Charmed (2018) s03e06 Episode Script

Private Enemy No. 1

1 Previously on Charmed It's just my luck.
I finally get together with the woman of my dreams, only for her to become allergic to me.
And my sisters and every other magical being on Earth.
Please tell me you're not avoiding him.
Last time we got close, I got zapped across the room.
Tell me about it.
I am having a long-distance relationship with Ruby from five feet away.
We know from the revelation spell that these prehistoric symbols on the stone tablet have something to do with your allergy.
And they match the symbols left behind by the Chupa-Alma and Omon.
Where the hell did these extinct creatures even come from? Well, that is the trillion-dollar question.
No need to lose your head over it.
You're lucky I don't wipe the floor with your elitist Primordial ass.
Damn it! Stop your incessant yammering, demons.
It's the oldest story in the book.
Girl meets girl, girl shags girl, 'cause she knows it'll piss off Daddy.
You have ten seconds to work this out.
This marriage happens over my dead body.
As you wish.
Make sure someone disinfects the sidewalk.
I'm going to bed.
Yes, my Overlord.
Elliot Larson here, hot on the trail of our little green brothers from another mother.
I knew it! Elliot Larson, AlienHunter.
Uh, I-I've spotted an alien, and I'm in pursuit now on foot.
Damn it! This guy, again, with the alien conspiracies? Who's watching this stuff? Apparently, our sister.
Well, I have been keeping an eye on this nutbag since our run-in with that Omon monster.
It's a good thing I did.
Take a look.
Another symbol, like the one Omon and that other monster left behind.
And on that tablet Harry found.
First Omon, and now this.
Either he's some crazy guy who got lucky and stumbled onto two magical events.
Or he's magical himself.
He could be conjuring these creatures and controlling them, like golems.
Which makes him very dangerous.
Time to pay our friend Elliot a visit and find out who or what he is.
What? You're not coming? I have to meet a dozen volunteers in, like, 20 minutes for my movement therapy clinic.
I can't be late.
Ruby is waiting for me.
I'm trying to have a relationship with no sex.
I have to at least show up for a coffee date.
Well, I'm the CEO of SafeSpace Seattle.
I have responsibilities, too.
Yes, and you're your own boss.
You make your own schedule.
I can't cancel on Ruby.
It's fine.
I got this.
- Thank you.
- It's okay.
Oh! Oh.
If anyone makes another crack about my age Oh! I never really considered the age difference between Macy and myself.
Whitelighters they don't age, right? So, eventually, she'll catch up to you.
She'll even surpass you.
Harry? Everything all right? Sorry, just frustrated with the lack of progress.
I didn't even hear you come in.
Oh, you were all wrapped up in your Beautiful Mind world over there.
Answer any burning questions? No.
No, not yet.
I thought you were CEOing up in SafeSpace.
I should be, except we have a magical allergy we still haven't solved.
Ancient creatures popping up from who knows where.
And now, a mysterious new clue that could be the key to all of it.
New clue? Well, that sounds promising.
I could use a partner in crime.
Where are we off to? The land of tinfoil hats.
So, how's the quest for the cure going? To your mysterious allergy? - Slowly.
- Oh.
I miss being able to You know.
Hello, Ruby Tuesday! I was hoping you'd be here.
- Hey, Bella.
- Hey.
Have you met Mel? Oh, yeah.
- Hey.
- Do you remember - those maple pecan muffins? - Mm-hmm.
I made you a special batch.
What?! Oh, thank you! I put bourbon in them, and they are a gazillion times better.
I got to go.
I'm on shift.
Bye, Mel.
Does a gazillion come before or after a bazillion? I can't remember, Ruby Tuesday.
We are just friends.
Friends with muffin benefits? Okay, uh, she did ask me out last week, but, obviously, I said "no".
Why obviously? I'm with you.
But you can't, you know, be with me.
We've been doing okay.
"Okay" is no way to live.
Are you sure you don't want to ? I'm sure.
Oh, uh And plus, this allergy won't last forever.
Hello? Did you miss me? Abby.
Where are you? Turn around.
We need to talk.
Maggie? Oh.
Hey, Jordan.
It's been a minute.
It's, um - I've been so busy with school.
- Mm-hmm.
