Charmed (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Curse Words

SWAN: Happy birthday, Jordan.
There's cake? Swan, you have outdone yourself.
It's gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free.
He's been staring at me all night.
MEL: I'm sure he's only staring at you because you've been staring at him.
Yeah, for good reason.
All the men in his family die at age 25, and he turns 26 in Two hours and nine minutes.
MACY: Didn't you beat the curse when you saved him from Parker? But what if that wasn't enough? [PHONE VIBRATING.]
Harry? I-I'm gonna go get some air.
That was sneaky.
Speaking of sneaky, look who's here.
He's gonna blow our cover.
I got this.
Take it or leave it Fresh off the boat, pick up the flow Hey, Torito.
I didn't know you were invited.
Oh, well, you know, I started to go a little stir-crazy in the house, - so, uh - Hmm.
Whose birthday are we celebrating today? Maybe it's yours.
But let's call it a re-birthday.
A celebration of the great Santiago Raymond Vera rising from the dead and going back on the grid.
I don't think that that's such a good idea, Torito.
Don't call me that, Ray.
Then don't call me Ray.
I am your father.
You can show me some respect.
I'm happy to, as soon as you contact your buyers, like you promised.
The ones you sold Mom's talisman to.
These people think that I am dead for a reason.
They are extremely dangerous.
Believe me, I know.
Join you where? Aspen? Oh, wow.
Everything all right? Yeah.
I'm just, uh, trying to keep Julian Shea distracted.
: Harry.
HARRY: Abigael.
W-What Help.
Hey, let's go.
Ray's gonna set up a meeting with his buyers so we can finally figure out who was behind the darklighter.
Jordan still has two hours.
I can't leave him now.
What if something happens? Nothing is going to happen.
Happy birthday To you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear [DISTORTED.]
: Happy birthday to you [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
Jordan Happy birthday Oh, no.
To you.
That thing almost How did you? I just saw it starting to wobble.
Uh That's some seriously quick thinking.
I I should probably just head home, start 26 fresh in the morning.
Or-or you could, um, you could stay here, with me.
We could ring in midnight together.
I know the cake is ruined, but, um, there's still beer.
And hummus.
Well, in that case, sold.
Oh, perfect.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
I have to do this.
I guess Ray and I are on our own.
Maybe he's changed.
Really? Wow.
Ish? Poisoned? [EXHALES.]
Any idea who wants you dead? Suppose a better question might be who doesn't? The pallor of your skin when you arrived suggests the use of a Hellebore venom.
That's what I thought, too.
It's a good thing you found us.
The only known antidote is a lavender witch hazel injection.
I'm sure you're perfectly capable of finding the culprit yourself, but if you'd like some assistance, I'd be more than happy to escort you home.
It's not necessary.
Whoa, take it easy.
ABIGAEL: Actually, if it's not too much trouble Harry.
Just, a word? [WHISPERS.]
: I'll be right back.
You can't go with her.
Look, I know our relationship with Abby has had its ups and downs That's a generous way of putting it.
We need her to stay in power as the Demon Overlord.
A title she stole by manipulating us.
But she saved Maggie.
And not a single witch has been killed since.
It's in our best interest to keep her safe and close.
Well, I'm not letting you go alone.
The Demon World is a dangerous place.
I used to be the one protecting you.
Well, now we protect each other.
My God.
This place, this place is a gold mine.
MEL: Does everything with you come down to money? What? No, of course not.
I-I'm just saying, from an archeological perspective, this is quite the find.
Did I ever tell you about the time that I hid out in an ancient Akkadian crypt while ISIS raided our dig site in Iraq? Nah.
I was in there for three days Candela vestiga.
trapped in the tomb of Naram-Sin.
He was a king who thought he was a god.
Oh, so you two had a lot in common.
Uh, don't touch that.
What is it? It's a potion.
Doesn't even work.
They are very happy to know that I'm still alive and are ready to meet, in Reno.
Tell them that we will be there in an hour.
In-in an hour? I I-It's gonna take us at least 30 minutes to get to the airport.
- Right? - We have our own airport, right here.
What? They didn't have portals in Iraq? [STAMMERS.]
Uh, M Okay.
Yeah, of course.
A portal.
Yeah, sure.
JORDAN: Well, the crazy thing about tonight, I kind of thought something like this might happen.
What do you mean? My family Uh, there's no rational way to say this, but It kind of feels like we're cursed.
The guys, on my dad's side, at least, they Or we All die at 25.
You know? I-I mean, how, you know, did they die? If you don't mind me asking.
