfect.
She was there for us.
You were a ghost.
Why did you stay away, Dad? All those canceled holidays.
Do you know what that did to me? I didn't want, I didn't wan It It's complicated, hon.
For a little girl, it's pretty simple.
She just wants her dad to love her.
For the record, we should've let you orb Ray to Siberia.
I'm beginning to think you're right.
He's managed to wreak total havoc in less than a day.
Here we go.
Minoan magic.
These are Cretan hieroglyphics, which put Egyptian hieroglyphics to shame in their obscurity.
Mm, there it is, the figurine.
Yeah, I knew it looked familiar.
It appears your father absconded with the Stone of Atreus.
It's reputed to guard the island of Crete from unwanted forces.
So it's a protection totem.
Dads they're supposed to be our protection totems, and ours keeps throwing us into traffic.
Okay, so how do we undo what it did to the house? It says the Stone clings to its thief, like a tick to a sheep.
Annoying, but not terrible.
No, wait.
Except the Stone has a remorseless magical guardian, the Fury.
And its sole purpose is to recover that stone.
So, the man with the hat following Ray is not a hit man.
He's a hit monster.
There's a darkness inside of me RAY: That's Orion.
The hunter, Little Bug.
He's brave and he's strong.
Just like you.
Like magnets work, only drawn [PHONE BUZZING.]
So we keep circling Low pH to the rescue.
So what happened to your career in genetics? Uh I had to give it up to help out my family.
It's kind of complicated.
Well, it doesn't sound that complicated to me.
Family is important.
Although, you know, so are your own dreams.
Sometimes it seems like my career was a dream.
You know, my father used to say that, um, the unexpected detour sometimes had the best view.
'Cause you never knew what was around the corner.
Thank you.
This looks actually worse.
- Um, so Dad? What is it, hon? I I lied.
I do remember looking at the stars with you.
It's one of my best memories.
And it hurt so bad when you left.
Little Bug.
Wh What is it? [LOUD BANG.]
The attic.
Move! [PANTING.]
Stay away from my dad.
Oh, crap.
Dad, come on! Maggie's not picking up the phone.
Let's grab your sister.
It's all hands on deck.
Yeah, I mean, it's just gonna have to go in the wash.
It's Um mm.
Having a slight family emergency.
Um, I j Can we pick this up another time? Yeah.
Of course.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Harry! MACY: I thought you said a monster.
Apparently, they're plus-one now.
It replicated.
Don't use your powers.
The more you attack, the more protective it gets.
- It wants the Stone of Atreus.
- The what? - The thing in your pocket! - In my pocket.
HARRY: Hand it over now without getting yourself killed.
No! What are you doing, Daddy? Making things right, Little Bug! You're gonna get killed! [PANTING.]
MEL: Have you seen Ray? I thought he was out back, but He said he was going out for a minute.
I knew it.
He skipped out, again.
He makes a huge mess for us and then leaves us to clean it up.
I mean, he did save your life, - but that was the least he could do.
- Agreed.
I just ran down to the liquor store to get some rum for the Coquito.
You girls are such "cup is half-empty.
" Speaking of which You still have my favorite mug.
If we start That's why I had the vision.
It's not just proximity.
Personal objects help you focus.
RAY: Well, how about we focus on this moment right now? Because tonight I have my daughters back.
I can drink to that.
And when the dust settles When it all comes out Well, at least we are re-cloaked.
There's-there's that.
I'm sorry we interrupted your date.
It wasn't a date.
It was an attempt to save the command center, which I did, for the moment.
Only way to know Do you think it's a good thing, that Ray is back? I hope so.
But Macy, when he stole that talisman and sold it, he unleashed a nightmare.
Inadvertently or not, Ray Vera may be responsible for releasing the darklighter.
The only way to know And Julian, as he was leaving, said, "Thank you, Swan.
- Wow.
Speaking of lovely men, you're staying for Silent Disco after work, right? Oh, you know what? I'm kind of beat.
But you look amazing.
Old Navy Rockstar jeans.
Fun and fashionable.
Well, have a good time.
The only way to know Rough night? Rough, but, uh, good.
If we start again Hey, I've been meaning to thank you.
For the lessons? No.
For, uh, for being a good man.
'Cause they're in short supply these days.
Enjoy your Java.
Maggie, I was wondering if we could talk about some Maggie? - Maggie.

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