How's your fancy law firm internship? It's good.
I'm working with one of the managing partners - on a big case for ShopToad.
- ShopToad? Wow.
Jordan, that's a huge client.
If I impress the top brass, hopefully, they'll offer me a job when I graduate.
A few years at Dunhill & Moore I can write my own ticket after that.
What about you? Mel told me you're up for a prestigious research internship.
- Congrats.
- Oh.
Yeah, don't pop the champagne just yet.
My volunteers all 12 of them just stood me up.
It was just a proof of concept, but I was really excited to work with people, you know? Um, have you looked at the names on this sheet closely? "Anita Bath".
"Lucy Bowels".
"Phillip McCrack".
"Hugh Jass".
I've been sabotaged.
Can you think of anyone who'd want to do this to you? You got your internship topic yet? Antonio.
Just when I was beginning to - Desire me? - respect you, you go off and reclaim the "Demon Overlord" title.
Respect is overrated.
I prefer to be feared.
So I've heard.
Apparently, you're more vicious than ever.
Oh, relax.
No witches were harmed in the making of this overlord.
I'm just keeping my underlings in line.
Abby, I don't have time for this.
What do you want? Well, since I helped you on your little visit to your mother's grave, I figured a favor for a favor.
Someone or something is trying to kill me.
It's not surprising, considering your leadership style.
This is different.
An evil spirit is stalking me.
It waits for me to fall asleep, and then, it comes for me.
I've tried to ward it off.
I've tried to catch it or kill it.
The last attack was particularly violent.
That sounds frightening.
But what do you want from me, Abby? I can't trust anyone except you.
You may loathe me, but you've never betrayed me.
Look, Abby, your affairs are your own.
Who's kept demons off your lawn for the last few months? Kept the peace between our warring factions? Plus, I've heard about the monsters you are now encountering.
Perhaps the one pursuing me is one of them, and our interests are once again aligned.
You may not like me, but you need me.
First I'll shake his hand.
That'll confirm or rule out our hypothesis that he is in fact a magical creature.
It could also prove quite painful for you.
Touching a magical creature.
That's a price I'm willing to pay for answers.
Elliot, I'm Macy.
We spoke on the phone.
Are you sure you weren't followed? Most definitely.
This is Harry.
He's with me.
Nothing? Are you sure? Positive.
He's definitely not magical.
So what did it smell like when the aliens portalled you through that beam of light? Well, um, it was kind of like, uh, burnt uh, marshmallow.
And you don't remember anything after the, um probing? Probing.
Thankfully, no.
I've heard similar reports from other survivors.
You just happen to be the first married couple I've met who were abducted at the same time.
- Oh, no, - Oh, no, - We're not married.
- we're not not married.
That makes sense.
You are a little old for her, after all.
So, uh, Elliott, we watched your latest video, the one with the big light in the sky - And the aliens that got away? - Yeah.
I knew I should have worn different shoes.
Tell me, why that spot? How did you know you might see something there? Call it intuition.
And, Elliott, what, uh, what-what's this? Don't touch that! No.
No, no, no.
This is my house.
You don't just come in here and start groping another man's collectibles! - It's not right! - Okay.
When it rains, it pours.
Stay here and do not touch anything! Mother always said houseguests were a lot of work.
Listen, I'm sorry I snapped, it's just What in the hell? Oh, what have you done? What have you done!? Harry? I think I got something.
A symbol like the ones from the creatures and the tablet.
It-it's embedded in this orb.
This orb is obviously linked to our monster mystery.
Must be how Elliott was able to locate them.
We need to figure out how this thing works.
And what this terribly complicated system of symbols means.
Hey, maybe there are some kind of - identifi - Identifiers.
What? We're just good together.
We are.
What's wrong? You-you should get that.
Oh, no.
There's an issue with the new tenant.
I-I've been trying to get the board to approve this pro bono legal clinic, and they want to meet right now.
And so does an inspector about the café capacity.
And the sanitation department to discuss our trash violations.
Can you, um, can you handle this orb situation, and, I don't know, investigate how it works? Yeah, of course, I'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
I don't worry when you're around.
You always manage to solve the problem.
Oh I wish I had all the answers.
What the ? What's happening? You're sure it was him? Of course it was him.