Um My dad, brain aneurysm.
Uncle, car crash.
Granddad, Vietnam.
And that's as far back as I know.
Um, I'm sorry.
I think it's secretly why I've been trying to cram in so much.
Military, law school.
Part of me always thought I might only get 25 years to do it all, so Well - living with fear I get it.
Believe me.
I'm sure you do, considering you're already dead.
It's a lot harder to fake your own death nowadays, what with social media.
Okay, I can explain.
No, I'm not asking you to.
I'm sure you had a good reason, Maggie.
Parker was obviously dangerous, but that's none of my business.
That's yours.
But something weird happened and I wanted to ask you about it.
What's that? The switch room back there.
The other day you went inside, and when I came after you, you were gone.
Like, poof.
First curses and now "poof"? Maybe you should lay off the edibles.
Did you just get Uh, cold as hell? Yeah.
Probably the thermostat? Someone always turns up the A/C when there's a party.
I'll get it.
Well, be-be careful.
You know, seeing as you're cursed and everything.
Um Jordan? Who are you? What do you want? [SCREAMING.]
Jordan! Holy crap.
Spirit capture.
Spirit capture Hawthorn.
31 degrees? Spirit from the distant past, from this world you will be cast.
I send you back where you were last, to see you through a looking glass.
Who's the bad witch now? Well Times is tough all over But I ain't lying, I ain't lying Well, times is tough all over But I keep on trying, keep on trying So how's the love life? You said they'd be here at 11:30.
Oh, and it's 11:26, so Relax, have your coffee, and tell me about your girlfriend.
It's, uh-uh, Nikki, right? Is it Nikki? - Nikki? - Niko.
- Niko.
- And not that it's any of your business, but we broke up.
It's kind of hard to have a stable love life, given my family history.
Are you saying that it's my fault that you can't keep a relationship? I don't know.
My only experience with marriage is having two people lie to each other about everything, and then one of them ran away, but not without stealing a few things first.
- Okay, that is not fair.
Your mother and I loved each other very much.
We shared everything together.
You didn't know she was a witch.
She didn't know you were a thief.
They're here.
Now, look, if these people tried to have you killed, then it's possible that they know exactly what you look like, so you just stay put, okay? No matter what happens.
Good luck.
Well, it's gonna be the dark, dark days Well, you know something else and you know Take heed, I ain't lying Because I'm a smart [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING.]
Like the new pied-à-terre? I'm assuming you didn't choose Seattle for the weather.
Oh, you know what they say: "Friends close, "enemies closer.
" And frenemies, well, we don't exactly have an instruction manual for that, do we? You really don't remember which one you drank from? No, and do be careful.
That bourbon cost more than your entire wardrobe.
How about you stop micromanaging from the couch, get up, and help us.
I would, but I'm feeling a bit weak.
Harry, would you mind making me a cup of tea? Yes, of course.
Would you mind if I use the ladies room? What's yours is mine, or something like that.
It's through the foyer.
HARRY: How do you take your tea? ABIGAEL: Milk.
No sugar.
Here you are.
It's a lovely place.
MAGGIE: Look, I'm sure we can work this out, witch to witch.
Jordan Chase must suffer for the sins of his forebears.
But he had nothing to do with any of this.
Look what the Witchfinder did to me, to all of us.
25 women called this place home.
25 women who were rejected by a world that didn't understand them, or respect them, or give a damn whether they lived or died.
Here, they were safe.
Until he came along and set flame to our sisterhood.
I'm so sorry.
That man was a monster and deserves to be punished, but Jordan doesn't.
- He would never hurt anyone.
- Yes.
Because I'm going to make sure of it.
Well, if it isn't dead man walking.
Yeah, well, you didn't leave me much choice, Nadia.
Threatening me and my family.
NADIA: So what do you have for me this time, Ray? 100% bona fide Cintamani prism.
I picked it up just outside of Bodh Gaya in India.
This should settle my debts.
The hell is that? It's just a little toy we've been working on.
Have you been to India? It's, you know, some of the world's greatest cuisine.
NADIA: Looks good.
We'll be in touch.
- Thanks.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
That's, uh, right.
What the hell is this? - Some sort of tracker? - No, no, no, wait a Wait a minute.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
What kind of game do you think you're playing? [GASPS.]
- And W-Wait.
Just - You should've stayed dead, Ray.
Would've saved us all a lot of trouble.
I don't know who you're working for, Ray, but this, - it isn't working for me.
- Wait, just wait.
Wait a minute! I have something, like the Talisman you were after, it's from the same source, okay? It's in my pocket.
Here you go.
Is that black amber? Where did you get this? Just [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING.]
- Ah! - Leave him alone, or the gun won't be the only thing that I melt.
Back off! Back off.
Torito! [SCREAMS.]
- No, no, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, no.
Let them go.
You've already exposed yourself enough by using your powers like this out in the open, so just Exposed myself? You just gave them black amber.
What the hell did you think you were doing? Me? I wasn't the one that put a tracker in that thing.
And you didn't even tell me.
You could've got me killed.
And for the record, you told me that potion didn't work.
So what the hell is black amber? Anyone else been in or out of this apartment? The Susans? Anyone who could've had access to your private belongings? Well, you know I like people having access to my private belongings.
- Abigael, please.
- MACY: Harry? Do you mind if I, uh, have a word with Abigael? Certainly.
Macy, I'm touched you want some girl time.
Are you a big spoon or a little spoon? Cut the crap, Abby.
I know what you did.
Faked your own assassination attempt, brewed the antidote in advance.
Now you may have Harry confused about who you are, but I am crystal clear.
Now tell me what the hell do you want from us? Us? I don't want anything from you, Macy.
Quite frankly, I was hoping you would leave.
So you can be alone with Harry.
You really think it's impossible for me to actually care for your Boy Scout of a Whitelighter? He's not exactly your type, Abby.
He's a good man.
Well, what can I say? Opposites attract.
And maybe he enjoys being with someone who actually appreciates his goodness.
Instead of someone who wishes he were just a bit darker.
Binding, binding spell.
I'm pretty sure that only works on living witches.
Um, uncrossing uncrossing ritual.
That should send her back to the spirit realm, but you need three people to do it.
Jordan! This is bad.
Jordan? Jordan! It doesn't seem to be blowing cold air.
I-I need you to come with me right now.
Jordan! Swan? [CRACKING.]
Who's the bad witch now? [SCREAMS.]
- Swan is, uh - Come on! [LOW GROWLING.]
JORDAN: Oh! Okay.
We're good.
We're good? No, no, no, no, no, Maggie, we're definitely not good.
Swan's out there like she's something out of, out of The Exorcist.
I don't know whether we should call the cops or a priest, 'cause I'm I'm feeling all sorts of weird right now, and not the good kind of weird.
- Okay.
That curse.
The one on you and your family? - What if I told you it was real? - [POUNDING CONTINUES.]
Come clean, huh? What is black amber? A powerful substance that's now in their possession, thanks to you.
Mel, when you deal with people like this, you got to have a plan B, okay? Just to save your life in a pinch.
I shouldn't have taken it.
I'm sorry.
Well, this turned out to be a spectacular disaster.
We didn't even get their license plate.
We didn't.
But I bet you that camera did.
Come on.
It's got to She faked it? Why on earth would she do that? Oh, come on, Harry.
I saw the kiss.
You and Abby, in the command center.
Macy, uh I mean, it was just a moment.
And now she's gone to all these lengths just so you'll come to her rescue.
Like the good man you are.
So, do Do you want to go back in and chat with your demon girlfriend, or can we go home now? Oh, go home, of course.
Just give me a moment.
Do you recognize this? No, I've never seen it before.
But if they both had the same tattoo, - it must mean something.
- Bingo.
You crack this code, you'll find out who's behind all of this.
Wow, this is huge.
Thanks for catching that.
Well, I'm not that big of a loser, or else your mother would've never married me in the first place, right? - Ray? - Yeah? What really happened All of those years ago When you left us? [SIGHS.]
Your mom and I were professors at the university when we met.
We were young, and wild, - we were passionate [CHUCKLES.]
- Uh TMI.
Of course.
Well, I was devoted to my work.
Archeological digs all over the world and, well, your mother, she was lonely.
She was raising a kid all by herself.
Well, one day, she fell back in love with another man, and Maggie came into our lives.
So you always knew.
I did, yes.
We tried to make it work.
We did, we did.
But knowing that her heart belonged to another man, well, that just it broke mine.
Then I started drinking more, and ultimately I strayed, too; I'm not very proud of that.
And the rest, well The rest is, as they say, you know History? Yeah.
JORDAN: Okay, so 130 years ago, my great-great- great-grandfather, Lawrence Mortimer Chase, burned down the Tulipe Asylum that stood here because He knew what it really was.
A safe space for witches.
Witches? And while she was dying, one of those witches put a curse on Lawrence and the entire Chase lineage, condemning all the men to die at age 25.
And I take it that witch Is currently possessing Swan.