Who else would stoop so low? He knows I'm his competition, so he's out to destroy me.
Antonio Garcia anyone seen him? - Who? - Oh, just an entitled jerk who thinks it's cute to undermine women, but don't worry, ladies, I will get him.
Um, Maggie, sorry, I got to run to the firm.
If this guy really pulled a stunt like this you should report him.
Well, I'm gonna do more than that I'm gonna crush him.
Well, as a future lawyer, I'm all about crushing the competition.
Last year, life kicked our butts.
This year, we're gonna kick its ass back.
Hell yeah, we are.
I think I know just how I'm gonna do it.
Change it here, change it there, change the posters everywhere.
What what did you figure out? Shh.
You mustn't shout.
Can't you see I'm working here? Uh, I'm sorry.
I've had a breakthrough.
I have the answers.
All of them.
Articulation points.
Two degrees.
Uh, two degrees.
Two degrees, two degrees.
I couldn't see it.
I couldn't see it.
I couldn't see it.
Harry? Are you okay? I'm better than okay.
Thanks to this orb, I'm finally connecting the dots and seeing patterns.
It's as if the universe is all coming into focus at once.
I was able to translate symbols into numbers.
How did you ? Oh, it was easy.
I compared and quantified the ascending and descending strokes on each character and then related that to the vertices between the terminals on each stroke.
Then I compared those values to Sanskrit, Egyptian, - Tamil, Hebrew, Greek - Harry, slow down.
I think the numbers are more than just identifiers.
They contain location information.
Like the Dewey decimal system, which not only tells you what kind of book it is, but where it's located in the library.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Uh - Harry? That orb is just is doing something to you.
You need to put it down.
No, we're so close to solving all our problems.
It's such a beautiful kaleidoscope.
Ah All the colors.
Very beautiful.
Can I see it? No! No, no, don't touch it.
It's mine.
You can't just walk in here and take a man's orb.
Well, then, um, how about some rest? Please.
Promise me you'll rest until I can figure out what's happening to you.
I'll rest.
Hey, Maggie.
I'm looking for the coward who vandalized my flyers.
I think I know who it is.
Oh, so you can dish it out but you can't take it, huh? - What? - You have everyone convinced with this golden boy act, but I see right through you.
I know you filled my signup sheet with fake names.
What are you talking about? I never touched your signup sheet.
What? You got Sigma-slammed, too.
I got what? The Sigmas have been messing with the psych department students.
It's part of a rush prank.
I can't believe you thought I would do that.
I don't know who's worse, you or the Sigmas.
I read your research memo.
This is some, uh, A-plus work here.
Thank you, sir.
It will definitely scare opposing counsel into settling.
Who's that? That is the plaintiff.
$25,000? My client is paralyzed from the waist down because of the backbreaking work she did for ShopToad.
Unfortunately, your client turned off the safety mechanism for her sorting machine.
So she could work faster to meet ShopToad's unrealistic productivity guidelines.
Otherwise, she would have been fired.
Well, you have absolutely no evidence to support that.
You really think a jury's gonna buy that? I don't think a jury will have to.
Jordan? I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of contributory negligence.
In 13 cases where the plaintiff sustained injuries as a result of defying company policy, juries ruled in favor of the defendant.
Elliot? Elliot? Oh, my God.
Elliot? What the ? Where's my orb?! Who are you? Really? And what are you? Elliot Larson.
Alien hunter.
And that thing, it it-it took my eyes.
I'm blind! - Yes? - I'd feel a lot better if you were in the room with me while I slept.
Don't push it, Abby.
I can see you perfectly well through the scry glass.
Well, if you see it, don't kill it.
Capture it.
I want to watch its face when I torture it slowly.
Good night.
Sending countries to war Just killing themselves - Last call, Maggie.
- I'm good.
Thanks, Ruby.
Whilst living in hell Maggie? Hey.
How did crushing the competition go? I, uh, crushed it, all right.
Wasn't him.
- It was some stupid frat prank.
- Ah.
I changed all his flyers to get revenge.
I'm such an idiot.
Let my own insecurities get the best of me.
I mean, how could I stoop so low? Well, sometimes, when we want things badly, we put blinders on.
Not you.
You always seem to find a way to do the right thing.
Don't be so sure.
The plan was to land a job at a top firm.
Make some good money, pay off student loans, then go after the real dream.
Public interest law.
Now, I'm at this big firm, on this big case, and suddenly I'm saying and doing things that don't feel like me.
Having trouble with the Lord Ambition is as scary a monster as I've encountered.
I guess we just have to figure out a way to get what we want without compromising who we are.
First we have to figure out what we actually want.
While the devil sings What do you want, Maggie? Throughout the valley of the blind We gonna talk about what happened or didn't happen between us? You might be asking the Lord You mean when we got close, and You got zapped.
'Cause of my curse or something.
I don't want things to be weird between us.
Look, Jordan, this allergy thing is really hard.
I've been watching Harry and Macy and Mel and Ruby stumble their way through it.
Are you brave enough Look, I know there are feelings here between us.
Strong enough to put the pains But I can't do anything with that right now.
In a world of liars I just I need this to be the Year of Me.
Focus on my goals and my dreams.
And you should.
You're a bright, shining star.
Yeah, when I'm not busy sabotaging myself.
We all have a little monster in us.
Freud called it the id.
I call it the idiot.
Well, I'd better hit the books.
I got an exam tomorrow.
See you around, Mags.
See you, Jordan.
Disappear Today, not tomorrow Seriously, who waters their houseplants in a bikini? Oh, crap! Abby, wake up! Abby, please.
Wake up.
Abby, wake up! Abby, wake up! Abby! Did you see it? Elliot, please.
Would you tell me what happened? How did you get that orb? What did it do to you? Not until you give it back to me.
We have gone round and round on this.
I can't do that.
My friend Harry, the man you met, he's acting very, very strangely.
And I I love him very much, and if he's in trouble, I need to know.
I got a call from a guy in Oregon who watches my channel.
He told me he had seen some strange lights in the sky, like a stargate.
So, I drove out there with all my equipment, and that's when I saw it.
The orb, just lying there.
Clearly, some piece of alien technology left behind.
But when I looked at it I saw the most beautiful eye filled with wondrous colors.
Like a kaleidoscope? Exactly.
And then I started seeing patterns like never before.
It was like the whole universe was coming into focus at all once.
But then my eyes Things started to go blurry.
It gives you the power to see things that you could never see without it.
Little did I realize it was taking my sight.
An eye for an eye, right? Elliot, what about all these uh, matrix drawings? I don't remember.
It's like it all faded away.
The orb.
The more you use it, the more you need it.
It's like a drug.
If you love your friend the way you say that you do, you must get that thing away from him.
Before it's too late.
Uh Elliot? El-Elliot.
Elliot! Thanks for letting me crash here.
This is the only place I feel safe.
Don't get too comfy.
This is a temporary solution.
What would your sisters think of me bunking here, albeit briefly? However they react, I'll take care of it.
Admit it, you care about me.
Don't push it, Abby.
1:00 a.
Expecting anyone? Ruby.
Thank God you're alive.
What? M-My text.
You-you never responded, Mel.
I thought something happened to you.
Mel, who's there? Okay.
Uh, yeah, clearly, I've interrupted something.
So, call me, Mel, when you're free.
Clearly, I interrupted something with you and muffin girl.
You're all over her Instagram.
Okay, for the hundredth time, there is nothing between me and Bella.
But seems like you're looking for an out here, Mel, so I'll make it easy for you.
I'm out.
No, how can this be? I've plotted every permutation.
I expected some sort of discernible pattern, but none of the coordinates make sense! Harry.
That orb is a drug.
The more you use it, the more addicted you get, the worse the withdrawal.
We're so close to something.
I can feel it.
This is the key to finding a tomb or a or a prison.
Tomb? Harry, what are you talking about? Please, stop.
You have to get rid of that thing.
Otherwise, you're gonna die.
You are.
What? Why would you do that? You're blaming me? You did that on purpose.
Tried to make Ruby think that there was - something going on here.
- Oh, please.
I'm not the one who forgot to answer my girlfriend's text.
Isn't it time you face your issues, Mel? - What are you talking about? - Underneath all that bravado is just a scared little witch hoping the people she loves won't abandon her.
So she abandons them first.
Or better yet, pushes them to the point where they have no choice.
One night on the couch, Abby, and then, you're on your own.