But I think that if you can survive the next 17 minutes, the curse will officially be broken.
This is the most insane thing I've ever heard.
And yet, it's the only thing that seems to make any sort of sense.
How the hell do you know all this? Speaking of insane [SIGHS.]
Look, the truth is, my sisters and I, we're [MAGGIE SCREAMS.]
Maggie! Ooh.
That can't be good.
That's weird.
Where's it coming from? [SCRAPING.]
Hello, Visionaries.
Descubre el Camino secreto! Go! [HOWLING.]
Maggie what the hell? MEL: Maggie? What the hell? HARRY: Abigael, you and I can never be.
For all the reasons you already know.
You're a demon.
Half demon.
But the other part of me the witch, is very real.
You bring out the best in me, Harry.
I see you for who you are.
Screw the darklighter.
In my eyes, you are whole.
MACY: Harry.
Just got a text from Maggie.
We've got to go.
Wait, so Swan is possessed by A very upset ghost-witch who wants to kill him.
What is this place? Oh, I think you're gonna need a drink for that, young man.
Um so we'll explain everything later.
But for now, just hang tight.
That thing up there Way above my weight class.
Oh, and um I'm gonna need your ring.
Whatever helps.
You scared the crap out of me! - I'm sorry.
- MAGGIE: People, stay focused.
We're doing the uncrossing ritual.
That thing may look like Swan, but she's a crazy-ass killer.
- Guys! Bring Jordan Chase to me now, before I burn this miserable place to the ground.
: Okay You mean like he did? The one who "set flame to your sisterhood.
" If you want to become the very thing you hate, then by all means kill me.
But if there's any witch left in you please Let him go.
He should not pay for the sins of Lawrence Mortimer Chase.
He's a kind and decent man.
And he wants you to have this.
My ring.
I'm ready.
Ad spiritus mundum, redite numquam.
Ad spiritus mundum, redite numquam.
Ad spiritus mundum, redite numquam.
Thank you For sparing him.
And us.
I wish I could tell you that it's over, Margarita Vera, but a witch's curse is not so easily broken.
What else do I have to do? Not you, him.
So The curse isn't broken until You balance the scales of justice.
That was her direct quote.
What does that mean? She didn't say.
I guess it's for you to figure out.
I know it's a lot.
So it's okay if you have questions.
What about flying broomsticks? It's not a thing.
Pointy hats? Only on Halloween.
Good for drinking, not for melting.
Witches and humans? What about them? Are they allowed to fraternize? Uh They can, but it's It's complicated and It rarely works out.
Help me to see clear But they can be friends? They can.
Leave a light [SWAN GROANING.]
My neck.
What did I drink? Oh, you know, the usual.
Wine, beer.
Come on, Swan.
I'll drive you home, yeah? Come on.
Up, up, up, up, up.
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Thank you for a Memorable birthday.
SWAN: I haven't been this sore since I tried Pilates.
Ooh, ooh Leave a light A light on at the door.
I should get going.
Oh, uh going where? Make sure Abigael's antidote took hold.
We did leave rather abruptly.
Harry, how can you go back there after she manipulated you? Well, we still need her on our side, Macy.
You have feelings for her.
And if I did, why would it matter to you? Because she's evil.
I don't want you to get hurt.
Macy, I'll take care of my affairs, you take care of yours.
Wait, what? W-What is that supposed to mean? It means there's a handsome billionaire awaiting your call.
I only went out with Julian to stop him from demolishing the command center.
I can't help it if he likes me.
All right, let's drop the pretense.
You know damn well how I feel about you, so please, don't make this harder than it already is.
You should have what and whomever your heart desires, Macy.
You call this number.
It's my buddy ChooChi.
- What? - You've got a buddy named "ChooChi"? Yeah.
He's a cop.
Well, was a cop.
But he is discreet, and he'll help you track down the owner of that license plate.
You're just a wealth of shady information, aren't you? Eh, well, you know, some fathers teach their daughters how to fish, and I teach them black market survival skills.
You can do both.
You know, if you want to stick around.
Of course you can't.
Mel, I want to stay.
I do.
I want to stay right now, just like I wanted to stay then.
But it isn't always about what we want, is it? Well, now that they know that I have access to this black amber, well, they're gonna come after me for it, and And it won't take them long to connect you to us.
So just let me do the right thing for once.
Okay, Torito? You take care of your sister.
You tell her I said goodbye.
Please promise me you're gonna be careful.
These are very dangerous people.
It's nothing that we haven't dealt with before.
I hope you're right.
It's alive.
Oh, my God.
Not God.

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