You're going to have to deal with your monsters all by your lonesome.
You're not gonna stay with me? What do you mean I'm gonna die? T-Talk to me, Harry.
Wh I'm immortal, Macy, but you're not.
I'll never get older.
What kind of future can we really have? I don't think that's something we can solve today.
You'll grow old, so old and then I'll lose you.
I wish I had all the answers, Harry.
I-I wish I could solve all of it the-the allergy, the monsters, us, but I can't.
Not yet, anyway.
You know what "solve" is? An anagram for "loves".
- "Loves".
- That's what we can do.
Love each other.
Right now, in this moment, 'cause that's all we have.
Let's worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.
Please, Harry, I I need you to give me that orb before I lose you.
Yeah? Yeah.
That-that that's it.
- No.
- That's it.
What the hell? Maggie, I thought I heard you come in.
Mel, look out! Macy.
Power of Three.
Abby? What?! Abby, wake up! Abby, wake up! Wake up! Did you see it? Did you see the monster? Abby, the monster is you.
So, you've been trying to kill yourself.
In your sleep.
That's when my demon form seems to take over.
Some people sleepwalk.
I sleep-harm, apparently.
And that totem is responsible? As part of her crusade to rid me of my demonic persuasions, my mother stripped me of my demon form when I was a little girl.
She sealed it away in this totem that was lost to me until a few months ago when Jordan helped me find it, along with my sister.
Sister? Who wants nothing to do with me.
So your mad grab for power in the demon world is the result of your abandonment issues.
Every time I go to sleep, I'm in danger of never waking up.
And I don't know how to make it stop.
Clearly, your subconscious is trying to tell you something.
Maybe it's time you listen.
I'm really sorry.
A beer was the least I could do.
So, what made you think it was me? It wasn't a very big leap, you being my nemesis and all.
I'm your nemesis? No, you're my nemesis.
- Me? - Yeah, you.
I mean, you're so confident and smart.
You have this natural way of connecting with people.
It's pretty intimidating.
But you always talk over me.
I do.
I come from a family of three boys, where if you didn't talk the loudest you weren't heard.
I guess sometimes we can be our own worst enemies.
But let's not be each other's.
We all have enough negative voices in our own heads.
Whoever gets that internship deserves it.
To a clean slate.
Maggie? Um yeah, cheers.
It's coffee? I thought we could have a do-over.
Ruby, I'm sorry.
I acted like a jealous idiot.
I'm just afraid.
- Of what? - That you're gonna get bored of this arm's-length relationship.
I guess just seeing you hug instant muffin girl made me feel Insecure.
And seeing you with that demon spawn Abigael made me feel the same.
I don't want Abby.
I want you.
And I don't want muffin girl.
But I do like her muffins.
And that is not a euphemism.
Okay, they're good.
I should have known better than to wish for something with an ancient orb at my fingertips.
So that's what activated it for you? I wished I could solve well, everything.
Why didn't you tell me what was on your mind? Well, you've got your hands full trying to solve the allergy, managing your responsibilities at SafeSpace.
I don't want to be another problem for you to solve.
Harry, you could never.
Most couples don't have to worry about one person living forever.
Since when have we been like most couples? I've been working with your data.
Come, look at this.
Oh, come on.
That got us nowhere.
Just a bunch of nonsense.
I don't think it is nonsense.
I was looking at your drawings.
They reminded me of the Kaluza-Klein theory.
It postulates the existence of a fifth dimension.
Fifth dimension.
It exists, but it's invisible to us.
I, uh I took the numbers and entered them into a genetics modeling program I used to use.
What if these creatures and objects are coming from another dimension, and the light in the sky that Elliot saw was a rift between those dimensions? But what is it? When you were all hopped up on the orb, you said something about a tomb, a prison.
This is the key to finding tomb or a or a prison.
Tomb? Harry, what are you talking about? We're dealing with powerful creatures that haven't been seen in millions of years.
And they're not exactly bunnies or kittens.
Where do you put a bunch of baddies so they don't wreak havoc on everyone? A magical Alcatraz.
Those monsters are fugitives.
When we put the Source in the tree, we blew the doors off the prison.
That means there could be thousands of fugitives out there.
Harry, what have we done?
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